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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. >> we are seeing a new global movement to cantate violent extremism that they need to survive. >> anti-isil efforts are stepped off on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. violent crime rises again in south africa, we will exam why. plus, the women fighting to
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save one of america's largest family planning organizations. >> afghan forces backed by u.s. air support have launch add counter offensive to recapture the northern city from taliban fighters. the sudden fall on monday is a major set back for the government, and raises further doubts about it's ability to tackle the taliban. stephanie decker reports. >> there were no government retreats left here, taliban fighters are now in control of large parts of the city. here they are symbolically waving their flag. >> this battle is not over, the afghan government has announce add major military operation to recapture. >> in the first place we should take care of the civilian casualties. we have already paid attention and ewith h
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continue. the enemy has conceded heavy damages including the air strikes i don't want to go into detail. >> special forces have been put in and the u.s. military confirmed an air strike on the outskirts on tuesday morning. this proving difficult for some reinforcements to reach because of the taliban has set up bobby traps along the way. >> when their government was deposed by the u.s. led invasion. it coincides with the first anniversary of president, and also the first year that afghan forces are facing the taliban alone, after u.s. and
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nato troops pulled out last year. a counter terrorism operation remains but this move is the bold nest a long campaign by the taliban to take more control of the country. a strong message to whoever is watching, that 14 years after being deposed and battling coalition and afghan forces the taliban can still take control of a major city, in less than 24 hours. stephanie decker al jazeera. >> travel with the army towards -- give us an idea what the situation is like in the city and how much of it the taliban actually controlled. >> afghan security forces today tried at least four times to send reinforcement to launch and to launch an operation to retake the city.
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but all the time, all the four times they are shelled and suffers at least ten soldiers dead, and -- and they failed to go anywhere. now, what we are hearing in the past few minutes from our colleagues in kunduz that they are trying to get control of the airport. outside of kunduz city, and that's where all the government offices from kunduz and the security forces are stationed now. and trying to survive. the taliban aren't even getting close to the walls of the airport, trying to get into the airport. >> traveling there with the afghan steam, we will be checking in with you as you get closer to kunduz for the moment, thank you.
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♪ . >> barack obama has always been an international conference on counter terrorism on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. three new countries have now joined the u.s. led coalition fighting against the islamic state of iraq. and the u.s. president says if anti-isil fors keep working tot, the group will be defeated. >> there are profound changes taking place in the middle east, and north africa. there are problems that have built up over decades that are expressing themselves and manifesting themselves in orses like isil. even if we were to wipe out the entire leadership, we would still have these forces at work. but ultimately i am
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optimistic, in iraq and in syria, isil is surrounded by communities countries and a brad international coalition committed to it's destruction. we have seen that isil can be defeated on the battlefield. where there is sound organization, and government and military that is coordinating with this coalition, and with our diplomatic efforts. and here at the summit, we are seeing a new global movement to counter the violent extremism that isil needs to survive. at the u.n. also following that counter terrorism conference, so we heard president obama there saying that it was a new movement. of course -- how can he really -- the conference without cunning for example,
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like russia. >> i think the problem is highlighted by the fact that if you look in 24 hours time there will be another meeting this time at the security council about countering isil and dealing with isil. and the russian ambassador, saying about today's meeting he said it undermined the work of the security council. now there may be a reason for that here.
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>> which shows that the bigger problems here. and those problems are retted to syria, and asaad, and can asaad be part of a coalition can the iranians be part of an isil coalition. there are big problems here and of course if you are trying to fight an enemy, you have president obama there you can defeat him on the battlefield. that's fine if you are in iraq. they managed to retake soon after they did that. they retook rahmad di, but very hard to fight a battle if you enemy has a safe haren and ungoverned space across the border in syria, and the
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only military efforts underway in syria, is aerial bombardment. and i think it is clear, from the lessons of history that it is very very hard to defeat an entrenched enemy that controls towns and the villages and controls the destiny of a local population, only by using air power. >> but so james, we had this conference we heard president obama speak there, i guess he is very clear about what he would like to do but anything concrete come out of it? any new ideas from the u.s. or anyone else who was present. >> . >> i don't think inning that we haven't heard before. there's talk not just about the military aspects training isil, 18 -- sorry, training the iraqi forces 18 countries as well as the u.s. currently involved in doing that other things we have done before, attract foreign fighters
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coordinating the air ally manifests intelligence reports but nothing here particularly new. >> james because with the latest there, thank you. meanwhile leaders from around the world are continuing to address the u.n. general assembly meeting. the ukrainian president spoke not lodge ago, highlighted what he called open and unprovokes aggress from russia, which is accused of helping separatist fighters in eastern ukraine. >> russia refused to officially agree to direct military invasion. today there is no doubt that this is an aggressionive war against my country. against ukraine. to miss lead the world community, rush leadership orders to take in sickness of the military servicemen, and identification markers of the
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military equipment. to abandon the soldiers captured on the battlefield, and use mobile cream ma tore yum to eliminate traces of it's crime on ukraine soil. n. secretary general has strongly condemned an attack in yemen which killed at least 131 people. these pictures are said to be of the aftermath reported in a village near the red sea border. the video has been broadcast by a houthis rebel t.v. station, and al jazeera is unable to independently verify it. the saudi led coalition denies allegations that it's war planes targeted the wedding. ens withs however insid that two missiles hit the tents and believe they were fired biasedly led jets. >> what targets you hit weddings a wedding tent, with women and children inside. all civilians. one run and 31 of them. so what strategic targets are
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reported to be trying to take control of the airport in kunduz.
