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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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a walking snake head fish that can survive on land for four days. reptiles and birds, all of them never seen before were discovered. >> for a great deal more. >> general jon campbell answering questions about that afghan hospital bombing. giving his opinions about troop withdrawal. corruption and fraud charges now against several top officials. t rains have stopped but south carolina has new problems. dams can break in the damage now estimated to be in the billions this is al jazeera
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america, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan is on capitol hill today and we are learning more about that deadly air strike. general jon campbell facing tough questions from the senate arm ad services committee, he called the air strike that left 22 dead a mistake. but he also clarified just who called in that strike. am al jazeera is in washington for us. the general addressing this testimony head on it is interesting because the president, general campbell, many others of the last several days say they want to wait for the results of this invest face from the pentagon the department of defense before they lay blame on this, and we do understand that the preliminary results will be available in 30 days but little doubt here, left by the general's testimony after 72 hours of shifting explanations yes, it was a mistake, and the u.s. chain of command signed off on this
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strike. so little doubt now. the group is that operates that hospital, in northern afghanistan, as that battle continues to able between afghan forced supported pi the united states and air cover and taliban forces. general campbell testified before the summit armed services committee. >> to be clear, the decision to provide fires was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. p a hospital was mistakenly struck we would never intentionally target a medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take it's course. and therefore i am not at liberty to discuss more at the time. i ensure it will p thorough,
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objective, and transparent. >> that won't be good enough for doctors without boarders . >> how many troops will be doing count ever terrorism operations advising and assisting forces over the course of the next year. of course, president obama plan, highly touted plan, he came out most recently in marched and talked about it, is to have all u.s. forces out of there, gone, say for about 1,000 protecting the u.s. embassy by the end ofsy by the voices are being raised increasingly saying that won't be adequate.
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they cannot stand up on their own and fight. still, after 14 years in $1 trillion in u.s. tack payer money spent with options to keep a u.s. counter terror force on the frowned in afghanistan, beyond afghanistan. >> i am appreciative of that the senior leadership, and i believe the white house aring looking at these options, understanding that conditions on the drowned have changed and we have to look at the pros and cons of this general captain bell came out and said it. afghan forces require brad support, he is concerned
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about their long term viability without military support. >> dell. >> mike for us in washington, thank you very much. a major scandal at the united nations this afternoon. jon ash, the former general assembly president, is accused of taking more than $1 million in bribes from a chinese businessman in return ash allegedly promoted chinese interests. james, what are the charges specifically against ash? >> well, that he was responsible for taking bribes, or over bribes, or and then not paying the tax on those bribes the amount of money he had he didn't pay tax on $1.2 million. so i can tell you there has been shock here, at the united nations. particular shock when the details of the the allegations were read out by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new yor york. >> although this case
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involves the high flying world of influential u. n. officials, at it's core, it was just a classic quid pro quo scheme. >> we have been trying to get reaction here. we have had a brief reaction from the u.n. secretary general. his spokes man says he is shocked by the news of this allegations because jon ash a role that he knew for one year here, head of the general assembly president of the general assembly, was one of the key figures of the united nations and worked with ban ki-moon nearly every day of the year. they were in touch in some way or other. >> so james, fill us in more. why is ash so important. >> because the u. n. general assembly is the body that represents all of the member states of of the the united states. 193 different countries. it is a ceremonial job but a
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very important one. every september when the news session of the general assembly starts you have world leaders. you saw it last week here in new york. and the person who is the president is the president who presides over that meeting. jon ash was the one introducing all those world leaders including president obama. so he had a very very important role. he was back here last week. i saw him during one of the meetings here last week. then he was a dig that story now he is behind bars. james as always, thank you very much. the death toll is death from those rains over the last few days. the major concern at this hour, is dams across the state. more than a dozen have given way since saturday. officials say they fear more can burst sending those waters into homes and businesses. robert ray has the latest tonight. >> this is a neighborhood the columbia south carolina, the capitol that is still under
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water. you can see this is a stream where a stream shouldn't be. gill creek is a few hundred yards to my left. the wattser still rolling through here. and the flashed threing is the huge issue. hundreds of them still. the national guard is rolling through the area to make sure the infrastructure is okay. and if someone does happen, that they can assist police, fire, and coast guard. unfortunately, there is still a boil order. thousands of people without water. and you certainly shouldn't be drinking the watt ever because there may be back door yeah in it.
