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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i'm ray suarez. >> this is aljazeera america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris. house speaker shock. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> the frontrunner to be house speaker drops out of the race. coming clean, the head of volkswagen america testifies about the emissions scandal. and the presidential race turns to race after a tweet calling for a real black president city. >> blue skies, nasa's new
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discovery about pluto. our top story at this hour, a stunning development in the gop ballot for house speaker. the front runner, kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race to replace john boehner, and he announced his decision during a meeting with house republicans gathered to select a candidate for speak, and mccarthy said that his bid threatens to divide the gop. >> i don't want making the speaker a tough one, i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think that the best thing for our party right now is if you have 247. if you want to be strong, we have to be 100% united. >> let's bring in our aljazeera reporter, michael shure, and can you describe for
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me please the level of dysfunction today represents for the gop caucus and beyond? >> well, tony, there are a few ways of coming at that question, and one of them, there's a segment of the republican party, the freedom caucus, they call themselves, 30-4 members, very conservative, who say this is about as functional as the party gets. and it did function. they were able to get somebody who would not get the full support of their caucus out of the race for speak, but when you look at it from afar, and look at the republican caucus and the members of that party, they're unable to come together and find consensus yet on any member to become speaker of the house, it represents dysfunction in washington and when you look at it from afar, it speaks to the dysfunction of the party as well. >> i suppose that we should play this gay marriage, and we always do in these cases, so who's in the running for the job moving forward.
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>> well, you know, first of all tony, anybody can be speak, so if we start in the house of representatives, and we assume that they're going to select someone from the 247 members of the house, and one of the first names we were talking about before when boehner resigned in september was paul ryan, the former vice presidential nominee, and the former he had the ways and means committee and he said that he didn't want the job at all. jason chaffetz, from utah, and westmorland from georgia. and daniel webster from florida. >> so who? >> jasonve shavettes from utah and daniel webster from florida, they have both spoken up about thing to be, and they have had their names in the
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ring this morning. >> listen to this. >> i do believe that it's time for a fresh start. and that was the whole genesis of my cam pape, but we need to have a lot more family discussions, because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. >> do you feel like you're cut out to be speakish? >> no. >> why not? >> because i just think that there are other factors here, and it will be hard to determine how that's all going to play out. >> now, speaking to members as i've been doing all day today, tony, not one tells me that they think that chaffetz or webster is going to be the next speak, so they're looking for a consensus candidate and they have not done that yet. >> michael shure on capitol hill for us. german authorities raided volkswagen's headquarters today as part of their investigation into the company's emissions
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cheating scandal. in volkswagen's hometown of wolvesburg and other cities, vw handed over a comprehensive range of documents, and they have suspended ten senior managers as part of their internal investigation. and meanwhile, the head of the north american division testified before congress today. and lisa stark joins us live with more from washington d.c.. >> reporter: tony, as you might expect, the man who runs operations for america was in for rough going. two hours by lawmakers and they didn't mince words, calling the company deceitful and untrustworthy and argue ant. the head of volkswagen america faced rare agreement from both sides of the political aisle. anger and disgust. >> vw has betrayed a nation. a nation of regulators and suppliers and innocent customers. it's time to clean it up or get
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off the road. >> the oil industry has deliberately misled consumers, but the american public are not crash test dummies and cannot be treated as such. >> reporter: vw has admitted deliberately installing software on many of the company's dieseling vehicles to cheat on the emissions test. michael horne offered his sincere apology. >> let me be clear. we take full responsibility for our actions and we're working with all authorities in a corporate way. >> investigations are underway to determine who knew what or when. but horne refused to blame the top brass for the deception. >> to my understanding, this was not a corporate decision. >> vw reps were incredulous.
