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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> nato calls on russia to cease violations of turkey's air space after any incursion of one of its planes. >> i'm david foster, you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up in the next 30 minutes. grief of relatives as a 13-year-old palestinian boy shot dead during fighting with israeli security forces in the occupied west bank. the controversial tran transpacific trade deal which effects 40% of the world's economy. and the u.s. says afghan forces
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called in the airstrikes that led to the deaths of 22 people of a medical clinic in kunduz. nato is calling on russia to cease its use of air space. it has told russia to stop attacking opposition groups in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry warned that it risks escalating the situation in the syrian crisis. >> what we have received from russia this morning is that this was a mistake that they respect turkey's borders and this will not happen again. turkey's rule of engagement apply to all planes. turkey arm forces are clearly
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instructed. >> the turkish prime minister has been told by the russians this was a mistake. it's not going to happen again. but we're not hearing anything officially, or i haven't heard anything officially yet from the russian side of what may or may not have happened. >> no, apart from what the turkish have been saying and we heard what the turkish prime minister thought, that is being told to turkish represents and government earlier today by the russians that this is a mistake, that it won't happen again, there has been no official comment other than what the kremlin has said.
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the russians will take that information back and checking it, verifying it. that's what we've heard so far, though. there have been other comments around the issues like the defense or the foreign minister talking, saying that he would like to see some cooperation between russian and american forces on their bombing campaign on syria, but nothing to do with this incursion into turkish air space. >> it may have been a mistake. it may not have been a mistake. we may find out in the hours to come. but what is clear is that russia has said that it is going to target armed opposition groups. now nato is saying don't. just go after isil. that's a bone of contention that has not been removed. >> yes? nato does not believe this was a mistake by the russian war plains, it thinks this was a
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calculated attempt to probe or do something lon along those lines, the nato ambassadors have come out with a statement this afternoon. i can read you some of the quotes from this statement. it says that the allies call on the russian federation to cease attacks on civilians and focus its efforts on fighting isil and promote a solution to the conflict through political transition. the allies protest thes these incursions the russians for their part say that this distinction between the opposition and will attack any of the opposition groups that
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have countered assad. they do not make their distinction between isil and moderate groups of opposition. >> we're waiting to hear more from the kremlin. from rory challands, thank you. >> turkish president, president erdogan has gone to europe to meet with leaders. >> more than 200 people reached germany alone. that is a large trunk of refugees and migrants who so far have reached the european union this year. let's go to jonah hull with the latest from surgeon i can't, one of the main transit points for
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refugees heading for western europe. >> the serbian town one of several on a well-trodden route to europe overrun by refugees, many of them syrians. to get here most would have crossed the sea from turkey, which is why union officials in brussels are keen to enlist the help of president erdogan. they want him to improve conditions for up to 2 million refugees thought to be living in turkey to allow them to work, to dissuade them from making this perilous exodus. what they got was turkey taking the moral high ground, hinting that steps .
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>> putting people straight on buses to croatia where they'll become someone else's problem. >> how long have you been in this queue. >> three days. >> three days with your family? >> it may not be pleasant, but it's a system, and it's working. but the capacity of germany where many of these people wan
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wanting to is not infinite. seeking turkey's help is a desperate measure as this crisis tests to the limit the very unity upon which the european union was founded. jonah hull, serbia. >> prime ministers from several countries including the united states and japan, include the wide-ranging trade deal in a generation. it's called the tpp. it involves the 12 countries involved and shape 40% of the world' economy. it will effect everything from the cost of cheese to th cancer treatment. much of the negotiations have been held in secret and it perceived as a threat to workers
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against large cooperations. let's go to patty culhane in washington, d.c. is it going to sail through there? >> not a chance. opponents have been against it from the start, saying that the american people and members of congress had no idea what the president's team was negotiating. now president obam president barack obama said it's going to get rid of tariffs on american products. which is that, we won't know, we might not be able to read the agreement for another month. but the president is trying to sell the deal to the american people who were very much put off by the deal between canada and mexico and the united states nafta. they'll some out and said that
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this is a horrible deal. this is going to be tough to get this through, but he's following a good fight because his team has put a lot of emphasis on getting this deal done. >> we've got the other ones like nafta, why did it come to pass? why is do people think that this one was needed? think saw manufacturing jobs leave b, and tens of thousands of jobs were lost. what the obama administration said that this does is when it comes to labor laws, it evens the playing field. they say that it expands the use of unions. unions can form in all of these countries. bans child labor. one of the keys that nobody knows is how is this going to be enforceable. that is one of the keys. again, we don't know yet.
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>> these pictures have come in a short wild go. a 12-year-old boy was killed. two separate innocen incident stabbings in which two israelis died. okay, there have been security restrictions placed around the al aqsa mosque compound. we're joined live, mike, i read that a 13-year-old had been killed in fighting with israeli security forces. what are the circumstances to such a young boy getting involved with something like
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this? >> well, the exact circumstances are not clear at all, david. we know that a the 13-year-old was killed between in clashes between the palestinian and israeli army. the 13-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital where they succumbed to the injuries. once again this is something that has been happening repeatedly throughout the occupied west bank. a sporadic clashes erupting into major clashes in area after area, incidents like this if this conflict conditions are going to happen again whether intentional or whether it be some form of cross fire. certainly the contention is rampant in many parts of the west bank as it is in the old city of jerusalem which provided the spark point for this latest round of conflict. >> there is always tension in
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the up ad west bank. is there anything in on to this. >> certainly it does come back to thal ross can mosque compound and the controversy the measures that the israeli are taking in the area. this in the past few days has been a festival, generally a time which some groups do wish to go to the holy part of the al aqsa mosque compound. there has been resistence by israelis in the past to allow access. but all of a sudden access is being given. what makes this worse while access is given to groups of israeli civilians to be able to enter the al aqsa compound,
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palestinians are kept out totally from the old city in an unprecedented shutdown. only those who own businesses have been allowed to go in, to go in and worship at the compound. well, only one gate can be used which is an invit inconvenient distance away. only males of 50 are allowed in. palestinians are seeing their holy site, groups of israelis and tourists being allowed to visited in organized structures. they themselves in the al aksa compound, but this has been a point of conflict radiating ought throughout the occupied west bank and, indeed, gaza.
