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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> a dozen soldiers are killed as isil takes direct aim in acken. >> aden. >> this is al jazeera life from london. also coming up. a u.s. u-turn on the hospital attack. they admit the billing was mistakenly targeted. some are calling it a war crime. west bank process against israeli security fors. the palestinian president says he doesn't want the violence to escalate. and europe gives facebook a thumbs down over the way it sens data. to the united states the the
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islamic state of levant says it was behind four suicide attacks. athlete 15 people were killed 11 yemen troops and four soldiers from the u. a. e. who are fighting for the saudi led coalition. the targets were a hotel being used by the government, as it's informal headquarters and a villa. isil has carried out attacks before, but these are the groups first known attacks on the yemen administration itself. the group also claimed to have carries out a suicide bombing at a of course in the capitol. in which at least seven people were killed. the ratest. >> these are the four suicide bombers isil says were behind the attacks. they controversy cars packed with explosives into a hotel
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where government leaders have based their headquarters. the compound used by soldiers was also targeted. >> . >> is i have heard huge explosions and rushed to the area. i was toll two vehicles drove through check points and exploded inside the compound tolledty. >> earlier force thes led by saudi arabia blamed the fighters and trooped loyal to form ther president for the attacks. isil has emerged as a force in yemen over the last year in this video, posted on sunday, it is fighters are shown distributing pamphlets in the adan, and fighting against the houthis in different parts of the country. isil also claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that targeted shia mosques like this one, in the
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capitol last month. isil is expanding in areas formerly under the control of. q. a. p, also known as al quaida in the arabian peninsula. they have recently suffered major set backs losing most of it's top leaders in u.s. drone attacks. the attack in adan is in the first time that coalition forces in yemen have been targeting. last month, dozens of coalition soldiers were killed in an attack. it was the highest number of coalition forces killed in the a single attack since the start of their campaign in yemen, seven months ago. many are now worried that the attacks will put ther imflame the continuing war in yemen. >> israel has announced the lifting of restrictions in jerusalem since last month. muslim men under 50 have been banned from entering that
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area. the return to normal comes after days of tension and violence. across the west bank hundreds have been protesting against both the israeli occupation and the recent crack down. mike hannah reports. >> the crack down in the occupied west bank presumed before dawn, israelry army ransacking several houses and arresting two people. the resistence was fierce buzz lited to stones. in occupied east jerusalem the homes of two men who had been involved in the attacks against israelis were demolished. neighbors say an act of calculated cruelty, given that the attacks occurred nearly a year ago. the p.l.o. describes it as another illegal act of collective punishment. >> yesterday at midnight, army fors came and raided the houses aggressively, and assaulted the residenting. they started hitting people and ordered us to evacuate
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immediately without any prewarning. we were just evacuated to the street. >> while in bethlehem, the funeral of 13-year-old who was shot and killed by the israeli army at nearby refugee catch, his. family adamant there with no protests taking place at the time. >> my son went to school like all the other kids and then he finishes school, but he never came back hope. they shot him and there were no clashes underway in the catch. >> and in ramallah protestors repeatedly disbursed by bullets and tear gas, gunshots were also fired. as palestinian frustration mounts so too does police pressure on leader-p there are questions from the leadership in gaza, as the to the nature of security cooperation with israel. and questions from within his own p. l. o. factions as to whether he intends to the abandon the accords or not.
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>> . >> the frame work for whatever relationship exists. >> at a meeting of factions he made clear his belief, that under occupation, palestinians are forced to defend themselves. >> when a group of settlers come and attack, what do you expect our response to be? leaf us alone, we are not the ones that started it israel has to stop and accept our hand is reached out for a solution, and a peaceful way, and not in another way. >> another day of rage, and another day of israeli occupation mike hannah, al jazeera in the occupied west bank. >> let's get more now from al jazeera, she is life in ramallah for us right now. and is the lifting of these restrictions is that likely to help calm tensions do you think? >> well, this news just came out about an hour ago. now just to be clare about
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these restrictions they are imposed on september 13th. if you recall at the type, israeli ever forced had stormed the compound, but the mosquen itself, and evacuated itself from all the palestinian who were now, after that, it payed the way for some right wing activists to go to the come point, to enter the compound and the police protection, in the what many here say is simply a show of force now, since then, there have been restrictions mainly concerning palestinian males anyone under the able of 50, was not allowed to enter that compound. >> many people will also tell you whether it is here on on the israeli side that since that september 13th that you had this surge in between the
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two sighs. whether it will have an impact or not, is something we will see in the coming days many will tell you the problem is with these restrictions is they come and go as really pleases to the israeli authorities. often when it coincides with a jewish holiday. >> thank you very much indeed. afghanistan says it is forces mistakenly struck a hospital in the northern city on saturday. killing 22 people. general jon canal bell says it was a decision to attack the site. contrary to his earlier that afghan forbess had called in the the attack doctors without borders has strongly rejected the statement, saying it deliberately tarted the hospital, and that the admission amounts to a war
