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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> hello. welcome to the newshour live from our headquarters in doha. our top stories: saudi arabia is demanding an end to russian airstrikes inside syria saying they are causing civilian casualties. the future of the oslo peace acords is up in the area after abass says palestinians are no longer bounds by then. afghan government forces try to regain control of areas captured
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by the taliban. >> tackling widespread sexual violence. we again with certain i can't where russia is conducting a second day of airstrikes. syrian government news channels are reporting russianjets have carried out at least 30 air raids targeting rebel positions. saudi arabia has criticized the russian race and demanding moscow stop them saying they have caused civilian casualties while failing to hit isil targets. the u.s. is conduct can bombardments against syria has said it will hold talks as soon as possible with the russians to avoid clashing with russia's air campaign in syria. >> we all want syria democratic, united, secular, a syria which is a home for all ethnic and confession al groups whose
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rights are guaranteed, but we have some differences as for the details on how to get there. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible. perhaps even as soon as tomorrow but as soon as possible having a military to military decon flicktion discussion, meeting, conference, whichevertion discu conference, whichever. >> russia has long been an ally of the syrian president bashar al-assad and warned against attempts to overthrow him. nato are questioning moscow's intentions. >> russian flier jets flying around homms. moscow said it was targeting isil fighters in and around the central syrian city. president vladimir putin said he was committed to helping his country defeat the group.
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>> we will support the syrian army only in its legitimate fight against terrorist groups. the support will be from the air without participation in ground operations and, third, such support will be limited in time as long as the syrian army is on offensive. the airstrikes started after deconfliction talks. instead of talks, what the u.s. got on wednesday was a verbal notice one hour before the russian jets took off. the defense secretary was not pleased. >> fighting isil without pursuing a parallel political transition only risks escalating the civil war in syria. with it, the very extremism and instability that moscow claims to be concerned about and aspire
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to fighting. >> is tantamount, as i said then, to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> carter said he wasn't surprised given the russians' recent build up of helicopters, fighter jets and troops at the air base in latakia. the obama administration has long suspected russia of doing so to help bash arrest al-assad win a long running civil war. at the united nations, the secretary of state warned russia not to use isil as an excuse to keep assad in power. >> i has chosen, himself, to fight isil. as the terrorists made inroads throughout large swath did of syria and rack raping, enslaving and murdering civilians along the way, the syrian regime didn't try to stop them for those fighting for a voice in
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syria. >> it's not clear what they will do. but instead after the fighters opposed to bash arrest al assad. al jazeera. >> let's take a closer look at the russian targets most isil strongholds are in eastern syria. it appears the de facto cap to me was not hit. it said bombs were dropped in homms and latakia and focused on demand posts mott held by isil. we urged the russians are intervening not to fight isil. thers trying to prolong the life of assad. a senior research fellow at the
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royal united services institute, he joins us live from london. thank you very much for your time. in your opinion, how great is the danger today of confrontation between russia and other western powers in syria? how long before russian jets faceoff against u.s. ones? >> it seems that danger is increasing. yesterday, two against isil, and 7 against moderate opposition. western countries, u.s. might fem responsibility to defend whom they support and so at one moment, they might be forced to repel russian strikes against moderates which will lead to direct if the u.s. are hitting, the u.s. is not going to sit idle, is it? >> yeah. that is the problem.
