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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york. i'm adam may filling in for john siegenthaler.enter russia. john siegenthaler. enter russia. pentagon grows suspicious feeling the civil war in syria could become worse. ultimatultimatum.
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mahmoud abbas issues a warning. what it means for both sides. indicted. a volunteer deputy shoots an unarmed man to death. now a grand jury says the sheriffs of sheriff tried to cover up the investigation. plus: taking shape. a first impression of the three dimensional works by pablo picasso. >> there is a sense you go through the show that almost anything can become a sculpture. >> part of the extraordinary new exhibit of the master. it'master. >> we begin tonight with russia's military involvement in the syrian crisis. the kremlin launched air tries
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today, dropping bombs north of the city of holmes. washington was pretty much caught off guard, learning of the strikes just right before they happened. the big question is were they targeting i.s.i.l. as they claim or were they taking aim at syrian rebels trying to protect bashar al-assad. mike viqueria is joining us. mike is seek it seems like the n was a little suspicious. >> you're absolutely right, adam. in the wake of this brand-new bombing campaign. secretary of defense ash carter called it tantamount to pouring gasoline on a fire. another series of meetings between john kerry and his russian counterpart sergey lavrov. no clear path forward in syria. >> reporter: this was the aftermath, 20 flights in all said the russian defense ministry, asserting its targets
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were i.s.i.l. areas within syria. u.s. officials including secretary of defense ash carter were again taken by surprise by russia's swift and aggressive poofs imoves in syria. >> this is not the kind of acts we should expect. >> a russian officer delivering a blunt message to the american embassy in baghdad, russian bombs will fly soon in syria he told them. coalition forces should stay clear. it was not just when, but who was targeted has angered the administers. hitting areas where there were no known i.s.i.l. fighters. clear implication russia is bombing the area of the u.s. and it's allies. secretary of state john kerry issued a warning. >> we would have grave concerns
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should russia strike areas where i.s.i.l. affiliates are not operating. >> pledged to avoid accidental conflict between u.s. and russian airplanes but before those talks got off the ground, russia launched its strikes. russia stated reason for military intervention in syria to support bashar al-assad. obama says assad has no place in syria's future. >> russia is not going to be successful i in imposing a military solution in syria. no more successful than russian efforts to impose a military solution on afghanistan three decades ago. >> and adam at the state
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department, at the white house, at the pentagon all of the administration officials who spoke today insist on one thing in particular: the more than 7100 air sorties, flew over the last year and change is not going to be stopping despite what russia is doing in the skies over syria. adam. >> mike viqueria live at the white house, thank you. ariel cohen is a senior fellow, institute of security. joining us from silver springs maryland just outside of washington, d.c. first off, we have seen the military buildup in the last few weeks or so. are you as military officials surprised by this? >> it should not be. vladimir putin is looking for confrontation with the united states. he perceives that our administration is weak, he makes no secret of that. russia and the soviet union have
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committed to syria for decades. hafas al assad his dad, since building the tartousse anchorage for russian navy and now the air base in latakia, they are shooting their way to the negotiating table if and when bashar al-assad is going to be on his way out. >> is that what russia is trying to do, shoot hair way to the negotiating table? are they trying to get the attention of the world this way? >> certainly. vladimir putin wants to be an equal of barack obama, he wants russia to be equal of the united states. the historic commitment of the russian empire and then the soviet union and to eastern mediterranean in particular goes back to the 18th century and we've seen in the 20th century from the black sea from the
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crimea that russia occupied into the mediterranean came the quad rons osquadrons of the black set and into the indian ocean. so russia's geopolitical sweep and vision is huge. the question is what are russian capabilities and we see today that their capabilities are limited. they are missing the targets, killing civilians and they are going to cause the ire of the whole sunni world, sunni arab world and sunni world at large. not pro-iranian not iranian. what russia is doing is putting sissments on the siditself on tf hezbollah and that is a losing side in the long run. >> on the one side you have this chess game, the game of war
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almost, an on the other side what is the motivation here for putin? i know you personally have met with him more than a dozen times. and some people say he shoots off the hip. others say he's calculating. what do you think here? >> i agree with what you said. he is calculating. he is tactically gifted. he wants russia to be an equal of the united states despite the fact that the russian gme gmed s much lower than the united states. putin does not hesitate to use force. i would say he's trigger-happy. he was in ukraine. now he is in a conundrum in ukraine and now he commits to another war, another front. and we remember what happened to the soviet union in afghanistan. they walked in, in 1979 and guess what?
