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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> 16 killed by an air strike on a hospital in afghanistan, an attack that's scribbled as a possible war crime. >> doctors without borders said frantic staff phoned military officials in kabul and washington as missiles rained down. this is al jazeera live from london. >> bombs explode in a badgea. a massive landslide.
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>> this football field has been turned into a rehabilitation center because of an alcohol problem that has gotten out of hand. >> the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan apologized after an air strike hit a hospital run by doctors without borders. that's according to the afghan's president's office. 16 are dead and the u.n.'s human rights chief said it could even be a war crime. we have this report. >> the attack began at 2:00 morning. inside, staff described a terrifying sustained attack that continued for an hour and a half. the main operating theater, the emergency room and other parts of the medical complex were all hit. doctors without borders says several of their staff were killed, dozens injured. it says g.p.s. coordinates for
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the facility had been given to american and afghan officials as recently as a few days ago. in a statement, they said we are deeply shocked by the attack, killing of our staff and the heavy toll it inflicted on that health care. we urge all parties to respect the safety of health facilities and staff. officials from the afghan interior ministry said the hospital had been infiltrated by taliban fighters. >> this was not confirmed by other sources, but the head of the u.s. led forces in afghanistan issued an apology to the of a gab government. earlier, nato i could its own statement. u.s. forces conducted an air strike in kundu city against
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individuals threatening force. this incident is under investigation. >> in the past, collateral damage has referred to the accidental killing of civilians. there's been intense fighting in and around the area after taliban forces captured the city earlier this week. afghan ground forces backed by nato air power have tried to regain control in the last few days. al jazeera. >> al jazeera spoke to a witness who was in the hospital with his two sons during the air strike. they've been taken to a hospital for treatment. >> my two sons were injured and two nephews killed. i brought my injured sons to the hospital. they were getting better day by day and last night, suddenly in the middle of the night, the hospital was being bombed. i grand e. grabbed my sons from the bed and we hid under a table. bombing was heavy, and continued until morning.
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the building was on fire amounted roof collapsed. the hospital was totally destroyed. thank god we survived. >> the u.s. secretary of defense ash carter has issued the follow statement: overnight i learned of a tragic incident in afghanistan . >> al jazeera is in the province and we have this update about the fighting. >> it is six days that residents
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of kunduz city have been under fire. afghan security forces were telling everyone yesterday that they would launch a big operation today to retake kunduz. it field that they failed to take kunduz back from tall been. now life has become impossible for them, no food, no water, no electricity away on top of all this, heavy bombardment. they can not move even their injured people or dead bodies to the hospital, because any movement will be a target for both sides. of a goon security officials are telling us the reason that they cannot retake the kunduz city because taliban are hiding in the residential area, and if they go after them, they might
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cause a big number of civilian casualty. another reason they are telling us, there is a lack of leadership, a lack of coordination among security officials in kunduz. >> 39 civilians and 14 fighters have been killed during four days of russian airstrikes, according to the syrian observatory for human rights. the kremlin said it carried out 20 airstrikes in the last 24 hours. they targeted nine positions helically islamic state of iraq and the levant, including its main stronghold. >> syria's western-backed political opposition and armed groups reject a u.s. peace plan, taking it saying it will not work in its current form. it was provided to gather the president and fighting groups.
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>> 18 people have been killed in baghdad and 60 others injured. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility, but isil controls large parts of the country and claimed several previous attacks on iraq's shia majority. security forces in iraq have launched operations to take control of an area held by isil. >> the peshmerga stand confidently for the cameras. they begin their assault on villages on the out skirts and begin surrounding the town. in many ways, this phase is the most simple. isil fighters have largely abandoned the villages and they fall to the peshmerga easily. the head of the kurdistan
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regional government traveled total front line to visit the troops. >> these territories were under isil control, but back in our hands. this is due to our well organized plan. >> well organized plan it might be, but isil know how to use urban areas. seven weeks ago, the prime minister announced they would take ramadi and anbar from isil quickly. that did not happen. isil know how to use urban areas. it will be a challenge for the peshmerga forces. the peshmerga wait to launch the attack on the town sometime in the next few weeks. al jazeera, baghdad. >> at least 15 have been killed and dozen was others injured in a series of bomb blasts on the outskirts of the nigeria capital. the first attacks in the city for more than a year, no group claimed responsibility. we have this report.
