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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> a hospital comes under attack in afghanistan. the u.s. military says its air strike may be responsible. hello, i'm in doha with world news. also on the program, several bomb blasts rock nigeria's capital in over a year. a frantic search for the missing as 30 people have died in a mudslide in guatemala. >> an attempt by russia and iran to prop up assad and try to
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pacify the population is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire. >> barack obama says russian air strikes in syria are a recipe for disaster and calls for a political solution. we begin with breaking news out of afghanistan. a hospital run by the aid agency doctors without borders have come under attack. the area is seeing heavy fighting with the taliban and government forces. we are joined live. what more can you tell us about this hospital that's been hit? >> last night around 3:00 local time a hospital, doctors without borders, was targeted, bombed
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and we know that up to now at least 50 people were injured in this attack, 30 people missing and three doctors killed. >> away from this specific air strike, there is still a lot of confusion over how much control the afghan actually has. >> yeah. today is the sixth day the taliban have the control of most of the city. at least 7,000 afghan security forces are involved in the operation from the city. but afghan security officer felt that there is a lack of leadership among them. last night they supposed to launch their biggest operation to retake, but it seems it
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failed. we talk with the visitors this morning. most of the city is under control of taliban. taliban has control of the residential area and some parts of the center of the city. the residents tells us that life is becoming impossible now because all the shops are closed, shortage of food, water, electricity, plus a heavy bombardment and attack in residential area where taliban are also hiding. >> all right. thank you. nato issued a statement following the death of three doctors in that hospital bombing in northern afghanistan. the spokesman said u.s. forces conducted an air strike. the strike may have resulted in collateral damage in a nearby city. the incident is under investigation. the number of dead from a
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landslide in guatemala has risen to 30 p as many as 600 people are missing southeast of the capital. >> what's been said by the disaster management center here, they have talked about the municipal authorities and how as far back as 2008 they had told municipal authorities that this particular neighborhood and this town was in a very high risk zone, the bottom of a steep ravine. they said since 2008 they have been telling the municipality they shouldn't be allowed people to build in the area they should have gone to the neighbors and warn them they were living in a risk zone. now there are hundreds of thousands of people around the municipality living in similar areas. but right now, as i say, the real focus is not on blaming
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anybody, but on trying to pull people, trying to pull survivors from the slide and there is also a big effort being made right now to provide emergency relief, food and blankets and things that people who have lost their houses will be needing. >> two bombs exploded on the outskirts of a nigerian capital. the number of casualties is not clear. it's the first attack of its kind in over a year. we have more. >> workers from the national emergency management authority are on the scene at the two locations where the blasts happened. one is on the outskirts of the capital. a market was hit. another location, a bus station was hit. about two years ago a blast hit the same place in the area, many
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were killed then. emergency services are still trying to ascertain how many people have been killed or injured. it looks like suspicious will fall to boko haram. there have not been any attacks by the group, they have been behind many attacks in the northeast. there is the feeling that the capacity to strike the capital, to strike different parts of the country have been contained. if the information we are getting is correct, it seems that they have been able to attack these two areas. >> u.s. president barack obama has lashed out at russia's growing involvement in syria saying moscow's support for the assad regime is a disaster. the best way to achieve peace would be for assad to step down.
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>> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength, but out of weakness. his client, mr. assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him simply to send them arms and money. now he's got to put in his own planes and his own pilots. and the notion that he put forward a plan and that somehow the international community sees that as viable because there's a vacuum there, i didn't see after he made that speech in the united nations suddenly the 60 nation coalition that we have start lining up behind him. iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. the top line message i want people to understand is we are going to continue to go after
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isil, we are going reach out to a moderate opposition. we reject russia's theory that everybody opposed to assad is a terrorist. we think that is self-defeating. it will get them into a quagmire. it will be used as a further recruitment tool for foreign fighters. >> meanwhile, the presidents of russia and france discussed their military operations in syria. we have more on moscow's air campaign in the country. >> the russian defense ministry says it is destroys isil command and control centers along with arms dumps. >> translator: to avoid hitting civilian targets, the russian air strikes are determined after reconnaissance. >> reporter: but on the ground the syrian opposition tell as different story. it says russian air strikes have been targeting civilians and armed groups opposed to the government of president assad
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and that the aerial campaign is part of preparations to launch a ground counter offensive to recapture lost territory. >> translator: air strikes could affect the opposition, but not that much. the syrian government has been hitting the north for months. but it didn't stop the rebel advance. so they weren't successful. now there is information of a possible land operation being prepared. >> reporter: looking at the map, the air strikes over the past three days concentrated on front line areas that surround the heartland. one target was only recently captured by opposition forces. it had been one of the last government strong holds. it is not only close, but also an important hub for sending government reinforcements to alepo province. further east, the planes and countyside have been a battle ground. here the government has struggled to maintain a grip on
