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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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other communities. in this context, i would like to underline greece's full support to talks had under the leadership of president [ inaudible ] and the head of the turkish community. i firmly believe any real and lasting situation will have to deal with the international issue of security. the consolation of the treaties of alliance and guarantees, and the withdrawal of all foreign troops, including the troops occupying the northern part of this island. as the original plan on promoting security in the area, greece has been making steady efforts to improve cooperation with turkey. we have done so through a wide range of initiatives including
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our dialogue on confidence-building measures, and the international law by turkey as well as just and viable solution remain a condition for full normalization of greek turkish relations. in the western balkans, we promote bilateral relations and the commitment to the [ inaudible ] perspective. greece has stepped up efforts towards the settlement of all differences in the region, among them, the main issue of the [ inaudible ] republic of macedonia, we have promised a pragmatic settlement framework, aiming at reaching an agreement and set of confidence-building measures, which provide us with
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an opportunity to further enhance bilateral cooperation and trust. mr. president, people around the globe are striving for a better future for them and their children. people in my country are struggling every day with pride and dignity to overcome crisis, and regain hope. even in their most difficult moments, they are assisting those more in need, those fleeing conflict zones. even in their most difficult moments, they are asserting their democratic right to choose their own fate. this is a daily example of people insisting even under the most difficult conditions on basic humanity and democratic
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rights. this example should guide us in taking the necessary steps towards a safer just and prosperous world for ourselves and the future generations to live in. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> on behalf of the -- >> that was the greek prime minister alexis tsipras. he survived the debt talks. he survived an election, how did he use his stage today. >> 41 years old. he is a young plan and he only recently came back into office as you were suggesting. this was classic leader's speech
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at the general assembly. very, very wide ranging, but really when it comes to greece there are only two issues that people are interested in at the moment. one is the refugee crisis and the other is the economy. the greek economy has dragged down a lot of -- let's pause, because here is another key speaker. the response from the israeli prime minister, benjamin netenyahu. [ applause ]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, i bring you greetings from jerusalem. the city in which the jewish people's hopes and prayers for peace for all of humanity has echoed throughout the ages. 31 years ago, as israel's ambassador to the united nations, i stood at this podium for the first time. i spoke that day against a resolution sponsored by iran to expel israel from the united nations. then as now, the u.n. was obsessively hostile towards israel.
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the one true democracy in the middle east. then as now, some sought to deny the one and only jewish state, a place among the nations. i ended that first speech by saying, gentlemen, check your fanaticsome at the door. more than three decades later, as prime minister of israel, i'm again privileged to speak at this podium, and for me that privilege has always come with a moral responsibility to speak the truth. so after three days of listening to world leaders praise the nuclear deal with iran, i begin my speech today by saying,
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ladies and gentlemen, check your enthusiasm at the door. you see, this deal wasn't make peace more likely. by fuelling iran's aggressions with billions of dollars in sanctions release, it makes war more likely. just look at what iran has done in the last six months alone. since the framework agreement was announced in lozan, iran boosted its supplies to syria, sent more guards into syria, sent thousands of pakistani shiite fighters to syria to prop up assad's brutal regime. iran also shipped tons of weapons and ammunitions to the
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houthi rebels in yemen, including another shipment just two days ago. iran threatened to topple jordan. iran's proxy hezbollah, sm smuz -- smuggled into lebanon, missiles to down our planes, and cruise missiles to sink our ships. iran supplied hezbollah with precision guided surface to surface missiles and attack drones. it aided hamas in building armed drones in gaza. iran also made clear its plans to open new two terror frons against israel, promising to arm palestinians in the west bank, and sending its revolutionary guard generals to the golan
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heights. israel will continue to respond forcefully to any attacks against it from syria. israel will continue to act to prevent the transfer of strategic weapons to hezbollah from and through syrian territory. every few weeks, iran and hezbollah set up new terror cells in cities throughout the world. three such cells were recently uncovered in kuwait, jordan, and cyprus. in may, security forces in cyprus raided a hezbollah agent's apartment. there they found five tons of amean um nitrate.