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>> is as we can see here, there's a few residents and they are looking at their home, theyn't can even get to their hope. their home is still under water. we are told in some places like this one, the water was all the way up to the roof top. so unfortunately, there are days ahead of assessing the damage. and weeks and months likely, for the state and the federal government to figure out just how much this disaster has cost south carolina. >> robert gray for us, life from columbia. let's check in right now with kevin for the latest on the wear picture, kevin. >> well, the rain has ended this morning across the carolinas. you can see any rain is now over here towards the atlantic. the big problem is that standing water and also what the riffs are going to do over the next several days.
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as most of that flood water starts to make it's way down towards the coast. as you can see we aring looking at flood warnlooking in effect. up here to the higher country of south carolina. as well as, down towards the southeast, now those in the southeast are going to stay in place. probably all the way to sunday. because we are looking at these rivers not cresting until we get to the weekend. that is how long it will take. as well as so we will be watching this very carefully. as communities are going to be effected. the rain totals are amazing. we saw 26 inches in mount pleasant. some locations up to 30, in charleston, about 23.6 inches there. well, the rest of the the day today will be beautiful. we will be seeing sunny skies as well as temperatures into the low 70's. and we do think for the next seven days the eastern sea board here for the carolinas is looking quite nice.
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we don't expect to see any rain in the forecast, all the way through next week. temperatures are going to stay into the high 70's there. >> kevin, thank you very much. the white house today saying program is looking at a range of options forlowing that mass shooting. the president says he will be in roseburg on friday. he will meet privately with the the shooting victims. as al jazeera register tells us the people are prepping for classes those classes resume next week. >> just up the road from a growing memorial for the victims. a commute, resolved to move forward. reopening campus just days after the shooting. college staff arrives and parents pick up personal belongings. grief counselors also are on hand for support. and for the first time, we are hearing from one of the students who was shot. >> he sounded really deranged because he said that he had been waiting to do that for a
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really long time, and he laughed after he shot the teacher. >> since the shooting last week, the sheriff has repeatedly refused to identify the shoot ever by name. even after the name has been widely reported by local and national media. >> you will not hear anyone from this law enforcement operation use his name. i continue to believe that those media and community members who publicize his name, will only glorify his horrific actions. and eventually, this will only serve to inspire future shooters. >> >> his focus on the investigation and the victims has spread throughout the community. >> roseburg mayor applauds not naming or talking about the shooter. >> i honestly believe that part of the problem we have is the copy cats that want this attention. and take that attention away from them, is one good tool to hopefully put a stop to it. >> i think that the vigil
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shot i am putting on the main panel. >> david jake is the publisher of the roseburg beacon, a weekly community newspaper. he says the sheriff set the right tone for conversations about the shooting. >> the sheriff had a lot of wisdom in saying we don't want to glorify this in an event of copy cat crimes and ore things of that nature. so we are going to follow that lead with our edition this week. >> at the local y.m.c.a. where shooting victims were members and where shooting survivors works the sentiment is the same. >> the incidents over we are glad that evil, that's been removed from our community, however, we don't want to dwell on the accident that happened we want to move forward. >> moving forward including getting updates as he is treated for multiple gunshot wounds. students on campus call him a hero for trying to stop the shooter even after he had been wounded.
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for someone to do that to put himself out there to prevent others from getting killed knowing that he was going to get hurt himself. we are so so blessed and proud of him. >> is as she and others wait for the injuries to heal, they know they have their own emotional pain to deal with but say the ordeal they have been through won't define them as a community protecting data privacy, the european ruling that can change the way u.s. tech companies do business there and the reality of fantasy sports leaks the new scandal and new questions over that multibillion dollars industry
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for the daily fantasy sports industry. an employee for one of the biggest sites admitting to winning $350,000 on ale rival website that has some accusing him of insiding trader has admitted to releasing player data before the start of the nfls week three slate of games. that employee won $350,000 on a rival site fan dual that same week. a draft kings spokesman says there is no evidence that the employee who has not been fired, used that information to win that prize money quote
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both companies have strong policies in place to ensure that employees do not miss use any information at their disposal, and strictly limit access to company data, to only those employees who require it to do their jobs. and the incident has raised concerns about the fairness of the losely regulated sports industry. the the chances of actual players or other prosports personnel profiting from insider information is slim. professional gamer true spoke to al jazeera's ray suarez. >> there certainly is reduced by fantasy sports where individual players are selected. >> but government officials are increasingly skeptical, energy congressman has called for an investigation, into whether these fantasy sites are unregulated on line