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>> we rent that. >> half a million vehicles in the u.s. are affected and 11 million worldwide. volkswagen is working out a fix, and some lawmakers offered for the company for a buyback program >> the company's where'd is not worth a dime. the only thing that i want to hear today is exactly how will volkswagen make this right by consumers? >> vw has almost a cult following, and it was evident from emails shared by a vermont legislature. >> vw is the lance armstrong of the industry. these questions go on and on. how do you sleep at night and how do you call yourself a member of the human race when you knowingly poisoned the planet? >> horn says that he feels deceived by a company that he has worked for for 25 years. >> this company has to bloody learn and use this opportunity to get back together. >> after his grilling, horn
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pledged to make things right. >> we have to remedy, and we have to be make sure that this is never going to happen again. >> reporter: doing that could take years, and cost the company billions. now, vw is also under criminal investigation by the justice department, by state attorneys general. and the epa stands ready to fine them. they could be fined as much as $18 billion, with a b, $18 billion. >> that's a real number, and lisa,vw is still trying to figure out a fix and when the vehicles might start getting repaired, right. >> they hope to have some answers in the coming weeks, and some of the vehicles, just a few will need just a software change, but the bulk of the vehicles in the u.s. will need a much bigger fix. software and emissions systems, and vw said those won't start getting fixed until at least the middle of next year, and it will take sometime.
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>> lisa stark for us in washington, and we'll have more on the volkswagen hearing and what it means for the future of the german automaker at the bottom of the hour. a battery of russian cruise missiles launched at syria mistakenly landed in iran. that's according to several unnamed u.s. officials. this comes as the syrian army goes on the offensive, attacking cities, and it they are getting support from russiaes air campaign. mike viqueira joins us now with more. >> reporter: well, good evening, tony. in the wake of those cruise missile strikes, and in an offensive backed by the russian military, the critics are out and they're saying that president obama isn't doing enough to support u.s.-backed moderate opposition forces on the ground and stand up to vladimir putin's military moves in syria. meeting with nato allies in brussels, sec defense, ashe
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carter, predicted dire consequences for russia at the hands of the syrian opposition. >> in the coming days, russia will begin to face casualties. >> a russian-backed ground offensive by assad forces, russian aircraft coming within a few miles of u.s. drones. and cruise missiles launched without warning. thursday, reports emerged that four of those missiles badly mixed their mark, crashing instead in iran near the border with turkey. russia had received permission from iran for the missiles, launched from the caspian sea to fly over the territory. and russia denies the reports and said all of missiles reached their targets. in another alarming russian move, it's war planes entered airspace over turkey, a member of the nato military alliance. thursday, the secretary general of nato vowed to act if it
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comes to a fight with russia. >> we are ready to protect against any threat. and that of course also goes for it. >> president obama anticipated russia's aggressive action, and he had been out maneuvered by vladimir putin. >> it goes to misunderstanding of russia's intentions. will we think that if we could just get together at a table. and if we could just have a conversation, we could find a win-win scenario. and we're all about win-win scenarios. but for putin, it's zero-sum. >> even as russian missiles and bombs rained down on the opponents of the assad regime, the u.s. military is still focused on fighting isil, and not russian forces. >> what does the white house want to do to protect those
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allies being attacked by russia right now on the ground? >> that support has not included things like directing their action on the ground. russia has failed to distinguish between those groups that are supported by the united states and our coalition partners. and the extremists isil. >> and tony, the russian barrage against the syrian forces continued on thursday, allowing assad's forces to move forward in the new offensive. >> mike viqueira, from washington, thank you. one of the men who this warranted an attack on a train uds of france last month was stabbed outside of a bar in the united states. airline first class stone was stabbed four times early this morning in a street in sacramento. the police say that he was out with friends when a fight broke
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out and you see here, stone is in stable condition, and he's expected to survive. the 23-year-old stone and two of his childhood friends stopped a man armed with a box cutter, a pistol and an aka assault rifle on a passenger train. governor nikki haley is asking thousandses of south carolina residents to evacuate. the governor traveled to foreaffected counties to encourage people to leave their homes, and paul joins us from columbia, south carolina, and paul, what's causing the danger of flooding now that the storm is over? wow! >> that's right, tony, the rain has stopped falling, but you can see here in columbia, the destructive power of the floodwaters that passed through here a couple of days ago, just ripped apart this one-story building and scattered
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100 yards down river, and that's the floodwater that's headed east to the coast. and that's what governor haley and other officials are so concerned about and warning people. down river, it's heading their way, and that surge is expected to hit sometime in the next 12 hours. and listen to what the governor has to say about it earlier today. >> the sun is out, but if you have any family members or if you live on the coast, it's very very important that you listen to these next three major areas of concern. in the next 12 hours, georgetown will start to flood. it will get worse, and it's going to last up to 12 days. so this is an area where if you are in the area of georgetown, you're going to see people knocking on your doors, telling you to get out and please take precautions and do what you need to do. >> and tony, that water is headed for part of the state called the low country, and it's going to sit there for 12
