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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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a hotel in aden where yemen's vice president was staying is rocked by explosions. ♪ ♪ hello, i am sammy zeidan you are watching al jazeera. also on the show, israel demolishes the homes of two palestinians behind attacks in ja rule less last year. a deal worth celebrating or a threat to jobs. we'll have the reaction to the biggest trade agreement in a generation. plus. >> reporter: some of the on artwork here sit flared is worth more than $400,000, it belonged to pedro under investigation.
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i am virginia lopez and i have come to see some of the immaterial play sayings behind this multi billion dollars scandal. ♪ ♪ now, a hotel used by the government in the yemeni city of aden has been attacked. the vice president and other ministers who returned from exile two weeks ago were using it as a base. a report from yemen following the latest events joins us live in studio. first of all, what hit the hotel this. >> we are getting different reports. the late they have we are getting from aden is that these were cars packed in explosives. the target -- that targed the main gate of the palace hotel in aden. and some members of the government think it could be al qaeda based in the arabian peninsula. these are just preliminary reports coming out now from
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aden. >> if that's true, to get cars packed with explosives in to an area which is supposed to be safe and secure that has to raise question marks about how much aden is is real any control of hadi pro forces. >> part of aden is under the control of the exiled government which is now based in that hotel. vice president and the government operate from that though. it's a hotel under the control of the coalition forces particularly soldiers from the united arab emirates and so is the airport of aden. the problem is that in aden itself, you have aqap which is very active it controls districts within aden and you have the secessionists who are also not on good terms can the government. >> how will this impact the process of relocating the government in exile back in to yemen? >> it's going to raise concerns, i think the government now will
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rethink it's stay in a place which is not safe for them. they might have to relocate back to saudi arabia whether they have been operating over -- where they have been operating over the last few months, it shows that when the coalition says it controls areas in t controls it in a sense that they manage to push the forces with the houthi out of the area but they are still within the fighting ranking of the houthis. we talking about government fighting against the houthis. different faction with his different agendas and different loyalties, yemen has never been more divisive than it is right now. >> still plenty of questions i am sure we'll get a chance to raise them though later on, thanks for that for now. israeli security forces did he knowledge,ed the homes of two palestinians. the demolitions are illegal under international law because
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they amount to collective punishment. article 33 of the fourth geneva convention states no persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation are prohibited. reprisals against persons and their property are prohibited too. the cofounder of the center for the protection of democracy in israel. he joins me now via skype in northern israel. good to have you with us, first of all, if we could start with the issue of house demolitions. to what extent can these sorts of measures be justified as an exceptional security measure justified by exceptional security situation? >> yeah, actually, house demolition was a measure was taken by israeli forces since
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'67 in thousands -- hundreds of cases since '67 of house demolition. but during 2005, a special committee of the israeli idea found that this measure is not effective in security point of view. and israeli army took the decision and stopped -- stopped in 2005 to demolish houses. but after the kidnap of the three boys, the settlers in the junction a year ago, we can see a renewal of house demolition. and today i can say that the
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basic situation is like that, benjamin netanyahu our prime minister has strong opposition from right. in his party. and in the public opinion to take more tough measures against violence, terrorism, you name it, and the most important site, the temple mount, brings increase intention in the occupied territories. and we can say that today the settlers, the settlers understand very well as most of the rais israelis understand the
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story of the settlement as a fact, as a permanent fact is secure enough, nobody can remove settlements in the coming years, everybody understands that. >> right, okay, i want to ask you a little bit more perhaps in a second. but if we could stay with house demolitions for a moment. you made it clear that they are not effective. the u.n. has said that they are actually illegal under international law. if you look at the pattern, for example, the u.n. has said that israel carried out a record number of house demolitions in east jerusalem and area-c of hebron last hoo year in 2014. i am wondering whether the house december lippings looking at the hours where they happened are they a tool to replace palestinians and vettel the area with israeli set thinkers?
