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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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tu won for the treatment of mall rarmalaria. morfor more, keep it here. >> tells russia to keep its planes out of turkish air space. good to have you with us, you're watching al jazeera, live from london. i'm david foster. the air strike on a medical clinic in afghanistan killed 22 people. 22-year-old palestinian boy shot dead during altercation with
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israeli security forces. tape taptranspacific partne. >> after in kabul can bring us up to date. exactly what do you say? >> david i was speaking to a senior official at the time ministry of interior. he confirms to us that a suicide car bomber detonated his explosive in front of a house of a former governor for helmond province. there is another house also being targeted which belongs to an advisor to the president, but that will not be confirmed right
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now. we believe a number of attackers have intler entered these build, special forces have been brought to the area and the area has been cordoned off. taliban spokespersons have telegraphed us and claimed responsibility for that. the name of this attack is an important afghan intelligence office. we heard also from the people of the area and people who live in the vicinity that their glass he have been shattered and there has been some damage to the nearby houses. >> abdalla we will leave it there, our correspondent in kabul, abdalla shahud. iraq, 25 died in the attacks in the north and also the south
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of the country. we'll bring you more on that as soon as we get it here at al jazeera. called on russia to end violation of turkish air space by russian fighter jets. it's also told it to stop attacking opposition groups in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry warned that all of this risked provoking a serious escalation of the syria crisis. turkey has summoned russia's ambassador. >> translator: what we have received from russia this morning is this was a mistake, they respect turkey's borders and this will not happen again. turkey's rules of engagement belong to all parties. move escalated the crisis.
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>> from moscow, rory challands has administer. >> there has been no official comment really other than what dimitri passkov said earlier this morning, they had been summoned to meet the turkish government represents, they will be taking that back and verifying it. that's all we've heard so far though. there have been other comments around the issues such as the defense -- sorry the foreign minister of turkey talking,ing earlier, saying he would rather have cooperation on russian and american force he, on their bombing but nothing on the incursion into turkish air space. >> they talk about the free
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syrian army, where is this free syrian army? who is in charge of it? we would even be regarded if it's a real structure with real capacities, an armed group the patriotic opposition, we're ready to make contact with them, we don't hide that. >> medical charity msf, doctors without borders says it wants an independent investigation into the u.s. air strike that killed 22 people. it has criticized the u.s. in discrepancies, and accused the u.s. of attempting to pass responsibility online the afghans. john campbell admitted that no u.s. forces were under fire at the time.
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in doing so he was reversing an earlier statement. >> we have now learned that afghan forces advised they were taking fire fro and asked for u. support. this was different from the first report that u.s. forces were threatened and strikes were called on their behalf. i have urged investigation into this incident. the afghans have ordered the same. if errors were committed we'll acknowledge them, hold those responsible accountable and take steps to ensure mistakes are not repeated. >> let's take a report from msf doctors without border. >> there are different elements here. first thing they admitted for the first time that it was u.s. fire that was this air strike
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last weekend, that hit our hospital and killed 22 people. so that's the first time that we have heard the u.s. military admitting them. and then we see a changing description of the last few days of what has happened. it goes from collateral damage to a tragic incident and now we hear pushing the responsibility to the afghan government. whereas, we now know that it's the u.s. military who dropped a bomb that hit a full functioning hospital and killed patients and medical staff. and even though you work in a coalition, with different partners, the u.s. military are responsible when they hit a certain target. so there is no justification for hitting a hospital on the front line working under a humanitarian code that's based in the geneva conventions, there can be no justification to attack a hospital and kill
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patients and medical staff. so the discrepancies o discrepae descriptions that we have had from the u.s. military reinforce or ask for an independent and a fully transparent investigation of what has happened. and it becomes critical. >> do you think that the responsibility really lies with the americans? when in fact if, where they are to be believed, it was the afghan forces who said that we're under attack, we need your air support right now, it was based on afghan information trying to protect afghan soldiers on the ground, the responsibility lies with the afghanis. >> there are several things here. first of all a full independent investigation has to give an answer to this question that's first of all. i cannot answer. what i can tell you is, every military even if it's part of a coalition remains responsible
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for its actions no matter if somebody else is asking for them. we see here pushing the responsibility from one to the other, changing the description of what has happened. in just a few days' time. that does not give us a lot of confidence in the full and transparent investigation. what needs to happen and that's what we continue to ask for. because this is not only afternoon attack on msf, killing 22 people. what the action was doing, the fundment very close to the front line and if we can no longer do this, this is a major major issue. >> mamie nickolai, thank you. occupied west bank, the pictures
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of the boy's family who are mourning. there is an emergency meeting of the israeli cabinet very soon. talking about the clashes in jerusalem's old city. 18 died in overnight, two separate stabbings in which two israelis were killed and israel has placed strict new security measures on the al-aqsa mosque compound. mike hanna live for us in west jerusalem. mike, do we know anything about the circumstances? it had been suggested very controversial reply, the israeli forces had been told they could use live fire on people who were throwing teens. dstones. do we know what this boy was doing? >> no, we don't have the faintest idea what the boy was doing, david. the situation is pretty chaotic and confused in many areas of the west bank. if one is not able to see it
