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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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6-year ban. >> he may hand over power, buts it's hardly the end game he would be hoping for. more on the f.i.f.a.... [ ♪ music ] the next speaker of the house will not be kevin mccarthy of california, house republicans met from behind closed doors to hear from the men that want to be next speaker. a gauty to speaker -- deputy to speaker john boehner, mccarthy had those on the right. many are in the freedom caucus, a faction that cheered when john boehner said he was going. the rights might, and and the future of the 114th congress, it's "inside story".
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welcome to "inside story". i'm ray suarez. the crazies, the false prophets. call them what you want. the right wing of the republican caucus claimed a major scalp. kevin mccarthy who became a candidate. hours after giving it up. was out. in the midst of closed door, the californian, a member of the leadership team said "i'm not going to do it." >> we are going to be strong, we have to be 100% united. i think, you know what. let's put the conference first. we have been talking - i've been talking with a number of members, i've been thinking about this, trying to thick if we can get there. i think it's best to have a new face. representatives mick
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mulvaney of south carolina concedes he's been called a members of the shut down caucus by colleagues that blame him for brinksmanship they believe hurt the republican party. he and his colleagues see the country, politics, the u.s. house in a different way from fellow republicans. they think the big republican majority didn't work its will in a way, got along to get along. they want it stopped and have gone to battle over making a leadership to do it. we have more on the republican freed am caucus. >> england closed doors, conservative members of the house are flexing their muscles. >> i think the washingtonian republicans betrayed them.
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>> many lawmakers are part of a group called the freedom caucus. described by establishment republicans as criesies. the hard core conservatives are demanding all candidates commit to fighting democrats harder than ever. >> i don't want to pledge, i want it on paper. ethics is putting your principles on paper, ahead of time. the freedom caucus represents a slice of the 247 republicans notice house, that through social media, talk radio and outside organization, the group has amplified power. >> the republicans have a major city, but if a certain segment want to play ball, they can look ahead. >> reporter: earlier plans for border security was blocked. members felt it was not tough enough. last month the caucus tried to
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eliminate funding for planned parenthood. >> people asked what is the greatest thing about being speaker. >> numbers played a pivotal role in ousting john boehner. freedom caucus founder is from ohio. analysts described jordan as stoic and determine. >> a guy that stands on principle. what john boehner said heap was sent to washington to do. he wants to accomplish a no compromise position, shut down the government if necessary, get people who are angry about to sense that they are doing something about it. >> the rights might. this time on the programme, let's begin with david shuster in new york, and from capitol hill, al jazeera's michael shure. you were on the hill this morning, was there a precipitating event that happened in the caucus that gave
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a symbol. >> it was a confluence of a lot much things, whether they get 200 on the full congress, the calculations from that he could not. some, kevin mccarthy saying that benghazi was a political ploy, you know, without using those words, a political committee, so as to get hillary clinton off of her wheels a little bit. it came down to the fact that there was a faction of the house that david talked about, the freedom caucus and other members that didn't want to vote for kevin mccarthy, because it would have been the same, they wanted conservativism in there and he didn't have the votes. >> once mccarthy was in, there was for a while no one else running, he was the presumed favourite. are there members that might like the chances and get in now that mccarthy has gone?
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>> there's congressman webster and a couple of others that would be supported. schaefer and webster are too conservative. look for the establishment to find someone like paul ryan of wisconsin, who will come in, bring the establishment and ryan may get the ear of hard-line conservatives. if there's anyone that can convince the freedom caucus and tea party why shutting down the government is a bad idea, it would be congressman paul ryan. that is not guaranteed. keep in mind the hard-line conservatives want the shut down, they believe it will prove to people that it will improve the position. >> what happens now, is it clear to members coming out of the caucus meeting what the next move is? >> i think the members that came out of the meeting, ones i spoke
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to and saw, it was just disarray. a lot of people were dumbfounded by this, totally unexpected, and they go back to the drawing board. john boehner issued a statement until they are able to choose a new speaker. david brought up paul ryan. and they'd get him to run and made it unequivocal that they do not want to run. he is something they could get behind. it really is the kind of thing where they have to step back and get back together and get as united as they can. that has been the challenge for six years. >> david, speaker john boehner said he'll say on until a new speaker is chosen, but political junkies like yourself like to point out under the rules the next speaker doesn't have to be a member of the house of
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representatives, that is not likely to happen is it? >> no. maybe you should be paying attention to what the former speaker said. there are people that have a - that a lot of the caucus with reference outside the congress, but with a crop of conservatives, they are more conservative than the conservatives a couple of years ago. i'm not sure that anyone can come in and keep them together on anything. that's the problem, a 30 or 40 peel off, democrats will not support whoever is put forward as speaker. the republicans have to find a way to appeal and appease 30 or 40 hardliners, and the question is what will they give the conservatives to get them to go along with the choice, and that is something that can cause the government to shut down. >> if they come up with a
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compromise candidate of speaker, mite the heavy horse trading go on for other leaders. >> that's what they are going to get to next. the presumption is if they agree upon a speaker, it will be that they agree on a slate. that's the posture that a lot were taking this morning. you have to remember, a lot look at this as dysfunction. it is not a lose, not something that is seen as a bad thing. they see it as functional. as long as they are trying to stay in the way of nominating process for speaker, it will be difficult. >> if there's a come promise, it will be made across the board, and they'll come up with a slate they are comfortable with. it's easy for me to say in and for them to say it to me. the doing of it never happened. not in the last five or
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six years. a lot of members wonder how they can get to it. >> al jazeera's michael shure and david shuster - thank you for starting us off what is the freedom caucus and the sympathetic brothers and sisters in the house wanted to do. if the new house has more members it likes, what would change about the daily business, goals, agenda, accomplishments of the chamber, if they weren't happy with john boehner. what changes - the rights might. it's "inside story".
