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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour and we are live from our headquarters in doha and stop air strikes in syria with escalating the conflict. >> this is small town america and not supposed to happen here but it happens. >> the victims of the latest mass shooting in the u.s. after a gunman opens fire at a college. also this hour forced into
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wedlock and niger the highest rate of child marriages in the world, plus. >> i'm john holman on the south pacific coast where hundreds of thousands arrive each year and majority of their eggs are being stolen. ♪ russia says air strikes overnight on i.s.i.l. positions inside syria have killed 12 fighters and moscow's military campaign entered a third day and monitoring groups say the targets include i.s.i.l. stronghold of r temperature raqqua province and are concerned about the actions and worries that those with president bashar al-assad are bearing the brunt of air strikes and foreign minister confirmed their target is not just i.s.i.l. but other armed groups
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like al-nusra and they say they should target i.s.i.l. and no other groups and french president is meeting russia leader vladimir putin and we will go to the capitol in just a moment but this report from our diplomatic editor james base. >> reporter: world leaders have been in new york and said their priorities to get peace efforts going in syria so while they have been here what has changed? the answer is this, whether they were trying to coincide with this global gathering or not russian air strikes in syria are a game changer. the u.s. says they add gasoline to the fire of a wall already 4 1/2 years old and russia says it's a positive step aimed at those they label terrorists and they were invited in by president assad and does that mean the enemies and groups
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supported by the u.s., i tried to get clarity from the russian foreign minister. >> in addition to i.s.i.l. which specific groups in syria do you believe to better terrorists? >> if it looks like a terrorist and acts and fights like a terrorist it's a terrorist. the representatives of the command have always said their targets are i.s.i.l., al-news yeah and other terrorists groups and we see eye to eye with the coalition on this one. >> reporter: on the biggest issue of all president assad's future role there is no agreement and to explain the reasons for russia's policy on this mr. lavrov used the example of the arab world. >> is iraq a better and safer place, gadhafi murdered in front
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of the viewers. is it really a better place? now with assad, can we try to draw lessons, you know. >> reporter: there are two new initiatives that have been put forward during the u.n. general assembly but in my view neither is one that can stop the blood shed in syria and one is a new draft resolution russia put forward to the u.n. security council on encountering them and one is key and regional players but as the u.s. allies on syria arrive for a meeting a diplomate from one of the countries told me a contact group is usually used for an agreed plan but right now there is very little the u.s. and russia agree on and despite over 250,000 deaths there is no real international strategy, james base, al jazeera, the united nations.
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and al jazeera's dana is monitoring the situation for us in neighboring lebanon and it's the third day of strikes and what have you learned as far as the situation on the ground is concerned? >> well, i can mention the third day of air strikes, a new wave of air strikes by the russian defense ministry saying since last night there were 18 authorities and 12 i.s.i.l. targets were hit, according to the defense ministry the targets were in the provinces of idlib in the north of the country as well as aleppo and hama and no mention of what the observatory is reporting and that group is saying russian war planes were active over rika which is an i.s.i.l. stronghold according to the observatory and there were strikes in rika as well as another town in the eastern countryside of homs, two
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i.s.i.l. strongholds but i mentioned the russian defense ministry has not yet confirmed whether or not this is true. but if it is it would really mark the first time the air strikes are targeting an area where i.s.i.l. really has a strong presence, i.s.i.l. does not have any presence in idlib or in the hama countryside and this really raised a lot of questions about russia's aerial campaign and focus in the opposition have been telling me that you know their aim is not just to target i.s.i.l. and get rid of what they are calling and what is left of the opposition in order to help the syrian president bashar al-assad but russians are making it very clear, for them the terrorists on the ground are not just i.s.i.l. but other groups as well and this is causing a lot of anxiety among syrians and what we do know is that two groups which were trained and supplied by the u.s. military, their bases were targeted.
