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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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propose something, to propose a list of names that can be agreed by everybody. i say can be great because it will not necessarily be agreed by everyone, and we are sure that many people will think that some of the names or maybe all the names are not good and that they could have proposed a better list. no doubt. this was not an easy task. we have been listening to many people inside and outside the dialogue, and we believe that this list can work. but as i said, we encourage the libyan people to understand that the options were not infinite, that perfection maybe was not a
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quality, but i think that it is quite a good list of names, politicians, personalities, that will do their best, i am sure, to take their country out of this crisis. the second matter, of course, is to thank all the personalities that have participated and have provided names, ideas, suggestions for these lists of names. there is a political agreement, and this is the result of many hours, many days and months of work and equally, this list of names the same. desist the sacrifice, the capacity to work, to team up
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together to overcome differences of all the personalities that are here with me, and others that are not here today and we think and remember them as all the ones that are here. and their carriage, generosity, creativity deserves, from all the libyans and the international community, recognition and praise. >> let me equally thank the international community, all the special envoys, ambassadors, representatives of different countries. they are, most of them also here with us, international organizations, countries, all of
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them interested in achieving piece from libya. we, the international community. the libyans, all involved in this dialogue think that libya is a great country. libya will prove if the government agree and will work, that it is a great country, able to overcome huge challenges. economic and financial security, trafficking with people. also becoming a reference and example, as i said before, for those that are suffering. for the united nations and the team, it has been a privilege. has been an honour to work with
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so many libyans. not only those here today. representatives of libyan institutions, representatives of the civil society, representatives of municipalities, political parties. tribes. really very wide representation of the libyan people, and i want to enhance specially, because sometimes they are not mentioned, representatives of the women, representatives of youth organizations. their contributions has been precious, and will be extremely important and precious in the coming months. >> so, a privilege and honour to work with you all. and if i can add as a personal
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note, for me, as been an extremely rewarding experience. i have learnt a lot every day, a lot of good lessons from all of them. and it has equally been extremely rewarding for me to work with the best team of people in the united nations, no doubt. their sacrifice, their capacity really has also been instrumental to reach this result. >> before i read the list of names, i think we all agree participants in the dialogue, international community, that
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our hosts here in morocco have been an instrumental fundamental element for the success of these talks. morocco has played a very important role not only hosting, facilitating what we have been doing, but doing much more than that. and i want to mention his majesty king mohammed, i want to mention his government, and i want to mention all the team of the foreign affairs, and all the moroccan institutions that have been supporting us. finally, before i read the list just let me thank you all, the guys from the media. you have been suffering also with us. press meetings at 2 o'clock in the morning, 3 o'clock in the morning. today you have been waiting for too long. sorry for making you wait, as i
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said. as a joke to a colleague yesterday, it's much safer to be a sports journalist. you know the time in which the football matches or the basketball matches start and finish. this is never the case with omreply kated political -- complicated political negotiations. anyway, the proposal we have for the government - first of all, let me say that there is, as you know, the previous team to lead the presidential council, to lead the government was five personalities. it's agreed to have one personality. there'll be six members of the presidential council. it was a proposal made in the
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dialogue. we discussed and finally it will be six personalities. the prime minister approached an mp at the house of representatives from tripoli. it is proposed the three deputy prime ministers. one of them is from the west, one from the east, one is from the south. and the two senior ministers proposed. one is a member of the g.n.c. dialogue team. i want to enhance two elements.
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one is that all will work as a team. we don't have the time to dwell on details, this will be a team. their votes are expected to have the same value in the first rounds of voting, and then in the process, of course a system to overcome possible blockades will be agreed. all of them, i insist, will have similar appearance and all will have to work as a team. it's proposed that all rotate in the representation role that corresponds to libya in the international scene, and this will be a way to show the importance that all of them have in this team. >> it has also been proposed a
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list of names to accompany, to be part of the government representing different regions and cities. i would like to insist that this is a proposal from the national dialogue. these are not members of the government yet. they have to be accepted by the members of the presidential council, and they decide whether to accept this proposal or whether they are members in the future government. members think it's important to make these suggestions and it will add something that is
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important for all of us a sense of balance. a list of ministers proposed osamasiala. mr saad. mr tarek yousef. mr abdisalam el haas eem. mr hamud. mr mostafa. mr shuelle. mr brahim el niad ...
