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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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u.s. officials say four of the 26 cruise missiles russia fired at syria crashed in iran but the russians deny it. hello there, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, stabbing attacks in jerusalem and tel aviv. critical situation. yemen's hospitals are overwhelmed as the war drags on. also fifa president sett
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blatter suspended by the ethics committee. thank you for joining us. four russian cruise missiles have crashed in iran according to u.s. officials. russia denies the climb saying that all their missiles hit their targets. the missiles were launched from russian ships in the caspian sea and were intended for targets in syria. russia launched a total of 26 cruise missiles on wednesday intended for 11 targets in syria as part of russia's military campaign there. because of where the missiles were launched, they had to pass through iranian air space to reach targets in syria. let's go straight live to rosalyn jordon who joins us from
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washington d.c. >>reporter: there have been some confusing responses coming from u.s. officials. a short time ago at the beginning of the daily state department briefing the spokesperson had to the to say about the report of four cruise missiles going off course. >> if it's true that a couple of their cruise missiles landed in iran, again, i'm not going to get into greater detail on the call but i think, you know, if something like that happened, again, i can't confirm it, but i think it points all the more towards the need to have proper deconfliction procedures in place. >> so just correct me if i'm wrong, are they confirming it? they certainly look worried about the risk which was highlighted on wednesday as well when they said one of the american planes had to change its course to avoid a collision with a russian flier.
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are they worried about more of that happen snowing. >>reporter: they're very worried about that situation happening. u.s. officials say it was a drone that had to change its flight path when those cruise missiles were launched on wednesday. they did not specify where inside syrian air space that change of flight paths occurred. that said, the pentagon is still waiting, it says, to hear from the russian military on setting up a schedule of discussions in order to make certain that as long as the u.s.-led coalition is conducting air strikes against isil and as long as russian fighter jets are also flying in syrian air space that they don't get into each other's way. they say this is making an already dangerous situation inside syria that much riskier than it should be. >> rosalyn jordan with the latest from washington. thank you. now to get the view from moscow.
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rory, even on wednesday when russia announced it had launched these 26 missiles, they did state i'm pretty sure in saying, that they did state even then that they had reached all 11 targets so they're denying now that they even pointed it out yesterday. >>reporter: it is a flat denial from the russian defense ministry. they gave this statement earlier. i'll read you some quotes. he says unlike cnn which is the network that initially went with these allegations, unnamed sources within the united states government, unlike cnn, he said we don't tell stories but show launches of our missiles and the targets hit by them. and of course he's referring to video put out by the russian defense ministry after these cruise missiles were launched on wednesday. they did show a trajectory,
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animated graphic of that trajectory. he went on to say however unpleasant and unexpected yesterday's precision weapons strike may have been, nevertheless, he says they were launched. he does get a bit sarcastic. otherwise he says one would have had to -- >> rory, forgive me for interrupting you. we're having glitches with your sound. it's becoming increasingly difficult to understand what you're saying. we'll hope to fix it and speak to you a little later for more reaction from russia. thank you. well, earlier on, nato members gathered in brussels to discuss the developments of the war in syria discussing russia's
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involvement in the conflict as a troubling escalation. turkey is a member nation and russian planes twice breached its air space last weekend. >> i call on russia to play a constructive role in the fight against isil. but russian actions and the support to the regime are not helpful. the recent violations of turkish air space are unacceptable. nato will continue to follow the developments closely and we stand in strong solidarity with turkey. a political solution to the crisis in syria is more needed than ever. nato supports the efforts by the u.n. and others to try to find a politically negotiated solution to the process
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inside syria itself, progovernment forces are on the offensive against rebel fighters backed by those russian air strikes. >>reporter: the syrian army is on the offensive. reinforcements have been sent to the front lines of hama province. it is a coordinated assault involving both the syrian and russian armies against opposition forces. russian military jets are providing air cover as government forces move deep into contested territory. this is the first major combined air and ground assault since russia began its aerial campaign in syria more than a week ago. >> today the syrian armed forces began a wide ranging attack with the aim of eliminating the terrorist groups and liberating the areas and towns suffering from their scourge and crimes.
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>>reporter: on the ground, the opposition is fighting back. some groups like this u.s.-backed force is using american-made antitank missiles to hold off any advance. another rebel brigade showed its fighters returning from the battle ground with a tank captured from the syrian army. >> we have reached an agreement with all the groups to set up joint positions and all groups are ready to follow our orders. >>reporter: different opposition groups operate in the countryside. they may share the goal of toppling the government but not the same ideology. for now they're putting their differences aside. the fighting has forced yet more syrians from their homes. tense of thousands are now living in make shift shelters across the opposition-controlled north. the countryside is important territory. it lies between three provinces,
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idlip, hama, and latakia. before russia's intervention, the opposition was advancing to that area. russian military intervention has strengthened the syrian government's position militarily and politically. but this is the first test of whether it can reverse recent losses and eventually lead to political concessions. al jazeera, bay route. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says strong steps will be taken against those inciting violence in the country after a series of stabbings. on wednesday an israeli soldier was killed. hours later in tel aviv a man
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was shot dead after stabbing four people with a screwdriver. mike hannah reports from west jerusalem. >>reporter: -- >> apologies we're having technical difficulties with that report. we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. meanwhile let's go to lebanon where security forces have fired tear gas and used water cannons to break up large antigovernment protests in bay route. the protests come after leaders postpone talks over a political crisis. anger at lebanon's government which is beset with allegations of corruption has fuelled repeated protests in recent months. it came to a head in july when the government failed to agree to a solution to a trash disposal crisis and piles of rubbish were left in the streets
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>> still lots more to compton program. we'll have a -- for to come on the program. in kunduz, government forces fighting to regain territory lost to the taliban.
