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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ from al jazeera's headquarters in doha this is the news hour and i'm sammy and coming up, in the next 60 minutes, hamas calls for rally in gaza after ten shuns grow over the mosque compound. the afghan army still fighting for control on the outskirts of kunduz seven days after the taliban first took the city. we report on the business of people smuggling in turkey as
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erdiwan heads to russells for talks on the refugee crisis and it all comes out in the wash, our humble car wash helped to cover up one of the biggest corruption scandals. ♪ let's begin first with those rising tensions in occupied east jerusalem and the west bank, israel has introduced unprecedented security measure at the mosque compound and some feel it's making measures worse between palestinians and israeli forces and mike is live from occupied east jerusalem and it has been a busy night overnight and what is the situation like now, mike? >> well, sammy, there were ongoing clashes in and around the city which has been a state for a number of days and intensifying in the past 48
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hours, that is significant for conflict throughout the occupied west bank and it's not a particularly fierce conflict erupted between palestinian demonstrators and israeli army and georgia saturdays has got involved, two missiles have been fired and one struck territory and no one injured in the particular attack and israel responded by a bombing of what it said was a hamas target in the course of the morning and a series of events happening in and around the old city and the rest of the occupied territories and clearly the tension mounting and clearly too the israeli government making clear on its prime minister he is going to respond for more strong arm measures. >> strong arm measures the prime minister stepping up the measures and condemning ones like house demolitions, what is
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in store? >> well, once again one sees what happens with the house demolitions, the other night following the stabbings in jerusalem it provoked a major clash with palestinians who gathered to stop the israeli soldiers from demolishing it and it has been a standard israeli tactic, not always exercised but when it's exercised it has an up surge of conflict so the measures to deal with this might be the very measures that come to actually create them to intensify. this is one of the reasons that benjamin netanyahu announced only his arrival from the u.s. and holding a can cabinet meeting at the end of the holiday and stronger measures may be announced but once again these measures had not succeeded in the past and it's going to be interesting how they will succeed particularly in an area
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where there is already heightened tension. >> east jerusalem and this is the latest from afghanistan and attacking kunduz and has been back and forth between the two sides and afghan forces now appear to have the upper hand and we are south of kunduz city, does it look like the city is mostly now in the control of afghan security forces? . >> yes, sammy, the city center is under control of afghan security forces, but i talked with a council member and he told me that he is not sure, they are not sure that afghan security forces alone are capable to keep the security of the city for long time. he said without international forces support on the ground and
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afghan forces would not be able to keep the city for long because he confirms that a big number of taliban fighter arrests around the city and outskirts of the city in the reports of the city and reports of fighting going on on the outskirts of the city. >> so telling us the taliban are trying to regroup and take this city again, this show is far from over in kunduz. >> reporter: that's what the government forces believe that it's not going to be a straightforward or that easy and some challenges they will face in the coming hours and coming days because the taliban are not anywhere and are not far from the city, they are around the city and in the areas, still hiding and that is why they are asking for support of international soldiers on the ground and air support of their
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airforce. >> all right, good stuff there. now, doctors without borders is demanding an independent investigation into that air strike on one of its hospitals in kunduz on saturday, 22 people were killed including doctors and patients, the charity group has withdrawn from kunduz for now citing security concerns and hit by aerial bombardments on saturday blamed on coalition forces. much more still to come on the al jazeera news hour, open prison, asylum seekers trying to get to australia but detained on the pacific island on nuval get more freedom. record rainfall hits the southern coast and the governor says it's the worst in a thousand years. and in sport as liverpool sacked brandon rogers as their manager could the former coach have been
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set to replace him and we will have all the details coming up, later. ♪ north korea says it has released a south korean student and moon was detained after he crossed the border earlier this year and said the crossing was illegal. harry faucet is in seoul with more. >> ten days ago north korean officials placed moon before the cameras to make a public admission of his guilt. >> i'm not very sure about my future but because i broke the law by illegally entering i will accept any judgment as given but as a young college student who wanted to satisfy his curiosity i hope to be treated generously. >> two crossed into north korea from china in april and at one point during his capacity he
