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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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a. >> in kunduz, hitting nine staff, the u.s. military may be to blame. also ahead, multiple bomb blasts outside of abuja, the first attack in nigeria's capital in over a year. south sudan's president orders the number of states tripled. opponents say that he's undermining a peace deal. plus separatist begin pulling
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back weapons from the front line. "doctors without borders" describe the horrific bombing of its hospital in northern afghanistan. at least nine people were killed in an air strike on a building in kunduz. they say the u.s. may be responsible. it provided the hospital coordinates to afghan and u.s. forces well in advance. >> this is what is left of the hospital in k unduz. it was hit several times in a sustained bombing tack. the airstrikes started at 2:00 in the morning local time where most of the hospitals more than 100 patients would have been asleep. in a statement nato says that
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u.s. forces conducted an airstrike. the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. this incident is under investigation. but a spokesman for the afghan government said that the hospital was targeted for a specific reason. >> doctors without borders said in a statement we're deeply shocked by the attack. the killing of our staff and patients, and the heavy toll it's inflicted on healthcare in kunduz. we urge all parties to respect the health facilities and staff. the nato special forces have
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been fighting to regain control from taliban fighters. the loss of kunduz is one of the biggest victories achieved by taliban fighters since the overthrow of the government. they say that they have reclaimed the city but taliban say that's not the case. aid workers fear many more civilians may be killed or injured as the fighting continues. >> i live in kunduz province. there are injured people in the streets. i shops are being burned. i asked to stop the fighting so the wounded can be taken to the hospital and everyone else can leave. it's a blow to people who depend
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on the treatment it receives from the hospital. >> there have been bombardments by nato. by taliban fighters and afghan security forces. afghan security forces were telling everyone yesterday that they will launch a big operation today to retake, it seems that they failed to take it back from the taliban. now residents are telling us that life has become impossible for them, there is no food, no water, no electricity. and they cannot move even their injured people or their bodies to the hospital because answer movement would be a target for both sides. afghan security officials say
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that the reason why they cannot take the kunduz city is because taliban are hiding in the residential areas. and they might cause a number of civilian casualty. another reason they're telling us there is a lack of leadership. a lack of coordination among the security forces. >> three comes have exploded on the outkurds of abuja. 15 people have been killed. these are the first attacks so close to the capital city in over a year. let's get the latest, who joins us now from abuja. you were earlier at the scene of one of the attacks. what is the latest on the investigation? >> well, actually, there officials say that 13 people died, but eyewitnesses say that
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more than 20 people have made it killed by the suicide-bomber there. in that attack only the suicide-bomber died. some speck ration is going on. and probably the attack that we're targeting in that area now, this could be an attack on that--an attack to draw attention to that particular facility. but it could be an extension of the strategy to continue to target in northern nigeria, in the northeastern part of nigeria where we've seen in the last two or three months the rise in the number of suicide bombs, and i am pro myself explosive devices,
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especially in the city of maidugari. >> we said this is the first attack near abuja in over a year. what does this suggest about the nigerian army campaign against boko haram, which they say they are winning? >> well, the military are saying that they've faced boko haram from several camps. they're worried they have been arrested and detained. we could see a state of bombings in populated areas. that is what we've been seeing over the last two or three months. they told me just over a week ago definitely they face boko haram from all the known locations they're harboring. they're seeing how boko haram has continued to target isolated communities. they continue to target areas like places like mosques,
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churches, markets, other places where there is a large gathering of people. and last night we've seen how damaging--how dangerous the reach of boko haram is, even as far away as the northeast, the hot bed of the insurgency. >> thank you very much. staying with africa the number of regional states in south sudan is going to almost triple. the president's announcement will increase the number from 10 to 28. opposition has accused the president of violating the peace agreement signed in office. that was to end the civil war that started in south sudan in december of 2013. let's go live to the capital of south sudan. what does this move by the president mean exactly, and how will it effect the peace process?
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>> well, the big question now is what it means. under the terms if the opposition were to take control of three of ten states. now that we have 28 states, two of the states that they were supposed to take actual of no longer even exist. and the one that has the same name is much, much smaller. it's difficult how this power sharing agreement is going to be maintained when we don't know where the opposition is supposed to have their power base any more. >> what is to happen next? how is the opposition going to be reacting? >> well, we do know that there is an urgent meeting amongst themselves, and we know that machar was quick to reject this agreement. he claimed it's a violation of
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the peace deal and he may turn around and say that the document is now null and void. however, this was expected to happen, the decrease of power and increase of states is something that was expected to happen, and something that the president has been agitating for. he risks losing credibility if he protests against this move, seeing it was something that he was i an advocate for. >> in other world news, the observatory in human rights say that 13 civilians and 14 fighters have been killed in four days of russian airstrikes in syria. the kremlin said that they carried out 20 airstrikes and targeted positions including the main group. meanwhile, the they have rejected an u.s. peace plan saying it will not work in its
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current form. in july, they proposed warring factions to give work groups an idea that was backed by the syrian president. but they said that bashar al-assad should have no place in syrian's future. they say that russia's military intervention may have a mixed impact on plans for peace talks. >> this is a major difference between the americans and the russians. they don't see any difference between the syrian opposition and they book all of them in one basket, and they say that they are all fo terrorists and we have to deal with them the same as we deal with isil. >> this is number one. number two, the russians are very concerned for their own citizens, who are fighting
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beside isil in syria. this is another reason for them to come. reason number three is that syria has become very much like a strategy asset for the russians, where we can use it in order to project their status as a super power. >> there would be no talks any more because the iran division has contributed to the strength of the regime, who is refusing to talk with the opposition in a substantial way. the other view is that they would make the russians have more leverage to put pressure on the regime and offer an assault of compromise in the opposition. >> still ahead on the program. >> rescue workers in guatemala search for the missing after a
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heavy landslide. plus... >> i'm catherine soi in central kenya where this has been turned into a rehabilitation center because of an alcohol problem that has gotten out of hand. ♪
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by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. marita davison is a biologist specializing in evolution. tonight, fracking. >> i looked out my front door


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