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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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welcome to the news hour. coming up, another mass shooting at a u.s. school. at least seven people are reported to have been killed at a college in the state of oregon. russia denies accusations of civilian casualties in in syria. insisting it's targeting other armed groups as well as isil. >> bahrain says it's discovered a bomb-making factory and responds by expelling an iranian
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diplomat. >> and the battle for kunduz, heavy fighting continues between afghanistan security forces and the taliban. at least seven people killed at a community college in the state of oregon. the gunman was killed in a shootout with officers after opening fire at the school. at least 20 people were hurt. the college remains in lockdown. the president has been briefed on the situation and will continue to receive updates the governor of oregon kate brown has been speaking in portland a few moments ago
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before heading to roseburg. >> well, it is still too early to know all of the facts. i know i am joined by my fellow oregonians and americans in profound dismay and heartbreak at this tragedy at umpqua community college. facts are still emerging. we know now there were casualties and confirmed injuries. our top priority now is the medical treatment for victims and the security of the campus. we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased. he is a 20-year-old male. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we are holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. >> and the sheriff of roseburg, john hanlin confirmed the
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shooter was a male. >> he was a male subject and i have no further information beyond that. >> can you confirm if he's alive or dead? >> the shooter is deceased. >> i'm sure it's very frightening for the responders. this is a small community. it's a community college so a lot of our friends and family attend this college. and it was a situation that was -- there was no answers for quite some time. i personally know of a number of people that i work with that had very strong concerns about the welfare of loved ones that are going to school there. >> al jazeera is following this story live from washington d.c. right now. and, tom, there have been confusing numbers of figures thrown around by the u.s. media. we still don't know the confirmed death toll. >> no. the authorities have been --
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some authorities have been reluctant to give out an exact number. however, the attorney general of oregon earlier said that 13 people had been confirmed dead. that was not confirmed by the local authorities nor the governor at this point. more details given by the sheriff was that the responding officers at the initial reports of gun fire engaged in an exchange of gunfire with the alleged shooter and they killed the suspect at the scene. we have one account of what exactly happened inside by an 18-year-old student who said that she was in her writing class and saw a bullet suddenly blast through the window. she saw her teacher shot in the head. and then noticed that the shooter was in the classroom. she said the shooter told people to get on the ground. he then asked them to stand up and state their religion but then started shooting anyway. she was on the ground with people who were shot. all the victims have been -- who
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are survived have been -- some of them life flighted by helicopter to other hospitals in the area. this is a rather remote, rural part of oregon. it's more than three hours away from the big city, portland. and authorities have been in need of help from not only law enforcement authorities but also medical personnel for the large number of injured, at least 20 injured in this case. right now, the authorities have as you said locked it down. everybody in the area at the community college was patted down, frisked, before being allowed to leave the campus. and what we can see from aerials of the area, they're still conducting a search of the cars in the parking lot. but, again, much too early to say what the -- who the person was. there are unconfirmed reports that he may have posted some facebook warnings in advance to stay away from the campus.
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again, these are not confirmed. so we still have a lot of details that remain to be disclosed. >> sure. i know that you will keep us updated on that story. thank you. >> russia has strongly denied any of its air strikes in syria against the islamic state of iraq and the levant have killed civilians. moscow's military involvement in syria has intensified. its latest air strikes destroyed 12 isil targets in syria including a command center. that information has been disputed by saudi arabia who says the strikes failed to hit isil targets and caused civilian deaths. the situation is causing concerns in the u.s. as it is also carrying out air strikes on isil strong holds in syria. but moscow insists it's targeting the same terrorists and is not working against the americans. the fear is the war in syria
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will escalate forcing more people to flee the fighting and seek refuge elsewhere. james is at the u.n. in new york for us right now. james. >>reporter: 24 hours ago, we had the u.s. secretary of state john kerry standing next to the russian foreign minister saying they'd reached some agreement and he was saying most of their differences were in the detail. i have to say here at the u.n. we've now heard a full press briefing from the minister in which he talks about the air strikes and the future of president al assad. it's clear to us here that these disagreements are still serious. for over a week world leaders have been in new york and all the key figures have all said their priority is to get peace efforts going in syria. while they've been here, what's changed? the answer is this: whether
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they were timed to coincide with this global gathering or not, russian air strikes in syria are a game changer. the u.s. says they add gasoline to the fire of a war already four and a half years old. russia says it's a positive step aimed at those they label terrorists. given that the russians were invited in by president assad, does that just mean all his enemies including groups directly supported by the u.s. i tried to get clarity from the russian foreign minister. >> in addition to isil which specific groups in syria are terrorists do you believe? >> well, if it looks like a terrorist, acts like a terrorist, walks like a terrorist, fights like a terrorist, it's a terrorist, right? the representatives of the coalition command have always been saying that their targets are isil, al nusra, and other terrorist groups. this is basically our position as well.