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that's just in one apartment, in one city, in one country. but iran is setting up dozens of terror cells like this around the world. ladies and gentlemen, they are setting up those terror cells in this hemisphere too. i repeat, iran's been doing all of this, everything that i have just described, just in the last six months. when it was trying to convince the world to remove the sanctions. now just imagine what iran will do after those sanctions are lifted. unleashed and unmuzzled. iran will go on the prowl. devouring more and more prey.
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in the wake of the nuclear deal, iran is spending billions of dollars on weapons and satellites. you think iran is doing that to advance peace? you think hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this tiger into a kitten? if you do, you should think again. in 2013, the president began his so-called charm offensive here at the u.n. two years later, iran is executing more political prisoners, escalating its regional aggression, and rapidly expanding its global terror network. you know, they say actions speak
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louder than words. but in iran's case the words speak as loud as the actions. just listen to the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard force. here is what he said in february, quote, the islamic revolution is not limited by geographic borders. he boasted that afghanistan, iraq, lebanon, syria, palestine, and yemen are among the countries being, quote, concurred by the islamic republic of iran, end quote. conquered. and for those of you who believe that the deal in vienna will bring a change in iran's policy, just listen to what iran's
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supreme leader said five days after the nuclear deal was reached. quote, our policies towards the arrogant government of the united states will not change. the united states, he vowed will continue to be iran's enemy. while giving the mullahs more money, is likely to fuel more repression inside iran, it will definitely fuel more aggression outside of iran. as the leader of a country defending itself every day against iran's growing aggression, i wish i could take comfort in the claim that this deal blocks iran's path to nuclear weapons, but i can't.
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because it doesn't. this deal does place several constraints on iran's nuclear program, and rightly so, because the international community recognizes that iran is so dangerous, but you see here is the catch. under this deal, if iran doesn't change its behavior, in fact if it becomes even more dangerous in the years to come, the most important constraints will still be automatically lifted by year ten and by year 15. that would place a militant islamic terror regime, weeks away from having the fissile material for an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs. that just doesn't make any sense. i have said that if iran wants to be treated like a normal
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country, let it act like a normal country. but this deal -- this deal will treat iran like a normal country even if it remains a dark theocracy, that concurs its neighbors, sponsors terrorism world wide, and chanths death to israel, death to america. does anyone seriously believe that flooding a radical theocracy with weapons and cash will curb its appetite for aggression? do any of you really believe that a three cattic iran with sharper claws and fangs will be more likely to change its stripestrip stripes. when bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse. [ applause ]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, i have long said that the greatest danger facing our world is the coupling of militant islam with nuclear weapons. and i'm gravely concerned that the nuclear deal with iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union. i know that some well-intentioned people, sincerely believe that this deal is the best way to block iran's path to the bomb, but one of history's most important, yet
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least-learned lessons is this, the best intentions don't prevent the worst outcomes. the vast majority of israelis believe that this nuclear deal with iran is a very bad deal. and what makes matters even worse is that we see a world celebrating this bad deal, rushing to embrace and do business with a regime openly committed to our destruction. last week major general [ inaudible ] the commander of iran's army proclaimed this. quote, we will annihilate israel for sure. we are glad that we are in the
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forefront of executing the supreme leader's order to destroy israel, end quote. and as for the supreme leader himself, a few days after the nuclear deal was announced, he released his latest book. here it is. it's a 400-page creed detailing his plan to destroy the state of israel. last month the commander once again made his genocidal intentions clear, before iran's top clerical body, the assembly of experts. he spoke about israel, home to over 6 million jews. he pledged, quote, there will be
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no israel in 25 years, end quote. 70 years after the murder of 6 million jews, iran's rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of thef governments represented here has been absolutely nothing, utter silence, deafening silence.
