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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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welcome to the newshour in doha. doctors without borders withdrawals from kunduz after an airstrike kills 19 people at a hospital. the u.n. described it as a possible war crime. russia hits syria with more airstrikes for a 5th successfulive day. second stabbing attack in jerusalem as israel bans more palestinians from the occupied old city. >> we will have all of your sporting including the end of
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the world for england as they crash out of their own world cup humiliated by australia. all of the action coming up later in the program. >>. >> doctors without board versus withdrawn from the afghan city of kunduz. the decision was taken after 19 people were killed by an airstrike on a hospital: something the u.n. is describing as a possible war crime. the united states says a strike at 2:15 a.m. local time on saturday could have resulted in close kallal rat damage to the hospital. afghan forces saytab taliban fighters were hiding inside. doctors without borders rejects that. they say only staff and patients were there. the hospital was hit repeatedly for over an hour. staff called the u.s. and afghan officials while it was going on, asking for them to stop. gps coord nantsz have been given
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before on numerous times. one man who was in the hospital with his two children at the time of the bombing gave al jazeera his account. my sons were injurd in and cous were killed. they were getting better day by day and last night, suddenly in the middle of the night, the hospital was being bombed. i grabbed my sons from the bed and we hid under a table. bottoming was heavy. it continued until morning. the building was on fire and the roof collapse did the hospital was totally destroyed. thank god, we survived. >> the u.n. is calling for as 1wi69 investigation saying this event is utler tragic, inexcusable and possibly even criminal. military forces have an obligation to respect and protect civilians at all times.
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medical facilities and personal are object of the special protection. these obligations apply no matter who is air force is involved and irrespective of the location. >> live for usn surth of kunduz city. i understand it a bit of a crisis developing outside the hospital. tell us what the situation is like now. >> reporter: big crisis going on in the provincial hospital of kunduz city. we talked with the people there. they are telling us three nurses and just a doctor arrived who real real, three nurses, one-doctor, over 500 injured people. they are trying to help. now, they are telling us know medicine, no food, no water, and that the government officials are telling us that he is at the airport with a medical team with the medicine and food waiting
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for a plane to get to the kunduz as soon as possible. >> taiz, who is in control of kunduz right now in the tell us the situation there. manage to go get some part of the city center of kunduz, but the talibantable are still in the suburbs of the city around the city. in the provincial area. afghan security forces are telling us they have to go door to door, have to have the search for taliban. people of kunduz are saying it's not clear for them who will controls where. there is not -- there is not a set front line. one some by taliban, other by afghan government. any movement for them is hard. >> you mentioned the situation at the hospital. what's the overall humanitarian situation like for people
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elsewhere in the city? >> reporter: people who are stuck in their home and in their houses, they are telling us that it's almost -- it's more than a week now. they don't have food. they don't have water. no electricity. no movement. they cannot leave their homes because they could be target by any side. they are explaining about how the artillery used by both sides'. the life is miserable. most of the people left. those that they can afford hiring a car to get out of kunduz city is so expensive for some, it is not affordable. poor people are still there. before we go, let me show you the situation in the neighbor province of kunduz here now people here also worried the talibantab taliban. you can see armed people, they are not taliban. they are not government sferpz. i am not sure if you can find them. they are just getting on it.
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thet they worried the taliban might try here they have taken it themselves. >> thank you very much. there has been a defendant new wave of russian airstrikes in syria. it's the 5th successive day of bombing. let's go to zeina hodr. what's happened this monk? >> the shavn defense ministry released add statement saying they carried out 20 sorteees over the last 24 hours and mentioning they targeted 10 isil positions, but what we understand from activists on the ground is that there has been intense air activity and airstrikes in at a time northern countryside of the central city of homs. the activists are mentioning areas like reston and teldizi.