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days afterwards. and they are concerned that people saying they weathered the hurricane and it's not too bad. and she said it's time to get out of here. >> here's what's stunning about all of this. you're in columbia, and that's farther inland and then i look behind you and i see that kind of damage, and i suspect that there's more of that kind of damage there in columbia as well, right. >> this watershed was maybe the hardest-hit in the entire state. and it remains to be seen what will happen down river, but as the water floods to the coast, they have raised the number of dams in 60 to 72 that they're keeping an eye on as they might fail as the huge surge rumbles toward the coast. >> paul, thank you. wind in the fight for clean water in flint, michigan, a new water source, and high levels of lead have been found in the drinking water, and hundreds of children have tested positive
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for it. bisi onile-ere has more. >> reporter: after mounting complaints, michigan governor, rick snyder announced that he's in full support of the city of flint returning to the detroit water system. >> based on the recommendations, it will be better for the citizens of flint in terms of public safety, which is of paramount concern. >> this comes a week after officials declared a public health emergency, when studies revealed elevated lead levels in children. the cash-strapped city pulled out of the detroit water system and began tapping into a cheaper source, the flint river more than a year ago. for months, the city said that the tap water was safe, and now the mayor is changing course. >> we know that flint needs a sustainable and secure water supply for today and into the future. and this is what we're absolutely committed to. >> late in the summer, a
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virginia tech researcher found that the corrosive water caused lead, and then a study by a local pediatrician revealed high levels of lead in hundreds of children,a. >> we've lived in the house for four years, and the only thing that changed was the water source. >> a new study confirmed that flint's children are at high-risk. >> there were 37 samples taken from 13 schools, and of those 37 samples, four exceeded the 15 parts per billion action level. that's a level at which the federal lead-copper rule has further investigation and mediation. >> the mayor said switching back to detroit's water system is just the first step. >> there are lessons from flint's experience, and we need
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to look at federal policy reforms that include expanding water safety sampling to include our most vulnerable families, and we need to look at factors of affordability and public health and infrastructure all being assessed together. >> still, some residents are angry that it took this long for be officials to do something. >> my reaction is that they should have did it way before this, because they didn't just get the follow o knowledge of i. >> we have tough questions that we're going to keep asking, to make sure that it doesn't happen here or anywhere else. >> it will cost $12 million for flint to switch back to the detroit water system. the governor will ask the state legislature to provide $6 million, and a local foundation will cover $4 million the city of flint will provide $2 million. bisi onile-ere, aljazeera.
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>> a tweet with sparking outrage about president obama, and a series of stabbings brings the middle east to a new boiling point. what's behind it in the west bank.
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>> all right, rupert murdock is apologizing for a tweet that he wrote yesterday in which he praised 2016 candidate, ben carson, and said in part, what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide. and murdock wrote apologies, no offense meant. personally find both men charming. jason johnson joins us now, a political science professor, and a political contributor.
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so jason, so the tweets. and then the apology, which i find a little condescending, so i'll give you the first and last word on the tweet and the apology. take it away. >> it's garage, tony, and i'm not food by anything that rupert murdock says. it's absolutely garbage rupert murdock is a media genius, and he woke up one day, and he's much like donald trump. he's not concerned about insulting someone, and he wanted to draw attention, and i don't think that anyone would be surprised, given murdock's history with buying politicians in england and other scandals that he has been involved with that he would say something racist too. >> so you think it's racist? saying something racist and the person saying it being a racist. what do we have here? >> i don't play the "i don't
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know what's in his heart." if you say things har racist, you're racist. if you say racist things, anti-semitic things, and sexist things, that's who you are. >> kevin mccarthy, what do you make of this? >> this is huge, and it's an indicator. >> hang on a second. i was going to ask you how big of a deal this is. because going to decide on someone, probably before the end of the month, so how big is this? >> this is gigantic. and john boehner is sitting back with a cigar right now laughing. all of this is because so many republicans kept telling john boehner, you're not tough enough, and not handling obama enough, and not standing up for republican principles, but nobody was able to step and up do the job the same way. and the moment he's gone, you
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have this huge argument, this you've gee of conflict between leaders. >> i don't want any part of this. and i don't want to put new this mess. so are the republicans in this caucus going to come up with a consensus candidate here or a fight to the death with the current administration candidate? >> you know, tony, as much as you and i would probably love to see armor and chain mail and fight this out, here's what generally ends up happening. they're going to pick someone who has been sort of denied the opportunity to sit at the cool kid's table for a while but has a clean background. and think about it. that's how john boehner got the job. he had been on the fast track of leadership. and he got pushed out of the way by tom blaine, and that's how we got dennis hastert. so i'm thinking about somebody
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like roster out of chicago. >> so none of the people being mentioned so far in the crazy name game, chaffetz, or paul ryan? none of those people? >> no, web itster out of colorado. >> beginning richnewtgingrich. >> paul ryan, why would he want to be speaker now? i think that it's going to be a quiet person. >> and newt gingrich is working with elizabeth warren on that project. and do you think that the public chaos will come over raising the debt ceiling in less than a month? >> yes, i talked to a couple
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colleagues in congress today. and i think what's going to happen, john boehner is going to be like all right, kids, i'll handle one last thing for you, and i think that the debt ceiling and long outlines of the budget deal, i think that boehner is going to do it before he leaves so everyone won't get attacked for it. i think that he'll take one last one for the team even if it means staying a little bit past october. >> a major strike everybodyorted for now. and oklahoma is putting all of its executions on hold.