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said he wanted to prompt a big event in korean relations marking the 70s anniversary of the ruling workers party and may make the moment by firing a long-range rocket and there has been no reported evidence of preparations and such an act would jeopardize a resent agreement between north and south which heightened the round of tension in august and could be read of a gesture of good will and investment of improved relations but in june they south two other south korean nationals to life with hard labor or espionage charges ability the mission of espionage and setting up under ground churches was given the same sentence last year and insists of the release of all three men and welcomed the decision to hand over moon all be it after demands from seoul and from the ministry which deals with inter-korean
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affairs called it a relief, seoul. i.s.i.l. destroyed a nearly 2000-year-old arch in the city of palmyra and they said the group up blew up the arch and palmyra is the world heritage site and a top attraction in the middle east before syria's civil war. the latest on the war in syria and russia's air campaign and moscow said it carried out 25 air strikes in just the past 24 hours, the offensive is in its sixth day, dana is following developments from the lebanese capitol and what is being hammered by the russians now? >> well, sammy, like you mentioned that campaign is continuing, it is now day six and russian officials even said the intensity of the bombing campaign, it will only increase. now, in their latest statements that talk about targeting i.s.i.l. in nine different positions, three of those positions are in the town of
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homs in the northern countryside of homs and not the first time it has been hit and, in fact, since they won russian air strikes have really concentrated in that area. what we also understand from syrian military sources who have been quoted as of recent days that a ground operation is being prepared to recapture the northern countryside of homs and they even mention these air strikes are helping in this campaign because they will weaken the defenses of their opponent's on the ground, there is no i.s.i.l. presence in the northern countryside of homs, i.s.i.l. is in the east rn -- eastern part and defectors still fight under the free syrian army but there are other groups like the al-qaeda linked al-nusra front and spoke to some people in homs and they tell me they
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are worried and russia is using it as a blanket term to target the groups and russia said al-nusra is on the list and are worried because al-nusra has a presence in the northern countryside of hols -homs they will use it to capture the country. >> and there is something by the u.s. secretary of defense and how is that being interpreted? >> u.s. secretary of defense saying by targeting the russian campaign is only affecting, hitting the moderates is wrong and escalate the war, it is escalating the situation, the conflict has become more complicated, now you are hearing rebels call the russians aggressors and they are promising to fight back and calling on their foreign backers to provide them with antiaircraft missiles so they can fight back and saying they will not accept any political initiative presented by russia because they don't feel that
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russia is an honest mediator, an honest broker in this conflict. they see russia as part of the problem but the problem is u.s. has is they don't have partners on the ground, they been using the kurds, the kurds have been their partners on the ground, they have a few moderate groups here and there but they have no effect on the ground and the u.s. is refusing to arm and work with the powerful so called conservative groups in the north and that is where the biggest problem lies and that is why we hear the russian foreign minister saying we are not hearing anyone complaining or wanting to counter what we are doing in syria and the russians seem to be competent and opposition is worried and now hearing more voices from the opposition believing in one way or another the russians and the americans are cooperating. >> we will leave it there and thanks so much from beirut. the bodies of at least 95 refugees have washed ashore in libya, the libya red crescent
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found 95 dead and ten others near the coastal city and libya is the main launching point for smuggler boats heading to europe. number of refugees heading to europe will dominate talks in the next few hours and turkey president erdiwan is taking part and due to meet eu leaders and hosts millions of refugees and is used for a jumping off point for europe and we are live in the serbia town where refugees must register before they continue their journey on into europe and swha -- what is expected out of these talks? >> well, slim hopes perhaps sammy of some sort of solution via turkey to this crisis that will materialize is of course another matter. i will show you where i am in the town in serbia across the border from macedonia and over there is the town's reception