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i spoke to the commanders of both of these groups and are wondering why are they being targeted in this campaign. >> dana is live for us in beirut and regional players like saudi arabia have once again reiterated but the only solution to the conflict is telling president bashar al-assad to go. >> the solution is a political one and to maintain syria and preserve the state institutions, the civil and military and to form a transitional council with bashar al-assad and those stained with blood have my place. >> let's speak to u.s. assist and of state under george w bush and brigadier general and thank you for being on al jazeera russia military actions in syria clearly raised the stakes there and what is russia intention
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there is it about propping up assad or do they have wider diplomatic goals? >> i think they have larger strategic in reinserting themselves in the middle east and becoming a power broker in the region but within syria itself it's not just about propping up assad as secretary lavrov said they will maintain syria and don't have the same feeling that turkey and france does that assad must go and they see the alternatives to assad as being more stabilizing of assad through the process. >> we have heard language from turkey, saudi arabia as well along with france, putin is in paris today and what do we expect to come out of the meeting and do we see the french take the lead on this? >> french is clear that assad
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must go and have criminal charges against assad pending and like turkey for a long time focused their efforts on removing assad. the russians by contrast are focused on maintaining the stability of the assad regime and the unity of syria, so it should be a clash between the views and how best to make sure that syria after assad does not look like another somalia on the mediterranean. >> more and more on the opposition feel the u.s. is abandoning them, what is correspondent dana was telling us a short while ago and we have the u.s. having to make a choice of whether to continue with their air strikes in syria and iraq against i.s.i.l. and with confrontation with the russians in syria or accept the idea that assad is not going anywhere any time soon, which do you think is the better choice for the americans right now? >> well, at this point i think there is really a third choice and that is to accept the
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presence of russians and russian activities and work very closely with the russians to ensure that even though we may have somewhat divergent goals that at least we de-conflict to have the russians and americans bumping into each other over the skies of syria. the ultimate outcome that both russia and the united states seek which is the defeat and destruction of i.s.i.l. can be done jointly and can be done together but there will have to be some diplomate, work between the russias and the americans and the entire coalition to ensure that that can be done either with the presence or the eventual stepping down or off ramp of assad from syria because the worst possible outcome is assad gone and unstable syria with somalia.
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as i mentioned syria is on the agenda of a meeting in paris between the french president and his russian counterpart vladimir putin and joined by angela merkel and poroshenko to discuss the situation in ukraine and we are in paris and joins us live and the meeting in paris was called but over shadowed by the crisis in russia and the russian air strikes will there be a dialog on russia's intervention in syria? >> well, inevitably this is the first meeting since they launched air strikes against syria, syria of course will be high on the list of things to be discussed here in paris and talks about finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in ukraine altogether.
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over the year course of the afternoon we expect to see bilateral talks taking place between the french president and putin and chancellor angela merkel and remember in the last 24 hours tensions between the west and russia have significantly ramped up after russia admitted that it was targeting more than just i.s.i.l. targets in syria. the concern of the united states of course being that u.s.-backed syrian rebel targets would also likely to be hit so tensions within those bilateral meetings between putin alone and putin and merkel are expected to be very high indeed, the message from western powers is likely to be that air strikes against targets in syria by the russians are endiscrimite and the response from russia is likely to be the only way to bring
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about lasting peace in syria is to back assad and the information that we have gained this morning suggests that the russian air strikes will continue for somewhere between 3-5 months. >> and ukraine the month-long ceasefire is holding and how to people expect to turn the truce into lasting peace? >> well, in many ways the normady four have a lot to be happy with, the truce that came into force on september the first is now largely holding, giving very much some breathing space for the politician, for the leaders of the normady countries to be able to broker lasting peace and introduce elements of the minsk two agreement, that agreement was signed at the beginning of the year in february and fell by the way side as continued fighting erupted between the separatist fighters and the ukraine central
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government forces and within those 13 points are issues to do with border controls between ukraine and russia, instructions to withdraw heavy weaponry and contention point of introducing elections also in separatist-held parts of the country. but for more on what it means for eastern ukraine here is my report. >> the latest ceasefire in eastern ukraine has opened up vital space for diplomacy and when the normady four meet here is the palace and looking for lasting peace. when the leaders of france germany and ukraine met in minsk they were 15 hours in talk befores announcing a breakthrough but the truce collapsed almost immediately amid further fighting and last month both sides agreed to try again offering thousands of people trapped by the conflict a hope of return to normal life, so far the ceasefire appears to