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crime. >> the decision provide fire was a u.s. decision, made within the u.s. chain of command. >> we would n intentionally target a protected medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take it's course, and therefore i am not at liberty to discuss further at this time. how, i ensure the investigate will be thorough and transparent. >> however however ever we have a conversation with afghan security officials with the leading jeb in this operation. they are telling us they are denying any involvement in the bombing. they said that it was not them who called the bombing and it was not them who did the coordination with the they say simply, u.s. special forces are in the ground with them and it was u.s. soldier
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who called the bombing and who did the coordination in this operation that started retaking the operation that started nato issued in a statement that they will send that into the ground to acsis and to coordinate the support afghan forces. they called the advisors but they are really battle soldier who are also happen to coordinate the support so afghan forces on the ore side, of saying without them, it is impossible to push the taliban back in the meantime, they are not taking responsibility for a mistake, they say is their mistake, but afghan officials also confirming that in that particular compound, in a hospital, it is a big hospital, has a big compound and there's a corner of that there were some taliban at the time and they were getting shot at from we are
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receiving calls from residents around the city, they are telling us that for more than a week now, they are living with no matter, no food, the no electricity this afternoon, when we entered kunduz city we could hear gunfire everywhere. the problem is now for the locals for any movement for locals that they don't know where belongs to who, and the fighting is basically street to street. one street controlled by taliban, the next by the after gone government. any movement for local can be dangerous and they get shot at. >> prosecutors in the united states have announced corruption charges against united nations officials including the former head of the u.n. general assembly. the officials are accused of being part of a bribery scheme the former u. n. general assembly president
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and antigua diplomate jon ash is among those facing corruption charges. life now to our diplomatic editor at the u. n. headquarters so what exactly is he alleged to have done then, james. >> he is alleged to have taken prescribes and he is alleged to have taken over $1 million. in the bribes. real shock here that one of the most important prominent figures he was in this job between 2013 and 14 should be charged with such offenses. the president of the general assembly, mainly ceremonial role, but it is very prominent, shocked too of the details against him, which were read out earlier on by the u.s. attorneys office. >> $59,000 on a single order of custom tailors suits.
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$54,000 for a pair of watches. and $0,000 to lease a new b, many, with but ash took more than just cash. sometimes he got paid in ore way 44 h. >> those are some of the charges against jon ash, as we speak, the current president of the u.n. general assembly is giving his reaction, telling us a short time ago, at the news conference underway right now, that i was at just a few moments ago, that he is shocked who is the danish current president of the general assembly he is saying that he still takes the very mod essalary he says that he took when he was the speaker of the danish parliament. people here though still sinking in the news that allegations against jon ash who was the ambassador of his country, antigua before he got the job at the president of the general assembly in 2013. and he had been a very
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respected figure, but worth telling you that when he got the job, it was elected to the job, it was welcomed by to less a figure than the then u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she said the a statement at the time, we could not be in better hands. now the allegation is that those hands were taking mass i bribes. >> james, live at the u. f., thank you. >> still to come, on the program. nato says russia's violation of turkish air space does got look like an accident. >> and bangladesh steps up security after a space of killings by isil perhaps lap wrap
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the perhaps., welcome back to isil says it carries out a series of suicide attacks which killed 15 people including four soldiers. the palestinian president said edoesn't want an escalation in violence. there has been fierce fighting against protestors and security forces. and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is admitted that the decision to bomb a hospital in country due was made by u.s. forces and not the afghans as previously claimed. says it doesn't look like an
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accident as many as 50 military jets have been moved there the latest russian air strikes hit targets in the city according to syrian state television and a monitoring group. but that has since been denined by a defense ministry official. russian raids since the bombing campaign began have largely centered on areas that armed groups are based not isil. compare this to u.s. raids from september 2050, which painly centered on row cases phone to be isil strong holds. from the moscow. >> russian bombs fall on syria once more. 15 were frown on monday, according to the defense ministry, ten air strikes were carried on the ground, syrians have been filming and uploading footage they say shows the explosive, with of russia's air force. z the diplomatic fireworks are continuing too, nato secretary general clearly
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doubts russia's accounts of an incurbs into the air space. i will not speculate on the mow tiffs. i will just restate this this is a serious violation of air space. and should not happen again. >> the turkish president also hit out at russia's syrian campaign. >> russia is still there russia at the moment is carrying out operations and is trying to create an air base, and at the same time they violate air offer space. we cannot tolerate this. nato has take an very tough line against this, and i am convinced that it will continue to do so. any aggression against turkey is an aggression against nato. >> moscow says it is happy to work with turkey to prevent any miss understandings in syria but despite communications last week, between russian and u.s. militaries aimed at avoiding
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a mishap, washington still feels moscow is keeping it the the dark about it's operations. >> nonsenses, says russia's upon ministry. for the an anty russian reporting campaign, spokesperson also told washington all it has to do isic p up the phone they can always call us and check everything, and then afounds accurate and clear testimony in public. even after this conversation which can take place at any moment, the american request is still have any concerns you may speak about them, but first, he should check the with us. >> despite both rush a and the u.s. led coalition insists that their bombing campaigns are targeting, the prospect of anything more tan the merest of cooperation looks slim. moscow says that the coalitions campaign is
