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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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about this. and that i think is what president poroshenko is trying to do as well, get his country mentioned here in this one chance every year to express his view of the state of the world and the state of his region. a lot of criticism of russia, its role on the u.n. security council. backdrop worth remembering that ukraine is a candidate to be on the u.n. security council, and it looks likely that it will be unopposed, so next year, you could see, as well as russia, and the other permanent members, among the non-permanent members, you could see ukraine there. i think that is going to lead to some somewhat fiery scenes, because he was particularly angered about that idea to set up an international tribunal to investigate the downing of mh-17. russia used its security council veto, and use it as well on a number of other issues on
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ukraine. and he said that veto was effectively a license to kill. [ captioner change ]
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president also met with cuban leader as the two continue to work on normalizing relations. fighting for her organization. they fight critics on capitol hill. ♪ . >> this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston. ukraine's president just wrapped up his address at the united nations general assembly. criticizing russia saying that moscow continues to fight terrorism, but inspires it instead. let's go over now to andre he is a director of communications for the congress committee of america, he is joining us now live from the united nations. so listening to that speech,
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a full throated criticism, of russia and a calling out of those who allow putin to be there without calling him to account. it seems to me between the lines of accusing americans and others of hypocrisy. >> right. what the president focused on is introducing ukraine to the world here, that the word alliance. he started off the speech very strongly by reminding the world that ukraine was a founding member of the united nations. something that was celebrated in ukraine and here in san francisco. but he also concentrated on the themes of recenterring the focus of the u.n. on acknowledging that the charter was broken. violently by putin by this war. then he continued the theme of hybrid war by concentrationing on terrorism. much like president obama and putin brought up, bringing up terrorism in the light of war which really distinguishing war from over compound wars. it is the downing of flight
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mh 17, the use of bomb threats and arson, these are the ink things that president putin has used to create a feeling of fear throughout the pop luis to use towards the goal. >> and he also talked about the fact that since the cry mere yeah has been annexed nothings that been done. that the russians have been allowed to move people there, removing russian soldiers and even he alleges having a mobile crematorium. i had not heard of that. >> yes. it broke a couple of months ago with reporting from the daily beast. it is sickening because this is what the russian people themselveses are finally waiting up to. the fact that their people are being sent away to ukraine without giving knowledge to their families of where they are being ployed and then there is no follow up on where their bodies go after they die.
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what is happened is a blanket boycott of blanket statement banning any statements of what happened to your family member who has died. if you find out that he had died in ukraine. that is punishable by law in russia. >> so what do you think it is that president pair shane coe would like for the united nations the general and the united states and it's western allies in particular to do what he is advocating for are basic steps. he mentioned how many countries have born, and that will be the military power for the coming years. this is the reason that the quite has grown training them, underring that a country of 40 million, the largest in europe, is now available as a fighting force as it has been joining with nato for 20 years.
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ukraine and other countries such as georgia, the new alliance with the battics will truly be a military power going forward with all this experience. and what the president feels is that it should be recognized with a seat on the security council. >> can you give us the state of play right now in terms of the conflict in eastern ukraine? something that we have not been hearing a lot about on the front pages, at least, here in the u.s.? >> well, really, what the situation is people are glad about this cease fire that went into effect recently. the fact that people haven't died on a daily basis, however that is not just because of warfare. we have a lot of medical situations over there, what is being focused on in the united states congress and other areas is increasing humanitarian aid to the areas. these areas have been cut off from the rest of the world to medications readily don't come there, we are worried
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about rates of stds, mostly in crimea, because of the fact that russian has not supplied med case. people that had been receiving medication are now not getting that. so it is a very poor situation that the world needs to recognize. in addition to the syria refugee crisis, these remind yourself that 1.4 million ukrainians have been internally displaced and in addition close to 1 million have fled ukraine for outside the borders as refugees. so it is truly one of europe's most horrific situations since world war ii, not including syria. >> the director of communications for the congress committee of america, thank you for your ensight on al jazeera america. our national security correspondent rothers from the pentagon.
