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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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can check it out 24 hour as day at good to have you along, you are watching the al jazeera news hour life with me. let's take a look at the stories we are coughing in the next 60 minutes. isil says it was behind deadly attacks on yemen's cover of f co.tacks >> that it was the americans that asked the ever the hospital to be attacked in cue due. the palestinian president says he does not want the violence to escalate life
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from doha, teams continue their push for the quarter final place the latest coming up also the man hoped to unseat sepp blatter could find his presidential dream dashed he is facing a financial penalties teen year suspension from feoff facility isil has said it was behind multiple attacks in the city of adan. at least f 15 people have been killed. four of the dead are soldiers from the united arab emirates. well, a hotel used by the yemen government and the villa occupied by coalition force thes were also hit. and members of his government
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were in the area of the attacks but escaped unharm and in the last hour, isil is also said that it was behind a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in the capitol, sen people died there. with the details. seven f. >> these are the four bombers isil says was behind the attacks. they drove cars packed with explosives into a hotel, where government leaders have faced their headquarters. this is the moment the hotel was hit the compound used by soldiers from the united arab emirates was also targeted. >> i heard huge explosions and rushed to the area. i was told two vehicles drove through and exploded inside the compound used by u. a.e. soldiers. >> earlier, government and coalition forces led by saudi arabia blamed the houthis fighters and troops loyal to
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formetroops al asaad by the attacks. >> in this video, posted on sunday, it's fighters are shown distributing pamphlets in adan, and fighting against the houthis in different parts of the country. isil also claims responsibility for a series of attacks that targeted shia mosques like this one in the capitol last month. isil is ex-nd paing in areas formerly under al quaida in the arabian peninsula. they have recently suffered major set backs losing moment of it's top leaders in u.s. drone attacks. the attack isn't the first time that coalition forces have been tarted. last important, dozens of soldiers were killed in an
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attack. the offense the highest number of forces killed in a single attack, since the start of their military campaign in yemen, seven months ago. many are now worried the attacks in adan would further imflame the continuing war in yemen. now let's talk to a british talk britto write about the region, i believe that you are skeptical that there's actually is isil whew would that be. >> i think that despite the they have come out and brought the photos of the people who have endo it. that's not to say that there wasn't other people involved and al quaida for example. it has shed light on this
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link, to radical groups in the region. in the country specifically, to the government. and something that in yemen people point out themselveses. today, for example, the government spokesman was reported to have said that there possibly was a missile attack as well as the car poms. abomb. >> is in the end there is speculation. they have been carrying out attacks. they are increasing their role in the country, but whether this was solely an isis led operation is still yet to be seen. >> during the early months of the war, the arabian peninsula establishing more of a foothold in the south and southeast because of the chaos elsewhere. of f o. >> trying to establish itself. >> you mentioned al quaida, and that first and foremost, is the predop innocent radical group in yesment come
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innocent. >> i'd say you will be looking at places where they want to take advantage of the security vacuum where outside they have a significant presence that is in the capitol. there the east, basically, the areas where they feel that they have more freedom the operate in terps of the landscape, specifically, and in terms of the lack of control of the central government. >> of of f o. >> than taking on the houthis who would be naturally their enemies. therefore it seems like it is all against all elements of society, within yemen at the moment, is that a fair assessment. >> yeah, they are listing to ignite some sort of sectarian war, not in just in yemen but in the region. and also this rival, needs to be remembered the fact is that it is a dominant group,
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and from the spectrum, isis needs to carry out the attacks which means that alcid doesn't do, and the idea is to try and create a space for the platform themselves. and in reality, they are still a very small group in the country. especially when you compare it to all the other groups so fighting across the country. >> thank you very much indeed for p coming in. the top u.s. commander has admitted that the decision to pom a hospital in the northern city was made from within the u.s. chain of command contrary to his earlier suggestions general jon campbell told the senate arms serviced committee the decision to go through with it was a mistake 22 people were killed in the p being on saturday made within the u.s. chain of command. the hospital was mistakenly struck we would never
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intentionally target a never texted medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take it's course, therefore i am not at liberty to situses securitier specifics. >> . >> i ensure you the investigation will be thorough, object i, and transparent. >> let's hear more now from from my colleague. he has been talking to officials about what they say happened. >> we had a conversation with afghan security officials with the leading general in this operation. they are telling us that they are denying any involvement. they said that they were not them who called the pomming and it was not them who did the coordination with the plane. bomb with frowned with them, the it was a u.s. soldier that called the bombing and who did the coordination. well, when this operation of kind due started retaking the operation started, .
