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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the compact used by soldiers was also targeted.
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>> i have huge explosions and rushed to the area. i was toll two armored vehicles trough through check d inside the compound used by soldiers. earlier forces blamed the troops loyal to the president. for the attacks. isil has epersonalled as a force in yemen over the hahs year. in this video, it's fighters are shown distributing pam treats in adan and fighting guest the houthis in different parts of the country. isil also claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that targets mosques like this one many the capitol last month. isil is expanding in areas formally under the control of a.q. a.p., also known as al quaida and the arabian peninsula. a. q.a.p. has suffered major
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set backs, losing most of it's top leaders in u.s. drone attacks. the attack isn't the first time that coalition forces have been targeted. it was the highest number of forces killed in a single attack. since the start of their campaign in yemen, seven monos ago. many are now worried the attacks in adan wil attacks in imflame the continuing war. >> he said he does not want to see any kind of esla us in violence with steal. pal stillians have been protesting about raids carries out by forces. tensions have been on the rise poll hing a series of attacks. >> overnight security forces demolished the homes of two
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palestinians accused of attacking israelis last year. >> when a group of settlers attack, what do you expect our response to be? leave us alone. we didn't start this. steal has to stop and accept our happen is reach out. our instructions to our security agencies, our factions and our youth has been that we do not want to escalation. >> live for us now in ramallah, we have seen skirmishes and confrontations in different parts of the west bank. does it appear things are calming down? >> can. >> well, they are calming town. even the the tensions that were in bethlehem, are sort of dying out at the moment. as we understand. a large number of those those
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that were this have pulled out now ^+ + + ^. >> as you said throughout the day there has been several gnash points. and several areas around ramallah here. this has been according about 40 people wounded. there are every said they have uses rubster steel bullets but also live ammunition. and and one is in severe condition after he was hit in the back by hive ammunition. >> are listen we are reaching out a hand, but this is what we get in return. but this is a man who is saying he opportunity want the violence to escalate, yet he says he wouldn't cooperate when he was in the u. n. last
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week. he was in a bit of a bother himself, isn't he? >> well, he is in a very difficult position. he did say a week ago, which was seen as a threat more than anything else, that he was not going to be bound any more with the treatment as long as steal continues to violate the treatment. steal he called for a peaceful of the tensions. whether people will be to him or not is a different issue. people are frustrated some have said we have reached the boiling point. some wonder whether these tensions will lead to a third simply because nothing has
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change for then. and the recent poll carried out here, shows that about two-third of the palestinians are saying that it is about time for him to step down. some of them also tell you that they don't believe more than half, they don't believe in the two state solution, so certainly a lot of disillusion and that it is no solution in view because of all the political stalemate. >> we are hearing more and more about settlement expansions. >> thank you, we will leave it there. in the occupied west bank. >> now, the sum in after ban stan is admitting the decision to bomb a hospital, was made from within the u.s. chain of command crash swenson campbell, says u.s.
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forces mistakenly struck a facility in the northern city on saturday, killing on saturday people doctors without border which is runs the hospital is rejected what the u.s. says that the u.s. deliberately targeted the hospital. and that this admission amounts to a war crime. >> the decision to provie tires was a u.s. decision. made command.n the u.s. chain of the hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take it's course and therefore, i am not at liberty to discuss further specifics. however, i assure you that the investigation will be thorough, object i, and transparent. >> let us go life now to al jazeera loy.
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>> we a an american general pack pedaling so fast. tell me about the conversation that you had with after ban generals a little bit earlier. >> well, dave, we have conversation with after ban security official with the leading general in this operation. they are telling us that thereat nicing any involvement in this bombing they said that simply the u.s. forces was in the ground with them, and it was the soldier that called the bombing andty the coordination. >> so these are if this is the case, the u.s. special forces would they be the ones to go along with forces to give them help if needed. the generals are say that it
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was these u.s. special forces that contacted the people in the sky, and said we need you to bomb this hospital now. >> well, the operation of kind due, that started retaking operation that started nato issues a statement that they will send the ground to assist and to coordinate air support without fun forces they called them gun gun can tun the unp with fun. >> but officials are also confirming in that compound in a hospital, the it is a big hospital, has a big compound, there's a corner of that there were some taliban
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at the time and they were getting shot at p p. >> i mentioned at the beginning you were there at the airport, and it was difficult to move around, you are getting a picture of how difficult it is for the people that live there, i think. >> it is very tift. it is extremely difficult now. t are receiving calls from residents around the city, they are telling us it is more than a week now, they are living with no water no food, no electricity. when we enter the city, we can hear the gunfire, and artillery everywhere. so the problem is now for the locals for any movement for locals that they don't know where it belongs to who. the fighting is basically street to street. one street controlled by taliban, the next street is by afghan government.