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the region that leads to the sea. it is a last rebel strong hold between government controlled damascus and the rest of the country. the kremlin made it clear, it said the aim of the air strikes is to help the syrian armed forces in their weak spots. the syrian opposition believes that's exactly what the russian military is doing, but it's not clear if the air strikes will be able to change the balance of power on the ground if it is not accompanied by a ground operation. but there are those who believe the west, including united states, is quietly supporting russia's actions. >> translator: washington doesn't want to end the war and the situation is more complicated. the west is colluding with are you shaft what's happening now is efforts to end our revolution. >> reporter: opponents say it could give the government an advantage, and they believe that is the objective. to use militariry force for diplomatic gains where assad can
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gain the strength. >> in an interview with al jazeera, john kerry said russia's involvement with syria could an taking analyze other regions. >> the president is considering the options available. we have made it very clear to the russians, do not attack the legitimate opposition. they have said they understand that. what we are looking for is not a military victory. we are looking for the political resolution that we always looked for in the context of geneva. and so they don't have to fear that we are somehow building up a takeover military what we are trying to do is have a legitimate transition now in order to save syria. and to have a unified secular whole syria going forward. but if the russians insist on fighting against them, there could be very serious
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consequences, the most serious of which would be that other nations supporting those people will have no choice but to double down and russia itself will become a target of those people. and that's why i say what they have done, if they are not there to actually fight dash, is very dangerous for the long term. >> john kerry and the iranianan foreign minister have met for a second time in a week and have discussed details over the nuclear deal. they methey were without their e advisers and did not comment on the meeting. lots more to come. more pressure on seth bladder to step down. now futbol's top sponsors want him to go. stay with us.
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>> they're more focused on getting jobs than our education.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's
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going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target >> welcome back. a recap of the top stories. a hospital run by doctors without borders has come under attack. three of its staff have been killed. a u.s. air strike may have hit the medical facility. the number of dead in a mudslide in guatemala may have risen to 30. as much as 600 people are unaccounted for near the capital. two bombs have gone off in the
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outskirts of a city in nigerian four of fifa's biggest sponsors have called on seth bladder to immediately quit. coca-cola, mcdonald's, visa and budweiser say they want him out now. >> the indictments of several fifa executives pushed seth bladder into agreeing to end his 17 year rain next february. since the swiss attorney general's announcement that bladder was being investigated himself for criminal mismanagement and misappropriation, the pressure for him to go has become intense. coca-cola, one of the organizations biggest and oldest backers, said bladder must resign immediately. every day that passes, the image and reputation of fifa continues to tarnish. coca-cola's demand was followed by statements with mcdonald's, visa and anheuser-busch.
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>> there is one more step. to threaten to withdraw their sponsorship completely. we are really talking about mega threats here. >> but lawyers issued a firm rejection of the call. he said bladder's departure would not be in the best interest of fifa, nor would it advance the process of reform, and, therefore, he will not resign. >> i'm not able to give you a timetable. >> last month u.s. attorney general who filed the first criminal charges against fifa officials said she expected others to follow. >> i'm grateful for the cooperation and substantial evidence we have received from all areas. based on that cooperation, we do anticipate pursuing additional charges against individuals and entities. >> bladder said he will leave following an ordinarily succession. but the favorite to take his place, is suspected of receiving what the swiss prosecutor called
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a disloyal payment of $2 million from bladder. he defended the payment and says he will stay in the race. the former head of fifa's independent governance committee urged retired german futbol president to be named as his successor. >> if bladder does resign, it will do little to save father fs image. >> it surprises me they are acting in concert. they are not risking very much by calling for seth to step down now. he's already announced he's going to resign. fifa is already in so much trouble, they are not risking a whole lot by asking for change now. the problem is deeper than just seth bladder. even deeper than fifa. it goes to the regional federations as well. if seth were to resign and walk
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away tomorrow, there would be a total dogfight for power at the top echelons of fifa. whoever assumes control would have total control over the presidential election process. that's an enormous amount of power. one thing we have to remember is corporate sponsorship of fifa, it's expensive, but it's incredibly beneficial for the corporations. they get to put their names attached to the single most lucrative sporting event in the history of the world every time it's held. if someone were to walk away, coca-cola and budweiser and anheuser-busch decided they are going to completely disconnect themselves from fifa, i would completely expect pepsi or some other soda and beer company to step in and say we know fifa has its serious problems, but this is just worth too much money to us, we are not going to turn it down. and they will start upon toring
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fifa. fifa is already under serious criminal proceedings by the u.s. and swiss governments. the charges against them are already public knowledge. they have been under scrutiny from the press for almost a decade now. i think sponsors asking seth bladder to step down, it's an interesting development in that they are so focal about it. it's not clear how this adds or detracts from the inc. already more than it has been. >> colombian please say they have killed one of the most powerful drug lords. he has been followed for months. he was on the u.s. treasury's kingpin list and had a $5 million bounty on his head. meanwhile, colombia is willing to make last week's peace deal public but only after the text has been finalized.