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we seem to have problems with the line there. we were listening to the head of the u.n. mission to libya. as it was announced in the formation of a unity government now. the government - we heard that the prime minister has been appointed. all of that after negotiations coming on for a year, with the two governments that have been in power in libya recently. let's cross to the united nations in new york, and speak to a diplomatic editor, james bays, live for us at u.n. headquarters. i guess if there could be a word to describe that, going to lengths to show the government was going to represent the whole of libya. >> yes, and he had to balance things carefully because, of course, it's a small governing
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group, six people to represent politically and geographically the divided country of libya, naming fi as sharaz as the interim prime minister, making out that all the other deputy prime ministers and ministers will have similar status. first they'll fire the interim prime minister. i have been doing a quick search. he's not an internationally known person. we understand he comes from a family in tripoli, and i believe his father was an mp back in the time when libya had a king. and also it seems that he served briefly as a minister in a previous government as a minister of housing.
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i think they've brought noncontroversial figures to bring the sides forward. there are some factions that don't believe it will work. libya has more than two factions and has problems now. it's coming up for the anniversary of the death of the former ruler of libya, muammar gaddafi, and since he died, there has been turmoil in the country. lots of different groups and division between different parts of the country. i.s.i.l. have a strong hold in the home town of cert. that's a problem. there's no real control of libya's borders. as awash with guns, people are coming in, remember, from europe. >> and 2.4 million in
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humanitarian need because of the upheaval people have seen since the removal of muammar gaddafi. it's a last chance for the international community. they are saying the options were not limitless, perfection not an option. considering it took a year to come to this point, it would be disastrous if the deal didn't stick. >> absolutely. i do think there are real, real changes facing this deal. remember, a week ago the libyan parties here in new york. this deal was supposed to happen in new york during the u.n. general assembly, with figures like the u.s. secretary of state john kerry present. they couldn't come up with a deal then. that's why it was extended and they have gone back to morocco, and it's likely that there'll be a ceremony taking place. the international community keen to get progress in libya, where in other parts of the middle east it's making no diplomatic
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protests. the international community will tell you when you speak to diplomats, there were talks under way, rel challenges, and it's worth telling you in a few hours time, an correspondent development regarding libya. the u.n. security council is expected to have before it a draft resolution on the e.u.'s plan for dealing with the african refugees and migrants that go from libya going north to europe. that is taking negotiation. we understand that a draft will be put to the vote of the security council on friday. >> james bays with the latest at u.n. headquarters. thank you for that analysis on the unity government that we are hearing coming out of morocco for libya. we are joined in the studio by a journalist who worked extensively in north africa.
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you were listening to the conference, what do you make of what james said, a sixth minister - forming the government. what did you make? >> i agree with the comment that these are noncontroversial. i understand that there are a series of names in other talks that have been rejected. these are a list of new names, not repeats. so that is probably a key element in the final list. because there has been a long struggle for power, and there's a lot of different factions, apart from the g.n.c. and the current elected government. the situation is complex, as lynon said, the key thing is it inclusivity, trying to make it a list is nigh on impossible. what is required is a collective
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will from different sides. whether it succeeds, it is going to play out over time. >> so basically it's one prime minister, three prime ministers, and two senior ministers coming from the east, the south and the west. very much showing how they'll reflect. and a bigger council as well. what do you make of the significance of that, trying to represent all corners of the country. >> that is one of the most significant points. whatever has not happened for libya is a government that is for the beaterment of the people. the problem at the moment is all the wealth is focused on that, and there are battles about who can take the power. by widening the council, and looking forward and having a
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diverse approach, hopefully what this council can do is addressing fundamental issues. because at the moment there's no infrastructure the severe devastation, universities have been bombed, you know, we have the tripoli bombing of the airport. these are fundamental buildings that have been attacked. and destroyed. communities are struggling to function. schools are barely functioning. a lot of the education system has broken down. you know, virtually there's no medicine going into hospitals, particularly in the remote regions, people are not getting that attention. >> it was interesting lyon apologising to the libyan people for taking so long to come up with a unity government. i'm not going to call it one way or the other, buts what do you think are the biggest challenges?
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>> the biggest challenge is for them to find a process of agreement among each other. they are from extreme polls. between the counter government and the g.n.c. they have fundamentally different approaches to how they believe the country should be governed. they need to look at parliamentary process, look at, you know, civil governance, and they need to find the answers very quickly, and there has to be the political will to work together and put aside their own ideological ideas and work. otherwise libya may collapse, and the libyan people - they want peace, they want stability, you know. they are a country with a lot going for them, beyond oil. they have expertise in engineering, these are areas that libyans excel at. and also with new technology.