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any move for local can be dangerous, and they get shot at. ^+ + + + ^. >> the officials are accused of being part of a prescribery scheme. the former u.n. general former u.n. general adiplomate is among those facing charges. let's go to our editor at u. n. headquarters in new york. james, you will tell me about the case being put against mr. ashi is part of all of this, but i read recently, that the u.s. is saying there will be other charges too. >> yes. it possibly could go further and so real shock here at the united nations because the president of the u.n. general assembly, yes, it is normally
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a mainly ceremonial job, but it is one of the big jobs at the united nations. he sits in front of that body which consistents of all the countries and territories that are u.n. members. 193, and he served as each president does, for one year. between september 2013, to september 2014. chairing all the meetings of the general assembly, including when world leaders gathers in new york, introducing those world leaders including introducing president obama. so the fact that someone is important has been charged is causing shock. what is also causing shock is the detail of the allegations which was announce add short time ago. >> first, they paid him money. lots of it. from 2011 to 24 tone, they allegedly transfers over $1 million, in cash and wire transfers to the bank accounts new york, often in installments up to 200,000,
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or $200,000, or at a time. as alleged, ash spent his cash lavishly on himself, and on his family $59,000 on a single order, of custom tailor suits. $54,000 for a pair of rolex watches, and $0,000 to lease a new bmw. but ash took more than just cash. sometimes he got paid in other ways. he also allegedly had the bribers pay for a first class vacation for himself and his family. having them pay for the hotel in new orleans, after over 850-dollar as night he even asked them to pay a contractor directly to bill a basketball court, at his jobs home. >> james b, ase, you spent your life with the ear to the the ground, ban ki-moon says he is shocked b says, but rumors seem to go around
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this, how much were people aware at the u. in, of what the u.s. authorities might be doing? what the investigating. >> i have to say, there is absolutely shot every diplomate i have spoken to. no one knew about this. and as the words spread, around the corridors here at the united nations, people you saw huddle groups hearing the news about what had happened. and these allegations la have been made. we are toll by the united nations, that no one, including ban ki-moon, was given any advance warning at all. barnky moon will now be talking about what steps will take place next, but worth making it clear that he is not in charge of the the president of the general assembly, he is responsible only to the member states of the united nations and i think some will be asking whether there will be a better system of checks and balances on the the person who holes that role. >> james, thank you holded
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he. >> bans by the european union, to ensure that their food is safe to eat.
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t.v., and a monitoring group, but the russians have denied this. russia sends the bombing campaign began on september the 30th. and centers on areas where arm groups fighting the rejeep are based not isil.
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compare this to u.s. rates from september the 2050, which mainly center on occasions known to be isil strong holds. >> russian. bos fall on serbia once more. 15 were flown on monday, according to the defense ministry, ten air strikes were carried out. on the ground, syrians have been filming and uploading footage they say shows the work of russia's air force. and the diplomatic fireworks are continuing too at the weekend, there's a fleeting mistake caused by bad weather. >> i -- i just -- reiterate that this is a serious violation of turkish air space, it should not happen again. >> the turkish visit also hit out at russia's syrian
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campaign. >> russia is still this. at the moment it is carrying out operations and it is trying to create an air base, and at the same time they violate our air space. we cannot tolerate this any aggression against turkey is an aggression against nato. >> they say it is happy to work with turkey to prevent miss understanding but despite communication last week, between russian and u.s. military aimed at avoiding a mishap, washington still feels moscow is keeping it in the the dark about it's operateses. nonsenses, says the foreign ministry, at a tuesday press conference at which he criticized the international media, for an anty russian reporting campaign, spokesperson maria also told washington all it has to do is pick up the phone. >> they can always call us and check everything, and
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then announce accurate and clear testament in public. you may then talk about them, put first you should check this with us. >> despite both russian sha and the u.s. led coalition, insissing that the bombing campaigns are targeting isil, the prospect of anything more looks slim, moscow says that the coalitions campaign is illegal under international law because it wasn't requested by the syrian government. they claim to prop up a brutal dictator. >> despite warnings of a significant military build up in syria, moscow is still ruling out any sort of boots on the drowned miss. for the moment it says it is content to fight from the skies. >> the president of the council is warning that
