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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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turkey demands russia immediately stop attacks on syrian opposition and civilians. hello, this is al jazeera. live from doha. also ahead, israel i police investigate the scene of a shooting where an israeli couple was shot dead near the west bank city. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet -- >> hundreds mourning hospital killed in the latest mass shooting in the u.s., president obama against calls for a review the gun laws, plus.
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>> reporter: i am john hulman where hundreds of thousands of hertl arrive each year. but the majority of their egg es are being stolen. we begin with the war in syria where russian airstrikes have entered their third day. turkey and its partners in the u.s. errico lungs say they are concerned with the russian military involvement. they have urged months to you could you to stop attacking syrian groups and attack isil instead. russia is it's not just isil but other groupings like the al plus rah front, they say the campaign could last for three or four months. syrian president bashar al-assad opposition are bearing the bankrupt of the airstrikes, it's
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impair i have to for isil to target skiles no other groups. they will be meeting putin in the next few hours. our diplomatic editor james bays reports. >> reporter: for over a week world leaders have been in new york and all the keys figures have all said their pray or at this iprioritiesis to get peace. so what has changed? the answer is this. whether they were timed to coincide with this global gathering or not, russian he an air strikes are a game changer. the u.s. says they add gasoline to the fire of a war already four years old. russia says it's a positive step aimed as those they label terrorists. given that the russians were up righted in by president assad, does that just mean all his enemies everybody those groups directly supported by the u.s. i tried it get clarity from the russian foreign minister, in addition to aisles which specific groups in syria do you
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believe to be error assists? >> well, if it look like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terroterrorist, if it fights lia terrorist it's a terrorist. the representatives of the coalition command have always been saying that their targets are isil, at nusra and other terrorist groups, this is basically our position as well. we see eye to eye with the coalition on this one. >> reporter: but on the i goest issue of all, president's assad's future role there is no agreement. to explain the reason for rus ra russia's policy on this he use third degree. >> sadam hussein, is iraq a better place, a saver place? qaddafi. murdered. in, you know, front of the viewers. is libya a better place? now we are demonizing assad.
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can we try try to draw lessons, you know. >> reporter: there are two new initiatives put forward during the u.n. assembly but in my view neither is one that can stop the bloodshed? syria. one is a new draft resolution russia is putting forward to the u.n. security council on countering isil. and the other is the idea of the contact group on syria involving key international and regional players. but as the u.s.' allies on sear gentleman arrive from a meeting a diplomat from one of the the groups told me a contact is usually used in an advanced play. right now there is little russia and the u.s. agree on. dice fight over 250,000 death there is no real i want national strategy. james bays, al jazeera, the united nations. syrian opposition groups have accused russia are targeting u.s.' trained moderate fighters but so far washington has not decided on a strategy to
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protect them. rosalind george honda jordan ham washington. >> reporter: u.s. and russia military officials did have their first conversation about how to avoid getting each other's way as they conduct airstrikes against isil targets in syria. the other, that the u.s. does not plan to change its military strategy against isil. that said, the spokesperson peter cook, was very reluctant to provide more details about what happening next. >> right now our focus is the fight against isil. there are monthed rat opposition forces taking the fight against isil who are getting our support right now. we believe the russians should be doing everything that they can to take the fight to isil as well. >> reporter: peter cook did say that there are future conversations planned between the russians and the americans. but he couldn't say when those conversations will take place and on exactly which topics they'll focus. it does not answer many
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questions about how the u.s. and russia are planning to stay out of each other's way as they both bomb isil targets inside syria. and regional players like saudi arabia say syrian president bashar al-assad must go. >> translator: the only solution to this cries sit a political one. based on the geneva one declaration. it maintain the unity of syria and preserve its state institutions both civil and military and to form a transitional council where bashar al-assad or those whose hands have been stained with blood have no place. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took the opportunity to argue against the iranian nuclear deal saying israel will do whatever it needs to defend itself. >> israel will not allow iran to break in, to sneak in, or to