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ashab currents trees having to do the dirty business americans have to do to defend against russian fighters, but somebody -- it becomes more and more probable that somebody must stop this bombing. >> the russians and the americans say they are going to meet as soon as possible to talk about all of this. how is the coordination going to happen on the ground? is there going to be coordination? are we going to be seeing constant communications between the two sides? are they going to take turns bombing targets? >> is a policy of denial and cheating event if it will be decided to coordinate somewhere, who can guarantee that there would be -- there would be no other strike somewhere else in
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unagreed areas. >> and shen russia will -- the kremlin will deny it was not striking. >> you mentioned russian policy. >> yeah. >> igor, what exactly does russia want in syria? what's the end game? trying to destroy isil or prop up assad, which are two different things? aren't they? >> you know, to have more in syria because that would lead to more instability in the middle east and would lead to hire oil prices which is perfectly fine for the russian economy. there are two major enemies of isil and these are the united states and the russian federation. so, it's a bit dangerous for the kremlin to touch isil because
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isil can strike back. >> what about the americans in this, igor? the u.s. has a choice to make now. are they going to risk confrontation with the russians in syria, or are they going to accept the idea that assad isn't going anywhere any time soon? which is the better choice for them, if you will? >> thank you very much for your
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time. >> the he accused israel for breaking the agreement. james bays reports. >> reporter: raised for the first time at the united nations, the flag of the state of palestine, following a decision by the u.n. general assembly observer states -- there are two, palestine and the holy see, are now allowed to fly their national flags. the ceremony was attended by palestin-i can't know president abbas and the secretary general. >> i hope a successful peace process will soon yield when we unfurl the palestinian flag in its proper place among the
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family of nations as a sovereign member stat of the united nations [applause.] >> until his speech to the general assembly, president abbas put the blame otisisi and said he needed to raise the alarm about recent violence caused by what he said was israeli incursions and he told the chamber assisi had not been abiding by the oslo accord signed 22 years ago, he now wouldn't do so either. >> they leave us know choice but to insist that well not remain the only ones commitsed to the implementation of these agreements while israel continuously violates them. we therefore declare we cannot continue to be bound by these agreements and that israel must assume all of its responsibilities as an occupying pow power. >> reporter: so is this the bombshell president abbas said he would drop or an empty
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promise? there are more questions than answers. how will it change the way his palestinian authority work on the ground in the west bank? and what will be the reaction from palestinians there and in gaza? al jazeera spoke to an official from hamas. >> i think it is just words palestinian state, two-state solution, peace process, peaceful negotiation all of these things were being lies, illusion. >> the israeli palestinian conflict will remain in the u.n.
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spotlight. >> he said the pal testinians we no longer bound to the oslo accord agreements because israel has' lived up to its side of those agreements. a statement came out of the prime minister's officer something that the speech was deceit full, encourages incitement and lawlessness in the middle east. in saying that, mr. netanyahu also seemed to extend something of an olive branch in another statement. i have a direct statement here. he said, we expect and call on the pal tin january authority and its leader to act responsibly and aedccede to the proposal of the prime minister of israel and enter into direct negotiations with israel without preconditions. so there you have it. the israeli prime minister calling on mr. abbas to resume
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the negotiations which fell apart in april of this last year. what's interest being this call to direct talks from benjamin netanyahu is the key broker doesn't really seem interested to be at that table. who is that key broker? the united states. we understand that israel approached the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, asking him to try to restart these talks, but that was met with a fairly cool reaction. now, we can read into that a few things, which is simply, mr. kerry tried very hard to get some sort of agreement between the israelis and the palestinians to get them talk. >> fell apart very bitterly in april of last year. i think it's a bigger issue. we need to look at the fact that president obama has had two very major foreign policy wins in recent months, not at lealeast agreement with iran over it's nuclear program but with cuba as well. it seems like the white house isn't that interested in pursuing negotiations with the
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palestinians and the israelis despite what mr. netanyahu is trying to do here. >> all right. thank you for that. live for us in jerusalem. the oslo accord created a promise of peace betweenisiis and palestinians. there has been little of that for spal tinnias. just what are these acords? the landmark agreement between the israelis and palestinian leaders were signed in 193 it was the first time the state offisition represented by rabin and the palestinian organization through yasar arafat recognized one another. it did not stipulate but implied the creation of a palestinian state alongside israel. >> would require compromise. the control of the major palestinian cities in the west bank and gaza strip was
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transferred from the israeli military to a new lee created authority. let's speak to yazzi said in beirut. he is also a former advisor and negotable toker in the pal stipian negotiation to the peace talks with israel. he is live from skype. you were on the inside. tell us what you think about what's happened in the last few hours. the language, of course, in new york was extremely strong, but talking in new york is one thing. what happens, do you think, when abbas returns home? will he dissolve the oslo skordz as he said? >>accords as he said? >>. >> no. i don't think there will be any dramatic development on the ground. planning on the palestinian side, there is no concrete mechanisms in place, no concrete thinking about what happens the day after.