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15,000 dead soviet soldiers later, ten years later, probably 50,000 wounded. they crawled back into the soviet union and then the collapse of the soviet union happened. >> which also makes the public in russia very war weary of getting involved in another conflict. ariel cohen thanks so much. >> palestine authority, mahmoud abbas speaking test united nations. saying the palestinians are no longer driven by the oslo accords. john terret has more. john. >> mahmoud abbas promised a
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bombshell today. if he follows through it will be the case, handing the palestinian territories back to israel. the palestinian authority is bound by oslo no more. mahmoud abbas went before the general assembly wednesday, and said that as long as israel will not conform to the accord, palestine will not either. >> we will not remain the only ones committed to the implementation of those agreements. >> first signed in 1993 in the presence of then palestinian prime minister yassir arafat. key measures have failed to be implemented. israel remains in control of much of the west bank, even
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though the agreements called for full palestinian authority by 1999. and as many as 300,000 additional israelis have settled into the west bank, more than twice the amount there when the accords were signed. checkpoints in west bank cities not bordering israeli settlements continue to be monitored by israel. and called for the release of over 6,000 palestinians in israeli prisons. >> we therefore declare that we cannot be longer bound by agreements with israel, and israel must be full occupying responsibility as a power. >> under international law make israel make responsible for well-being of all the palestinians in the occupied territories and put an end to security coordination from both sides. >> it is not just about security coordination or coordination, it's really to trade commerce, movement and access, health,
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water, lesk electricity and many other aspects. >> abbas is warning what he calls a bombshell. palestine joining the vatican as the only non-member observer state allowed to fly its flag alongside full member states. that historic moment coming after his repeated insistence that the word body recognize palestine. >> it is unconscionable in light of the enormous sacrifices we have paid, our patience over these years of exile and suffering, to remain unresolved for all these decades. >> well, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will have to respond to all of this when he addresses the general assembly tomorrow. tonight, his party put out a statement that said the party's speech was deceitful and he called upon the palestinian authority to act responsibly.
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meanwhile, the secretary john kerry said the peace is not an unreasonable dream and now that the talks are concluded the administration will go about bringing these sides together again. adam. >> thank you, john. the first oslo accords was signed in 1993. israel and the palestine liberation organization they recognized each other's existence us. thaexistence. that was ground-breaking. it was supposed to lead to a government in five years, that was many years ago now. israel kept ultimate military control, and the accords didn't address the status of jerusalem. very hot button here.
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rula, very good to have you. >> good to be here. >> first of all we were promised a bombshell statement during this speech. did you hear a bombshell? >> from abbas i never heard a bombshell since he took office in ten years. no palestinian expected anything from him. honestly airing his frustration does not work. abbas relates to the israelis as he was a mistreated miss stress. not the way forward. if he wanted to throw a bombshell he should have said, thank you israel, this is the end of occupation, i'm dismanned ling the palestinian authority, thank you, good-bye, than territories. that would have been if bombshell. >> the fallout of that, however, could be absolutely tremendous. wouldn't it? would he be willing to take that type of risk? >> what are the alternatives for
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palestinians if not that move? they control -- israel controls already 65% of the west bank. abbas himself is the mayor of ram la. rahm laurahoframalla. he didn't even challenge israel in the i.s.i.s, criminal court about the illegal settlements. he didn't even think to push a debate at the security council in 2011, 2012 about the report that actually accuses israel of committing war crimes in gaza. abbas is a total failure. all he can do is hand over occupation and resign because israel has spoken and clearly, israeli voters have decided over and over that they were more for
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segregation and more for denying palestinian rights and they want doimghts and thedowmghtsdominat. they said it over and over again. >> deceitful encourages lawlessness will he continue on that trajectory tomorrow in his speech or will you hear something different from him? >> i think he will talk about iran and other negotiations, he is negotiating with the leader of hamas, he is negotiating a five year ceasefire. this is israel policy and whatever -- and this government, what this government wants is ceasefire with gaza and total occupation annexation of the west bank. nothing else. this is all they want and i think it's proved that left and right in israel are thinking in
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that direction and in those terms. netanyahu is not anything other than an utah buyin auto autobo . you will see the rise of violence, not the west bank or gaza, there is something that will happen around the al-aqsa mosque, the dome of the mosque that will absolutely boil and there will be blood. >> let me switch topics just a little bit here. you saw the colors of the palestinian flag flying over the u.n. today. you are one of the few palestinian voices speaking out on western television. i wonder what it was like for you personally, to see that happening at the u.n. today?