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walk in to the nuclear weapons club. 70 years after the murder of 6 million juice, iran's rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here, has been absolutely nothing. utter silence. deafening silence. >> an israeli couple has been killed while driving near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank, israeli police say a palestinian gunman opened fire on their car. four children in the car were also injured. the shooting comes as tensions between israelis and palestinians continue over the
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aal-aqsa mosque compound. the contested site is sacred to both jews and muslims, imtiaz tyab has more. >> reporter: israel i security forces confirmed that two israeli citizens were found shot dead in what they described as a drive-by shooting in the occupied west bank. the shooting took place just before 9:00 p.m. local time near the legal israeli settlement. which is mere the palestinian village. according to israeli security forces, several shots were fired at the car. when first responders arrived on the scene, they declared the two adults who have been described as a man and a woman in their 30s dead on the scene. however, four children all you were the age of 10 were unharmed and taken in to custody. they were found in that vehicle. now, drive-by shootings like
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this in the occupied west bank aren't entirely uncommon. the last time we saw something like this was in june of this year. when a 25-year-old i 25-year-oli citizen was shot in the occupied west bank near an illegal settlement as well. but the timing of this shooting, of course, comes at a particularly tense time. we have seen repeated confrontations between israeli security forces and palestinian worshipers at the al-aqsa mosque. it has led to extreme tension not just in occupied east jerusalem but also felt in the occupied west bank. but as we have been saying, a major security operation is underway in the occupied west bank. as israeli security forces try to find the perpetrators of this drive-by shooting. >> meanwhile, hundreds of demonstrators in malaysia have shown their solidarity with palestinians at the al-aqsa compound. protesters rallied against
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israel's restrictions on the mosque. florence l on. oon.oi reports. >> reporter: organizers a coalition of several no one government groups are calling this a day of anger, they want to register their protests and anger over what has been happening at the al-aqsa mosque in jerusalem. >> we must give a total condemnation, we will join the global community to condemn the current intrusion and trampling rights of the palestinian peop people. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrations have joined in this protest carrying banners, chancing slogans saying long live palestine, long liver the al-aqsa mosque and down with the zionist regime. their plan is to hand over a memorandum to the u.s. ambassador to malaysia. the u.s. is seen as a key ally of israel. israel and i palestinian strive has risk over what has been
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happening at the al-aqsa mosque, palestinians have a cured israeli forces of violations and the slashes have spread throughout the white sox bank. bahrain has pulled out its ambassador to iran and given a senior iranian diplomat 72 hours to leave the country. happening a day after more than one inform ton tons of explosives and a large bomb-baking factory were discovered. several people have been arrested over what they call terrorist links to iran, iraq and hezbollah in lebanon. bahrain has claimed iran for creating sectarian violence in the kingdom which terrain has strongly denied. now to the u.s. and nine people have been killed in a state of oregon after a gunman walked in to community college and opened fire. president obama has made a plea to the american public to help stop gun violence. a candle light individual ill
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was held to the victims outside the community college in roseberg, oregon at least seven peopled were count are wounded the gunman was killed nay shootout but has mott been identified yet. >> reporter: police responded to shots fired by at gunman at a classroom on the campus of the community college. in the rural oregon town of roseberg. >> officers engaged that suspe suspect. there was an edges change of gunfire. the shooter threat was neutralized. >> reporter: after firing his first shot at a teacher the gunman told students to lie down and state their religion, then he resumed fire indiscriminately. >> we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased. he is a 20-year-old male. >> reporter: after being searched students were put on buses and evacuated while police search today pass dibbl possibly
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traps. the leading prosecutioner in oregon are look in to reports the shooter released a race-related manifesto on social media before the crime. sims the 2012 massacre the 20 young children and six adults at a connecticut grade school. the u.s. has seen 142 school shootings. but tighter gun controls have been ruled out by the republican led congress where gun rights advocates hold sway. president obama vented his frustration with that opposition. >> we spend over a trillion dollars and pass countless laws and devote entirely agencies to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil. and rightfully so. and yet we have a congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun deaths.