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a reminder of the top stories. russia has denied that four of its missiles fired from the caspian sea bound for isil targets in syria have instead hit iran. lebanese security forces have fired water cannons to
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break up a government protest in bay route israeli's prime minister says strong steps will be taken against those inciting violence in the country after a series of stabbings. mike hannah reports from west jerusalem. >>reporter: in each case, police were quickly on the scene. but they're unable to predict when or where the next of these random attacks will take place. the first in this latest series of attacks were in or around the old city but lately they've occurred in separate israeli towns on the outskirts of tel aviv. police say dealing with these uncoordinated and random attacks poses a major challenge. >> we're talking about lone wolf attacks, about random, unplanned, and hard-to-expect attacks. these incidents are very complicated and a lot of skill and capability is needed to handle it. >>reporter: the israeli prime
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minister has called on the public not to panic and expressed his full support for the police. >> the goal of terror so s to plant fear and to fight this, we need to show personal and national strength. we'll get over this wave of terror with unity and steadfastness. >>reporter: the palestinian president had this reaction to the latest stabbing. >> we don't attack anyone and we want them to stop attacking us. we support those who are supporting the mosque, those who suffer a great deal to protect it. we tell the israeli government stay away from our holy places, the islamic and christian holy places. we want peace and our hands will remain extended for peace regardless of what is happening to us. >>reporter: demonstrations in occupied east jerusalem are continuing. the lifting of restrictions to access to the old city doing
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little to decrease tensions. >> there's a lot of anger in our palestinian community and what the israeli community is doing in the old city. >>reporter: and contributing to what is the general mood of anger and frustration are demonstrators on the israeli right, many dpagathering outsid the prime minister's home demanding he take action and some threatening to take action themselves the saudi-led coalition in yemen is accused of bombing another wedding. at least 28 people were killed on an attack on a rebel-held town. riyadh denies bombing a city in
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september. yemen was already a poor country when the war began. the poorest in the middle east. now it's been pushed to the brink of human catastrophe as growing numbers of people fill hospital wards. >>reporter: she was told that it was too late and that her daughter didn't survive her injuries. we hear her say may god avenge those who killed my daughter. health facilities across yemen are overwhelmed with a growing number of victims from the conflict. many have been killed or injured in the military campaign that has entered its seventh month. >> my father was injured in air
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strikes targeting our people. my father was coming down the stair when is the house was targeted. he suffers a head injury. >>reporter: thousands of people are stranded or have fled from their homes. in the capital sanaa where air strikes have intensified, people are struggling. international aid agencies say yemen is critically short of food, fuel, and medicine. >> there is no authority that controls the prices of food, cooking oil, and flour. each bakery chooses its own price. bread has become very expensive. >>reporter: many hope the conflict will end soon but the country's warring factions reject dialogue. and as the conflict drags on, millions of impoverished yemenis face a difficult future. 17 people have been killed
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by shelling in iraq. the attack happened a short time ago northeast of the iraqi capital of baghdad. it's not known who is responsible for the bombardment. the medical charity doctors without borders has withdrawn from kunduz and is reassessing its entire afghan operations after the u.s. air strike that killed 22 people at its hospital on saturday. the battle for the northern city meanwhile continues. >>reporter: this is the main jail of kunduz city where ten days ago, over 600 prisoners escaped from after the big taliban attack on kunduz city. now this is an outskirt of kunduz city. this road leads you to center of the city. heavy fighting is still going on there. both sides are struggling to get control of the city. afghan security forces saying
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that the reason that they have failed to get full control of the city is because taliban are hiding in residential areas and they're afraid if they go in and fight taliban there, it might cause heavy casualties. kunduz city is telling us that enough is enough. it's more than ten days that they're living in this heavy fighting situation. they're running out of food, running out of water. no electricity electricity. and movement is impossible inside this city for them. >> people have been destroyed. the government has to provide us with security. we cannot survive anymore like this. >> we used to work daily and make enough to survive. now there is no work. we don't have anything to eat. nobody cares about us. >>reporter: they're asking both sides for a cease fire so they can get out of their areas and go to some safe area. prosecutors have searched
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volkswagen headquarters in germany looking for evidence in the emissions cheating scandal. volkswagen apologized but denied senior figures knew what was going on. allen fischer has more now from washington d.c. >>reporter: the anger of the committee members fe clear. >> the american people, the epa, their counterparts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagen. >> vw will inevitably pay a steep price for this. >> i hope that they'll get beyond this series of terrible decisions and do something to restore the public trust. >> you swear the testimony you're about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >>reporter: and into this stepped ahead of volkswagen in the u.s. michael horn apologized what his
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company had done. >> we have broken the trust of our customers, leadership, and employees, the public, and the regulators. we at volkswagen take full responsibility for our actions. >>reporter: but house of representatives was looking for more than sorry. >> vw is trying to get the united states of america to believe these are eye couple of rogue engineers? i reject that. either your entire organization is incompetent when it comes to trying to come up with intellectual property and i don't believe that for a second or they are complicit. >>reporter: emissions controls on or off to allow it to pass strict emissions tests meaning on the road volkswagen cars would not have met emissions
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standards. in germany volkswagen invaded headquarters seizing documents and computers. volkswagen says it's still working on a fix to the problem but it could be two or more years before it comes up with a solution for every vehicle. >> i think the losses are depending on the fines we'll get. >>reporter: the company also faces punishing fines and the prospects of claims by consumers who feel they've been lied to and cheated. eu ministers are meeting to discuss europe's ongoing refugee crisis. european leaders are considering plans to deport hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from europe within weeks. people are fleeing poverty and conflict across the middle east and north africa. >>reporter: the latest group of people rescued from the mediterranean arrive in sicily.