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>> yeah. the tool of house demolition is part of the, let's say the settlement campaign. because as the militia -- to demolished houses, you can do it -- if you can say this family established illegal house or built a illegal house without permit and we are going to demolish it. the other alternative is by saying this is a punishment as a kind of discouraging or frightening terrorists to -- and their family. this is the cool, main reasons of house demolitions. >> right. >> and as i said, since '67, hundreds of houses demolished
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under these two titles, lil' legal buildings and as a punishment, discouraging act against terrorist. terrorists. >> now the latest houses which have been demolished don't relate directly to attacks that happened on these days they relate to attacks from last year. it comes a at a time as you notd a time of great defense over the al-aqsa mosque. israeli has no intention of changing the status quo in the al-aqsa mosque compound area. but when you look at what israeli groups have documented, consider i believe statconsiders that advocate construction of a jewish temple when you have the al-aqsa and dome of the rock mosques. is official israeli policy as you read it in fact changing?
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>> formally, not. but there are very strong, strong pressures from the center of the political level, a few years ago it was, you know, extremists from right side that dreamed about the simple, building the temple and changing the status quo, but today, the idea of changing the status quo is cross several camps in the right, including in the party and among -- among net yahoo neo environment. as i say the debtallers are secure, enough self confident to understand that the story of the
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of a settlement project is secure enough and nobody can remove or on change, this is a reversible issue. the main issue now is the temple mount as a symbol of who is in control in this area, who is the strong force, who is dominant and more and more people people in israel feel the fact that they can't -- or they have no equal rights in the simple mount is not a just situation. and they want -- and they push to changing. and you can see minister in the israeli government that -- talking about building the
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simple or changing the status quo. >> that's right the israeli minister of agriculture as well as others, thanks for your thoughts on that, unfortunately we have to leave it at that. >> thank you. japan's prime minister has again urge heed china to join the trans-pacific partnership. 12 nations agreed to the free trade del by still needs a movement from the national pardon mnational far parliament. >> we have successfully concluded the tran trans-pacific partnership issue. >> reporter: a deal if implemented would impact a huge population, 12 nations tied together in a free trade deal impacting much of what their people buy or sell from cars to computers, from medicine to meat. just how industries will be impact second degree still unknown. the exact details are still secret. the text will not be released for weeks, but critics of
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trans-pacific partnership or t. p.p. and there are plenty of those, say this is a horrible deal for average people. >> no matter what happens it's clear this will put downward wages of working americans. i think it likely results in significant job losses as well. that's a secondary concern. the primary affect is on wages. >> reporter: the obama administration is defending the deal. arguing it will improvement labor laws, banning child labor, demanding a minimum wage and allowing unions to form. and they say it will increase demand for american products. >> and this enhances opportunity for american businesses and american workers just to give you some examples, you know, american poultry in some of these country is his taxed up to 40%, american soybean taxs at 30% they will be eliminated. >> reporter: the u.s. congress can say yes or no to the agreement but can't make changes to it. typical allies of the president,
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unions and environmental gripes are promise to go push hard against it and it ill happen in an election year, meaning the president is in for a very tough fight one he himself has said he's not sure he can win. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. >> a directorate public citizens an ng on. opposed to the deal. he said the agreement will benefit big business at the expense of the ordinary person. >> it's true for the past five years or more this negotiations has been taking place in secret behind closed doors. with 600 corporate advice who's have been cleared, who have been able to influence the text, access the text while the public has been locked out. even elected officials have had to fight to even see pieces of the text. u.s. trade representatives office has typically been a resolving door between industry, wall street, big hollywood, et
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cetera, they tends to see u.s. big business as their constituency. the fact that the white house been pushing it has been a big disappointment that's why you saw the vast majority of the president's own party opposing fast track trade authority this summer and that they have vowed to oppose the t. p.p. still to come on the show, we'll find out how the malaysian prime minister is defending himself in a multi million dollars corruption scandal. >> they're more focused on getting jobs than our education.
