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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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from london. so no need to change the channel. keep it here. thanks for your time. >> this is al jazeera. >> good to have your company for this al jazeera newshour, i'm david foster at al jazeera's london studios. here's what we're seeing in the next 60 minutes. a family in morning after a 13-year-old palestinian boy is shot dead. israeli's prime minister says he's using an iron fist after the death of the israelis. nato calls on russia to keep its planes out of turkey's air space.
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the controversial transpacific trade deal involving 40% of the world economy. it's said that the afghans called for an air strike that caused the bombing of a medical facility in kunduz. >> brendan rogers shown the door add liverpool. , will they lay out the welcome mat for megan clot at the clop. a 13-year-old palestinian boy has been shot dead following altercations with the security forces. here where his body was taken, an 18-year-old palestinian had died in overnight clashes. and the full israeli cabinet's been holding a meeting.
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's using what he calls an iron fist against attacks which have now killed four israelis. mike hanna live for us in west jerusalem. this attack strofg 13-year-ol ia 13-year-old, do we know what he was doing? swl. >> reporter: the exact circumstances still not very doing? >> reporter: circumstances not very certain. investigation ongoing. yet another killing in what has been a mounting wave of violence in recent days. as you mentioned a 19-year-old shot and killed on sunday during a demonstration, according the palestinian police and the red crescent, he was shot by israeli army.
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so the increased activities by the israeli army clearly taking a toll on the palestinian population in the occupied west bank. one must remember, too, that the army stepped up its activities following the killing of two israelis in the settlement of itama last thursday and in the course of this day the israeli police says it has captured the five men it says were responsible for that particular shooting. all they are said the israeli police members of the hamas cell operating in the west bank. they say the five arrested have confessed to the killing. so once again this is not something that has june begun within the last 24, 48 hours, this has been an ongoing army operation in the occupied west bank. the israeli prime minister making quite clear as you said that the operation is about to grow even more stringent in the days ahead. >> mike, there has been a lot in
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the papers about a possible shoot-to-kill policy enacted by the israeli army as to stone-throwing is that what you've seen. >> there has been discussion about the israeli army given rarity powers than they have, many members of benjamin netanyahu's government has insisted the army is operating with bound hands as they call it. however when questioned about their mode of operation the israeli army will simply say they operate under strict instructions. what they do varies from place to place place, time to time. certainly there will be no clarity until there is an official statement from the government itself, david. >> thank you mike. , mike was saying there marwan,
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this is not something new, but brewing for some time. is it reaching a particular point that you can see will push over into much more street conflict? >> well, when you sort of observe what's going on there and you hear from the people on the ground on one level david there seems to be a consensus in the cyber sphere,in, among bloggers, that this could escalate into some sort of intifada or conflict of some sort. without official support for a nonvoinlt movenonviolent issue , citizens of israel joining in the break of the blockade of
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jerusalem, going in big numbers to east jerusalem, that will add to the dynamics of palestinian steadfastness. >> what was the spark? was it the tightening of restrictions around the al-aqsa mosque compound, was it something else, was it netanyahu at the united nations, was it what abbas said at the united nations? >> you've asked me this question several times over the last several years. each time this thing erupts, we ask ourselves, why now? the permanent reason is occupation, some of the sam colonization. so on so forth. jewish forces have become
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emboldened to break the usual acts of the day, and certainly, president abbas april speech at the u.n. was a bit of a desperate call for help. knowing all too well that no one is coming and hence the palestinians start to take things into their own hands. you know more of the same type of culmination of a number of things on the palestinians and the israeli side. >> thank you, marwan bashar. you're watching the newshour, opening up to the members of the public for the first time in 12 years plus. >> i'm jonah hull, towns on a well trodden route overrun with refugees, as the u.n. asks turkey for help. jail after charged with torturing a child.