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we see eye to eye with the coalition on this one. >> but on the biggest issue of all, president assad's future role, there is no agreement and to explain the reasons for russia's policy on this, he used the recent history of the arab world. >> saddam hussein hanged. is iraq a better, safer place? khadafi, murdered in, you know, in front of the viewers. is libya a better place? now we're demonizing assad. can we try to draw lessons? >> there are two new initiatives being put forward during the u.n. assembly but in my view neither is one that can stop the blood shed in syria. one is a new draft resolution russia is putting forward to the u.n. security council on countering isil. and the other is the idea of a
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contact group on syria involving key international and regional players. but as the u.s.'s allies arrive, one told me a contact group is usually used to advance an agreed plan but right now there's very little the u.s. and russia agree on and despite over 250,000 deaths, there's no real international strategy. >> there's one more piece of the general assembly u.n. jigsaw on syria that we have to see and that's taking place here at the united nations on friday. and that is the speech by the assad government. president assad never travels here to new york. he's never been here. but always here is his faithful foreign minister and deputy prime minister. unlikely we'll get any concessions. we've already seen him around this building. in fact, i saw him earlier on on
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a balcony smoking very heavily. we'll have to watch closely to see what he has to say in his speech to the general assembly. >> we look forward to that, james. thank you. al jazeera's rosalyn jordon sent this update from washington d.c. >>reporter: only two things were confirmed at the pentagon briefing on thursday. one, that u.s. and russian military officials did have their first conversation about how to avoid getting in each other's way as they conduct air strikes against isil targets in syria. the other, that the u.s. does not plan to change its military strategy against isil. that said, the spokesperson, peter cook, was very reluctant to provide more details about what happens next. >> the u.s. provided an initial proposal to enhance safety, prevent miscalculation, and avoid actions that could
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escalate tensions. during the discussion, acting asecretary of defense reiterated that the focus of military activities in syria should be on defeating isil and noted the u.s. concern that areas targeted by russia so far are not isil strong holds. >>reporter: he did say that there that there are future conversations planned between the russians and americans. not many questions have been answered about how the u.s. and russia are planning to stay out of each other's way as they both bomb isil targets inside syria benjamin netanyahu has addressed the u.n. general assembly no new york pledging to move forward in negotiations with the palestinians. yesterday mahmoud abbas, the president of palestine, said he
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no longer recognizes the oslow accord. >> i am prepared to immediately resume direct peace negotiations with the palestinian authority without any preconditions whatsoever. unfortunately, president abbas said yesterday that he is not prepared to do this. well, i hope he changes his mind because i remain committed to a vision of two states for two peoples in which a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the jewish state. two people shot dead in the occupied west bank. we have this update from jerusalem. >>reporter: israeli security forces confirmed to al jazeera that two israeli citizens were found shot dead in what they described as a drive by shooting in the occupied west bank. the shooting took place just
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before 9:00 p.m. local time near the israeli settlements of itamar which is near the palestinian village of bay fariq. several shots were fired at the car according to security forces. when first responders arrived on the scene, they declared the two adults described as a man and woman in their 30s dead on the scene. however, four children all under the age of ten were unharmed and taken into custody. they were found in that vehicle. now, drive-by shootings like this in the occupied west bank aren't entirely uncommon. the last time we saw something like this was in june of this year when a 25-year-old israeli citizen was shot in the occupied west bank near an illegal settlement as well. but the timing of this shooting of course comes at a particularly tense time. we've seen repeated
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confrontations between israeli security forces and palestinian worshippers at the mosque leading to extreme tension not just in occupied east jerusalem but also felt in the occupied west bank. but as we've been saying, a major security operation is underway in the occupied west bank as israeli security forces try to find the perpetrators of this drive-by shooting. in afghanistan, the battle for the city of kunduz is intensifying. u.s. forces were forced to engage in gun fire on thursday as a matter of self-defense. >>reporter: the battle for the city of kunduz has been tough. the afghan army say they've retaken the city but the taliban dlaims not the case. that they've just withdrawn to other neighborhoods before a