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point for refugees, one stop center is what it's called rather hopefully and they have hundreds of people cueing up for 24-36 hours at a time for the paperwork they will need to continue their journey, the serbs doing everything to quickly push them through as possible and you can see the buses lined up over there heading to the croatia border where they will become somebody else's problem. most of these people will have arrived here as you said in europe having crossed the sea from turkey and that is why the refugee crisis is at the top of the agenda in these talks with the turkish president and evident u needs his help and from the coastal town in southern turkey my colleague bernard smith filed this report. >> reporter: this is a major transit hub on the journey to europe for syrian refugees, a chance to rest before one of the
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hardest parts of the journey. smugglers hang around in cafes waiting for customers and we heard this man offering 25-800 on a 7-meter dinghy to a greek island and don't have the right to work in turkey and so many don't see a future here. >> translator: there are no job opportunities in turkey, if there are you have to work 12 hours a day for 3-400 a month and when they see a syrian they think they can make him work more and earn less. >> reporter: they plan to swim to greece and plotted a four-kilometer route between the turkey coast and greek island and say they have already twice made it halfway across but the coast guard caught them, next time they will swim at night. >> translator: i don't want to make money. i'm a goal keeper. i just want to achieve my dreams and live like any human wants to live and we have been 30 days
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tried and i lost my future in syria and what is happening nowadays is something you cannot even describe. >> reporter: most will say the same thing they have a basic human desire for a peaceful life with opportunities. while turkey has a significantly opened its borders to syrian refugees its policy has always been based on the idea that eventually they would return home and not settle here and those that try and enter the workforce end up in the large and formal economy with low pay, no rights and no protection. a professional footballer who has played in the syrian national team actually made it to europe but he says living in austria was too much of a culture shock, he came back to turkey. >> translator: i think for a young religious muslim person european countries can be very hard and they may tell you you say your prayers and after that you can go to bars without any problem. people tell you you can do anything you want to do but me i couldn't handle that situation.
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>> reporter: these people will tell you putting their lives in the hands of smugglers, spending their last dollars on life vests is the last thing they want to do. many are still waiting it out in turkey. but as the war in syria drags on more and more refugees are seeing life in europe as the only long-term solution. bernard smith, al jazeera, ismar in southern turkey. we have seen diplomates meet over this issue before, what are the chances of success in this meeting? >> it's going to be a very tough meeting i think, sammy. turkey has been a candidate for membership of the eu for nearly two decades, a great deal of frustration over the slow pace of progress there but recently the president erdiwan has been increasingly shunned by eu leaders because of the perceived authoritarian tendencies including a crack down on media in turkey and now the tables
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have turned and need his help and need it very badly and hoping they can persuade mr. erdiwan to improve condit n conditions for the two million living in turkey and give work permits so they can see a future and the eu may offer money or offer a lifting of visa restrictions or other enticements but the problem will be mr. erdiwan may want more and criticism of his government to go quiet, he may want european union leaders to essentially look away as he does what it feels to win the majority of elections on the first of november. >> all right, jonah there and let's return to the top story and tension over the mosque compound and it's sacred to muslim and jews they had custodian ship since 1924 is when they occupied east jerusalem in 1967 and both
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agreed access and jewish could visit but not pray at the site, muslims could pray freely and jews are able to pray at the western wall but at during times in the past five decades they prevented men from praying at the mosque and citing security concerns and in resent weeks it increased the age to visit the site from 40-50 and israel put wider restrictions on palestinian access to the old city after a series of attacks, palestinians fear these measures are a seen sign that israel seeks to change the 1967 status quo and we have a columnist and a journalist from princeton university and good to have you with us and the israeli line is up and not seeking to change the status quo, netanyahu the prime minister said it several times. why is there a feeling among
