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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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best so i don't end up in a place like this again. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm adam may. filling in for del walters who has the night off . this is the look at the night's stories. pope francis pointing the church in a new direction. plus. >> the bible says beware of false prophets. >> john boehner lark out at the next wave of republicans.
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president obama's meeting with vladimir putin. stage fright. check this out, a very scary moment for carly fiorina's plts campaign. carly fiorina's presidential campaign. well, goo good evening. after six days in the u.s., pope francis has wrapped up his historic journey. on his way in the air to the vatican city right knew. his final message is be open to miracles of love. he confronted the vat carn sex x scandals. jonathan martin is there. >> he told us there were likely
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as many as 1.2 million people here in this area to hear the pope. you've seen some of the pictures, there were realize crowds all the way back here from where the pope spoke on benjamin franklin parkway. there were people who were just happy to be here and see the pope and hear his message. on sunday, pontiff had a somber message for u.s. bishops. he told them he just met privately with a number of victims of clergy sexual abuse. >> translator: god weeps for the sexual abuse of children. these cannot be maintained in secret. i contended that all responsible will be held accountable. >> the vatican says that pope met and prayed with the victims. including three women and two
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men. prisoners and their families at the current fronholz correctional facility. pope francis gave a hands up to the walnut chair the inmates made for him. pope francis encouraged the inmates to get their lives back on track. >> translator: this time in your life can only have one purpose. to give you a hand on the right road. to give you a hand to help you rejoin society. >> reporter: afterward, the pope walked through gym of the world's largest jail. he also took the time to thank inmates for the hand made chair. >> the chair is beautiful, thank you very much for the hard work. thank you. >> reporter: the 78-year-old people's pope seemed to feed off the energy of the crowd. stopping to kiss several babies, as he made his way up the benjamin franklin parkway. it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people participated
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in this outdoor mass which is part of the world meeting of families. >> translator: a family that shows that the spirit is alive and at work will encounter our gratitude and appreciation. whatever the family, people, region or religion to which they belong. >> reporter: 3,000 priests also celebrated the mass along with the pope. this mass culminates the pope's historic six day visit to the u.s. >> i will pray for you and your family. >> joe biden and dr. jill biden came to say good-bye to the pontiff. >> i ask you please to pray for me. may god bless you all. god bless america. >> reporter: so adam as we look over the city of philadelphia tonight now come
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the task force for crews as they will work throughout the night oget this city back to normal. as you have heard over the past couple of days the city has pretty much shut down for most people. cars haven't been able to come down here. crews will be taking down security checkpoints. a lot of businesses will be glad because they have had to be shut down for the last couple of days for the pope and security. from the overall verdict, the city of philadelphia, the officials of security did a really remarkable job in handling this enormous task. >> to get it ready for rush hour, they have really got to hurry. jonathan thank you. millions of americans will look back at this week and reflect how the pope has touched their lives. ash-har quraishi on the pope's spiritual journey and his lasting intact. >> reporter: six days, three
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u.s. cities and countless moments of the pope with his people. thousands lined the streets of the nation's capital waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of the spiritual leader of the roman catholic church. babies were hoisted. for five-year-old sophie, it was the opportunity for the pope to take.thtake up the cause of the immigrants. >> can i give him a letter? >> for others it was unforgettable. >> i think it was a defining issue in my life, to be able to see the pope firsthand. >> reporter: his journey brought him to east harlem where schoolchildren lined up to take selfies with the pontiff. while others welcomed him with song.
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and tried to teach him to use a touch-screen. add stat st. patrick's cathedrae pope spoke to a wheelchair bound girl. looked to others for a healing touch. in philadelphia, celebration of faith, family and church. for many parents it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for benediction. >> we are still in shock. it brought us to tears. it confirms our faith more than anything because when he was born, within hours of him being born we offered him to god so he knows he's listening to us. >> reporter: undoubtedly he pope francis is a different kind of pontiff. one concerned with reconciliation inclusion than trick donstrict doctrine.
