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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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hamas calls for a rally in gaza as tensions grow of the mosque compound. ♪ al jazeera's headquarters in doha and i'm sammy sadan and also ahead the afghan army still fighting for control of kunduz seven days after the taliban first took the city. we report on the business of people smuggling in turkey as erdiwan heads to russells for talks on the refugee crisis and
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it all comes out in the wash, our humble car wash helped to uncover brazil's biggest corruption scandal. ♪ let's start with rising tensions in the occupied east jerusalem and west bank and israel has unprecedented security measures at the mosque compound and some fear the measures are making matters worse and with multiple clashes between palestinians and security forces and mike is live from west jerusalem and mike it has been a very busy night and what is the situation like now? >> reporter: well it has quieted down in the areas in the old city as far as further afield in the occupied west bank and clashes in many areas overnight and early hours of the morning
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and jeanene north of ramala and within the city itself and the lock down of the city to palestinians, an unprecedented security step by israel will continue to the end of the holiday which occurs at sunown tonight, also at sun down tonight netanyahu is holding a meeting of the full cabinet to discuss what further measures should be taken and we have seen tension wide conflict despite the security measures already put in place or maybe because of them, sammy. >> now the prime minister is stepping up even more security measures, even those internationally condepositioned like house demolitions. >> reporter: well, indeed yes and we are not sure what the prime minister is thinking of at this stage, that will become very clear after the cabinet meeting but it's very clear to see exactly what more can be
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done and prime minister netanyahu has already referred to stepping up house demolitions and something condemned in international law which the home of an attacker is destroyed by israeli army forces and this is done for a period of time and not always executed. we have seen it executed in recent days in particular following the shooting in the old city that claimed two israeli lives and two attackers also being shot and certainly we have seen strong arm measures being put into place and also an intensification of measures that have always been used in the past but the fact that we are still talking about a situation that appears to be at times out of control certainly that is what many political movements within israel think including some members of netanyahu's own government according to their statements, these measures appear to be trying to control the situation, manage the situation, not seek any solution to it, this has been an on going
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issue, strong arm measures have clearly failed, there is evidence by the fact that the conflict potential lessons not at all. >> mike hanna there from east jerusalem. after afghanistan attack they have gone back and forth between the sides and afghan forces appear to have the upper hand and we are just south of kunduz. >> reporter: the epicenter under the control of afghan security forces but i talked with the preventel council member and he told me that he is not sure, they are not sure that afghan security forces alone are capable to keep that security of the city for a long time. he says without the international border support on the ground and also at the airport afghan forces would not be able to keep the city for
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long because he confirms that a big number of taliban fighters are in the city and outskirts of the city and residential part of the city and getting reports also that fighting going on in the city. the bodies of at least 95 refugeeings have washed ashore in libya, the libya red crescent found 85 dead near the capitol tripoli and others found on the coastal city and it's a main launching point for smuggler boats heading to europe and it will be held in brussels in the next few hours and erdiwan is taking part and due to meet eu leaders and turkey hosts millions of refugees and it's a jumping off point for europe and jona is live in the town where
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refugees must register before continuing their journey further into europe and what is expected out of these talks and do the people behind you have high hopes? >> well, there will certainly be some help in brussels to get help to deal with the problem and here is why and this is the pressure and the local processing and reception center and 4,000 people a day they recon have passed through given paperwork they can go along a well-trodden route to germany and the town absolutely over run by refugees and trying to get them on buses to push them to croatia border where they become somebody else's problem and most got to europe crossing the sea from turkey where there are believes to be up to two million syrian refugees living in increasingly difficult conditions, that is why this crisis is at the top of the