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palestinians that the temporary restrictions on muslim workers being able to go in the mosque compound or pray there are in fact wanting to change the status quo? >> well, every time you see the israelis putting restrictions they are doing it because they know that the palestinian worshippers will not allow the israelis and the infiltrating jewish people to change the status quo, the status quo as you mentioned in your opening remark is the jews can visit but they cannot pray and one of thing aments or understandings worked out between king action bdullah and netanyahu with john carry's involvement are three areas that jewish visitors should come at a particular time, should be in small groups and should not include members of the politicians from the government, ministers or some of the radical groups. that was the understanding, it
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went on for a while and jordan people withdrew and sent the ambassador back and saw at the holy jewish holiday the new year and now the israelis were again violating their own understanding, they are bringing 30-50 people on the mosque, they are bringing a minister, one of the most cad ral right-wing ministers came and one of the ultra radical individuals are also coming in and that is creating the tension we are seeing today. >> if you look at things from the religious perspective or authorities jews are allowed to pray at the western wall and the others in the compound and even rabbis and mainstream rabbis say it's forbidden for jews to step up on the mosque compound area for fear they may tread on top of what they regard was once remnants of a temporal, is this a religious authority's dispute or is this a political dispute which has been packaged in
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religion or religious terms? >> well, it's not clear that you are right the two major rabbis are oriental and the western orthodox rabbis have continued to state jews should not pray and actually have a sign outside of the gate and that is telling jews not to pray. the problem is a number of newly kind of a new rabbis have said yes you can pray on some places on what the jews call the temporal mount and they have partially over ridden the statements by the main jewish orthodox rabbis and sometimes they go bare footed to overcome the fear they would be stepping on some remnants so it is a religious issue and the problem is the israeli cabinet right now is full of right wing nationalists which is kind of a
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new hybrid, very orthodox and very nationalisic and the kind that reflect the settler movement and the people who are advocating the destruction of the mosque and to rebuild what they call the jewish temple there >> thanks for your thoughts, pacific nation of naru said asylum seekers will be allowed free maoment around the island and held in a camp of an off shore detention policy and allegations of sexual and physical abuse at the camp have recently emerged and it will process 600 remaining refugee claims within the next week. daniel web is the director of legal advocacy at the human rights law center in melbourne and joins me now via skype and good to have you with us, is this an improvement the point people will be able to move
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around on the island and what exactly does that mean, what rights do they have elsewhere on the island? >> well, it's unclear and what we have is an announcement, whether that translates into actual practical change on the ground we have to wait and see but if it's narrow in australia and true to their word and people do have increased freedom of movement that is definitely a very important and incredibly hard one to change. but i think it's important to note this doesn't address the fundamental injustice on the people and the injustice that they face is not just they are trapped behind a fence, it's that there is no real opportunity to rebuild their lives beyond that fence. now and that is sort of the fundamental problem, the fundamental unsustainability of the current arrangements that
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australia must address. >> authorities said they will speed up the process of refugees, does that actually mean any change on the policy of taking refugees in and giving them asylum? >> not acting to the australian government and that is sort of the point like it's great to process people, processing must be fast and fair but it also has to be to some end and i mean you can't move people along a road to no where and people who are found to be refugees need the opportunity to live their lives somewhere safe and it's clear this is not the place. >> reporter: is the timing interesting at all, the timing of the announcements to move around coming close to the court action of the supreme court or the higher court? >> yeah, that is right. the fact that it has been over three years since the first asylum seekers were locked up on naru, it's less than two days
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before the highest court in our country will assess the willfulness of the tension and i have a limit to what i can say because the case is currently before the course and i think it's very hard to join those dots. >> how is influx of people, you say it has been several years, the influx of people to naru has that been properly studied and the impacts on the island as well as impacts of course on asylum seekers? >> look, settling and integrating refugees is challenging. i mean australia has a good history of it. we do it well. naru doesn't have the history of it and there are 800, 900 people that we will be asking naru to settle. naru is i think the world east smallest republic and the world east smallest island nation with a population of around 10,000 and australia is sort of offloading an extra 10%. and that extra 10% they are very