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>> look, i would like to see, it's amazing, it's moving, it's symbolism. honestly we have seen over and over symbols. i would love to see as a woman who is ethnically palestinian, who is a israeli citizen, i would like to see people treated as human beings not as slaifers, children sleeping in their homes and not being burned by settlers that came from brooklyn. this is what i would like to see, justice and freedom in our time. >> are we taking small steps, are we having optimism -- >> hanging a flag is not optimism. >> people are speaking out against some of these israeli actions right now and there does seem to be some dcia additional support -- >> united nations are not willing to put boots on the ground and intervene from syria,
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save syrians from are butcher. >> new leadership on both sides? >> absolutely, new leadership on both sides and economic pressure. south africa taught us something. apartheid went on its knees because of economic pressure. i would think that economic pressure would force the israelis to come to the table with different mind sets. >> what about the role of the united states in all this? president obama has been in his administration very unsuccessful in moving the bar on this. now we have presidential elections coming up. any hope that any future candidates could maybe move this -- >> no. >> -- in a peaceful direction? >> no. clearly the republicans are you know more as we saw in the debates they're absolutely pro-israel 1,000% for annexation some of them. the democrats we don't know who the nominee, whoever the nominee
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will be beholding to the checks of pipac, of sheldon adelson. unfortunately america will fall on this issues, will not lead as they did for south africa. >> all right, rula gebrielle, thank you for joining us. >> sorry to be pessimistic but the reality on the ground suggests so. thank you. afghan forces are struggling to recapture a key city from the taliban. this comes despite air support from the u.s. and nato and american boots on the ground. some 100 u.s. special operation he personnel are involved for the fight for kunduz, large number of people have left that city since the taliban seized that city earlier this week. mohammed jamjoom last the latest for us. >> reporter: as reenforcements arrive and heavy fighting continues, afghan security forces struggle to gain control
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of kunduz from the taliban. >> government, first, people, they put mines in the roads and they put a big container on the roads that are full up in mine and the explosive equipment. >> captain and his fellow fighters haven't been able to reach their target yet, insisting that because taliban fighters are hiding amongst civilians the fight so far has been much harder than anticipated. even south of kunduz these force he have repeatedly been ambushed on the main road and hit by improvised bombs. >> retake kunduz province as soon as possible. >> afghan forces now backed by u.s. air strikes and nato special force he are desperate to gain control of the northern city from taliban fighters. the loss of kunduz is being seen as a major set back for afghan
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government and one of the biggest victories for the taliban since 2001. raising questions once more about the strength and effectiveness of afghanistan's army. now anger is on the rise in parliament with some politicians calling for ashraf ghani to resign. >> we don't want to hear lies anymore. the government keeps telling us they are sending troops but almost 72 hours the people inside the city are suffering from a lack of food, water and electricity. children and women are dying inside kunduz because of hunger. >> reporter: many residents are fleeing kunduz fearing for their lives. aid workers fear many more civilians may be killed or injured if fighting continues. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera. coming up next: the case of the 73-year-old volunteer sheriff's deputy who killed a
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man. why the sheriff himself has now been indicted. and kim davis's private meeting with pope francis what he told her and what catholics are saying.