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these are rebel strongholds and not isil strongholds. video uploaded by act visits show people getting in to their cars, scrambling to leave the area. people undoubtedly scared. we don't have much information on whether or not tlerp there were casualties. like i mentioned, this is what is activists are saying and the russian defense ministry saying on day 5, they are continuing their aerial campaign and targeting positions belonging to isil. >> stay with us. all we are going to do is look at the itstitute of the study of war. so russian airstrikes are targeting syrian opposition groups in areas far from isil. now, the isw has identified 12 locations where it says with a high degree of confidence, russia has conducted air strikes in syria. let's take a look at how that marries up with who has control across the country. this is the region where the syrian government still has control the opposition holds sway in parts of the north and
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southwest. there have been opposition in the northwest. the curbedish popular protection units or the ypg has taken back parts of the northeast from isil. now, where he is ill controls large stretches of territory in the northeast and central corridor there t and of the 12 russian air streaks, the isw says 10 hit opposition target it is just hit isil territory. both were in raqqa where oil assets located let's go back to zeina hodr. if you are a member of the opinionstruction looking at a map like that. you must be very worried right now as to whether any opposition to president assad is the real target of this, not justice ill. >> reporter: that is what the opposition is doing, in order to
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strengthen his position in upcoming peace talks. this is what they will tell you. if you look at the map, yes, russia has targeted isil, for example, in their de facto capital raqqa but a lot of airstrikes are intend concentrating on an arc that actually surrounds the government's main stronghold on the coast. they hit strategy strategic territory on a cross road t they have hit the mama countryside. the rebels were strong there and advancing toward latakia. that is the last rebel stronghold in this area. this is not i know discriminant attacks. there is a strategy, and if -- but many people will ask and say. okay. what can these air strikes do? well, it's helping the syrian government defend its core territory. it may put pressure to gain --
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in diplomatic gains but at the end of the day, the opposition feels that the russian intervention is not just about the fighting isil. has more to do with strengthen be the government of assad. >> thank you from beirut. more on the russian airstrikes, we have been talking to one the top-ranked commandez in the free syrian army. he was a general. he is now in charge of a brigade fighting in aleppo. stefanie dekker spoke to the colonel in turkey. >> reporter: what russia's involvement means, the direction of syria's war, nobody knows. why not? >> something colonel in the free syrian army says he knows for sure. >> russian enters ference is a sign assadses army is collapsing. hezbollah's leader said we join the war because the free syrian army is getting close to
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damascus. then, in 2014, shia malitias enter entered. now, all of these groups couldn't protect the regime. so we have russia. >> he shows us some of the locations hit and says isil has no presence here he left aleppo 10 days ago where he is in charge much a brig add fighting the government. he travels in and out of syria and has been actively engaged in this war from the very beginning. >> russia considers anyone fighting the regime as their enemy. they didn't come here to fight isil. they are bombing civilians and the free syrian army and other groups receiving foreign support many airstrikes have been around lataba where russia has its naval bates. we speak to a spokespan for one the groups fighting in idlib, an area also hit by russia. >> the people are scared and the
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regime bombings, they can shelter underground. russian bombs are stronger than those of the regime. >> this war is now into its 5th year with no end in sight. no militarily, more politically. colonel acadia says washington doesn't seem to know what to do. >> america has no clear plan. it has let down the syrian people. it's a very weak administration. they have left it all in russia's hands. they didn't support their partners on the ground. even the group they trained, they left them to face their fate against the regime and russia's bombs. there has been no reaction. >> he says what keeps him and his men fighting is that they have a just cause, fighting for freedom, dignity and the need to rebuild a free syria for the next generation, but at this rate, the question is: what will syria look like when this day comes. stefanie dekker, al jazeera on the turkey/syria border. >> israeli security forces are