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agenda in talks with president erdiwan and europe needs help and from the coastal town in southern turkey bernard smith sent this report. >> reporter: major transit hub on the journey to europe for syrian refugees, a chance to rest before one of the hardest parts of the journey. smugglers hang around cafes waiting for customers and we over heard this man offering 25-800 seats on a 7-meter dinghy to a greek island. they don't have the right to work in turkey so many do not see a future here. >> translator: there are no job opportunities in turkey. if there are any you have to work more than 12 hours a day for 300-400 per month. when people here see a syrian they think they can make him work more but earn less. >> reporter: they plan to swim to greece and plotted a route
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between turkey and the greek island and say twice they made it more than halfway across but the coast guard caught them, next time they will swim at night. >> translator: i don't want to make money. i am a goal keeper. i just wants to achieve my dreams and live like humans want to live and our lives have been totally destroyed and i lost my future in syria and what is happening today is something you cannot even describe. >> reporter: most refugees will say the same thing, a basic human desire for a peaceful life with opportunities and turkey has a significantly opened its borders to syrian refugees the policy is based on the idea they would return home and not settle here and those that try and enter the workforce end up in the large and formal economy with low pay, no rights and no protection. he is a professional footballer who has played in the syrian national team actually made it to europe but he says living in austria was too much of a
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culture shock and he came back to turkey. >> translator: i think for a young religious muslim person european countries can be hard and they tell you you say your prayers and after that you can go to bars without any problem. people tell you you can do anything you want to do me me i couldn't handle that situation. >> reporter: these people will tell you putting their lives in the hands of smugglers and smell spending their last dollars on life vests is the last thing they want to do but as the war drags on more refugees are seeing life in europe as the only long-term solution, bernard, southern turkey. so another first time we have seen world leaders and diplomates meet on the issue, what are the chances of success this time? >> it's the first time they brought mr. erdiwan into these talks in brussels and tough
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talks they will be and shunned by leaders by the perceived authoritarian views but the tables have turned and they really need his help and what they are hoping sammy is to get him to agree to take measures to improve the lives of those living in turkey so they see a reason to work and the europeans may offer more money to help that along or as another step on the long road to european union membership but he may ask for much more and may want them to go quiet in his criticism of the government and policies and may want them to look the other way as he does what he feels is necessary to win majority of elbow elections coming up. >> still struggling with the
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flow of people. >> absolutely and grappling with the idea of a quota some imposed by brussels and all the countrys who disagree and some countries are much improved in their dealing with this crisis in serbia and macedonia and greece are pushing people through at a deep rate but there are disagreements over the long-term handling of this crisis which is surely testing and almost a breaking point the very foundation of unity upon which this european union is based. >> jona is there and stay with us here on al jazeera, still to come grief and horror in burundi and the latest people of the violence tied up and shot at close range and bad -- baghdad green zone is now opened up in more than a decade. ♪
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♪ welcome back, let's recap the headlines on al jazeera, there have been multiple clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces in the occupied west bank, israeli security forces conducted raids in the area after two separate attacks on israelis in resent days, doctors in the afghan city of kunduz refusing to operate in the main government hospital for fear of air strikes and doctors without borders wants an independent investigation after one of its hospitals was hit on saturday killing at least 22 people. turkish president erdiwan is due
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to meet eu leaders and traveling from turkey to western europe will dominate discussions. syrian activists say i.s.i.l. destroyed a nearly 2000-year-old arch in the and shen city of palmyra and it is one of the top sto stour -- tourist attractions before the syria war and with the latest on the war on the air campaign and it carried out more air strikes in the past 24 hours and the offensive is in the sixth day and dana has the latest from beirut. >> saying they targeted nine i.s.i.l. positions over the last 24 hours and some are in the hols countryside and has a presence in homs but eastern part of the province, not in the
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north and, in fact, bc and surrounding towns really have been targeted since day one of the russian aerial campaign. we are now understanding from syrian military forces that the government is planning a ground offensive in this area and this military source was quoted saying the russian air strikes will help weaken defenses of the opponents to rely on this and strategic for the government and important to protect the territories in the west of the country and now opposition supporters are accusing the russians for using i.s.i.l. really as a blanket term to target all armed opponents of the syrian governments but have to make clear and remember that the russians themselves said i.s.i.l. is not just on the list and consider other groups in syria terrorists and one is al-qaeda linked al-nusra front and says the u.s. government considers al-nurse ra as a terrorist organization but what
