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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ heavy fighting in the afghan city of kunduz as the talibantable manage to retake control of areas they lost overnight to government forces. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also head, the u.s. and russia agree to hold talks after moscow launches airstrikes in syria. the future of the peace accord. a lot new spin on a board game to help young south africans deal with abuse.
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to afghanistan first and heavy fighting is again underway in parts of the northern city of kunduz between taliban and the after gavin army. the talibantable has retaken some areas they lost overnight. taking control of kunduz, at least 50 people, mostly civilians were killed and more than 300 others injured. let's get the latest from al jazeera about 130 kilometers from kunduz. what are you hearing about the situation right now. >> reporter: we are getting reports from kunduz that heavy fighting between afghan security forces supported by taliban and security forces are going on. it seems more like the civilians are paying the price.
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both sides are using artillery, heavy machine guns and the talibantable, hiding and eventually around the kunduz city and it's not any more kunduz city now. the fighting has spread to the neighboring province. we are getting report taliban get control of a different and also here in bacalon proven incident, we are hearing taliban got control of a district here west of the province. i am joined here by a local reporter to tell us more about the situation in become acalon. why taliban suddenly try to get control of many area? >> i want to say if you are in the picture, nowadays they are
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getting more and trying to capture several districts, especially the districts which are near the center of kunduz city and the center of bacalan province. >> what is the aim of taliban? what do they want to try to achieve? >> nowadays, they want to have artillery, weapons for continuing their war with the afghan national forces. in fact, they have their own aim. >> so you are talking about they are trying to capture ammunition. what about the jail break? we are hearing there is a threat for a jail in bacalon province. what do you think? who are they? who is in this jail?
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who are the prisoners? you know that during the last four or five years, afghan national security forces with several of taliban, senior commanders, their senior governors and different district of bacalon province. they want to have a change for coming back off to the area. but the government won't accept that we were witness of change. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. we talked with the taliban. they say they have established their government. they have appointed add governor. they appointed a police chief, district chiefs even for the area of kunduz city. now, taliban are telling us that
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they don't have any plan to leave kunduz city that quick. tas big fight on the way. it will be scary for the civilians of the area. >> thank you very much, tiaz live from northern afghanistan. meanwhile in the afghan capital, people have been protesting against the talibantable incursion in kunduz. s hundreds waved banners and expressed support for the security forces. the government has been criticized for its response to the fall of kunduz. in other world news, rival air campaigns over syria have led to confusion on the ground and more diplomatic tension between the u.s. and russia. both sides have agreed to hold talks as soon as possible. opinion wednesday, mosque co launched air attacks. it's first such attack since the ends of the cold war. russia says it's only attacking
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isil positions but it's been accused of targeting syrian opinion zil fighters instead. >> we all want syria, democratic, united, secular, a syria which is a home for all ethnic groups who is rights are guarantees but we have differences on details. >> we growed on the imperative as soon as possible vsz a military to military meeting, conference, meeting, whichever, whatever,done as soon as possible. >> saudi arabia says it is concerned and has been demanded that will moscow top them. the kremlin has been an ally of bashar al-assad. the u.s. and nato are
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questioning moscow's intentions. >> reporter: russian fighter jets flying around the city of homms. moscow said it was targeting isil fighters in and around the city. president vladimir putin said he was committed to help defeat the group. >> wet support the syrian army only in its legitimate fight specifically against terrorist groups. seblth, the support -- second the support will be from the air. third, such support will be limited in time as long as the syrian army is on offensive. >> the airstrikes start at just one day after u.s. leaders agreed to hold scald decon flicktion talks to make sure neither side fired on the other by mistake as they both go after isil. instead of talks, what the u.s. got on wednesday was a verbal notice one hour before the russian jets took off. the defense secretary was not
