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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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♪ i am lauren taylor, al jazeera live from london. also coming up: tensions high in germ use lem following a stabbing and shooting attack. bombs explode in abuja, the first attack to hit nigeria's capitol in more than a year. getting and staying sober: how kenya is dealing with its drinking problem.
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the medical charity doctors wort borders is demanding answers after its hospital in north he were afghanistan was hit by a suspected u.s.-led airstrike in the battle against the taliban. >> reporter: the attack began at 2:00 in the morning. inside, more than 100 patients as well as 80 doctors without borders' staff. they described the terrifying sustained attack that continued for an hour natural. the main operating theatre, emergency room and other parts of the complex were all hit. doctors without borders said several of their staff were killed. and dozens injured. it said gps coordinates had been given to american and afghan officials as recently as a few days ago. in a statement, they said, remember deeply shocked by the attack kill, killing of our
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staff, the heavy toll it has inflicted on healthcare in kunduz. we urge all parties to respect the safety of health facilities and staff. official from the after gag interior min city said the hospital had been infiltrated by taliban fighters. >> they are killed. we also lost doctors. we will do everything to make sure they are safe. >> this was not con nirmd but the head of the u.s.-led forces in afghanistan issued an apology to the afghan government. earlier, nato issued its own statement. u.s. forces conducted an airstrike in cun dz city against individuals threatening force. the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. this incident is under
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investigation in the past, collateral damage has referred to accidental killing of civilians. after taliban forces captured the city, ground forces backed by nato air power have been trying to regain control in the last few days. al jazeera. al jazeera spoke to a witness who was in the hospital with his two sons during the airstrike. they have been taken to baghlan provincial hospital for treatment. mysons were injured and two nephews killed. i brought my injured sons to the hospital. they were getting better day by day and last night, suddenly in the middle of the night, the hospital was being bombed i grabbed my sons and we hid under a table. bombing was heavy and continued in the morning. the building was on fire and the roof collapsed. the hospital was totally destroyed. thank god, we survived.
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ash carter: i learned of a tragic incidents regarding a tonight in kunduz that came under fire. u.s. forces in support of afghan securities fwrorsz operating nearby as were taliban fighters. while we are still trying to determine exactly what happened, i want to extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. a full investigation into the tragic incident is underway in coordination with the afghan government. at this difficult moments we will try to end the ongoing violence in and around kunduz. thanks for coming in. can you tell me what the sequence of events that they tell you happened? >> the bombing started around 10
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past 2. we made contact with representatives of international forces to inform them our hapt was being targeted. we heard nothing and the bombing continued for 45 minutes after that initial call. we have had statements at various points from the u.s. during today and with the latest information is that the u.s. military is saying it conducted an airstrike in the vicinity targeting what it describes insurge events fire okay u.s. service members is it your impression some fighters were insi inside the hospital at the time? >> i can tell you it is a very large compound the bombing hit
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the intensive care unit with a significant number of patients inside covering from operations,operations, et cetera. we are not aware there were any fighters in the hospital regardless, once a fightser is injured, if they are patient, they become a non-combatant so it is still absolutely not okay to be targetsing a hospital facility in this way. we closed the doors of the hospital when it got dark, all we know is there were patients and caretakers inside the hospital and there was nothing unusual happening until the bombing started. >> you had given your coord nantsz to the various norts? >> we have open channel of communication with all warring parts in afghanistan. we had given the gps coordinates to international coalition forces on the 29th of september, so a very recent update as to the precise location of the hospital and our principle
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there. >> you mentioned if a fighter has been injured and becomes a patient, you have to treat them. if they are still armed, what do you do? >> you are not allowed to bring arms into any msf facilities. all are non-weapon zones. so, if somebody does -- were to try to get in with a gun, he wouldn't be allowed into the premises. >> how is this going to affect how you conduct your operations? >> obviously, apart from the tra tragic consequences of the attack, itself, the hospital is the only .1 of its kind in the northwest part of the country. we treated 400 people approximately in the previous four days in the fighting that has been happening with kunduz. with the shutting down of this hospital, it's a loss of vital lifeline of health assistance for people of northeastern afghanistan. >> what about the staff who work for msf.