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nato is calling on russia to assess violations of turkish air space and explain itself after incursion into that air space. nato has told russia to stop attacking opposition groups inside turkey. turkey summoning russia's ambassador. >> translator: what we have received from russia this morning is that this was a mistake, that they respect turkey's borders and this will not happen again. turkey's rules of engagement apply to all planes, be they syrian, russian or from elsewhere. for russia which blocked u.n. security council resolutions to be actively involved in syria is
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both a incursion and serious situation. >> russia's foreign smints sergey lavroministersergey lavrs offered to coordinate more with u.s. >> i talked about the free syrian army, i've asked john kerry to give information, who is this free syrian army, if it were a real structure with armed groups, patriotic group of citizens we don't hide that. >> rory challands, if there is an official line would you give it to us? also the suggestion from nato that russia stop attacking armed groups within syria, armed opposition groups as it puts it.
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>> reporter: well we basically waited all day for some kind of comment from the russians and in the last hour we did get something a bit more expansive than what we've had previously. , still pretty limited but essentially it puts this incursion of one of its jet fighters into turkish air space down to bad weather and says that it only happened for a few seconds, that the aircraft was pulling a maneuver over hilly wooded lands on the border straight into turkish air space for just a few seconds and then left it. that suggests that this was a mistake and something that couldn't be avoided. that's not really what nato thinks. nato believes that this was very probably an intentional move by the russian air force, that the turkish war planes had warned this russian airplane several times before it strayed into
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turned air space that it was about to do so and yet it did it anyway. nato doesn't follow the same kind of line on this as the russians do. as you wering saying about nato and its belief that russia is targeting opposition groups and groups in yrts syria, they don'e the same distinctions as the west does between i.s.i.l. and the other groups, the groups that the united states and various regional allies have been supporting, arming and funding. the west thinks that these are more moderate alternatives to i.s.i.l. russia says they are all terrorists and they are all enemies of bashar al-assad, bashar al-assad is our friend, our ally and we will defend him and we will go after all of the groups, whoever they are. >> thank you rory, same line coming from the kremlin as a
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couple of days ago, but we appreciate you bringing us up to speed. thank you. alliance against russia and iran inside syria, this consists of 41 groups including the free syrian army. from beirut, zeina khodr reports. >> reporter: the russian military has been targeting the northern country side of homs since the first day of its intervention in syria. the syrian army says this is a part of a military campaign to recapture the region. syrian military forces say the air strikes are weakening offenses before a ground fight begins. i.s.i.l. is not present in this area of syria. that's why the opposition believes russia's objective is to help the government change the balance of power on the ground. >> translator: we are the free syrian army, the closest i.s.i.l. base is 60 kilometers from here. we are people from the area and not linked to i.s.i.l. or others.
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>> reporter: many of the rebels there stilt fight under the banner of the free syrian army. they confront what they are calling the russian aggression. along the partners, el nusra front. are used by the syrian and russian governments to justify their attacks. >> nusra is all around syria not just homs, it is fighting the regime they are using nusra's presence as an excuse to kill civilians. >> the northern country side of homs is the only rebel controlled territory in the province which is important to the government's control of western syria. while russian strikes have targeted some i.s.i.l. positions, the are are antigovernment forces that advanced towards lat latakia
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province. clear that i.s.i.l. is not their only target in their aerial campaign. president himself says nusra is on the list. nusra is one of the opposition groups. the u.s. considers it a terrorist organization and has targeted it in syria. >> honestly speaking i haven't heard about our plans to counter the work of u.s. or anybody else. >> the u.s., some in the opposition are concerned that the two powers may have more in common than thought. zeina khodr, al jazeera beirut. syrian government force ves now beeshave been accused of cag out strikes in the north of the country. civilians were seen running away from the area after the strike
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which took place near a market in al babtown. fighters from i.s.i.l. have destroyed a nearly 2,000-year-old structure in the ancient city of palmyra. the association of human rights, say one of the top tourist attractions in the middle east before the civil war there. let's bring in faddy haikura, joining us live in the studio. the russians said it was an accident, their plane coming into turkish air space, the turkish saying no it wasn't. >> turkey feels this was perhaps a premeditated russian incursion into turkish air space. >> with what in mind? >> i think that turkey is deeply unhappy with the russian air campaign against the anti-assad