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>> so afghan security forces are in ore kunduz. >> they are saying it is their mistake. but officials also confirming that in that particular compound in a hospital, it is a big hospital. has a big compound, there's a corner of that there were some taliban at the time and they were getting shot at from it is extremely difficult now, we are receiving calls from residents who are around the city, they are el thing us
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that it is more than a week now they are liking with no water or electricity we can hear gunfire, artillerywhere so the problem is now for the locals for any movement for locals that they don't know where it belongs to whom and the fighting is basically street to street. any movement for local can be dangerous and they get shot at. >> now let's talk to rosalyn jordan in washington, d.c. two elements mentioned that i would like toic p up on. the first is that he said yes afghan officials say members of the taliban were in the hospital compound at the time, of the attack. that might be helpful to general campbell and others trying to explain this situation. but very difficult to explain that the afghan generals on the ground are saying it was a u.s. special forces operaty
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embedded with the forces who said you need the attack this hospital now. >> that is mott the story given to members of the senate armed services committee. he is saying that if while the afghans asked for that air strike to be carried out, that the u.s. military had to review the request, decided it was an acceptable request under their terms of engangment, and then carries out the strike. that said, he said that the u.s. would n knowingly target something such a a hospital. >> well, they have been saying from the very beginning that there were no
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taliban on their premises. so there's going to have to be some way of trying to clarify who is telling the truth, david. >> thank you. rosalyn jordan there in washington, d.c. >> >> is. >> a little taste of the stories we have coming up. the violation of turkish air space does not lack like an accident. bangladesh steps up security for foreigners after a space of killings by isil. and in sport, the man that could be the next liverpool manager has spoken for the first time about the propoed move. palestinian president says he does not want any escalation in violence with israel. palestinians have been protesting about raids and arrests carries out by fors. tensions have been rising
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after a number of attacks in recent days with deaths on both sides. mike hannah reports from the occupied west bank. the israeli army ransacking several houses and arresting at least two people in the city the resistence was fierce but limited to stones. the homes of two men that had allegedly been involved in attacks were demolished they say it is an act of cruelty, given that they occurs nearly a year ago they describe it as yet another illegal act of collect i punishment. >> yesterday at mitt night, army forces came and raises the houses and assaulted the residents. they started hitting people and ordered us to evacuate from the building without any prewarning. we were just evacuated to the
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street. >> the funeral of 13-year-old who was shot and killed by the israeli army at nearby refugee camp, his family adamant that there were no prots taking place at the time of the shooting. >> my son went to school, and then he finished school, but he never came home, they shot him and there were no clashes underway. >> and in the ramallah, protestors disbursed by steel bullers and tier gas, gunshots were also fires. >> as palestinian frustration mounts so does political pressure on palestinian leader. there are questions from the leadership as to the nature of cooperation with israel, and questions from within his own. p almosto. factions as to whether he intends to abandon the accords honor president. the frame work for whatever relationship exists with
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israel. >> at a e he made clear his belief, that under occupation palestinians are forced to defend themselves. >> when a group attack availingly what do you expect us to to? is leave us alone. we are not the ones that started it. israel has to stop and accept our hand as reached out for political solution, and a peaceful way. and not in another way. >> another day of rage, and another day of israeli occupation. >> mike hannah, al jazeera, in the occupied west bank. >> let's talk lye for the us in ramallah, i guess he has a chance to take the temperature of the people there those who have been out protesting. what sense do you get of their mood if you like. >> there is frustration, but i would add to it lack of