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>> the brazilian money laundering operation that is threatening to expose corruption at the highest level.
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>> is the u.s. government going to shift conducting it's own inquiry only into what msf wants? >> well, it doesn't really matter whether the u.s. accepts
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the terms of an independent investigation because it says that it's going to be carry out it's own nato--nato is going to carry out it's own. the afghan government is going to carry out it's own. but in a statement released just a short while ago they do not believe that with all the changing stories coming from both the u.s. and afghan government that the truth has been put out there. they want some independent body with a full investigation. whether that is brought about, and whether it can compel the u.s. government to cooperate is two separate questions. the anger is growing by the hour because it feels that the u.s. government is trying to constantly shift blame. and not be truthful about what happened. i want to read one statement from the mfs statement that was released a short while ago.
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the reality is that the u.s. dropped those bombs. the statement goes on to say that even though the u.s. is perhaps the over all leader of the coalition that is supporting the afghan government through the end of 2016, the group is holding the u.s. government responsible for what happened on saturday morning. >> because at the end of the day whether afghan forces said we need help here and the americans decided to back them up or whatever happened, as we know, these came from american craft up in the sky, why would you trust the afghan forces simply saying look, we have a problem here. we need you to blast this hospital. >> that's the way the relationship is structured. u.s. and other countries are not in a combat role inside afghanistan. they are in a support role, and so if the afghan military is trying to carry out some sort of action to protect its people to protect its property, and finds that it can't do it by itself,
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it has the right, and this is the terms of the relationship, to call in outside help. the u.s. and other coalition countries aren't supposed to just go in offensively after the taliban or any other group that might be threatening afghan national security. they have to be asked to do it. while technologically this is the way things have been carried out, the fact is that this was an existing hospital, and they're very upset that the repeated calls for staying away were ignored. >> thank you, ros. >> top a now we're hearing reports of an explosion. on the phone joining us now from afghanistan. what do you know?
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>> they told us that the fighting was on going. there was a terrorist attack near the russian embassy. they don't know what type of an explosion it was. and a number of men are in fighting back. they say that the police have been dispatched to the area, and the streets and those leading to the location have been cordoned off. now some sources give us different details they say that a number of suicide attackers attack an important afghan intelligence office in that
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area. >> thank you for that update: parts of baghdad's heavily fortified green zone has been reopened to the public. al jazeera's has more from baghdad. >> hoping for an easing of the major congestion seen in this city of 7 million people, and just as importantly a symbolic shift in the way this city operates. the zone is a ten-square kilometers large area in the
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heart of the iraqi capital. it is where large embassies are based and the seat of government is based. to open that up it was symbolic in the sense that it would perhaps lead to this perception or the end of this perception of a disconnect between the rulers here in iraq and the needs on the street. you only have to consider what exactly followed the announcement of the prime minister we tried to access this newly opened section of the green zone. we were told that this was closed for maintenance purposes. while the there are disputes on the ground that very little has changed.
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>> they say they're ready to talk to other parties. it was seen as a test of the austerity starts in the wake of global economic crisis. >> we did not manage to achieve the majority in parliament as we had wished for. i told all the portuguese people that it be would have been a safer way of facing the next four years, but i respect the decision of the people. >> there is a parliament elections winning the job of leading the coalition. a money laundering operation used a car wash as a front has lent its name to an investigation in brazil.
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from petrobras corruptions has revealed it could reach the highest elements of power. virginia lopez reports from the capital brasilia. >> these yellow and green ribbons, the colors of brazil's flag has been tied around trees to show support to a police force which for the past year has put some of brazil's most powerful people behind bars. executives of oil giant petrobras, the owner of construction conglomerates and high-level politicians have been charged in the multi million dollar corruption case. a money laundering scheme involving a car wash led police to the first educations that the executive could be behind what has become the largest corruption scandal in brazilian history. the astonishing amount of money involved and how far up the political system the scandal
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goes has enraged many. thousands have taken to the streets to protest against corruption and the ruling party. >> the operation was possible because it was led by a judge from a minor state. who along with the group of young prosecutors took on the job to go after the corrupters, the big businesses, the political leaders and not just those corrupted. >> fo for the federal police their task never thought to be a simple one has surprised even them. >> in the first stage of our investigation we realized this involved high ranking figures by the seventh stage we were arresting the owners of brazil's largest construction conglomerates. now we're in the 18th stage, and the investigations reach is only getting wider. >> with the recent jailing of the treasure of the ruling workers party many fear that the accusations could reach as high as president dilma rousseff, who
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served as chair woman before taking power. so far rousseff has not been accused but police say more of her close said may be soon. >> this is about about a corruption scheme that was reproduced around the public institutions. we're investigating contracts with ministry of planning, ministry of health and brazil's largest public bank. criti. >> critics have been successful in bringing those involved no justice. but this will be followed by a corruption that will pale i comparison. >> about 100 union activists russiad in to the buildin
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rushed into the building. for more on these stories go to >> doctors without borders are calling the bombing of their hospital in afghanistan a war crime. the pentagon is promising a full investigation. going into recovery mode crews in south carolina are assessing storm damage as fatalities go up. details of the new trans-pacific partnership is still being kept secret, and


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