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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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syria. if you commit that you commit a crime. >> that's our show for tonight, i'm ali velshi. thanks for joining us. >> carolina flooding... >> probably the most terrifying moment of my life, especially holding on to a 15-month-old daughter the rain is over, the danger still exists hospital bombing. >> the fact that some individuals lost their lives over the weekend is a tragedy. >> questions about how an air strike in afghanistan can go horribly wrong. >> hilary's challenge. >> fail, fail. i wish you could be president. >> me, too.
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>> the former secretary of state is on a media blitz, but polls show her support may be slipping and the right to die - california becomes the fifth state where doctors can help patients end their own lives good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. the relief and rescue effort is under way in south carolina after an historic storm wreaked havoc on the state this weekend. the death toll stands at 11. more than 20 inches of rain flooded the state. schools and colleges across south carolina were closed. 381 roads were shut down. and 30,000 homes and businesses are still without power. robert ray is in south carolina with the latest. >> monday night is the calm after the storm. it's peaceful. the rain has stopped here, and the system is gone away. that doesn't mean it's not minute to minute still. search and rescue essentially
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ended in the state of carolina, and moved to safety of the damage. president obama signed a disaster declaration on the state, and it's a law that people will need. on the ground vehicles crushed by raging water. people trying to escape flash flooding. cemeteries submerged and daring rescue crews saving residents, carrying them to safety on boat and helicopter - like this mother and baby girl, plucked from a dire situation. >> probably the most terrifying situation in my life. especially holding on to a 15-month-old daughter. that far up, was frightening. >> it blankets the landscape. millions of south carolinans remained in their home as officials dealt with flooding. over 150 water rescues. 25 shelters opened that are
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currently holding and housing 932 citizens. we are up to 1300 national guards members across the state. they have done 25 aerial rescues. >> the raid stopped here in the state capital of columbia you can see there's so much damage. this is a road that literally collapsed. the running river swollen. the governor said it could take months to assess all the damage. in the meantime people are trying to get their lives back together. >> but getting back to normal life will take time. 40,000 homes will have no water, and many others told to boil their water to make sure it was safe. 76,000 residents in the state have no power. >> lots of property damage, roads are messed up. the parking lot gone. >> much of the east coast has been saturated by rains. coastal areas in north carolina
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and virgin saw flooding. the slow-moving storms saved the crush for south carolina. >> i received a phone call from president obama, he was gracious and kind. we did a verbal request for a major disaster declaration. those things cover individual assistance, public assistance for things like debris removal and emergency protective measures, hazard mitigation, damage to infrastructure, and to expedite that we did it verbally. >> f.e.m.a. state and local officials along with the national guard assess the damage, which could add up in the billions. >> there are still hundreds of roads closed in the state capital. drinking water is not safe for thousands of people. there's a boil order in many places. schools are cancelled. businesses not open as the assessment begins and the recovery effort goes on for weeks, possibly months robert ray in south
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carolina. >> u.s. coast guard officials say they believe the cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane joachim sunk. it apparently was trying to ride out the storm near the bahamas, 33 people, crew members, were on board at the time. search teams found one body. the coast guard has not given up the search for survivors. jonathan betz reports. >> we are still looking for survivors, or any signs of life, of that vessel. >> reporter: the coast guard says it's continuing a search for the crew, despite grim news so far. including the recovery of a heavily damaged life boat. >> there were two life boats holding 43,000 people. the one we found had no signs of anyone being in it. >> rescue teams recovered a survival suit with unidentifiable human remains. >> we hope the men, because they are trained to survive,
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hopefully they did what was needed to survive. >> the window for finding survivors is closing. >> the crew reported on thursday morning that they lost power and were taking on water. that was the last communication. >> they would have abandoned ship into a category 4 hurricane, seas up word of 50 feet. visibility at zero. they are challenging conditions to survive in. >> reporter: the search was slowed by hurricane-forced winds. >> we face 100 miles per hour winds. >> the coast guard said it found two debris fields, one 300 square nautical miles, the other 70. the areas are near crooked island, bahamas. alfarrow departed from jacksonville, headed to peurto rico on a regular supply. at that time joachim was a tropical storm.
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>> the question was whether the crew received any warnings about the whether joachim became a category 4 hurricane the rain eased up in the carolinas, bud flood warns are in effect across the region, meteorologist kevin corriveau has the latest. >> the rain may have ended. the threat of flooding will continue for tomorrow and the rest of the week. you can see an area of low pressure, the instability for the moisture, pushing to the atlantic. there's less clouds from south and north carolina. this is the radar. the rain is starting to go lighter. we say see a few slight showers. the heaviest rain has gone. i want to take you and show you where we have seen most of the rain activity. it was coming in from the south-east, altogether the way from charleston to columbia. rain titles over 28 inches in some locations, and it turned.