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be holding. for now the normady four has a chance to give it a go includes 13 key points including withdraw of heavy weaponry and foreign fighters from the conflict zone, control of russia, ukrainian border and regular elections in parts of the country controlled by the separatist and with tensions as they currently are the road ahead is challenging. >> the key issue here is the control of the ukrainian-russian border because ukraine believes once they have control over this border then they are controlling what is going in and out and so they are controlling the supply lines from russia to the rebel held regions. >> in return for holding up to the agreement they are asking for an easing of international sanctions that have hit the country's economy hard. since the conflict in eastern
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ukraine began last april 8,000 soldiers and civilians have been killed and towns and villages have been laid by endiscrimite shelling and neither want to continue fighting is a first step and reconciliation may be harder to reach. well, here in paris with both ukraine and syria high on the list of things to be discussed by the normady four countries it does raise some big questions as to whether or not the two conflicts are now in any way linked and separatists and eastern ukraine eying russia's involvement with great curiosity and wondering whether or not russia will continue to play a role in helping and supplying the separatists in their aim of establishing an independent region. but as russia's air strikes continue and are expected to
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continue now for several months the question really is now what will russia's next move be in terms of both syria and ukraine? >> lee barker in paris thank you very much. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour why some panel groups in sri lanka are angry with the u.n. council and rugby world cup and if canada will be a serious challenge. ♪ first to the u.s. where nine people have been killed in the state of oregon after a gunman walked into a community college and opened fire, president barack obama has made a plea to the american public to help stop gun violence. ♪ amazing grace candlelight vigil held for the
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victims outside umpqua community college in roseburg and at least seven people were injured and the gunman who has not been identified was killed in a shoot out with police. >> reporter: police responded to shots fired by the gunman at a classroom on the campus of umpqua community college in the town of roseburg. >> officers engaged that suspect, there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter threat was neutralized. >> reporter: a witness told a local newspaper that after firing his first shot at a teacher the gunman told students to lie down and asked them to state their religion then he resumed fire endiscriminately. >> the shooter is deceased and a 20-year-old maul. >> reporter: students were put on buses and evacuated as police searched for possible boobie traps and said investigators
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have been looking into reports the shooter issued a race related manifesto on social media before the crime, this was the 45th school shooting at an american school this year. sin the 2012 massacre of 20 young children and six adults at a connecticut grade school the u.s. has seen 142 school shootings and tighter gun controls have been ruled out by republican led congress where gun rights advocates hold sway and president obama vented his frustration with that opposition. >> we spend over a trillion dollars and pass countless laws and devote entire agencies to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil and rightfully so. and yet we have a congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun violence. >> reporter: support for expanded background checks on
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purchasers a resent national poll show for the first time more americans say protecting gun rights is more important than controlling gun ownership. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. executive director of new yorkers against gun violence and says the u.s. congress needs to introduce stronger gun control laws. >> nra has bought our members of congress. we have the best congress money can buy and they are more beholden to the nra which represents the gun manufacturers here in america and don't forget their only motivation is to sell more guns and they don't care to whom they sell the guns clearly so unless we have a congress that starts representing the american people and not the gun industry which is soaped in blood at this point then we are going to continue to have these mass shootings, by the way 88 americans die everyday from gun violence and nearly 34,000 a
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year and over 80,000 are injured, this is a yearly, daily occurrence in the united states and unless people actually start to make this an issue and they vote, the members of congress out who refuse to take action we are not going to see change but states like new york are making positive change and we have the third lowest gun death in the nation and no mass shootings at schools for many years because strong, smart gun laws work and i think congress needs to get the same message. israeli prime minister has again argued against the i ran iranian nuclear deal and said they will do whatever it takes to defend itself. >> israel will not allow iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk into the nuclear weapons club. 70 years after the murder of 6 million jews iran's rulers
