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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, this is "the news housh." in the next 60 minutes: yemen's government targeted in two attacks in the southern city of aden. fifteen soldiers are killed. protests in the west bank. palestinian faxes calmt cal for a day of rage. nato.
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a hotel used by the yemeni government and the villa occupied by coalition forces have been targeted. the vice president and other ministers who returned from exile two weeks ago for using the hotel -- are using the hotel as a base have been flown to safety. a report from yemen, following the latest events with us here in the studio. more details coming to light now about this. it does look like it was arre bigger strike than inevitably thought. >> exactly. coordinated targetitargeting to areas where the yemeni government is based and a compound used by coalition forces, particularly soldiers
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from the united arab em irats. a spokesman by uae's foreign minister points blame. >> earlier are claims that this is an al-qaeda operation now talking about houthis. does anyone really know who did this and how these hotels were attacked? >> i mean this is something that has been the work of the houthi did, although we have different accounts that these were not rocket attacks. they were suicide bomb can attacks. it could be the signature attack of groups like al-qaeda or the islamic state so for the time burg, we have conflicting reports about exactly what happened at the two aerpz that were targeted early today in aden. >> in one sense regardless of who did it, if a significant fax
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thinks this was done by the houthis, that's going to impact pizza talks? will it not? >> it will be a severe below to any efforts in the near future to bring the two parties to negotiate a political settlement in september when dofrzens were killed. what followed was unprecedented campaign against them. we have seen air strikes targeting sanaa, different parts of the country. so this also could lead to further escalation, further violence in the future in yemen. >> thank you for that. now, palestinian political faxes have called for protests against raids and arrests by israeli security process. tension has been rising after a series of attacks in recent days with death did on both sides. mike hanna is at the crossing in the occupied west bank, joins us
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from there live. so mining, a day of rage is being called. what exactly is in store? >> reporter: there have been clouds of tear gas swelling around here demonstrators are a way down the road. the israeli supporters are present in large number. they are insist that this is a closed military area and say that the media must leave. in the background, you can hear tear gas being fired, a couple of stun grenades. sentially the situation very tension. the demonstrators say that what they want to do is come to the columbia cheng point and then go down the road to jerusalem. it's unlikely they are going to get anywhere near this particular position given the amount of forces that on the ground are deployed. one must mention, too, that at the very time of this, all faxes
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of plo are meeting down the road. they are listening to ababas, discussing his threat to abandoned the oslo acords in the next 24 hours, the section of the plo will meet with abbas discussing what is the road ahead, what policy must the palestinians take in the weeks to come. >> at the same time, israel stepped up house come inicians. >> can't be helping the situation, mike. >> well, certainly sentially, that is something that netanyahu threatened a year ago when the incidents that led to the threat to demolish these houses happened. there have been a number of houses demolished, particularly that will of the pal stipian who carried out the stabbing attack in the old city saturday night. however, this particular situation, the two houses demolished in east jerusalem is in a way something very different. it is something from over a year
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ago. at that particular time, there was immense pressure from the u.s., immense pressure from the community that netanyahu not exercise what many would regard as collective punishment and, indeed, what's in terms of international law is collective punishment remembering, too, of course, that these houses are in occupied territory which accentuates the issue and actually makes, in the eyes of the international community, and certainly in terms of international law, something even more reprehensible. but in a way it is a public display by benjamin netanyahu to increase his public support. he has come under massive criticism in recent weeks even from members of his own government. he pledged that he would start wielding an iron fist. those house dem lists this morning show that that is exactly what it's going to do regardless of what the international community or indeed international law would dictate. >> all right. that's mike hanna there for us from ramallah.
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it doesn't look like an accident. the words of mayor stoltenberg about what it was doing in turkish air. russia says the two incursions in the past two days were a mistake. stoltenberg was speaking in the last hour. >> i have called on russia to avoid escalating. at a time must deconflict it's activities in syria. i am concerned russia is not targeting isil but instead, attacking the syrian opposition and the civilians. >> peter sharp jon joins us liv from moscow. any reaction to those comments by nato? >> provening 0 said nato's comments were distorting the activities of russia in the air above syria.