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well old back. let's recant headlines here on al jazeera now. the hotel used by the government in the yemeni city of aden has been attack. the vice president and other ministers were there. they returned from exile two weeks ago. israeli security forces have did he follow issued the home homesf two palestinian men accused of attacks in 2014. deathed on both sides. japan's prime minister shinzo abe has again urged china to join the trans-pacific partnership. 12 nations agreed to the free trade deal on monday. it still needs approval by national parliaments. turkey's foreign ministry has again summoned the russian ambassador to discuss a second violation of its air space by russian jets, they say russian planes carrying out air strikes in syria cross ed in to its territory on sunday. nato is condemning the incursions and has called on
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moscow to stop attacking western-backed opposition groups in syria. rory challands ar has more. this is the latest russian defense ministry footage of its planes returning from air strikes in syria. the grainy silent black and white plumes are, or so we are being told, bombs. unsurprisingly, what we have been seen footage of yet is the violation on saturday of turkish air space by rub anwar planes an incidents moscow put down to bad weather. turkey summoned russia's ambassador to protest. >> what we have received from russia this morning is that this was a mistakes they respect turkey's borders and it will not happen again. turkey's rule of engagement apply to all planes syrian, russian, or elsewhere, turkey's armed forces are very clearly instructed. >> reporter: the implication was clear. russian planes could be shot
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down if they repeat their mistakes. the language from nato was blunter, turk is a a member of the alliance and the ambassadors for 28 nato countries were assembled for an extraordinary meet on the ground monday. this is an except from their written statement: >> reporter: mayo also said russian planes should stop attacking syrian opposition fighters and civilians and focus on fighting isil. a criticism of russia's general role in syria not just the turkish air space incidents. but moscow doesn't make the same distinctions as the west, while washington and itsy regional eyes with he equips and training groups they see ahead more
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moderate alternatives to isil russia size the whole lot as terrorists anterrorists and moss prepared to protect its ally bashar allah side against all of his enemies. the skies above syria are increase big crowded the u.s., turkey, saudi arabia, canada, qatar, united air' he can rats, jordan and bahrain have all flown sorties and reyet months, russia an foreign minister has suggested cooperation with the united states on their bombing missions. >> translator: we spoke about the need in the near future for additional direct contact between the militaries. our american colleagues promise today give quick answers to these offers i think soon we could receive 246789 without cooperation the risk of a serious confrontation only increases but unless the u.s.-led coalition or russia comprises on its syrian objectives it's difficult to see how they can stay out of each other's way. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. meanwhile, various syrian
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rebel groupings are formal an alliance after six days of russian airstrikes. 41 groups, including the powerful. [ inaudible ] and some freee syrian army units have labeled this at an act of occupation from russia. they are calling on regional states for support a united front against russian and iranian forces fighting on behalf of the assad regime. syrian activists say government forces continue to drop barrel bombs on a suburb of the capital damascus, held tops are reported to have dropped 14-barrel bomb on his monday. nearly 2,000 people have been rescued off the libyan coast. the italian navy were involved in six separate rescue operations, four barges and two boats carrying refugees were involved. the british royal navy and an irish vessel also contributed to the rescue. california is to become the fifth u.s. state to allow
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assisted suicide. doctors will be allowed to redescribe lethal doses of meditation to pay shins who are family capable of taking the drug themselves the new right to die law goes in to effect in january of next year. at least 11 people have died from flooding in the u.s. state of south carolina. more than 60 centimeters of rain fell in the past three days. damns overflowed, forces imagine people from their homes. schools and government offices have been closed because of the flooding. >> we don't have enough to count right now. we have so many breaking. they are breaking as we are speaking. we have too many damns to tell you how many. >> we did discover in the middle of the the night a breach in our columbia canal it's about 60 feet in width, we are working very hard to stabilize the water level. malaysia's prime minute officer is trying dot to get a lawsuit against him thrown out of court. he's being sued for allege i had
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big keeping $700 million which was donate today his ruling party. he says he has done nothing wrong and the charges are politically motivated. florence looi reports. >> reporter: this is the moment she first made headlines. an angry speech, accusing the malaysian prime minister, who is also president of the ruling party of cheating. he has involved in a scandal since july when it was revealed $700 million had been at the point ed in to his personal bank account. the money was alleged to have been channeled through a state-owned investment firm. 1mdb controlled by him in his capacity as the finance minister. after weeks of silence, the prime minister finally said the money was a donation to the party from unnamed donors in the middle east. but that explanation is not enough for her. who had a small role
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representing women's issues in the ruling party. when her complaint to the party's disciplinary committee yielded no results she took legal action and was promptly sacked. >> i think i have the responsibility to make sure that the country is governed by the right person. led by the right person, the right way. not only clean but must also be seen clean. >> reporter: the prime minister's lawyers are attempting to have the lawsuit thrown out. >> she is no longer a member and also she's not an office bearer. neither is she the public officer. therefore the suit that she claims to be bringing on behalf of them is is. [ inaudible ] before the court. >> reporter: there are plenty of others who are also seeking an explanation from the prime minister. a two-day protest in three cities in august, attracted 10s of thousands of people.