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are they likely to want to continue in these circumstances. >> the hospital is not working. the immediate priority for us is we need answers. we need an explanation from the international coalition forces as to exactly how this could have happened. >> because the americans are promising or ash carter is promising a full investigation. have you experienced this before? >> never in afghanistan. we have experienced violence, and we have had staff killed, but nothing on a scale like this and nothing quite so deliberately targeted. this is really an unpress didn'ted event for us in afghanistan. >> becky hawkins thank you very much for coming to talk to us. >> thank you. >> >> two israelis have been killed and several others injure during
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an attack in jerusalem's old city. a pal stanian man is said to have stabbed a number of people before taking a gun and opening fire on tourists and police officers. the attacker was then shot and killed by police. mike hannah is occupied east jerusalem and joins us live on the phone. what can you tell us about what happened there? >> this happened near the lions' gate at the southeast part of the city, the via della rossa. now, a young man attacked a group of ultra orthodox jewish family who were on their way western wall on pray. he stabbed two, grabbed a gun from .1, opened fire
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indiscriminal navently and was shot by israeli police f the man's name has not been revealed. this is mohammed shefi kilab, a 19-year-old near ramallah in the west bank. two israelis have been killed. a young toddler with the israeli family seized the gun from .1 of the familiar whether it was from the fler police fire, not sure at this particular stage. >> the cabinet meeting apparently called by the prime minister? >> what is happening is that prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way back from the united states where he has been attending the u.n. meeting. he is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon and has not called a cabinet meeting for tomorrow. he called a meeting with the heads of the shimbet, the army
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chief of staff and his defense minister. they will be holding a meeting immediately on benjamin netanyahu's arrival tomorrow. th won't be a security cabinet meeting until monday evening after sunset bearing in mind that there is a jewish holiday in place, the ends begins at sunset tomorrow and then finally, on monday. the full cabinet meeting is scheduled for monday, but benjamin netanyahu is the meeting with his top security officials immediately on his arrival tomorrow afternoon, lauren. >> mike hannah, thank you very much indeed. >> two large bomb blasts have had shia neighborhoods in baghd baghdad. 24 people have been killed and around 60 others injured in the al hara neighborhoods. no immediate claim of responsibility but the islamic
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state of iraq in the levant which controls lafrming parts of the country claimed several previous attacks. >> 39 civilians and 14 fighters have been killed during four days of russian airstrikes according to the syrian observatory for human rights. they say they carried out 20 airstrikes in syria in the last 24 hours. they targeted nine positions held by isil including its main stronghold, al raqqa frof incident. >> syria's western backed political opposition and armed groups rejected a u.n. peace plan saying it will not work in its current form. in july, the u.n. special envoy to syria proposed inviting warring faxes to form working groups, an idea backed by the syrian president. the opposition said president assad should have no place in syria's future. still to come on al jazeera, the latest from guatemala city, a mud slide killses dozens while hundreds remain missing and nigeria's capital, abujua is
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rocked by a series of explosions. soledad o'brien takes us inside the violent world of kids behind bars. will a new experimental program be their last chance? >> i have to do my 100 percent best so i don't end up in a place like this again.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. a reminder the top stories here on al jazeera. u.s. defense secretary ash carter has offered condolences after a suspected u.s. air strike hit an afghan hospital run by doctors without borders killing at least 16 people. twousisis have have been killed in an attack in jerusalem's old city. 15 people have been killed after a series of bombs exploded in
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abujua. t the number of dead from a landslide in guatemala has risen to at least 33. heavy rains swept boulders and mud on to houses on thursday night. as many as 600 people are still missi missing. southeast of guatemala city. he mergency crews say they are facing many difficulties. >> the houses were left buried approximately 10 meters or 15 under, which is making it difficult to carry out the search and rescue. we are here bringing help in the area where we are looking for the children who attends the church with us. we are hoping god they are still alive. it's truly unfortunate how many lives we lost, there are many homes buried, most likely where you are standing, there are homes. >> the guatemala foreign minister says the search for survivors is intensive.