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restricting access to jerusalem's old city after two separate attacks on israelis. in the latest incident, the palestinian man man stabbed and wounded an israeli teenager. another palestinian killed two israelis in a similar time. more restrictions, restrictions and banned marked the beginning of this escalation in tensions. are these measures working? >> given the vie lenses we saw overnight, certainly not. then in place for a period of time. the exact intention to reap strict the flow of muslims into the old city and into the compound mosque -- mosque compound, as well. but now, unprecedented restrictions have been introduced in the wake of the overnight vie slenings. the only people allowed access to the old city,issitsi citizens have unfetterred access as usual. the only palestinians allowed in
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are residents there or those who have businesses within the old city. those wishing to pray at the mosque compound have to go through a different gate, far away from the traditional point much access to the mosque compound and we have just been down there at the loins' gate behind us here, small groups of very angry palestinians watching queues of tourists wagging through lines they are unable cross. >> mike, theisitsi prime minister is coming under pressure despite despite the bans. he is under pressure to do more. right? >> reporter: there has been criticism of the israeli prime minister across the political spectrum within israel. there has been criticism from the opposition sgrienist movement who let the terrorist situation, as they call it, go out of control. he has had criticism from his government saying not enough is
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being done to combat what they call palestinian tearer. criticism is mounting. we spoke to a source close to him who says very strong measures are going to be considered on the prime minister's return. at the same time, that source says all israelis are being called upon not to take the law into their own hands, to allow the police and the army to, as he put it, do their work, sammy. >> thank you very much. mike hanna there. stay with us here on al jazeera. still ahead, polls open in kyrzakastan. a new high-tech voting system is in place but it's proving to be c controversial plus the media focus may have shifted. you may have thought that this was all over. far from it. i am jonah hull on the macedonian/serbian oarer we will tell you why chelsea's manager has come out fighting. that's coming up in sport.
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>> at least 85 people are dead. hundreds more are missing after a massive landslide covered much of a town in guatemala. rescuers are still looking for survivors but hopes of finding anyone alive is fading. david mercer reports. >> reporter: it's guatemala's worst natural disaster in years. part of this mountainside collapse late thursday bearing 125 homes under one million cubic meters of earth. rescue workers and volunteers race against time shoveling through mountains of dirt in the search for survivors. all they found were lifeless bodies. a hard reality for many here. >> six of my family managers are missing. my parents and four siblings. i haven't been able to rest, and i won't be able to until i see
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them again. but asking to see them alive is a lot. they are buried under 15 meters of dirt. the landslide hit around 9:30 at night when many people were at home. it followed days of constants rain. many didn't escape. >> night before's house was hit. this is's they are digging here but haven't found any survivors. >> heavy machinery was brought in by the army and more than 1,600 rescuers have joined the search motivated by signs of survivors. >> every 20 or 30 minutes, here am whistle blow and everybody stops working. >> means somebody thinks then heard a voice. w this layered up 40 meters on top of the houses, many here say they are running out of hope
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rescue workers have no plans to stop the search, but the moment the rain falls again, they could suspend the operation. >> translator: we can see that the hill opposite the slide also runs the risk of a landslide. on the side that already collapse the, there is a fracture that could bring down more earth. some say this was a disaster foretold t authorities warned local politicians this ravine was a risk zone and that no one should be living here. david merse, guatemala. the u.s. president has declared a state of emergency in south carolina after heavy rain. a persistent band of rain has caused massive floods in charleston. homes and businesses have been evacuated. three people have died in road accidents across the stat due to the death. at least 16 people have died in flooding along the french
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rivera. over two months of rain fell in just two hours. more than 27,000 sloemz lost electricity. some people drowned in a retirement home when the risks burst its banks. >> the water was up to here. somebody came to get me. i couldn't walk because of the water pressure. it was honestly i can't talk about this anymore. >> severe weather extends to southwest china? >> yes and it has gotten worse. it's effectively a typhoon made lappedfall. with we go back about 24 hours. a massive cloud flirt with category 1 which off of the 5-point scale. it whipped up over the warm waters and hit the land to a category 3. even before it did that, 24 hours certificate, this was the view on the coast of hynan. it was stormy. this was a day before it even came close enough to do much.