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further cementing him as the people's pope. ash-har quraishi, al jazeera. earlier i spoke with the chair of the theology apartment of fordham university. he said one of his big at a ways was that pope francis broke down barriers, truly lived up to his moniker as the people's pope. >> i think we have to stop and reflect on the fact that three years ago if someone told you athat the leader of the catholic church would come to america, spend his time with poor people prisoners and immigrants and would have a rapturous reception of people all different phases, you would probably tell me i was crazy if i suggested that to you. so poach over th pope francis ot two years and especially around the past six days has won the hearts and minds of american people in a way that is
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unprecedented. >> to imagine john kennedy was elected as presidential four decades ago and for the catholic leader, the numbers we saw in the country, how do you make sense of the dramatic shift in the attitude towards catholics? >> it's a great question. i think the shift in perception of the church is partly due to the shift in tone that pope francis himself has brought about. there was osentence in the speech he gave today, a christianity that does little but incessantly explains its teachings is dangerously unbalanced. it's hard not to hear a veiled critique on this controversial matter, that controversial matter. francis is an authentic man, he wants to be near the people, those who need him the most, who need him tall most, the marginalized, the immigrant. he spoke out against the death
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penalty and there's a consistency to this pope. he wants everything to have dignity and that is a message that we hear so political these days. nonreligious noncatholics as well as catholics were drawn to him so much. >> there you said it, talking about human life, the death penalty immigration, all of these such hot button political issues right now as we head into this campaign for white house right now. will the pope's visit in your opinion at all have an impact on this race? >> it's going to depend. these were six whirlwind days, so many americans fell in love with this pope. some of them knew a lot about him before he came, some of them knew little. whether this lasts is a great question and father tom reese who was on the program a few days ago put it really well. he said the test of this pope is going to be when someone goes into a catholic church are they going to find pope francis there, or not? and part of the mission of the
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pope while he was here i think was to lead by example. to teach by example. the many priests and bishops and nuns and maybe even theologians like me in the country, to put our focus somewhere different. if the church as a whole shifts then i think the way in which catholics and also noncatholics think about political issues will be different. i hope this isn't a flash in the pan but only time will tell. >> last question for you here patrick because we're almost out of time. what's next for had pope? how does he continue to deliver this message and how does he try to make an impact? >> so the very next thing adam is he's going to be convening the second assemblage of catholics, welcoming of gay and lesbian folks, that document was subsequent retracted but many
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church leaders have been calling on this pope to lead the way in welcoming lgbt people in a new way into the catholic church. they're also going to be talking about divorce, contraception, and communion of divorced people in the church. speak minds and not hold back. that is creating more controversy than you see at a vatican meeting. that is good for the catholic church. it will be interesting to see what plays out in rome next week for the next three weeks. >> we have to think about all the things did he in the last six days. speech before a joint meeting of congress, meeting with president obama, and from all of this pope francis spoke on pretty constant themes, and divisive political issues. here is al jazeera april lisa a. >> from the moment he arrived, pope francis received an extraordinary welcome.
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with president obama and the first lady dpreeting him on the tarmac aing -- greetinghim on t. they shared some topics, like climate change and income inequality. after the white house arrival, the pope mentioned climate change can no longer be left to another generation. >> humanity has the ability to work together in building our common home. as christians, despite this, we wish to commit ourselves to the consciencconscious and responsie of our common home. >> it is a stance that has
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angered conservatives but fits neatly into president obama's agenda who also praised pope francis for his efforts to close the gap between reach and poor. >> you shake our conscience from slumber. you call us to rejoice in good news and give us confidence that we can come together in humility and service and pursue a world that is more loving, more just, and more free. >> reporter: the pope's actions while in the nation's capital spoke as loud as his words. from his ecofriendly transportation to his lunch with the homeless. >> mr. speaker! the pope of the holy see! >> reporter: he repeated his themes in environment and poverty during an address to members of congress whose political divisions run deep. pope francis also challenged them on immigration. as the son of italian immigrants
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who fled to argentina, he urged them to understand those seeking a wert life. >> the people of this continent are not fearful for foreigners because most of us -- [applause] >> -- because most of us were once foreigners. [applause] >> reporter: touching on sensitive domestic issues he called for an end to the death penalty and in a veiled way to abortion. invoking the golden rule. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.