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>> in tulsa, oklahoma today a grand jury indicted county sheriff stanley glands in connection with that april shooting of an unarmed man by a volunteer deputy. the deputy is still awaiting trial on a manslaughter charge and according to the indictment there were big questions whether he was even qualified for the job. airpdz is hererica pitzi is her. erica. >> ultimately the grand jury indicted the deputy and recommended the sheriff resign. many in that community called for that since the deadly
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shooting. now as he refused to step down for months the sheriff is changing his tune. an indictment handed out by an oklahoma grand jury, concealing investigation of a deadly police shooting of a man in april. the suspect eric harris had allegedly tried to sell an illegal gun to an undercover officer. the video shows harris being taken down. 73-year-old volunteer deputy robert bates fired a shot. bates said he meant to reach for his stun gun but accidentally grabbed his pistol. >> he shot me, man! >> reporter: as the deputy needle on top of harris's head, harris yelled out,. >> i'm losing my bret. >> the deputy yelled back, f your breath.
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questions immediately arose whether he should have been wearing a uniform in the first place. he worked briefly as a tulsa police officer in the mid 1960s but at the time of the shooting he was a volunteer deputy. retired after a career as an insurance scuff. even chaired the sheriff's reelection committee, gave thousands of dollars of funds and equipment to the department. sheriff glands withheld information from the investigation, including the deputy's fitness for duty. indictment is on november 10, however the county says glands will plead not guilty, adam. >> thank you erica. a muralist is gunned down while
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he was painting. >> creating incredible amounts of power through steam. thing is they're using it to pull oil out of the ground. i'll explain more in a moment.
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm adam
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may. john siegenthaler is off. spared. >> without objection, the motion is adopted. >> congress passes a funding bill, just house before a government shutdown. but another showdown could be on the horizon. star power. how clean energy from the sun -- >> there's a substantial portion of the country's energy use that can be replaced by this technology. >> -- is changing the dirty business of drilling for oil. muiralist murdered. grief as a prominent anti-violence artist is gunned down in california. plus new dimensions, the wit and willcy o whimsy of picasso. some of the artist's most
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accessible works. just moments ago, president obama signed a resolution averting a government shutdown. it comes after a long delayed approval from the house. some conservatives wanted to shut down the government in order to cut funding for group planned parenthood. but with house speaker john boehner stepping down that effort pretty much lost momentum. al jazeera political correspondent michael shure joining us from capitol hill. really interested in how this unfolded on the how floor today. >> good evening adam. the senate sends a bill, to the house, 78-20, mitch mcconnell, was able to steer it through, ted cruz in the senate aside, but planned parenthood became part of the conversation as well. there was a procedural move employed by the republicans that would defund planned parenthood in this budget. but that went nowhere although
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it did pass. it wasn't a binding amendment. it went on funded the government with a continuing resolution, goes to december 11th. it is not a year, two years, it's a short term heal for this in congress. john boehner, it's going to rely a little bit on what happens with the new leadership. the president signed it this evening. the government is open, adam. >> success can't be defined as avoiding cat voaf. catastrophe. all we're doing today is avoiding catastrophe. the majority's success is not defying government. >> this is not a touchdown dance moment, this was a type of vote that says well here we are again, what are we going to do next? and that will be a question for the new leadership. >> the secretary of defense just blasted these continuing resolutions earlier on today.
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will the new leadership have any effect on the potential of another government shutdown, the planned parenthood debate coming up in december? >> it's an interesting question. certainly they're going to have some sort of effect on it. how that leadership is made.really is what's going to matter. if planned parenthood comes up, democrats have said we are not going to sign a continuing resolution that defunds. the republicans said, we are not going to do anything that increases spending. if kevin mccarthy becomes the speaker he's going to have to work with another majority leader, likely the most conservative wing of the republican party when you look who's running for it now. >> okay, crisis averted at least for now. the government will be funded for a couple of months now but now that there's some funding they're going to start focusing on other issues. i can only imagine there are more controversies around the corner here.