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that's what it was like all the say. since then, it has got an awful lot programs. winds are category 3. 200 kilometers per hour. >> take it over land. though the stats give it briefly category 4 status right now which is quitetre, we have 260 kilometers pour hour potential. it loses all of it has been picking up. what is left is massive rain clouds which will dump rain all over southwest china. most recently it dusted to 190 kilohm materials per hour where it we want in. 132 millimeters were recorded in six hours. that's the potential. there could be 300 millimeters. it is 8 with the storm surge now as three meters. sam mcmorries? >> thanks. the start of a gathering of catholic binlz in the vatgans
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has been dominated by controversy over a gay priest. ♪ . >> it is being attended by nearly 300 church leaders as well as 18 married couples. they will focus on family issues including the church's stanchion on homosexuality, sex outside marriage and divorce. on saturday, a vat kavenling priest was dismissed from his post after announcing he is in a gay relationship. frances is boosting security at the entrance to the channel tunnel. it's the under sealing between the french port of calais and u.k. the new security measures came after 100 reached the tunnel to reach britain. >> russia is key to endings the refugees into rope. the foreign minister said moscow'sration is necessary. meanwhile as jonah hull reports, the refugees are still flowing
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into europe. >> pick a point at random on the route through europe. this is the last train stationing? macedonia on the serbia border. nothing has changed day and day out, they keep coming, the weary, the relieved, the hopeful. sdmchl we have around eight trains per day. sometimes more, sometimes less in 24 hours. >> do you see any sign at all of this flow of people slowing down? >>, coming to an end? >> people are sighing that october is going to be slower but we are not seeing anything like that. >> this young man is an english teach frer raqqa do you have your spirits are high? >> yes. i think my morals is still high to travel to different places and good friends, people. and like my friends, they are
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having honeymoon. >> they are on failure honey snoon newly married? >> yes, bride and groom. honeymoon with different sights. train, bus. >> a very active sight-seeing honeymoon adventure there? and irhappy? you are happy? >> yes. >> congratulations. i want to ask you about the russian activities now in the past few days in your country. do you think that it's going to help to the end the war? >> no. i don't think so. it will be worse. >> it will just get programs? >> yes, get worse, more and more. >> after a few kilometers, more people are now arriving in se serb serbia. the media 34 may have largely moved on from this story for the time being. the focus has shifted but the spotlight is still very much on syria. it's about the russian bombing of misi can't now, of course. there aren't many people here who seem to think that is going to make much difference.
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but in the meantime, this miserable journey through 21st septemb century europe goes on. a lot is said in parts of europe about these people, who they are, what they want, the threat that they pose. most are ordinary people beginning new lives in a world that has changed beyond recognition. jonah hull, al jazeera on the macedonia/serbia border. >> polls are open in portugal for a general election that's being seen as a test of four years of austerity. voters have the choice of giving the socialists a chance or reelecting the center right coalition that steered the country through a punishing bail-out putting the ruling collision in the lead. polls have opened in kyrzakastan. it will be a test 5 years after an uprising which removed the government accused of corruption
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and agreed. corruption concerns haven't gone away. it's still the number 1 issue for voters according to polls. followed closely by unemployment and rising energy prices. whenkiekie's interim government brought in the representation to show a fair distribution of power, many are aligned from parties different from those they entered parliament with under five years ago. 14 parties are vying for a share of the 120 seats in parliament. the ruraling social democratic party, the sdpk is expected to gain the largest share of the poll. a guard against voter fraught, the government has brought in a new electronic system. robin forestier heave walk upper joins us. how are the elections going so far? >> reporter: sammy, not too badly. i think at the latest, around 30%.
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a few hours to go before polls close. when we were at the police station earlier, it was going smooth with the new system, the biometric system where voters have to have finger prints recognition and before they can get the their ballots. ballots are counted and marked as, they enter the ballot box. it's an advanced texchnological decision to have been imposed on the voting system here you don't see in other parts of this region or the former soviet union. the i think the krygyst have signed up for this in order to reduce the risk of fraud. in many ways, it's a symbolic step forward for this country that they have all agreed there is more risk involved when this comes to election time, and so we don't know what the outcome will be b polls close this evening. we expect as you were saying, the governing party to pick up, to do quite well.