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counterattack. right now they don't want anything except security. >> we want the government to -- the situation wasn't good in the city and i managed to escape but still some of my family are trapped there. i don't want anything else from the government, we just want a secure kunduz. >>reporter: the interior ministry says afghan forces will not stop fighting until the whole province is back in their control and they're being supported by nato and u.s. special forces. and those forces could be getting some unexpected help. a former commander is trying to rally support for the army and called on all afghans to join the fight against the taliban. >> there are security issues around the country in most parts. i urge the people of afghanistan to stand and cooperate with the afghan security forces to fight the enemy in all parts of the country.
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>>reporter: removing the taliban from kunduz while making civilian security a priority will take time. the group's strength was proven when they managed to take the city earlier this week. it was the taliban's biggest victory since 2001. one analyst we spoke to described what a taliban capture of kunduz means. >> when they border central asia, that path is where america got reconnaissance and the nato troops got reconnaissance into afghanistan. without that or that being corrupted would be a very serious impediment for them. >>reporter: ashraf ghani has vowed to remove the taliban. doctors without borders has been treating people injured in the
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fighting on monday. people in kabul have made their stance clear showing support for government forces. with reports of fighting spreading to other provinces, the question now is how strong and how capable is the afghan national army as it takes on the taliban. still to come on this al jazeera news hour. a major victory for government forces in yemen. also -- >> and the brazilian futbol team that left their mark on the opposition. robin has that and the rest of the sports.
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>>reporter: the terrain gets more complicated in yemen and the toll more severe as the war goes on. here popular resistance forces and army troops are claiming what they call a strategic victory. backed by saudi-led coalition air support and after days of he have i have fighting -- heavy fighting, they retook control of the dam from houthi forces. their aim is to cut houthi supply routes. their celebratory mood is clearly on display. >> we are now on the dam.
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>> but despite tin crease in air raids in the past several days, the houthis are still in control. and there's anger against attacks by the saudi-led coalition. >> i no longer have a home or anything. >> near the red sea, residents are furious after a reported air strike on a yemeni wedding party that killed 131 people. while the saudi-led coalition has formally denied involvement calling reports false many villagers blame the arab coalition. >> what are the strategic targets that you've been hitting exactly? you hit a wedding party. a wedding tent. women and children. you killed women and children. are these your strategic targets? >> while local residents and witnesses say coalition aircraft have carried out intense raids
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against houthi positions in recent days, a saudi official told the european parliament that his country is abiding by international law in its military campaign. with more than 2,000 civilians killed during six months of fighting, more and more aid agencies worry about the overall impact this war is taking on a country whose population is the most impoverished in the region and was already suffering before this conflict began. and the ongoing conflict in yemen has been discussed on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. the executive director of the world food program said the humanitarian situation in yemen is extremely grave. >> 11 of the 22 governments in yemen right now are at emergency state. that's one step above that word famine. and unless we can reach those populations on a regular basis,
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we could have a very desperate situation inside yemen. that's also combined with the lack of access for commercial brokers to bring food in. so there's an affect on the market. so people with money can't purchase food. the challenge for both sides whether commercial or humanitarian is about access. how do we ensure that we can get the food, the medicine, the other humanitarian tools that are necessary to people who are affected by this ongoing conflict? >> there's been another explosion in southern china a day after a series of letter bomb attacks killed seven people. the latest blast wasn't as serious although a number of people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. thousands of miles away in china's far northwest, they've also had their share of trouble. it's exactly 60 years since the remote region of xinjiang was given autonomy.