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>> the governmental i governmend so the benghazi hearings are continuing on, trey gowdy is chair of those hearings. kevin mccarthy majority leader went on with sean hannity and he had this to say with those benghazi hearings. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable right? but we put on a benghazi select committee, special committee what are her numbers now? her numbers are dropping why? because she was untrustable. no one would have known any of that happened -- >> now democrats hear what that is, they say of course this has just been political all the time, that is what we've been saying, adam smith and elliot engle, are saying we shouldn't
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be holding these hearings. it's government at usual. >> michael shure, thank you. another possible scandal brewing at the secret service, at least 45 agents improperly accessed personal information about congressman jason chaffetz at the time the utah congressman was investigating scandals inside the agency, suggested leaking embarrassing information about the congressman. well the secret is out. the vatican has confirmed that pope francis met with kim davis during his visit to washington. davis you recall is the kentucky county clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. now she says the meeting has given her a renewed sense of purpose. jonathan betz has more for us. jonathan. >> vatican is not saying much
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about this but this came as a big surprise to a lot of people who thought the pope had struck the right chord on his american tour between liberals and conservatives. live television cameras captured almost every minute of the pope's u.s. tour but one meeting with a very controversial figure was definitely out of the spotlight. >> it was really very humbling to even think that he would you know want to meet me or know me. >> reporter: kim davis, the kentucky clerk who refuses to giver licenses to same sex couples. the vatican now reveals she was invited to a meeting with pope francis last week. >> i put my hand out, he grabbed it, said thank you for your courage. >> reporter: kim davis and her husband agreed to keep the meeting a secret until april he left. she met him for 15 minutes and
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he gave her two rosaries, defending freedoms, including on the plane leaving america. >> translator: i can say that conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right. if a government official is a human being then that is their right. it is a human right. >> reporter: but gay catholic groups consider the meeting a slap in the face. their requests to meet him were ignored. >> they feel very hurt and very rejected by this meeting between the pope and kim davis. i think that any message that looks seclusionar exclusionary s exclusionary hurts our church and a lot of people. >> reporter: even though the church considers homosexuality a sin, many felt he had softened his stance against gays and lesbians. this meeting send a very different message. >> not only kim davis who feels
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involved, but anybody who believes that liberty and same sex marriage are incompatible seemed involved and i am afraid that is the message that a lot are taking away from this meeting. >> davis is not catholic but a devout christian. after being jailed for six days she's back at work and still refusing to sign the licenses. seeing his holiness has only renewed her strength. >> he told me to stay strong. i've weighed the cost, and prepared to do what it takes even jail. >> not so much about opposing gay marriage but more about the pope supporting people's religious objections, adam. >> all right jonathan, thank you. nicholas capula, removed from his church duties after he married his long time boyfriend and since then he has been a vocal lgbt advocate.
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nicholas good to have you with us here. what do you make as a practicing catholic and you see today this headline that kim davis had a secret meeting? >> i woke and i found out about it this morning, and my first words were i don't believe it, i need to see a picture. >> it was hard to believe. >> it was very hard to believe especially considering the words that were spoken during the pope's visit, words of encouragement, conclusiveness, reaching out to the marginalized. and whether i woke up this morning i was completely stunned. when it was confirmed, i believe father lombardi from the vatican confirmed that it had happened. once that happened, i realized that it shouldn't have happened. >> beewell once again we don't w what the pope actually said on this issue. would you say there has been some vagueness on this? because the vatican isn't saying exactly what was said. during his visit here he never came out and said you know we're
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against same sex marriage period. there was a reference to it during some of the testimony that was given at one of the events where someone else said that they were concerned about it and he taikd a lohe talkedh t generally. >> support of the family, i considered david and i a family so i believe that was an inclusive comment. >> you hear the word family during these family celebrations you and your husband you see right here you think we're a family. >> yes. and to find out after the fact, this morning, that he met with kim davis who not only has caused harm to the lgbt community, continues to cause harm to the lgbt community, and more disturbing is that it was done in a very symphon sneaky ad
8:42 pm
deceitful way, which is very disappointing. if you do something and you believe in your heart of hearts that it is something right you would speak about it. why was it spoken about after the fact? >> so i have to ask you you were personally preach much ostracized from your church. >> that's correct. >> you see this happen, how does this affect your faith as a catholic? are you still firmly believing in catholic values? >> this has definitely -- i held onto quite a bit of hope. this is tested. i had quite a bit of hope in the pope in his words, pope francis being a jesuit, he knows the words of ignatius, the feelings are depressed in deeds not words pop we have not seen action.