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forces primarily located northwestern syria. turkey has expressed its unease, regarding this russian air campaign. the fact that russia established an air base in latakia on the syrian coastline, on the mediterranean sea, and president erdogan himself expressed these deep reservations towards russia. >> it all seems rather difficult at the moment to put it mildly. but imagine if the russians continue to attack what they say are terrorist groups inside syria which turkey and the west say are simply opposition groups, could turkey then be in the position of supplying more aid to these others who are fighting assad and the russians would be effectively coming in and taking them out, that possibility of a conflagration
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where turkey is attacking russian assisted people is even more difficult isn't it? >> it's no longer supporting one side against the other but actually is now inserted itself directly in the midst of the syrian civil war. and the prospects for escalation and aggravation of the situation has now been incredibly height heightened. turkey would increase its supports of armed groups that are located in northern syria that are pushing for regime change in damascus. >> with turkey being part of the alliance, what would happen because it's in the united nations charter if a fellow member says it's attacked, nato would consider it aan act amongst itself, what would hab if there was ahappen if there ik
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between turkish and russian airplanes? >> turkey's rules of engagement would allow for them to shoot down the russian plane. further conflict between russia and nato. >> do you think that's something russia is pushing, a confrontation with nato? >> i don't think russia wants a confrontation with nato. recep tayyip erdogan is having a meeting, mr. erdogan accusing double standards of the current movement of people across the continent. jonah hull is our correspondent, in serbia, one of the main tran is it pointtransit points.
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>> many of them syrians,ing enlisting the help of turkish president erdogan. they want him to improve the conditions up to 2 million syrians thought to live in turkey. what they got was turkey taking the moral high ground, hinting that accelerated steps towards eu aggression may be the price for its help. >> translator: for more than four years, turkey has been opening doors to people fleeing conflict in syria and iraq. now we see more recently eu countries coming face to face with asylum seekers from syria. ey is en to all kinds of suggestions. >> give papers to some 4,000
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people a day putting them straight onto buses to croatia where they'll become someone else's problem. >> how long have you been in this queue. >> three days. >> reporter: three days with your family? >> in this street. >> do you think that many more people are waiting to make this journey, the same journey that you are making? >> of course, everyone want escape from the war there. >> reporter: some cousins like certain ya here, last doan yah, grease, have improved their situation so much they are now ability to push people very quickly up the line. others like hungary are in open revolt, the plan wholly inadequate to cope with these numbers anyway. it may not be pleasant but it's a system and it's working. but the capacity of germany where many of these people want to go is not infinite.
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seeking turkey's help is a desperate measure, as this tests for a minute the unity that is required. jonah hull, al jazeera, serbia. abdalla shahud is in the city, gunmen who may be part of this hold up in the inside niche. >> as we were talking to aa policeman in the area, he told us the gunfire has stopped and afghan forces have taken their positions. now many kilometers around that diplomatic area has been cordoned off. afghan special forces are in the area. senior police at the interior men industry told us that taliban, bomber detonated its
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explosive ladened vehicle noax tnextto the russian embassy. one of the buildings belong to the former grove of helmond province and another chief of helmond province and also a house next to that is a house of an advisory to president, reportedly he iedly of the coun. a while ago we spoke to the former governor, he said that house belongs to him. he was not in the house at the time. his guards were there. also we heard from the security source at the interior ministry that the advisor to the
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president was not in the house at the time of this attack. >> abdalla shahud, than thank yr the very latest. doctors without borders, the medical charity msf has called what it says as a full transparent investigation. charities criticize the u.s. for what it says are scremses in describing the incident. and has accused it of attempting to pass responsibility onto the afghan deposit. a top u.s. official says it was afghan forces that called for the air strike that hit the clinic. john campbell admitted there were no afghan forces under fest fire at that point. >> we were advised that afghan
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force he were without help and required help. the air strike was called on their behalf. as has been reported i've ordered a thorough investigation into this tragic incident and the investigation is ongoing. the afghans have ordered the same. if errors were committed wool acknowledge them. we'lwe'llacknowledge them and ts they are not repeated. statement first, by the u.s. that it actually attacked the hospital. >> there's different elements here. the first thing is they admit for the first time that it was u.s. fire that was this air strike last weekend that hit our hospital and kill 22 people. so that is the first time we have heard the u.s. military admitting them. and then we see a changing description over the last few