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hope in the future. most of the youth that go through these protests and these clashes are in their late teens and their early 20's. f since they were born they heard about the two state solution, they have been watching summits and international conferences. but on the ground, the reality has actually shrunk with each land grab. with each confrontation, they grow more and more angry. so when you talk to people here, they say is the problem there is no solution inside there is no political settlement that will come any type soon and you foal they don't know any more how to express how frustrated they are. they keep on saying that israel is shrinking their area of living really. their livelied hood, taking awayland. that they are also have a lot of concern about what is going on around the access
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compound, and this is going to bring a will the of turn to this conflict that has been going forever. so many would just tell you we don't believe in any anything any more. system of the youth say well maybe going back to violence is the only solution maybe that will put pressure on the international community to bring about a solution so you have very mixed feelings and we still didn't get anything. so that's i think the crux of the dilemma for the palestinian peep. they look forward, but they don't know what to look at exactly. >> thank you, that properties cutedy ash moan the former head of the assembly part of a bribery scandal, the former u. intermountain general
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assemblyash, is among those facing corruption charges. the u. n. chief says he is teenly troubled. by the allegations let's go to james because our diplomatic editor. not just jon ash, but others as well. any idea how deep this goes? >> well, certainly we are hearing from the u.s. attorneys office. that they believe it is possible there could be further arrests currently six people are arrested including as well as the former president of the general assembly, one of the most important offices here at the united nations that was given this money, in the return for the him making official visits to properties and property schemes. that the billionaire owned. i can tell you, david, from's
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real shot at some of the details of the allegations. that were read out earlier on. by the u.s. attorney. >> first, they paid him money, lots of it. they transferred over $1 million in cash and in wire transfers to ash's bank accounts in new york, often in installments up to 200 thousands or $300,000 at a time. ash spent this on himself and on his family. $54,000 for a pair of rolex watches. and $40,000 to lease a new bmw but he took more than just cash. sometimes he got paid in the orr ways. he also allegedly had the bribers pay for a luxury first class vacation for himself and his family. having them pay for the hotel in new orleans at over $8,050
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a night, he even asked them to pay a contractor directly to bill a private basketball court at his home. >> it's a very long list, james, and very often when these sort of things are going around, you get an ink cling that something is underway. did anybody have a clue that this was going to happen? i haven't spoke ton anyone that said they heard any rumors at all. in fact, mr. ash was here last week. i saw him here while world leaders were gathering for the general assembly. then he was being treated now he finds himself behind bars. this is a man who was previously the ambassador of his country, in the united nations. let me give you a clue as to his reputation here. before these allegations. when he first got the job, as president of the general assembly, the then u.s. ambassador susan rice put out
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a press release, he was a true veteran of the u.n., and said we could no be in better happens. >> true veteran in so many other ways as well. james bays of the united nations. nato has rejected the ex-from nation for why it's combat jets went into turkish air space. they say the incident was a mistake. the nato secretary general says in his words it doesn't look like an accident. >> the raids are being staged from a base that's in the west of syria on the coast down there. as many as 50 military jets move moved. the later air strikes hit targets. according to syrian state t.v., and the monitoring group, that the russians say that's rubbish. russian raids sends the bombing campaign largely centered on areas where armed groups are based.
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not ice sill. well, compare this to u.s. raids which mainly centralled on locations known to be isil strong holds. either up there in the northwest or further north and east of the country. from moscow, at al jazeera. >> russian bombs fall on syria one more, 15 were flown on monday according to the defense ministry, ten air strikes were carried out. on the ground, syrians have been filming and uploading footage they say shows the they say shows of russia's air force. and the dip lo t maic fireworks are continuing too. nato secretary general clearly seconds russia's account into turkish air space. there's a fleeting mistake caused by bad weather. >> i will no speculate on the mowties. i will just reiterate or restate, that this is a serious violation of turkish air space.