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activists in northern homs has been telling me they believe they are going to use al-nusra for targets for opponents and recapture the territory and they have a presence but not the main forms and we have former army defector whose operate there and the situation much more co complicated and arms confronting russian aggression and not russian peace initiative and seem to be at square one and heard from defense secretary warren that this is just going to escalate the conflict. eight people have been killed in shootings in burundi's capital and on going problems since the president was elected for the third term in july and accused of killing citizens and carolyn reports. >> reporter: a woman cries out
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for her husband. he is one of a number of people whose bodies were found on sunday morning, people in the area say he was shot by police. she says she can't look after their children would him. there were similar scenes in neighboring directors, administrator confirmed there are a number of dead. >> translator: as you have seen for yourself there were bodies on the ground and leads us to believe yesterday's situation wasn't normal. >> reporter: people living in the area say the police rounded up a group of young men and took them away on saturday, other people armed with guns and grenades tried to shoot them and said officers were not involved and said they were criminals that the police were pursuing. >> translator: when the police was doing a round in the area they informed them bodies were
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discovered, six bodies in total which brings the number to eight people who have been killed. >> reporter: there have been protests and increase in violence since president ziza won a controversial third term in august and changed the law that allowed leaders only three terms and announced a one-month amnesty for people to hand in weapons last week, at leaooeeas people died since april and with the recent deaths that number is only growing, carolyn malone, al jazeera. kenya teachers suspended a five-week strike and a labor court ordered them to go back to court if talks collapse and they refused to go with court order to raise salaries 50%. moon was detained after he crossed the north korean china
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border earlier this year and says the crossing was illegal. harry faucet is in seoul. >> reporter: more than five months after he crossed into north korea with china he stepped in the demil demille s - demilde military zone and it's five days before a huge military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the ruling workers party and peck slags north korea may mark the moment by firing a long-range rocket and no such preparations and recent agreement between north and south and ended a heightened round of tensions in august and could be read as a gesture of good will and continued investment and improved
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relations however in june they sent tended two other south korean nationals to life with hard labor on espionage charges and a baptist missionary accused of espionage and having under ground churches was given the same fate last year. release of all three men and welcomed decision to hand over moon all be it after months of demands from seoul and dealing with affairs called it a relief, harry faucet, al jazeera, seoul. pacific nation of naru announced imprisoned asylum seekers will have free movement on the island and they are in a camp as an off shore detention policy and allegations of sexual and physical abuse at the camp has recently e merged and will process 600 refugee claims within the next week and daniel web is the director of legal advocacy at the human rights law
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center in melbourne and says a more permanent solution needs to be found. >> if they are true to their world and people do have increased freedom of movement that is definitely a very important and incredibly hard one change. but i think it's important to know that this doesn't address the fundamental injustice that confronts people australia has left on naru. the injustice they face is not that they are trapped behind the fence, there is no real opportunity to rebuild their lives beyond that fence and that is sort of the fundamental problem, the fundamental unsustainability of the current arranges they must address and naru is the world's smallest republic and island nation with a population of around 10,000
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and australia is offloading an extra 10% and the extra 10% are vulnerable people and by definition people who have endured real hardship and fled real danger in their lives and i just think it's completely unrealistic to expect them to be able to accommodate such large group and such vulnerable people and why really it's not a real solution for these people. parts of baghdad's heavily fortified green zone open to the public and he was the first person to pass through the area and it has been largely off limits to iraqis since the invasion in 2003 and we report from baghdad. >> following the surprise announcement by the iraqi prime minister that the green zone would be reopened, it occur was welcomed by many people here in baghdad hoping for an easing of