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at former member who tried to urge foreign investigators to probe the accounts and assets of the prime shipster and the state-owned investment arm has been arrested under a security law. >> we would think that malaysia as a country which is looking forward to being a developed country, for example, less than five years would have almost all of its dealings above the board and so on. the series of recent months vents that really called it in to question. >> reporter: the prime minister denies any wrong doing saying it's all trying to topple him. many feel that response is not enough. until there are clearer answers accusations of corruption will continue to to follow him. record shawin smog in southa asia. much coming from forest fired in indonesia parts of malaysia and
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singapore have been affected for about a month now. it also spread to thailand the first time its reach hazardous levels so far north. a multi billion dollars corruption scandal involving some of the biggest companies in brazil has cost the jobs of thousands of workers. it's estimated the money stolen could have been used to lift 10 million brazilians out of poverty. virginia lopez reports. >> reporter: at the oscar museum exhibits of enraging some and em embarrassing others. the painting some worth close to $400,000 were all receives from petro gas executives all under investigate for corruption. >> i am wondering where exactly did the money come from to get this artwork. and where was this art plac pla? if it was in private homes where exactly did they get the money and who are the other people on the other side of the fence?
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>> reporter: like thousands of other bra judges, he lived where petrobras was building a facility. as brazil's new found oil wells transformed the country. >> i was able to get a loan for a car and even accepted in money to my old mother but with the petrobras scandal we lost everything, i went from they have taupe hell overnight. >> reporter: the population squad rupe go ahead streets full of life and businesses booming. thous have moved back and shops have closed the signs of this instant growth are in no where to be seen. the boom town is now bust. signs for represent ainge from empty buildings, shops don't bother to open. customers either left or some velshi in money. police say the petro gas scramble revealed price fixing, bricks and kickbacks worth more
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than $2 billion. paid by businessmen to insure even heftier service contracts. analysts insist the petrobras scandal has shown brazil has robust ins typings to his see it through the crisis. >> institutions are working well. we are in a major process of investigating a large, a massive corruption. and i think it's going well. the justice is playing their role. you know, society is very satisfied with that. the media is playing their role. so, i mean, everything is going under the rules. >> reporter: he disagrees. >> translator: i feel abandoned by my government and my country. i feel i am no one. i feel i embarrassed to be brazilian. >> reporter: it's a feeling shared by many in the seventh largest economy mount world one expected to cost the government
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dearly. and you can keep up-to-date with that story and all the others we have been telling but if you head over to our website you can see our front page there with the situation in yemen leading. all for you there at >> this week on talk to al jazeera - sonia manzano, otherwise known as maria on 'sesame street'. >> i can't believe i did it. if someone had suggested that this was gonna be my future, i would have suggested that they commit themselves to the nearest insane asylum. >> manzano also wrote for the children's television series and would share in 15 emmy awards. she was a trailblazer - the first leading latina on american television. but after 44 years, manzano is retired. >> it's very hard for me to get across to kids, or people who