6:27 am
>> so it sounds like a little bit of ground being broken when it comes to free and fair elections. where is the balance of hour heading when it comes to the pro-russia sort of pro-muslim sentiment in the country? >> reporter: right. look at it from this point of view. you've got a lot of disenfranchised voters not just in this country gu those forced to go abroad. many in russia. they weren't able to take part in this election. so a lot much frustration really about this so-called democracy that's been so warmly talked about by the political parties here also, these parties, themselves, are political parties in name really but they tend to be about associations of oligarchs who come together, you
6:28 am
know, to find sort of mutual convenience. many have had different political interests and views but yet there is that factor, the rising popularity of islam and factor that in to the fact that the krygastan is pro-russian. the president came out today to state that he supports the russian intervention in syria. there are a lot of different factors at play when it comes to kyrgist politics and the way these parties are likely to form a coalition may not prove to be the best tonic for those deep underlying problems that you were back talking about, endemic corruption and the belong chronic problems with the economy. >> robin forism estier walker, thank you for that. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. still to come rpth a hard-won peace deal in south sudan thrown
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into doubt by a government wanting to redraw state lines. these are some of the most intense rapids anywhere in the world. for a few weeks each year, people flock here to risk it all for the ride of their life. i am gabriel elzondo on the goalii river. >> premises to host the olympics in 2020 continue to be dogged by problems. rajoul has all of those problems in sports. ♪
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let's recap the head lienlz here on al jazeera the taliban is back in control of the main square in the northern city of kunduz. that's according to residents who have spoken to al jazeera. doctors without borders has withdrawn from the city. 12 of its staff and seven patients were killed by an airstrike at hospital on saturday. drink has been a defendant new wave of russian airstrikes in syria. the defense minister said planes hit tennis ill targets in the latest bombing runs. but according to the observatory for human rights, campaign hit some with little or know issel threatens. >> a landslide in guatemala of people are mixing is southeast. >> let's go back to the renewed situation in kunduz just south 12k3w4r50i6shing9sz 12k3w4r50ir7k9sdzs soiings of
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kunduz. it sounds like some of the areas are going back to the control room of the taliban. what are you hearing? >>'s. >> reporter: sammy, i talked to a couple of afghan security official and i talked with the commander who was in charge of the main square of kunduz city. he was telling me this morning, they could advance and clear most part of the center of kunduz city including the square from taliban and people were coming out of their homes to welcome the afghan security forces, suddenly taliban attacked with rpg. one of their humvee and the fighting, the commander told me they had to leave the square for taliban again. who what are the afghan officials saying about this? why were their forces not able to hold on? it's a bit of embarrassment, is
6:33 am
it not, for the authorities there? >> reporter: it's the first day of the fighting last week. we are viewing the same complaint from afghan security officers, low-ran officers here that there is a lack of coordination, there is a lack of leadership. they don't -- they don't have a proper leader, they complain. and there is not one command. >> is why that everywhere they operate, they don't have -- they don't have the power to keep it because they have language of leadership and lack of coordination. the 7,000 security forces who were involved in the operation. thanks for that. world bank is to raise the policy line from $1.25 to $1.90. people list on that amount, they are said to officially be delivering in poverty. has that changed over the years?
6:34 am
what will the latest readjustment mean for the people li living on the brink of it t counting the cost program. looks at the numbers. >> the poverty line: level, threshold. it goes by many names. it is important to remember it is more than just a tone or phrase -- turn of phrase. when we say people living below the poverty line, it has been officially defined. different country tries have different thresholds but it is the world bank that comes up with the did he have fa dollar the poverty line. in 2008, it was based upon 2005 data, raised to $1.25. in 2015, we are looking at $1.90, which is a significant jump. isn't it? that will reclassify for the 148 million people living in extreme poverty joining the 800 million already living below that level today.
