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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ yemen's government targeted in two attacks in the southern city of aden. 15 people are killed. >> hello. live from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, also ahead, protests e ript in the occupied west bank. palestinian faxes call for a day of rage tnato slams russia for violating turkish airspace describing it as irresponsible. and we will take a look at who really benefits from the signing of the world's biggest free trade deal. ♪
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at least 15 people have been killed until two attacks in the yemeni city of aden. four were soldiers from the uae fighting for the saudi-led coalition. saudi arabia says one of its solids was killed. a hotel used by the yemeni government in the villa occupied by forces was targeted. other ministers who returned from exile have been using the hotel as a base. a report from yemen, following the latest developments follows us here in the studio. more casualties than initially thought, hasham. two attacks. this is looking like a more complicated operation. >> exactly, with conflicting reports about exactly what happened. the government says rocket attacks, and we have eye
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witnesses saying as far as the attack targeting the uae solids in the compound, these were two suicide bombers driving two armored vehicles into the building. so, it is. it is, in fact, a very delicate situation and people expect the death toll to rise in the coming hour because of the magnitude of the explosions that we heard earlier today in the city of aden. >> anyone claiming responsibility so far? >> no. so far, no claim of responsibility, however, the uae says this is the work of the houthis. >> how is that going foimpact peace talks? >> this is going to be definitely a major setback for any efforts to put an ends to the fighting. when the houthis listed
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palistics killing dozens of solids, what followed was unprecedented wave of airstrikes across yemen. i think we are going to see the same thing replicated because in a statement posted by the uae minister of foreign affairs saying that we will do our best to destroy the houthis and the former president thanks so much for coming in. palestinians are protesting in the occupied west bank. tensions have been running high after a series of attacks in recent days with deaths on both sides. mike hanna is at the crossing in the occupied west bank. mike, they are calling for a day of rage there. what's unfolding? >> reporter: so far demonstrators have been kept away. there has been repeated firing of tear gas. a number of injuries are
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reported at least two pal stinz we have been told have been hit the with rubber-coated steel bullits. the injuries described at moderate. the intention of the demonstrators as you said, a day of rage against the ongoing occupation and the events in recent weeks which have seen an intensefication of clashes throughout the occupied west bank. the intention of the demonstrators was to come to this crossing point between ramallah and jerusalem, essentially and force their way into jerusalem. they have been kept well away. we are receiving reports from bethelehem of major clashes happening there in beth wielehb the funeral of a 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by israeli forces in the refugee camp in the course of yesterday. so once again, rising passes, demonstrators having their day of rage. as yet, not being able to fulfill what they wanted to do and force their way through into
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jerusalem, sami. >> mike, i think definitely we have seen this sort of cycle of violence go on and on and on. any sign there to address the root cause of this deal ending the occupation? >>. >> reporter: that is the key issue but it has been for decades now. as you say, cycles of violence, it comes and it goes. the intensity drops and it wanes. but at this particular point, clearly, passes running very high in all areas of the occupied territory. not only in the old city, but, also, right through the west bank and, indeed, in gaza. the palestinian committed committee is meeting at the moment, a meeting of all of the palestinian faxes. they are discussing mahmoud abbas's speech at the united nations in this which he threaten today aband on the oslo acords. they are the very foundation of the structure of the relationship between israel and
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the palestinians. it was very ordered, dividing territory up in to various areas over which one person has control, another one in which another person has control. but the threat of mahmoud abbas to aband on this oslo accord is, in fact, a threat to dismantle the entire palestinian authority because he cannot say we will not have the oslo acords and still maintain a palestinian authority. so, it does appear that the discussion is intensifying in ramallah among the palestinian politicians about what the next step is going to be. was at a time speech merely merely empty words or is he going to implement an abandoning of the oslo accords which would remove whatever progress, as little as it has been, in the past few decades. >> mike hanna there in the west bank. it doesn't look like an accident. the words there of nato secretary general ye yen stoltenberg rejecting