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days of what has happened. it goes from collateral damage to a tragic incident and now we heard purk working under a humanitarian code that's based in the geneva conventions, there can be no justification to attack a hospital and kill patients and medical staff. so the discrepancies of the descriptions that we've had from the it'the united states e-u.s. military ask for a fully transparent investigation of what has happened. >> rosiland jordan live in washington, d.c. roz is this the way it works? the afghan army which is said to be undertrained with poor moral
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quality, call up and say you've got to do our bidding and not attack a hospital. >> i've taken closer look at this situation and apparently the afghan can call for help if they are in danger of being overrun. that was the situation a week ago monday, claiming it had tape control of the city. but at the time there wasn't any such request and the united states didn't put any planes in the air. well, then you have the situation on saturday where the u.s. is now saying the afghanistan called in for hem. flierneither are saying whethere afghans were in danger of being overrun. that is a specific situation where the u.s. is allowed to put its jets in the air and then fire on the enemy. if that's not the case, that
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could be a very big problem for both sides since the general we saw there, general john campbell is going to be testifying on tuesday before a senate panel about the u.s.'s ongoing situation and involvement in afghanistan. >> good description rosiland jordan in washington, d.c. thank you very much. coming up we have the houthi supporters as troops with advance towards asana sanaa. and we will tell you why a special guest in the locker room helicopter argentina's rugby team feel like it's 1986 all over again.
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>> the cops is a legalized gang... it makes me scared for everybody >> fear and distrust in baltimore... >> they've just been pepper spraying people at very close range... >> years of tension between the community and police erupt... >> she was on her way home to her kid, and she never made it... >> a former cop speaks out... >> if you had taken steps when a man was assaulted, maybe freddie gray didn't have to die. >> is there still a blue wall of silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising only on al jazeera america >> the top stories for you a 13-year-old palestinian boy has been shot dead during fighting
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with israeli security forces in the occupied west bank. nato is calling on russia to cease what it calls violations of turkish air space aafter incursion by a russian plane. full transparent independent investigation into a u.s. air strike which hit a medical clinic in afghanistan killing 22 people. pushing towards the capital sanaa, under the control of houthi rebels. living conditions for millions of yemenis are worsening. hashem ahelbarra has the latest. >> united against the saudi led air strikes in yemen. these are supporters of the shia houthi rebels in the capital sanaa. they stay international communities has failed yemeni people.
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>> translator: we came out to condemn eurnts and th the unite, women and children where are their rights, it is just water on the paper not ink. >> reporter: yemen has been gripped by violence for months. life for millions has become tough. there are shortages of water, food, fuel, and medicine, across the country. >> we are not getting enough cook being gas. there are 5,000 families in this neighborhood and they give us 200 barrels of gas. what can we do with that? we're going to fight over them. we are running outs o running og gas. the living conditions are very difficult. >> many situations, families have no option but to burn wood to cook meals. yemen's humanitarian situation is getting worse every day. on the ground, government troops
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backed by coalition forces are on the offensive in mareb. they say recapturing the entire province is just a matter of time. >> translator: thank god we secured the war to sarwa, marid. all is going well. >> reporter: thousands have been killed since the start of war in yemen. the united nations has called on all sides to end the violence and find a political way out. but the warring factions remaining divided, determined to continue the fight. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> news out of iraq, a number of deadly car bombs going off there, almost 60 people we understand, these are separate attacks. let's talk to imtiaz tyab my colleague who is in baghdad. tell us what you know. these were three separate explosions am i right? >> reporter: that's right. according to police sources, in
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three separate attacks, car bombs three separate cities across iraq. we understand so far the death toll is over 50 and more than 120 people were injured. the first astack took place in the husseinia neighborhood, parked car targeted civilians near a local restaurant. 11 people were killed in that attack, 30 people were injured. second attack was in bazra city south of baghdad. we understand another car bomb and another area just about 15 kilometers south of bazra city, killing 10 and injuring at least 30 and the third attack in diyalla city, car bomb took place went off in a big marketplace in the al halif