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pleased. >> fighting isil without pursuing a parallel political transition only risks escalating the civil war in syria. and with it, the very extremism and instability that moscow claims to be concerned about and aspire to fighting so this approach, is tantamount to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> carter said he wasn't surprised given the russian's recent buildup of helicopters, fighter jets at the air base. t to help assad win a long-running civil war. at the united nation, the secretary of state warned russia not to use isil as an excuse to keep assad in power. >> i has chosen himself to fight isil. as the tear resists made inroads
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tloupt large swaths of syria and iraq, raking, enslaving and murdering civilians along the way, the syrian regime didn't try to stop them. instead, it focused all of it's military power on moderate opposition groups who were fighting for a voice in syria. >> it's not clear what it will do if fewer russian airstrikes go not after isil fighters but instead after the fighters opposed to bashar al-assad. joycelyn al jazeera. >> let's look at the russian target did inside syria. it will carried out strikes against eight ice is i will target. most are in eastern syria. it appears raqaa was not hit. the syrian opposition says bombs were dropped in homms province and latakia and the rates focus on command posts syrian opposition leader said the strikes have killed at least 36
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civilians. >> we urged before that the russians are intervening in syria not to fight isil. they are intervening to prolong the life of assad and support the continuous killing on a daily basis of the syrian civilians. >> the united nations has raised the palestinian flag for the first time. >> has been overshadowed by abbas's declaration palestinians are no longer bound by the oslo acords. the agreement created the promise of peace. there has been little of that for palestinians. in the 20 years after the accords were signed more than 7,000 palestinians were killed by israeli forces. at least 12,000 palestinian homes were destroyed and at least 250,000 morrisisi moved in to illegal settlement. the separation wall has either -- is under construction or is planned it ends of july,
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more than 5,000 palestinians are in israeli prisons. a portion held without charge. james bays has more. >> raised for the first time at the united nations, the flag of the state of palestine following a decision by the u.n. general assembly, observer states, there are two, palestine and holy see real allowed to fly flags. thet it was a tended by abbas and the u.n. secterian general. >> i hope success for peace process will yield when we unfurl the palestinian flag in its proper place among the family of nations as a sovereign member state of the united nations [applause.] >> however, the political process to lead to that day is
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deadlocked. in his speech to the general assembly, president abbas put the blame otisisis. he said he needed to raise the alarm about recent vie lenses in jerusalem he said was caused by israeli incursions around the mosque and he told the chamber that, as israel had not been ape biding by the oslo accord, he won't do so either. >> they leave us know choice but to insist that well not remain only ones committed to the implement of this while israel violates them. we declared we cannot continue to be bound by these agreements and that israel must assume all of its responsibilities as an occupying power. >> is this the bombshellp president abbas said he would drop? how will it change the way his palestinian authority work on the ground in the west bank? what will be the reaction from
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palestinians there and in gaza. al jazeera spoke to an official from hamas. >> i think it is just words just a speech because all of the time you are talking about palestinian state, two-state solution, peace process, co-existentions, peaceful negotiation, but we reach a conclusion that all of these things were lies, illusion. >> the israeli/palestinian conflict will remain in the u.n. spotlight. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaks to the general al assembly on thursday. james bays, al jazeera, at the united nations. >> coming up on the program, nations pledge $33,000,000,000 on the sidieline for refugees. the u.n. says money alone isn't enough. plus a new exhibit opens in gas co for the most prestigious art of all.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target welcome back. you are watchingays. a reminder of top stories now. fighting is underway in kunduz between the afghan army and the talibantable. the talibantable have. the syrian opposition says dozens were killed in russian airstrikes on wednesday. the u.n. is questioning russia's intentions. the u.s. and russia have agreed to hold talks as soon as
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possible. palestinian president abbas used his speech to declare he is no longer bound by the oslo acores. he accused israel of breaching the agreement signed in 1993 which were meant to provide a basis for peace. >> gulf states and members of the g7 have pledged $33,000,000,000 on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly to help refugees but the u.n. says money alone isn't enough to stop the flow of separate people. kristen saloomey has more. >> reporter: with images of entire families on the move and countries struggling to deal with the influx, at times brutally, the u.n. is under pressure to deal with the worst ref uming e crisis since world war ii. four years of con flu i can't in syria have exhausted the resources of the u.n. refugee agency limiting the assistance it has been able to provide, particularly for the more than 4 million syrians that fled toe
