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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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russia strikes i.s.i.l. targets in syria as the u.s. led coalition warns it is escalating the conflict by attacking other rebels. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from doha and also ahead. >> it's a small town america and not supposed to happen here but it happens. >> reporter: mourning the victims of the latest mass shooting in the u.s. after a gunman opens fire at a college. forced into wedlock where niger the highest rate of child
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marriage in the world plus. i'm john holman on mexico south pacific coast where hundreds of thousands of turtles arrive each year but the majority of their eggs are being stolen. ♪ first syrian monitoring groups say russian air strikes killed 12 i.s.i.l. fighters in the stronghold in the province and the military campaign is now in its third day and syrian operation groups in idlib and hama have been targeted and turkey and partners in the coalition against i.s.i.l. say they are concerned about russia's actions in syria and are worried that rebels ap pose to them and assad are bearing the brunt of air strikes and confirm their target is not just i.s.i.l. but other armed groups like the al-nusra front and france which is part of the u.s. led coalition says russia should only target i.s.i.l. and no
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other groups, the french president is meeting russian leader vladimir putin in paris right now and russian air strikes led to anger and frustration among syrian opposition groups as dana reports. >> day three of russia's aerial campaign in syria, russian defense ministry announcing yet more strikes saying they targeted i.s.i.l. and 12 different locations, mentioning aleppo, hama, idlib provinces and observatory for human rights is mentioning russia air strikes in strongholds of rica and the eastern countryside of homs and no confirmation from the military if they were responsible for the strikes and if they were it would mark the first time that russian planes target territories where i.s.i.l. really does have a presence, russia's campaign really there have been a lot of questions raised by members of
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the syrian opposition since they believe the target is not i.s.i.l. but opposition groups because over the past few days what we have been seeing is targets in hama and homs and idlib and russia officials are not shying away from the fact they believe i.s.i.l. is the only terrorist organizations and in their words there are other terrorist groups on the ground which are legitimate target and we understand there were two rebel groups so called moderate rebel groups that have been armed and trained by the united states, the central division as well as others and bases targeted and i spoke to their commanders and they are saying and asking questions and saying we have reported these strikes to the u.s. but the u.s. has not respected. they are asking questions is the united states backing russia's aerial campaign? nine people have been killed in the u.s. state of oregon after a gunman walked into a community college and opened fire, president barack obama has made a plea to the american public to help stop gun
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violence. ♪ amazing grace a candlelight vigil and seven are wounded and gunman not officially said was killed in a shoot out with police. >> reporter: police responded to shots fired by a gunman on the campus of umpqua college in the rural oregon town of roseburg. >> officers engaged that suspect, there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter threat was neutralized. >> reporter: a witness told a local newspaper that after firing his first shot at a teacher the gunman told students to lie down and asked them to state their religion, then he resumed fire indiscriminately. >> we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased, he is a 20-year-old male. >> reporter: after being searched students were put on
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buses and evacuated as police searched for boobie traps and the shooter issued a race related manifesto on social media before the crime, this was the 45th school shooting at an american school this year. since the 2012 massacre of 20 young children and six adults at a connecticut grade school the u.s. has seen 142 school shootings. but tighter gun controls have been ruled out by the republican-led congress where gun rights advocates hold sway. president obama vented his frustration with that opposition. >> we spend over a trillion dollars and pass countless laws and devote entire agencies to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil and rightfully so. and yet we have a congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could
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potentially reduce gun deaths. >> reporter: yet despite support for expanded background checks on purchasers a poll shows for the first time americans say protecting gun rights is more important than controlling gun ownership. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu again argued against the iran nuclear deal during his address to the u.n. general assembly and netanyahu says israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself. >> israel will not allow iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk into the nuclear weapons club, 70 years after the murder of six million jews iran's rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the
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response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely noth g nothing, utter silence. deafening silence. >> and netanyahu has blamed a shooting near a legal jewish settlement in the occupied west bank on palestinian excitement and forces say an israeli couple was killed when a palestinian gunman opened fire on their car, four children who were in the car were unharmed and comes as tensions between israel and palestinians continue over the mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem and the site is sacred to both jews and muslims. voters in turkey go to the polls on november the first for the second time in just five months and with the kurds forming 20% of the population the ruling ac