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area, killing 30 civilians and injuring around 60 others. all of these attacks are in shia dominated areas. again police are telling us that they believe these attacks are coordinated. we haven't seen violence like this in around two months time and it comes when iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi is under increasing pressure to settle issues, like basic services but security is the key issue and it would appear that his government is still struggling to contain those issues. >> thank you for the update. we are speaking about a wide ranging free trade deal in a generation called the transpacific partnership. you'll probably know it as the tpp. if you don't already you will in a few days' time. it cuts draid barriers trade bas
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40% of the world's economy. there are those who say could reshape industry, influence everything from the price of cheese to the cost of cancer treatment. now the deal's been delayed as countries argue about how long a monopoly period there should be for next generation biotech drugs among other things. it's controversial this tpp because many of the negotiations leading to the deal have been held in secret. it's perceived by some as a threat to workers in favor of big corporations. white house press secretary josh earnest said this a while ago about tpp. >> the agreement like the one the president set out to achieve, expands markets for things made stamped made in america. details included in this agreement are essentially an agreement to cut 18,000 taxes. these are essentially imports
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taxes that are placed on american goods that are shipped to some of these fastest growing economic markets in the world. >> let's go to washington, d.c, not very far from where we saw josh earnest, patty culhane and we're off to the chilean capital santiago, in just a moment. i'm going to bounce this around between the two of you. patty where you live what difference is it going to make to you? >> reporter: well, it's going to make a huge difference when it comes to exactly how much goods cost. this is an argument, we won't know how much, until we see the text. we won't see it for several weeks. it has to be drafted and changed into several different languages. there are two different arguments. if you heard the president's argument you just heard josh's brief of the press, hence more jobs, there are economists and
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opponents on the other side, environmental groups big labor says this is going to have a horrible impact. they say it only benefits the corporations. past free trade agreements only cost america jobs and lower wages. so really, it's a stark difference between the two sides are saying. until we read the text david i don't know if i can tell you, how it's going to affect my life. >> send us a shopping list patty. lucia newman, behind you we see wonderful fruit and vegetables, it is a country known for its seafood as well. why did chile want this brought in? >> reporter: exactly because they want to be able to have more markets for their fruit, for their vegetables for their seafood. at a government is applauding this as a state-of-the-art agreement. what patty was saying is true
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here as well. they don't know the details how it will affect them and whether or not it will make producers both farmers and manufacturers vulnerable to competition, from the more developed industrial nations that are part of the pacific rim. and particularly, in countries like mexico, peru and clom colo, they are concerned that their farmingers will bfarmers will by out of the mix. anything will be good for the economy? when you ask them about the details they say we have no idea. that is really going to be the argument and the discussion in the coming weeks. all these trade agreements of course have to be approved by each country's parliaments david. >> a quick virtual shopping tour, lucia, i know we can't move the camera, tell me if i was there what i should buy, what i could get.
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>> reporter: i think you should be buying artichokes and asparagus and delicious fruits like strawberries and raspberries. >> i should. >> exported from chile all over the world. >> absolutely right, i should be buying those things. lucia newman, thank you very much indeed, stocking up. and patty, i think i'm right in saying, members of congress, they can't change the details of this but they can vote yes or no. but why, why, has so much of it agaibeen done people think in secret? >> i've talked to actually one of the lead negotiators here and he says that's just a conspiracy theory that people have created to kill the deal. if you talk to them behind the scenes three say we can't make it public. let's think about the opposition, we're talking about negotiating dairy prices, the
2:41 pm
dairy farmers get upset and lobby congress. they say wait until it's done. mostly with the help of the opposition party his own party voted against him but it givers congress 90 days to -- it gives congress 90 days to read the text. the senator from north carolina is very upset good some of the tobacco provisions that have been leaking out. this is a huge fight and going to put the president in a really awkward position where he's going to be tackling his usual allies, bib labor groups, members of his own party, 2016 is when this is going to happen, an election year in the u.s. so that tends to make sure that nothing duets done. this is going to be a very hard sell, the president himself says he don't know for sure if he can get i.t. past congress.