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russia's explanation of what it was doing in russian airspace. they say the two incursions were a mistake. stoltenberg has been speaking in brussels in the past hour. >> i call on russia to avoid escalating tensions with the alliance i am concerned russia is not targeting isil but attacking the syrian opposition and civilians. >> the nato something tar general said the aluces has seen a buildup. peter sharp has the latest on moscow's response. >> reporter: the kremlin react swiftly saying that the it has no intention of using ground forces in the war however, there
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have been numbers of troops, support troops in syria from russia. there are two battalions of engineers and infantry protecting the air base and 500 marines are also based at the naval port in tartus. you will also find but as far as combat boots on the ground, russia says it's drawing a shrine. >> russia says they are targeting isil but there are concerns that they are aiming at other opposition groups, too. this is controlled by major groups fighting the syrian regime. russia says it has conducted dozens of airstrikes across syria over the last six days. earlier this week, the institute for the study of war identified 12 places where it's confident russia carried out strikes. it says only two of them hit isil targets. both were in the group's
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stronghold of where oil assets are located. sergey says russia is looking for a political solution. >> a russian mission to help transfer information from the civil war to the peaceful solution of the syrian crisis. peaceful solution would be regarded as a free and fair elections under the international control where everybody will take part, including assad and all others who will fight against him. sot to promote peaceful political solution is major russian goal. second mission is to crush jihadists. by the way, most important russian mission is so much airstrikes which to reach that the media but first of all, to
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give some training to the syrian army officers how to use new russian techniques. that's why syrian army will use russian technique on the ground and will hopefully will crush jihadists. jihadists are those who call themselves jihadists, this is jihad. this is jihadist from russian point of view. the problem is that united states, qatar, saudi arabia, they believe that some of jihadists are good and some jihadists are bad. russians say they are jihad accidents. >> fighting is continued. the army trying to push out taliban fighters. live for us at the airport in
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kunduz, kaiz, we were hearing government forces were making progress. what happened overnight? >> reporter: government forces are struggling to get control of the city. we talked with government security official here they are complaining about lack of leadership and lack of coordination. now, taliban are fighting government security forces street by street, not far away from heart of kunduz city, from center of kunduz city. >> meanwhile, what is the humanitarian situation look like there for people? >> reporter: thing say enough is enough. it's 9 days now. they are living without any food, water, no electricity. they are tired. they are complaining about use
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of artillery, bombardments, both sides' use of artillery. these people are looking for a way to get out of this city. the local did are losing their faith on afghan security forces. they are looking for a way to get out of the city. >> thank you, qais. nigerian food producers make the chal -- face the challenge of making sure their food is safe to eat. >> cubansific aring their lives to cross to the united states.
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welcome back. let's recap the headlines here on al jazeera now. at least 15 people have been killed in two attacks in the yemeni city of aden. car bombs and the villa with saudi-led coalition forces palestin-januarys in the occupied west bank are protesting against raids and arrests by israeli security forces. tensions have been rising after a series of attacks in recent days with deaths on both sides nato's secretary general says russia's incursion into turkish airspace doesn't look like an accident. the is dents were a mistake. japan is urging china to join the newly signed transpacific
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partnership to increase security and growth in the asia pacific region after long-running negotiations, the freed trade deal for 2/5th of the world's economy was agreed by 12 nations. china is working on setting up a rival agreement. south korea, the philippines and indonesia have expressed interest in joining the tpp. but they want to know how it would work before committing. a report. >> new zealand is already the worldses largest exporter of dairy products. it's market is set to expand even further. government officials say the newly agreed transpacific partnership will make its products accessible to 800 million customers and bring in nearly $2,000,000,000 u.s. dollars more every year by 2030. the government had hoped to get a better deal but farmers say they are happy to take what thing. >> nothing that can improve our