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party needs them to stay in power but with violence and threat of i.s.i.l. and syrian war on their doorstep kurteds are evaluating who they will vote for and met kurds living in the city who are thinking of supporting the people of the democratic party. >> this is a working class kurdish neighborhood of turkey's southern city, most of the people who live here are conservative. they are the type of voter who helped the group keep the power for the past 13 years until june's election that is when he joined tens of thousands of kurds across southern and eastern turkey in giving their vote to the pro-kurdish democratic party or the hdp. >> translator: we hoped the ak party would bring peace to the southeast and president erdiwan spoke to us in 2005 and we said this is the leader we are looking for, he will bring
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peace. >> reporter: in the months leading up to the election in june the two-year peace deal between the kurdish separatist pkk and the government began to unravel. and earlier in the year many kurds like restaurant owner yetin were angered by the perceived indifference of the fight to stop i.s.i.l. taking over the syrian town of kobani. >> translator: i voted three times for erdiwan but because of that i changed my mind and i'm a fan of ek and equal to fellow kurds in kobani and i.s.i.l. is be heading people and my people are defending their honor. >> reporter: across kurdish regions it shows 20% swing away from the akp helped hdp get atmps into parliament and for business owners a weaker economy and bureaucracy also seem to have cost the ak party support
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here. >> translator: we are becoming weaker because of taxes and other financial burdens and the first and second terms were good but in the last term they are strangled so to speak and if they sort things out i can vote for them again but most vote for hdp in november. >> hdp leadership reached out to liberal and left wing voters but it was the conservative kurds who got the party into parliament. so the akp's challenge is to win back those religious or socially conservative kurdish voters, without them the results of november's election could again be inconclusive. bernard smith with al jazeera. in nigeria 14 people have been killed after suicide bombers detonated explosives in the northeast and police say the multiple blasts went off on the outskirts of the capitol of
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borno state and we are joined and what do we know about this latest blast in the northeast? >> well, like you said they targeted a particular area and on the outskirts of my degree last night three of the bombs went off and the other outside a mosque with my degree so the security services are saying 39 people have been injured and many of them critically and now in hospital and coming at a time or just hours after the military announced 80 boko haram fighters surrendered to the army because of the pressure being stepped up on them in the northeast. >> amid thank you very much live for us in abuja. still ahead in the program, i'm catherine in the capitol and telling you about the
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government's grand plan to organize the city by 2040 and that means all this has to go. ♪
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welcome back and you are watching al jazeera live in doha and reminder of the top stories and they say russian air strikes killed 12 i.s.i.l. fighters and syrian opposition group in idlib and hama targeted and french president currently holding talks with russian counterpart
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vladimir putin on moscow's actions in syria. 9 killed in the u.s. state of oregon after a gunman opened in a community college and president obama called for a review on gun laws and a candlelight vigil has been held for victims. 14 people killed after suicide bombers detonated explosives in northeast nigeria and police say the multiple blasts went off on the outskirts of the capitol of borno state and the leader of the presidential guards short lived in bukino-faso and is held in the police station near the capitol and sought refuge at the vatican embassy after a standoff between the army and supporters who refused to disarm but they raided the barracks of the presidential guard and made further arrests. so is a malaysia is making gains
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against al-shabab but to win the fight he needs financial help. >> we are risking our lives and for all reasons the forces will liberate from al-shabab. our soldiers are under paid, under fed and under equipped and yet they will put their lives on the line for the country. this is unacceptable and the professionalism must be held in the forces. bring you live pictures from paris where the french president is welcoming german leader angela merkel to talks. they are supposed to be focusing on ukraine's ceasefire but they have been over shadowed by the crisis in syria, the french president and german chancellor
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will also be meeting the russian president vladimir putin to discuss syria's -- russia actions, sorry, as they enter their third day and will be dialog on russia's intervention in syria as well as the conflicts in ukraine and bring you the latest from paris when we have news of the talks there. let's go to niger where more and more children are being forced into early marriage and very often it's wealthy men from niger to offer money for the girls and it's hard to stop because of the extreme poverty in niger and we report. >> reporter: a traditional wedding in the sahara city and it is a stronghold, the women here are known for their stunning beauty but behind the celebrations and joy lies abuse.