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>> pathit past congress. >> patty culhane, thank you very much. barnaby phillips reports. >> 15 young men more than 100 days in prison and no charges against them. they include activists such as luatto bural and alphonse burrel, demonstrating over a lack of freedom in arch guantanamangola.many of them spn solitary confinement. angola is led by president eduardo f del santos, he says the men in prison were planning a coup, and he's preparing a case against them.
2:43 pm
>> translator: they were carrying out acts which could have been preparation for the overthrow of the legitimately elected governments. >> reporter: families of the detainees have tried to stage demonstrations. some of these have been broken up by the police. in angola in theory the constitution guarantees democratic freedoms. in practice i.t it takes courago protest. >> freedom of the press, association, these people were trying to exercise those 43 disomfreedoms. unfortunately that has been curtailed. bring them before a competent court to try them. one of africa's leading oil producers where a few enjoy fabulous wealth but most live in
2:44 pm
squalor. the fall in oil prices have hurt many and made the government less tolerant of dissenting voices. but on social media, families and friends of the detainees are speaking out. increasingly anxious, they feel they have no choice. barnaby phillips, al jazeera. from all corners of the globe we go to kazakhstan, given the job of forming a coalition government. it's promised closer ties to russ. in 2010, kyrgyzstan went through an uprising, first country in south central asia to have a election for cooperation in europe. the voters in portugal have elected the governing center right coalition which is widely seen as oreferendum, this
2:45 pm
election, on four years of austerity there. the coalition of prime minister pedro coehlo, ready to talk to other parties about coalition. >> translator: we did not manage to achieve the majority in parliament as we had wished for. i told all the portuguese people it would have been a safer way of facing the next four years but i fully respect the decision of the portuguese people. >> coming up, do stay with us if you can, the brazilian investigation that's expected to uncover corruption at the highest levels. it's a different story for rangers, the texas rangers, robin has got that in joavment.
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>> a money laundering operation that used a car wash as a front, has lent its name to a big police investigation in brazil. for the oil giant petrobras, some of the biggest construction companies, reveals corruption that could extend its reach to the very highest places. virginia lopez reports from brasilia. >> these yellow and green ribbons, the colors of brazil's flag, have been tied around trees, to show the support of the, police force that have put the most powerful people behind bars. the executives of petrobras have
2:48 pm
been charged, a car swash at the center of a corruption scheme. led federal police to the first indications that petrobras executives could be behind what has become the largest corruption scandal in brazilian history. the astonishing amounts of money involved and how far up the political system the scandal goes have enraged many. thousands have taken to the streets to protest against corruption and the ruling party. >> translator: operation car wash was partly possible precisely because it was led buy judge from a minor state with no visibility but who, along with prosecutors, took on those big businesses and not just those corrupted. >> reporter: it's surpriseeven them. >> translator: in the first stage of our investigation, we
2:49 pm
realized this involved high ranking figures. by the seventh stage we were arresting the owners of brazil's largest construction conglomerates. now we are in the 18th stage and the investigations reach is only getting wider. >> reporter: with the recent jailing of the treasurer of the ruling workers party many fear that the accusations could reach as high as president dilma rousseff who served as chairwoman for are petrobras before taking the presidency. mow she's not involved yet but more of her closest aideless will be involved soon. >> we are now investigating contracts with the ministry of planning, ministry of health as well as the largest public bank. >> government critics say the operation has been uniquely successful in bringing the powerful to justice. but they also say that unless
2:50 pm
the legal system completely renewed, this the biggest constantly in brazil's history will be followed by one which makes it pale in comparison. virginia lopez, al jazeera, brasilia. >> landslide swallowed part of a town in guatemala. over 100 are known to have died and 100 more are still missing. but there is some hope as they bring in the rescue dogs. time on the al jazeera news hour for the sport and that means robin adams. >> thank you very much, david. india's second match, t-20 international fans threw plastic bolts inta the ground, upset by the home team's batting display,