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and we had the easterly component of the wind. the big threat across the area now that the rain is ending is the residual flooding across the areas. many of the rivers and streams will hit moderate and major flood stages later in the week as most of the water makes its way to the coast. so a lot of the places are saturated, they are in danger and we'll watch it carefully. here are the 4-day storm totals for some locations. mt pleasant, almost 27 inches there. over towards charleston. 23. many records broken and in north carolina, north of parts of myrtle beach, we saw about 18 inches of rain for them. clear skies coming but we are going to be watching. >> thanks, an-amtrak train derailed, reportedly hitting debris from a rock slide. seven were hurt, none of the injuries were life threatening,
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it happened in northfield vermont, bound for washington d.c. afghan forces say they made gains against the taliban in an effort to regain kunduz. new battles between the rebels and new troops in the west. the fighting as the u.s. is coming under criticism for an attack that killed more than 20 at a hospital. >> doctors without borders ripped the u.s., calling the bombing a war crime. >> mike viqueira reports. >> reporter: the top commander in afghanistan calls it an accident. >> on october 4th afghan forces advised they were taking fire. they arrived for air strike. several civilians were accidentally struck. >> reporter: that is the latest version. in the aftermath of the bombing u.s. officials characterised the destruction of the doctors without borders hospital as collateral damage. a subsequent account said u.s.
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forces were under fire from within the hospital complex. campbell confirmed an gunship fired on the hospital, killing 10 patients, and 12 staff. in a sharply worded statement in response to campbell, doctors without borders wrote in part: the question now, how do it happen, and who will be held responsible. president obama says he'll wait for results of a pentagon investigation before laying blame. doctors without borders is demanding on independent investigation, and has called the attack a war crime. while expressing condolences the white house will not go that far. >> i wouldn't sues a label like that -- use a label like that, because this continues to be understand investigation. the thing that warrants
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mentioning is that there is no country in the world, and no military in the world na goes to greater lengths and places a higher premium on avoiding civilian casualties than the united states department of defense. >> the attack came in the ongoing battle for con does in northern afghanistan -- kunduz in northern afghanistan. after 14 years of war, many believe that the afghan military can't stand up on its own, without the help of the u.s. president obama calls for the withdrawal of all forces, before president obama leaves office. he may consider a change, with reports that 5,000 troops will remain. >> travelling in spain, secretary of defense makes it clear, new policies reflect new matters on the ground. >> it's not a matter of whether, it's the composition of that.
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and, by the way. continuing to support and including funding the african security forces. it's not a matter of whether, but how many and how. >> mike viqueira california governor has signed a highly controversial bill allowing doctors to help ill patients end their lives. john terrett has more. >> yes, this case was inspired by the case of britney maynard, who was a woman who moved to oregon to end her life, peacefully her way. the new law allows terminally ill patients to get held of lethal drugs from doctors, providing certain conditions are met. >> reporter: california governor
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jerry brown signed into law a bill allowing physician-assisted suicide. it becomes the fifth state to allow assisted suicide. where the courts protect physicians from prosecution. approving the legislation must have been a struggle for the catholic governor. on signing the bill governor brown said: opponents of the bill included the catholic church. governor brown concluded saying: the new bill requires a patient to ingest the drugs on their own, they must be mentally competent and the assisted suicide signed off by two
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doctors. >> i lived 10 people's lives in my 46 years. i had the joy of motherhood, which has been the greatest love of my life. >> reporter: christy o'donnell sued her home state for the right to die. she has cancer attacking her brain, spine, ribs and liver. >> the most likely way i'll die with the lung cancer and my left lung will feel with fluid. i'll start drowning in my own fluid. >> reporter: those that fought against the legislation argue that families of sick people may use it to access inheritance, and others may see it as a cheaper option. those are two key arguments. supporters of the bill say such issues have not cropped up in oregon, where the death with dignity act has been on the books since 1997, almost 20 years now. >> thank you, john
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a shift in presidential politics. hypothetical match-ups between republicans and democrats are exposing a possible weakness for hillary clinton, for the first time since last week's killings, students are returning to campus, but not to class.
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we are getting insight into why a gunman opened fire at a
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community college in oregon. nine died before the gunman killed himself. he left a note about frustration noting having a girlfriend and indicated that he thought everyone else was crazy. students at the umpqua community college were allowed back on camp pass today for -- campus for the first time since the tragedy. president obama will travel to meet with families. presidential hopeful hillary clinton called for fighters gun control laws. >> we need to go back, and with all of our hearts working in washington, from the grassroots up, demand that we have universal background checks. and we have to also... [ clapping ] ..we have to close the
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loopholes. you know, we have what is called the gun show loophole and what is now called the charleston loophole clinton called for an end to laws protecting gun manufacturers and sellers from liability lawsuits. >> the first official votes in the 2015 election will be cast in less than four months much hillary clinton is ahead, but her lead is slipping, and polls show senator bernie sanders baring better. according to a wall street journal poll, and head to head match-ups in iowa, clinton was behind carley fiorina, jed bush and others. sanders beat trump, losing to bush and five oar eena, sanders outpolled trump, tying with bush bill schneider joins us from washington d.c., an al jazeera contributor. a lot of political news.