6:35 am
numbers sound concerning. the view from the united nations at least is that it's part of a wider correction. >> i don't think we should be too alarmed. track sglvenl. >> we get the same basket as we had when the figure was 1.25. i think we are doing fine. >> mentioning the fdg agend a
6:36 am
there sustainable development goals which has been something of a successful for the united nations. the mil lennium goals saw what was fet might have years early more than a billion people sawthems get above that poverty line since 2000. but the big one is still to come. a hugely ambitious goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030, 15 years away. now a more difficult task. >> faz jameel has been to delhi to see how people live below the poverty line there. >> cramped together, stacked happen as arrestedly on top of each other. this is what many urban poor call home. ziab's family struggles every day to eat. she says corruption and bureaucracy mean her family doesn't get the ration cards or other benefits they are entitled to. >> these are my kids and they
6:37 am
live like this. today, there is bread, but maybe tomorrow, there is not. if we don't have work, where will the money come from? request little outside help, this daily struggle has become a way of life mr. mostly people here this is common in many parts of the country in rural and urban areas. >> even if the poor met the poverty line measure of $1.90, many say it won't be enough for them to live on. earning let's than $2 a day is tough. said's husband is well aware of his family's flight but not much he can do about it. >> i don't have any work. so obviously w, we are poor. we are just managing to sur vuf. somehow i manage to get work to feed my children. i am not trained or educated to go and get a proper job. all i can do is manual labor. >> these are common complaints. poverty levels are increasing. >> it's made worse according to those who work with the poor by
6:38 am
some basic services being privatized driving up costs even further. >> you have the poor having to access high-cost public services, be it education, in hospitals or in water. that is the reason if people get $2 a day, they are still poor because you can't access basic services. you can't get decent jobs. >> ex periods say india's rapid economic growth is another reason why artificial poverty lines don't represent in realities on the grouted. people are just trying to survive. >> faz jamil. new delhi? >> mexico's government has been sworn in. calderon will run nueva leon police vowing to eradicate corruption. the man challenging the politic eat lee. >> his nickname is el bronco
6:39 am
which translates into untameable. jaime rodriguez's heroes are the lone ranger and zorro, a fictional mask rider who little because injustice. >> the rags to riches farmer and politician went from town to town in the prosperous border state literally passing the hat to get himself elected as mexico's first ever independent gove governor. >> people want to know how we managed to defeat the system. i tell them we were characters of star wars defeating the empire with a legion of citizens who organized. it made them more powerful than the political parties. >> a social conservative who curs and rarely takes off his boots and launch a new mention soon revolution. rodriguez belong today mexico's most powerful and long serving
6:40 am
party, the pri, for 33 years until he resigned a year ago to run as an independent winning against all odds to take over the governor's. as mayor of garcia on the outskirts of monterey, rodriguez took on organized crime and purged corrupt police with a network of citizen inform answers who reported criminal activities on the social net worked: his weapon of choice. >> i am addicted to facebook. i respond to everyone. i start at 6:00 a.m. and work until 9:00. people tell me their problems, and they are right sometimes to be angry. >> reporter: at his home, he shows sus his photograph of his 22-year-old son who died when drug trafficers tried to kidnap him. rodriguez, himself, barely survived two assassination attempts by the cartel when he was mayor. now, as governor, he says he will continues to use social networks to eradicate corruption and violence, a vow, he says he
6:41 am
made to his deceased son. >> i have a network of 78 volunteers. i manage it. i control it. all of them will monitor the government and the public servants including me. >> some you describe rodriguez as a naive eccentric with an over-sized ego. yet, here and in other parts of the country, he is seen as the leader of a new movement capable of bucking mexico's deeply rooted but disgraced politic parties. lucia newman, mexico. >> it's considered one of the most damming and dangerous rivers in the world for white water rafting, the golli river in west village is known for challenging rapids whow that draws people from all around the world to try their luck. >> with paddles in hand, they are geared up to face one of the
6:42 am