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camps in jordan, turkey and leb ab anon. >> we are financially broke. this was one of the reasons why we are witnesses refugees moving on wards because it was impossible to sustain their lives in the first countries of asylum. >> half a million have crossed into europe this year with 3,000 dying on the way. it's become a problem world leaders can no longer ignore. >> our shelters, the largest number of refugees in the world. >> more refugees. >> millions of refugees today. >> the refugee crisis has emerged as the center piece of the unassembly. the first high-level meeting on migration. while many countries are stepping up, contributing more than $3,000,000,000, many say more needs to be done to prevent people from leaving homms in the first place. >> while talk at the u.n. has
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largely focused on a compassionate response, governments back home real experiencing growing anti-immigrant sentiment. >> no country alone can carry it and, therefore, we also say the international community must work to stop the root of this refugee movement, to stop the war in syria on an international level. >> until that happens, the international community will have its hands full with an increasingly complicated emergency response effort. as it continues to deal with the refugee crisis that shows no sign of waning any time soon. cristan sal oomey, the united nations. >> more international help is asked for after 42 people were killed in a wave of sectarian violence. samuel ramba has asked the u.n. to strengthen support. muslim and christian fighters are involved in reprisal
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attacks. >> i ask the united nation secure counsel to strengthen the man data of the meneska to fight and give hope back to the peace of the sentence tral africa republic. it is for them i ask the united nations security council to examine the easing of the regime of sanctions toward our country particularly concerning the training and equipment of our security forces as parts of the bilateral cooperation with our alleys. >> two turkish soldiers have been shot dead on their way to work by suspected kurdish fighters. the attack happened in the southeastern province of diavakar. hundreds of fighters have been killed since a cease-fire deal collapsed in july. >> there has been another explosion in a town in southern china a day after a series of parcel bomb blasts. the latest was in an apartment block in a rural county of
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liochang. no injuries are being reported. on wednesday, seven people were killed and dozen injured at government offices, a hospital and prison. police have ruled out terrorism and have identified a 33-year-old local man as a suspect. they said he wanted to take r revenge on society. >> 50 years ago, one of the worst massacres in modern history took place in indonesia and was covered up. at least one million people suspected of being communists were murdered after a failed coup. survivors and relatives are urgingly the government to reveal the truth. >> reporter: mass graves untouched on beaches all over the holiday island of bali, hidden evidence of a massacre moisturists don't know about. >> 45 bodies. victims who were shot right here
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by solids. it was quite messy, so my friend helped organize the grave. >> according to witnesses, mass graves are scattered all over indonesia. some are under tour rift resorts. on october 1st, 1965, indonesia woke up to find six generals murdered. it was a failed coup attempt blamed on communists. >> day, the military and organizations aided by the cia started a killing spree against everyone who was assumed to be a communist. one managed to escape a death lift. when he was caught, the killings had stopped and he was sent to prison for more than 10 years. >> translator: the horrors happened. a baby thrown into the air and killed with a bayonet. these horrors.
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what happened was wrong. >> it's been half a century and the massacres of alleged communists are still one of the most sensitive and darkest episodes of indonesia's past. these are silent witnesses to a bloodbath which has yet to be recognized by the country's leadership an international community. it's a history that still defies indonesia due to a lack of justin, human rights have started a peoples tribunal about the killings of 1965. a court case that will convene in the netherlands. the international community and the united nations canted keep silent about this any longer. we want them to help indonesia to keep its legal obligations. >> indonesia's human rights commission has called the anti-communist purge crimes against humanity, but the government has yet to follow up
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on its findings. >> apologize? who will will apologize to who? that will be a long processes. we will look for a good way to put an end to this. >> the government said it has started a process of reconciliation, but it's not clear if the truth about the massacre will finally, be revealed to the millions of indian easians who were taught that killings of communists were justified. bali. mexico extradited 13 alleged drug trafficers to the unites states including two cartel bosses. the ex tra indicated to drug lords have been held at the maximum security facility that was a scene of a dramatic escape by el chapo guzman.