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they are sailing that both these violations of the front line, the frontier into turkish air took place on saturday and another one the next day, on sunday, were accidents and said they would not happen again but they said that after the first one occurred. so nat 0 really in full support of turkey. all 27 members backing turkney its condemnation of these violations the secretary of state in washington, john kerry, said that warning really that turkey's fully within its rights to shoot down these aircraft if it happens again there are worries this is at a time worst since the world war. >> russian ground troops in syria. what is moscow saying about that? >> well, there has been an
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increase in ground troops. there is two battalions of engineers and armored infriend industry based around the air base at latakia and 500 marines at the naval base but russia will say that these are not combat troops. these are troops on the ground to protect and enforce the security around the naval base. there will be, of course, intelligence personnel and advisors whispen i say with the syrian units but as far as russia is maintaining, there are no combat boots on the ground. >> peter sharp there from moscow. thanks for that. russia says its airstrikes are targeting isil. there are concerns they are aiming at other opposition groups, too. this is the territory controlled by the major groups fighting the syrian government. russia says it has conducted dozens of airstrikes across syria over the last six days.
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earlier this week, the institute for the study of war identified 12 places where it is confident russia carried out strikes, but it says only two of them hit isil targets. both were in the group's stronghold where oil assets are located. what sort of impacts are the russian airstrikes having on the other opposition groups? >> reporter: well, they have stopped the rebel advances on a number of it front lines. in the west of the country, a coastal province is also the main stronghold of the syrian government. rebels have managed to push and add vance toward latakia, actually threatening. what i said was, you know, the stronghold of the government. so these airstrikes have been concentrating in areas liesh the
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northern countryside of homs, of hama, as long as idlib. that's why the opposition believes that this is not a campaign against isil. this is a campaign to weaken the opposition against the syrian government. but the russians really are not hiding the fact that they consider other groups in syria as terrorist organizations and not just isil. in fact, the u.s. has accused russia of targeting moderates. and yesterday, we heard the response from the russian foreign minister lavrov when he said: can you tell us who the moderates are? can you provide us information? we are ready to work with the fsa. according to them, that is a phantom group. so russia is operating in syria under the request of the syrian government. the tractor-trailer they consider everyone holding a gun a terrorist. sot russia really using isil as a blanket term and the
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opposition increasingly frustrate. >> any moves toward unity from what we have heard from some of the opposition groups in syria? >> yes. there are a variety of rebel groups on the ground. some are described as moderates. some as conservative. some came togetherto to confront what they are calling a russian/iranian aggression. befb speaking to commanders on the ground. many say give us weapons we want anti-aircraft weapons. we are going going to con xront this. we are not going to surrender because they feel russia is using military force to get diplomatic gains, political gangs and what these groups are saying is: no, we are not going to accept any russian peace initiative because russia is a party to the conflict and can't be considered a mediator in this conflict. so this is what the opposition is saying on the ground: no sign yet that they are getting new weapons, and at the end of the day, we are really back at square one. no peace initiative in sighted.
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>> all right. thank you for that. zeina hodr from beirut. let's talk to sur gay markov, vladimir putin's spokesman from moscow on skype. what is russia's mission in syria? >> russian mission to help transfer information from the sirrial war to the peaceful solution of the syrian crisis. peaceful solution would be regarded as a free and fair elections under the international control where everybody would take part including those who will fight against him. so to promote peaceful political solution is major russian goal. second mission -- >> in terms of the military mission, what is the military goal of the airstrikes that have been carried out by russia?
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>> military goal is to beat jihadists and by the way, most important mission is so much airstrikes which to be cleaver to give some training to the syrian army officers how to use new russian techniques. syrian will use russian technique on the ground, and hopefully will crush jihadists. >> can you explain to me: who are the jihadists? who is russia listing as a legitimate target for russian military airstrikes? >> the jihadists are those who callthems jihadists this is
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jihadist from russian point of view. the problem is that united states, qatar, saudi arabia, they believe that some of jihadists are good, and some jihadists are bad. russia regards as moderate jihadist that is nonsense. they are jihadists. more than a jihadists, trying to pr promote jihad. >> means change of the -- those jihadists choose weapons, artillery, all of them just jihadists and they were on the attack. we don't understand this difference between a moderate and radical. just political gains of u.s., saudi arabia support jihadists. >> are you saying all opposition groups as far as russia is concerned are all jihadists who are legitimate targets?