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profitability and smooth out the volatility of the industry is really to our advantage. >> what's being called the most ambitious free trade deal ever negotiated is being welcomed with cautious optimism. very little is known about the details, critics fear the public good may have been sacrificed for the corporate bottom line. officials say the exact deal will be made available to the public but before reading it, currents trees like the philippines, south korea and gone ease i can't have expressed interest in joining an expanded tpp. it could, after all, become the world's largest trading block. >> china is notably absent from the deal. the growing regional power in the world's second largest economy is creating its own trade bloc that runs separate to the u.s./japan-led tpp. japan welcomes eventual chinese
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participation. >> it would have strategic meaning if china joined the system in the future. >> many analysts see this as a powerplay, a continuing battle for dom next over the region between china and the u.s./japan alliance. regardless, creating the tpp is set to redefine international trade. >> it is going to change the economy structure. not only in this part of the world the world will be divided into economic block. every country now in order to survives must join one of these blocs. >> it will be a few years before these farmers feel any of the effects of the tpp. the deal has to be ratified by each country before it is put in place with seven of the 12 tpp countries facing elections soon, the outcome on this controversial deal could be sl
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ade delayed even further. manila. malacia's prime minister is trying to get a lawsuit against him thrown out of court. he is being sued for allegedly keeping $700 million which was donated to his ruling party. he says he has done nothing wrong and the charges are politically motivated. florence looi reports from kuala lumpur. >> this is the moment she first made headlines: an angry speech accusing the malaysian prime minister, president of the ruling party, of cheating. she has been involved in a scandal since july nguyen it was revealed $700 million had been deposited into his personal bank account. the money was alleged to have been challenged through a state-owned firm controlled by him as the finance minister. after weeks of silence, the prime minister finally, said the
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money was a donation to the party from unnamed donors in the middle east. but that explanation is not enough for annina who had a small role representing women's issues in the ruling party. when her complaint to the party's disciplinary committee yielded no results, she took legal action and was promptly sacked. >> i think i have the responsibility to make sure that the country is governed by the right person, is led by the right person, the right way not only clean but must be seen clean. >> the prime minister's lawyers are attempting to have the lawsuit thrown out. >> he is no longer a member and, also, that he is not an office bearer. neither is she the public officer. therefore, the suit that she claims to be bringing on behalf is of -- is lack of standing before the court. >> but there are plenty of
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others who are also seeking an explanation from the prime minister. a two-day protest in three cities in august attracted tens of thousands of people. another former unknown member who tried to urge foreign investigators to probe. accounts and assets of the prime minister and the state-owned investment arm has been arrested under security law. >> we would think that malasia as a country looking forward to being a developed country, for example, in less than five years would have almost all of it's dealings above the board and so on. the series of recent months, events, really calls that into question. >> the prime minister denies any wrong doing. he says the accusations are all part of a conspiracy to topple him. many feel that response isn't enough. until they are clearer -- there are clearer answers, accusations of corruption will continue to follow him. florence looi, kuala lumpur.
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>> eleven soldiers from chad have been killed in a boko haram attack. 13 others were wounded and assault near the border with nigeria. the chadian army says 17 boko haram fighters were also killed. >> the european union has banned dried fish, beans and other food from nigeria because of high levels of pesticides having been found. nigeria's government says the ban is disproportionate. a report from lagos. >> these are some of the banned products on sale at the market in nigeria's capitol abuja. they include beans, sesame seeds, melon seed, palm oil, dried fish, meat and other products. sami hulera is angry about the eu decision. >> nigerian foods don't contain harmful pesticides. i am inviting people from around the world to come and test and buy our food.