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brazil's president has reshovelled her cabinet and announced spending cuts that include a 10% reduction in minister salaries. the number is down to 31 from 39. this appears to be aimed at countering efforts to impeach the president. she wants to shore up support for economic reforms. portugal's prime minister looks set for victory in sunday's general election. he would return to office after steering his company through a painful financial bailout. voters in turkey go to the polls on november 1 for the second time in five months. the isil threat has pushed the community to reevaluate who they will be voting for.
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>> reporter: this is a working class kurdish neighborhood. most of the people who live here are conservative. they have helped the party keep its grip on power for the past 13 years. until june's election. that's when shop owner joined tens of thousands of kurds across southern and eastern turkey in giving their vote to the pro-kurdish people's democratic party. >> translator: we hoped the party was going to bring peace to the southeast of turkey. the president came to speak to us in 2005, we said this is the leader we are looking for. he will bring peace. >> in the months leading up to the election, the two year peace deal began to unravel. earlier in the year many kurds like restaurant owner were angered by the turkish
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government's perceived indifference to the fight to stop isil taking over the syrian town. >> translator: i voted three times, but because of what happened, i changed my mind and voted for the htp. they consider isil equal to them. my people are defending their honor. >> so across kurdish regions, results show that as much as a 20% swing away from the akp helped the htp get atmps into parliament. for business owners, a weaker economy, higher inflation and frustration with bureaucracy also seemed to have cost the party support here. >> translator: we have taxes and other financials burdens. in this last term they have strangled us. if they sort things out, i could vote for them again.
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but i might have to vote for the htp in november. >> reporter: in its campaign the leadership reached out to liberal and left wing voters. but it was the conservative kurds who got the party into parliament. the challenge is to win back those religious voters. without them, the results could be inconclusive. israel is building walls and fences along all its borders. the government says it's a safety me tour. others believe it will distance the nation from its neighbors. >> reporter: israel is often criticized for its separation wall between what it considers its land and the palestinian territories. in some cases drawing borders where they are not internationally recognized. its leaders say it was done in the name of security.
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but now the nation is upgrading existing and building new barriers on its frontiers with regional neighbors. the prime minister says it's for security but also for the sake of israeli livelihood. >> to the extent it is possible, we'll encompass israel's borders with a security fence and barriers that will allow us to control our borders. we will not allow israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists. >> reporter: israel built a 230-kilometer long fence to keep out potential attackers, but also african migrants. hungary and romania are looking at building similar fences. now the country is focusing eastward, breaking ground on a new border fence a month ahead of schedule. the first phase will take a year to complete. the border with jordan is the
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longest. fortify case is taking place in the south. the government says it won't undermine jordan's sovereignty. israel is growing more concerned about a security threat from the east. >> in the '70s, there were filtrations from jordan into israel. the east bank to the west bank and there to israel. there were terror attacks. israel feels that this thing will resume. >> reporter: many say a physical barrier alone won't help. there still needs to be a focus on improving relationships. >> there is no focus on the peace process. eventually those borders will once again be turned into more inward looking approach. >> reporter: without that cooperation, some feel, those wails and fences could be viewed more as israel sealing itself off from the region rather than protecting its borders.
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in australia the fatal shooting of a police employee by a teenager is being treated as an act of terrorism. the prime minister urged unity after the 15-year-old gunned down a civilian worker. the boy was later shot dead by police. rwanda's government set its sights on developing one of the largest residential projects in a push to modernize its capital. low cost houses will be demolished and replaced by high rise towers. but many say they will be too expensive for many. >> reporter: if all goes well, it will look like this by 2040. it's a master plan with a price. the overhaul is expected to cost billions of dollars. half the land is unusable. it's wetland or steep slopes. so every available space will be needed to make the vision a
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reality. >> it has been utilized efficiently. so that we will be able to accommodate people. and the people come tomorrow will have to think about our future generation. that is very important. >> reporter: in a short time housing is a priority. the present population of 1.2 million people is expected to triple by 2040. the new plan, they are expected to come down and the place will be condos, apartments, or what many people are worried about here is how much they will be considered and whether or not they will be able to afford these new houses. this property is an acre of land just at the edge of the city center. the rouse house houses are rent.
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but these will not be allowed. >> i already plan to go elsewhere. i have another house upcountry. >> reporter: this is currently the largest residential project by private investors. there will be 4,500 units on completion. a gated community with a town center and schools. >> the primary goal was to teach people or share to people how it is ideal to live as a community. yes, it is premium housing and not everybody will be able to acquire this property. we are now looking into our phase 2 which will target low to middle income. >> reporter: the buying price is between 180 and $380,000. many can't afford this. there will be cheaper houses, but even government officials creating affordable homes is one
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of the greatest challenges. and a quick reminder, keep up to date with all the news on our website, there it is on your screen, the address, that's around. the middle east is on fire, and u.s. policy in the region is coming undone in places like iraq, syria and yemen. we're seeing civil wars, power power vacuums and world powers like russia and of course the


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