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>> all jihadists are legitimate targets. >> no. no. i asked you if all syrian opposition groups, do you consider all syrian opposition groups to be jihadists? >> no. no. >> in the target. >> absolutely not. of course, those syrian rebels even with many with arms in the camps who are not jihadists, not part of the russian target but from the stanchion -- >> allow me to interrupt you. according to the institute of war, two only targeted isil. why are you targeting others if you say you are only targeting in your words, jihadists? >> you know, the problem is that united states and saudi arabia, real jihadists. labelrals usually not tame
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klasnokov in the camp. so, the number of those who are fighting against assad and syrian government are jihadists. but united states and saudi arabia don't want to call them as such because they want to use them for bashar assad. that's the point. >> the u.n. said the syrian regime is responsible for the bulk of war crimes and atrocities being committed against civilians and syria. said in its u.n. human rights report of june the 4th, 2014, that quote, the violations and abuses committed by anti-government armed groups did not reach the intensity and scale of those committed by government forces and affiliated militia. if the bulk of atrocity and war krierz is being committed by the syrian regime, shouldn't you confront the evil of the syrian
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regime rather than focusing on groups you loosely term as jihadists? >> really good question. an answer will be very clear. is the civil war, both sides made some crimes. it's clear. it's every civil war, but who is more use criminals, atrocities against civilians? >> according to the u.n., it is the syrian regime which you are siding with. >> no. no. no. >> is the u.n. wrong? >> no. not u.n. just a few officials may be very connected to washington. ask yourself where christians go to? christians? and the religious minority. all of this minorities is going under the territories under the control. >> to get me to come back, you said only officials of the u.n. that was a statement by the u.n. human rights counsel.
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amnesty international in a report of the 4th of may, 2015, said the same thing, saying throughout the more than four years since the crisis began, government forces have been responsible for violations and crimes. are they wrong as well? saying: you shouldn't be allying yourself with the side committing the worst atrocities and terrorism. >> i repeat. ask yourself who are the religious minorities going to? from the territories which control by opposition to the territories controlled by syrian government by bashar al-assad which means syrian government useless criminal methods against civilians than syrian opposition. >> we have seen a lot of people, of course, leave the syrian
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government areas and flow into europe but we will have to leave it there for now. thanks so much for your thoughts on that. there is much more to come here on the newshour. a new warning about the growing number of child brides around the world and what it means for their education. we will find out how the malaysian prime minister is did he have fending himself in a multi-million dollar corruption scandal. in sports, one of the men hoping to run world football is facing a 15-year suspension from the governing boiled. we will have more of the details. ♪ japan is urging china to join the newly signed transpacific partnership to increase security and growth in the asia pacific region. after long-running negotiations, the freed trade deal for 2/5. world's economy was agreed on mopped. their parliament did need to give approval. china is working on setting up a
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rival agreement, though. in south korea, the philippines and indonesia all expressing interest in joining the tpp but they want to know how it would work before committing. more from manila. >> reporter: new zealand is already the world's largest exporter of dairy products but its market is set to expand even further. government officials say the newly agreed transpacific partnership will make products accessible to 800 million customers and bring in nearly $2,000,000,000 u.s. dollars more every year by 2030. the government had hoped to get a better deal, but farmers say they are happy to take what thing. >> anything that can improve our profitability and smooth out the volatility of the returns for our industry is really to our advantage. >> what's being called the most ambitious free trade deal ever negotiated is being welcomed with cautious optimism because
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very little is known about the details, critics fear the public good may have been sacrificed for the corporate bottom line officials say the deal will be made available to the public but countries like the philippines, south indonesia have expressed joining an expanded tpp. it could become the world's largest trading block. the power in the world's second largest economy is creating a trade block that runs separate to the u.s. led the prime minister well,s event chinese inclusion. >> it would contribute largely to our nation's security and asia pacific regional statementy and it would have strategic mean if anything china joined the system in the future. >> many analysts see this as a powerplay, a continuing battle for domnance over the region
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between china and the u.s./japan alliance. regardless, creating the tpp is set to redefine international trade. >> it is going to change the economic structure not only in this part of the world and the whole world and what will happen now is the world will now be divided into economic blocks. every country now in order to survive must decide to join one of the economy bloc did. >> it will be a few years before the farmers feel any effects of the tpp. the deal has to be ratified by each country before it is put in place. with seven of the 12 tpp countries facing elections soon, the outcome on this controversial deal could be sl ade even further. margaret rodriguez, manila. >> let's bring in dr. alan bolan. al senior member promoting free trade. joining us from singapore. how does apec view the tpp then?