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vulnerable people and by definition people who have endured real hardship and fled real danger in their lives and i just think it's completely unrealistic to expect naru to be able to accommodate such a large group and such vulnerable people and this is why really it's not a real solution for these people. >> all right, we will leave you there for now, thank you so much daniel web. four people have been killed after typhoon brought powerful wind and heavy rain to southern china and 200,000 people were moved from their homes before the storm made landfall on sunday, parts of the region are without power and water supplies. typhoon became violent as it hit and how is it turning out now, rob, are people going to be good news for people without water
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and electricity? >> a vast amount of rain out of the sky will be a problem. now as it came on land you can still see the eye here and it did strengthen about two, three categories and that is sort of unusual but did so all the same and mind you the moment the eye hit atlanta and you were not feeding the warm water it disappeared and eastern flank had a pulse of tremendous energy and which as you may already know spawned a tornado and this is an active tornado and not far from hong kong but in land. this also category three i think is equivalent you would see in the u.s. and the strength of winds must be two, maybe 300 kilometers per hour, intense winds in these things, it's no more likely from that. we have rain still falling out of it, typically 100 millimeters but becoming less and less as the rate declines but we are wet all the same and it's that time
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of the year and if you went across the pacific and the typhoon to northern japan in a few days time and the next of interest is the hurricane off the coast of the u.s. and the other side of the world and that is an active hurricane which has sort of paired with the amount of rain that has fallen in the carolinas and in three hours time we will talk more about, sammy. thanks and stay with us here on the news hour and still to come grief and horror in burundi and the political violence is tied up and shot at close range. baghdad green zone open to the public after more than ten years and the year after they suffered 95 losses in a single season it is a very different story for the texas rank -- rangers and we will explain all the sport in just a minute. ♪ ill explain all the sport in just a minute. ♪ explain all the sport in just minute. ♪
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♪ you're watching the al jazeera news hour and let's recap our top stories, multiple clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces in the west bank, israeli security forces conducted raids in the area after two separate attacks in the area in resent days. russian defense ministry say jets have conducted 25 in the past 24 hours and hit nine facilities in the north and northwest of the country. doctors in the afghan city of condoes refusing to operate in the main government hospital for fear of air strikes, the medical charity doctors without borders want an independent investigation after one of its hospitals was hit on saturday
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killing 22 people. let's return now to the battle for conkunduz and we are joined via skype from islamabad in pakistan and good to have you with us and in the last week we saw another force struggling on the battlefield, is this a sign of obama policy to train and rely on local forces? >> well, i must have the army has spoke much better than the iraqi army did against the islamic state so i don't think that comparison can be made. what that meant is it's not bravery but leadership and clearly the officer elite is not functional at the moment. it was not flexible in kunduz where we know that the army, the
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malitia and the police, the leader of all these three different organizations are not coordinating which really allows the taliban entry into the city and even the counter offensive which has been backed up by american special forces has not been sufficiently coordinated or properly carried out. so, yes, there are huge problems and there is another problem but the outcomes are not there and they never bother to give them an airforce in the year they were training them and had very few hold helicopters and have to rely on the airforce which carried out the bombing and now killed 22 victims of this bombing, three died today. >> but $65 billion, years of training, american equipment and there is no leadership, isn't that a sad state of affairs? how has that been allowed to
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happen? >> that is very true and the fragment mentation has that taken place in afghan society was reflected also in the army and when the americans started to build the army they really didn't take that into account. plus the former president george bush started building the army very late in the day, even though the americans entered in 2001, the army really didn't start building properly until 2006 and then the americans really threw money at this and trying to understand the psyche of the ethnic groups, tribal groups et cetera and right now you have a disproportionate number of project officers and a fewer amount of officers and traditionally the afghan army has been dominated and that is where the trouble is, the bulk of the trouble of the taliban and al-qaeda is coming from this area and you need the officers to deal with that. you don't have them.