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all areas of cooperation with israel, security, movement of trade and goods, transfer of revenues, communications networks, all of these things run through israel. you know, it's not apparent to me the palestinian leadership have done any of the sort of planning for, you know, what exactly does it mean to disengage and operate? maybe to continue to operate and cooperate in a positive way with israel, but not within the terms of the oslo framework. >> what exactly then does it mean to disengage, not be bound by the oslo agreements? what would be the consequence? >> what they would be is a whole other thing. what i want to say is what president ma'moud abbas.
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it amounts to a voice speaking from the heart saying, i don't think -- i don't feel bound by this. >> doesn't necessarily translate into practical action. in that sense, it becomes an exoration of plea to the international community, to the u.s., to the european union and others to step in and do something more. it frankly is clufrminging at straws. i am trying to emphasis i don't think his intention was to signal imminent action of a new kind. >> understood. what about hamas's position necessary? help us understand their position because when he made that speech at the general assembly yesterday, the initially reaction was abbas didn't represent palestinian people and yet they don't want to be bound by the oslo accords
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either. >> that's true. i think abbas is caught between the government of israel, right-wing and ultra nationalist committed to the enterprise of the occupied territories and knight netanyahu's invitation to speak without conditions clearly not interested in a two-state solution but you have hamas which basically takes some comfort from the fact that abbas has run out of alternatives. hamas are in a weak position, too, because they can't maintain the rhetoric of resistance to israel and that we won't recognize israel and talk to it whiletle there is de facto in a very difficult position zero relations with egypt next year,
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no flow or income flows to gaza. so, it's easy now to take pot shots at abbas. they have little better to offer. on top of everything else, they are increasingly under pressure from the islamic state and local proxies in sinai and inside gaza. >> thank you for your insight. i wish we had more time. senior associate at the carn people in middle east in the beirut. stay with us here on al jazeera. still ahead on the newshour, we travel to the heartland of turkish president erdowuan's support to see if he can secure a majority. plus: ? >> i am adrian brown report from china's far west where they are preparing to mark a sensitive anniversary that not everyone will be celebrating. in sport, the brazil dwran team that left their mark on the opposition. andy will have that story later.
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helpful fighting in kunduz. the taliban have retaken some areas they lost overnight. at least 50 people, mostly civilians were killed and more than 300 others injured. hningsz waved banners and expressed support for security forces. the president's government has been criticized for response to the fighting in kunduz. let's speak to al jazeera's kai fezimi. bring us up to date with the situation.
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who is in control right now? the reports we are getting heavy fight something still continuing. now, it is in the residential area, two sides are facing each other. we are hearing also that american special forces involved on the ground, they are also fighting alongside with security forces. table are saying that they have -- taliban are saying they have gained control of some area they have lost this morning. >> so confusion then as to who is in control at the moment. what about the civilians inside. >> we have received calls from civilians complaining. they said in the past few hours, now both sides are using artillery and heavy machine guns
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targeting residential area and blame taliban. they say taliban are hiding in the residential area and the afghan government forces are targeting them with artillery people are very miserable and confused what to do and, also, we are receiving reports from the hospital, from the local hospital in kunduz city. the doctors are telling us that they are overloaded so many injuries and they have shortage of medicine and also shortage of staff because many of their doctors run away from the province before taliban take it. >> reporting there from polikumri. we will take a short break. plenty more still ahead on the al jazeera newshour. massacre in paradise. gone ease i can't marks the 50th anniversary of at least a
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million alleged communists plus former nigerian soldiers accuse the government of failing to properly e equipment them in their battles against boko haram. we will hear from the welch rugby team as they look to grab hold of a place in the world cup quarterfinal.
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welcome back. you are watching the, arizona news hour. russia conducted a second day of airstrikes reporting shavn jets
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have carried out at least 30 air raids targeting rebel positions. meanwhile, saudi arabia has in and out criticized the russian wave and demanded moscow stop them. abbas use his speech at the u.n. general assembly to cle claire malstennians are no longer bounds by the oslo acords. he accused israel of breaking the agreement meant to provide a basis for peace. >> heavy fighting between the talibantable and afghan amy. thetaltable have retaken areas they lost to government troops backed by nato. to china where there has been another explosion in a southern town a day after a series of bombs killed seven people and injured more than 50 others. the latest blast happened in a rural county in the gounchi region. this is a day after experiences.
