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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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from doha. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> the death toll from guatemala's major mud slide rises from 6900 still missing. ♪ >> this is al jazeera live from doha, coming up in the next half hour, tension in jerusalem as the second palestinian man is shot dead by the police for stabbing israeli citizens. president barack obama offers his sympathy while the u.n. condemns a suspected airstrike in kunduz. and this football field has
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been turned into a rehabilitation center because of an alcohol problem that's gotten out of hand. ♪ >> the number of dead from a landslide in guatemala has risen to 67. hundreds of people are still missing in the town southeast of the capital city of guatemala city. david mercer visited the site earlier. >> i saw not a single survivor brought out from underneath the rock and the dirt, but i did see a lot of bodies brought out. i talked to a number of family members who are -- who said that they are not going to leave the sight until they see their loved ones, either alive or dead and a lot of them were sort of resigned to the fact that they might not, in fact, find them alive. some of the houses are buried
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under as much as 45 meters of rock and mud. 1 million cubic meters of dirt covered these 125 houses, and so certainly the rescue workers have their work cut out for them in this case. and the national emergency management disaster relief center, they said seven years ago, they approached the municipal authority and said that people shouldn't be allowed to live in this zone. it's at the bottom of a very steep revene. there's hillsides, two hillsides, one on either side, and a river and, in fact, runs right through there as well. so a real recipe for disaster, that you have there, especially in guatemala which gets hit by torrential rains every year and mud slides are very common here. people who were living there, who i spoke to, who have been this for ten years, they said they received no warning from the municipality and so they are certainly in the weeks to
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come, there's going to be some finger pointing and they will try to come up with i imagine a solution to try to prevent disasters like this from happening in the future. >> the u.s. president president obama has declared a state of emergency in south carolina after severe storms caused wide spread flooding. it's been raining for much of the week, in the southeast, where millions are under flood watch. they have referred to this as a once in 200 rainfall event. south carolina could get more rain through the weekend. a palestinian who stabbed an israeli teenager in jerusalem has been killed by police. the incident happened in the area, and hours earlier, a similar attacked kills others. we have this on the rising tensions in east jerusalem. >> unprecedented shock in the walls of old city as gunfire
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rings out and people scatter. >> this is a normally placid tourist haven, close to where the christian pilgrims walk the last steps of jesus christ on his way to juice fiction. this is a rare occasion on which this part of the old city erupts in chaos. >> the attacker was identified as mohammad shalaki kalabi, from near ramallah. it's characterized as a lone wolf attack, carried out by one person with no wider coordination or control. but it came at a time when tensions are mounting in the region, following wide scale
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israeli operations in the west bank, following the killing of two israeli settlers by unidentified gunman on thursday. and in the wake of old city attack, israeli palestinians across the political spectrum erupted in outrage on social media. not on camera, because it's an important jewish holiday. former government minister leiberman said this is what losing control looks like. and the leader of zionist u.n.ion says new england has lost control over the security of israeli citizens -- new england has -- nuygen has lost control over the security of israeli citizens and jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu is knew to return to israel in the afternoon. a spokesman says he will meet immediately on his arrival with the defense minister, the head of the shin beth intelligence agency and the army chief of staff. and they will then hold a full cabinet meeting at the end of
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the holiday, at sunset on monday. there have been repeated flashes overnight between palestinians and the israeli army in the vicinity of the 19-year-old attacker's house near ramallah. the situation continues to unravel, while the israeli prime minister is on his way home. mike hannah, al jazeera, east jerusalem. u.s. president barack obama has extended his condolences to those wounded in an attack in kunduz in a hospital run by the doctors without borders. ban kim moon has condemned at tack. >> the attack began at 2:00 in the morning. inside more than 100 patients and 80 doctors without borders staff. they described the terrifying sustained attack that continued for an hour and a half. the main operating theater, the emergency room and other parts
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of the medical complex were all hit. doctors without borders says several of their staff were killed and dozens injured. it says gps coordinates were given to american and afghan officials as recently as a few days ago. in a statement they said, with err deeply shocked by the attack, the killing of our staff and the heavy toll it has impacted in kunduz. we urge all parties to respect the safety of facilities and staff. officials from the afghan interior ministry said the hospital it been infiltrated by taliban fighters. >> all the terrorists were killed but we also lost doctors. we will do everything to make sure that the doctors are safe. >> this was not confirmed by other sources, but the head of the u.s.-led forces in afghanistan issued an apology to the afghan government.