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>> a 40,000 auto workers will get to vote on a 11th hour deal, reached last night with fiat chrysler.
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it was reached just before the thousands of workers were set to walk out. the major concerns of the jobs have been addressed, at least for the time being, but the threat of the strake isn't quite over. the union's bargaining officials will discuss the agreement with the local leaders across the nation, and that begins on friday. david, what will happen at these meetings tomorrow? i think that you have a little bit of news for us. >> reporter: sure, the meeting is supposed to take place tomorrow, and this is the national council around the proposed deal. and it will probably take a week or two. what happened last time, the agreement was knocked down by a 2/3 majority. but the news is, and this is confirmed. we don't have it as of y but the detroit free press is saying that part of the agreement would essentially do away with that much-hated two-tier it system. and today basically remove the ability of workers to earn a separate salary for doing the same job.
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phased in over the course of the next eight years, but by 2023, they are on par to making $20 an hour. we have reached out to fiat chrysler, and none of it is confirmed yet. but if it comes to pass, this is a major part of a brokered agreement. and much of them are fighting for t tony? >> okay, so i guess that you've gone over the other details of the agreement. and what can you share with us? what are the broader agreements facing leaders here in the united states right now? >> you know, tony, you look at the auto united nations in this country, particularly in the wake of this transpacific partnership that many of these unions have been fighting against to open up free trade. and there are a lot of concerns that areas with traditional places like detroit are waning in influence, and the membership has been waning over the years. and if you look at the last ten
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years, the auto worker's pay has certainly diminished. so you look at the history of the u.s. auto workers. this was once the picture of american auto workers. assembly lines turned out cars at a frenzy pace to make the united states the world's leading manufacturer of automobiles. in 1950, about 17% of all american workers produced autos or auto parts. today, that number is less than 1%, following years of factory automation, and competition from overseas manufacturers that hurt u.s. sales. and yet six years, after an $80 billion bailout and massive layoffs, the u.s. industry is poised for the best sales in a decade. >> we have seen new investment going on in the country, both domestics and imports, so there's still a lot of viability as an auto worker in the u.s.
