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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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it's a hole which simply opened up on a residential street just outside london from a front garden and driveway ten meters deep. a water leak made it all happen. al for more on all our news. al states of emergency now in effect along the east coast as hurricane joaquim strengthens in the bahamas.
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>> criticizing, again, the iran nuclear agreement and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. you heard it all, john. >> i did. >> we did not expect netanyahu to focus so heavily on the iran nuclear agreement. was anything different in his message today? >>reporter: it was a bit of a snub from mahmoud abbas trying to get the palestinian conflict on top of the national agenda and achieved that but it was hardly mentioned at all by the israeli prime minister. we have been told that he was not going to spend so much time this year at the general assembly concentrating on the issue of iran, that he had moved on with that and the main reason is that he's to meet with president obama in november.
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to most of the rest of the world, the iran nuclear deal is now a done deal. however, that was not the way it turned out and prime minister netanyahu spoke at length about iran and dominated really most of his address here at the general assembly. he did make overtures towards president obama though ahead of that meeting coming up in november saying that the bond between israel and the united states was unshakeable. he also spent a lot of his speech really complaining that israel is being libelled by the u.n. israel is not particularly well liked among the 193 member nations of the general assembly. palestinians much more so. that's kind of the tradition here and prime minister netanyahu was saying he felt the attacks on israel in the united nations were disproportionate and talked about the shameful israel bashing that goes on here
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at the united nations. regarding the iran deal, he said that he listened to praise for it over the last three days and he asked world leaders to check their enthusiasm at the door. on iran, he said that the country is continuing to build up terror cells all over the world and arm organizations from he has blzbolla
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hezbollah. [no audio] >> and i think it's fair to say that this is a moment that nobody who lived through it will ever forget. prime minister netanyahu is fond of his theatrical props. two years ago he came with a cartoon bomb and drew a red line on it and said this is as far as israel is prepared to go regarding iran's nuclear ambitions. now with the deal signed he's staring back at the delegates in the chamber of the general assembly and says now perhaps you can understand why i'm not celebrating this deal as much as you are. >> john, on the issue of talks between israel and the palestinians, was there any kind of direct response from
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netanyahu to mahmoud abbas's address when he announced that he was walking away from the oslow accords? >> he talked about the peace accord signed between israel and egypt and jordon and how that's -- that's two separate deals by the way -- and how that has been a corner stone to middle east peace. the prime minister said that he too is committed to peace with the palestinians and called for a resumption of talks and said to president abbas do not walk away from peace. >> unfortunately, president abbas said yesterday that he is not prepared to do this. well, i hope he changes his mind. because i remain committed to a vision of two states for two peoples in which a demilitary e demilitaryize -- demilitary
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ize's -- militarize -- demilitarized state. >> increased by the multithousands since the oslow accords which president abbas is now rowing back from were signed in 1993 and 95. and this really is the big sticking point of the middle east situation. the palestinians, ever since they kicked up in the amount of building in the west bank have felt completely unable to sit down at the negotiating table with the israeli government and of course they have other preconditions that they wish to bring up at these talks. israel's borders prethe 1967 war. east jerusalem as the capital of a future palestinian state. and crucially the right of
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return for palestinians around the world who were ousted for the creation of the jewish state. >> thank you, john. russia is defending its air strikes in syria saying the country and the u.s. coalition see eye to eye on their targets. the foreign minister spoke on the sidelines of the u.n. say rejecting ideas that the air strikes were supporting syria's government. >> the goal is terrorism. and we are not supporting anyone against their own people. we fight terrorism. as far as i understand, the coalition denounce isil and other associated groups as the enemy. and the coalition does the same as russia do. >> jamie mctire is live for us at the pentagon. is the pentagon talking to the russian military about these air strikes? >>reporter: well, there were supposed to begin those talks a
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couple of hours ago by a tell conference with their counterparts to discuss this so-called deconfliction. it's another sly maneuver on the side of moscow to get air legitimacy for its air operations. i have to say the minister might be portraying this as the u.s. and russia on the same page but they could not be further apart in their approach to these air strikes. the big question is that even not so much where the russian planes are because frankly the u.s. has been operating in syria even while al assad has been flying his planes.