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earlier nato issued its own statement. u.s. forces conducted an airstrike in kunduz city against individuals threatening force. the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. this incident is under investigation. in the past, collateral damage has referred to the accidental killing of civilians. there's been intense fighting in and around kunduz, after taliban forces captured the city earlier this week. afghan ground forces backed by nato air power have been trying to regain control in the past few days. and with more reaction from the u.s., john hendron in washington. >> the u.s. has issued several statements after a doctor without borders in kunduz was struck. they mourn what they call a tragic incident. the general on the ground, general john campbell said he has spoke with ashraf ghani
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about the incident and would look into what happened. defense secretary for u.s. called it a tragic incident, saying it would be investigated. however, none of these statements were apologetic and none of them said exactly what happened other than to say that there were u.s. troops assisting afghan forces on the ground, that there were taliban forces there as well. this makes it much more difficult for the u.s. government to operate in afghanistan. and it puts ashraf ghani in the position of his predecessor, hamid karzai who was left to explain to his people why the american airstrikes were killing the civilians. only 1% of the civilian casuals were caused by the u.s. but the perception is devastating. and the taliban doesn't have their own planes. they know it's the u.s. and the coalition that are committing these strikes and it makes it much more difficult for the
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u.s. to operate in afghanistan. >> one man who was in the hospital with his two children at the time of the bombing gave al jazeera this account. >> at first they were fighting my two sons were injured and my two other nephews were killed. i brought my injured sons to the hospital. they were getting better day by day and last night, suddenly in the middle of the night, the hospital was being bombed. i grabbed my sons from the bed, and we hid under a table. the bombing was heavy and continued until morning. the building was on fire and the roof collapsed. the hospital was totally destroyed. thank god we survived! >> the bodies of eye rainians killed in a stampede at the -- bodies of iranians killed in the stampede at the hajj. over 700 people were killed. iran appears to have lost the largest number of pilgrims with over 400 nationals killed. in eastern ukraine, pro
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russian rebels have begun withdrawing some weapons from the front line. meanwhile, others have been discussing a possible cruise between moscow and can i kiki -- kiev. there have been reports of shelling. still ahead, south sudan's president orders the creation of 28 new states, but his opponents are up in arms. and fears of contamination as tons of cyanide from a gold mine spills into a river in or or -- argentina.
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welcome back, let's take a look at the top stories on jazz, and the number of dead from a mud slide in guatemala has risen to at least 69. hundreds of people are missing in the town southeast of the capital of guatemala city. a palestinian who was stabbed an israeli teenager in jerusalem has been killed by police. the incident happened in the area of jerusalem. and a suspected u.s. airstrike in kunduz, demanding an impartial investigation. president barack obama has expressed his condolences to the victims of the bombing. saturday's attack on a doctors without borders clinic left at least 19 people dead. in iraq, kurdish separatist forces say they made gains in a three-day offensive to retake
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the town in the northern town of kirkuk, which is still run by isil. >> they begin surrounding the town. in many ways, this phase is the most simple. isil fighters have largely abandoned the villages and they fall easily. this is the head of the kurdistan regional government and traveled not front line to visit the troops. >> these territories were under isil control. now they are back in their hands. this is due to the well organized plan. >> well organized is may plan. isil knows how to use urban areas. just seven weeks ago the prime minister afonsed -- announced that they would be able to take ramadi. is iil do know how to use urban