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illegal under international law because it wasn't requested by the syrian government, the coalition says that russian planes are there to prop up a brutal dictator. >> despite nato warners of a significant build up moscow is still ruling out any sort of boots on the ground mission. for the moment, it says it is content to fight the war from the skies. al jazeera, moscow. >> the president of the european council is barning millions more refugees can head to europe from syria if president asaad's government continues to receive military support from russia and iran. donald called for europe to regain control of it's borders in a speech to the european par represent. he spoke after holding talks with the turkish president on monday. >> the potential victory of the rah jet stream, more likely today because of iran and russia engangment the syria. will result in the next
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pieing rah story ways. >> yesterday, this message was confirmed by the president according to turkish estimates another 3 million potential refugees may come from aleppo, and it's neighborhood. >> 6,000 u.s. prisoners are to be freed in the country's largest one time release. the inpates from federal prisons across the u.s. will be free between october the 30 and november the second. most overteem will go to half way houses and home confinement before being put on supervised release. bangladesh has increased security following thekying of an italian aid worker and agape freeze farmer. the government and foreign diplomates have been meeting to discuss the deaths. the group claims to have killed the japanese pan the a gun attack on sunday
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killleky. >> briefs the diplomatic community about the security measures that it is taking in the wake of the murders of two foreign nationals this past national national h. >> however, the government has down played the suggestions after the briefing, they have said there is no evidence to support that the islamic state is linked to these attacks. despite the fact that police have after the second murder arrests three people, for distributing islamic state propaganda, in turns of security measures very little new was mentioned after this briefing after the briefing that he is satisfied with the safety measures that the got
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is taking in the enclave and in the rest of the country in finding those responsible for the two mores that have taken place already 211 new species in the himalayas the region it describes as a unique treasure house the area turned out to be the home of a blue walking snake head fish. that can survive on land for four days in total 133 plants, 26 fish, ten amphibians, a reptile, a bird, and a ma'am were discovered in the five years to 24 scientists from japan and canada have been jointly awarded the nobel prize for physics. they won the award for making
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a major dave coyry one of the tiniest and most common particles in the universes. the announcement was made at the world's swedish academy of sciences. producer and donald worked out that the different types can morph into each other proving for the first time, that n, the, are, i, inos do have mass. a particle physicist she has been telling us more about the mystery surrounding these. >> the first thing to understand abouten them is they are fundamental. you can't break them into smaller possessions. another thing to know is there's literally thousands of billions going through our bodies every second. they are one of the most common particles in the universes seo what w so what w, is they come in three types of flavorers. a neuro, you can think of
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them as three different flavorers of ice cream if you want p the the the interesting thing is that they are oscillating and changing between these three identity. >> so this is very interesting and miss tier the understanding of matter in the universes. so previous to understanding that it is isolate, we thought that they had no mass, just like foe tones have no mass. and this is dictating by our fundamental theory of the universes. so finding out that they do oscillate, this means that thymus actually have mass. and this has changed everything in the standard model of physics. >> europe's highest court has struck down a transatlantic deal used by companies like facebook to send personal day to the united states. the safe harbor agreement, which the u.s. and european commission reached inthey found insufficiently guaranteed the personal data
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of europeans. >> data a supposedly protecting by a transatlantic privacy treatment called safe harbor now, though, the european court of justice has decided that safe harbor can't be trusted. >> it imability pas all aspects of business. so that's ranging from something as simple as an email signature block, to details in a live data base for example. >> in 2013, former c. i.a. contractor leaked class freewayed documents revealing the sheer scale and intrusiveness of covert stopping veal a he focused on
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facebook which has which transfers users day to to service jut side the e. u. >> whether it is a digital photograph, or credit card details or indeed multimillion dollars business deals, all of that data has to be stored observers such as this. more often than not, they are not here, they are sited in the united states. now under the safe harbor agreement, america promised to match the european union privacy rules. what has become clear and is now acknowledged be i the court, is that america's spy agencies routinely override and ignore european privacy rules. safe harbor, is worthless. >> facebook insists it has done nothing wrong, and operates within current laws the company declined an interview request, but issue as statement saying that it is impair tiff that governments ensure they continue to provide reliability methods for lawful data transfers the resolve any issues.
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alternatives include such things as model contracts, binding corporate rules or our own consent for data to be transmitted. of course, another solution would be to make the u.s. spy agencies more accountable. >> if i get spied on by the n. s.a., there is no way for me to go to the u.s. >> so if the u.s. can perform the privacy act, so either europeans can have some rights of action under the lienal sleighs, that levels up the playing field ledgennings up to 5% of company's global turnover. this european ruling will spark a scramble to find new ways of doing business paul
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