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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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in difficult societies. >> thank you for being with us. that is the show for today, i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. the news conditions on al jazeera america. >> funding fight, the battle over planned parenthood stakes center stage. >> planned parenthood comply and go beyond the requirements of the law. >> with the organizations leader testified before congress. fighting i.s.i.l., like terrorists, i.s.i.l. will lose. >> president obama gathers world leaders to develop a plan to defeat the group separate trials, the six
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baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray learn when they will face a judge the mystery of king tutt's tomb. evidence revealing a more powerful leader could be buried there. >> i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. the latest in the contention fight over planned parenthood. the group's president testified before congress. for five hours cecil richards genneded the organization against a variety of charges, including a claim that it made money by selling foetal tissue. house republicans are trying to cut off their federal funding. many have threatened to shut down the government unless that happens. michael shure has the story from washington. >> good evening. you hit the nail on the head with that.
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it's more than about the right to life. this is once again a fight between the democrats and the republicans in congress. it was a contentious day on capitol hill, and marked by an issue in planned parenthood. today there was a lot of back and forth and combat in congress. >> a day before the government is set to run out of money, the battle over planned parenthood raged. from the house floor. >> that we stop beating up planned parenthood. >> to the senate. >> we ought to ban funding of tax dollars for planned parentho parenthood. >> and in committee, where prosecutors continued the attack. >> i don't want to be numb to wasting the taxpayers dollars. as best i can tell, this is an
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organization that doesn't need federal subsidy. >> reporter: c.e.o. cecil richards who voluntarily appeared before the house, faced a bar age of questions on how planned parenthood spends its money. >> could you function on nonfederal dollars, why do you need it. you make a tonne of dough. >> we don't make profit off federal money, if i could use it to explain... >> it was at times an emotional hearing. >> it is unacceptable that in the 21st centurily women in america are harassed for accessing a legal medical procedure. after this recent smear campaign it has gotten worse. >> what is america coming to.
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the disrespect tells us what is aring going on here. at the same time they are funding the passage of a bill. >> it's the most viable way forward after extreme action forced the country into this situation. >> on a separate track republicans led by paul ryan, chairman of the powerful way and means turned to a procedural measure to try to stop founding. it's a process allowing bills to be passed with a majority, blocking any phil buster, a bill that removes funding is certain to be vetoed by president obama. outside on capitol hill, and 300 event across the country planned parenthood had what it called
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national pink-out day. >> planned parenthood never let me done, that's why i'm here unapologetically to stand with them. >> public support for the organization has remained the same. a wall street journal n.b.c. poll suggs six in 10 americans favoured federal funding. planned parent hoot. >> this is not an issue that will shut down the congress. the president has the veto power over this. you can be sure when the next budget talks come up, this will be issue they'll talk about. they'll talk about it well into 2016. >> thanks. the battle against i.s.i.l. battled the sidelines of the gem brie. president obama chaired a meeting to discuss ways of stepping the violence in the middle east. >> the fall out over syria
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continued the day after the clash on the world's biggest stages. the general assembly between president obama and his russian counterpart vladimir putin, the question now, what role will russia play, and can the two leaders put aside their differences on how to handle bashar al-assad. >> reporter: the subject was countering i.s.i.l. convening a united nations conference of or nan 100 dig -- of more than 100 dignitaries. president barack obama said the fight will be long but in outcome not in doubt. >> like terrorists, i.s.i.l. will lose. >> reporter: the short firm is in question. russia's move to support bashar al-assad with military might caught the white house by surprise. the open clash in dualling speeches has changed the esayings. the monday might a meeting of the two leaders yielded no results.
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speaking later vladimir putin said russian forces attacked i.s.i.l., rejecting calls for bashar al-assad to go. >> i relate to my colleagues the american and french president but they are not citizens of syria, so they should not be involved in choosing the leadership of another country, it is syrian's business. >> tuesday, the white house accused russia of acting out of weakness, concerned only about losing a toe hold in the middle east. this as president obama acknowledged setbacks, but insisted that on the hold in the cities, there were signs of progress in the fight. >> iraqi forces liberated towns across the province. i.s.i.l. has lost nearly a third of pop u later areas in iraq. >> the president's commanders called the fight a stalemate. as the campaign enters the second year.