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now we have the instances where of course the fighting in kunduz is normative in afghanistan where you would expect to see a project with officers dealing with the situation much better because these are their own people, they speak a common language, et cetera but it's not happening. >> but perhaps a little bit of what is going on on the taliban side of things, is in the be beginning of a new offensive and gaining strength and taking over more in afghanistan or is this a pr cue to show the strength of the new taliban leader? >> what we have seen has been staggering and other district and top districts in other provinces are also important, in the north and the west bordering pakistan and china and clearly there is a huge effort going on
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to establish a base area in northern afghanistan and i think one reason for that is that many of the fighters at the moment with the taliban and not afghan, they are central asian and cechian and pakistan and arabs all kinds of people with their own agendas and the central asians want to enter into central asia and remember kunduz is adjacent to pajickistan and so the fighters who have been fighting on the side of the taliban for many years now have finally found a way home and they are not going to give up the fight in northern afghanistan which is as we know traditionally it's not an area of taliban influence or control but these central asian fighters who come from the same ethnic groups as inhabit northern
6:37 am
afghanistan has made this their main name. >> thanks for that, part of the green zone have been opened to the public and abadi was the first person to pass through the area and has been largely off limits to iraqis since the invasion in 2003 and we report from baghdad. >> following the surprise announcement by badi that the green zone would be reopened and it was by people in baghdad hoping for an easing of major congestion we see in the city of seven million people and just as importantly a symbolic shift in the way the city operates, the green zone of course is a ten square kilometer large area which eats up three big neighborhoods in the heart of the iraqi capitol, it is where large embassys are based, it's
6:38 am
where the seat of government is based and to open that up really in the views of many people here was symbolic in the sense that it would perhaps lead to this perception or the end of a perception of a disconnect between the rulers here in iraq and the needs the street but you only have to consider just what exactly followed the announcement of the prime minister. we tried to access this newly opened section of the green zone, we were told that it was closed for what was described as maintenance purposes so while the prime minister is promising huge reforms, reforms that people have taken out to the streets for months to demand it would appear here on the ground that very little has changed. southern united states has been hit by record rainfall. south carolina's governor called it a one in a thousand year event, hundreds had to be rescued from the flood waters as john informs.
6:39 am
>> reporter: it skirted the mainland but rains pounded the coast from south carolina to the northeast, storms ripped down power lines, washed out roads and wrecked homes. >> and i heard this loud boom and it was loud, i knew it was a tree. >> reporter: high winds and rain dismantled this home in new jersey and floated it down the bay. thousands heeded government warnings to evacuate and others took their chances and were trapped. >> well, it's all the hardwood floors done popped up and everything is floating and the water is above the t.v. and sofa and it's three feet pretty much deep in the whole house. >> reporter: the storm focused the fury on the carolina cost leaving residents to improvise commutes and search and rescue found part of a cargo ship that left florida going to puerto rico when it lost contact with the coast guard. >> the ship became disabled because of a mechanical problem
6:40 am
and the ship found its way in the path of the storm. >> reporter: the historical downpour left residents to band together to rescue the stranded and she was cleaning up and bracing for more rain. >> any house is totally full of water. the floors are all damaged. the furniture is all wet, everything is gone. >> reporter: coastal flood warnings have been issued for delaware, maryland, new jersey, north carolina and virginia as this storm heads northward, john with al jazeera. kenya teachers have suspended a five-week strike, a labor court ordered them to return to work, the unions will resume in three months as talks with the government collapse and teachers stopped work when the government refused to follow a supreme court order to raise salaries by 50%. at least eight people have been killed in shootings in burundi capitol and ongoing tension between police and protesters,
6:41 am
and since the president was elected for the third time in july and accuse police of killing unarmed civilians here and carolyn malone reports. >> reporter: in the suburb here a woman cries out for her husband. he is one of a number of people whose bodies were found on sunday morning, people in the area say he was shot by police. she says she can't look after their children without him. there was similar scenes in neighboring districts, administrator confirmed there are a number of dead. >> as you seen for yourself there were bodies on the ground and leads us to believe that yesterday's situation was not normal. >> reporter: people living in the area say the police rounded up a group of young men and took them away on saturday, other people are not with guns andrea mades tried to stop them and