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promised to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the government's represented here has been absolutely noth g nothing, utter silence. deafening silence. netanyahu has blamed a shooting near an illegal occupied west bank on palestinian ensitement and israeli couple was killed when a palestinian gunman opened fire on their car and four children in the car were unharmed and shooting come as tensions between israel and palestinians continue over the compound in occupied east jerusalem and the contested site is sacred to both jews and muslims. hundreds of demonstrators in malaysia have shown solidarity
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with palestinians on the controversy and rallied in kuala-lumpar on the mosque in east jerusalem and florence lewie reports. >> reporter: solidarity with the palestinians and organizers and coalition and several government groups and want to register the protest of anger of what has been happening at the mosque in jerusalem. >> we must have condemnation and we will join the global community to condemn the current intrusion and simply rights of it. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators, not just malaysia but egyptians and palestinians have joined in this process carrying banners and chanting slogans saying long live p palestine and done with regime and they will hand it over to the ambassador to malaysia and
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u.s. is a key ally of israel and israeli and palestinian strife has risen over what has been happened at the mosque and palestinian and arab states accused of violations and the clashes have spread throughout the west bank. two people have been shot dead outside a state police headquarters building in the australian city of sidney, a man fired on the building and killed an employee and the gunman was shot by officers and exclusion zone has been set up around the area. hurricane joaquin hit the bahamas and category four with winds of 210 kilometers per hour brought heavy rains and flooding to the central part of the island nation and the system is moving to the u.s. east coast now and no casualties have been reported so far. let's get an update on the world weather now with everton and everton what is the latest on this hurricane? >> well, it is actually the strongest atlantic hurricane for five years and a beast and
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staggered to a halt and that is a big concern because it will put down more heavy rain across the bahamas and keeping a close eye on the eastern sea and what are we hearing there, a possibility making its way to the eastern sea board of the u.s. and i don't think it's actually going to hit and had problems determining the exact path because it's moving so slowly but we have already seen some really heavy rain on the eastern side of the u.s. over the past few days and that in itself is great concerns as well, a lot of this actually low lying as well all the way up into portland, maine and the rain in 24 hours and in south carolina where we see 71 millimeters of rain in the last 24 hours as well. that is the totals we are looking at for the last 2-3 days and then of course we have the hurricane making its way towards the eastern sea board so that is the position of the storm at the moment, sustained winds of 210 kilometers per hour and still a category four, and it will weaken slightly over the next
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18-24 hours or so and then it looks like staying off shore but even if it does stay off shore we are still looking at copious rainfall fofr for the east u.s. and charleston and heavy rain through friday and saturday and even sunday further heavy downpours here. >> everton thank you very much indeed, mexico's beaches are prime nesting sites for hundreds of thousands of sea turtles but they are local and poachers are increasingly capitalizing and john holman reports. >> reporter: they arrive one by one and it's only by a sliver of moonlight, a million turtles clammer on the beaches in southwest mexico each year, one of only two species to stage this massive invasion in nesting season and lay their eggs and quickly dug hollows and it's the only protection against the
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dangers of the night. like these men known as horsemen, they score the beat for the eggs to sell as local delicacys as mothers lay them and it's legal but people from isolated communities say they have little choice. >> translator: i'm here because i need this work and we all have families and don't have education or papers to get to regular jobs. >> reporter: over 70% of the eggs are at the beach and were recently taken and the number worldwide has haveled in the last 50 years and the turtles are laying and up against it apart from human predators they are at risk from animals and birds and mean less than 1% of them are going to make it to the herd. middlemen sell the eggs ten
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times more in the market where they have been part of traditional cuisine for sensorys and the illicit trade continues in full sight of the mayor's office as they used to guard it and returning when massive number of turtles arrive and the government is stepping up protection efforts again. >> translator: we signed agreements with the navy, federal police and army to support us and also using drones to protect the turtles. >> reporter: the government also offers occasional work programs to give poachers other options and full time jobs are scarce and eggs plentiful it's hard to resist temptation, john holman, mexico. still ahead on al jazeera. catherine in the capitol and
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i'll be telling you about the government's grand plan to organize the city by 2040 and that means all this has to go. and in sport the head of bangladesh's cricket says their fans have been let down by australia after they postponed and more on that later in the program.
