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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> a sign of military reach as they fire flights the caspian seas. also coming up on the program. also fifa's ethics economy said
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it is on the verge of success suspending embattled president seth platter. the russians say that their warships in the caspian sea fired missiles targeting the islamic state in iraq and the levant. they're targeting rebel fighters not isil. >> from the caspian sea, russia opened the second front in the syrian war, unleashing missiles at isil positions.
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they were hallelujahed without warning. they were broadcast on russian state television. with a range of 2.5000 kilometers the targets were well within reach. they obtained permission from iran and iraq to overfly their territory to enable the missiles to reach the targets. russia released graphics showing the missiles over iran and iraq and avoiding southeastern turk turkey. the minister briefed the president on the strike. >> data indicates that all targets were destroyed. >> the strike was totally unexpected, and it begs the question why russia would target isil positions 1200 kilometers away when it's got a large fighter bomber force on the
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ground in syria carrying out daily strikes against isil. it would go to remind the west of russia's military reach. >> and in rome ash carter formerly ruled out any cooperation with russia. >> i said before we believe that russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil. we believe this is a fundamental mistake. we have not agreed to cooperate with russia so long they continue to pursue mistaken strategy and hit these targets. >> a disappointment for president putin, who had hoped to persuade the u.s. to join his coalition against isil. peter sharp, al jazeera, moscow. >> well, meanwhile the pentagon says that one of its ircraft has to alter its flight paths to avoid russian aircraft over
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syria. we have more details on that. she's standing by for us in washington, d.c. roslind there is a real risk of russia and usa meeting over syrian air space. >> that is very much the u.s. military concern beyond a conference meeting in the past week to say that let's have
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these discussions there have not been those discussions about trying to figure out how to keep from having the two militaries getting in each other's way and lead to go confrontation. >> we know they're not planning military cooperation just remind us again. >> there is no coordination as they both conduct airstrikes inside syria. the u.s. said that the airstrikes should always be aimed as isil the u.s. is very critical what it believes are russia airstrikes against assad
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rebels inside the territory. they're trying to keep the focus on staying out much each other's way. they want to keep it doesn't discussion, but the u.s. said if there is going to be this sort of discussion it needs to be done through diplomatic efforts. >> thank you, roslind. >> tensions remain high between israelis and palestinians with three reported stabbings in the last few hours. and an increase in violence across israel and the occupied west bank.
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this is the scene in ramallah on wednesday where students from the university fought with israeli forces. one man was killed. several others were injured. clashes across the west bank has seen five palestinians killed. over 1,600 have been injured and four israelis are also died. we have more now from ramallah. >> there were clashes in several areas around the west bank in jericho, in bethlehem, and hebron where one of the protesters died, and here in ramallah where students at the university had called for their own day of rage. now the clashes lasted for several hours with israeli forces using once again live ammunition to push back the protesters. now this has been going on for several days. and there is one figure had a really stands out at this stage, that is the number of wounded. according to both the president and the palestinian health
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ministry since october 3rd. 1,642 palestinians were wounded, and among them you have about 260 that were hit by live ammunition, and 650 that were wounded because of rubber-coated steel bullets. that just gives you an idea of the amount of force israeli forces have been using to push back these protesters and to confront them. now that doesn't mean that the clashes would stop. actually each time there is a new injured, each time someone dies, it really increases the resolve and determination of these youth. many of them will tell you everything else fails. negotiations are not happening. there is no political way ahead that we can see and trust, so the only thing we can do at this stage is to continue to keep up the pressure at least to make our voices heard, and to make everyone understand that we will
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not stay quiet until we get what we want. now the rest of the population does agree with the message of this youth, but also it's not wandering what is the step ahead. people have been going through already a first and second, there is talk of a third, but we're still not there. many people will tell you and then what? if we don't have a political leader. if we don't have an end goal then more people will die and there will be death and destruction around, and we won't get much. certainly people are frustrated. a lot of people do wonder what lays ahead, but none of them seem very positive at the moment. >> fifa president sepp blatter looks to be suspended by the ethics committee of football's governing body. fifa has been plagued by a series of corruption scandals, and on wednesday the he is
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ethics committee was locked in talks. he was stepped down after elections for his replacement in february of 2016. the fifa said that they have been separately questioned as part of a swift investigation into criminal mismanagement. sports reporter says that it seems that things are closing in on blatter. >> as things stand he has not been officially charged. he's part of two investigations, the swiss attorney general opened criminal proceedings against him just last month, because of signing a contract unfavorable to fifa regarding tv rights. this loyal payment which they claim was made to uefa president michel platini, he has not been charged yet, but this matter has been referred to the ethics committee, they will investigate and then decide on an
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appropriate course of action. it does seem that the wall is closing in on fifa accept blatter. >> u.s. president barack obama has phoned to doctors without borders to apologies for the achairstrike. the organization wants an independent international committee to investigate saturday's attack which killed 22 patients and medical staff. doctors without borders have described it as a war crime. >> this morning from the oval office president bm barack obama called doctors without borders to apologize for those who were killed and injured when an u.s. airstrikes mistakenly struck a hospital over the weekend. the president assured dr. liu that the investigation under way
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would provide a transparent, thorough and objective accounting of the facts and circumstances of the incident, and if necessary the president would implement changes that would make tragedies like this one less likely to occur in the future. >> more on this let's go to washington, d.c. and speak to tom ackerman. it was a shocking attack on the hospital in kunduz. it's not every day that the president of the united states gets on the phone to apologize. what do we know about the apology itself? >> well, there was no indication that the president was willing to exceed to the demand by msf, which was that he consent to an independent investigation outside of the ones being conducted by both the pentagon, nato and a joint one with the afghan government, but an independent investigation under the auspices of an international commission, which was created more than 20 years ago under the
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geneva convention, but has yet to be implemented. it has never been activated in any case. and in order for that commission to go into activity, it requires the consent of signatory states or one signatory state, and what they were asking for was for the president to consent for the united states to be investigated by this independent commission. right now they do not even have a signatory state to this commission, at least none that has been named to actually raise that request. so at the moment it seems to be academic. other than msf regards the u.s. investigations as totally inadequate or not fair from the optics of it, there is no indication of how this kind of independent investigation would be conducted. meanwhile the u.s. state
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department spokesman said basically we're not taking a position on this. let's wait until all of the outcome of these separate internal investigations. barbara? >> tom ackerman with the latest from washington, d.c. thank you. >> still to come on the program we'll have the latest from inside kunduz as the basketball goes on for the control of the city itself. and the leaders much germany and france join force forces in europe's parliament to speak with unity to deal with the refugee crisis.