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this mud slide was caused by the intensive rains that have devastated gauuatemalaan territy after almost 12 weeks of extreme drought. our rescue teams are searching for survivors. there are more than 616 rescue workers with invaluable and exemplary support from citizens. >> the latest from david mercer who is there. difficulties for the rescuers. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: that's right. there is certainly no shortage of hands here on the ground and there are hundreds of people if not thousands of people who are here helping out from volunteer fire fighters to military to police and, also, many, many, many people from guatemala city have volunteered to help out and from as far away as three hours a away, i spoke to a man boxed in to try -- bussed in to try to help with the effort. the task is daunting.
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where i am standing right now, there is 45 meters of rock and mud under my feet. that's between the houses that are buried down below. many of the houses here in the ravine were very basic. they weren't made out of concrete but tin and wood. so with all of this rock piled up on top, there is not much hope that they are going to be cleaned out and there will be any survivors. we ha we have seen many bodies being dug out and taken to a temporary morgue they set up. i talked to survivor family members here dig with pick axes and shovels trying to recover family members but they are feeling like they are running out of hope. >> said, you know, every 20 or 30 minutes, hear a whistle. that's a sign somebody has hurt, thinks they have heard a voice coming from underneath all of this mud and rock and dirt.
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and it stops and they listen. but as far as i understand, they haven't pulled any survivors out in any case. the search continues to go on and people say that it's going to go on for days yet. lauren. >> david merse with the latest on that mud slide in guatemala. thanks very much indeed. fij people have billed killed whaen immediately many more are injured on the outskirts of abujua. they are the first attacks in the city from more than a year. a report. >> reporter: 3 attacks on abuja, all of the hallmarks of boko haram. two of the stackers were said to have been female suicide bombers. two bombs went off here close to the main airport. another simultaneous explosion targeted a bus station which was attacked twice last year resulting in nearly 100 deaths.
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this time, some eyewitnesses saying more than 20 died and some of them could have been saved. he witness with 20. they confirmed them dead. >> a few hundred, a second device went off. it killed a female suicide bomber b, but no one else. police responded as quickly as they could. >> thevision has all it takes the respondent respond. >> officials say more could have died if the attacks were launched during the day. this is the busiest part, a market and its narrow streets. on a normal day, it takes about 20s to 30 minutes to pass through here because of traffic, an easy target for boko haram. launching an attack here was to cause maximum damage.
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>> empty streets and closed businesses. the area will remain cordoned off while authorities carry out forensic examination. more than 3,000 people have been killed in attacks throughout the country this year alone. but now, the fear is real. the violence has returned with a ven answer to the capitol. mohammed digris. nigeria. south sudan's president said he wants to create 28 states out of the current 10. saying it violates a peace agreement to end the civil war signed in august. most of the key oil producing states have been redrawn. more from the south sudanese capitol, juba. >> the announcement that the 10 states were to become 28 has taken everyone by surprise and i understand the opposition has called for an urgent meeting to discuss what this means. their leader came out very quickly and said he rejected
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this move. he says it is a violation of the peace agreement theease agreement awarded political control of three out of 10 states to the opposition. now that we have 28, nobody has come forward to say quite what it is they are going to control under the terms of that transitional agreement. at the ends of november, we are expecting them to come back. this has thrown all of the cards back up into the air and created a great deal of uncertainny south sudan. >> pro-russian separatists say they have started withdrawing tanks from the lionel of contact with government troops. as far as piece peace talks aimed at ending the conflict, the tank withdrawal agreed earlier this week is in line with the minsk peace deal reached in february. the spokesman for the ofce special mission in ukraine says it's going to take a lot of political will to end the violence in the east.