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>> that's especially true in southern states like tennessee and mississippi, where weaker unions with reduced labor costs have manufacturing. >> it shifted from the detroit three into these transplant automakers, and there's more auto economy in the south than there used to be. and yet today's auto jobs aren't quite what they once were. an average worker spends more than he did a decade ago, but american pay has dropped over the years, earning nar less than american counterparts. >> the wages are higher than you would get into retail. and it's still protective, but -- attractive, but not as much as it used to be. >> chrysler tried to make it more attractive, and they threatened to strike unless the italian auto worker offered its workers more benefits and did away with the controversial
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two-tiered wage structure that pays senior employees $9 more for the same work. the biggest thing, the strike. and it almost came to pass here at the chrysler warren truck plant here in detroit. and essentially, the workers were notified that they should pick up their belongings and walk out the door if there was a strike, and it came down to the 11th hour, with a tentative agreement before the stroke of midnight. it would have been the first time that the united auto workers union held a strike against an automaker in the u.s. since 2007. and while the new terms of this tentative deal are not entirely clear, the proposal has appeared to have diverted a potentially debilitating walk out. among the reasons, north america has emerged as chrysler's biggest market. now, money wasn't the only aspect of this negotiation. it was also about health benefits, out of pocket costs, and deductibles rising over the
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years, and the workers want to say, there's concern that a lot of the plants have been moving south to places like chattanooga and mexico where un knifed workers aren't part of the case there, but it's becoming clear that these workers, if this news is confirmed, certainly got a lot of bank for their buck in terms of the agreement. >> david, good to see you, david in detroit for us, and volkswagen's top executive in america was on capitol hill today, and he was -- grilled by lawmakers, and the ceo said that the scandal wasn't the fault of those in charge, but blamed it on lower level employees. >> but this was not a corporate decision. from my point of view, to my best knowledge, the corporation, in any board meeting has authorized this. but this was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons, and i
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would also like to find out. >> . ford said that the company doesn't have --er horn says that they don't have a plan. and it could take one to two years to carry out. a transportation insider, matthew joins us, and you know what, matthew, i'm going to get to the uaw deal in a moment, but mr. horn, what did you think of him testifying before congress today? >> this is not something that you ever want to have happen in your career as a major executive of european or industrial concern. you don't want to be in front of congress or have this happen. this is a nightmare scenario for you. >> and yet, how did you do? >> he's been a real straight shooter in this thing. he came out at an event in new york city and said, we screwed up and we're going to spend how much of money we need to fix this thing, and he has the back being of his network,
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and he has been the most outspoken volkswagen executive on this yet. i think that he did well. >> straight shooter, and let me take this on for a second. horn acknowledged that it's hard to believe that top vw officials didn't know about the scam. do you buy it whethe when he sas that? >that? a couple of software engineers just fiddling around with things, and no one in a board meeting approved this. did you buy this? no one in congress bought that line. >> yeah, and the story that vw is trying to still a familiar story. we have a couple of bad apples, a couple of rogue engineers, bad dudes responsible for this thing, and we have so many models covered, 11 million vehicles worldwide. and it strains credibility. >> and we don't look at him, maybe he's not such a bad guy,
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he did a nice job in front of congress today. he appears to be a straight shooter, he was here in new york, and he said hey, we screwed this up, and yet it's really difficult to believe the bottom line, core explanation, we didn't know as top managers, but it was a couple of rogue engineers, come on, that's not going to fly, and that's why you have raids today. >> well, the story -- vw headquarters, and that's their story, and they're sticking to it. >> the irony, i should wonder, but i want to hear your thoughts on this matter, could it be that it will cost more to fix the problem to make consumers around the world hold, and to buy the inventory off of lots right now that can't be moved than to have complied with the regulations? >> yeah. it's crazy, because if you think about it, this is a huge problem in europe, but it really broke here in the united
7:39 pm
states, and in the u.s., it covers 500 million cars, and they got nailed here? which is crazy, they're not doing very well in the united states. they don't sell many cars here. they have less than a 2% market share, and they have been struggling for years to get their market together. but they set aside a little over $7 billion to cover this. >> not nearly enough. >> it could be $14 billion by the time they're finished. and the skies' the limit. >> i have no idea. and your thoughts on the tentative uaw agreement? >> they hate the two-tiered wage structure and they want it to go away, and they picked fiat chrysler, because they know they're trying to do a ferrari idea. and this is the worst time for him to have this kind of strike issue come up, and there are other reasons why they picked them. but the deal gets to the point
7:40 pm
where they vote on the two-tier wage system be retired over time. and the big question, are they going to draw a line in the sand? are we going to vote it down? because we really want it to go away, and the reason they do a deal is because they want it to be a tech lat for ford and gm. >> exactly, and i think that the latest report from david arioso is that they might be getting closer to eliminating that two-tiered system, but we'll have to wait that. matthew, good to see you, thanks. next tuesday, the democratic candidates will go head-to-head for the first time, a likely topic, debate trade, especially after hilliary clinton announced her position on the newly signed tpp deal. and ali velshi is here with more on it. ali. >> so i'm concerned that hilliary clinton is developing
7:41 pm
a habit whereby she does one of these and sees how things are going. yesterday, she announced that she opposes the transpacific partnership, which is everybody's right. but it's yet another big flip flop. when she was secretary of state, she called it the gold standard in trade. and she didn't say i kind of like this thing, but called it the gold standard. and she said that tpt would link markets through europe and asia, and raise standards on labor and the environment and intellectual property. that's what she said. and today she reversed the stance and said that the deal would hurt american jobs. listen to it in her words. >> i've been trying to learn as much as i can about the agreement. but i'm worried. i'm worried about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement. we have lost american jobs to thing manipulations that countries, particularly in asia have engaged in.