8:43 pm
each time that we heard words of encouragement, and of the pope wanting to reach out to the marginalized and the lgbt community being one of the largest marginalized communities within the catholic church it didn't happen. so we had thousands of lgbt people and their families requesting to meet with pope francis. and there was nothing. and then, for him to meet secretly, and deceitfully, under the radar, with a person who is not only has harmed the lgbt community, who continues to harm the lgbt community. so by his meeting with her to me that is a direct statement that he supports her action he and he does not support the lgbt community. >> all right, boy, tough predicament, if you're a practicing catholic and a member of the lgbt community. nicholas capula thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me.
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a temporary reprieve for an oklahoma man who is scheduled to die today. richard glosset claims that he's innocent at the very last minute oklahoma's governor halted the lethal injection after the authorities say they don't have the specific drugs needed in the proas protocol. iprotocol. antonio ramos, an outspoken opponent of gangs, melissa chan, on this, it's heartbreaking melissa. >> the irony of an artist that was working on a mural that was trying to combat violence. a community organization commissioned a group of artists
8:45 pm
including ramos to work on these murals across the city. meant to beautify oakland, the third of six murals that he was working on at the time. it's in a pretty run-down part of town. in fact on wednesday today there was supposed to be an event where artists worked with schoolchildren in the community on the project and instead you have this tragedy. >> these murals are absolutely stunningly gorgeous. we've got on san pablo, one on market, the third of six. and it's like community work, working with children to combat violence. and i just -- everyone's really upset because we just don't understand why. >> he was an artist that loved to paint. he brought so much enthusiasm into this project every day that spread among all the other artists and he is going to be greatly missed. but he will live through this project, and beyond. >> and what's very interesting about it is that from what we
8:46 pm
understand, it's a very preliminary days, of course, that the artist did not know the shooter. they were strangers. there appear to have been some kind of altercation and in many ways this event was rather random. this is 71th homicide in the city of oakland, this year, adam. >> so many cities dealing with horrible homicides. what's going forward with the project are they going to continue it? >> we spoke to the executive director, obviously in a state of shock and acknowledged as such. she said the very least this mural will be dedicated to ramos, she has been working on this project since 2011. there is a sense of determination that they complete all six murals. >> melissa, live from san francisco, thank you. the weather is getting nasty. heavy rains and things could get a whole lot worse if hurricane
8:47 pm
joaquin continues to head towards the coast. kevin corriveau is tracking for us. the models do not look good. >> they do not look good. our existing flooding across the region which we've had, you can see, this rain here has nothing to do with joaquin, all has to do with the gulf of mexico. topsail north carolina, coastal flooding will continue as we go through at least the next five days. rip tides are also a major problem there. then very quickly i want to take you all the way up to portland, maine. we saw rain here across the region where it's still raining, watches and warnings are still in effect. water was as high as some people's windshields, a very dangerous situation there. towards the baum mast bahamas, e
8:48 pm
joaquin has been upgraded from category 1 to category 2, 105 miles an hour, we have hurricane warnings for that's sa that's ne freeport. categories 2 towards a category 3 storm out towards the atlantic. we think it's going to be a category 3 hurricane, and it's tricky where the storm goes. notice cone of uncertainty and how wide it is. but what the national hurricane center says right now, it could be going up there towards chesapeake bay. that could cause a lot of damage. >> thank you kevin. most of the oil left on earth is
8:49 pm
thick and heavy and getting it out, even burning it is very dangerous. bupbut one company is learning w to deal with it. >> not only does burning oil produce carbon in terrible amounts but getting it out of the earth is a hugely polluting process. it's harder to get oil. in 1919, it took the energy in one barrel of oil to retrieve 20 barrels worth. now that one barrel gets us only 11 barrels. we've gotten the easy oil out of the ground, light oil, deep inside the earth but two-thirds of what's left on earth is this stuff. the heavy oil which comes out in this kind of consistency. imagine trying to get that into a pipe. and that's why companies use steam to loosen this up make it
8:50 pm
easier to bring out in liquid form and then pipe it out that way. so far they've made that steam by burning natural gas. a lot of natural gas. fully, 15% of the natural gas used in california is used for oil. now, clean r, renewable solar power is being used to extract oil from the ground. here in california class point solar has created a pilot project to show that the sun's energy can heat and loosen heavy crude for pumping. the concept here is relatively simple. a parabolic mirror focuses on a steel pipe, that has water inside of it, it heelts u heatse water and turns it into steam. the sublight creates 130 times greater power than outside.