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since then tensions between the han and the uyghurs have never been far from the surface. they told the assembled guests that the region's stability was still being threatened by violent groups and they were the common enemy of all xinjiang people. >> we must crack down on violent terrorist activities according to the law. >> celebrations were even more muted here and nonexistent in this nearby village. people we met here were all egg
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-- ethnic muslim uyghurs. >> i was so scared when they first came. >> we have enough to eat now and enough clothes. life was really hard before. >>reporter: talking to foreign journalists carries risk and so none wanted to give their names. this man complains of discrimination by han chinese. >> my boss was an han but he stopped hiring people after the attacks carried out by us uyghurs. >>reporter: the government insists that uyghurs and han live peacefully but rules ban them from wearing veils or growing beards. >> it represents occupation,
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colonization, repression. they will be forced to participate in festivities that celebrate china's national day. they have no choice. >>reporter: xinjiang is a difficult place for journalists to operate. we were detained several times and warned not to talk to anyone. the police road blocks reflect the official nervousness. it follows a series of attacks in the region including one a week ago. the government blames groups that want an independent uyghur homeland. china's government appears to have a twin strategy for this region, continue the campaign against those groups that blame most of the violence as well as promoting this area as the bridge head for a new silk road linking china with central asia and europe. this region is very strategic. the size of western europe but with the population of just 11
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million and bordering eight countries. the government denies repressing uyghur culture. 60 years ago, uyghur made up 60% of xinjiang population. some uyghur worry that the silk road project will make things worse. bahrain says it's recalled its ambassador to iran. they also said it's declared its iranian diplomatic secretary in bahrain persona non-grata. iran denies involvement in any violence in bahrain i'm joined now from london
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by author and blogger from bahrain. this is not the first time that bahrain has indirectly i guess accused iran of interfering in its affairs. >> yes i think we've lost count at this point. over the last four years there have been endless claims of iranian involvement and interference. so the opposition is very skeptical about the latest claims. >> what is the that bahrain believes that some iranians are doing in its country? >> well, it's always accused the up rising of being somehow instigated by iranian forces and bahraini protesters have always been accused of being iranian agents. nothing new. but it's claimed to be a distraction from the ongoing crisis in the country at the moment. >> so actually what you're saying is that the government itself might be accusing iranian
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influenc influences. >> you know, their motivations, there's never -- you know, this is -- since the iranian deal was announced two and a half months ago, there's been an escalation in these kind of accusations and allegations against iran and so this is not unusual. bahrain's ambassador originally was gone in 2011 and then he returned again. so this is again you have to understand this the regional and domestic context. all of the opposition leaders in bahrain are currently in prison
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or in exile. no one knows where these -- what the -- the village has been under siege for the last 24 hours. the villagers in the area -- so this kind of escalation, the accusation that the opposition will turn to violence at some point unfortunately will become self-fulfilling prophesy if they keep pushing the opposition and marginalizing and cornering it until it resorts to some kind of violence is unfortunately what this will lead to. >> thank you very much for your thoughts. we'll continue to cover this story closely in bahrain >> still to come on the al jazeera news hour. the former nigerian soldiers accuse the government of failing
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to properly equip them in their fight against boko haram.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development...