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iraq's prime minister repeated his call for more international help to fight i.s.i.l. >> france is renewing calls for a no-fly zone over syria. the white house rejected that as unworkable. >> while there's no agreement on the fate of bashar al-assad between the united states and russia, and the question is hypothetical, the white house used the term a managed transition from the bashar al-assad to pa new government. leaving wiggle room that could be the basis for future cooperation. >> mike viqueira, thank you. >> ukranian president petro porashenko fired off serious allegations against russia at the u.n. general assembly. the russian delegation walked out wh petro porashenko accused russia of unprovoked aggression and using a veto on the security council as a licence to killment. -- kill:. >> the ukranian portion walked out yesterday when vladimir
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putin spoke as well. he came out swinging, calling the u.n. charter broken, accusing the security council of undermining world piece and without mentioning him by name left vladimir putin, no doubt what kiev thinks of involvement in eastern ukraine. >> hoping to place the conflict in ukraine atop a long list of priorities, ukraine's president petro porashenko went and spoke to the general assembly and took aim. >> my country has become the october of their external aggression. each time aggressor is the russian operation. >> with no russians in attendance, petro porashenko lobbed a list of grievances at moscow, including veto power, specifically resolutions condemning annexations of crimea and an airlines jet.
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and accuses separatists of shooting down mh17. abuse of the veto right, its usage as a licence to kill is unacceptable. but his most scathing remarks were about the conflict in eastern ukraine. kiev and western powers accused moscow of supplying soldiers, military equipment and arms to separatists fighting force. . russia's president denies his country is involved in ukraine. whilst petro porashenko never referred to the leader by name, he mocked a call for an international coalition against terror made to the speech. >> cool story. really, hardly to believe. how can you speak for freedom for nations if you banish your neighbour for this choice. how do you demand respect from all if you don't have respect for anyone. >> petro porashenko's speech
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comes as measures of a ceasefire in minsk have not been implement the including the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the u.n. estimates 8,000 died in the conflict. petro porashenko says the number could be higher, accusing russia of covering up casualties in an effort to hide presence in ukraine. >> russian leadership orders insignias of military servicemen, and identification mark of military equipment. to abandon the soldiers captured on the battlefield and used mobile crematorium to eliminate traces of crime on ukraine. >> in a few hours time on wednesday at the u.n. general assembly, the palestinians will raise their flag for the first time. the u.n. changed the rules, and president mahmoud abbas vows to drop a bombshell during his ga speech. those that see the script suggest that it may not amount
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to much after all. the problem, of course, is the middle east crisis is now. syria, iraq, refugees and i.s.i.l. - not the traditional crisis, and mahmoud abbas has to get that on track. >> there are serious problems on the west bank today. >> thank you. >> a counteroffensive is under way in afghanistan to uproot the taliban in kunduz, one of the wealthiest cities. taliban fighters captured the city. it is considered the gate way to central asia. national security correspondent jamie mcintyre has more from the pentagon. >> unlike in iraq, where the u.s. is providing close air support, afghan security forces are on their own. when fighters overran kund use on monday, there was no u.s. air power to beat back the assault. nevertheless, the pentagon insist that it is working closely with afghanistan to make sure it has what it needs to
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defeat the taliban. >> this is a set back for the security forces. we have seen them respond in weeks and months to the challenges they faced, and they are doing the same thing right now. >> in an echo of what happened, where troops were routed by a force. initial reports show a few over went troops reported to be in the thousands. one local official told the "new york times" there was a lack of leadership. in an address, the inability to hold conduce was linked. >> the government is responsible and cannot and will not bomb. ashraf ghani ordered government troops to prepare a counter
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offensive. they are assisting with the plan, scribing it as deliberate. >> the u.s. military support is limited to several air strikes to protect forces including american and troops who are advising afghan forces on the outskirts. with the end of an n.a.t.o. combat mission at the close of last year, 10,000 or so u.s. dropped. they are not supposes to be involved in front line fighting. with the exception of a small american counterterrorism force authorised to target individuals. armed services subdivision was quick to blame the fall of kunduz on the president's decision to pull out of the forces. in a statement he said president obama's calendar based draw down of bases in afghanistan, do despite conditions on the ground created an opening for the taliban, and placed at risk the
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hard earned gains of the past decade. >> the the trial of forces could hinn j on what the officers said to each other. new information next. >> and a plan to fix the cars it rigged with illegal
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the execution of the only woman on georgia's death row is yet to happen. lawyers for kellie have filed another stay of execution with the u.s. supreme court. previous requests have been denied by the supreme and state courts. he was scheduled to be executed at 7:00p.m.. she was convicted of having her husbands murdered in 199 #. a baltimore judge set trial dates for the officers charged in the death of freddie gray, fatally injured whilst in custody. all six will be tried. the first trial november 30th, and the others set for early next year. now the baltimore sun reports one officer is making