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>> the three attacks on the outskirts of nigeria's capital bother the hallmarks of boko haram. two attackers said to have been female suicide bombers, two bombs went off here in the main airport. another same yo simultaneous exn resulted incident more deaths, eyewitnesses saying more than 20 died and some of them could have been saved. >> i witnessed about 20. i confirmed them dead. >> a few hundred meters from there a second device went off. it killed a female saturday bomber but no one else. >> the division has all it takes, the personnel required
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for emergency response. as soon as the blast happened, they responded. the response time was fast. >> security officials say more could have died if the attacks were launched during the day. >> this is the busiest part of the area, a market and narrow streets. it takes 20 or 30 minutes to pass through here because of traffic, an easy target for boko haram. launching an attack here was to cause maximum damage. >> empty streets and closed businesses, the area will remain cordoned off while reporters carry out forensic examination. more than 3,000 people have been killed in attacks throughout the country this year alone, but now the fear is real that the violence has rushed with a vengeance to the capital. al jazeera, nigeria. >> south sudan's president wants to create 28 states out of the
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current 10. the announcement is said to vital a piece agreement signed in august to end the civil war. most states have been redrawn. we have more from the south sudanese capital. >> the announcement that the 10 states of south sudan were to become 28 has taken everyone by surprise. the opposition called for an urgent meeting to discuss what this means. the leader reject this move. he says it's a violation of the peace agreement. now the peace agreement that was only signed in august awarded political control of three out of 10 states to the opposition. now that we have 28 states, nobody's come forward to say white what it is that they're going to control under the terms of that transitional agreement. at the end of november, we're expecting the opposition to come back and to govern again. this is really throwing all of the cards because into the air and created uncertainty in south sudan.
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>> the number of people killed by a land slide has risen to 30. heavy rains swept boulders and mud on to houses. thirty people are still missing in a town southeast of guatemala city. emergency crews face many difficulties. >> the houses were left buried approximately 10 meters or 15 under, which is making it difficult to carry out the search and rescue. >> we are here bringing help in the air, where we are looking for the children of a sister who attends the church with us. we hope to god they are still alive. while it's unfortunate how many lives we lost, there are many homes buried. most likely where you are standing, there are homes. >> a test or kurdistan's young democracy as voters prepare for elections. >> how political turmoil in maine threatens to ignite racial
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>> that to remember that the australian muslim community will be especially appalled and shocked by this. >> al jazeera has been speaking to people in turkey about who they'll vote for in november's election. bernard smith reports now. >> in turkey, monuments to the country's founding father are everywhere, but the secular left leaning political party created has never really managed to take full advantage of his popularity. towns across the south are strongholds of the turk people's party, the c.h.p. supporters know the party is often accused of behaving as if it's entitled to power. >> the c.h.p. vote is constant.
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i don't think they will ever get more than 30%. it needs to become a party of the people. >> in june's election, the c.h.p. failed to cap lies on any dissatisfaction with the ruling party. they secured 25% of the vote. supporters are frustrated that there will be another poll. >> no party, no leaders, including the party i support came to ask if i'm hung are you, whether i have money. we're getting more in debt, our taxes are paying thor these elections. they are a burden or all of us. >> the polls showed the result in november broadly similar to june and party fall short of a majority that parliament. >> a coalition between the a.k.p. and c.h.p. is impossible. manual a communist party and a nationalist party forming a government. the c.h.p. was talking about
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democracy, kurdish rights, immunity from criminal prosecution, the a.k.p. is against all this. >> after the june election, most c.h.p. supporters were opposed to the idea of a coalition with the a.k. party. the c.h.p. will face the challenge of convincing supporters of a unity party. >> a campaign has begun in kenya to deal with problem drinking. dozens of people die every year from consuming illegal home brews. we have this report. >> this is not an ordinary group therapy session. the men and women here are getting free treatment and counseling to help with their drinking problem. a number of people suffered violent withdrawal symptoms when illegal challenge suppliers were
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shut down. a football field has been turned into a rehabilitation camp. a policeman for 14 years, he lost his job last year. his wife and children left two years ago. >> it became so hard for me to stop drinking alcohol simply because i had to drink. i had to drink for me to survive, to do anything, i had to have a drink in the morning. >> here they reflect, eat well, support each other and build their confidence. volunteer counselors medics and teachers are running the camp that was set up by the federal government. >> there are about 1,000 recovering alcoholics here. hundreds more are ready to get help. most of them are not employed. the concern now is what happens when they leave this place. >> we are working to make sure that they are strong enough to be able to prevent relapse. i know that it cannot prevent --
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but we are looking forward and we will celebrate. if we manage to save 100, that will be a good number. >> after three months, they'll go back to places like this village center, where illegal alcohol is still easy to get. roughly 4,000 have a drinking problem. this man became blind after drinking bad alcohol in twan. his son is an alcoholic. on this day, his nephews came to visit. they were drunk. he tries to tell them to stop, but they won't listen. >> alcohol destroyed my life. i could not do anything. i couldn't even educate my children. it's very sad to see people drinking here so much, because they hurt themselves. >> back in the camp, these
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people know too well how hard it will be to adjust to life when they return to their villages, but at this moment, they just want to stay sober and positive. >> plenty more on our website, husband dies. >> they would beat me, both my daughter in law and my son would beat me.


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