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gambling. >> how is event different from sports betting in because you call it fantasy. >> it has led to a lot of people looking up and saying what is going on here. >> the two companies have temporarily banned their employees from playing games on othe playings russia's antimonopoly group says the practices with the android operating system violate their laws android phones have google apps preloaded giving it an advantage over it's rifles three-quarters of all smart phones run on that android operating system. >> their personal data, al
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jazeera has been tracking the story. >> the ruling by yours highest court is a victory for private activist, he has fought for years to get the european law thrown out. >> i never thought it would be a big thing at the beginning we were just putting stuff up on the the website, what we got from facebook. drafted over two nights and suddenly we are in this whole privacy depate. >> he tock on facebook in ireland where the company's european headquarters are based. the case eventually ended up in the european high court, the 27-year-old graduate student argued that his data protection rights were violated when he transferred his personal information between european and u.s. tweeners cabs are allowed to transfer that under a safe harbor deal, was the european court has ruled the division does not prevent from peeking into the trancer thed
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information. >> for the european courts ruling the u.s. mission to the european union issued a statement that said the united states does not and has not engained in indiscriminate surveillance of anyone including ordinary european citizens. but more than 3,000 companies including apple, google and microsoft, rely on the safe harbored agreement the ruling could force tech companies to significantly change the way they do business in europe, in order to avoided breaking european law. al jazeera. >>s from the first time in three years there will be no monument to the. commandments on the capitol grounds in oklahoma. it was taken down last night, it has been placed in the offices of a state public policy group, the state supreme court there ruled in june that the display violated the law that public
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property cannot be used to promote religion. officials say they took down the monument to avoided any protests the financial trouble in one of the word's favorite tourist destinations. >> i am alyssa chan, in the bahamas. taking a closer look at chinese investments in the caribbean. >>
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause
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mom it refers to slavery as immigration. >> . >> it had africans and african-americans at the atlantic slave trade as workers implying pay as though we had come here willingly and were paid to do our job. >> now taking the textbook from it's classrooms the publisher mcdraw hill responding to the immediate outable saying it would change the book, but the digital version only the bahamas is a popular tourist destination, that makes it attractive to foreign investors as well. china planned to open a state of the art resort there, but as al jazeera report delays are now causing economic problems the ever the the country. >> the. >> tour similar the biggest
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thing we have here. >> a small economy island nation, caught up in one big gamble to bring in more visitors. >> i thought it was a good idea personally when it first started because foreign investment is something that i agree with. >> the ambitious project has become the biggest issue facing the country. >> we market it as the home of the largest casino in the caribbean. it would remarkable for the island and the entire country. >> but today it sits unfinished. as the chinese investors, and the boeheimian government bicker over who is to blame in a legal battle china construction, charged with completing the resort, stopped work in the spring, accusing the local partner of failing to pay the fair share, be uh the boeheimian side say they have cut
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corners. it is quite something, december it is quite something. >> and its would have been responsible for 10% of the g. d.p., it is that big. >> this is the story of what can happen when small countries like the bahamas, does business with one of the most powerful countries in the world. china not only are their partners in that development they hold the mortgage for that property. the chinese owned by the chinese government. >> now, workers like justin spend their days waiting. >> for the average busboy, housekeeper, houseman, wattles, they aren't going to get this opportunity again. so obviously it has to
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happen. >> that is how many people foal, that the resort plus open. just blocks away, shock keepers have waited and waited for tourist to materialize. >> we need them to open. that's a big building. we need them to open to help with our expenses. we just hope that more business comes along. >> the delay has stirred growing resentiment. >> we have noggins the chinese investors who are investors in but we would like to see others coming in as well. we think that there has to be some spreading of the risk. >> the government defends it's position. >> we have investors from the united states of america. we have investors from ore parts of the europe, and certainly investors from asia. nobody is buying out our country, that's not true. >> . >> it is the groundbreaking ceremony for china's other
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major project. >> we are here to invest and to work with the boeheimian and the countries as i say, this project is evidence what we are doing so bahamas, we are finish and we are finishing it soon. >> they have weathers some tough years and with the future uncertain, many people here worry and wonder. whether the future can be as bright as their government pledges. melissa chen, al jazeera, nassau the bahamas. >> there is a new way to roll today that takes echo friendly to the extreme. take a look at this new lex it is made with 1700 pieces of laser cut cardboard no word on how many paper cuts or what happens when it rains. thank you for joining us the news continues from london, next, and running back you
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can check it out 24 hour as day at good to have you along, you are watching the al jazeera news hour life with me. let's take a look at the stories we are coughing in the next 60 minutes. isil says it was behind deadly attacks on yemen's cover of f co.tacks >> that it was the americans that asked the ever the hospital to be attacked in cue due. the palestinian president says he does not want the violence