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the city fell to the taliban on monday. u.s. president barack obama has announced three new countries have joined the coalition against isil, as he host as conference on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. and ukraine's president has addressed the u.n. general assembly, to accuse russia of what he called open and unprovoked aggression in eastern ukraine. staying in ukraine, a trial is underway of two russian men described by the ukrainians as rug special forces. they were captured in may during fighting in eastern ukraine. ner accused of killing troops. moscow insists the men were not serving soldiers when they were detained. and on the other side, captures ukrainian pilot has been testifying in her defense in a russian court. face as maximum sentence of 25 years if found guilty of involvement in the killing of two russian journalists last year. she denies the allegations.
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germany is imposing tougher conditions for migrants from countries of the balkins as it struggles to cope with a record surge in the numbers of refugees. the government has added ab bane yeah, to it's list of so called safe origin countries which people from those states can be deported more quickly. and as lawrence lee reports from munich, the government also suspects a third of all asylum seekers are pretending to be from syria, to increase their chances or staying. >> still arriving in big groups and small, this is the end of a long and hostile journey for all of them, and health workers are on hand to check their temperature, others now seem they are also checking whether they are who they they are. a few days ago we filmed a group moving as fast as they can to the border. among the number was this man in the red.
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who said he would do an interview with us. >> where are you from. >> syria. >> what city. >> d actionmas. >> you just came here from here. >> i come here to. >> exactly. and go to austria and germany. >> yet at the train station, in a separate conversation in french he admitted to me that he was a toe tell worker from tunisia. he was pretending because he knew he had no chance of aasylum. anybody who arrived here has to give a speech sample which is analyzed to see if they are who they say they are. the german government soys any so called fake syrians will not have asylum automatically rejected. >> we heard similar things from refugees as well, where
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trance lay ever toes were on hand at this registration center. the arguments in favor of asking the questions of course, if the people who are not in fear of their lives should not be getting in the way of people that are. but others say the testimony should not discriminate. >> to go on this long travel to europe, to maybe cross illegally and in small boats i think you have a real reason to flee. so i can't understand why they shouldn't be refugees. >> the other points that inside the european union which is in many places openly hostile to any refugees the idea that are some are getting through by pretender is only likely to harden attitudes more. syrians should hardly have to prove they are really running for their lives. lawrence lee al jazeera. >> typhoon has hit the south
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eastern coast of china after battering taiwan and killing at least three people. winds of more than 100 miles an hour, forcing fishing boats to return to dock. well the clean up has begun where strong winds and rain damaged cars and uprooted trees in nortena city. jamilah has more now from the taiwanese capitol. >> most of the roads have been cleared of debris, more than 7,000 people were evacuated in preparation for the typhoon. the mayor said they are prepared as they can be, but it is very difficult to assess the damage of this one, however, if you look at the situation now and how quick the government has responded, it is seem to be
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the test is how other countries should also respond in disasters like this one. more than 300,000 are still without power. but most of those have been evacuate redirect examination now able to return to their homes. and it is just a matter of time before every operation here is back to normal as welp p violent crime is increasing in south africa. almost 5% rise in the number of murders. tonya page explains. >> illegal drugs fueled crime in south africa, these men are addicted and heroin and marijuana, they steal to pay for it and sometimes commit worse crimes. >> they live in fear of attack by the people they hurt.