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>> we are well positioned to monitor the process. we have unmanned area vehicles in the area as well or drones looking down on the situation but we are in week 4 of a relative calm we haven't seen before small arms fire mostly training ranges. >> that's good news in a conflict that has lasted for so many months now. in the past two or three days, our chief monitor ambassador has voiced, you know, that all sides did he ha devote their full commitment to this. why? because with over 8,000 deaths according to the united states, 18,000 injured is taking a big toll on theeastern ukraine. >> the fatal shooting of a police employee by a teenager in sydney is being treated as an act of terrorism. the 15-year-old gunned down a
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civilian worker friday. the boy of iraqi/you are asked issue dissent was later shot dead by police. >> the prime minister has described the attack as cold-blooded murder. a new parliament ol sunday a test for the country's fledgling democracy five years after a revolution which removed a government accused of corruption and agreed. proportional rep 'septemberation, 14 parties are vying for a share of the 120 seats in parliament. the ruling social democratic party or sdpk is predicted to do well up against the self-styled party and the anami's party all members of the shaky coalition government. followed closely by unemployment and rising energy prices. from the capitol, robin forest
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every walker reports. >> when it comes to central asian democracy, this is as good as it gets. with 14 political parties contesting, it's been a defendant vibrant election campaign in randy stan but there is such a plural society, campaign has been short on messages of tolerance or diversity. harassment of minorities like gays and lesbians is xlon place. in this video pat tree on theic movements intimidate those inside a home. those same groups back an anti--gay propaganda law that enjoys cross-party support. >> i meet a candidate who tells me there is no space for gay people in krgys society. >> homosexuality is a major problem. some organizations claim we have had homosexwalty throughout our history. this isn't true. in the era of genghis khan and
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under communism, we had no concept of homosexuality. >> this support group for sexual minorities has had its own offices attacked but is willing to speak out. >> look at the platforms of all political parties. none of them are talking about minorities. none of them are talking about non-discrimination principles. >> ethnic minorities have also been vulnerable or voice list in krigys society although democrats say they support diversity. >> there should be no discrimination against people regardless of their religion, ethnicity or views. the law requires a state to ensure they have safety and it's not only my opinion but this is what the law says. we should treat paul equally. >> concern of the country's struggling economy may be for most on voters' minds. >> the biggest issues most care about are the problems facing this country, corruption and
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unemployment. as many as a million krgys citizens, a 5th. population are in search of work. now all of the political parties are promising that they can fix those problems. >> whoever wins this vote will have to deliver on those promises or risk marginalizing more than just minorities. robin forestier walker, al jazeera. >> a anything thatwide campaign has begun in kenya to try to alleviate what the country call's the country's drilling problem. every year dozens die from consuming illegal home brews. catherine soi reports. >> reporter: this is not an ordinary group therapy session. the men and women here are getting free extremely and counseling to help with their drinking problem. a number of people suffered violent with drama symptoms when i will legal alcohol dins were shut down.
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so a football field has been turned into a temporary rehabilitation camp. daniel was a policeman for 14 years. he lost his job last year. his wife and children left two years ago. >> it was so hard for me to stop drinking alcohol simply because i had to drink. i had to drink for me to survive. to do anything i had to do, i had first to start to drink in the morning. >> here they reflect, eat well, support each other and build their confidence. volunteer counselors, medics and teachers are running the camp that was set up by the federal government. >> there are about a thousand recovering alcoholics here, hundreds more or registering to get help. most of them are not employed. the concern now is: what happens when they leave this place? so we are work to go make sure that they are strong enough to be able to prevent relapse. i know that you cannot prevent
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that some will fall back. we are looking ford and we will celebrate if we manage to save 100, that would be a good number. >> after three months in rehab, they will go back to places like this village center where cheap, illegal alcohol is still easy to get. roughly 40,000 people have a drinking problem in this region. many have died after drinking homemade brews leased with poison ingredients. benson matturi became blind after drinking bad control. his son is an alcoholic. on this day, his nephews came to visit. they were drunk. he says he tries to tell them to stop, but they won't listen. >> alcohol destroyed my life. i could not do anything. i couldn't even to my children. it's sad to see people drinking here so much because they never help themselves. >> back at the camp, these people know too well how hard it
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will be to adjust to life when they return to their villages. but at this moment, they just want to stay sober and positive. kathryn soi, al jazeera, central kenya. is our website to catch up. >> i wouldn't die or anything >> what's wrong with dying >> well, i want to be with my family. i don't want to miss out on any of the fun >> my kids are probably like most kids o


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