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it's organic. it's natural. if it contains harmful pesticides, it would affect us, too. >> the eu found that the element used by farmers as an insectside exceeded the community's legal limit. >> also, it was blown out of proportion because of some challenges within our supply chain back home. >> nigeria's agency for food and drug administration and control known as f naftak is trying to determine where it's coming from but it's a thuj challenge. every year's nigeria's food astigmatism agencies test about 2,000 foods for pesticide levels but their tests are a tiny fraction of what's consumed and exported. they are depending upon voluntary samples. scientists blame corrupt food
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producers. >> many exporters and many times export without through na f.d.a. k. sometimes, when they even pass through na f.d.a. k, they kind of sub divide the product, meaning the batch that na f.d.a. k tested may not be the ones that are contaminated. >> the ban is bad news for traders like sani. it's bad news for nigeria. it want to boost exports of agricultural products rather than relying solely on income from oil sales. the ban will stay in place until june of in ex year. more products will be tested to determine the source of the contaminant. al jazeera, lagos. a growing number of cubans is making the dangerous crossing to florida in the u.s. some believe a policy that gives cuban's residency in the u.s. is
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about to end. police say human trafficers are taking advantage of the rumor. andy gallacher reports. >> reporter: this is a family gathering the garcias thought might never happen. juan carlos and his 16-year-old daughter, holiday, have been apart for months. but the journey this teenager went to, to get here is st staggering. this is the mohammed holiday and 11 others made landfall in their makeshift sailboat. lomz can be heard giving them a warm welcome. for the last two days of a dangerous, six-day journey, the crew had no food or water. it was only chance that brought them ashore here nevertheless, holiday says she had no choice. >> we had to get out fast because we think it's going to get bad. anyone that comes here in the future are going to get turned back. so we had to hurry up and get here. >> the u.s. coast guard headquarters, there have been
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persistent rumors to the wethoo foot-dry-foot policy. it is higher thantha in recent years. the captain says many desperate cubans are being taken advantage of. >> smugglers basically exploited that rumor and told cubans, if you are thinking about going, you better go now or you are going to miss your opportunity. we know they have been doing that. we have been told that. >> one of the biggest challenges the authorities here now face is trying to quell a rumor that's putting lives at risk. the coast guard tell us they are working with the local cuban community in the hopes that the message will get back to the island. meanwhile, the number of those trying to make it to the u.s. mainland by any means necessary continues to grow. >> the garcias are reunited and can begin to plan their futures together. >>juan carlos told us if he had known about the crossing, he wouldn't have allowed his daughter to take such a massive risk. he says he is happy she is here but doesn't want to see any other family members risking everything for a new life.
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andy gallagher, al jazeera, marathon, florida. >> a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal involving some of the biggest companies in brazil has cost thousands of workers their jobs. it's estimated the money stolen could have been used to lift 10 million brazilians out of poverty. al report: >> reporter: at the oscarar myer museum exhibits are enraging some and embarrassatsing others. paintings were all seized from executives under investigation for alleged corruption . >> i am wondering where exactly did the money come from to get this art work and where was this money, this art placed if it was placed in private homes, well, where exactly, again, where did it get the money? and who are the other people on the other side of the fence? >> like thousands of other
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brazilians, petrobras was building a facility. a time of prosperity when thousands here were employed as brazil's newfound oil wealth transformed the country. >> i was able to get a loan for a car and even sends some money to my old mother but with the petroras scandal i went from heaven to hell overnight. >> the population quad drooumd. streets were full of life. bids was boom can. thousands of those who flocked here have moved back and shops have closed. the signs of this instant growth are nowhere to be seen. >> the boom town is now bust. signs for rent hang from empty buildings. shops don't bother to open. customers either left or have no money. police say that the scandal reveals a web of price fixing, kickbacks worth more than $2,000,000,000 paid by businessmen to ensure even heftedier service contracts.
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analysts incest the petrobras scandal shows brazil has robust institutions to see it through the crisis? >> we are in a major process of investigating a large, massive corruption and think it's going well. i mean the justice is playing the role, you know. society is very satisfied with that. the media is playing the role. so, i mean i think it's going under the rules. >> lao disease. >> i feel abandoned by my government and my country. i feel i am no one. i feel embarrassed to be brazilian. >> it is a feeling shared by many in the 7th largest economy in the world and one that is expected to cost the government dearly. al jazeera, brazil. >> a new report on wildlife in the eastern himalays includes
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more than 200 newly discovered speetsz. the vibrant blue dwarf walking fish, the pit viper and this remarkable blue-eyed frog. >> despite clear skies, floodwaters in the carolinas are rising. the rain topped but hundreds of roads are closed and the danger is far from over. >> engine trouble blamed in the disappearance are a ship during hurricane joaquin. the coast guard is trying to figure out what happened to the people onboard. >> stopping gun violence in the wake of the latest mass