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areas. now the pershmerga. 39 civilians is died in four days of russian airstrikes. 14 fighters were also killed in the attack. russia says it's carried out 20 airstrikes in syria in the last 24 hours. they targeted nine positions held by isil, including the their stronghold but activists have accused of russians of targeting anti-is i will -- anti-isil forces. instead, they are calling on the international community to take a clear stand against russia's military invention. sarah carter monitoring
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developments from lebanon. >> u.s. president president obama is calling this a disaster. they are urging them to stoopes -- stop opposing the opposition and focus on isil. they are refusing to attend planned meetings at the u.n. to pave the way for political talks. >> there's no incentive now as a result of this. there's no incentive to engage in a political solution. >> in july, u.n. and arab league special envoy announced that the warring sides were not ready to hole formal talks. instead he suggested working group meetings to agree on a roadmap for peace. the syrian national coalition and both moderate and conservative armed groups say the initiative is unacceptable. it is demanding the international community makes
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it clear the head of the syrian government aytes pillars are not given a role in the transition process or in the future the syria. the transitional governing body means the full transfer of power. and military institutions and security agencies cannot be part of the national army. >> the opposition tells us that they do not reject a political solution. they just believe it is a waste of time to engage in what they call brainstorming sessions. they say they are ready to attend a geneva three peace conference but on condition, the outcome will lead to the government's handing over power and not in their words reproduce the regime. russia a close ally of the syrian government is in no mood to compromise. it won't accept president bashar al assad's removal of power as a preseason for talks and their intervention has complicated things further. they are demanding the international allies show seriousness. >> we need to have a new
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coalition, between allies, turkey, and the international community to stand up to this aggression. >> the u.s. and western countries have voiced concern that russian airstrikes are weakening the opponents of the government, words that seem to have little effect on the ground. al jazeera, beirut. a boat carrying around 80 mostly syrian refugees has arrived in the greek island from turkey. lifeguards and volunteers have helped them to safety and tended to the injury. thousands of people are making the dangerous crossing by boat to the greek island every week, and many of them dying during the journey. well, this week al jazeera has been speaking to people across turkey to find out how they will be voting in november's election. in june, the ruling a.k. party lost its majority in parliament for the first time in ten years. and talks with the opposition that failed to produce a
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coalition. we went to the city of. >> in turkey, the monuments to the founding father are everywhere. but the party created by him has never really managed to take full advantage of his popularity. tons across the south like miller, are strong holds of the c.h.p. the party is often accused of behaving as if it's entitled to power. >> the c.h.p. vote is constant. i don't think they will ever get more than 30%. it needs to become a party of the people. >> in june's election, the c.h.
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secured 35% of the event. now some of its supporters are frustrated that there will be another poll. >> no party, no leaders, including those that i support came to ask if i'm hungry or not, whether i have money. we are getting more in debt. our taxes are changed for these elections and it's a burden for all of us. >> the latest poll suggests a result in november, broadly similar to june and the act party is falling short of a majority in parliament. >> a coalition between the a.k.p., and c.h.p. is impossible. imagine a communist aparty and a nationalist party forming a government. the c.h.p. was talking about the democracy. kurdish rights. the a.k.p. is against all of this. >> most c.h.p. supporters were opposed to the idea with the a.k.p. party.