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>> reporter: yet kiss fight support for expanded become ground checks a recent national poll shows for the first time more americans say pro they going gun rights is more important than controlling gun ownership. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. well, the shootings have once again raised questions over gun violence and ownership in the u.s. statistics show that gun-related deaths are on the rise. thursday's attack in oregon brings the number of mass shootings this year alone to 294. that's almost one a day. since president obama started his second term in 2012, nearly 1,000 mass shootings have happened in the u.s. in the last two years alone, over 1200 people have been killed. but these figures don't include every day incidents of gun violence which this year have resulted in 10,000 people losing their lives. still ahead on al jazeera, we'll tell you why tamil groups in slay lan ca are angry the
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welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories now, syrian monitor groups say russian planes may have bombed an isil-held town in the third day of airstrikes. many while, turkey and its partners in the u.s. led coalition against isil have called on moscow to stop its attacks on the syrian opposition. they have urged russia to folk under the circumstances its air raids on isil fighters instead. israeli security forces say a palestinian gunman opened fire on a car killing an israeli
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couple in the occupied west bank, four children who were in the car were also injured. and nine people have been killed in the u.s. state of oregon after a gunman walked in for a community college and opened fire. president obama has once more called for a review the gun laws, a candle light vim ill has been held to the victims. now, the leaders of rushing, a ukraine and france as well as germany are due to meet in paris later friday as they try to form a plan to end the conflict in eastern ukraine. the group collectively known as the nomady four will attempt to restore a deal originally brokered in belarus earlier this year. neave barker reports from paris. >> reporter: the latest ceasefire in eastern ukraine has opened up vital space for diplomacy. and when the normally four meet here at the a al palace they are looking for lasting piece, when the leaders meant in february, they spent more than 15 hours locked to talks before announcing a breakthrough.
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but the truce collapsed almost immediately amid further fighting. last month, both sides agreed to try again. offering thousands of people trapped by the conflict the hope of a return to normal life. so far, the ceasefire appears to be holding. for now the normally four has a chance to give the minsk protocol another go. it includes 13 key points. including the withdrawal of heavy weaponry and foreign fighters from the conflict zone. the control of the russia-ukrainian border and regional elections in parts of the country controlled by the separatists. with tensions as they currently are, the road ahead is challenging. >> the key issue here is the control of the ukrainian-russian border. because ukraine believes that once they have control over this border then really they are controlling what is going in and out. so they are controlling the
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supply lines from russia in to the rebel-held regions. >> reporter: in return for signing up to the minsk agreement, russia is is expected to ask for an easing of international sanctions that have hit the country's economy hard. since the conflict in eastern ukraine began last april, 8,000 soldiers and civilians have been killed. town and villages laid waste by indiscriminate shelling. the fact that neither side wants to continues fighting is an important first step. lasting recovery and reconciliation may be harder to reach. neave bark he should al jazeera, paris. 12 people have been killed, including five u.s. servicemen in a military plane crash over afghanistan. the american c130 came down in an air field in the eastern city of, an investigation in to the cause of the crash is underway. now, sri lanka says it's looking to set up a credible judicial process to investigate
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alleged war crimes during its long conflict with tamil tiger rebels following a water down u.n. rights mesh on thursday, whichless calls for investigation of foreign prosecutors. >> this was the hospital fee. >> reporter: remembering hell on earth. the doctor was one of five doctors working during the final battle between government forces and tamil tigers. he says he filmed this video showing dozens of civilians dead or injured. >> every maybe 15 meeters, hundred meters there was -- there was no place without any attacks. so all the residents area and the accommodation places hospitals and. [ inaudible ] and medical treatment area was a place for an attack.