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the al jazeera news hour, reminder of our top stories syrian monitoring groups say russian air strikes killed 12
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fighters and syrian opposition groups have also been targeted and french president holding talks with russian counterpart vladimir putin on moscows actions in syria. a gunman walked in a community college and opened fire and president obama has once more called for review of gun laws and a candlelight vigil has been held for the victims. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has blamed a shooting by an illegal jewish settlement on jewish insightment and gunmen opened fire on a car killing an israeli couple. now, india has unveiled its plans to tackle climate change pledging to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030, it's the world's largest carbon e mitter and the largest to have a target ahead of global talks in paris in december. new deli says it will cut carbon
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dioxide by one-third in the next 13 years and india will invest in renewable energy sources and a boost in clean energy technology and it also plans to increase the cover to soak up carbon dioxide. joining us now is the deputy director at the center for science and environment in new deli and thank you very much for your time and what do you make of this climate action plan announced by india today does it go far enough in your opinion? >> i think it is fair, the climate action can be fair and quite ambitious in the forestry and if you look at other media polluters have placed then india's indc are almost similar to chinas and both have similar ambitions in improving emissions intensity of gdp, similar
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ambitions on energy and similar ambitions on improving this and for both countries india and china have far more ambition than the united states so in some way india's indc is similar to china but better than the u.s. >> are the targets too ambitious especially when you consider that at least 300 million indians still have no access to electricity and the government is still planning to expand coal power to satisfy the country eastern -- country energy needs. >> in india we need more energy and they want energy and the reality of climate change so india has tried to balance all these three things and therefore we don't have oil, we don't have gas and india said we will have more coal but we will have more renewable energy and increase in
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solar and wind capacity and india needs all sources of energy to meet the energy needs of its people. >> what about a solid deal in paris in december? >> that is a very good question, if you now look at the world, 85% of the media polluters and we have models saying if you add up the countries it's far short of meeting the two degree temperature rise target. trajectory is far off that and in paris there should be reality check and the leaders should basically sit together and see that how do we increase the ambition on countries and every country will have to increase their ambition if you really want to tackle the challenge of climate change. >> center for science and environment in new deli and
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thank you very much and thanks for your time. india announced emissions reduction plan on the birth anniversary of gandhi the leader of the struggle for independence and top flowers laid flowers at his memorial and gandhi's is a day of nonviolence which was campaigned during his life. to sri lanka looking to set up a credible judicial process to investigate war crimes during the long conflict with rebels and follows a watered down resolution on thursday which called for an investigation involving foreign prosecutors and we have more. >> reporter: remembering hell on earth and he was one of five doctors working during the final battle between government forces and tiger and he says he filmed this video showing dozens of
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civilians dead or injured. >> every maybe 50, 100 meters, there was no place without any attacks so all the residents area and accommodation place and hospitals and for the distribution place and medal treatment area and a place were attacked. >> reporter: to attacks were highlighted in a u.n. report presented to the human rights council in geneva and had a court set up with international involvement to investigate allegations of serious human rights violations but the eventual resolution adopted on geneva on thursday has been watered down and calls for a sri lanka mechanism with some foreign involvement and they say the international element is vital to ensure justice.
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>> what you have to have is the commitment of justice system and a criminal justice system, the way we have in sri lanka is credible, no, it's not credible. so can we have independent, credible investigation into what happened at the end of the war? definitely not. >> reporter: the new government in columbo has praise for engaugement with the u.n., a marked difference from the previous regime and worked hard to minimize internal affairs. >> you are credible system in this country and is not allowed to operate creditably by the previous government and that is the only point but without the intervention we have very good judges, very good legal procedure in this country. >> reporter: tens of thousands of sri lanka from all sides lost their lives during 26 years of fighting, the minority relation suffered some of the worst
6:38 am
accesses and say they need closer to move on. more than six years after the end of the war in sri lanka it's drawing mixed reaction and the main contention is whether a domestic investigation to war crimes allegations can ever be credible but the victims and survivors finding the truth remains key, al jazeera, columbo. now for africa and 14 people have been killed after a suicide bomber's detonated explosives in northeast nigeria and the multiple blast went off on the capitol of b orno state and 39 people were injured and two attackers were teenaged girls. leader of the presidential guard's short live in bukino-faso turned himself in and held at the capitol and sought refuge at the vatican
6:39 am
embassy between army and supporters who refuse to disarm, on wednesday they raided the barracks of the presidential guards and made further arrests. somalia prime minister told the u.n. general assembly his country is making gains against the armed group al-shabab but they said to win the fight he needs financial help. >> there is still enough of insurgency and risking our lives to. for all regions the forces were liberated from al-shabab but our soldiers are under paid, under fed and under equipped and yet they are certain to put their lives on the line for the country. this is unacceptable and must have professionalism and police forces. >> reporter: more children are being forced into early marriage and very often it's wealthy men
6:40 am