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[applause] >> reporter: it was a speech largely in line with the liberal side of the aisle but the pope also defended religious little . after the supreme court legalized same sex marriage. pope francis turned to a global audience. the pope pushed international leaders to work tirelessly, to ban nuclear weapons, praising the recent nuclear deal with iran as an example of what cooperation can accomplish. >> translator: i express my hope that this agreement will be lasting and efficacious and bring forth the desired fruits with the cooperation of all the parties involved. [applause] >> reporter: throughout his stops pope francis urged
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politicians to put aside differences and strife for common good -- strive for the common good. but even for this popular world figurfigure that has proven a hd sell. lisa stark, al jazeera, washington. >> well speaking of politics some fiery biblical quotes from outgoing house speaker john boehner. the speaker is lark out at critics in his own party and using biblical reserves to do it. accusing the conservative wing of the republican party of waging a political war that it cannot win. >> my o my away a wonderful day. >> on the heels of his bombshell resignation on friday house speaker john boehner took aim at gop forces he claims are courting voters with meaningless stunts. >> you know the bible says beware ever false prophets. >> in his first interview since announcing he was stepping down the speaker brushed aside looming threats of a government
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shownshutdown over efforts to dd planned parenthood. >> we have people here in town who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> in 2010 boehner rode a tea party wave to the speakership. >> just a few minutes ago -- >> on a summit on friday conservative voters applauded announcements of boehner's resignation when it was announced by senator marco rubio. >> i'm not here to bash anyone but the time has come to turn the page, and allow a new generation of leadership in this country. >> reporter: meanwhile in the campaign for the white house a new poll sunday by nbc and the wall street journal puts ben carson at 20% only one point
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behind gop front runner donald trump. rubio and former creez carly fiorinceo carlyfiorina. >> seemed to be a nice guy and is a compromiser at a time when a lot of people on the right feel that too much compromise is already resulted in a situation that they're not very happy with. >> move beyond it. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton appeared to be more ensnared than ever in the controversy of her use of a personal e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. >> another conspiracy theory. >> she failed to give investigators e-mail correspondence with the department of defense, she responded to.
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>> they already told us they are sending back 1200 because they were clearly personal. >> clinton's husband former president bill clinton also came to her defense saying friday the e-mail controversial is manufactured, a campaign tactic he faced himself in the 1990s. >> it was always going to happen. the other party doesn't want to run against her. and if they do they'd like her as mangled up as possible. >> you might say one politician almost brought down the house. dramatic close call for republican candidates carly fiorina. this is at a campaign event in texas today. you can see the stage backdrop fell right when she was addressing the national association of women business owners. that was in san antonio. you saw several women rush to the stage to shield her after the collapse. luckily no one was hurt, including the candidates. joining forces in the fight against i.s.i.l. coming up, iraq joining a new team of nations to help defeat
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the rebels. plus stopping refugees what the hungarian government is doing to turn away those trying to escape war. some are just trying to survive? >> they want to make the city for people that can afford things. >> "faultlines". al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> award winning investigative documentary series.
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>> iraq has announced plans to share intelligence on i.s.i.l. with russia, iran and syria.
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thousands of volunteers in the i.s.i.l. fight are from russia. the news came right after french president francois hollande said he used american intelligence, used to destroy i.s.i.l. intelligence, official believe i.s.i.l. is training fighters to attack possibly within europe. >> translator: other strikes could take place in the coming weeks if necessary with always the same goal: identify targets such as training camps or places from where we know the daesh terrorist groups can threaten the security of our country or launch terrorist attacks. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry says today he is not opposed to iraq's new plan but that russia should coordinate its efforts with the u.s. yet another hardship for refugees, trying to make their way into hungary. they are now feeling the chill of fall.
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especially at night when they're sleeping outside without a roof over their heads and winter may come before the refugees find a new home. lawrence lee reports from the hungary-croatia border. >> reporter: whatever else you think of the hungarian government it is nothing but determined. hungary takes no chances. they are escorted through in small groups under the gaze of the police and heavily armed soldiers. a health complaining combat ready as well circled ahead. those on buses are guarded by police, those who need the bathroom regardless of age or sex are escorted there and back. they waited there for hours until hungary was ready for its next move. they have nowhere to run. more vehicles were busy laying more and more fence.
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of course military component of hungary's component of the refugees crisis has got all sorts of european countries worried about the signals it would point out. this is the most efficient way of handling the crisis in hungary's point of view, or at least to ensure that no refugees actually get into hungary. hungary would say it's a more organized way of large numbers coming through, rather than the croatia-serbia border. confronted with big men, big guns whether they have already run from more. >> translator: while they are waiting we try to cheer them up with fruit, water or sweets. if we really have to, we give them a toy to help ease the tension. >> reporter: the buses all full, the convoy full, at no point they take their eye off the buses.
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the convoy went to the nearest rail stations, children wet themselves on their mothers' lapse but there was no getting off. the soldiers would not let them. >> it's like an army, government country. >> it's okay for you yes? >> it's okay, it's okay. >> reporter: back around, the police everywhere, back at the checkpoint with croatia, the soldiers are piling more and more rolls of fence onto their care your. others see this as a humanitarian crisis but here it's a siege. lawrence lee al jazeera on the hungary, croatia border. all eyes will be on the vladimir putin speech at the united nations monday. russia's builtup in syria has
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people concerned. he will meet with president obama. also equal rights for women, changing laws and minds.