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a man accused of being a criminal was killed last week, people are taking the law into their own hands. because they don't trust the police, and that's adding to a rise in murder rates. he runs operation stop, a group of parents with little more than goodwill and hearts broken by their children, who are drug addicts. he says some police are working with drug dealers. to arrest these people, somebody somewhere said leave those people. he tries to -- take from them. >> south africa's police force is being scrutinized. it is the first time that the number of murders has increased three years running. >> . >> the national accomplice commissioner threatens to hold offices being reviewed
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after they shot dead 33 miners three years ago. however, the police are just one part of the crime story. >> the reasons for the high level of crime are complex. violence is a legacy of apartheid, it's also unemployment and poverty. corruption within government, and the police. some of which are wider issues but they say they are trying to spin the statistics by emphasizing that overall, crime is down. >> undermine our efforts to point out where the problems are in terms of crime, and the need for us very very urgently to find solutions. improving trust and confidence in the policemen and women would make the task easier. tanya page, al jazeera, south africa. >> the president of a u.s. family planning organization
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has been testifying before congress. planned parenthood may lose funding over allegations that it sold fetal tissue. kimberly reports. >> they came to capitol hill with the message for members of congress, don't defund planned parenthood. >> the safer many working class americans is their only access to affordable healthcare. courtney was in graduate school suffering from endr. metros sis she turns to planned parenthood to preserve her fertility. >> now i am looking at i need to get a job, i am not going to be able to study for this one reason. so planned parenthood i was able to get the medication. >> natasha turned to planned parenthood f a fighting a rush in her breast planning parenthood was my first contract in getting a breast screening.
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>> not everybody sees eight as benevolent organization, they also provide abortions violating religious beliefs of some members and the comfort of others. the video surface exposes planned parenthood executives openly discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue for profit. >> . >>. >> many in congress were incensed for a time threatening to shut down the government if federal dollars continue to support the clinics. the head of planned parenthood has been called to testify before a committee, abortion opponents are pushing to end the organizations federal funding. >> it's just a lack of dignity for the human person. they were seen as a commodity, they are harvesting little lungs livers for cost but many
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say -- until it was legalized in the u.s. >> what is really under attack. is the right of women to control their own bodies. their own reproduction, their own reproduction, and their own help. >> let's go to the philippines now where it is expected that relatives will look after you in old age, but that is changing there's condition about who will take in the elderly. >> a widow with no children,
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says she will stay here until the day she dies. >> i don't want to be too much of a bother. one must do what one can do, and if you can't, then you must suffer through it. that's how life is, child. >> the situation is rare in the philippines are the elderly are usually cared for by ebb tended. fallly, but more people are now fending for themselves. many wander the streets until they are found by social services. >> this is the largest of only four government run centers for the elderly in the philippines. spread across hectors and made to look like a local village, there are 240 clients here at the moment. they get their needed tended to for free around the clock. >> to be accepted here the elderly must have nowhere else to go and no family to care for them. their numbers were always small, be uh that's no longer the case. the government estimates that close to 1.5 million elderly people have been left on
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their own. social workers are concerned that many have been abandoned on purpose. >> the main reasons why they are here is because they were abandoned by their own children. because of work opportunities outside the hope. their children want to earn and that nobody left behind to care for the elderly needs. >> he has been here since her husband dies three years ago. as best she knows, her children are working in the u.s. she lost touch with them years ago. even if i am not a big family, i am grateful to god that i was brought here. i am lucky. i don't go hungry. i have medicine, and someone to care for us. we have everything here. >> more families are asking the center to take in their relatives. some are even willing to pay.
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it is a development social workers say is reflective of a change in filipino society. but on the sidewalk in the heart of the old town, they prepare to sleep for the night she won't be moved she says no matter how much the world changes around her. >> all sorts of sea life are to be protected. fishing is being banned as one of the largest ocean sanctuaries is created in the south pacific. the details. the region is one of the most ilated on earth, hundreds of marine species many of them unique, some entankerred. >> this is probably one of the most significant announcements that is made because this is one of the last sites.
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in the area. >> new zealand prime minister reviews the ocean sanctuary during his visit to the u.n. general assembly. he says the reserve. >> this is in the area twice the size of our land mass. and 50 times the size of our largest national park. it is truly a special place and we want to open coo it that way. >> the announcement gave media tension. >> .
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>> within the next year. to protect the region for generations to come. >> lays out plans to what he thinks needs to be done to defeat isil. obama also made swiss cuban leader as the two continue to work on normalizing relations. fighting for her organization, the president of planned parenthood confronts critics on capitol hill.


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