8:51 pm
it is 160° inside this room right now, incredibly hot. this is another thing to consider. this is really a test facility, a proof of concept. the mirror here is 40 meters long, it is really impressive to stand in front of. there is another mirror in oplan, and eventually it will be 3,000 times larger than this one. >> today in the country of oman, about 25% of all the natural gas is used in oil production. and there is a rising fraction of oil production is dependent upon steam injection and gas usage. so there's a substantial portion of the country's energy use that can be replaced by this technology. >> when it's finished, the oman project will be one of the largest solar fields in the world. >> physically, it will cover an area of three square kilometers,
8:52 pm
36 glass houses covering an area of two square kilometers. the size of 250 football fields. a truly giant project. >> when it comes online in 2017, it could reduce the carbon emissions by 200,000 tons per year. but let's be real, this is the sticky really the he of our global dependence on oil and the slow, difficult work of trying to improve the whole dirty business. jacob ward, al jazeera, mckitrick, california. coming up the first u.s. exhibits of picasso's sculptures in decades.
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>> you probably know, picasso is a famous painter that changed
8:55 pm
art forever. but not too many people know he made hundreds of sculptures. they're on display for the first time in about 50 years at new york's museum of modern art. >> we are in the third of the four galleries of picasso sculpture. we are standing in a room of largely plaster sculptures. i think this was a time when picasso was looking to reinvent ways of making a figure and came up with a really new vocabulary for ways of realizing the human face and form. >> with an artist like picasso what else is there to learn, what do we not know and in fact the sculpture has a lot to teach us. >> people who know picasso's work have said to us that we had no idea there were so many, it was so variable, that he kept at
8:56 pm
it for so long in so many different ways. >> the sculptures were not things he paid with selling in mind. for most part he had no desire to let them go and in fact by the middle of his life, when he was already the most famous and richest artist in the world, and collectors and curators were begging him for sculptures, he wouldn't budge. and he wouldn't even lend them temporarily to exhibitions because he liked having them around the house. it's picasso at his most accessible in a way. because so many of the works in this show are made from materials that we recognize. or in ways that we could imagine doing ourselves like everybody has modeled with play doh or folded piece is of cardboard or paper, there is a very human dimension as opposed to the mythic genius of modern
8:57 pm
painting. part of the fact that they are so approachable is they are funny, we are just smiling as we're walking through the show or here or there i laughed out loud. and it's much more rare that that's the the case in the paintings, although apparently as an individual picasso was very funny and very much a jokester. that side of him is very much felt in the sculptures. there's a sense of having totally a sense of play. i think with picasso there is a sense as you go through the show that almost anything can become a sculpture if you look at it in the right way and do the right things to it. and i just love the idea of going back out and looking at the world through that kind of eye. >> such great stuff. you know they say he used to burn the art he liked. there's a lot left. that exhibit will be on display at the museum of modern art
8:58 pm
until february. thanks so much for watching, i'm adam may, the news continues next with antonio mora. have a great night.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> enflaming tensions. >> the only right way to fight international terrorism and these are international terrorists who are rioting in syria and neighboring countries is to act preventively. >> this approach that approach is tantamount as i said then, of pouring gasoline on the fire. >> the u.s. blasts russia