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>> the tpp consists of 12 members who are all members but it's not an apec initiative. it will draws a on the of the work apec has been doing. it's on the sidelines of apec, improving people's living standards through trade. if it does that t will get a lot of support. i don't want to see it just become a rich man's club. actually, we've got chinese and american leadership now that was going to be my question. it will seems like china is out. isn't that a concern that this could lead to more division in the asia pacific region?
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>> we are seeing the regional comprehensive economic partnership, east asia plus some others being negotiated at the moment as well. we would like to see how those will all come together, and that's the whole point behind free trade area for asia and the pacific. >> do you think that's possible? china is setting up its own alternative. isn't it? do you really think you could bring everybody in? >> well, apec at the moment is looking at that. we are doing a study. it's chaired by china and by the united states. so they are the two big economies. of course, the trade modeling says that if you get those two economies plus japan and then some of the others in, that's where you really get the big benefits because that is a very large part of the world's trade in that case. >> i wonder how you feel about some of the criticism of the tpp that ultimately, it's going to evans up being the agreement that helps the strong against
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the weak, whether that's cooperations, whether that's more developed economies. >> yeah. i mean i don't buy that argument. first of all, we have got to wait to see what comes out of tpp. we haven't seen the text yet. so we are still hypothesizing really. but the modelling, which is a theoretical sort of construct does say actually the highest percentage benefits accrue to some of the smaller economies and sometimes, to the less developed. so actually can i think vietnam could potentially expect the biggest relative improvement from joining tpp, although on the other side, it would probably be the economy that would have to go through some of the biggest changes to take benefit of it. thank you so much for coming on. syst 11 soldiers have been killed in chad in a boko haram attack
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at lake chad near the border with nigeria. the chad army says 17 boko haram fighters were also killed. the president of the european council has defended europe's handling of the ref uming e crisis. donald tusk describes europe as the most open and tolerant place in the world. he says the countries which criticize europe don't admit refugees themselves. he urged members to stop fighting and called for sol solidari solidarity. the latest rescue effort off the libyan coast, the british royal navy and an irish vessel also contributed to the operation. with the weather, richard is here. how is the weather looking for the coast of north africa? >> well, these refugees facing
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h hazards. the potential for bad weather is a shallow sea. it lets up and cools down very quickly. >> obviously got the land masses intruding upon it so it makes for volatile weather. you think about migration routes. you take sicily and nearby malta. those are two islands which have seen two the top 10 deadliest tornado outbreaks in history. hundreds and hundreds of people killed. we have gone back a long time. there is a vast potential. it was a few days ago, we saw deadly floods affecting parts. the unsettled weather is confined more to land. there is a fairly brisk breeze as we head toward the weekend. might find another area of low pressure beginning to develop which could cause problems across the region. you have to keep a close eye on developments. meanwhile and across the levant region, unsettled weather, for
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turkey, area of low pressure giving wet weather for ankara. extending down toward north earn parts of syria during the course of the day on wednesday through into thursday. >> area brings us a little bit further toward the east. it may impinge upon northern parts of iraq. hot in the kuwait. 37, sunny. >> thanks. stay with us here on the news hour. still to come, a family reunion that almost didn't happen. we meet cubans risking their lives to cross to the united states. nigeria's food exporters face the challenge of making sure their produce is safe to eat. plus: hong kong's football association punished after its fans booed the national anthem. rahoul will have all of the details.