6:42 am
they came back in the area and denied that officers were involved and said those responsible were criminals that the police were pursuing. >> translator: when the police patrol was doing a round in the area the local population informed them bodies were d discoudi discovered and brings the number to eight who have been killed. protest and increase in violence since the president won a controversial third term in august, he changed the law that allowed leaders only two terms, and e announced a one month amnesty for people to hand in weapons last week and at least 100 people have died in election related violence since april and with the recent deaths that number is only growing, carolyn with al jazeera. porsctugal needs a coalitio to govern and he says he is ready to talk to other parties,
6:43 am
the election was seen as a test of the government's austerity crisis. >> translator: we did not manage to achieve a majority in parliament as we wished for and thought it would have been a safer way of forcing the next four years and fully respect the decision of the portuguese people. reaching some of the most powerful people when brasilia police discovered a money laundering operation at a car wash, lopez will explain. >> reporter: the yellow and green ribbons the colors of brazil's flag have been tied around trees in the city to show support to a police force for the past year has put some of the most powerful people behind bars, executives of the oil giant and owners of construction conglomerates and politicians have been charged in a
6:44 am
multi-billion car wash case and a money laundering scheme with a car wash that was at a gas station led federal police to the first indications that executives could be behind what has become the largest corruption scandal in history. the amount of money involved and how far up the scandal goes have enraged money and thousands taken to the streets to protest against corruption and the ruling party. >> translator: operation car wash was portly possible because it was led from a judge for a minor state with no visibility and who along with a group of young prosecutors took on the job to go off the corruption and the leaders and not just those corrupted. >> reporter: for the police their task never thought to be a simple one has surprised even them. >> in the first stage of our investigation we realized it
6:45 am
involved high-ranking figures and arresting the conglomerates and we are in the 18th stage and it's getting higher. >> reporter: ruling workers party many fear the accusations could reach as high as the president who served as chair woman before taking power, so far she has not been accused but police say more of her close aids may be soon. >> translator: this is about a corruption scheme that was reproduced throughout the country's public institutions, we are now investigating contracts with the ministry of planning, ministry of health as well as the kisha-economica which is brazil's largest bank. >> reporter: has already been uniquely successful bringing the power to justice but they also say unless the legal system is completely renewed this, the biggest scandal in brazil's
6:46 am
history will soon be followed by one that is paling in comparison. stay with us here on al jazeera, we will be here soon with all the sport. and he will tell you why a special guest in the lobinger room helped argentina like it is 1986 all over again.
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♪ welcome back, the world bank has cut its growth forecast for the asia pacific because of an economic slow down in china and
6:48 am
the region is feeling the pinch and malaysia currency is hovering the lowest level in u.s. dollars and 17 years it's $4.39 the ringa and the only asia, not the only to fall the singapore hit a low and the bart's slipped to the lowest level in nearly nine years and indonesia was the lowest level against the dollar in 20 years. many factors are driving the malaysia dollar down and oil prices in a slowing economy and a financial scandal involving the prime minister and we report from kuala-lumpur. >> reporter: she started her own business five years ago and sources in gifts for companies to give to their clients and it's known as corporate gifting and many items she buys are an abroad and quoted in u.s. dollars and it's making the
6:49 am
business tougher. >> i cancel the order for my client, i had to cancel a po because while i've got it back in july for example the rate was below 4 and just last 1 1/2 months the u.s. ran up about 4.1 or 4.2 so i cannot cover my cost. >> reporter: it's asia's worst performing performingly currency si 1997 and a slow down the largest trading partner and slump in oil are contributing to the decline and doesn't help foreign investors the world over are pulling out capitol from malaysia because of concerns over global growth. but the problem is also made worse by a political crisis, a state owned investment arm known as one mdb has run up huge debts and accused of false auditing
6:50 am
and also in the financial scandal and alleged that 700 million channed to his personal account and said the money was a donation to his political party. >> there is so much uncertainty and so many variables what would the political solution turn out like, what will the federal reserve do, and there is such uncertainty and nobody knows if they are reaching for rock bottom. >> reporter: the times are tough and some cancelled cancelled orders telling her they are cutting costs and no one can say during how long this economic turmoil will last, kuala-lumpur. >> and a day for sport and a bad day for brandon rogers and he lost his job at liverpool and reported to begin talks with the former coach and disaster and they sacked their previous manager brandon rogers on sunday