2:51 pm
play was suspended, with the visitors 29 runs from victory. situation under control and the match resumed. india was sent in to bat. they were bowled out for 92, it was in the 18th over, top scoring with 22 runs each, south africa crvelt held o comfortabl. all rounder chris cairns, facing accusations of perjury. cairns led the court in his 2012 defamation case against modi in britain. came as a result of a tweet that accused the new zealander of corruption. cairns has effectively been accused of lying in court in his
2:52 pm
2012 libel case against modi. under the u.k. perjury act he could be in prison for up to ten years. modi failed to support his 2010 tweet, accusing cairns of match fixing. his former lawyer and he are also accused of per vetting the course of justice. also handed a life ban from cricket last year, after he admitted he was part of fixing matches. charged with torturing an 11-year-old girl, hand he himself over to authorities on monday after being on the run for two days. the 29-year-old has been suspended from all source of
2:53 pm
cricket by bangladesh. but he and his wife are accused of assaulting the 11-year-old girl who worked for them as a house maid and employing a minor. >> he has got the return for it, violation of human rights like torturing a victim. no law of any state would stand beside him. that's why we expressed our strong opposition with the court that keeps the bail. after a hearing on our admission the court sent him to jail. >> being dereported, english premier league sacked previous manager brendan rogers, as a result that leaves them in 10th place, with three wins of the eight marches so far. took over this june 2012, judges almost led lync liverpool, crite e-sized for spending over $455
2:54 pm
million in new players while in charge and had not a single turf oshow for it. one of the front runners to take over the vacant front manager's job, has been on a sabbatical, since april. the german won the league twice, champions league twice also, good judge of talent bringing players like robert levandoski, and carlo an angelotti, the curt isx boss, he doesn't have the experience as the other two but he has wo won the dutch title fr times, and the 2010 world cup in south africa. the 41-year-old is considered
2:55 pm
forward-thinking. it must be said as well still locked into a conflict, so probably couldn't join the club immediately. being thrown in the dead end, more experienced colleague was injured, he never refereed a top flight match before and just two minutes into this debut he was sending over a player for a foul, see the replay shortly. you will see that he actually has made the right call. but still a tough day at the office for the kne newbie. at the time ru rugby world cup. all about wing world cups for argentina, took up the position of number one cheerleader. nicholas sanchez, the pumas,
2:56 pm
won, nearly into the last stage. are after that win, hand wit celebrations, as well. the argentine likes the show with his victory dance. sunday saw the last day of the mbmajor league baseball season. texas rangers, with adrian bell trai pubeltre. won 9 points to 2, eliminating l.a. from contention, and clinching the american league west title. texas played their first extra season game. the angels loss ultimately led
2:57 pm
to houston's first appearance in the playoffs in a decade. regardless the rairntion losin e diamondbacks. rifng the shirripping the sm employees, 100 union men and women rushing into the building after breaking the glass there. air france klm said on friday the company would have to cut the jobs after failing to reach an agreement with its pilots. thank you for watching the newshour, that's it for me, felicity barr is next. bye-bye.
2:58 pm
>> gang life... this was our foundation. it's what we all knew. when i met daisy, it was the best day of my life. i told my co-workers, i'm gonna marry her... when my past caught up with me
2:59 pm
and made us all pay the price. >> it was very confusing... they were just, "where is it? where did he put it"? the social worker said, "i'm gonna have to take the baby". you're gonna have to kill me to take my child. they took my family. he's like, "they're using your child as leverage". the day i think i'm getting sarah back, my public defender tells me they're gonna take me to trial. i don't know how i'm gonna do it but... i need another lawyer. >> that judge is not known for his compassion. >> if at any point i'm not fighting for my family, i don't know what that would do to me. >> families don't survive this.
3:00 pm
>> israel's cabinet meets to agree on tough new measures at two more are killed in a crack downed on protesters. hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: nato calls on russia to keep out of turnd air space. aturkish air space. now