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with one's own eyes. the incident related to the fact the boy was struck with a bullet, that he was then taken to the nearby hospital where he died before recovery. so certainly what we see on this and other occasions is a kind of fog over exactly what has happened. as to the instruction that the israelis can use live bullets on stone-throwers that's something that's been talked about in recent days, indeed in recent weeks, something the prime minister has brought up repeatedly, whether there was a general instruction to israeli soldiers that they are indeed able to do so, that is very doubtful. we are told every time the question is asked, rules of engagement are established in specific times and specific areas. that is long answer to that particular question but what it is is part of mowjtin mounting t
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in and around the old city of jerusalem that perhaps has more to do with underlying reasons that are not issues related to security, they may well be related to the security that is attempted to stop this type of well violence, david. >> what about this new cabinet, are we likely to see restrictions put in place? >> the meeting has been underway some 15 minutes now. it is a meeting of benjamin netanyahu and his senior members of government and security. however that being said, netanyahu had a lente meeting with all his security chiefs on his return from u.s.a. 24 hours ago. that was meeting army achieve staff and the head of the intelligence agency. these are the men who
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essentially control the security situation throughout the country. so certainly any major steps that were going to be done, any major policy that was going to be decided would be decided at that particular point and not necessarily within the wider security cabinet although there will be discussion of the wider issue together, perhaps, as well some domestic political discussion about what it means to the government, the ongoing violence that is occurring. >> good to hear from you mike, thank you. ahead on this program on al jazeera. iraq's heavily fortified green zone open to members of the public for first time in 12 years. and the brazilian money laundering operation that is threatening oexpose corruption at the very highest levels.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform...
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>> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> these are the headlines here on al jazeera. nato is calling on russia to end violations of turkish air space and incursion by a russian airs war plane. (f) recep tayyiplane. recep tayyip erdogan is meeting. and a teenager has been killed in the occupied west bank. agreed on the most wide ranging free trade deal in a generation. the transpacific partnership.
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, the tpp. 12 countries involved involves 40% of the world economy and could reshape industries, influence everything from the price of cheese to the cost of cancer treatment. the deal delayed though as countries argue about how long a monopoly period should there be for next generation biotech drugs, and the tpp was controversial as well, in favor of big corporations over workers. we've been hearing from president obama about this. >> one that expands to overseas markets. we're going to subpoenaed lot of time talking about these details. included in this agreement are essentially an agreement to cut 18,000 taxes. these are essentially import taxes that are placed on american goods that are shipped
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to some of these fastest growing economic markets in the world. >> you might have noticed my deliberate mistake there, not president obama but a man called josh earnest. talking on behalf of the president. we do have lucia newman, i hope we have lucia, it is you lucia? >> reporter: it is. >> we hear about the united states and japan, cung countriee chile who are looking to get the most out of it, yes? >> reporter: hello david. this tpp was the brain child of the four smallest of the group, singapore, brunei, and chile, secretary of state john kerry hailed it as a state-of-the-art
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agreement. now, eventually the four latin america countries that are part of this are mexico peru, chile and colombia. all of them have very, very open economies, there are some that are not very pleased at all, secretive nature of these negotiations, and particularly they at least are predicting that this will be very, very bad for local manufacturers and farmers whom they claim will be at the mercy now of the larger industrialized countries when they begin to import and export their products at almost zero tariffs, david. >> it's, prey complicated but from the chilean point of view is it pretty clear cut what they hope to get? >> reporter: i'm at a fruit and vegetable market right here. people say they don't know what this is all about. that is one of the biggest
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criticisms. we don't know the details. at least what it's supposed to do is turn countries like peru, colombia, mexico and chile into the south america pumas, inspired by the southeast asian tigers. there is a fear that there won't be enough protection, that these are weaker economies. but from the government side this is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to latin america. but it will put these four countries an collision course with the othe other south amerin countries. >> we look forward to speaking to you later on lucia. tpp or no tpp. thank you very much. the refugee crisis high up the agenda, mr. erdogan already accused europe of what he
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considered double standards in the exodus across the continent. jonah hull is in serbia. >> reporter: the serbian town of presovo, overrun by refugees many of them syrians. to get here most will have costed the sea from turkey, which is why european union officials in brussels are keen to enlist the help of turkish president erdogan. they want him to improve the conditions of the refugees thought to live in turkey. what they got was turkey taking the moral high ground hinting that accelerat accelerated help. >> for more than four years turkey has been opening doors to people, fleeing war in iraq and
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syria. now turkey is open to all kinds of cooperation in terms of a common policy across europe. >> reporter: at the refugee processing center they give papers to some 4,000 a day putting them onto buses to croatia where they'll become someone else's problem. >> how long have you been in this queue? >> three days. >> with your family? >> yes. >> do you think many more people are waiting to make this journey, the same journey you are making? >> of course everyone wants to escape from the war there. >> reporter: some countries like serbia here, macedonia, greece vs. improved their reception centers so much they're able to push people very quickly up the line. others in hungary are in open revolt, rejecting an eu resettlement plan that is wholly
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inadequate to cope with these numbers anyway. it may not be pleasant but it's a system and it's working. but the capacity of germany where many people want to go is not infinite. this crisis tests to the very limit. jonah hull, al jazeera, serbia. 2003 big place it is, green zone home to government buildings and foreign embassies. well, al jazeera's imtiaz tyab has more on what didn't prove to be a trouble free open day. >> reporter: it may have been unthinkable to see traffic moving down this road but since sunday, parts of baghdad's heavily fortified green zone ahave been open to the public.