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>> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... al jazeera america gives you the total news experience anytime, anywhere. more on every screen. digital, mobile, social. visit follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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hello again. at least seven people killed in a shooting at a college in the u.s. state of oregon. >> russian air strikes have continued in this syria but moscow denies civilians have been caught in the cross fire. >> and bahrain says it's discovered a bomb-making factory and has responded by expelling an iranian diplomat. let's bring you more now on the college shooting that's happened in oregon. kelly anderson is a reporter with kzal television in oregon and is with us now live on the telephone. thank you for being with us. update us with the latest that
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you know about the shooting. >> the only facts that we have confirmed is that he is a 20-year-old man. we don't know if he was related to the school or not. we don't know if he was a student or staff member. it's unclear right now. this is actually a pretty small area. roseburg. i'm guessing this is one of the few schools in the region. >> yes. this is a really remote town in oregon. i mean, you really don't expect this kind of thing to happen here. violence is not expected to come out of roseburg at least not on this level. >> the terrible thing is as you and i well know, school shootings are not rare in the united states. i think since december 2012
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there's been something like 142 shooting incidents at u.s. schools. >> i'm sorry, what was the question?
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washington and moscow over air strikes in syria. you can see the region of syria controlled by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. yellow are the positions that are controlled by the opposition forces. in green, the areas controlled by forces who are loyal to president assad which as you can see is now less than a quarter of the country. russia's military base is -- targets are reported to be in and around two provinces. josh earnest from the white house has warned russia is risking prolonging the country's conflict. >> the effect of these kind of in indiscriminate air strikes drives otherwise mod rat
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elements of the sunni -- the fact is russia is responding to a situation inside the middle east from a position of weakness. their influence in that region of the world is waning. i've seen some of the media reports that pointed out that the military base that russia operates inside of syria is actually the last military base that russia operates outside of the former soviet union. >> i'm wondering who do you think russia's air strikes are actually targeting. do you believe it is only isil? >> well, you know, that's really a simple question because all you have to do is look at the actions of russia that are very much speaking louder than their words today. it's clear that they're targeting nationalists, nonextremist elements of the
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opposition to bashar al assad. if they were targeting isis, they should be flying around raqqa and hitting there. >> it's clearly got the u.s. worried about what's going to happen next. there has to be cooperation and coordination between the two militaries otherwise we'll end up with a terrible military incident in the skies above syria. but they certainly are not moving anywhere nearer -- anywhere closer together on what syria's future should be, are they? is. >> that's right. i mean, it's very clear from both presidents' speeches at the u.n. the other day that the reading of the syrian conflict in moscow and washington is completely different. and while there will have to be deconfliction between the american and the russian forces, i really wouldn't use the word cooperation or coordination because the readings of the conflict are actually so different that i don't think cooperation or coordination is
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on the table right now nor should it be because the russian reading of the situation is that spar al assad is -- bashar al assad is the only alternative in syria and i think that's fundamentally wrong and not the way that this war is going to end. this war was started by bashar al assad's violent response to what was a peaceful up rising and this war doesn't end through air strikes. this war ends through a political settlement and ultimately bashar al assad's exiting of the scene. unless you have something along those lines, this conflict will not end. >> the u.s. has been clear that assad does have to go. i guess the question is how quickly he might have to go. there have been plans floating around for some sort of transitional government whereby perhaps bashar al assad could stay as a symbolic figure head for some time until a proper government takes over.