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>> the president on a visit to nato home city of brussells also hit out that russia's campaign. >> russia is still there. russia at the moment is carrying out operateses and is trying to create an air base and at the same time, they violate our air space. we cannot tolerate this. nato has taken a tough line and i am convinced that it will continue to do so. any aggression against turkey is an aggression against nato. >> moscow says it is happy to work with turkey to prevent any miss understanding in syria. but despite community case last week between russian and u.s. militaries aimed at avoiding a mishap, washington still feels moscow is keeping it in the dark about it's operations. nonsenses, says russia's foreign ministry. at a tuesday press conference at which she credit sized the international media, for an anty russian reportingle campaign, spokesperson maria also told washington all it
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has to do is pick up the phone w. >> they can always call us. and then announce accurate and clear testimony in public. even after these conversation which is can take place at any moment at the request, we still have any concerns you may speak about then. but first you should check this with us. >> despite both russia and the u.s. led coalition insisting that bombing campaigns are thatting isil, the prospect of anything more than the merest of cooperation looks slim. moscow says that the coalitions campaign is illegal under international law because it wasn't requested. the coalition says that russia planes are there to prop up a brutal dictator. >> despite nato warnings of a significant military build up in syria, moscow is still ruling out any sort of presidents on the grown mission. for the moment, it says it is
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content to fight the war from the skies. al jazeera. moscow. >> bangladesh has apparently increased security for foreigners in response to the killing of an italian aid worker and a japanese farmer. the government and foreign diplomates have been meeting to talk about the deaths which have been blamed on isil. particularly the one involving the italian citizen. the group claim to have killed the japanese man in a gun attack on sunday. let's hear more from al jazeera who is in the been he dash capitol. >> >> above the security measures it is taking in the wake of the mores of two foreign nationals this past week these mores have hadn't tokers here spooked. especially because of reports that the islamic state is claiming responsibility for these attacks. however ever uh.
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>> the government has down plays. they say there is no eve to support that the islamic state is links to these. despite the fact that police have after the sek murder arrested three people for distributing propaganda. in terms of security measures, very little new was mentioned after this briefing. there is more police presence in the diplomat european union areas and the british high commissioner said that he is satisfied with the safety measures that is government is taking in the enokay, and in the rest f the countries. however, there is not much that has been said in terms of probably the most important thing, which is the progress being made in fining those responsible for the two mores that havic thatten place already. >> murdered staying with us, after this short break, the bra stillian oil company
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announces $11 million in the cuts as reals from a giant corruption scandal. >> take a look at who really benefits from the signing of the word's biggest free trade deal. and hong kong football association punished after it's fans booed the national anthem with the rest of the sport wrap
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>> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. coalition soldiers.saudi led the top u.s. in afghanistan admitted that the decision to bomb a hospital was made by u.s. forces and not the afghans as have been previously claimed. and the palestinian president said he does not want an escalation in violence with israel. >> china is now saying that it respects the rules of the transpacific trade
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partnership deal and won't be standing against them. beijing national development and reform commission says china must accelerate the development of it's own trade mechanism, and it's own rules. new zealand is already the word's largest ex-porter of dairy products. but the market is set to expand even further. government officials say the newly agreed trance pacific partnership will make it's products accessible up to 800 million customers and bring in nearly 2 billion u.s. dollars more every year by 2030.