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>> there is high tension in israel following reports of a number of stabbings in onen the palestinian attackers stabbed anville man outside of a mall. president obama calls doctors without borders after airstrike on kunduz killed 22 people.
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>> civilians are getting out of their homes to do some shopping. some are leaving the area. we have asked why they're going so slow. we have ask if there is lack of
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afghan officials. we're told that there is lack of coordination 7. >> refugees are travel through greece, through macedonia and/or italy. german chancellor angela merkel
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and french president françois hollande delivered a rare joint address pleading for unity to deal with the huge influx. we have reports from the parliament in stratford. they faced a continent beset by challenges. the ukraine don't flick, youth unemployment and the lingering effects of the death and euro zone crisis. but it's the crisis and arrival of half a million refugees has created resists between countries who are willing and able to help and those who want to keep them out. warships have gun patrolling the waters. it's hoped that this task force will help people smuggling. 3,000 people have died tried to make the crossing this year.
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>> there is a temptation to retreat into an international shell when there is a crisis. >> it was a message shared. >> we must not fall prey for the desire to act nationally in these moments. we must to the contrary act together. it is now that we need to show the encourage that europe has shown in the past.
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>> they were working on deporting thousands of asylum seekers. $900million will be earmarked to remove people without the proper paperwork. many of them economic migrants from african countries. the last time the leaders of france and germany . >> police say that they've stopped gangs from selling nuclear materials to armed
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groups in the middle east. emma hayward has more. >> they moved in to at pre-hand a man. this is what they've been looking for. it is a case that has exposed moldova in a hup of materials. operating illegally in an impoverished part of eastern europe. the police have stopped four attempts by russian gangs to
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sell nuclear material. undercover police officers reached out and they found blue prints of how to build a dirty bomb. >> this is all part of a sting. >> what you can produce is so-called dirty bomb, which is
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dangerous, but even if it was really uranium smuggled, it is slightly less dangerous because it is not that active. >> monthly do van officials say some of those allegedly involved have faced justice. but the tenses have been short. some of the dangerous still exist. >> india's president has called for more tolerance and unity in his country following the outrage of the murder of a muslim man for allegedly eating beef. he was beat to death by bricks and stones. the cow is sacred by hinduism, and there is a state-wide ban on its slaughter.
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>> this civilization celebrated diversity, promoted tolerance. this would keep us target. >> a series of attacks in nigeria's northeast have killed at least 18 people. it happened in three separate bombings. eight others have been injured.
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new cases of ebola have defendelled sharply this year, but they said there is still a risk of the disease breaking out again. they call themselves the working poor. south africa have full time jobs but still struggle to make enough money to make ends meet. now as we have reports from johannesburg they're taken to the streets demanding a national minimum wage. these protesters say the national minimum wage would mean dignity for all workers. miners, and machiners from the clothing industry, they're all here. >> we've seen enough. it's enough. we demand immediate implementation of the minimum wage as a springboard to assure
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that every worker has delivered something in his or his or her industry. >> workers who are employed full time yet still can't afford to cover all their family's needs. people like tina mcquinn in a. she workers more than 35 hours a week as a cleaner, but her pay is $88 a month. she lives in a shack and manages to put some of they are salary, $37 a month, into a community savings scheme. her second biggest monthly cost is food for her and her daughter. $30. electricity, gas and rent soak up the remaining $21. she never has spare cash. >> working, it's better than sitting at home. how am i going to jive? i've got a child. at the end of the day this child would be looking at my face. >> industries in south africa already have a set minimum wage,
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but they're rarely enforced leaving workers vulnerable. instead of a national minimum wage the employers situation said that government leaders should be making it easier for businesses to grow and create more jobs. >> the biggest driver of inequality and poverty is not low wages, it is unemployment. >> one in four south africaens are out of work. these protesters say that the lowest paid workers are exploi exploited and the minimum wage would leave millions of people out of poverty. if the government can't create more jobs, or the conditions for businesses to do so, then south africa is expected to continue to suffer from high unemployment and what these workers call modern day slave wages. >> the world of fashion is always hunting for the next best thing, and perhaps iraqi designs will become next season's new look.
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♪ >> well, that's what five young iraqi designers are hoping after showcasing their creations. it's the first time since the 1970s that a fashion show of its kind has been held there. more on our website >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the president of liberia ellen johnson sirleaf. >> my life story of fighting and getting up and being beaten and rising again and fighting for the things i believe in. >> the first woman elected to lead an african country has spent almost a decade rebuilding post-conflict liberia. >> people were tired of war. war was seen as something that had been initiated and carried on largely by men. so womene