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the major congestion we see in the city of 7 million people and perhaps just as importantly a symbolic shift in the way this city operates, the green zone of course is a ten square kilometer large area which eats up three big neighborhoods in the heart of the iraqi capitol. it is where large embassys are based, it's where the seat of government is based then to open that up really in the views of many people here was symbolic in the sense that it would perhaps lead to this perception or the end of this perception of the disconnect between the rulers here in iraq and the needs the street but you only have to consider just what exactly followed the announcement of the prime minister, we tried to access this newly-opened section of the green zone, we were told that it was closed for what was described as maintenance purposes so while the prime minister is promising huge reforms, reforms that people
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have taken out to the streets for months to demand it would appear on the ground that very little has changed. a mexican rescue teams are helping to search for hundreds of people buried this a landslide that swallowed part of a town in guatemala and unlikely they will be found in the south, 131 people have been killed. the area was identified in a report last year as high risk. the southern united states has been hit by record rainfall. south carolina's governor is calling it a one in a thousand year event, hundreds have had to be rescued from the flood waters and john reports. >> reporter: the eye of joaquin skirted the u.s. mainland but pounded the coast from south carolina to the northeast and ripped down power lines and crashed out roads and wrecked homes. >> and i heard this loud boom and it was loud and i knew it
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was a tree. >> reporter: high winds and rain dismantled this home in new jersey and floated it down the bay, thousands heeded government warnings to evacuate and others took chances and were trapped. >> well, it's all the hardwood floors done popped up and everything is floating and the water is above the tv and sofa so it's three feet pretty much deep in the whole house. >> reporter: the storm focused its fury on the carolina coast to have residents to improvise routes and found only parts of a cargo ship that left therewith 33 on board heading to puerto rico when it lost ways to the coast guard. >> the ship found its way in the path of the storm. >> reporter: left residents banding together to rescue the stranded and left kathy
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jefferson bracing for rain. >> my house is totally fool of water, the floors are all damaged the furniture is all wet, everything is gone. >> reporter: coastal flood warnings issued for delaware, maryland, new jersey, north carolina and virginia as this storm heads northward, al jazeera. it's a corruption scandal that has reached some of brazil's most powerful people and the first came to light when they uncovered a money laundering operation at a car wash and we have the story. >> reporter: these yellow and grown ribbons the colors of brazil's flag have been tied around the trees to support the police force for the past year that put some of brazil's most powerful people behind bars and executives of oil giant the owners of construction people and high level politicians have all been charged in a multi-billion dollar corruption case and a car wash is at the
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center of the police investigation. a money laundering scheme involved in a money laundering scheme saying they could be behind one of the largest corruption scandals in brazil history and the money involved and how far up the political system the scandal goes have enraged many and thousands have taken to the streets to protest against cooperation. >> operation car was successful because it was led by a judge from a minor state with no visibility and young prosecutors took on the job to go after the corrupters and big political leaders and not just those who are corrupt. >> reporter: this surprised even them. >> translator: in the first stage of our investigation we
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realized this was involving high ranking figures and arresting large construction people and now we are in the 18th stage and investigate reach is getting larger. >> reporter: ruling workers party and many fear the accusations could reach as high as the president who served as chair woman before taking power, so far she has not been accused but police say more of her colleagues may be soon. >> translator: this is about a corruption scheme that was reproduced throughout the country's public institutions, we are now investigating contracts with ministry of planning and ministry of health as well as the economica the largest bank. >> reporter: government critics say it has already been uniquely successful in bringing the powerful to justice but also say unless the legal system is completely renewed this is the biggest scandal in brazil's history will soon be followed by
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one that makes it pale in comparison, al jazeera. if you want to get more on all the stories we have been telling you about head over to our website and you can see our front page there and more at al >> flooded out of their homes in south carolina, a once in a thousand year event drops rain and more is following this morning. >> a possible war crime, investigating the air strike on a relief agency hospital, but doctors without borders will not trust the findings. >> the supreme court takes up new cases today in what could be another