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523 people brought ashore by the spanish navy. they've escaped with their lives but not much more. and despite their dangerous voyage, there's no guarantee of staying in europe. so many have taken the risk and made such journeys. thousands did not make it alive. but it's been a sordid money-making venture for criminal networks who charge fortunes to get people to europe. the eu has been accused of not doing enough and it acknowledges it needs to act swiftly. >> it's a fact, migration policy -- we've got to get to work on it. >>reporter: it's a start according to the u.n.'s refugee agency but it may not go far enough. >> we are not sure that we have
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any solution in sight. yesterday we had 5,000 people arriving in greece. we had about 8,700 people cross into macedonia. >>reporter: europe's border force will be given additional powers to return economic migrants back to their country of origin and at the same time refugees rapidly relocated from their initial entry point to other eu countries. >>reporter: it is some comfort for the hundreds of thousands who have made it this far. europe may provide a refuge for those in desperate need despite it having taken a long time to do so. the mayor of rome has resigned in the wake of a scandal over his expenses. prosecutors are investigating the mayor's finances following allegations that he claimed family dinners under official business. he has promised to pay his
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entire city credit card bill of more than $22,000 which includes uncontested legitimate expenses opposition politicians in kosovo have used whistles and tear gas to disrupt a session of parliament as a protest to the government's recent deal with serbia supported by the eu. the prime minister had eggs thrown at him during a protest on tuesday fifa's president has been suspended for 90 days by the organization's own ethics committee. it's the latest twist in an ongoing corruption investigation of futbol's world governing body. the favorite to secede blatter has also been suspended. he'll step away from his official duties with uefa as
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well. >>reporter: the committee he set up to rid fifa of corruption has suspended blatter for 90 days but it's not proof of guilt. his lawyers issued this statement. president blatter was disappointed that the ethics committee didn't follow the code of ethics and disciplinary code which provide for an opportunity to be hered. he looks forward to the opportunity to provide evidence to demonstrate he did not engage in any misconduct. in may 20th top officials for fifa were arrested on corruption charges. blatter went on to win a presidential election but days later said he'd be resigning his post and a new vote was set for february. last month swiss police said he was now the subject of a
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criminal investigation accused of making what's described as a disloyal $2 million payment to the head of european football. while both men deny wrong doing, he has also been suspended for 90 dies seriously undermining his stated ambitious to secede blatter. he said i'll stop at nothing to ensure the truth is known. his immediate prospects though appear bleak. >> the ethics committee has just suspended him so you can't see any way in which he can go forward and you think uefa would already start to think about a new candidate. >>reporter: another potential secessor was from south korea but he's been hit with a six-year ban. blatter may yet be able to hand
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over power on something like his own terms but this is hardly the end game he had been hoping for. >> rwanda's supreme court says the constitution can be amended to allow the president to run again for president. he was the de facto leader after the 1994 genocide and has served as its president since 2000. the constitutional changes must still pass a referendum and a prosecutor for the international criminal court is requesting an investigation into both russia and georgia's conduct in the 2008 war between the countries. hundreds of people died during the conflict with more than 100,000 displaced as russia fought along side georgian separatists. the following year atrocities took place in both sides.
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if icc judges approve the investigation, it will be the court's first inquiry not involving an african nation. more on that and everything else we've been covering on our website at >> every year, the u.s. imports more and more produce - fresh fruits and vegetables - from mexico. and every year, wages have stayed the same for the people that harvest that produce - sometimes the last people to touch the fruit bought by u.s. consumers. but after years of long, hot days and stagnant pay, workers left the fields and took to the streets to demand better working conditions - and a living wage. the response from the government was swift - and fierce. this was the first time in over