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>> that runs separate to the u.s. japan led d. p. the japan's prime minister welcomes eventual chinese inclusion. >> it would contribute largely to our nation security, and asia pacific regional stability. and it would have significant strategic meaning if china joins the system but many analysts see this as a power play. a continuing battle for drop nance over the region between
2:33 pm
china and the u.s. japan alliance. regardless, created the p.p.p. is set the redefine trade. >> it is going to change the structure, not only this part of the world and the whole world, what will happen mow is the world will not be wided into economic blocks. every country now in order to survive, must decide to join one ofs that economic blocks. >> it will still be a few years before these farmers feel any of the effects of the t. the deal has to be ratified by each country, before it is put the place with seven of the 12 d.p.p. countries facing elections soon, the outcome on this controversy deal can be delayed even further. al jazeera, manila. >> the highest court in you struck down a transatlantic data deal used by companies to send people's personal data to the u.s. the safe harbor agreement as
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it is known which the u.s. and european commission was found to not sufficiently guarantee the personal data of europeans and now those companies must find otherwise to operate or face significant legal and financial penalties. more. >> every day billions of dollars of electronic business is conducted between the united states and europe. legal contracts, personal data, commercial deals and social media. all supposedly protected by a transatlantic privacy agreement. now, though, the european court of justice has decided that safe harbor can't be trust. >> it impacts all aspects of business. personal data is semplely anything from which allying individual can be identified. live f uh. >> in the 2013, former c. i. a. contractor leaked
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classified documents revealing the scale and intrusiveness of covert snooping it was those revelations which propertied campaign to bring this case to the european court. he focused on facebook, which has it's european the transfers uses day to to service outside the the e. u. >> whether it is a digital photograph, or credit card details. mull million dollars deals all of that has to be stored on servers such as this. they are not here in the union, they are sited in the united states. now under the safe harbor agreement, america promised to match the european union privacy rules. for what has become clear and is now acknowledged be i the court is that morn spy agencies routinely override and ignore european privacy rules. safe harbor, is worthless. >> is facebook insists it has done nothing wrong.
2:36 pm
worth ever it is imperative that governmentsen sure that they provide reliable methods. alternatives to safe harbor include such things as model contracts. binding corporate rules or consent. >> of course, another solution will be to make the u.s. spy agencies more accountable. >> if i get spied on pi the n.s. a, there is no way for me to go to the u.s. that suggests with season so if the u.s. can perform that act that happens in the 1970's so either europeans can have some rights of action european a companies which contravene privacy face financial penalties running
2:37 pm
to seven figure sums. and new rules are on the way which would impose fines up to five pest of company's global turnover% ever firm covington, ever that security say we couldn't have a better person in the studio with us. help me with this. because i want to give an example. let's say i post on facebook which i had for dinner. and somehow that ends up with facebook in the united states. now the concern is that thele national security agency would really want the know what i had for dinner, and could use it to do something overreaching access by u.s. intelligence services in
2:38 pm
their mind -- if they can get back to the other agencies as well. that will be very difficult. >> that is the issue. from the european -- again from the european courts effect p itch infringed charter rights in particular. article seven and eight. and so that will need to be addressed particularly as they go about creating a new safe harbor trip work .
2:39 pm
>> what sort of companies would want to transmit in this fashion. >> we live in a world where there's flows of data and companies that transact business inth bly transfer data. these are things that happen all the time, and also cannot be avoidedded. >> are we talking about companies that would want to use it for commercial purposes. they would get the details of what sort offed foos i like, where i like to go, what my dog -- where i live, my spending patterns and than try to target. >> no, and primarily what we are talking about here, are businesses transferring data pursuant to normal business practices. food. >> it is broader it has much broader scope. >> one assuming that the n. s. a, should be one step ahead, of people that made
2:40 pm
the decision will find a way around this. >> that's goings to continue to present a problem, so that question knees to be addressed. >> thank you, thank you very much indeed. >> okay, we are talking about events in brazil. corruption there, the state owned company is going to cut $11 billions from it's spending for the next years has been a mass i corruption scandal that has reached right to the very top and the politics and other life estimated it is that billions of dollars stolen could have lifted almost 10 million brazilians out of poverty. here is virginia low personal data in brazil. >> and embarrassing ores close to $400,000 were also