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they will persuade skeptical supporters and that sharing power is a workable, viable solution. south sue ban's rebel leader has accused of president of violating a peace agreement signed in august. on friday evening, they announced the new states will increase. the expansion undermines the power sharing arrange. we report now from juba. >> the announcement that a 10 states of south sudan were supposed to become 28 has tape everyone by surprise and i understand that the opposition calls for an urgent meeting to discuss what this means but their leader came out very quickly and said that he rejected this move. he said that it's a violation of the peace agreement. now, the peace agreement that was only signed in august awarded political control of three out of ten ates to the opposition. now that we have 28 states, nobody has come forward to say quite what it is that they are going to control, under the
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terms of that transition of agreement. at the end of november, we are expecting the opposition to come back to juba and to govern again and this is has really thrown all the cards back up into the air and created a great deal of uncertainty in south sudan. hundreds of people suffering from alcohol abuse in kenya are receiving free treatment. they have begun a nationwide campaign against what it called the country's drinking problem. dozens of people die every year from consuming illegal homemade brews. katherine soy now report ms. from central kenya. >> this is not an ordinary group therapy session. the men and women here are getting free treatment and counseling to help with their drinking problem. a number of people suffered violent withdraw symptoms when illegal alcohol companies were shut down. it has been turned into a temporary rehabilitation camp. daniel was a policeman for 14
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years. he lost his job last year. his wife and children left two years ago. >> it became so hard for me to stop drinking, simply because i had to drink. i had to drink for me to do anything i have to do. i had to drink in the morning. >> here they reflect, eat well, support each other and build their confidence, volunteer counselors, medics and teachers are running the camp that was set up by the federal government. >> there are about 1,000 recovering alcoholics here. hundreds are signing to get help. >> we are working to make sure that they are strong enough. i know that you cannot prevent it. others will fall back but we are looking for it and we will celebrate if we manage to save 100 that would be a good number. >> after three months in rehab,
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they will go back to places like this village center, where cheap, illegal alcohol is still easy to get. roughly 40,000 people have a drinking problem in this region. many have died after drinking homemade brews laced with potent ingredients. benson became blind after drinking bad alcohol in 2001. his son is an alcohol. on this day, his nephews came to visit. they were drunk. he says he tries to tell them to stop, but they won't listen. >> alcohol destroyed my life. i could not do anything. i couldn't even educate my children. it's very sad to see people drinking here so much, because they never help themselves. >> back at the camp, these people know too well how hard it will be to adjust to life when they return to their villages, but this moment, they just want to stay sober and positive.
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katherine soy, al jazeera, in central kenya. more than a million liters of cyanide spilled in san juan. the suspension on the barrick gold mine has been lifted but they asked individual specialives to test the soil and the water in the area. we report from san juan. >> on the foothills of the mountains in the province of san juan in western argentina, they are worried about the consequences of a recent spill from a gold mine. >> we found out on sunday night via a tex message there had been a cyanide spill. we all panicked. nobody ever directly informed us about what was going on. >> he started producing gold in
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2005. it is one of the largest gold mines in argentina. it is an open pit mine, owned by canadian company barrick gold. the mine is located high up in the mountains. this is as far as we are allowed to go. the spill happened, we're told, when a valve broke in one of the installations, allowing at least 1 million liters of cyanide solution into the river. even though later tests show that the water is not contaminated with cyanide, people here are still afraid. >> cyanide is used in the leaching process that separates the mineral from the rock. >> that's why the judge ordered the suspension of the use of cyanide for five days. >> we are now analyzing documents because we want to know where the responsibility lies. there's a penal responsible for those who violated the security protocol. >> but in spite of the
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government's reassurance, that the water is now safe to drink, people in the local town are organizing themselves to demand more information. they also want an end to open pit mining. pablo supedo says the water in his house tastes like chlorine and doesn't want his children to drink it. >> the water has never been good but in the recent weeks, it's been worse. i don't want to give to my children. then own gave us 2 liters of water per person. >> the incident has raised the question about the impact of open pit mining on the environment. >> we are very sorry for what happened. this is the first time that something hike this has happened. we are collaborating the investigation. >> but it will take a while
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before people here can trust in the company again. they feel they are lied to and they fear that it could happen again. teresa al jazeera, san juan, argentina. >> the world's largest collector of all things harry potter has opened a museum to display his collection in mexico city. [ applause ] >> he says he wants a place to preserve the objects and share the collection with other fans. the mexican lawyer owns almost 4,000 pieces, including figures, clothes, and toys. 38-year-old holds the 2014 guinness world record for the largest collection of harry potter memorabilia. and travel is arriving at europe's busiest train station. the platforms in paris were
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transformed into a giant silent disco. thousands of party goers danced to music played by international deejays through wireless headsets. it's part of contemporary arts currently held in the french capital. you can always get the latest on our website at >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the president of liberia ellen johnson sirleaf. >> my life story of fighting and getting up and being beaten and rising again and fighting for the things i believe in. >> the first woman elected to lead an african country has spent almost a decade rebuilding post-conflict liberia. >> people were tired of war. war was seen as something that had been initiated and carried on largely by men. so women were ready for change.


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