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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> an air strike on an afghan hospital kills three staff members. the u.s. military may be responsible. hello. you are with al jazeera live from doha. also, several bomb blast rock the nigeria capital. we are live from the scene of one of the blasts. >> an attempt by russia and iran to prop up assad. >> barack obama says russian air strikes in syria are a recipe for disaster and calls for a
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political solution. and, the gunman who killed nine people at a college in oregon had 13 weapons, all purchased legally. at least three people have been killed in an air strike on a hospital in the afghan city. nato is investigating the attack which was carried out by u.s. forces. >> reporter: this is what's left of the doctors without borders trauma center. staff say the hospital was hit several times during a sustained bombing attack. the air strike started at 2:00 in the morning local time when most of the hospital's more than 100 patients would have been asleep. in a statement nato says u.s. forces conducted an air strike
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against individuals threatening force. the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. this incident is under investigation. afghan government forces backed by u.s. air strikes and nato special forces have been fighting to regain control of the northern city from taliban fighters. but the bombing of the hospital reminds them how air strikes can be. we urge all parties to respect the safety of health facilities and staff. the loss was one of the biggest military victories achieved by taliban fighters since 2001. on thursday the afghan army said they had retain the northern city. but they claimed that's not the
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case, they have withdrawn to neighboring provinces. aide workers fear there will be more attacks. this is the only specialist trauma center in northeast afghanistan. the damage is a blow to people who rely on the free, life-saving treatment the hospital provides. >> we can at a you can to our correspondent wh. this is turning into a battle royale to retake this important northern city. >> what is going on right now is correct. they are telling us it's like a doom's day. there is no firm line between two sides. one side controls one side. local residents are telling us
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it's so hard for them to move even some people, when they got injured or killed in their home, they cannot reach hospital because moving in the town is impossible. also, they are telling us shortage of food and water, electricity is big problem. it makes hard for civilian to survive there. we are hearing also from locals that taliban are telling them to leave the area because taliban saying they are going to stay and fight. now no one knows who control which part of the city. that makes it hard for civilian who lives there. >> it seems very much as though afghan forces are being seriously challenged in this battle to retake the city. and clearly, they are relying heavily on outside help, ie, from nato. >> that's true. last night afghan official was telling us they are going to launch a big operation and retake the city.
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they were confident on that. but they failed. even they have about 7,000 afghan security involved in this operation, but they cannot take the control because afghan officer are also telling us that they have a big problem because they have lack of leadership, lack of cooperation between forces. that's why the taliban still controls still part of the city. >> thank you very much. two bombs have exploded on the outskirts of a city in nigeria. these are the first attacks to happen so close to the capital city in over a year. our correspondent joins us now. this is the scene of one of the blasts. tell us what you can see.
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well, exactly right now, as you can servings right behind me, forensic experts are trying to work on exactly what happened last night. they have been on it since last night when this attack happened. we are told it was a suicide bomber. right now we are in the midst of bits and pieces of human tissue, fragments here. and property destroyed by the blast that took place here. officially we were told at least 15 people died in the two blasts or three blasts on the outskirts. two other people in the area have seen several bomb attacks by boko haram. the last in may 2014, 18 months ago where 90 people were killed.
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experts, the nigerian army and several security agents are here trying to sift through exactly what happened. >> and these appear to have been carefully coordinated, to have been orchestrated and have the hallmarks of boko haram. >> absolutely. nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack. of course, the finger blame is towards boko haram. we have seen how the nigerian military have pushed boko haram out. since then we have seen a spate of suicide bombings. a few days ago we have seen more than a week ago we saw how four bombs went off in a city and killed several people in that particular place. a few days ago a series of bombs went off. dozens of people were killed.
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we have seen as boko haram has been here, they are resorting to targeting soft spots. this, we are told, is a busy marketplace. the idea was create so much havoc and create so much damage. people here are telling us that much more luckier for people around this place for this bomb to have taken place in the night. if it had taken place in the day, several casualties, probably hundreds or more killed. this is a very busy area. it's really congested it in the day time. you spend probably 30 minutes to walk a distance of 100 to 400 meters in this particular area. >> okay. thank you. president obama says his country will not be drawn interest a proxy war with russia in syria.
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he says moscow's air strikes are only strengthening isil and driving the moderate opposition into hiding. the best way to achieve peace is for the syrian president assad to step down. >> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength, but out of weakness. because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him to send them arms and money. now he's got to put in his own planes and his own pilots. and the notion that he put forward a plan and that somehow the international community sees that as viable because there's a vacuum there, i didn't see after he made that speech in the united nations the 60 nation coalition that we have start lining up behind him.