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a criminal act and 33-year-old local man has been identified as a suspect. china is celebrating its national day. ffrt,000 gathered in tiananmen square. it commemorates the founding of the republic of china. a 7-day holiday known as golden week will follow. another key date is being commemorated in the far west of chi china. people are marking the 60th anniversary of becoming an autonomous region. a top-ranked party leader gave a speech to mark the day. but as andreian brown reports, not every way is celebrating.
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>> it was a low key official celebration held indoors. the setting: the great hall in the region capitol. a senior government official told the assembled guests that the region's stability was still being threatened by violent groups. they were the common enemy of all of the people. >> we must make a firm fist to strike proactively and resolute lee crack down on violent terrorist tacktivities according to the law. >> we must make a firm fist to strike proactively and resolute lee came down on violent terrorist activities according to the law. celebrations were even more muted in kashkar and non-economist event in this nearby village. people we met here were all ethnic muslim weigurs, some old enough to remember when the people people's liberation army marched
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in. >> when i first saw the solids, i was so young. i was so scared. i cried. >> but she says her life is far better now. >> we have enough to eat and enough clothes. life was really had before. >> talking to foreign journalists carries risks and so none wad to give their names. >> this man claimed discrimination by chinese. >> those attacks carried out. the government insists weigurs and han chinese are treated equally but rules ban weigur men under 60 from growing beards and women from wearing reveals. weigurs have little to celebrate say their exiled leaders. >> it represents occupation, l colonization, repress.
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they will be forced to participate. they have no choice. >> it is a difficult place for journalists to operate. we were detained several times and warned not to talk to anyone. police road blocks reflect the nervousness. it follows a series of attacks notice region including one a week ago. the government blames groups that want an independent homeland. >> continues thcampaign against those groups it blames for much receipt violence while at the same time prom motting this area as the bridgehead november a new si will. k road linking schein with central asia and europe. >> this is the size of western europe but with a population of 11 million and bordering eight
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countries. 60s years ago, weigurs made up 90%. today, it is less than half that. some weigurs worry that the silly road project will lead to more hann chinese settlers and altering the balance still further. >> adrian joins us live. what has been the government's message today given not everyone is celebrating? >> the man doing the talking is number 4 in the leadership. he spent the last few days touring xinjiang saying it is enjoying more prosperity than in the 60 year history but that has been threatened, in his words, by terrorism, separatism and extremim and he said china's
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government would use a firm fist to eradicate groups that espoused ideology. that will seems to suggest the government is going to intensify or certainly continue a campaign that began in the middle of last year in the face, of an up surge of violent attacks here now, that saw hundreds if not thousands of weigur men and women rounded up. some were put on trial. some were executed, but many more were put in jail. they include the prominent weigur dissident now serving a life sentence. so you cannot really under estimate the importance of this region to china's government. it is rush in oil. it is rich in gas. it is very, very strategic. it borders, as i say, russia and pakistan. it's the size of western europe but it is an area with enormous future, enormous prospects but
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also a very troubled region. >> despite the troubles, the government appears then to be talking up the region's economic prospects as you have said. what is its prescription was adrian? >> reporter: investment and more investment. last time the president up veiled an ambition plan to recreate the final he wants this to be the new silk road. we are starting to see this project taking shape. there is a real building frenzy going on in the city right now. new residential developments, new highways, new roads and rep plea indicate that in central asia. analysts say this is not so much about chinese exports to central
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asia and, also, europe, but, also, about exporting chinese influence. >> said, chinese government says this will create thousands of new jobs but the ethnic muslim weigurs say it will be at our experience because it will see more chinese coming into the area so the silk road project could actually rise rather than lessen tensions in this area. >> adrian thank you very much for that. reporting live from kashkar in xin jiang prove incidents. >> in bali, one of the worst massacres took places and the deaths of a million people was covered up. on the 50th anniversary of the communist purge, survivors are urging the government to finally, tell the truth. hidden evidence of a massacre
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moisturists don't know about. >> he's has 45 bodies. my friend had to help bury the victims shot right here by soldiers. it was quite messy so my friend helped organize the grave. >> according to witnesses on october 1st, 1965, indonesia woke up to find six generals murdered blamed on communists. >> day >> the military and youth organizations allegedly aided by the cia started a killing spree against everyone assumed to be a communist. when he was caught, killings had stopped and he was sentence to prison for more than 10 years.