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a journalist that worked in north africa, thank you for that analysis of the new unity government in libya, that has been announced in the past few minutes by the u.n. envoy. let's take a look at the other news. russia's intervention in syria is being closely monitored. moscow denied that four of its missiles bound for i.s.i.l. factories in syria hit iran. a fleet of warships fired 26 missiles from the caspian sea on wednesday. u.s. officials claimed a number of cruise missiles landed in iran, it's unclear whether it caused casualties, russia insists that all the missiles reached their intended targets in syria. >> the developments come as n.a.t.o. defense alliance met in
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brussels. n.a.t.o. described russia's involvement in the civil war as a troubling explanation. from brussels, here is new year's eve. >> reporter: it's more than a week since russia began air strikes in syria, now n.a.t.o. is playing catch up. russia's military was caught by surprised. the u.s. ambassador was impressive. now it was time for alliance defense chiefs to coordinate a response after russia was said to violate turkey's aspace. >> i call on russia to play a constructive role in the fight against i.s.i.s. but russia's actions and support to the regime are not helpful. the violations of turkish air space is unacceptable.
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n.a.t.o. will follow developments closely, and we stand in strong solidarity with turkey. >> russia launched a number of aerial attacks on positions in syria, along with cruise missiles from russian warships station the in the sea. russia fears n.a.t.o. is not just interested in trying i.s.i.s. and al qaeda, but all rebel groups including those backed by the u.s. nato responded by rushing through plans for a rapid task force, deploying troops and machinery at short notice. the. >> they'll be in eastern and southern europe protecting turkey from a spillover from the war in syria. >> i think russia is asserting their presence in a strategic and public way. we are here, and will be here, there'll be more of us hereby.
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>> reporter: syria's theatre of war is becoming crowded. russia and u.s. fighter jets share the same air space, backing different sides of the conflict. the incursions were accidental. but it was feared that the alliance was being tested. a political crisis was needed more than ever. >> tensions are high across israel in the palestinian territories after a series of stabbings. in some of the latest unrests palestinians were killed by israeli forces. hours earlier, an attacker was shot dead after killing for people with a screwdriver. >>. >> in each case police were on the scene, but are unable to predict when or where the next random attack would take place. the first in the latest series
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of attacks were in or around the old city. in the past couple of days, it occurred on the outskirts of tel aviv. dealing with the uncoordinated and random attacks poses a challenge. >> translation: we are talking about lone wolf attacks, random, unplanned. they are complicated and a lot of skill and capability are needed. >> reporter: prime minister binyamin netanyahu kept a high public profile, visiting the israelis injured in the attacks, and held a news conference with security chiefs in a bid to reassure the public. >> we are in the midst of a wave of terror. we are facing attacks by fire
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bombs and live ammunition. these are unorganized. but the result of incitement by hamas and others in the region, and the islamic movement in israel. they spread lies. these are lies. we do not want to change the status quo the palestinian president had this reaction to the latest stabbing. >> we don't attack anyone, we want them to stop attacking us. we support those protecting the mosque. we dell the israeli government to stay away from our holy government. we want the hands of peace. >> demonstrations in occupied east jerusalem are sng.
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lifting of sanctions is doing little to ease tensions. there is thought that israel is intent on taking greater control of al-aqsa. >> there's a lot of anger about what israel is doing, and it is for muslims, it's a mosque. it should be respected as a mosque. >> and contributing to what is a general mood of anger and frustration, demonstrators on the israeli, many gathering outside the prime minister's home to demand he takes stronger action. and some threatening to start taking action themselves. >> f.i.f.a. president sepp blatter has been suspended for 90 days by the organizations committee. >> it's the latest twist in an ongoing corruption investigation at the football world governing body. andy richardson has more. >> let's go f.i.f.a., let's go
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f.i.f.a. >> reporter: but not for now, with sepp blatter in charge. the ethics committee he set up has suspended him for 90 days. it's not, though, a proof of guilt, and sepp blatter go return to his desk. his lawyers issued this statement:. >> in may, swiss police arrested seven top officials from zurich. f.i.f.a., it was revealed as being investigated by united states police. blatter went on to win an electi election. last month swiss police said the
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79-year-old was the subject of a criminal investigation, accused of making what is described as a disloyal payment to the head of european football. both men demy wrongdoing, michel platini has been suspended, seriously undermining his ambition to succeed blatter: the frenchman said that in his own statement: his immediate prospects appear bleak. >> the ethics committee that suspended him, you can't see a way in which he can go forward, and you think u.e.f.a. start to think about who they can fine for a new candidate. >> another successor was a former f.i.f.a. vice president. the committee hit him with a
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6-year ban. >> he may hand over power, buts it's hardly the end game he would be hoping for. more on the f.i.f.a.... [ ♪ music ] the next speaker of the house will not be kevin mccarthy of california, house republicans met from behind closed doors to hear from the men that want to be next speaker. a gauty to speaker -- deputy to speaker john boehner, mccarthy had those on the right. many are in the freedom caucus, a faction that cheered when john boehner said he was going. the rights might, and and the future of the 114th congress, it's "inside story".