6:51 am
following the team's draw with everton in the darby in the english permi league and rogers ex team is in tenth place and took over in june 2012 and the second season in charge and almost led liverpool to the first since 1990 and second against manchester city and criticized of spending over $455 million of players in charge and never having a trophy to show for it. who is in the running to take over? clark is the name that everyone is talking about, he is traveling to england for talks with the 18 time english league champion and on sobatical after leaving in april and he won the league twice and reached the champion league and also a good judge of talent bringing players in and the i'd yanukovich coach is another candidate one of two people to have won the european
6:52 am
cup three times as a manager and won league titles in england, spain and france and frank doesn't have the experience of the other two but has won the dutch title four times and assist and coach for the netherlands when they reached the 2010 cup in south africa and he has forward thinking with the famous academy and the top forwarding action against the top rivals by munich on sunday and the record was beating him eight times but on sunday they were thrashed on the side and two goals each from miller and helped to a 5-1 win and 7 points clear the top of the table. now, talk about being thrown in the deep enin end in a new job and taking over on the top league when his experienced
6:53 am
colleague was injured and he never refereed before and in two minutes he sent a guy off for a foul and he made the right decision to show you the red card for the challenge despite the thoughts of the other players. ♪ the irish place in the finals after a hard fought game and keith scored a record-breaking world cup try to get them off and running and far from convincing the rest of the game and kept the italians within four points of the break and joining sets and goes on in some breathing space with two penalties on the hour mark and clung on for a 16-point win after having them and the coach describe the win as ugly and
6:54 am
some players agree. >> yeah, it was very physical and caused a lot of problems and came off the line hard and didn't help ourselves later at times and forcing a little bit of body and when we did have it so a lot of work on for the week coming. >> argentina moved close to the quarter finals with a comprehensive dismantling and took out the position of number one chile in spain and sanchez started with 25 points as they won 45-16 to win and should be enough for them to steal a place in the last eight. ♪ having the time of his life in the stands and after the win they gave them a hand with celebrations in the locker room. ♪ stealing the show, apparently
6:55 am
with his victory dance but the same moves he used when his team won the world cup in 1986. >> translator: he came after, we didn't know diaga would be watching the game and after the game he made signals to me showing he was going down and he came to the locker room, he told me if we go to the semi finals he would come back, well, he set the bar very high, let's hope he can come back again. sunday saw the last day of the major league baseball regular season and men the final playoff places were up for grabs and angels had a chance to make the season facing the rangers and out in front of a two-run homer and they pitched the complete game three-hitter, the rangers won 9-2 eliminating la from contention and clinching the american league west title and texas played the first
6:56 am
divisioner series game since 2011 on thursday. the angels loss ultimately led to houston's appearance in a decade despite the astros ending their regular season losing 5-3 to the diamond backs and they were loud if the locker room and astros play their first playoff day on tuesday against the new york yankees at yankee stadium. and the miami marlins have been out of player contention for sometime so for the game against philadelphia they allowed the outfielder to pitch the 8th inning and the japanese player has more than 4,000 combined hits in the leagues but dreamt of revealing his high school and they thought it was fine for his dream to come true. more problems for organizers of next year's olympic games in rio, bmx riders have to compete in a test event on the women's
6:57 am
course because the men's course is too dangerous and 90 athletes were due to take part in a two-day event reduced to one day and complained the course was sub standard and would need to be improved of next year's olympics. >> they just finished but not ready for racing and why we are riding the girls' track and it's trying to stay safe. >> reporter: lots more sport on our website, for the latest check out al jazeera/sport with blogs and videos from our correspondents around the world but that is your sport for me and i'll have more later. >> thanks and that brings us almost to the end of the news hour and we have another full bulletin of news coming up, in just a few minutes after the break and often don't forget if you want to get more than the sports news as well you can head over to our website, al
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hamas calls for a rally in gaza as tensions grow of the mosque compound. ♪ al jazeera's headquarters in doha and i'm sammy sadan and also ahead the afghan army still fighting for control of kunduz seven days after the taliban first took the city. we report on the business of people smuggling in turkey as erdiwan heads to russells for talks on the refugee crisis