2:41 pm
seized under investigation for alleged corruption. wheredy the money come from, to get this and where was this money -- at these -- at this art placed for it was placed in private homes well, where, exactly did they get the money, and who are the ore people on the other side of the fence. >> . >> video on his phone show a time of prosperity when thousands here were employed where the new found oil wells are many the country. >> i was able the get a loan for a car and even send some money to my own mother. but with petro scandal relost everything. i went from heaven to held jeff night. >> in the last five years the town's population quadrupled p police were full of life and business was booming. today thousands of those have moved back, and shops have
2:42 pm
closed. the signs of this instant growth are nowhere to be seen. the boom town is now bust. signs for rent hang from empty billings. shops don't bother to open. customersleft or have no money. they say the scandal revealed a web. >> analyst synthase the better scandal has also shown brazil has robust institutions to see it through the cries i. a major crisis of investigating a large massive corruption the role and society is very satisfied with that the mia is playing
2:43 pm
a role so i think that it is going urn the rules. >> he disagrees. >> i feel abandoned by my government and my country. i feel i am no one. i feel i am embarrassed to be brazillian. >> it is a feeling share by many in the 7th largest economy in the world. and one that is expected to cost the government dearly. al jazeera. bra still. >> we are off to cuba in just a moment. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> the rumors that are encouraging more cubans to make the difficult and dangerousny across the united states scientists who won this year's nobel physics prize new flip and in sport, acup between canada remain in the battle the the wooden spoon
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it was only chance that brought them ashore here she said she had no choice. >> we had to get out fast. because we think it is going to get bad anyone that comes here, are going to get turn back. is we had the hurry and get here. >> at the u.s. coast gar in miami persistence rumors are a major concern. the numbers of people making the crossing is now far higher than the recent years and captain mark says many desperate cubans are being taken advantage of. >> if you are thinking of
2:47 pm
going you better go now. we know they have been doing that, we have been toll that. >> one of the biggest challenges the authorities here now face is trying to quell a rumor that is putting lives at risk. the coast guard tell us they are working with the local community, in the hopes that the message will get back to the island. meanwhile the number of those trying to make it to the main lanes continue the grow. >> . >> doesn't want to seen any ofamily members risking everything for a new life florida. >> scientists from japan and canada won the aword for making a major discovery
2:48 pm
about knew torino. one of the tiniest most common particles in the universes they have becoming the 1,199th, and 200th persons to take the prize. since it all began in 1901. he did early work, those tiny partle cans sometimes ghost particle which is are the billing blocks of matter. a kilometer underneath a mountain in central japan. after mcdonald demonstrating the new -- do not disappear on their way the eater, but simply change their up to they got together to overturn the theory that they have no mass, and that's force physicists to reconsider the fundamental make up oof the universes. have reto new technology for
2:49 pm
the treatment of diseases such as cancer. let's hear from kate, martial physicist who probably know better. >> . >> the first thing is they are fundamental. you can't braining them into smaller possessions there are thousands of pieces going through our bodies every second. they are one of the most common particles in the universes. so what we saw with the oscillations is that knew torino come in three types of flavors. as an electron, and a neuroyou can think of then as three different flavorers of ice cream if you will. so the interesting thing is that they are oscillating so changing between these three identities. this is very interesting and very mysterious and still don't understand why. it changes our understanding of matter in the universes. so previous to understanding
2:50 pm
that it is isolate, we thought that they ha no mass, just like foe tones have no mass. >> so we are fining out that they do oscillate, this means that they must actually have mass. and this has changed everything, in the model of physics. >> while i have a check we will get to sport with robin. >> dave, thank you very much. one of the can dates for fifa president says he is facing a 15 year suspension which cow end his attempt to sek seed separate he has been investigated be i the ethics committee over alleged rule breeches. for the 2022 world cup challenge. he denied wrongdoing, and accused the committee of acting as a hitman for blatter who says is trying to derail his candidacy. >> ultimately, i will be vin
2:51 pm
kateed and i will strive to prevail. but if the ethics committee uses such tactics and completely ignores due process, and fair process, i think justice will not be served at this ethics committee hearing. and there is a possibility that my candidacy will be jeopardized. if we consider this case objectively, the true danger, is that they won't stop at stab only toking only my candidacies, but also destroying fifa's presidential election, and fifa itself. >> . >> was the favorite to win the vote after blatter said he would be stetting town. but last month after a payment he received nine years after he said hedy the job for the them. so far heavily focused on clearing fifa of it's ole gar and the corruption up