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poor and uneducated most of these women have been forced to marry while still children, many are promised to rich nigerians. he married a nigerian but she couldn't get used to life in nigeria and she returned home, poor, the single mother of a daught daughter. >> translator: the reason why i got married is to financially help my poor father and improve the living conditions and the marriage collapsed and i have a daughter i need to raise and care for. >> reporter: child marriages are common practice in this part of the world, parents can't resist the big doeries and child brides often have miss treatment and when they return home they
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are humiliated. >> niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world, 25% of girls marry before the age of 15 and 75% before the age of 18. unicef has sought dialog within the communities and telling them child marriage has a huge negative impact on society and also educating girls to put an end to the practice. >> reporter: but ending the practice in niger one of the world's poorest countries has a long way to go. this woman has defied her family who wanted her to marry a wealthy man. many others cannot especially in the face of overwhelming poverty. al jazeera. now, an ambitious blueprint put forward to revitalize the capital of rwanda but it will be too expensive for most of the current residents to live if and
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catherine has taken a look at the plans. >> reporter: if all goes well it will look like this by 2040 and it's a master plan though with a price, the overhaul is expected to cost billions of dollars, roughly half of the land is unusable, and it's either wet land or steep slopes so every available space will be needed to make the vision a reality. >> it has to be utilized efficiently so that we be able to accommodate people living now and the people to come tomorrow will have to think about our future division, that is very important. in the short term housing is a priority, the present population of about 1.2 million people is expected to triple by 2040. in the new plan these will come down and the place will be condos, apartments, commercial blocks and what many people are worried about here is how much
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they will be compensated and whether or not they will be able to afford these new houses. this property is on an acre of land on the edge of the city center and build mud houses that are rented out but here the structures will not be allowed. >> translator: i have plans to go elsewhere, i have another house in the country but i need to be compensated. >> reporter: this is the largest residential project by private investors and it's called vision city, there will be 4500 units on completion and gated community with a town center and schools. the primary goal was to teach people or to share with people how it is ideal to live as a community, yes, it is premium housing and maybe not everyone will be able to acquire the
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property but we are now looking into phase two which will then target low to middle income. >> reporter: the buying price now is between 180 and 380,000, many people cannot afford this and will be cheaper houses but even government officials made creating affordable homes as one of the greatest challenges, catherine with al jazeera, rwanda. let's get an update now on the latest mass shooting in the u.s., at least nine people are dead after a gunman opened fire in a community college in the state of oregon. let's bring in jennifer who joins us live from roseburg in oregon and jennifer bring us the latest on this investigation into this shooting, is there any more information about the gunman? >> there is very little information about the gunman. in fact, the sheriff of douglas county here in oregon came out a few minutes ago and told us that
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there was nothing in their investigation so far that would lead them to a motive or anything specific that might have triggered this but what we can tell you is that dozens of f.b.i., federal agents, are on this case investigating, trying to go through his online profile and talk to people that knew him and that had contact with him in the last few days to see what led up to this. >> tell us about how this occurred. i mean nine people dead, ten including the gunman, what exactly happened? >> it started this morning or yesterday morning in a classroom, the gunman walked into the classroom in a small community college which he was not a student. he lived nearby but he walked into a classroom. witnesses telling their parents that he came in with a gunfiring and started asking the students one by one what was their
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religion, the ones who answered that they were christians were shot, were singled out to be shot and killed. nine people he killed before the first responders were able in just a couple of minutes to get to the campus and engage in gunfire with him, in the end he was also listed among the dead. >> okay, jennifer thank you very much for that reporting there live from roseburg in oregon. breaking news to tell you about now from indonesia where a passenger plane with ten people on board has been reported missing. the plane belonging to the indonesia airline was flying over a province when it lost radio contact and on its way to the preventel capitol and we understand a rescue team has been sent to the area. now, sugar cane farmers in india hold agree protest march in the capitol new deli and farmers and