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm adam may. here are your top stories. pope francis flying back to the vatican after spending nearly a week in the united states. he delivered mass to over a million followers after visiting inmates in prison. and he also met with victims of sexual abuse of members of the catholic church. and john boehner had harsh words for members of his own party today. he compared hard line conservatives to false prophets saying they were, quote, unrealistic. boehner announced his
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resignation as speaker on friday. it is the busiest opening day at the united nations general assembly in years and the place will be packed with numerous world leaders. president obama will share that stage with russian president vladimir putin and china's president xi jinping. al jazeera am john terret has a preview. >> monday's speech will see more than a fair share of world leaders. president obama is scheduled to speak, so will xi jinping, and president hassan rouhani, and vladimir putin. obama will have an opportunity to discuss these issues with mr. putin when they sit down on the sidelines of the ga on monday for the first time in
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more than a year. putin is on a whistle stop trip spending less than a full day in new york to attend the u.n. general assembly. what are russia's true intentions regarding syria? putin said he wants a diplomatic resolution to the situation. >> translator: in this case we act based on arequest from the syrian government to provide military and technical assistance. which we're delivering under entirely legal international contracts. >> reporter: al jazeera asked the european federation chief frederica mogherini if she knew what was happening. last time he spoke with him was
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his fear of the complete collapse of the state structures in syria. this could be one of the reasons why russia is aking in thi actiy but it could also be a willingness to show the fact that russia is an important substantial player in this crisis. >> reporter: meanwhile expect iran's president rouhani to bring this up, he may also mention a new deal in the works involving tehran, iraq, a key member of the u.s. coalition against i.s.i.l, russia and controversially, president's assaassad's syria, based in bag. other key speakers include president francois hollande and president park ghunhey of south
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korea. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov met. the two discussed a resolution to the war in syria that would mean stability without the presence of foreign troops. of course that's just a discussion. amy knight is author of the kgb, police and politics in the soviet union. good to have you here again. what do you expect to rear from vladimihear fromvladimir putin a shift in tone happening here? >> putin is very happy that he's emerged again as oplayer on the world stage after being ostracized because of ukraine. so he's taking great advantage of this. and he's doing his usual balancing act of trying to make sure that everybody takes russia seriously. and talk tough.
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but at the same time present himself as an international negotiator trying to draw together a coalition against terrorism. so there's kind of a two-sided pardon to mr. putin. >> these coalitions once again seem to have some of the same players in them don't they? >> it's interesting because i think as we know, the u.s. and the west would really like to see assad out of syria. and putin is really making it vague as to what russian intenseintense intentions are. >> what do you think the intentions are with the military buildup in syria? >> frankly think putin realize tharealizes that he would be mag a big mistake if he brought troops into syria and escalated that military buildup significantly. he doesn't want to get russia caught up in a quagmire like
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afghanistan for example. remember, russian economy is in bad shape and the russian people are not going to be happy if a lot of money is spent on military buildup in syria plus they don't want their soldiers dying. so there's some constraints as to how far putin really is willing to go. >> i found had really interesting a couple of days ago. he did an interview with charlie rose, he seemed to praise the united states a couple of times during this interview even 21 talked about our open attitude and how it fuels innovation. you don't hear these comments a lot, positive words about the united states, from vladimir putin. is he trying osoften the stage a bit before coming to new york? >> its so interesting because the russian people get the complete opposite impression from the kremlin and from putin and from the state propaganda. i mean they've been saying every
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since there has been a confrontation with the west over ukraine they have been accusing the united states of having its major goal to underpipeline russia and russia's political stability. so yes putin is definitely striking a different tone and that's part of his calculation. >> where does he stand right now when it comes to the dispute with the ukraine, where does he stand with the people in russia and the international stage? does very some explaining to do here at the u.n. still? >> i would imagine he's going to avoid making references to ukraine as much as possible. >> do you think he will try avoid the subject? >> he can't avoid it totally and he will be discussing it with president obama but is he really taking advantage of the fact that union right now is focused on this crisis of the refugees from syria and i.s.i.s.