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millions more refugees can head into europe from syria, if syria's government continues to receive military support from russia, and from iran. that called for europe to regain control if the european parliament, having had talked with the turk thish president on monday. more likely today. will result in the next migratory ways. yesterday, this message was confirmed according to turkish estimates another 3 million potential refugees may come from aleppo and it's neighborhood beyond all reasonable doubt. >> libya is taken almost 150 people off a boat heading across the mediterranean to europe criminal they were
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taken to a naval pace where they have been given medical treatment. and food by the refugee agency. the organization migration says more than 550,000 people have arrived in europe, across so far this year, almost 3,000 are known to have died trying to make the crossing. >> european unions have banned food after high levels of pesticide were found. which says the ban is disproportionate, more from evan. >> these are some of the banned products on sale at the market in nigeria's capitol. they include beans, sesame seeds, melon seeds, palm oil, dried fish, meats and other products. sami who sells dried fish is angry about the e. u. decision. >> nigerian foods don't
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contain harmful pesticides. i am inviting people from around the world to come and test and buy our food. it is organic. it is natural. if it has pesticides it would effect us too. >> the e. u. found that toes tate used by fallers coded the commute's legal limits. >> because of som limitses witn our supply chain pack home. >> nigeria's agency for food and drug administration and control, is trying to detect where the food with high pesticides are coming from. but it is a huge challenge. >> every year, nigh otheryeah food safety agency test about 2,000 random samples of foo
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nigeria. >> and they are -- many times are ebbs ports without passing through and they sometimes when they even are pass through they wide the project the patch may not be the ones that are contaminates. inging ebb. >> it wants to boost exports rather than relying solely on income from oilily on the ban will stay in place until june next year. in the meantime, more products will be tested to determine the source of the contaminant. al jazeera. >> ahead, volkswagen is given
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the first the hint that jobs may have to go after the emission scandal. the changes of germany's biggest car maker would not in his words be painless. new figures have shown that one of the biggest markets for diesel has upon down by almost 8% in the last month. europe's highest court is struck down a transatlantic data deal used by companies such as facebook to send personal data to the u.s. the safe harbor agreement, which is u.s. and european commission was found to be not sufficiently able to guarantee the personal data of europeans and now, those companies any others in fact, that do the same thing, must find other ways to operate or face legal and financial penalties. more from paul brennen. >> every day,le billions of dollars of electronic business is conducted between the united states and europe. legal contracts, personal data, commercial deals and social media, all supposedly
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protected by a transatlantic privacy agreement called safe harbor it impacts all aspects of business. personal data is anything in which a living individual can be identified. so that ranges from something as simple an email signature block, to details in a library data base. for example. >> in 2013, former c. i.a. contractor leaked classified documents of covert snooping by u.s. intelligence agencies. it was those revelations to bring this case to the court. he focused on facebook, which has it's european island for transfers using data to service outside of the e.u. whether it is credit card
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details or multibillion dollars business deals all of that has to be stored observers such as this more often than not, they are not here, they are cited in the the united states. now under the safe harbor agreement, america promised to match the european union's privacy rules. but what has become clear, and is now acknowledged by the court, is that the spy agency routinely override and ignore european privacy rules. safe harbor is worthless. >> facebook insists it has done nothing wrong. the company declined an interview request, but issue as statement saying it is imperative that e. u. and u.s. governments ensure that they continue to provide reliable methods for lawful data transfers and resolve transfers ands alternatives to safe harbor include such things as model contractsen binding rules or our own consent. of course, another solution would be to make the u.s. spy agencies more accountable.
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>> if i get spied on by the n.s. a., there is no way for me to go to the u.s. there just isn't an after knew for that. that's fundamentally imbalanced. so if they can have a privacy act, so that either european citizen can have rights of action under that legislation, that levels up the playing field across the atlantic and you can see that would be one way, and that will be enormously controversy. >> under current e. u. rules companies which contravene privacy face financial penalties running to seven figure sums. and in rules are on the way which would impose fines up to 5% of the global turnover. this ruling will spark a scram to believe find new ways of doing business. paul brennen, al jazeera. >> more than 200 new species have been discovered in the him leahs.
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a walking snake head fish that can survive on land for four days. reptiles and birds, all of them never seen before were discovered. >> for a great deal more. >> general jon campbell answering questions about that afghan hospital bombing. giving his opinions about troop withdrawal. corruption and fraud charges now against several top officials. t rains have stopped but south carolina has new problems. dams can break in the damage now estimated to be in the billions