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>> the hours that happened but a baby thrown into the air and killed with a bayonet. how can we stay sigh lend? what happened was wrong. >> it's been half a century and the massacres of alleged communists are still one of the most sensitive and darkest episodes of indonesia's past. yet to be recognized by the country's leadership and the international community. it's a history that defines indonesia. due to a lack of justice, human rights lawyers have started a people's tribunal about the killing of 1965, a symbolic court case that will c convene in the netherlands. >> the international community and united nations can't keep
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silent. we want them to pressure or bet tory help indonesia to keep its legal obligations. >> the human rights commission has called the purge crimes against humanity. the government has yet to follow up on its findings. >> apologize? to who should we apologize? who will apologize to who contra we will look for a way to put an end to this. the government says it has started a process of reconciliation but it's not clear if the truth about the massacres will finally, be revealed to the millions of indian easians who were taught the killings of communists were justifi justified. bali. >> singapore remains blanketed under a hayes caused by forest firesze caused by forest fir fires. it will has become annual problem in parts of southeast asia due to so-called/and burn
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techniques let's get a look with the stormy weather over east asia. >> two major storm areas. if we have a look at the weather map, see one area of cloud across the philippines. other areas up towards the north. i think the typhoon swept up and caught in with this weather system. there has been a lot of rain affecting northwestern parts. at least parts of asia so we have seen some large raven totals coming down across north total and further south we have seen larger ones being reported in the japanese islands. this rain is going to sweep through. quite strong winds during the courts of friday. tokyo tokyo will start out wet and windy. fresher conditions then pushing in across the korean peninsula and further up towards the north, you can see snow into the
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far east of russia. meanwhile, in the philippines, we've got this tropical depression developing. it's not particularly strong winds associated with it, but it is a case of heavy rain coming down, and that is likely to continue so you can see there from our forecast, a lot of rain expected to hit, certainly more central and northern parts of the philippines, a wet one in man ill a before this system continues across the south china sea towards hong kong and the f far north of vietnam over the next few days. >> richard, thank you very much indeed. let's return to one of our top stories in the battle for kunduz in northeastern afghanistan where there is heavy fighting between government forces government forces are trying to recapture territory captured by the territory overnight and they have reports of heavy casualties there. let's spoken to kristen seymour. she joins us from oxford in the u.k.
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thank you very much for being with us. so we have con flth you reports right now as to who is in control exactly of kunduz. buff you have the taliban showing no signs of wanting to leave saying they have established their government. what would the capture of cousin duz by the taliban mean? are they back in power. >> they have had a siege throughout the entire war. it's a strategic move that they would do this now that path is where america got reconnaissance and the nato troops got reconnaissance into afghanistan without that or that being corrupted would be a very serious impediment for them. so that is something they have known for a long time. it's also been exactly the same tunnel that recruitment has come down into the tribal areas.
6:41 am
so when you hear about the central ayians, they are the big baddies, tough guys that fight with the taliban. that's how they get through there. they are fight with isil and israel isil. i don't know what their direct group is. the states connect there in the vall valley. so, you know, when you hear there are foreign fighters in with the taliban in kunduz, it tells me it might be a different. taliban. there are 45, 48 different factions of the taliban. >> a different. taliban? >> it is strategic. let me get back to you. sorry. let me ask ask you this. you talk about a different type of taliban. what is behind their resurgence? what factors have contributed to their resurgence?