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>> they're consuming economically important species >> we're offering something on our menu that no-one else is offering.
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welcome back to "inside story", i'm ray suarez, as the republican caucus in the house of representatives began a process to choose a new leadership team, after the departure of speaker john boehner, we look at the far right side of the house that opposed the man that had been the leading candidate. now that john boehner deputy kevin mccarthy is out of the race, leadership is postponed and an orderly success doesn't look to orderly. joining me, adam, from freedom works, a group fuelling the surge. molly reynolds and charles chamberlain, executive director of democracy with america. the freedom caucus put out a
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release. the speaker needs to yield back power to the membership for the sake of institution and a country. you speak that language, what are they trying to say? >> what the people have not been following is what happened to the folks. they've been stripped from the committees, fundraising has been cut off. opponents have been put and challenged. they have been beaten up. they have been denied. they can't to have lunch in the lunchroom. they have been in there. there are juvenile shenanigans. >> is it in response to not playing ball with the speaker, which used to beurn heard of. >> this is it -- be unheard of. >> this is a different movement. these are republicans that back up the rhetoric with action. they are keeping campaign promises, they don't want to add
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to debt and deficit. it doesn't seem to be a case. it's a go along, get along, and they upset the apple cart. >> did we see 40 members, 10% of the membership of the house of representatives grind one chamber of our national legislature to a vote? >> i think we did. >> you know, going in to this morning, we thought we'd see a nominee come out of the meeting at noon. that didn't happen. now we are trying to figure out what is going to - where we are going to go from here, who the next nominee will be, and when we'll get a vote on the floor. >> often there are sloppy wrestling matches, this is not unheard of. there was the year of free speakers. it is not always neat and tidy,
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this seems unusual. kevin mccarthy, it looks like, was sure sure he wasn't going get to 218, wasn't going to appeal to enough of the caucus members to win. >> i think it's right. it will be interesting where we go from here. there's a lot of conflict. it will be interesting as to what the speaker nominee will have to concede to to get to 18 on the floor. >> there's 180 or so members they are not mannikins from department store window. what do they do?
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>> as a progressive i feel like i want to get out a bag of popcorn. we see a party imploding. if ronald reagan was up to be speaker of the house, i am sure they wouldn't be able to confirm them. these guys are extremists, and that is how to shut down the government. whether it's over obama care, planned parenthood or whether they have a seat in the cafeteria. all that matters is that they stop the government and shut it down. that's where they got the nickname, the shut down caucus. they are proving that this is about politics. >> before you sit with popcorn, do you have to be careful what you wish for. is the next speaker someone that wants to consult less than previous speakers? >> there's no question whoever we end up with here will be terrible for america. what is exciting, we watch day
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after day disarray and see a party that can't get along. what voters across america see, they see the capital going awry, and it's a long shot for the democrats to take back the house in 2016. every day they are in disarray, making fools of themselves, it increases chances that we can take back the house. >> adam. i am sure you disagree with that. the president struggled to keep his job approval ratings at the same level. congress would love to get post. if a tougher combative leadership comes out of the process, is that a good look for the g.o.p. as it gets deeper into the campaign to take back the white house. the rights might. it's "inside story".