world's wildest rivers. it's the gali. it's particularly ferocious because for six weeks every fall, the flood gates of a nearby dam are opened wide sending a huge amount of water gushing down the rich. >> it makes the rapids really optimal. >> heather allen and lee town drove all the way from the u.k. >> a challenge for us. >> reason we are doing it, the challenge and the thrill. >> let's move forwards. >> a few minutes in and the 40s of the gali rapids are evident. the guide shouts out commands because every paddle stroke is critical. they make it out. but there is more to come. rapids are ranked based upon their difficulty. one being the easiest. 5 being the most difficult. here on the gali, there are 14 class iv rapids and six class vs including this one called pillow
6:43 am
rock. there is a shear drop-off they say is the 10 most exhilarating seconds of white water rafting anywhere in america. it doesn't always go as planned. in the last 10 years, 14 people have died on the gali. but some of those were without a guide. there have been no fatalities the past two seasons. adventures on the gorge, the biggest of the 7 rafting operations here will guide at least 10,000 people down the gali this season alone. they say the guides are the key to safety. >> every company on this river >> these guys are highly trained. they know this river backwards and forwards. they are very adept at reading water. when situations change, they can adapt to it. >> for thrill seekers, it's easy to see why so many choose the gali nest eled deep in a mountain gorge in west virginia. the river is more than 41 kilometers long, nearly 100 rapids in all. after a couple of hours, they
6:44 am
take a break and it's all smiles. >> really good. yeah. >> washing your face, shaking on. >> on a river where the only guarantee is that everyone will get wet. gabriel elzondo on the gali river in west virginia. >> military officials in south sudan say 52 solids and rebels have been killed in fighting in the connell tested unity state. they are blaming the rebels for the latest violation of a peace deal signed last month. in december, 2013, war broke out. tens of thousands have been killed so far. over two million people have been forced to leave their homes. the u.n. says more than 600,000 have escaped across the boarders to neighboring kuntsdz tre countries. the creation of new states which would increase the number from 10 to 28.
6:45 am
it wi throws that peace deal signed in august to even further doubt. a spokesman from muchar is james who joins me on the phone from the kwenlian taptol nigh europe reeb e. the officials as i said, military officials are blaming your forces for the latest violations of the cease-fire. did you initiate hostilities? >> not at all. government forces attacked our areas. their intention was to regain control of the area we had been holding for months. >> does the cease-fire still stand, as you see it then, given that there has been fighting? >> yes. we want to fight back in self defense because the government has been fighting you
6:46 am
us. we think the cease-fire issues continue. and the government should stop these violations. >> we have seen they pattern of cease-fires breaking down. is it time to try something else? should there be, perhaps, other forces, peacekeepers brought in, to make sure the cease-fire holds? >> what we want to see is the establishment of the monitoring from what is provided forb. verifying the violations by the government and take action against the government. to stop the government from further violation. they see they are supposed to monitor the cease-fire. >> the latest tension seems to have been unleashed after the
6:47 am
president announces he is increasing the number of states from 10 to 28. why are you opposed to that? doesn't that help representation for underprivileged areas if they become a state? >> this is a violation of the peace agreement. it should have been part of the agreement if you get a call for a party to present a proposal. the government rejected this and reapjected an agreement. so, the agreement is not based upon the sense that most of the arrangements are provided for in the peace agreement based upon the current president and the a violation of the peace agreement because this will alter the peace agreement and will cause
6:48 am
the parties to renegotiate. >> james gatdek dak, thank you so much. still ahead in sport, biggest rivals go head to head. ♪
6:49 am
hosting the tournament at
6:50 am
the poll stage, taking on auchttralia in front of a capacity crowd at twickenham. both teams went into the match knowing a win would guarantee them a place in the quarterfinals. the australiaians dominated. one went into the break for the 17-3 lead. the fight back never materialized. anthony watson went over with 25 minutes to go. that was enough time for the ausies to score another tie. australias winning 33 to 13. a result that goes through to the quarterfinals along with wales. >> absolutely in the walk-up and more so obviously. you know, we can't express how disappointed we are and we have some fantastic supporters and we feel we have let they will down. >> there were a lot of areas i think we can improve on.
