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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the islamic state of iraq and the levant say it was behind a spate of suicide bombings in the yemeni city of aden. welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next half hour the palestinian president called for calm following more unrest in the occupied west bank. a u-turn on the afghan hossa tack, u.s. officials change their story again and admits the building was mistakenly targeted. and the blooming under water environment beating all the odds off the coast of hong kong.
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♪ ♪ the islamic state of iraq and the levant has claimed responsibility for four suicide bombs in the yemeni suicide of aden. 11 yemenis troops and four from the uea were killed. the attacks targeted a hotel used by the yemeni government used as it's a. [ inaudible ] formal headquarters and a villa used by the. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: it was packed with exclusives in to a hotel. they have based their headquarters. this is the moment that it was hit. a compound used by soldiers from the arab emirates was also targeted. >> translator: i heard huge explosions and rushed to see
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what happens happening. [ technical difficulties ] >> reporter: earlier government and coalition forces blamed the houthis and troops loyal to former president saleh for the attacks. isil has emerged as a force in yemen over the last year. in this video, posted on sunday, [ technical difficulties ] >> reporter: these attacks targeted shia mosques like this one in the capital sanaa last month. isil is expanding in areas formerly under the control of aqap, also known as al qaeda in the arabian p peninsula. aqap has recently suffered [
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technical difficulties ] >> reporter: the attack in aden isn't the first time coalitions forces in yemen
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a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> reporter: doctors without borders wants an outside probe because it accuses the u.s. and afghanistan of committing a war crime. >> do you have any reason to object to having an independent investigation done by the u.n. or another independent body of what happened? >> ma'am, i have trust and confidence in the folks that will do the investigation for nato, the folks that will do the investigation for d.o.d. and the afghan partners. and so, you know, all very tough questions that we are all asking they will get after that. >> reporter: the hospital bombing has reignited questions about the afghan forces readiness when u.s. troops leave. >> as we continue to pull out, the taliban are going to increasingly undertake high-level attacks and battle tempo against afghan force to his probe for weakness, once we have increasingly stepped off the battlefield.
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the question is whether or not the afghans will be willing and able to fight without us there to reinforce them and whether they will be willing do to do that overtime. >> reporter: the first reports on the kunduz hospital bombing should be completed by the beginning of november but they won't answer the larger question. of whether the u.s. should grow more involved not less in afghanistan's effort to his defend itself. rosalind jordan, al jazeera, washington. mean while, let's stay in kunduz and the taliban fighters are in control of the outskirts of the city. we can now go to kuhn tuesday airport. just get us up-to-date on what's the latest in kunduz city. >> reporter: now the center of the city, afghan security force, it's under control of afghan security forces. but it is still taliban control the residential part of kunduz
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city. it's surrounding the center of the city. so it is a very frank ill situation. no one knows who will be in control of where and when. afghan residents who are stuck there, they are telling us like every five minutes it change. now afghan residents are out to do shopping. i asked some of them why they are taking the risk to go out. they are telling us they don't have a choice they run out of food, water, no electricity they have to take the risk and go and find an open shop to buy something to survive. >> thank you for that update, there speaking to us from the kunduz airport. israel says it's lifting restriction on his the muslims entering the al-aqsa muslim mosque. they have men under 50 have been
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banned from visiting for the past month. protests after recent crack downs by israeli security forces. >> reporter: the crack down in the occupied west bank resumed before dawn. the israeli army ransacking several houses and arresting two people in the city. the resistence was fierce but limited to stones. then in occupied east i can't ruse legal the homes of two men who had allegedly been involved in attacks against israelis were demolished. neighbors say it's an act of calculated rule at this given that the attacks occurred nearly a year ago. the p.l. on. describes it as item another illegal act of collective punishment. >> yesterday at midnight i'm forces came and raided the houses aggressively and salted the residents, they started hitting people and ordered us to evacuate immediately from the building without any prewarning. we were just evacuate today the
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street. >> reporter: while in bethlehem the funeral of a 13-year-old that was shot at a nearby refugee camp. his family adamant that there were no protests taking place at the time. >> my son went to school like all the other kids and then he finished school but then came back home. they shot him and there were no clashes under way the camp. >> reporter: protesters repeatedly disbursed by rubber-coated bullets. gunshots were also fired. as frustration amounts, so too does pressure on palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. there are questions from the hamas leadership in gaza as to the nature of security operation with israel. and questions from within his own p.l. on. factions as to whether or not he intends to abandon the oslo accords or not. the fundamental frank work for whatever relationship exists with israel. at a meeting of pl on.
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factions, mahmoud a loss made clear his belief that under occupation. palestinians are forced to defend themselves. >> in a group of settlers attack a village what do you expect our response to be. leave us alone, israel has to stop and accept our hand is reached out to a political solution in a peaceful way. not another day. >> reporter: another day of ra rage. another day of israeli occupation, mike hannas, al jazeera, in the occupied west bank. meanwhile israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has defended the tighter security measures in the occupied west bank, he blames palestinian political parties for inciting the recent violence. >> they are using additional security forces. they are acting. unfortunately a lot of this goes back to the incitement from
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hamas from the palestinian authority from the islamist movement in israel itself. israel is a lie that israel wants in any way to hurt the sacred sites of islam. we are the guarantors of the site. we are the reason that the sacred sites of i says lamb or christianity and judaism not look like palmyra. nato rejects russia's explanation for why their fate fighter jets were in turkey air space. and prison take over in brazil.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform...