5:40 pm
is there any way do you think that the u.s. might soften its attitude towards assad staying for a little time? >> now, i think that it's important here to distinguish between the syrian government and bashar al assad and his close associates. if you look at previous efforts at peace negotiations, they're all predicated on a process of mutual consent between the government and the moderate opposition. i think that's still the only sound way to get a lasting sustainable political solution to this conflict and if you just look at the facts on the ground, the opposition is never going to accept bashar al assad, the person, staying. now, they're not asking for a total de -- they know that some brain bravestige of the group
5:41 pm
to stay. sri lanka says it's worked closely with the u.n. to produce a resolution with which it can work but some say it doesn't go far enough at miguel for understand disease reports. >> he's remembering hell on earth and says he filmed this video showing dozens of civilians dead or injured. >> every 50 or 100 meters there were dead. there was no place without any
5:42 pm
attacks. so all the medical treatment place was attacked. >>reporter: those attacks were highlighted in if a u.n. reported presented to the human rights council in geneva. it recommended a hybrid court be set up to investigate allegations of serious human rights violations. but the eventual resolution unanimously adopted in geneva on thursday has been watered down calling for a domestic sri lanka mechanism with little international involvement. >> the way that we have in sri lanka is not credible so can we have an independent, credible
5:43 pm
investigation into what happened at the end of the war? definitely not. >> the new government has drawn praise for its engagement with the u.n., a marked difference from the previous regime but it's worked hard to minimize involvement in its internal affairs. >> without the intervention, we have very good judges, very good legal procedures in this country. >> tens of thousands of sri lankaens lost their lives during 26 years of fighting. vie lasri lankan -- but victims
5:44 pm
survivors, for them, finding the truth remains the key. the south african government is supporting a new board game for schools meant to address a very serious issue. the game teaches students about sexual abuse, how to prevent it, and how to report it. tanya page explains. >>reporter: each roll of the dice lands the players on a new question designed to educate young people about domestic violence and sexual abuse. it's called the life board. >> make a symbol for a rape awareness campaign. >>reporter: it's been developed by the tears foundation which helps victims of rape with the support of the south african government, it will soon be available in schools across the country. the group with the best answer wins a point. >> most people like playing games so i think they are going learn more from it if it's in a game. >> doesn't matter if you've got a wrong or right answer.
5:45 pm
you just give each other advice or information about saying no to this. >>reporter: the issue is important in a country with high levels of violent crime. almost every week there's another horror story of a child or baby being raped. that's why she will never leave her 18-year-old disabled daughter home alone. >> it's very difficult to raise a special child. i can't go and look for work at all. i can't be away from her in case she is raped. >>reporter: it's a fear shared by many parents here. the scale of the problem is huge. unicef says that in sub ahaar aafrican countries -- a lot of it goes unreported. kids in trouble can call child line. ahasahara ahaasaharan --
5:46 pm
>> hopefully molding and shaping and challenging some of the attitudes of the youth today is going to create a bit of a safer environment for tomorrow. whether they're rapping, drawing, or talking about it, the result is the same, an easy, fun conversation about a very serious topic. tonya page, al jazeera, south africa. there's plenty more still to come including why some people in one of the world's top food producing countries are struggling to feed themselves. >> and serena williams waves good-bye to tennis. well, for this season at least. we'll explain why in sports.
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argentina is one of the world's top food producers but in places in the north, many are struggling. the government has invested millions in the fight against poverty but the opposition claims it has not succeeded. >>reporter: deep in the heart of what is called the inpenetratable forest, the toba community is struggling to survive. orlando serrano says he's worried about his children. >> i have a pension and these
5:49 pm
houses but it's still very difficult for us. there are no jobs. our children still go hungry. >>reporter: the toba were hunter gatherers but argentina has destroyed much of the environment they used to live in. they don't be among the poorest in the country here and even though the government has implemented social programs to help them and built new homes like this one, there are still many that continue to live in need without enough food or water. the recent death of oscar sanchez has raised questions about the country. he died of tuberculosis and pal nourishment. >> i asked the governme---al fol
5:50 pm
nourish -- they are the diseases of the poor and the government wants to hide malnourish -- the diseases of the poor and the government wants to hide them. >> we cannot trust the data available so we don't know the real figures about undernourishment and child mortality. >> the government has invested millions in the fight against poverty. there's new hospitals and schools. but a lot more needs to happen before people in argentina's most remote communities can leave extreme poverty behind.
5:51 pm
time to get the latest sports now with robin. >> flieselicitfelicity, the wel looking for the rugby win. bangladesh is officially off the team. they said in a statement that an independent security assessment found a risk of terrorism in bangladesh targeting australian nationals. bangladesh promised extra security for the squad. despite the set back, this game in bangladesh is joining an unprecedented year of success. >>reporter: in the alleys here, you can see children playing street cricket.