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lost i guess in the numbers and forget that these are children who have families. what prompts families to marry off their kids against their will at such a young age? >> i think it's complicated. i think it's got a lot to do with tradition, and decades of centuries of inequality. often, the families think they are protecting the girls, the schools might be far away, the ideas about family honor, et cetera, is associated with keeping the girls safe. but the problem is that these traditional views about safety are countederred where the lack of opportunities for girls is so directly related with therefore the lack oftutes for the
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families and so on. it's really important to explain and show and name countries where the inequality is still very, very stark and where a girl has more chance of being married off by the age of 18 than enrolled in school and not even talking about completion of school but talking about enrollment. >> indeed. when you look at some of that report there, it's clear that it seementz to be linked to poverty. would you agree the best way to fight this would be to reduce poverty? is it as simple as that? >> i would say there are three critical areas in which engagement can make a difference. the first is about the agency of the girls, themselves. so ensuring that the girls know that they have other opportunities and that the world is changing and staying in school results in so many benefits. the second is around attitudes, social norms that society of
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families, ensuring that they engage with and discuss opportunities of change and don't just do the traditional things because that's how things have always been. the third is around the world of the state in providing schooling as close as possible in upholding the law, the law in most countries is that the girl shouldn't be married before the age of 18 and, also, in providing, also, economic incentives to ensure that girls stay at school. so with the three approaches, that's the way that we can change. waiting until general economic development and the poverty of countries is addressed is just not going to work. these social taboos and attitudes are a major cause of poverty. >> all right. thanks so much. helen pankhurst there. bangladesh has stepped up security for foreign citizens. that's after a japanese and an italian were killed. isil claimed responsibility for the attack on the italian aide
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worker and is promising further assaults. joining us now from dakhar. that's what isil is promising. what is the government promising to do about it? >> reporter: ed governmented has beefed up security in the embassies and international organizations. it is not proving enough for some people. the australian cricket team, for example delayed their tour indefinitely and the south african women's cricket team delayed their tour to bangladesh. a number of garment factories have reported that buyers have cancelled meetings with them. in fact, a large group were
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supposed to meet with the garment trade body association on monday, and that meeting also got cancelled. so people here are pretty spooked. they point out that the government did promise to step up security after the first murder but the second murder happened. they are not sure about how safe they can be here. the prime minister has said that people are overreacting to this and he has pointed out that bangladeshis get killed when they are abroad and alert and not get issued in those situations. >> we have mentioned the claims of responsibilities, but do we really know who was behind the attacks? and have the authorities said anything? >> reporter: a number of media outlets in domestic and international have reported that isil has claimed responsibility for these murders, but we don't
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know that yet for a fact. these -- the only sources for these things are for the first murder, private intelligence company that monitors online chat rooms and for the second murder, the twitter account of a man who describes himself as an independent immediate extra expert on jihadi groups. what we know is the bangladeshi police have arrested three people for distributing islamic state propagandaa in north bangladesh and that the australian, u.k. have issued alerts that in their words, there is reliable information that militants are planning attacks on foreigners. the back-up to this is that there is glowing concern about religious elements in bangladesh. just this year, four bloggers
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who have written criticizing islam have been murdered in bangladesh and so there is this concern that this is something to be worried about. >> malasia's prime minister is trying to get a lawsuit against him thrown out of court. he is being sued for allegedly keeping $700 million which was donated to his ruling party. he says he has done nothing wrong and it is politically motivated. >> . >> reporter: this is the moment he first made headlines. accusing the malaysian prime minister who is also president of the ruling party of cheating. touches revealed $700 million
6:40 am
until his bank account. controlled by him in his capacity as the finance minister. after weeks of silence, the prime minister said the money was a donation to the party from unnamed donors in the middle east. but that is not enough for anina who had a small roll representing women's issues. when her complaint yielded no results, she took legal action and was promptly sacked. >> i think i have the responsibility to make sure that the country is governed by the right percent, is led by the right person, theway. not only clean but must be seen clean. >> the prime minister's lawyers are attempting to have the lawsuit thrown out. >> she is no longer a member and, also, that she is not an office bearer. neither is she the public officer. therefore, the suit that she claims to be bringing on behalf
6:41 am
lacks standing before the court. >> there are plenty of others who are also seeking an explanation from the prime minister. a two-day protest in three cities in august attracted tens of thousands of people in the state owned investment arm has been arrested under a security law. >> question think of malaysian as a country looking forward to being a developed country. in less than five years would have almost all of its dealings above the board and so on. the series of recent months, event did, really called in to questions. >> the prime minister denies any wrong doing. he says the accusations are all part of a conspiracy to topple him. many feel that response isn't
6:42 am
enough. and until there are clearer answers, accusations of corruption will continue to follow him. florence looi, al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> california to allow assisted suicide. doctors will be allowed to prescribe lethal doses of medication to patients who are physically capable of tabling the drug, themselves. the new right to die law goes into effect in january next year. a growing number of cubans are making the dangerous crossing to florida. some believe a policy that gives cuban's residency in the u.s. is about to end. police say human trafficers are taking advantage of the rumor. andy gallacher reports. >> reporter: this is a family gathering the garcias thought might never have happened. they have been parts for months but the journey this teenager went through to get here is s g staggering.