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>> ali velshi on target ♪ ♪ isil says it's behind a series of suicide attacks in the yemeni city of aden. 15 people were killed in the assault including four soldiers from the saudi-led coalition. pal stun yeps in the occupied west bank are protesting against raids and arrests by israeli security forces. tension has risen a of a series of attacks in recent days with deaths on both sides. and the u.s. commander in afghanistan has admitted that an air strike on a hospital was a mistake. he says changes are being made to avoid a similar situation. 22 people were killed in the attack in kuh kunduz on saturda. nato is rejecting russia's
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explanation for why its fighter jets violated turkish air space in recent days, secretary general says the incident appears to have been intentional. rory challands reports now from moscow. >> reporter: russian bombs fall severe vinnie once more, 15 sorties were flown on monday according to defense ministry, 10 air strikes were carried out. on the ground, syrians have been filming and up loading footage they say shows the explosive work of russia's air force. and the diplomatic fireworks are continuing to. nato's secretary general clearly doubts russia's account of an incursion in to turkish air space at the weekend is a fleeting mistake caused by bad weather. >> i will not speculate on the motives. i will just reiterate or restate that this is a serious violation of turkish air space. it should not happen again. >> reporter: turkish president
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also hit out at syria's russian campaign. >> translator: russia is still there. russia at the moment is carrying out operations in syria and trying to recreate an air base in syria and at the same time they violate our air space. we cannot tolerate this thing. nato is taken a very tough line against then and i will convinced it will continue to do so. any aggression against turk is a an aggression against nate. >> reporter: moscow says it's happy to work with turkey to prevent any misunderstandings in syria. despite communication last week between russian and u.s. militaries aimed atta voiding a mishap, washington still thinks moscow is keeping it in the dark about its operations. nonsense says russia's for ministry at a conference tuesday at nba which she criticize the media for an anti russian campaign. the spokesperson also told washington all it has to do is pick up the phone. >> translator: they can always call us and check everything in
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order to alay their concerns and then announce accurate and cheer testament in public. if even after these conversations which can take place at any moment at the american side's request. you still have any concerns you may then speak about them. but first you should check this with us. >> reporter: despite both rauch and the u.s.-led coalition insisting that their bombing campaigns are targeting isil the prospect of anything of more than the merest cooperation looks slim. moscow says that the coalition's campaign is illegal under international law because it wasn't requested by the syrian government. the coalition says that russian planes are there to prop up a brutal dictator. despite nato warnings of a significant military buildup by russia in syria. moscow is ruling out any sort of boots on the ground mission. for the moment it says it's contents to fight the what are from the skies, rory challe around, al jazeera, moscow.
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the press of the european council has defended europe's handling the refugees crisis. dropped tusk described europe as the most open and tolerant place in the world but warns that russia's military intervention drivens increasing the number of refugees seeking a place in europe. >> is sad's engagement in syria will result in the next migratory wave. yesterday this message was confirmed by president. [ inaudible ]. according to turkish estimate. another 3 million potential refugees may come from aleppo and its neighborhood. prisoners at a pen 10 share any southern brazil are rioting over bad conditions and overcrowding. they have over powered guards and have taken at least 10 people hostage. caroline malone reports.
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>> reporter: they are supposed to be serving time for crime, but prisoners are in control of this unit at the state jail. they are armed with knives and sticks and have threatened to though their hostage says, fellow inmates off the roof if their demands are not met. their complaints have been heard before. conditions are inhuman and prisons are notoriously overcrowded. there are nearly 600,000 people in prisons across the country in cells designed to hold less than 300,000. many of them around 40% haven't yet seen a young and so have not yet been convicted of any crime. >> these prisons are full with people waiting for trial. who are held together with convicted prisoners. that's a violation of international law. >> reporter: the riots started on tuesday morning at a section that has a section -- that houses sexual offenders, prisoners sparked windows and set parts of the building on fire. other inmates were injured
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trying to runway from the mob fearing they too would be taken hostage. police and inmates' family members are gathering outside. while the riot and many other major prison issues carry on inside. caroline malone, al jazeera. u.s. prosecutors are charging several united nations officials with corruption and being part of an extensive bribery scheme. among the suspects is former head of the u.n. general assembly john ashe. our deposit natural i can editor james bays has more. >> reporter: it is a largely ceremonial but also very prominent job. presiding over the general assembly. where all 193 u.n. members are represented. sharing meat goes including those involving the world's leaders. >> the assembly will now hear an address by his excellence i barack obama. >> reporter: but it's alleged during his year-long-term john ashe was taking more than a million dollars in bribes from a chinese billionaire property
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dealer. >> mr. president, mr. secretary general. >> ashe took more than just cash, sometimes to get paid in other ways. he also allegedly had the bribeers pay for a luxury first-class vacation for himself and family. having them pay for his hotel in new orleans at over $850 a night. and asked to pay a contractor to build a 30,000-dollar basket court at his docs famil docs fa. [ technical difficulties ] [ technical difficulties ] >> reporter: when he finished his term as the president of the general assembly, john ashe told me the u.n. needed major change.