7:42 pm
i'm worried that the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits and patients and consumers, fewer as of today. i'm not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> so there you go, tony. you hear it yourself. you hear what she said now, and hear what she said then, and she has changed. >> and then she says as of today, which opens up the possibility that she could flip again, and what's going on? why all of the flip flopping? >> it's political maneuvering, and president obama calls it a key with asia and his administration that possibly will be remembered as a good thing in years to come. and hilliary clinton was onboard. and now that she's campaigning, she's under pressure from labor unions, and they largely oppose tpt. this either say that they take away american jobs or push wages down, and she sees it
7:43 pm
crucial to getting the labor he vote. a number of labor unions have held off endorsing hilliary clinton possibly waiting for joe biden to get into the race, and he's definitely very pro union. flip flopping may help her, but she has waffled on several issues, including the iraq war, and this is the third one. >> what else is on the program tonight? >> we're taking a look at this whole thing that has developed in washington. kevin mccarthy's decision not to run for speaker of the house, and the decision behind it, what are these guys going to do next? the republicans in the house have to get their whole situation organized. >> we're calling it gop pandemonium, and you can watch ali velshi on target at 10:30 eastern and 7:30 pacific here on aljazeera america. executions on hold in oklahoma right now after an autopsy shows that the wrong drug was used in an inmate's
7:44 pm
execution this year. they used potassium acetate instead of potassium chloride. in the case of richard glossop, who was to be executed last week, the drug had been delivered once again, and the attorney general is now investigating. two stabbing incidents, palestinians clashed with israeli troops northwest of ramallah, and courtney keeley is here now. >> reporter: tony, this escalation of violence is taking place against a backdrop of hopelessness, with clashes between israelis and palestinians. like this one on wednesday, as the police posed as palestinians and infiltrated a group near ramal a the
7:45 pm
undercover israelis drew guns and used live ammunition. prime minister benjamin netanyahu recognized that the recent violence against israelis in organized attacks. >> good all goes back to the excitement from the hamas, and the palestinian authority. >> reporter: he still blamed palestinian groups as he insisted there's no policy change in regards to th to the compound. >> to hurt the sacred sites of islam. >> reporter: the escalation of the latest tensions and violence began three weeks ago as palestinians barricaded themselves in the mosque. and fears that israel plans to divide up the 37--acre area, called the temple mount by jews, clashes ensued.
7:46 pm
and at least 2 dozen palestinians, and at least five israeli police officers were injured. israelis want to be able to pray outside of the al oxa mosque, which has been band since the 1967 war when israel captured east jerusalem. and the prime minister has ordered them to stop the members from parliament from visiting the compound. on israeli radio, they denounced the decision, and parliament members called it insane and illegal. syria has always been a major flashpoint. six metal detecters have been added in the old city, and he visited the arab neighborhood, meanwhile, the violence has spread deeper into the occupied west bank. palestinians in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem
7:47 pm
suffered multiple fatalities at the hands of the israeli forces. >> we're not the ones who started it. israel has to take our hand for a peaceful way, and not in another way. >> reporter: during a recent meeting in the palestine factions, mahmoud abbas made it clear that peaceful solutions need to be found. meanwhile, both sides remain in a conflict with little hope on the horizon. tony, mahmoud abbas was the architect of the oslo accord which bears his signature, and just last week at the u.n. general assembly, he announced that the palestinians are no longer bound by israel like the oslo accord, and israel must assume all responsibility as an occupying power, and this leaves them questioning how far they should go in restoring order on their own people on behalf of israel with no public
7:48 pm
peace talks going on. >> all right, courtly keeley for us. >> . >> on the death toll in last month's stampede during hajj, the death toll stands at 600 people, more than the original toll. based on reports, hundreds of people are still missing. a bold attempt to rid the soccer record of corruption. three of fifa's top soccer leaders get red cards. and nasa makes an amazing discovery in the final frontier.