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>> concede that russia's surprise deployment, and the justification of battle isil outflanked the u.s. and caught it flat footed. the pentagon professes to be unsure about vladimir putin's exact motives even though the russian president hasn't exactly made a secret that he is backing long time ally bashar al asaad, the man president obama keeps insisting must go. >> and there's no other solution to the syrian crisis than strengthening the effective government structures and rendering them help in fighting terrorism. >> with support, president asaad is going nowhere any time soon. and as in ukraine, the u.s. is powerless to stop the military moves. reduced instead to issues dire warnings that moscow simply ignores. >> to pursue the defeat of isil without at the same time pursuing a political
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transition is to fuel the very kind of extremism that underlies isil. and if that's the view, that's a logical contradiction. >> russia is in the driver seat because it is willing to do what the u.s. is not p the namely put forces on the ground. just last week, retired general former top u.s. commander for the middle east told congress that putin's bold actions were a direct result of president obama's inaction. >> russia's recent military escalation is a further reminder that when the u.s. does not take the initiative others will fill the vacuum, often in ways that are harmful.
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anthony secretary of state, iraq is a sovereign country. and has the right to decide where it gets help from. over in iraq, the much heralded counter offensive to retake ramadi which supposedly started months ago with shaping operations is going nowhere. the official explanation is taking time to clear mine fields of the u.s. military sources say a bigger problem is that the largely shia iraqi forces have just not anxious to liberate the mostly sunny city. al jazeera, the pentagon. >> let's go over now to our senior washington correspondent who is live outside the united nations. president obama as you know is chairing that counter terrorism summit on the sidelines of the jeb assembly. we heard him talk about the accomplishments of the coalition. >> right.
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>> he mentioned mosul, and ramadi but from jaime mcintyre report, apparently the president's presentation of accomplishment should also be counter balanced with the obvious failure. >> well, what president obama is saying and in fairness what the administration and the president have said for some time, since the coalition air campaign began more than a year ago, was that this was going to take time. by some estimations three years or so. but you are right, the president was trying to emphasize the positive, and minimize the negative in his remarks today regarding the fight against isil. and his rendition, they have lost one third of the territory. this conference today, organized some weeks and months ago, prior to the advent of the new strategy from vladimir putin that we just heard reporting on, that
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does change the dynamic about this. president obama tried to focus on many of the root causes, of isil vitality, namely the recruitment of young people, from north africa, from europe, and russia, and even from north america and around the world, to come and join the fight, it talks about border control, and the need to change ideology and change hearts and minds. a little bit more of what the president had to say. >> rule of law, strong 70 societies and all of that has to play a part in countering violent extremism. >> in cost junction with the conference, that the president chaired today, the u.s. department of the treasury department of state and the united nations are announcing sanctions on as many as 30 individuals affiliated with isil said to finance isil operations and facilitate freezing those
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individuals international financial assets. how can it be a united front in the fight against isil. >> well, everything is in flux. and i think that broke out, and almost unprecedented way, certainly it's been many years since we have seen two world leaders disagree so publicly. we saw public display of diplomacy yesterday. we saw acrimony, we awe steelly cold glances at one another. one of the more awkward photo ops the hand shake between president obama and president putin yesterday at the conclusion of their dualing speeches. but it is clear now there has been a flurry of meets between secretary of state jon kerry, sergei lavrov, the white house clearly admits it was caught flat footed they are still trying to determine
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exactly what vladimir putin and russia's goals are. during the meeting that they are in fact first and foremost interesting in defeating isil, however, there is very -- one very large area of disagreement, and that is the posture or towards bashar al asaad, the policy towards him. vladimir putin said it publicly, and elsewhere, he has a stay the only viable alternative in syria, the president was on the opposed other side of that argument, be ever the general assembly yesterday. washington correspondent live for us, thank you. we will continue to bring you speeches throughout the day, here on al jazeera america. the president of planned parent hood is testified right now before a house committee on capitol hill lawmakers questioning cecil richards over her organization use of taxpayer dollars federal funding for planned parenthood has been central to a heated debate
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surrounding to keep it funded. congress has two days to avoided a shut down. our libby casey is live for us, tell us about the hearing and what conservative lawmakers are hoping will come of it. >> planned parenthood is certainly getting a lot of criticism from republicans but she is defending her organization, and even going on offense. saying that congress should really be investigating the maker of those videos that surfaced this summer. the videos were edited and made claim to show planned parenthood officials talking about making a profit from the sale of fetal tissue. planned parenthood said that is not the case. that 1% of their nearly 700 clinks around the country do collect fetal tissue which is used for medical research, and richards defending the practice. >> using fetal tissue in life saving medical research is legal. according to the 1993 law
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passed by the senate 93-4. and based on recommendations from a blue ribbon panel that was created under the ragan administration. >> and today is what planned parenthood and calling a national pink out day with people in cities around the country wearing pink to show their support for planned parenthood. but there are a lot of members of congress in this oversight committee very critical of this organization. the chairman of the committee accusing them of throwing lavish fund raisers, also republicans picking apart how much money richards make as c.e.o. more than $500,000. democrats are feeling their own outrage randall, calling the republicans misogynistic saying that they are really going after her in a way that completely inappropriate, they are defending not just ms. richards but also the organization so big fireworks
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today. >> correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe the budget amount in discussion is about $3 billion for planned parenthood for the coming year, and some members of congress are willing to shut down the entire government over that as money goes not a whole lot. >> well, and it is important to point out that the money does not go to abortion services. a lot of this comes in the form of reimbursement for medicaid. and richards is talking about how they are underserved parts of the country where planned parenthood clinics are one of the few places that women can go especially working women, it doesn't mat tore republicans they don't like what the organization stands for, and so yes, some conservatives a small hand full, but enough to really make a difference, were threatening to shut down the government this week in order to with hold planned parenthood funding. that momentary crisis looks to have been averted because leadership in both the senate and the house are now saying they have the votes to pass a short term funding bill, but
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we may be back here in desks because it was only for a few weeks until december 11th, and so this issue is definitely not going away thank you, libby on capitol hill. there's controversy surrounding two executions this week. why activists hope to spare the lives of two death row inmates even if it means going to the supreme court.