5:52 pm
such scenes, once common, are now rare in bangladesh. the children are benefitting from a cash influx into cricket that their parent's generation could hardly dream of. new money means they can play on a decent pitch. >> we didn't have facilities growing up. no proper field. we were desperate to even find a ball. >>reporter: a few hundred meters away, a new stadium is being built. >> since bangladesh became a test playing nation, there's been an enormous amount of money being poured into cricket from less than a million dollars in two and about $15 million this year. that's around twice the money going into all other sports in the country combined. the biggest victim of this almost single-minded focus on
5:53 pm
cricket is futbol. once the country's most popular sport. >> the futbol infrastructure in this country is not very developed. i'm a futbol fan but i like going to cricket games more. it's a bigger event and the crowds are bigger. futbol games aren't very fun. >>reporter: bangladesh cricket board officials say that unlike with other sports, most of the money going into the game is not coming from the government. almost all of the $15 million comes from ticket sales and sponsorships. and it looked like it was paying off with three consecutive series wins against heavy weights pakistan, india, and south africa. but their momentum has been halted with high profile visitors worrying about attacks on their teams. many worry this could hurt cricket development in
5:54 pm
bangladesh. they also say there have been no major security since -- incidents since 2000 bangladesh started hosting test matches. one day perhaps the kids will have a chance to shine on the global cricket stage. serena williams will not be defending the finals later this month. she has decided to end her season early saying she's played injured most of the year. she's missed out on a calendar slam at the u.s. open last month the matches of course are welcome distractions for afghans but playing doesn't bring wealth. >>reporter: afghan futboler comes from modest beginnings. his face is on display at his
5:55 pm
father's food stand where chicken, soup, or a boiled potato cost about 15 u.s. cents. most of the profits go to supporting his futbol career. his medals and trophies decorate the tiny home he shares with his parents and eight siblings. on the field, he leaves that world behind to concentrate on the futbol that he loves. he's a forward on his team. last year his team finished second in the league. fans say the beautiful game shows afghanistan in if a better light. >> the futbol is very important because this is a big chance to show the world that afghanistan is not just a country for war but it is a country for peace, for sports, for everything. >> for many, it's just a great day out. a chance to cheer something on. to share national pride. >> these are the best players in afghanistan but their salaries are nothing like what their
5:56 pm
contemporaries make in other countries. they only get about $160 a month and only for the three months of the year they play in this league. for players from wealthy families, that doesn't matter. but for someone like him, the oldest son in had the family, it adds a lot of pressure. >> i'm a man with no education. how much longer can i play futbol? in afghanistan, you can't make enough money to survive. this money is not enough to pay for my own transportation. >> one day he was so upset he got a razor and slashed his arm. he was saved but the pain remains. >> my wish is that there will be a day when we can get out of this poverty. we can be like other people. we can have a car. our own home. >> for a couple of hours a week, he finds escape on the field. on this day, there's cause for
5:57 pm
joy. >> our team worked hard and gave them victory. i feel really happy our team has won this match. >> he says the happiness doesn't last long. then reality returns. he knows he must find a way to make futbol pay through a sponsor or place on an international team. if he can't, he will have to give up his dreams of being a sports star and take over his father's business. finally, brazilian's futbol team didn't go quietly as they were knocked out of the eccopa sudamerica. it's back to felicity in london. and that is just about it from this particular news hour. thanks so much for watching. i'm felicity bar and i'll be back with more news in a couple of minutes. see you then. bye bye.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> the cops is a legalized gang... it makes me scared for everybody >> fear and distrust in baltimore... >> they've just been pepper spraying people at very close range... >> years of tension between the community and police erupt... >> she was on her way home to her kid, and she never made it... >> a former cop speaks out... >> if you had taken steps when a man was assaulted, maybe freddie gray didn't have to die. >> is there still a blue wall of silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising
6:00 pm
only on al jazeera america ing right now we're looking at live pictures coming in from roseburg, oregon. we're awaiting a news conference to get an update on the college campus shooting that's left at least 13 people dead. in just a couple of minutes, we're expected to hear from the douglas county sheriff. hello, everyone, i'm adam may live in new york bringing you up to date on this campus shooting in the town of roseburg, oregon. recapping what we know right now. there are reports that at least 13 people have been killed by a gunman at the umpqua community college. it's about three hours south of portland,