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traders said drought has damaged much of this year's crop and saying they are pushing the prices down for their own profits and we have more from new deli. >> it's one of the largest agricultural industries in the country sugar cane farmers say they have no choice to come to the capitol to protest what they say are low earnings and high death and suicide by the fellow sugar cane farmers and the crop has been hard hit in many areas and drought has been a big problem for all types of farmers in india this past monsoon season. >> translator: it's god's will and there is no rain in some parts and where there is rain it floods and crops get destroyed. there are canals but no water in them and no electricity to irrigate. >> reporter: it's not just farmer whose are here, sugar mill workers and traders say the effects are felt right through the industry hurting every one. >> translator: if we don't run the mills the farmers will
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perish and we are forced to buy the sugar cane they produce but not in a position to pay them, what can we do? >> reporter: another major complaint is the belief that sugar prices are being kept artificially low to benefit multi national corporations and manufacture chocolate and soft drinks and protests are set to continue until the people here say the government will take action. india unveiled climate change and reduce carbon emissions by 2030, it's the world's third largest carbon e mitter and the last to have a target with talks in paris in december and new deli says it will cut emissions by one-third over the next 15 years and invest in renewable energy sources and plan a five-fold boost in clean energy technology and also plans to increase its poorest cover to soak up carbon
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dioxide. agreed to speed up the process allowing drug lords and suspected criminals a fast track to jail in the u.s., the deal m cocomes a day after mexico sent two bosses and 11 others to the u.s. and between washington to fight organized crimes in the two countrys and prime nesting sites for hundreds of thousands of sea turtles but their eggs are local and poachers are increasingly capitalizing and john holman reports. >> reporter: they arrive one by one, lit only by a sliver of moonlight, a million turtles clammer on the beaches of southwest mexico each year, one of only two species to stage this mass invasion and nesting season and lay their eggs and dig hollows and the only
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protection against the dangers of the night, like these men known as horsemen, they scour the beaches looking for eggs as delicacys as mothers lay them and it's i'llegal but they are from poor and isolated communities and say they have little choice. >> translator: i'm here because i need this work. we all have families. we don't have education or papers to get regular jobs. >> reporter: over 70% of the eggs at the beach were recently taken and the number of them worldwide is haveled in the last 50 years and the eggs turtles are laying are against it and apart from human predators they are at risk from animals and birds and that means that less than 1% of them are going to make it to adulthood. middlemen sell them ten times or
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more what they pay the horse men in the market where they have been part of traditional cuisine for centuries and the illicit trade is high in front of the mayor's office and the navy used to guard the beaches year around but was pulled to battle mexico cartel and only returning when massive number of turtles arrive and now they are stepping up protection efforts again. >> translator: we've just signed agreements with the navy, federal police and the army to support us and we are also using drones to protect the turtles. >> reporter: the government also offers occasional work programs to give poachers other options and full time jobs are scarce and eggs seemingly plentiful it's hard to resist temptation, john holman, al jazeera, mexico. nasa released new images from pluto largest moon and
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taken by the new horizon space craft reveal a surprising history of particular interest is the planet wide canyon stretching over a thousand miles, it is four times bigger than twice as deep as the grand canyon. police in oregon search for a motive after a shooting at a community college leaves at least ten people dead. our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> the president again calls for action after the 15th mass shooting of his presidency. the anger and frustration at the white house as a community mourns. hurricane joaquin batters the bahamas, east coast communities are ready. the real risk they face today may be floodi