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>> any organization, including this one, is to -- if it to survive it has to reform. >> reporter: some say his arrest and allegations against him make that reform more urgent than ever. no one was given advanced warning of the arrests. ashe had previously served as the ambassador for his country antigua here they united nation, he was highly respected. in fact, when he was elected as president of the u.n. general assembly, the then u.s. ambassador, susan rice, said we could not be in better hands. now it's alleged those hands took months i have bribes. >> the session is now closed. >> reporter: but the criminal investigation in to bribery here is not closed. the u.s. attorney's office warning that there be further arrests. james bays, al jazeera, at the united nations. the international monetary fund says global economic growth this year will be at its lowest since 2009, the i.m.f. blames china's slow down and falling
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commodity crisis forecasting a growth of 2.4 from its prediction in july. now nations worst hit sly the slump in commodities are brazil and russia. it's predicted their economies will shrink by at least 3%. two scientists are sharing this year's noble prize for physics, they have been working out how tiny particles whiz around space. >> the royals speed i can academy of sciences has decided to award the 2015 now bell price in physicia2015 noble prize.for. [ inaudible ] which shows that would knew torinos have mass. he did the research at a
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purpose-built underground laboratory tory a kilometer beneath a mountain in central japan. the canadian or thor mcdonald was also awarded the prides, he demonstrated that new torinos from the sun don't disappear on their way to earth but change form instead. together their work overturned the prevailing their that i neutrinos have no mass and have forced physicist to his reconsidering the fundamental makeup of the universe. previous discoveries of subatomic particles have led to the new technology for the treatment of diseases like cancer, shore is a part physician six. otherwise known as s.e.r.n. she has been explain morning about the mystery surrounding neutrinos. >> the first thing to understand about them is that they are fundafundamental. you can't break them in to small pieces they are moving through
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our body, they are one of the most common particles in the universe, so what we saw with the neutrino oscillations is that they come in three types of flavors, as comas an electron neutrino, and a neon neutrino, but you can think of them as just three different flavors of ice cream if you want. the interesting thing is that the new torinos are oscillating, so changing between these three identities which is very interesting and mysterious and we don't understand why. fundamentally changes our understanding of matter in the universe. so previous to understanding that neutrinos occilation, we thought that that they had no mass, just like photons have no mass and this is dictated by our fundamental theory of the universe. so finding out that they do occilation, this means that they must have mass. >> know, a team of international
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scientists in hong kong has uncovered some surprising results when it comes to the region's marine ecosystem. despite huge urban development on the city's busy harbor they have identified a diversity of coral species that rivals even the caribbean. >> sarah clark has the story. >> reporter: land is slowly devouring these waters as the city expand its foot print. these scientists are keeping a close watch on what's happening on land. but an even closer watch on what's going on we kneeing the water and what might be happening to the coral. >> we have pollution from sewage, industry heavy metal contamination, and we also have a lot of sedimentation that results from reclamation activities. and so all of these things synergistically affect coral in a very negatively way.
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>> reporter: dare i had baker is leading this research team. they dive and log coral species and how they are fairing in the face of these tough conditions. and no one was expecting this. >> i am actually pretty surprised because if you have the numbers of the water quality and nutrient concentration, et cetera, they should not even be living in hong kong. >> reporter: just a few miles from container reports, construction sites and 7 million people. the divers have found coral not just alive. but thriving. >> it's remarkable, we can dive in place that his you think where no coral could survive. polluted harbors, marinas, areas close to wastewater discharges and you can find corals or coral relatives. >> reporter: so part team has recorded more than 80 different species of hard coral, that's more than what's been identified in the entire caribbean sea.
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>> it's a really very clear day in hong kong we saw a diversity of corals and even little schools of fishes today, it was a pretty nice day today. >> reporter: like any other marine environment around the world being this region is feeling the impacts of climate change and development. but the stronger types of coral species here are holding on. despite the unrelenting conditions and scientists are trying to establish how they survive. on each dive the scientists collect fragments of coral to monitor and cultivate. >> we can actively grow them. we go fragment them, create baby corals. and eventually our goal is to put them back in to the sites where they came from. >> reporter: the fact these course are thriving is leaving scientists baffled. >> so we could make a hypothesis that the corals here have been selected for only the strongest, only the strongest survive. so it could be that the course that we have in hong kong today or super course that may hold some secrets for coral survival
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globally in the future. >> reporter: it's an under water mystery offering a glimmer of hope for a happen tad under threat. sarah clark, al jazeera, hong kong. a quick reminder that you can always gets all the latest news on our website at al i'm ali velshi, on target, imperfect alliance. america and saudi arabia may share military but not always alliance. i'll look at the differences the middle east is on fire. united states policy in the region is coming undone in places like iraq, syria and yemen, we are seeing civil wars, power vacuums, i.s.i.l., al