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incriminating statements about the others. paul beban has more. that cry of discretion and pain is the last time anyone other than a baltimore police officer heard freddie gray alive. after that the 25-year-old was loaded into a police van. after 45 minutes, he sustained severe injuries to his head and spinal court. his death causing the area to spiral into chaos. >> the death of freddie gray appeared to be the result of an injury when in gray was unrestrained by a seatbelt in the baltimore police department
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wagon. >> of the six officers involved, only the driver, officer cesar goodison junior faces a murder charge, the others face manslaughter, assault and other charges. according to the documents obtained by the baltimore "sun", officer porter warned officers that gray needed attention, gray pleaded "help me, help me up." porter arrived grey if he needed to go to the hospital and when he talked to the driver about gray's decision, goodison said he thought gray might be faking. another case said grey had a gays of gaol itis. he was not sure. and told investigators i need to go to the hospital thing when arrested. what the officers said and did while gray wag in the van is under scrutiny since the beginning of the case. >> i want to know about the policies and procedures for
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transport, why they were not followed despite mr gray's appears. the one thing we all know is that because of this incident, a mother has to bury her child. she doesn't know how or why this tragedy occurs, only that this occurs while her child was in police custody. >> scoring to the police investigation, when the van arrived. jay was on her knees, and didn't answer when officers called a name. officer porter said he was not looking good. he was driven to a hospital, he fell into a coma and died. >> volkswagen said it plans to re fit 11 million vehicles.
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fixed diesel vehicles equipped with software designed to cheat on emissions could cost the largest car-maker billion. u.s. car-makers asked them to turn over documents. including records dealing with the software. some bored members say staff members acted criminally. >> for the son time this year, uber's headquarters in amsterdam was raided, part of an investigation into whether the popular ride sharing company is offering illegal services. the touch fined uber 500,000 for using unlicensed drivers in a low-cast service. prosecutors will decide within months whether to press charges. >> native alas cans turn to modern technology, how a video game is helping heritage.
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the expedited hearing of the n.f.l.'s deflate-gate appeal has been scheduled for february, a week before the super bowl. they appealed the court ruling that overturned new england's patriot's 4-game suspension. the court vacated brady's punishment for a role in a scheme to deflate footballs saying the disciplinary process was flawed. doctors in britain performed a
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pioneering procedure to reverse blindness, involving taking a stem cell from an embryo and growing it in a patch of cell tissue. it's transplanted into the eye. the procedure is tested at moore field's eye hospital in london. 10 patients with age-related macular dejernation have been included in a trial. the video game industry is facing criticism for people that believe products make people lacy or violent. one found video games can help keep the processes alive. it's being used to teach been heritage. jacob ward reports. >> reporter: 7-year-old shani is deadly serious about her video games. >> wait, wait. follow my lead. >> nice, good job, team. >> but during the hours on her xbox, she's not shooting anyone. >> that's a nonevent.
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>> she's battling a blizzard. communicating with spirits. >> saved me from a bear. >> trying to protect her people. shani is playing a game called never alone. based on a legend. in the game, an orphan girl must overcome a series of obstacles to discover what is causing a never-ending snow storm. the game is a collaboration, using technology to interest a younger generation in their own culture. it introduces that culture. one day over lunch. we said why not video games. why not use the greatest asset we have. people, stories, culture.
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the game is based on this place. this is a large village of people here. belonging to the people. their culture, stories are based on a lift of stories. for a subsistence life, that in many ways is slipping away. >> james is an expert in the language. he narrates never alone. >> is it in danger:. >> he says the game could help preserve a language spoken by only 2,000 left. >> it may make them interested enough to think about living in our way. >> are you satisfied. >> yes, we'll make our money back.
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not only will we make money, we had huge impact in the world, in the industry. >> what is it about? >> for shani's father, the fact that never alone is sparking an center in culture is all that matters. >> there's no better way to communicate a message to a certain audience like kids. they can learn something from, and have fun doing it. i think we are doing an awesome job. >> it's cool. >> we may know if egypt's queen neffa teedy is buried in the same tomb as king tutt. two chambers behind the painted wall of the time has been found. they'll seek to have radar inspections of the site and release the results in november.
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a theory is that kink dut pus buried in a chamber of what what is the time. >> i'm antonio mora, for news any time head to swar are ray suarez is next with "inside story". have a good night. is it the end of the story for volkswagen? it's only the beginning of the earthquake shaking the world's largest car brand, german industry, and its reputation worldwide. vw's emissions admissions is the


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