6:51 am
it's another step along the way in the pool but it's a very difficult pool, obviously, and we are very pleased with the results and, also, i think the commitment of the of the players in particular. >> south africa beat scotland 34-16 in new cast he will. springbokss putting their opening lots behind them. they lead ahead with japan in third. the japanese win on saturday. sunday, arrangentina a few hour time, their side will be the oldest world cup team ever with an avenue age of 31 years and 38 days. they are also the most experienced with 349 caps. ireland, too, will be relying on their experience as they take on their toughest test of the tournament so far. they play italy at the olympi stadium in london. ireland have a perfect record in poll d and france coming up. they will be looking to keep the perfect record intact on sunday.
6:52 am
>> every game is a real tight game. every game has been a defendant match game. it's built the excitement levels. i can't remember a world cup before wheres a team or group we have set around and watched games. i think that's built the excitement. the third week in it for us now. but definitely, there is a feeling of knockout rugby for us this week and a perform agape christian fellowship we are really familiar well and they are really familiar with us as well. chelsea's jose romino said he won't quit as boss. they were beaten 3-1 at home by south hampton. the result means the champions have won just two games on the of eight in the epl. 10 at the top. >> no way i resign. no way.
6:53 am
why? because chelsea cannot have a better manager than me. there are many managers in the world that belong to my level but not better. not better. so no chance i run away. >> barcelona struggle. 2-1. it's the second lead defeat of the season in seven games and dramatic results on saturday. sunday, some of the bitterest and biggest rivals in european fall. everton play liverpool in the 225th merzy side darby. manchester united not city rivals but past meetings explosive. go top of the table. in germany, champions by munich play in the clasico. athletico and real play each
6:54 am
other and finally, perry sa d/b/a ma facing marcier. facing the classik. the new england wretch lucien missed out on securing their place in the play-offs winning flee-1 to chicago. a title 1-nil win over the portland timbers in the chase for the playoffs in the western conference. it was down to this rather impressive solo from christian memmits, 83rd minute lodndon wil host the n.f.l. as the new york jets prepare to take on the miami dolphins on sunday, the first time the jets have played in what's become a ratherphon home for the league since the first come petitive game in 2007 as well as bringing their own chef and breakfast cereal, jets have brought 350 reels of their own toilet paper to replicate their usual pre-game conditions. a smooth start for the game
6:55 am
essentially. sorry. the preparations to host the summer olympics continue to run into problems. they scrap their stadium plans last not and are searching for a new logo. as rob mcbride reports, the road to 2020 is far from smooth. >> this is the site of what will be the olympic stadium when the design for it is finally, decided. organizers are still dealing with the international embarrassment of scrapping the original plans. like enled by some to a giants cycling helmet. by others to a turtle or a toilet seat, it was cancelled because of costs. some members of the architectural community do not agree with the way it was handled. >> it still hasn't been explained why it was scrapped after a major competition. the architects and other companies have been working on this for two years and for all of that work to be wasted is such a shame. >> the olympic organizers inof
6:56 am
the the 20s 20 games are still on track. >> there is no delay in the games preparations except for the emblems. >> now hanging in their offices, the logo that was used in the bidding process are not that other emblem. >> the controversy comes amid the continuing problems over the very symbol of the games, itself, after accusations of plagiarism, the original emblem had to be withdrawn lead to go a flourish of online creativity about what should take its place. >> the search for a new logo has prompted a social media outpouring of creative suggestions in japan and abrought. >> design is something of an olympic logo expert. >> from the 1960s to the 80s, they were minimalist with simply components. from the 90s, the designs became more freehand and organic.
6:57 am
the tokoyo logo looked like the old style and did not feel modern. we should not be using an emblem that the people don't love. er learning a lot for the and we are going to make the process as open as possible and transparent as possible. >> with a new stadium design and a new logo for the tokoyo olympics, organizers are hoping to have a new start. rob mcbride, al jazeera, tokyo. >> that's more sport on our website. check out, blogs and videos from correspond events around the world. more late, sammy. >> thank you. stay with us here on al jazeera. we will be back in a couple of minutes with another bulletin of news and our website, see you in a bit.
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ahead, russia hits syria with more airstrikes for a 5th consecutive day. a second stabbing attack in israi jerusalem as israel bans for from the occupied city. the search for survivors in guatemala. hundreds still missing aft


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