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and that's the main problem right now, for the west. and so i think putin is trying to put ukraine a little bit on the back burner as far as discussions go. but he really does want, of course, to have western sanctions lifted. so he's going to have to make some sort of commitment at least for these minsk 2 agreements, to try ensure lasting peace in ukraine. >> give me the view from 40,000 feet would you? it's been decades since the tear down that wall and we thought we had renewed relationship but was it really renewed? what's the temperature right now between the u.s. and russia? >> oh gosh, i would say the temperature is back to the soviet brezhnev days. definitely. we still don't know what is really going on in the kremlin.
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what kind of decisions are being -- >> is it trending up, trending down? >> i think now that obama has sort of probably given up on mr. putin. and i think maybe just waiting it out, until we see the end of him. but that could be a very long time. >> yeah, it certainly could, all right russian historian amy knight, thank you for giving perspective. turning to the fight against global terror. secretary of state john kerry was jownd by his counterparts around the world at the global counterterrorism forum in new york. >> we've got to move faster and address a broader array of the tools that are used by terrorists. and one of the tools, no surprise, is their effective use of social media. and more traditional mechanisms in order to try radicalize tens of thousands of people. >> the sum the in europe this past weeks are telling our citizens that terrorism will
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land on our continent on a sailboat packed with refugees and migrants. in recent years europe has exported foreign fighters not imported them. >> that was from the eu's foreign policy chief, a response that the influx of foreign immigrants could result in the arrival of some extremists. china's president made some rather bold promises today. xi jinping chairs the global leaders meeting in the gender equality and women empowerment. four point plan to support women's development worldwide, exiez also pledgexi also pledgeo help women's issues. pakistan ranks last, and
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discrimination is worst in remote tribal areas. that's where women are denied some very basic rights. rights to education, and health care. but as nicole johnson reports, calls for change are definitely growing louder. >> mahrina frades, from tribal belt however there is one major difference between her and others who live there. her father wanted her to be educated. a rare thing from the federally administered tribal area called fata. >> they don't know their basic right, education is their right, decision making is their right, healthy decisions is their right. >> pakistan's military has been fighting against the taliban and other groups inside the tribal belt. tens of thousands of people have fled to camps like this one ton
11:42 pm
outskirts of peshawar. but the idea of keeping women inside and uneducated have remained strong. >> these women are waiting inside peshawar. >> now our eyes are open and i'm trying educate my daughter as well as any son. >> she says the displacement of more than a million people from the tribal belt has had one positive benefit. >> they have seen the lifestyle of the other people of the certain area. they are seeing that men, families are allowing their daughters to educate and seeing the difference between the educated girls and uneducated girls. >> as more women are speaking out they are becoming braver and bolder. in the past some have been killed for demanding rights. >> my family opposes girls education. i struggled for it and they tortured me like hell.
11:43 pm
i still feel the pain. >> translator: if there's a chance for education the boy gets it over the girl pez they will send their ton to a good school in peshawar. >> now they have found an individual in the community who has given them the courage to demand more. but it will take longer to change centuries of tradition. nicole johnson, al jazeera, peshawar. >> coming up no clues as to what happened to dozens of mexican students who went missing. why some believe it play be a military conspiracy.
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>> it's been exactly one year since dozens of college students disappeared in the city of igwala. thousands of protesters took to the city to mark that somber anniversary. no one knows exactly what happened to the students. more than 8,000 in the demonstration today. a new theory has surfaced, it involves a secret heroin deal and potentially a military conspiracy. lucia newman has more on the controversy. >> reporter: this is the bus terminal in the city of igwala. commandeered, four buses. as their convoy drove through these streets, local police opened fire on the students. 43 were abducted disappearing without a trace. one year later, the question remains: why? >> translator: we know that
11:47 pm
this cases of disappearances there are very strange strategies which make it difficult to know what happened. there are attacks of silence but we believe there are lines of investigation that were ignored. >> reporter: one of them is revealed here. this closed circuit video of a fifth bus which was mis mysteriy omitted from the investigation. according to a report of investigators ever interamerican commission of human rights. it suggests the students may have unwitwith unwittingly commd the buses. three hours after the local police and drug gang hit men were firing on the students, the army was conspicuous because of its absence, even though
11:48 pm