6:42 am
>>. >> you have al-qaeda, taliban over on the pakistan side and they are all sort of interspersed and cooperating in various ways. they have different goals, of course. some of them are very national. others of them are interested in an international islamic state. so afghanistan will be the first order of business in that regard. >> do you think briefly the afghan government will be able to take them off wait foreign
6:43 am
help? >> they ah ve only been in power for a month. that's a difficult question i think many are wondering the same thing. we see a discrepancy in how to go about handling the situation. >> is that pakistan has been pushing for peace talks. if anybody knows how to deal with taliban, they are the only ones whoever successful defeated the taliban. they have done it several times over, just north where the hakani network was hanging out where the old networks were. they shows how connected they are. i don't think it looks very good in the sense that you've got international cooperation in trying to organize peace talks in doha that did fail but that
6:44 am
doesn't mean they are over. so that is a recognition of the taliban in a sense. >> okay. >> i don't know about the peace talks in a sense because if you are going to do peace talks with taliban, you have to start to think about how that's going to play out with the leadership because they are obviously in could contest. >> sure. >> who would be the leader? how do you negotiate that? >> thank you very much for your time. joining us from oxford. thank you. in yemen government forces backed by the saudi-led coalition have retaken control of the dam. the forces loyal to hadi sized it from the houthis following days of heavy fight can. the dam was the last strategic hold for the houthis, the biggest success for the coalition forces in several weeks. they are trying to push toward the capitol which has been understand houthi control since september of last year. authorities in ba rain say
6:45 am
they have seized a large stash of weapons. the arms and he can plosives were discovered in a mainly shia town. several were arrested for having links with iran and iraq. bay rain has frequently accused the two countries for backing an uprising. 16 turkish construction workers are home with their families. they were abducted by suspected shia gun men from a stadium they were working on. they say they released the workers after the u.n. agreed to a deal to free syrian villages supported by turkey. >> i am reunited with my family. thanks amount to our statesmen. that's all i can sigh. yes think about myself. i thought about my family. we were always longing and yearning. we didn't have any problems.
6:46 am
we were released because of the government. we are very thankful. >> voters in turkey go to the polls on november 1st for the second time in five months. the ruling party failed to win a governing majority. the president will the try and win the majority again or face the prospect of coalition with its bitter rivals. bernard smith reports on the supporters who have helped give the party 13 years of power. small businesses are the backbone of turkies middle class. towns like zakaria have the prospered over the last 13 years. restaurant owner kagola credits the business owners of the ruling ack party for their success. >> i voted for the ack party because i am happy with their services. i have never earned as much money as i earned under the ack party rule but since they didn't
6:47 am
come back on their own in the last election, i have had the first bad season in 13 years thestthe store owner believes there has been a defendant campaign to hurt the party. >> corruption stories, all made up as if the president, his son, ministers would steal. they didn't believe any of this nonsense. f there is a loyal core that time believes the party reflects their conservative religious views. those voters mean the akp is still the largest single party in power with erduowan in party. >> the ack party provides better services.
6:48 am
it does not bow to the right and at least we have a person ruling us free of religion. >> in zakaria, they want they won 57% and they they have perhaps the best organized grassroots teams of all of the the parties. they will be out again in force c canvassing voters. >> we spoke to the akp here they think in some parts of the country, the party was allegations too complacent and took victory for granted in june's election. they won't be making the same mistake in the november's election. bernard smith, al jazeera in northwestern turkey. >> to africa. some somlids say they were not being begin the proper equipment to combat boko haram. army demandsers are denying money meant for food, accomodation and, training and equipment has been stoevenl by some officers. a report from fatos state. >> reporter: these photos of a military training session were
6:49 am
taken by nigerian army soldiers from the third armored division without uniforms or equipment, they are being train today file boko haram at the nigeria army training center in niger state. the soldier who took the photos asked us not to show his face. >> how could somebody be training? >> the soldier is one of the hundreds sacked in january for dissertion. this solid things money for fighting boko haram is being stolen. >> i believe the government gets the money but it's unfortunate some people have decided that's the only way of making their
6:50 am
millions. soldiers say the army has failed to rehouses their families. these are the living conditions of some of the wives and children of solids who have rejoined the army and who have been sent to fight boko haram. there are more than 50 families living here. there is no electricity, no toilets or running water. >> solids lost homes when they were sacked. >> it's not been possible. in vie of the previous allegations against the military leadership. >> army commanders say the claims are to