6:43 am
this is the moment they made land as they clam board on the beach, locals can be heard giving them a warm welcome. for the last two days of a dangerous six-day journey, the crew had no food or water. it was only chance that brought them ashore here nevertheless, holiday says she had no choice. >> we had to get out fast because we think it's going to get bad. anyone that comes here in the future are going to get turned back. so we had to hurry up and get here. >> the u.s. coast guard headquarters in miami, persist ant rumors of the wet foot/dry foot are concerned. the numbers making land is higher. many desperate cubans are being taken advantage of. >> smugglers basically exploited that roomo and told cubans: if you are thinking about going, you better go now, or you are going to miss your opportunity to get into the united states. we know they have been doing that. we have been told that. >> one of the biggest challenges
6:44 am
the authorities here face is trying to quell a rumor putting lives at risk. the coast guard tell us they are working with the local cuban community in the hopes that the message will get back to the island. meanwhile, the number of those trying to make it to the united states mainland by any means necessary continues to grow. >> the garcias are reunited and can begin to plan their futures together. carlos told us if he had known about the crossing, he wouldn't have allowed his daughter to take such a massive risk. he says he is happy she is here but doesn't bant to see any other family members risking everything for a new life. andy gallacher, al jazeera, may marathon, florida. >> forest fiefrz in indonesia are contributing to record levels of smog across southeast asia. the choking smoke has covered singapore and parts of malacia for about a month now. malac malacia's prime minister is urging the indian ease an government to stop the annual/and burn by farmers. smoke haze has spread to sty
6:45 am
land, the first time it has reached hazardous levels so far north. >> the european union has banned dried fish, beans and other food from nigeria because of high levels of pesticides being found. nigeria's government says the ban is disproportionate. at report from lagos. these are some of the banned products on sell in nigeria's capitol. they include beans, sesame seeds, melon seeds, palm oil, dried fish, meat and other products. sammy is angry about the eu's decision. >> they don't have harmful pesticides. i am inviting people from around the world to come and test and buy our food. it's organic. it's natural. if it contains harmful pesticides, it would affect us, too. >> the eu found that the
6:46 am
phosphate used by farmers as an insecticide exceeded the community's legal element. it's blown out of prop portion because of some challenges, i will call,,within our supply chain back home. >> nigeria's agency for food and drug administration and control known as naftak is trying to detect where the high pesticides are coming from but it's a huge challenge. every year, nigeria's food safety agencies test about 2,000 random samples of food for high pesticide levels. but their tests are a tiny fraction of what's consumed locally and exported and they are dependent upon food producers to voluntarily bring in samples for testing. scientists blame corrupt food producers. >> many times, it's sometimes
6:47 am
when they even pass through na f.d.a. k, they kind of sub divide the product, meaning the batch may not be the ones that contaminated. >> the ban is bad news for traders like sani. it's bad news for nigeria. it wants to boost exports of agricultural products rather than relying solely on income from oil sales. the ban will stay in place until june next year. in the meantime, more products will be tested to determine the source of the contaminant. al jazeera, lagos. stay with us here innays. all of the sports still to come including: we will tell you how boxer manny pachiao is planning a political fight in the philippines.