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let's target with the hole numbers, in the head to head polls, swing states, hillary clinton losses by 14 percentage point to carly fiorina. are you surprised it got this bad so quickly? >> i am surprised. this is iowa, where she's not doing well in the kaung cues and primary polls. in the rest of the country she seems to do okay. this is where the campaign is intense. the decline is surprising. >> as you point out, she's well ahead in national polls among democrats. she does worse in head to head match-ups nationally. that is to be encouraged. a lot of rumblings that he may jump in. joe biden is not running. it's easier to do well in the polls if you are not a candidate than if you become a candidate. people are looking differently, and a lot of people who like joe
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biden. will suddenly say he's the democratic nominee, not so fast other news, the vote for speaker is on this week. kevin mccarthy seemed to put his foot in his mouth saying that the benghazi committee was created to derail hillary clinton. she has come out swinging, let's listen. >> this committee was set ups as they admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done that, and if i was president and there was republicans or democrats thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut is down mccarthy seemed to be a done deal, but how badly did he hurt himself? >> he definitely hurt himself. it was a really - to use the words - stupid thing to say. i exposed the partisan agenda. i am sure a lot of republicans
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thought ha was right. it was dumb to say the whole purpose was political. that made him look a little like he doesn't have enough experience, perhaps, to be the speaker of the house, and the leader of the republican party in congress. a lot of people raised eyebrows, i think there'll be second thoughts about supporting him. in the end i think he'll win he has a challenge from utah. he's not likely to win. can he shake things up, creating chaos on capitol hill? >> that's exactly what he intends to do. that's a reason he's running, he says he'll win. i doubt if he'll upset the front runner kevin mccarthy. he could make a lot of trouble. if he became speaker of the house. it would be seen as a mandate to resist and obstruct everything. gridlock will be worse. >> donald trump, who maintains his lead sees his numbers
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shrink, is the public getting donald trump fatigue. >> they are, that is the word. throughout the polls, he's been getting 25, 30% of the republican vote. but the rest of the republican party really doesn't like him at all. they are determined not to have him as their nominee. while he has a base of support, the base of his support is the limit of his support. >> interesting to put it that way. bill schneider, good to have you was. supreme court justices started a new term, facing a long list of contentious issues. montgomerie versus louisiana deals with a ruling that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life without parole, and whether the rule can be applied retroactively. rulings watch freed ricks versus californian teachers' federation. it hinges on whether non-union can be required to pay fees.
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fisher versus austin looks at graduate measures. and another health care providers in texas are asking the court to overturn a state law. and even well versus abbott deals with redistricting plans in texas that occupants say benefit governments. >> 12 nations plan to create a trade agreement including the united states. critics say it's bad news for workers, and three researchers that took on some wide-spread diseases earn recognition for their life-saving work. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. after five years trade ministers from 12 countries reached on disagreement to create the transpacific partnership. if approved it will make up 40% of the economy. patty culhane has more. >> after countless meetings across the globe, trade ministers emerged after several delays. >> we have successfully concluded the transpacific partnership. >> reporter: a deal if implemented impacts a huge population - 12 nations tied together in a freed trade deal. importing much of what is sold,
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cars, computers, medicines and meat. how industry is impacted is not known. the text will not be released for weeks. critics or t.p.p. - and there are plenty of those - say this is a horrible deal for average people. >> no matter what happens, this will put downward pressure on the wages of working americans. it's likely to result in a significant job loss as well. that is a secondary concern. the primary effect is on wagements. >> the president obama -- woiges. >> the primary affect may have some impacts. >> this enhances opportunity for american businesses and workers, just to give you examples. american countries taxed up to 40%. american soy beans. these are tariffs that will be
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slashed, if not eliminated. >> now it goes to the respected parliament, the congress can say yes or no, but not make changes. allies of the president promise to push hard against it. it means the president will be in for a tough fight, one he's not sure he can win violent clashes broke out in paris as angry air france workers protested job cuts. 100 workers stormed a meeting between air france management and meetings at charles la gal airport. some stripped the shirts from manager. they want to cut jobs and cut five roots and 35 weakly long haul fight. >> the nobel prize medicine has been rewarded to three researchers who helped develop a way to stop diseases. this couple won for their work.
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a separate researcher, you-you tu won as well. >> they'll share a $60,000 prize. i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us. luis suarez is up next with "inside story". have a good night. illegal, right? so what do you do? don't bet on the games. bet on game derived performances. in games that don't really happen. it started out as a way for fans to be their own general managers. drafting, trading, seeing how it all works out for fun. fantasy sports are now a multi-billion dollars business, and it's all legal. you want to bet? it's the inside story. ♪