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>> reporter: those attacks were highlighted a u.n. report presented to the human rights council in geneva. it recommended a special hybrid court be set i'm court with international involvement to investigate allegations of serious human rights violations. but the eventual resolution unanimously adopted in geneva on thursday has been watered down. it calls for a domestic sri lankan mechanism with some foreign involvement. international element is vital to insure justice. >> what you have to have is the criminal justice system. present criminal justice system the way we have in shri lanka, is it credible? no, it's not credible. so can we have independent credible investigation in to what happened at the end of the war? definitely not. >> reporter: the new government has drawn praise for its engagement with the u.n. a marked difference from the previous regime. but it has worked hard to
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minimize interference in its internal affairs. >> we have a very credible judicial system in this country. it's just not allowed to operate credibly by the previous government. that was the only point. but without the intervention we have very good judges, very good legal procedure in this country. >> reporter: 10s of thousands of clevan cans from all sides lost their lives during 26 years of fighting. the mind or at this tamil relation suffered some of the worst excesses. they say they need to closure to move on. more than six years after the end the of war here in slow sria the u.n. resolution is drawing micks reaction the main contention is whether an investigation can ever be credible. but for victims and survivors, finding the truth remains key. al jazeera. somalia's prime minister told the u.n. general assembly
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his country making gains against the armed group al-shabab. but he said to win the fight, he needs financial help. >> there is still an active insurgency chl we are trying to dismantle. for. [ inaudible ] for the regions, last year together with. [ inaudible ] forces we liberated all major. [ inaudible ] from al that lob, our soldiers are under paid, under fed, and under equipped. and yet they are putting that you are lives on the line for the country. this is unacceptable and we must invest in professionalism in our security and police forces. more and more children in mineniger are being forced in to early marriage, very well often it's wealthy men offering a big dowery. it's a practice that is harassed been almost impossible for the government to stop because of
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extreme struggles. >> reporter: a traditional pow . the women here are known for their stunning beauties. but behind the celebrations and joy, lie tales of abuse. poor and uneducated, most of these women have been forced to marry while still children. many are promised to rich nigerians. she married a nigerian but couldn't get used to life in nigh year gentleman. she returned home poor, the single mother of a daughter. >> translator: the reason why i got married was to financially help my poor father. and improve our living conditions, but the marriage collapsed i have a daughter that i need to raise and care for. >> reporter: child marriages are common practice in this part of the world.
4:26 am
parents can't resister the big doweries. but child brides often end up suffering mistreatment. there is abuse and stigma when they return home. divorced and humiliated. >> translator: niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world. 25% of girls marry before the aim of 515 and 75 before the aim of 18. uncief has sought a dialogue within the local communities we are telling them can child marriage has a huge negative impact on society. we are also educating girls to put an end to the practice. >> reporter: but inning the practice in niger one of the world's poorest countries has a long way to go. this woman has defied her family who wanted her to marry a wealthy man. many others cannot especially in the face of overwhelming
4:27 am
poverty. al jazeera,. >> mexican officials have agreed to speed up the extradition process allowing drug lords and suspected criminals a fast track to jail in the u.s. the deal comes a day after mexico september 2 top drug cartel bosses and 11 others to the u.s. it's part after new effort between mexico city and washington it fight organized crime across the two countries. mexico's pacific coach beaches are prime nesting sites for hundreds of thousand of sea turtles. he have year they return to lay their eggs in the sand but are facing a growing threat from poachers who steal up to 70% of the eggs and sell them at nearby markets as a local delicacy, john hulman reports. >> reporter: they arrive one by one. lit only by a sliver of moonlight. a million endangered tor turtles clamber onto beaches each year
4:28 am
one of only two piece toys stage in mass invasion in nesting season they can lay their eggs in quickly dug hollows it's the only protection against the dangers of the night. like these men. known as horsemen. they scour the beach swooping on egg to his sellas local delicacies. even as the mother says lay them. it's illegal. but they are from poor and isolated communities say they have little choice. >> translator: i am here because i need this work. we all have families. we don't have education or papers to get the regular jobs. >> reporter: over 70% of the eggs on the beach were recently taken and the number of turtles worldwide have halved in the last 50 years. the eggs these turtles are laying are really up against it, apart from human predators they
4:29 am
are at risk from animals and birds and that means that less than 1% of them are going to make it to adulthood. middle men sale the eggs for 10 times or more what they pay the horsemen in the nearby market. where they have been part of traditional cuisine for centuries. the elicit trade flourishes in full sight of the mayor's office. the navy used to guard these beaches year round. but was pulled off to battle mexico's cartels only returning when massive numbers of turtles arrive. now the government is stepping up protection efforts again. >> translator: we have just signed agreements with the navy, federal police and the army to support us. and we are also using drones to protection the turtles. >> reporter: the government also offers occasional work program to give poachers other options but while full-time jobs are scarce, and eggs seemingly plentiful, it's hard to resist
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temptation. john hulman, al jazeera, mexico. and a reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all of the news, all the time on our website. >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the once high powered capitalist in russia turned human rights activist - bill browder. >> i had more than $1 billion, which was a huge amount of money-- in any circumstance, but certainly back then, and in russia. >> the financier had a spectacular rise with his investments quadrupling - but then browder began calling attention to corruption and crossed the wrong people. >> i was locked up overnight. and then i was deported the next day and declared a threat to national security, never to be allowed back into russia again. at that point