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welcome back to "inside story". i'm ray suarez. the rights might this time on the programme. kevin mccarthy is out of the race to be the next speaker of the house. david shaffer and daniel from florida are in the race. a group calling itself the freed am caucus have been critical of john boehner, saying that they were locked out of leadership and influence. they wanted it change. does it work if they get what they want. for four months from the iowa caucuses. adam brandon, molly reynolds and charles chamberlain are with me in washington. we saw in gix that democrats could leverage an unpopular
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white house against the congress. could we see the flipside of that where presidential candidates level an unpopular congress. >> the first i want to say in response is i hear a rumour that the caucus wants to shut the government down. i'm talking to members multiple times in a day. and i never hear anything. in fact, we know that there's a debt ceiling increase, i believe the date will be november 5th. what we fight for is the way it's worked on november 4th, there'll be a bill put in front of tem. it's sign the bill now, or zombies will be walking on the streets. >> that is what they are trying to stop. why can't we deal with the problem. >> there are members that are philosophically against raising the debt ceiling. >> usually they say if they are going to vote to raise the debt ceiling, we have to make sure
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there's constructional reforms so they never have to do it again. >> what about an unpopular majority of republicans hurts the effort to take the white house. >> i think the majorities are unpopular, you have a majority in the house and senate - let's see legislation come out. >> what do you make of the prospects for the coming year. politics will be played. the country has to be run as well. >> i talk about the ideas every day it goes on, it's better for democrats. the sad fact is it's not better for america. it happens and we cannot get anything done. in a congress that is about rhetoric. administration that is trying to make things happen. what is amazing is the number of things that obama managed to get through. that is what they are upset about.
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these guys may be good at campaigning. when you govern, that means compromise. it's possible to compromise your principles. all that matters is get what they want. like a baby. this we don't get it, we'll shut it down. >> it can't be good news for the senate leadership team. >> it's not, not for a number of reasons. one, mitch mcconnell's majority in the senate is constructed differently to the majority in the house. there are 24 seats up for re-election next fall. if mitch mcconnell wants to keep the majority senate. he has to defend the seats, there's 10 democratic seats up for re-election. that's a problem that he faces. a second problem, getting his counterparts to internalize the fact that the rules for the senate means for most things, a
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filibuster in the senate is not going anywhere. it's been around for a long time. we have heard calls in recent days from senator and house members. it may be time to revisit the rule. for now, we have the filibuster, and that will keep democratic voices is on the senate side in the conversation because of way the institution. you mentioned real policies that they say people have, but they want to be in the majority when the spoke clears in 2017, and people like kelly, who ran in a republican year, but have to defend in a presidential year when the shape of the electorate is different. are they going to start putting pressure on the house. help me out here? >> the fundamental change is we don't talk a lot of politics and
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strategy, we talk policy and principle. >> these folks, a lot come here, do something big, go home and get out of washington. they are trying to get a seat at the table. it is messy. this is healthy for the democracy. >> who are you liking for the next speaker? >> there are new folks getting into the race. >> you know that to be the case now that kevin mccarthy is out. >> there's a lot of people. >> a lot of big names turned down the opportunity. people said run for speaker, pleas, and they ruled themselves out. do people not want that. >> if you are a paul ryan, handling taking this job. it would be app disaster. currently he plays as if he's presentedly with the tea party, but he's friendly with the establishment. once he's in leadership, it's a lose-lose situation. he recognises his career would
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be at. he wants to run or speaker one day thank you to everyone for joining us. i'll be back in a moment with a final thought on the splits and tears in american politics. stay with us, it's "inside story".
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being handed a gavel in the house of representatives, chosen to lead the house was for a long time the pinnacle of a legislati legislative career, sought by some of the biggest names in congress, politics named, the nature of being in charge changed. that john boehner left frustrated and tired with a large republican majority in the history of of congress should tell you something. politics ain't bean bag.
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we know that. talk to present day members that have been shown the door by the voters, and you hear a weariness with posturing, going for people on both sides of the aisle. the permanent government that people love to hate earn the distain of voters, stories of members running on autopilot and win. that world of 30 and 40 year members is not so much of a problem. much of the house membership now has been in for a small number of terms. refusing to finish appropriation bills, holding up votes over non-related legislation or unrelated amendments, letting deadlines pass or the government shutdown, it doesn't look smart or functional. on the edge of a large number of crucial debates and votes in the coming weeks. watch closely, see what the house manages to do. then wonder that anyone wants to be speaker of the house. thanks for joining us for
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"inside story". see i next type of. i'm ray suarez. >> this is aljazeera america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris. house speaker shock. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> the frontrunner to be house speaker drops out of the race. coming clean, the head of volkswagen america testifies about the emissions scandal. and the presidential race turns to race after a tweet calling for a real black president
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