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announced by prime minister haider al-abadi. over security, corruption and poor public services. for 12 years, the green zone or international zone as it's officially known has been closed to most iraqi citizens. after the 2003 u.s. led invasion it was turned into the administrative headquarters for coalition forces. today the ten square cloment kir compound is surrounded by barbed wire and government checkpoints. it contains the luxury homes of senior iraqi officials which is for many the symbol ever disconnect between iraqi leadership and its people. >> translator: this move won't last long. we may as well enjoy it while we can. but it will add a lot of traffic to the main checkpoint as there will be a lot of searches. trust me this will be shut down
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soon. >> reporter: the easing of some restrictions inside the green zone is surprising to many here. over the years i.t. has bee it a target for rockets and bombing. the parts of iraq that remain under government control continue to decline. in recent months, shia militias which are backed by iran have been accused of abducting and killing sunni civilian men. these groups are accused of committing major abuses including possible war crimes. >> translator: there tha has n a growing number of kidnappings. growing indication that the government is not control of these groups. countless checkpoints across iraq and people are wondering what the exact purpose of these checkpoints are. >> reporter: yet another example of prime minister abadi promising change yet offering
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very little. and until he deals with issues such as government corruption, poor services, a few ongz into s into the green zone won't appease them. imtiaz tyab. al jazeera. the old job petrobras to some of the country's largest building companies, what is called operation car wash. could it extend its reach to the highest spheres of power? more from virginia lopez who is in the capital brasilia. >> reporter: these yellow and green ribbons, the colors of brazil's flag, have been tied, to show the largest executives
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behind bars. high level politicians have all been charged in a multibillion dollar corruption case. a car wash is at the center of the police investigation. a moisten laundering scheme involving a car wash that used to be in a gas station led federal police to the first indication that behind the largest corruption scandal in brazilian history. how far up the scandal goes have enraged many. thousands have taken to the street to protest against corruption and the rulings party. >> operation car wash was partly possible because it was led by a judge from a minor state with no visibility but who along with the group of young prosecutors did he thdid the job of going ae corrupt ors and not just the
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corruptors and not just the corrupted. >> we realized this involved high ranking figures. by the seventh stage we were arresting the owners of brazil's largest construction companies. now we're in the 17th stage an the investigation is only getting wider. >> reporter: many fear the accusations could reach as high as president dilma rousseff. so far rousseff has not been accused but police say more of her close aides may be soon. >> this is about a corruption scheme that was reproduced throughout the country's public institutions. we are now investigating contracts with the ministry of planning, health, and the country's largest public bank.
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>> uniquely successful in bringing the powerful to justice but they also say unless the legal system is completely renewed this, the biggest constantly in brazil's history is one that appeal pales in com. >> translator: we did not manage to achieve a majorities in parliament as we had wished for. i told ought the portuguese people that it would have been a safer way to face the next four years but ifully respect the decision of the portuguese people. two managers had shirts ripped from their bodies as they arrived to hold talks about the
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plan 2900 jobs to be cut. about 100 union activists rushed into the building. that was after they had broken the gates down there. news and a great deal more. >> doctors without borders are calling the bombing of their hospital in afghanistan a war crime and now the pentagon is promising a full investigation. going into recovery mode, crews in south carolina are assessing storm damage as the fatalities go up. details of the new transpacific partnership are still kept secret and it will impact how much you pay for almost everything.