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♪ welcome back. this year's noble prize for physics is being shared between two scientists. one of japan and mcdonald of canada for the skrofr of nutrino oscillations. nutrinos whiz around the universe at the speed of light. the physicists showed the particles change identities. they will share the 960,000 dollar prize. let's bring in sports. >> thank you very much. one of the candidates for fifa president says he is facing a
6:50 am
15-year suspension by football's world governing body which could use his attempt to succeed sepp blatter. it's over ethics over the failed bid for the 22 two world cup. he accused at a time community of acting as a hit man for blatter who he says is trying to derail his candidacy. >> ultimately, i will be vindicated, and i will strive to prevail. but if the ethics schmidt uses such tactics and completely ignores due process and fair process, i think justice will not be served at this ethics committee hearing. there is a possibility my candidacy will be jeopardizized. if we consider this objectively, the true danger is that they won't stop at sabotaging my can dancy but destroying fifa's presidential election and fifa, itself. >> he is still planning to stand in the election to replace
6:51 am
blatter on february 26th. but he is not the only one whose candidacy has been touched by allegations of ethical breaches. michelle satini was a favorite to win the vote after blatter said he would step down. last month, he was questioned by swiss investigators over a payment he received from fifa nine years after he says he did a job for them. >> chung ks campaign focused on clearing fifa. this investigation into his plans to set up a global football fun linked to the world cup bid could end his run for the presidency. the other is al hussein of jordan, a lot of allegations have been made about the fifa vice president. them raise integrity checks before being allowed to stand in that election in february. now, the hong kong football association has been fined
6:52 am
$5,000 by fifa after its fans booed the national chinese anthem. did happened during a world cup qualifier last month between hong kong and qatar. football's governing body previously warned the hong kong over booing. it has been shared by hong kong and since it was placed under chinese control in 1997. israeli juda team has been refused entry to compete at a tournament which could determine next year's olympics. the men's european have been denied visas for the juddo grand sl slam. over 500 athletes representing 83 countries have signed up for the event. another turned back in may under similar circumstances. >> india's new cricket chief is
6:53 am
facing his first test. promising to clean up the image of indian cricket but that image was fushther tarnished by crowd trouble in qatar. fans threw plastic bottles when the hosts were dismissed. play was suspended because of crowd trouble. the indian board is waiting to hear if it will be punished by the international cricket council. after all the tack talk we have had about brand on roger's sacking as the liverpool boss 8 days into the season, the miami dolphinses fired their head coach after just four games. joe filbin was in his fourths season with the dolphins overall but they made a terrible start to this campaign after winning the first game, they have lost three in a row. the latest being a 28-14 to the new york jets a lot london's wembley stadium: one of the longest suspensions in nhl history for hits on another
6:54 am
club. torres is banned for the first 41 games of the season for an illegal check to the head on anaheim in a pre-season game. it's the 5th time torres has been suspended in his career. he has until wednesday to appeal. >> now, major league baseball post-season gets underway for the american wild card game. this isn't a series but a one-off. the houston players practicing ahead of the clash on tuesday at yankee stadium. they haven't reached the playoffs since 2005. their appearance this time only confirmed on the last day of the regular season. the astros do have good memories of new york, having won two of their three games there this season. >> this is a fun group. we have a lot of energy. this workout you are about to see is going to be as loose as they come because we do believe that we can advance. and that's not to take anything away from the yankees or anyone else we have played. we feel like we have a good team that has a chance to win tonight's game. >> yankees been hit by the news
6:55 am
that their pitcher sebathia has checked himself into rehab over an alcohol problem. he will make a post-season. it's the first time new york have been to this stage in three years. >> i think c.c.'s demonstrated a great deal of courage to try to tackle this problem and, you know, time and place have no bearing. you know, there is something here that, you know, needs to be taken care of, i applaud him for stepping up and doing everything necessary to solve this problem. fiji will hope to end their rugby world cup campaign on a high as they face uruguay. both sides don't have any chance of progressing further in the competition, but pride and a place at the 29 team world cup in japan is at stake for romania as they take oncapped. they hope to finish third in pool d. >> means they will automatically qualify for the next tournament.
6:56 am
to do that, they need to beat canada on tuesday and italy on sunday in their final two games. tennis, french open stan warinka in the second round of the japan open, the top seed crashed out to local wild card ito in the first round last year. the world number 4 avoided even the same fate on tuesday, breezing past stefanic in straight sets. he will face ito again in the second round. manny pachiao an 8 time champion
6:57 am
that's all of the sport for now. i will have a bit more sport for you later on. >> i thanks. a new report on wildlife in the eastern himalayans includes new pieces, the blue dwarf walking fish, and a pit viper and this, a blue-eyed frog. the findings which take in the last five years of discoveries were published by the world wide life fund. the report describes the findings which includes this will shy-spotted ring babbler as amazing gifts of nature. trying to get more amazing news, you can head over to our website that. brings us to the end of this news hour. is the address. you should be able to see our front page there. you will be able to see our lead stories, the situation in yemen. we are back with another full
6:58 am
bu t bulletin of news in just a couple of minutes.
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ yemen's government targeted in two attacks in the southern city of aden. 15 people are killed. >> hello. live from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, also ahead, protests e ript in the occupied west bank. palestinian faxes call for a day of rage tnato slams russia for violating turkish airspace describing it as irresponsible. and we will take a look at who really benefits from the signing of the world's biggest free trade al