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bashar al assad. >> tell me this, doesn't it seem to make sense that if you're going to deal with making sure that the two sides don't fight each other, you would have done that before those shootings started as opposed to walking into the u.s. embassy one hour before they took to the air? it's almost as if russia has unilaterally declared a no-fly zone for the u.s.a. which the u.s.a. refused to do at turkish request. >> yes. and of course the united states has said it will fly anywhere any time it needs to. and really the part about deconflicting the air operations
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is not as critical as finding out what russia's intentions are. one thing it does do is take off the table this discussion of whether they can be a no-fly zone to protect a safe enclave in the north where opposition fighters and refugees might have as a as a as a as are -- respite from the fighting. now you risk a major superpower confrontation. one of the other options advocated here in washington by the former cencom commander, david patreus. now that russia is operating along side syria, it makes that much more complicated. so this makes the whole equation for the united states a far more
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complex problem. >> thank you very much, sir. retired navy admiral william fallon told us earlier russia's moves will complicate the situation in syria. >> russia is now overtly moving in to support and prop up the assad regime. no doubt they're thrilled because what this effectively does is it will probably isolate assad from any direct assault on his positions in the country. it's going be vastly complicating things. i heard language yesterday that discussed u.s. and russian cooperation. i really doubt that's likely. i think it's going to be deconfliction. the reality here is that russia is now effectively going to put a bubble of sorts over the top of western syria and really protecting assad. their interests i think are quite different than ours in syria. they've been very supportive of
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assad. i think there are a couple of motivations behind this. one is that putin really wants to demonstrate that russia is back in the main stream again and a big player. syria's been a client for many, many years. it's one of the few places in the middle east that they still have sway. and so i think they're going to try to optimize that position and moving these military forces in there. >> admiral fallon says it will be a challenge to make sure the u.s. and russia don't end up shooting at each other a state of emergency is now in effect in new jersey and north carolina as hurricane joaqim is headed towards the east coast. nicole mitchell has more. >> you can see how intense this storm is. the brighter colors show higher elevations into the atmosphere and that's a sign of strength. also a few frames here able to pick out that defined eye and eye wall. also a sign of strength of a
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storm. but it's slowly moving through the bahamas now as a category 3 and close to a category 4. so we expect it will gain intensity later into today. a lot of tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings up for the area because this will slowly move through over the next couple of days and not probably until saturday picking up with another future and a trough steering it away. we're looking at anywhere from sunday, monday, tuesday in the united states depending on how far north it has to travel before making land fall. there's models even steering this off to sea. so anywhere from north carolina to new england we need to monitor it but we also have another weather feature already causing us problems. the moisture from the storm could feed into this but even without this, this stationary frontal boundary still has a lot of low pressure and developing
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moisture around it. right around the carolinas, we could be looking at heavy rain. we're not out of the rain yet for the east coast. some places could get a foot or more combined and that's going to give us flooding concerns and we're still through the entire area anywhere from georgia to portions of new york under those flood watches and warnings because of that. so between the two different systems, a lot to watch and a very wet go. back to you. thanks, nicole >> a new bipartisan effort at criminal justice reform was launched today on capitol hill. the build would overhaul significant aspects of sentencing for nonviolent offenders. something new york's senator says will save lives. >> nonviolent drug offenders aren't going to stay in jail forever and everyone in prison is going to be given the kind of tools they need to come out and become productive citizens so
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that we won't waste lives. >> advocates of the reform worry it may not go far enough in addressing their concerns. the man accused in a series of freeway shootings in phoenix, arizona pleaded not guilty today. leslie allen merit, jr., was arraigned on 15 felony counts including aggravated assault and carrying out a drive by shooting. he's tied to four of the shootings that hit cars on interstate 10. if convicted, he faces up to 100 years in prison a push for new equipment to try and protect high school athletes.
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funeral services held today for new jersey high school quarterback who died last week. hundreds came out for evan murray's wake last night. he died suddenly after collapsing on the football field. an autopsy determined he had suffered a ruptured spleen. his death is raising new questions at high schools around the country over what can be done to save the lives of young athletes. >>reporter: athletes here are allowed to practice full contact for no more than 90 minutes a week. a safeguard this season to prevent injuries in a sport often criticized for being too violent. >> emergencies happen, accidents happen. >>reporter: according to the center for catastrophic sports
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injuries, five high school athletes died playing football last season. these players are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries and concussions than college athletes. the latest, 17-year-old evan murray. an autopsy shows he died of a lacerated spleen. he took a hit during a game last friday and walked off the field with the help of teammates. he later died at a hospital. >> this is a flag. one like this. >>reporter: mark harris says his store has seen an up take in flack jacket sales since murray's death. >> what does this protect you from? >> your whole area here, your spleen, ribs, back. in other words, in essence, if anyone hits you in this area, you're protected. >>reporter: but harris says getting players to gear up in extra equipment is a challenge. >> players want to wear as little gear as possible? >> in many cases, yes. >>reporter: why? >> because they want to be as quick, lying, mobile, and as
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ajill as possible. >>reporter: it's not clear if evan murray was wearing one of >>reporter: it's not clear if evan murray was wearing one of these. >> do you think this could have protected evan murray from a lacerated spleen? >> yes. >>reporter: medical experts say to increase the presence of act lettic trainers so that they're not just at the games but also all the practices. evan murray's school says it had a trainer and a physician at the school but nationwide 37% of schools employ athletic trainers and about half of schools have them at daily practices. >> that doesn't mean that a high school athlete doesn't deserve the same care that a professional athlete is receiving. >>reporter: this season, theful nfl is contributing to a program to fund athletic trainers and equipment in underprivileged schools >> using alternative energy to
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drill for oil. i'm jay ford in california where a company has built this facility to create incredible amounts of power through steam. the thing is they're using it to pull oil out of the ground. i'll explain more in a moment.