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7:51 pm
>> a brawl breaking out in kashmir, india. and lawmakers from the hindu ruling party kicked, punched, slapped folks around from independent members. this one guy anyway, for serving beef at a party. the hindus consider cows to be sacred. sacred. fifa's world soccer body,
7:52 pm
leaders today. >> let's go fifa! >> but not for now withset blatter in charge. he sets out to try to rid corruption, and he's suspended for 09 days. it's not a proof of guilt. and blatter could get to return to his desk before it takes place. his lawyers issued the statement, president blatter was disappointed that they didn't follow the code of ethics, which provides the opportunity to be heard. and he looks forward to the opportunity to pretty evidence that will demonstrate that he didn't engage in any miss conducts. in may, the swiss police arrested seven top officials on corruption charges, and fifa was also being investigated by the united states police. blatter went on to win a presidential election, but days later said that he would be
7:53 pm
resigning his post. and a new vote was set for february. last month, the swiss police said that the 79-year-old was the subject of a criminal investigation, accused of making a disloyal $2 million payment to michelle petino. while both men have denied any wrongdoing, petini said that i always acted and expressed myself with honesty and canned or. that's my duty. and i'll stop at nothing to make sure that the truth is known. but his prospects look bleak. >> the committee that just suspended him asked to check his credential, and going forward, stopping to think about who they can find for a new candidate. >> reporter: another potential successor was former
7:54 pm
fifa vice president, of south korea, but the ethics committee hit him with a six-year ban. blatter may be able to hand over power on something like his own terms, but this is hardly the end game that he had been hoping for. >> for a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour, john seigenthaler is here. >> coming up tonight at 8:00, dropping out, kevin mccarthy pulls out of the race for speaker of the house. and i'll talk about the shakeup and the future of the republican party. gun control in a shooting last week put it back in the spotlight. it was the 294th mass shooting this year. a stunning number, but where do the presidential candidates stand on the matter? their party affiliation alone doesn't tell the entire story. and also, wasting water. in new orleans, the city loses 40% of its drinking water every day. >> we're kind of at the end of
7:55 pm
being able to survive another 19th century infrastructure. it had not been touched for 60 years. >> what's being done to fix that problem, and how much it will cost new orleans. that's all coming up in just about 6 minutes. >> thank you. the new horizon spacecraft, behind me, images of pluto, and they show that it's surface shares similarities with earth. patches of frozen water, and mountains, and even a blue sky. jake ward joins us live from san francisco, and tell us more about the pictures. >> reporter: well, tenney, the best way to think about how these pictures change our understanding of things is imagine standing on the surface of pluto, it's a remote idea. and it's more than 4 billion miles away and it's probably not going to happen. but it would be 400 degrees below zero, and it would be an
7:56 pm
incredibly long year, 248 years for each of pluto's years, but there's a blue sky there. as the sun sets, standing there on the frozen surface, the sky would be blue in a way that would make you kind of homesick, and at the same time, we know there are big exposed patches of ice. so if you imagine, lakes of ice, and the difference is that these lakes are a bright red color, and it has something to do with the surface ice and the particles that make up the sky. the scientists don't know. and it has changed our understanding of what it would be like to be on that planet. and this is very muchas nasa administrators said today, it's a living planet, dynamic and beautiful and nothing like we expected. >> jake, what does this mean for the future of nasa's exploration of pluto? >> well, the real question is what are they going to do with the new horizon spacecraft that
7:57 pm
sent us the information? we won't have all of the data back until the end of 2016, and that's the big thing that we have been waiting for, but now we refurbished the spacecraft to look at other bodies, and request the news today, that seems likely. >> jake ward, i'm going to try to sneak this in, and look at these drama pictures, this display of the aurora borealis. this time-lapse view was shot last night from duluth, minnesota, and the borealis is usually caused by solar particles colliding in the atmosphere, and it can be seen mostly around the arctic circle. that's pretty spectacular, and that's all the time we have for this newscast. thanks for being with us, john seigenthaler is back in a couple of moments, and if you would like more from this news hour, we encourage you to head over to the website, see you back here tomorrow.
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>> hi, everyone, this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. >> house of chaos. the frontrunner for speaker steps aside. >> one thing i found in talking with everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help us do that. >> leaving the republican party reeling. >> growing crisis. accepting forces