from neighboring nigeria offering big dorys to marry girls and it's nearly impossible for it to stop because of extreme poverty and we report. >> reporter: a traditional wedding in the sahara city in the stronghold, the women here are known for their stunning beauty but behind the celebrations and joy lies abuse. poor and uneducated, most of these women have been forced to marry while still children. many are promised to rich nigerians. she married a nigerian but she couldn't get used to life in nigeria and she returned home poor, the single mother of a daughter. >> translator: the reason why i got married was to financially
6:41 am
help my poor father and improve our living conditions but the marriage collapsed, i have a daughter that i need to raise and care for. >> reporter: child marriages are common practice in this part of the world. parents can't resist the big doweries but child brides often have miss treatment and there is abuse and stigma when they return home divorced and humiliated. >> translator: niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world, 25% of girls marry before the age of 15 and 75% before the age of 18. unicef has sought the dialog within the local communities and we are telling them child marriage has a huge negative impact on society, we also are educating girls to put an end to the practice. >> reporter: but ending the practice in niger one of the wor
6:42 am
world's poorest country has a long way to go, this woman has defied her family who wanted her to marry a wealthy man. many others cannot especially in the face of the overwhelming poverty, al jazeera. mexican officials agreed to speed up the extradition process allowing drug lords and suspected criminals a fast track to jail in the united states, the deal comes a day after mexico sent two top cartel bosses and 11 others to the u.s. with a new effort between mexico and washington to fight organized crime in the two countries. turkey go to the polls on november the first for the second time in just five months and with the kurds forming around 20% of the population the ruling act party needs them to stay in power but with recent violence the threat of i.s.i.l. and a syrian war on their doorstep kurds are reevaluating who they will be voting for and
6:43 am
bernard smith is there and considering the people's democratic party. >> reporter: this is a working class kurdish neighborhood of turkey's southern city, most of the people who live here are conservative, they are the type of voter helped the party keep grip on power for the past 13 years, until june's election. that's when shop owner joined tens of thousands of kurds across southern and eastern turkey in giving their vote to the pro-kurdish people's democratic party or the hdp. >> translator: we hoped the party was going to bring peace to the southeast of turkey and president erdiwan came to speak to us in 2005 we said this is the leader we are looking for, he will bring peace. >> reporter: in the months leading up to the election in june the two-year peace deal between the kurdish separatist pkk and the government began to
6:44 am
unravel. and earlier in the year many kurds like restaurant owner were angered by the turkish governments indifference to the fight to stop i.s.i.l. taking over the syrian town of kobani. >> translator: i voted for the htp and i'm equal to felly kurds and i.s.i.l. is be heading people and my people are defending their honor. >> reporter: across kurdish regions official results show as much as 20% swing away from akp helped htm get them in parliament and for business owners a weaker economy, higher inflation and frustration with bureaucracy seemed to cost the ac party support here. >> translator: we are becoming weaker because of taxes and other financial burdens and the first and second terms of ac
6:45 am
party were good but in the last term they are strangled so to speak and if they sort things out we could vote for them again but may vote for hdp. >> reporter: they reached out to left wing voters but it was the conservative kurds who got the party into parliament. so the akp's challenge is to win back those religious or socially conservative kurdish voters, without them the results of november's election could again be inconclusive. nasa has images from the moon taken by the new horizon space craft reveal a surprising history and mountains and canyons cover the moon and there is a planet wide canyon over a thousand miles and it's twice as
6:46 am
big and twice as deep as the grand canyon. yankees look for a part in the mlb post season, that is next.
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ambitious blueprint has been put forward to revitalize the cap tell of rwanda and it will be too expensive for most of the current residents to live in and catherine sow reports. >> reporter: if all goes well it will look like this by 2040,
6:48 am
it's a master plan though with a price, the overhaul is expected to cost billions of dollars, roughly half of the land is unusable, and it's either wet land or steep slopes so every available space will be needed to make the revision a reality. >> it has to be utilized efficiently so that we will be able to accommodate people living now and the people to come tomorrow will come to think about our future generation and that is very important. >> reporter: in the short term housing is a priority and the population of 1.2 million people is expected to triple by 2040. the place will be condos, apartments, commercial blocks and what many people are worried about here is how much they will be compensated and whether or
6:49 am
not they will be able to afford these new houses. this is on an acre of land just at the edge of the city center and built madhouses that are rented out but here the structures will not be allowed. >> translator: i have plans to go elsewhere, i have another house in the country but i need to be compensated. >> reporter: this is currently the largest residential project by private investors called vision city and 4500 units on completion and gated community with a town center and schools. the primary goal was to teach people or to share with people how it is ideal to live as a community, yes, it is premium housing and maybe not everybody will be able to acquire this property but we are now looking into our phase two which will then target low to middle
6:50 am
income. >> the buying price now is between 180-380,000 and many people cannot afford this and they will be cheaper houses but even government officials are creating affordable homes is one of the greatest challenges, catherine soy, rwanda. time for sports. we will start with the rugby world cup and the captain sam burton called the win over fiji one of the toughest and scored two in the island and going on to record a 23-13 victory and 3-3 for them and lead with england facing australia in a must-win game on saturday. >> it was a tougher match i played in. first off i was worried if he will pull me off because i was going too slowly and i was exhausted and spoke of it a lot during the game and didn't want
6:51 am
negative talk on the turf and realized in the match that bonus point was going to be extremely tough to get and disrespectful to fiji and knew with a tournament it would be a tougher one we played in. france the third win against canada and it's 17-0 when they got two tries before the interval and pulled away in the second half and won and the 2011 runners up getting bonus point by scoring five tries and next up for them is ireland. >> one game maybe it's the same so we will be ready next sunday so we will have a fun game and defense story and so they are looking for it and be ready.