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recreational marijuana is now officially for sale in oregon. residents over 21 can legally
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buy it in stores without a medical prescription. >>reporter: it's a big day in the state of oregon for marijuana sellers and buyers. you'll be able to pick up a dream queen clone or sprout, also buy seeds and bud and do it recreationally without a medical marijuana card. that's the way oregon is rolling out marijuana legalization. currently licensed medical dispensaries are also now selling to recreational customers. about 200 shops statewide are going to be doing that. most of them in the portland area. there's going to be a tax holiday until the first of the year and eventually oregon's tax system will be considerably lower than washington or colorado. one of the folks very involved in the business, the owner of rip city remedies, scott. you've been waiting for this day for a long time. what have you had to do to get ready? >> we've had to do quite a bit. doubled our staff. brought in a lot of extra product. updated systems and just really
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getting ready and trained and ready to go. >> so oregon joins washington and colorado as states where people can legally buy and sell recreational marijuana. there will be more on this story on al jazeera america this evening with a look at how sales went on the first day >> more than 9 million barrels of oil are pumped out of the ground every day in the u.s. but that's an expensive and energy-intensive process. now a company has found a way to use the power of the sun to make it happen. jacob ward takes a look. >>reporter: it's a messy problem. >> the oil industry is one of the world's largest users of energy. >>reporter: not only does burning oil produce carbon in terrible amounts but getting it out of the earth is also a hugely polluting process. >> we've already gotten the easy oil out of the ground, light oil that is essentially in liquid form deep inside the earth. >>reporter: but two-thirds of what's left on earth is this
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stuff, heavy oil which comes out in this kind of consistency. imagine trying to get that into a pipe. that's why companies use steam to loosen this up, make it easier to bring out in liquid form and then pipe it out that way. so far, they've made that steam by burning natural gas, a lot of natural gas. 15% of the natural gas used in california is used for oil. now clean, renewable solar power, capable of replacing fossil fuels is being used to extract oil from the ground. here in california, glass point solar has created a pilot project to show that the sun's energy can heat and loosen heavy crude for pumping. >> the concept is simple. a par bollic mirror picks up ab
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sunlight. okay there's a facility in oman as well and eventually this will be 3,000 times larger than this one. >> today in the country of oman, about 25% of all the natural gas is used in oil production. and there is a rising fraction of oil production is dependent upon steam injection and gas usage. so there's a substantial portion of the country's energy use that can be replaced by this technology. >>reporter: when it comes online in 2017, the company says the project could reduce carbon die i don't care side emissions by 300,000 tons a dioxide emission tons a year. a this is the sticky -- the
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whole dirty business. jacob ward, al jazeera, california nasa has set its eyes on venus and atroyed for its next space stroid for its next space mission. anasa will decide on the winning concept next year. the winning project will cost about $500 million, that is not including launch and post launch costs. thanks for joining us. the news continues next live from london. and remember, for the latest headlines, you can go to our website at al
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>> i think we're into something that's bigger than us >> that's the pain your mother feels when you disrespect her son... >> me being here is defying all odds >> they were patriots, they wanted their country back >> al jazeera america presents the passion.. >> onward! pain... >> it's too much though... >> and triumph... >> inspirational real life stories... >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me to push... >> of ordinary people >> i tasted the american dream. i liked it... >> living extraordinary lives... >> if we could multiply this program, we could change the world... >> from the best filmmakers of our time, >> i give al jazeera tremendous credit, because it's not traditionally what broadcast journalism does... >> the new home for original documentaries
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al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america this is the al jazeera news hour. warm welcome from me, david foster, to the next 60 minutes. these are some of the stories we'll be studying in detail. as russian air strikes continue in syria, moscow denies that civilians have been caught in the cross fire. >> i am prepared to immediately, immediately resume direct peace negotiations with the palestinian authority without any preconditions whatsoever.