6:51 am
train >> al jazeera, plato state, nigeria. >> the south african government is supporting a new board game for schools meant to address a very serious issue. the game teaches students about sexual abuse, how to prevent it and how to report it. tanja page reports. >> each roll of the dice lands on a question. it's called "the life board." "make a symbol for a rape awareness campaign. >> it's been developed by the tears foundation which helps victims of rape with the support of the south african government. it will soon be available in schools crosses country. the group with the best answer
6:52 am
wins a point. most people are thinking so i think they are going to learn more from it if it's in a game. >> it doesn't matter if you've got a wrong or right answer. you just give each other advises or new information about saying no to this. >> the issue is important in a country with high levels of violent crime. almost every week, there is another horror story of a child or baby being raped. that's why she will never leave her disabled daughter home alone. >> i can't got look for work in case she is raped. >> it's a fear shared by parents here. >> the scale of the project is huge. in subsaharan african countries, they say one in 3 girl and one in five boys suffer some sort of sexual violence by the time they turn 18. a lot goes unreported. kids who are in trouble can
6:53 am
called child line. >> we can assist you. >> most of the 300,000 people who called last year just needed advice, but 16,000 calls were serious enough to be referred to police. police officers watch over students playing life board. they are here to explain the law and spot any students whose reactions may indicate they are victims of abuse. time is running outs to educate the students in their formative years. >> hopefully molding and shaping and challenging some of the attitudes of the youth today will create a safer environment for tomorrow. whether they are rapping, drawing, or talking about it, the result is the same an easy fun conversation about a very serious topic. tania page, al jazeera, johannes burg. >> here is andes. >> thank you very much. ronaldo was cents tral. he is a goal away from becoming the club's all time record
6:54 am
scorer unless you talk to the man, himself. he scored both goals in the 2-nil champions win over swedish side malmo while officially he is level with the total of 323, the clubs say he has already broken it thanks to a goal 5 years ago. euefa credited to pepe but pepe says was scored by ronaldo. >> it really is an honor, beating rauol's record. i he would be happy. it's a special moment for me. he gave me plenty of congratlathes. i am very happy. he was real madrid's main discoverer for years so i am very pleased. >> let's have a look at wednesday's results. easy winners and after a pretty poor start for english teams, the two manchester teams winning, united's manager has his own theories on why premier league sides are finding the champions league difficult. >> we have a league and that is
6:55 am
not the always the same in the other countries. we have to play football with christmas and other teams are free. >> brazilian teams didn't go quietly. the first half of this with argentinian team, they are coach september off here for abusing the referee and two of his players followed. this was late in the second half. sport beaten 4-1 opinion aggregate. now wales can move to the brink of a quarterfinal place at the rug background world cup with victories over fiji. three injury force changes following the win over england. they have had five days to recover from that match. al wales win will put added pressure on host england ahead
6:56 am
of their game against australia on saturday. >> all of this hard work. it's not just the week of the eaching lands game gone back 3, 4 months, you know. for me, it would be an easy one. i know the players aren't going to be in the wrong mindset going to the fiji game because it would be so easy to slip up. >> in the last hour, australia have named their team for the england game going with the same 15 that beat fiji in their opener. here is how it is looking if australia can defeat, the host will be out of the tournament and into the history books as the worst ever perform hosts. england have not beaten the wallabys in the last two matches. >> stuck it to us the last couple of times. there is nothing we can say in this room that's going to make any difference. the only place the teams are going to be different is on the field on sought night the that's where we show our colors. talks talk's chief, you know. >> the formula one team
6:57 am
confirmed jensen button will drive for them next year. made a buttons teal mate. they have been struggling for reliability this season and are second in the championship despite having two former world title holders behind the wheel. toronto blue jays are celebrating their first divisional title in more than 20 years. the their only mlb franchise getting the win they needed in the american league east the bluejays beating the baltimore orioles 15-2. the pennant is the first since 19193. that was the year the blue jays won the second of back to back world series titles. spore more sport later on stay with us on al jazeera. more than world news in just a few moments, including the latest from afghanistan. do stay with us.
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only on al jazeera america. ♪ saudi arabia demands annd to russian air strooikdz inside syria saying they are causing civilian casualties. legal 0 this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, heavy street battles in the city of kunduz as afghan government forces try to regain control of areas captured by the taliban. the future of the oslo peace acords is up in the area after abbas says they are no longer boweled bu them . >> i am