2:52 pm
surrounding it. the oh front runner is prince of jordan. the other allegations of the former vice president. there's now less than three weeks for the ores to come forward. >> the hong kong football association has been fined five thousands by fifa after fans boo the chinese national anthem [boos]. >> the world cup qualifier between hong kong and qatar. they have wonged if they are overbooking the anthem has been share by hong kong and mainland china. >> after qualifying for the 2018 world cup gets underway across the continent on when, but zimbabwe ice team has been expelled for financial miss management. it has angered millions in the country, and the government is promising to
2:53 pm
intervene. reports now. >> football fans in zimbabwe can't belief this is happening. fifa says the national team cannot take part in the world cup qualifying stages. that's because the football association owes a tomorrow ther coach more than $60,000 in unpaid salaries. it is also facing financial difficulties. to fans football or soccer is in trouble. >> zip ba babb way we love soccer. we eat soccer. we drink soccer. >> -- we have -- in zimbabwe, it is the battle for the us. >> zimbabwe has neff won a world cup. in fact, no team has made it to the finals. but for supporters just seeing the team qualify is a matter of pride. >> they don't know me. but i just wanted to see our
2:54 pm
guys our players playing there. >> allegations of corruption, including taking money, and failing missing funds has left the football association in a crisis. >> the president of the football association, has been fired. there's now a new sports minister, but most football supporters know that it could take a long time to fix what has gone whereon. >> government officials say they are ael pooing the suspension. but fill fa has strict rules the government does not want the interfere as far as the running. but the got would like the policy level to advice those that are in p charge of running football to do things right. we need to modernize fifa so that we walk alongside each ore. >> >> fans sky they miss the good old days. >> players would get paid in type. supporters were scheduled but it doesn't happen any more.
2:55 pm
there's always these supporters feel scandals and corruption have tarnished the gape, and embarrassed the country. al jazeera. >> outsigh a real chance of problem progressing fourthner this competition, the pry and a place at the 2019 world cup was at stake as they tack on canada earlier. the romanians hoping to finish 30 to automatically qualify for the next tournament in japan. the the do that they kneed to win the last two. >> . >> battling the way back into the match reduce the score to 15-14, with just minutes left kicked remain into 17-15 win tennessee now farm ther two former world number ones went h he to head at the china
2:56 pm
open a straight sets winner over venus williams, seven of h six, 6-2. she will face two time championship next. steal team has been diffused including has been denied visas at the end of this month. over 500 representing 83 countries have signed up for this event. >> for a hit on another player, rafael torres was banned for 41 games for an illegal check on a head of the anaheim player. in a pre-season game, it is the 50 time he has been suspended. he has until wednesday to appeal. major league baseball
2:57 pm
post season gets underway later with the houston astros visit the new york yankees for the american league wile car game. this isn't a series but a 1-0 game. practicing ahead f the game on tuesday. they haven't reached the playoffs since 2005. the appearance this time confirmed on the last day of the regular season. that's your sport back to dave. >> let me tell you about the world wide fun it says that it has discovered 211 new species in the him leahs. a the area is home the mount everest, and turns out to be home to this blue walking snake head fish that can survive on land for four days. they discovered 133 new plants, ten amphibians, and on and on and on and on. i won't go on, that's it for me. you have felicity company bye bye for now.
2:58 pm
>> gang life... this was our foundation. it's what we all knew. when i met daisy, it was the best day of my life. i told my co-workers, i'm gonna marry her... when my past caught up with me and made us all pay the price.
2:59 pm
>> it was very confusing... they were just, "where is it? where did he put it"? the social worker said, "i'm gonna have to take the baby". you're gonna have to kill me to take my child. they took my family. he's like, "they're using your child as leverage". the day i think i'm getting sarah back, my public defender tells me they're gonna take me to trial. i don't know how i'm gonna do it but... i need another lawyer. >> that judge is not known for his compassion. >> if at any point i'm not fighting for my family, i don't know what that would do to me. >> families don't survive this.
3:00 pm
>> a dozen soldiers are killed as isil takes direct aim in acken. >> aden. >> this is al jazeera life from london. also coming up. a u.s. u-turn on the hospital attack. they admit the billing was mistakenly targeted. some are calling it a war crime. west bank process against israeli security fors. the palestinian president says he doesn't want the violence to escalate. and europe gives facebook a thumbs down over the way it sens data.