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iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment. the rest of the world makes up ours. the top line message i want everybody to understand is we are going to continue to go after isil. we are going to continue to reach out to a moderate opposition. we reject russia's theory that everybody opposed to assad is a terrorist. we think that is self-defeating. it will get them into a quagmire, it will be used as a further recruitment tool for foreign fighters. >> we have more on moscow's air campaign in syria. >> the russian defense ministry is destroying isil command and control centers along with arms dumps. >> translator: to avoid hitting civilian targets, we hit only
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after reconnaissance. >> but on the ground it tells a different story. it says russian air strikes have been targeting civilians and armed groups opposed to the government assad. and that the aerial campaign is part of a campaign to recapture lost territory. >> translator: air strikes could affect the opposition, but not that much. the syrian government has been hitting the north for months. strikes without ground troops won't be successful. now there is information of a possible land operation being prepared. >> the air strikes have concentrated on front line areas that surround president assad's heartland. one target was only recently captured by opposition forces. it had been one of the last government strong holds. it is not only close, but also an important hub for sending
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government reinforcements. further east, the plains and countryside have also been a battle ground. here the government has struggled to maintain a grip on a region that leads to the sea. and further south, it's a last government strong hold. the kremlin made it clear. it said the aim of the air strikes is to help the syrian armed forces in their weak spots. the syrian opposition believes that is exactly what the russian military is doing, but it is not clear the air strikes will be able to change the balance power on the ground if it is not accompanied by a ground operation. but there are those who believe the west, including the united states, is quietly supporting russia's actions. >> translator: washington doesn't want to end the war and the situation is more complicated. in fact, the west is colluding with russia. what's happening now is efforts
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to end our revolution. >> opponents say the russian opposition could give the government the advantage. to use military force for diplomatic games whereby president assad could negotiate from a position of strength. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry tells us that russian attacks may an take gonize other countries. >> we have made it clear do not attack the legitimate opposition. they have said they understand that. what we are looking for is not a military victory. we are looking for the political resolution that we always look for in the context of geneva. and so they don't have to fear that we are somehow building up a takeover military.
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what we are trying to do is have a legitimate transition now to save syria. and to have a unified secular whole syria going forward. but if the russians insist on fighting against them, there could be very serious consequences, the most serious of which would be that other nations supporting those people will have no choice but to double down and russia itself will become a target of those people. that's why i say what they have done if they are not there to actually fight dash is very dangerous for the long term. >> john kerry has been meeting his iranian counterpart. he met two times within the space of a week on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly taking place in new york. and tensions, of course, continue over tehran's backing of the assad regime and
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washington's support for some opposition rebel groups. they talked about the implementation of july's nuclear deal. we have got a lot more to come here at al jazeera including this. a frantic seven for the missing as 30 people die in a landslide in guatemala. plus, it's a melting pot of cultures. now there are peers of ethnic divisions in malaysia.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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>> hello again. doctors without borders say at least three of its staff and patients have been killed in an air strike on a hospital in afghan. nato is investigating the air strikes. 50 people were injured and another 30 still missing. three bombs have exploded on the outskirts of the capital of nigeria. u.s. president barack obama warned russia that its air strikes in syria are a recipe for disaster. moscow's air raids will only help isil and push the moderate opposition underground. those air strikes in syria overshadowed a summit on the conflict in eastern ukraine taking place in paris.
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>> the month long cease fire, giving them breathing space. but as the leaders of russia, ukraine and germany were welcomed by the french president, it was a different war, syria, that threatened to take center stage. it's the first time president putin met western leaders since launching air strikes in syria. the west fears russia is using this air campaign to destroy other anti-assad groups including rebels backed by the u.s. russia believes the only way of ending the conflict is to help assad finish the job. >> it will make things difficult. russia will insist on president assad taking place in peace talks. some of the forces that russia will oppose are backed by the west. >> russia's involvement in syria
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added new dimension to the conflict in ukraine. they may want to leverage a better deal for the separatists and moscow. particularly when it comes to bringing about the sanctions that crippled the economy. they want to begin the peace plan even while ties between russia and ukraine remain tense. it includes the withdrawal of foreign forces, border controls between russia and ukraine and regional elections. >> translator: we must work with russia, with the u.s., iran, turkey and with gulf countries and find a peaceful solution in syria. regarding russia's air strikes, not all countries are involved. russia must focus on targeting isis. >> since the war began april, 8,000 soldiers and civilians have been killed.