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georgia's death row and a man in oklahoma who was granted a last minute stay on both scheduled to die in the next two days. both now hoping for clemency. >> supporters of death row inmate have been calling the 47-year-old a changed woman.
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and praying that her life is spared. >> she interestingly enough was not ephron site for the murder of her husband, and the gentlemen that killed her husband, his sentence has been commuted to life. so this is nonsenses. and georgia is better than this. >> . >> gregory owing pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life. pros it cooers offered him the same deal which she turned it down. she is on course to be the first woman executed in georgia in 70 years. sup effort prokers want her life spared. they say she is been a model prisoner. >> i first came to know kelly through other women who were in the theology class that i taught and they loved her, and told stories about how she had touched them, and saved their lives. >> the original execution date was postponed in march after prison officials found the he that will injection drug appearing cloudy.
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the courts have since given the cocktail the okay. a he that will drug combination is also scheduled to be used on wednesday in oklahoma on richard blossom. >> there's no doubt he may be innocent. >> on monday a court in oklahoma say his he that will injection execution should proceed. the court say in the two weeks since the last minute stay, attorneys for the twice convicted killer had not proven his innocence, in the murder of motel owner. the attorneys have argued there was no physical evidence tying the 50-year-old to the crime and that the state's case against him was based on an unreliable drug addicted informant. they said they will be appealing to the u.s. supreme court if they failed he will become the first inmate to die by he that will injection, since the supreme court gave the go ahead to use the controversy sedative. jon henry smith, al jazeera.
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>> when we come back, we will catch up with the latest.
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day.t has been a second busy russia is not done with it's aggression against his country. and two old foes met on the sidelines of the d.a. gunnel, first about ukraine. some pretty pointed remarks against russia. >> yeah, really did. and before we get to that, let's cut to live pictures. this is the president of cypress speaking in the general assembly. he claims to represent the whole of the country. he forgets about the turkish part, that's another story
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for another day. he mentioned that ukraine is a u.n. founder he said the charter -- talking about russia's abuse of the veto. a license to kill. and said it was a shameful veto as well. >> put in there by russia to arm the rebels he said in the east of his country. let's listen to how he put it. >> okay we can't hear from him, but let me tell you he rounded off the speech by telling him that freedom he expected the sovereignty and territorial integrity, ukraine doesn't demand more, however lit not settle forless. now what about the rest of the day here at the united nations general assembly. well, coming up in the course of the next couple of hours we are going to hear about
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the president from the union, expect policy talk about syria to dominate, we are going to hear from david cameron. to british prime minister, something similar from him, we will hear from nicholas the new president of venezuela about his very difficult country, a lot of problems in venezuela, we will hear from president hattie of yes then. between aid and the capitol and the air strikes led by the saudis on the houthis rebels in that country. >> and we also know that president had a sideline meeting with his new friend. raul castro, which you will tell us about later. >> i'm randall pinkston, the news continues next live from london. we will continue to bring you speeching throughout the day here on al jazeera america. check us out on
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>> hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. >> we are seeing a new global movement to cantate violent extremism that they need to survive. >> anti-isil efforts are stepped off on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. violent crime rises again in south africa, we will exam why. plus, the women fighting to


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