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perhaps you can understand why israel is not joining you in celebrating this deal. if iran's rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you would be less enthusiastic about the deal. if iran's terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you would
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be more measured in your praise. and if this deal were unleashing the nuclear arms race in your neighborhood, perhaps you would be more reluctant to celebrate. but don't think that iran is only a danger to israel. besides iran's aggression in the middle east, and its terror around the world, iran is also building intercontinental ballistic missiles who's sole purpose is to carry nuclear war heads. remember this. iran already has missiles that can reach israel. so those missiles that they are building, they are meant for us. they are meant for you. for europe. for america. for raining down mass destruction any time, anywhere.
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ladies and gentlemen, it's not easy to oppose something that is embraced by the greatest powers in the world. believe me. it would be far easier to remain silent. but throughout our history, the jewish people have learned the heavy price of silence. and as the prime minister of the jewish state, as someone who knows that history, i refuse to be silent. [ applause ]
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>> i'll say it again. the days when the jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over! [ applause ] >> not being passive means speaking up about those dangers, we have, we are, we will. not being passive also means defending ourselves against those dangers. we have, we are, and we will. [ applause ] >> israel will not allow iran to
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break in, to sneak in, or to walk into the nuclear weapon's club. [ applause ] >> i know that prevents iran from developing nuclear weapons remains the official policy of the international community, but no one should question israel's determination to defend itself against those who seek our destruction. in every generation there were those who rose up to destroy our people. in the middle ages we faced inquisition, and expulsion, and in modern times, we faced the holocaust. yet the jewish people
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persevered, and now another regime has arisen, swearing to destroy israel. that regime would be wise to consider this: i stand here today representing israel, a country 67 years young, but the nation state of a people nearly 4,000 years old. yet the empires of babylon and rome are not represented in this hall of nations, neither is the thousand-year reich, those seemingly invincible empires are long gone. but israel lives, the people of israel live! [ speaking jewish ] [ applause ]
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the rebirth of israel is a testament to the indomitable spirit of my people. for a hundred generations, the jewish people dreamed of returning to the land of israel, even in our darkest hours, and we had so many, even in our darkest hours, we never gave up hope of rebuilding our eternal capitol, jerusalem. the establishment of israel made realizing that dream possible. it has enabled us to live as a free people in our ancestral homeland. it's enabled us to embrace jews who have come from the four corners of the earth to find refuge from persecution. they came from war-torn europe, yemen, iraq, morocco, ethiopia,
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the soviet union, from a hundred other lands, and today as the rising tide of anti-semitism sweeps across europe and elsewhere, many jews are coming to israel to join us in building our future. here is my message to the rulers of iran, your plan to destroy israel will fail! [ applause ] >> israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future, and here is my message to all of the countries represented here. whatever resolutions you may adopt in this building, whatever decisions you may take in your capitols, israel will do whatever it must do to defend
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our state and to defend our people. [ applause ] >> distinguished delegates, as this deal with iran moves ahead, i hope you'll enforce it -- how can i put this -- with a little more rigor than you showed with the six security council resolutions that iran has systematically violated and which now have been effectively discarded. make sure that the inspectors actually inspect. make sure that the snapback sanctions, actually snap back,
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and make sure that iran's violations aren't swept under the persian rug. [ applause ] >> one thing i can assure you, israel will be watching, closely. what the international community now needs to do is clear. first, make iran comply with all its nuclear obligations. keep iran's feet to the fire. [ applause ] >> second, check iran's regional aggressi aggression, support and strengthen those fighting iran's aggression, beginning with israel. [ applause ] >> third, use sanctions and all of the tools available to you to
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tear down iran's global terror network. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, israel is working closely with our arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from iran and also the security challenges from isis and others. we're also working with other states in the middle east as well as countries in africa, in asia, and beyond. many in our region know that both iran and isis are our common enemies, and when your enemies fight each other, don't strengthen either one, weaken both! [ applause ]