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but as russia shifts its foreign policy gaze to syria, eastern ukraine faces an uncertain road ahead. >> high level talks at the u.n. in new york have failed to come up with a peace plan for libya. the two governments have not agreed to a deal that was drawn up by the u.n., the u.s. and other member states. we have been following developments. >> reporter: with deadline after deadline come and gone, the united nations hoped this would finally be the moment representatives of libya's two rival governments to come together as one. the u.s. secretary of state came to push the case. >> each party has to live up to the responsibility of this critical moment. that means reaching agreement on the names of new leaders, not tomorrow, not next week, but now. even while libyan delegates are here in new york. this can happen. and we hope that the process can be completed in a very small
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number of days. >> john kerry said the time to negotiate was over. but members of the general national congress tell al jazeera they are not yet happy with the deal on the table. >> this is for libya only to s say. we welcome their help. but at the end of the day it is for us libyans to decide if the agreement is final. >> he says the gnc wants shari'a law which the house of representatives has not endorsed either. >> this is the parliament. the parliament is ready to sign it. >> political instability and armed conflict are taking a toll on the people of libya, with half the population in need of some sort of assistance.
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it makes the lack of a government a concern not only for the people of libya, but also the entire region. in australia the fatal shooting of a police employee by a teenager is being described as an act of terrorism. the 15-year-old gunned down a civilian worker outside a police station in sydney. the boy as later shot dead by police. the prime minister urged unity. >> it is a shocking crime. it was a cold blooded murder targeting the new south wales police service. it was doubling shocking because it was perpetrated by a 15-year-old boy. and it underlines the importance of families, communities, leaders being very aware of whether young people are
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becoming radicalized. it is also important that to remember that the australian muslim community will be especially appalled and shocked by this. >> more details are emerging of the nine lives cut short during thursday's shooting in a community college in roseburg, oregon. the victims ranged from 18 to 67. the oldest being a teacher. the police say the six guns used by chris harper were all bought legally. the killings are the latest in a series of shootings across the country. as allen fisher reports from roseburg. >> the president says mass shootings are routine, but this was a day like no other. events canceled. after the horror comes the reality, pain and questions. sarah cobb was in the room when the shooting started.
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>> i feel numb. a mix of exhaustion and it's kind of like denial, like did this really actually just happen. >> the shooter is chris harper mercer. police found guns, ammunition and a hate-filled note. >> i continue to believe that the media and community members who publicize his name will only glorify his horrific actions. >> police are going through the 26-year-old's social media and his apartment. they want to know what drove him to such dreadful violence. >> this will not change until the politics changes and the behavior of elected officials changes. and so the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this. on a regular basis. and i will politicize it.
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>> they join tucson, charlotte, sandy hook and other places where mass shootings took place. >> the number of dead from a landslide in guatemala has risen to 30. as many as 600 people are still missing. >> what's been said by the disaster management center here, they have actually talked about the municipal authorities and how as far back as 2008 they had told the municipal authorities that this particular neighborhood and this town was in a very high risk zone, the bottom of a steep ravine. they shouldn't be allowing people to build in the area. they have gone to the neighbors and warned them that they were living in a risk zone. now there are hundreds of thousands of people in the municipality or around the
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municipality who were living in similar areas. but right now, as i say, the real focus is not on blaming anybody, but on trying to pull people, trying to pull survivors from the slide. there's also a big effort being made right now to provide emergency relief, food and blankets. activists in malaysia are warning that months of political turmoil is threatening to destroy relations. >> after five years together. they married last month, but their relationship has its challenges. he's a muslim and sheryl a chinese christian. her parents were worried about their ethnic differences. but the couple were determined. >> i realize we both shared the same values and principles.
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so what is right, what is wrong, you know, and what is ethical, what is unethical. that is more important than, you know, is he chinese or indian. >> malaysia has always been a melting pot of cultures. while 60% of the population, there are large chinese and indian communities despite decades of multiculturalism, activists are worried about increasing friction. >> it has been built over the last 58 years is now being fractured. it's been fractured. and my concern is the next generation. >> some analysts accuse government leaders of fueling ethnic tensions to divert attention from their falling popularity. the prime minister denies
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embezzling almost $700 million from a state investment fund. >> as conditions with the economy deteriorate, then we have politicians that speak to their own respective galleries to get them to believe something about another out group and show support for the ethnic party. >> at a recent pro government rally, witnesses reported racial slurs being chanted. in another incident police used water canon to disburse protests trying to enter a chinese business district. but the government denies there are raisal tensions. while officials did not respond to our request for an interview, the deputy prime minister told local media there was no racism in malaysia, the recent protests have something people worried. they say for their generation, at least, ethic identity is
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becoming less important and they wish political leaders would catch up. >> you can keep right up to date on the website, by scientists. tonight: technkow in search of the great american prarie. >> we're in the prarie state yet ironically, we have such little of it left. >> farming and overdevelopment killed it, now get ready for this... an explosition of color and the return of these native animals.


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