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t the south african government is supporting a new board game for schools meant to address a very serious issue. the game teaches students about sexual abuse, how to prevent it and how to report it. tania page explains. >> each roll of the dice lands the players on a new question designed to educate young people about domestic violence and sexual abuse. it's called the life board. >> make a symbol for a rape awareness campaign. >> it's been involved by the tears foundation which helps victims of rape with the support of the south african government, it will soon be available in schools across the country. the group with the best answer wins a point. most people like thinking, so i think they are going to learn more from it if it's in a game. >> it doesn't matter if you have got a wrong or right answer. you just give each other advice or new information about saying no to this. >> the issue is important in a country with high levels of violent crime.
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almost every week, there is another horror story of a child or baby being raped. that's why surula will never leave her disabled lawyer home alone. >> it's very difficult to raise a special child. i can't go and look for work at all. i can't be away from her in case she is raped. >> it's a fear shared by many parents here. >> the scale of the problem is huge. unicef says in subsaharan government says one in three girls an one in 5 boys suffer some sort of sexual violence by the time they turn 18. a lot goes unreported. kids who are in trouble request call child line. >> we can assist you. >> most of the 300,000 people who called last year just needed advice, but 16,000 calls were serious enough to be referred to police. police officers also watch over students playing life board. they are here to explain the law
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and spot any students whose actions may indicate they are victims of abuse. time is running out to educate children in formative years. >> challenging some of the attitudes of the youth today will create a bit of a safer environment for tomorrow. >> whether they are rapping, drawing, or talking about it, the result is the same: an easy, fun conversation about a very serious topic. damage i can't page, al jazeera, johannesburg. >> a year of firsts for the united's most prestigeous art award, the turner prize held in scotland for the first time and three of the four nominees are women. >> reporter: with no knowledge of music, clearly no understanding of the rules or structures of composing, artist janice k irb ul wrote the opera doug nine songs about an
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accident prone man. her wave of challenging what it means to be an expert in any discipline. this year, the turner prize is entering new territory. none of these nominees for the 38,000 have picked up a paint brush. this fapings and design element in the slick, untitled chairs and kaplan's research library for the supernatural where you can decide between fact and if i c cantion for yourself. >> all of the artists are interrogating how society is structured, you know, ranging from bonnie and her ideas of what forms a concensuccess and janice's work stripping things away from their traditional use value so they can be looked at in a very different and new way. >> i think there is so much a kind of political underpinning. >> the most political has to be the collective assemble, a group of 14 arkansas testst text who have banded together to
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transform a street of der elect houses in liverpool into affordable homes for the community. they don't consider themselves art i was and were unsure whether to accept the nomination at all. >> very strange things being nominated for something that is essentially people's homes and street and it's all been very unself-conscious. that's what's been amazing about seeing things notice real world. >> unself-conscious work has to be a first for the turner prize where the art is usually provacative and ego test cal most of these nominees are really pushing against the walls of what we expect art to be. this is art a world away from entertainment or as thetcism. this is exciting because they are chiing trying to change something in society. all of these items you can see that they have made will also be available to buy from lamp sh e shades to door knobs at affordable prices which is really going to upset a lot of people in the art world.
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charlie angela, al jazeera, glasgow. >> a reminder that if you want more news, there is plenty our website,, analysis and features on all of our top stories as well. once again, the address, >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, how innocent americans tonight could end up labeled terrorists, turning their lives and livelihoods yum side down. upside down. the united states announced sanctions against five groups of people across the globe, connected to i.s.i.l, at a counterterrorism summit in new york, president obama said, part of america's commitment to use