6:52 am
>> cricket and australia say they have no alternative than to postpone the tour of bangladesh when they were told not to travel because of security concerns and he is home after an assessment found a risk of terror in bangladesh targeting nationals and said he had no choice to pull out of the series and said they would try and rearrange it for a future date. >> we've had three people on the ground with security meeting with bangladesh cricket and sources and members of foreign affairs department in bangladesh. and all things considered unfortunately we made this decision to postpone the tour for now and we will enter into discussions with the bangladesh cricket board to workout when we can play the cricket series next. >> bangladesh cricket say they are disappointed saying there has not been a tear rest attack
6:53 am
since 2005 and has a year of success and we report from the town on how the country has prioritized cricket development and how that might now be jeopardized. >> in the alleys you can still see the children playing old school street cricket and taping up tennis balls to make them bounce more like the leather counterparts and the stumps for wick ets but such scenes once common are now rare in bangladesh. her children are benefitting from a cash influx into cricket but their parents' generation could barely dream of and new money means they can play on a decent pitch. >> translator: we didn't have any tafacilities, no cones and proper field and desperate if we found a ball. >> reporter: a few hundred meters away a new stadium is being built.
6:54 am
since bangladesh is a test playing nation there has been an enormous amount of money being powered into cricket from less than a million dollars in 2002 about $15 million this year, that's around twice the money going into all other sports in the country combined. the biggest victim of this almost single minded focus on cricket is football, once the country's most popular sport. >> translator: football infrastructure in the country isn't very developed and i'm a football fan but i like cricket, football games are not very fun. >> reporter: cricket board officials say unlike with other sports most of the money going into the game isn't coming from the government. almost all of the $15 million comes from ticket sales and sponsorships and it looks like it was paying off with three
6:55 am
consecutive wins against heavy weight pakistan india and south africa but the momentum has been halted with high profile visitors like australia worried about potential attacks on their team and many are worried it could harm cricket development in bangladesh and point to the example of pakistan forced to play their matches abroad because of security concerns. they also say there have been no major security incidents since 2000 when bangladesh began hosting test matches for the first time, the kids play on, for now the street is their stage, their pitch, one day perhaps they will have a chance to shine on the global cricket stage, bangladesh. football and it was erropa action and liverpool booed by fans at the field after 1-1 draw
6:56 am
with switzerland and drew away paok but group c and group j french monico came back to draw with spurs. baseball and a new yankees secured a wild card spot and place in the mlb post season for the first time since 2012 and taking on the boston red sox on thursday and got things going front the yankees with a homer in the second inning and completed the scoring with a home run in the 8th giving the yankees a 4-1 lead and victory wasn't actually confirmed before he struck out boston's josh rutledge with the celebration and quite a turn around for the man you are about to see for alex rodriguez and only returned to the game in january having served a year long doping sentence. texas rangers guaranteed themselves at least a wild card
6:57 am
place and a step closer to the american league west title and bell tries a three run double helping him to 5-3 victory at home to the la angels. >> opened it up in the fifth. more sport on our website and the latest check out al jazeera/sport with blogs and videos from the correspondents around the world. that is it and i'll have more later. >> thank you very much indeed, artwork called donkey documents sold for $250,000 at an auction in california, it was created in bethlehem in 2007 expected to fetch more than half a million dollars and the piece shows a donkey having identification papers checked by israeli soldier and a series of works left by a concrete barrier dividing the west bank from israel and that is it for the news hour on al jazeera, do stay with us plenty more world news in just a few minutes. ♪
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russia strikes i.s.i.l. targets in syria as the u.s. led coalition warns it is escalating the conflict by attacking other rebels. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from doha and also ahead. >> it's a small town america and not supposed to happen here but it happens. >> reporter: mourning the victims of the latest mass shooting in the u.s. after a gunman opens fire at a college. forced into wedlock where niger the