receiving calls for help. they refused to intervene. >> wide group called guerreros unidos, quairms thi confirms ths terminal is being used to send heroin to chicago. >> it is confirmed of the connection between groups in chicago and groups operating in guerrero, that includes guerrero unidos, behind the disappearance of the 43 students. >> like the students the fifth bus has disappeared but it has opened up the strongest hypotheses to date as to why the 43 young men became the victims
11:49 pm
of such a horrendous crime. and why people are reluctant to talk about a crime that in many cases happened right before their eyes. lucia newman, al jazeera, mexico. last week's stampede at the hajj that killed more than 700 pilgrims, dozens of protesters gathered outside the saudi embassy in tehran, demanding it be shut down. mismanagement of the event by saudi arabia. officials say they expect the debt toll to rise. it's been a year since pro-democracy protestors first took streets of hong kong. they wanted the chinese government to grant them greater voting rights and more freedoms. the umbrella movement as it came
11:50 pm
to be known, rob mcbride has the story. >> this is the spiritual home of the movement now just a memory. all signs of the community that flourished here for 79 days gone. ton seonto self-styled wall, thy signs are the ones that say no signs. protests have continued sporadically on behalf of the student activists, and still waiting to be prosecuted, the group of police officers filmed allegedly beating up this activist. one year on, the hong kong police force is not as revered as it was. >> most of the people in hong kong we don't trust the police or the legal system as well. >> supporters of the umbrella movement alleged blocking of a
11:51 pm
law professional at hong kong university. for those protesting as long as there is still free speech there is a chance of democracy. >> hong kong will have a democracy one day as the others. so the crucial thing keep the civil society ongoing. >> reporter: staging counterprotests, angry that hong kong rejected the political reforms. far from being a fake form of democracy the pro-beijing groups and the hong kong government itself insist the electoral reforms would have led to true universal suffrage, an opportunity that has now been missed. for them the umbrella movement has setz set a dangerous prece. >> it also changed the mindset of some of the people, especially the youngsters. i don't know if they will respect the rule of law anymore. >> the issues that so divided the city still hang over its
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future. rob mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. well he was driving in style. coming up, pope francis asks for modest means to get around. but we'll look at his choice of fiat. why it's getting so much attention. plus all the lunar excitement. these are live pictures now of an event that have millions of people around the globe look towards heavens tonight.
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>> al jazeera america primetime.
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>> well if it's cloudy where you live or you don't have a window, we've got you covered tonight. check out this live picture of a lunar eclip, appearing in conjunction with a super-moon. the climax actually happened in the previous hour, around 10:11 eastern time, when the earth moved directly in between the sun and the moon. and you can see these amazing images of the moon tonight, the fading moon completely disappeared and it emerged as red for a while. the light was refracted off the earth's atmosphere. the last time this happened was 1982. i love this picture here, from the lafayette science museum, the next time this is going to
11:56 pm
happen isn't until the year 2033. so take these pictures here while we have them. back to the pope's trip to america. his visit has produced a number of memorable images but one of the ones that stuck out to us was this one. that was the pontiff's little black fiat, pulings up t pulline white house. why the pope likes his small ride and what it could mean for the auto maker. >> reporter: somewhere in the middle of that long jumbled line, you'll see, look close now, the holy father's fiat. it's the little car that's been a huge hit with crowds in pope francis's u.s. travels. popes down through the motorized ages have generally had bigger brasher rides. like the 1930 mercedes benz of
11:57 pm
pius xi or what paul vi used touring holy land. upon advertises sealed the way behind bullet proof glass. and the pope does have his popemobile, a converted jeep wrangler. or a visit to new york city, the common-man message unmistakable. >> the pope is in the fiat. the pope is in the fiat. >> all of this a surprise for tim bogdanovich watching on tv. >> you don't expect one of the premier heads of church or state, driving a fiat. >> he sells them. he recognizes the model. >> it does appear that he is driving one of those 500l, comes
11:58 pm
sarnstandard with bluetooth. >> latin? >> i'm not sure i would have to check. >> 20 or $30,000. no matter what kind of sound system the holy father has dialed up. ♪ ♪ >> a utility vehicle with italian flare is what fiat calls it. but the vatican won't comment on the pope's pick. >> one thing i am not worthy. >> the humble pope and his humble wheels helping on the america's car lots? >> i think that's a distinct possibilities. >> this month's sales figures will not come out until next month.
11:59 pm
2016 shock-mobile, i'm allen schauffler, renton, washington. >> the pope does have a mix-tape. i'm adam may. we leave you with some of the sights and sounds of pope francis's historic week in the u.s. have a great night. [♪ singing ]
12:00 am
>> russia says it has no plans to send combat troops to syria as talks step up at the u.n. to resolve the conflict. hello welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha, i'm nick clark. also coming up. celebrations in catalonia, in regional elections, pope francis concludes his historic visit to the u.s. by addressing the issue of sex abuse in the church. the world witnees


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