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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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as it commemorates 70 years since the founding of its ruling
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party and we are in nepal where anger over the new constitution is causing a shortage of basic supplies. at least 20 people have been killed in twin explosions in the turkish capital ankara. [ explosion ] . >> it happened during a morning peace rally near the main train station. the turkish government called it a terrorist attack, and are investigating claims that a suicide bomber was responsible. we'll go live to our correspondent. two explosions. tell us what happened. >> all we are certain is that two explosions took place near the capital ankara.
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there has been a peace rally before elections in turkey, and the turkish party, joining the rail link. the explosions happened at the point where they were gathering. more than 20 people died and more warned that there's no official state. just what caused the explosion was a suicide bomb. the government said it was a terrorist attack. the prime minister called for a meeting and cancelled the official programme. let me tell you what i saw, which was half hour after the explosion. and there were people wondered around. there was fun in the area.
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there was panic, but security forces, and other people who are coming to support the peace rally, they are not allowing people to enter the rear. it caused a panic and blited everywhere. they are calling for people to go to the hospital to be able to help. they are wounded and there's frustration, right now, according to the announcements made in the area. they say there may be a third suicide bomber, that is why they are trying to avoid people entering the area. >> and tell us about the peace rally. who called it? who were attending. >> yes, some leftist union, some leftist workers union, and also an important part was the a.c.t. it is the forces. they called for the peace rally.
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they were going to protest the government. fleerl three or two weeks ago. it was important. it was going to be out before the elections. >> thank you for updating us on that terrible situation in the cap 258 ankara. live from the capital turkey israeli police shot dead a palestinian who stabbed two civilians near the damascus gate. it's the latest violence in a series of attacks across israel and the palestinian territory. 17 palestinians, and four israelis died and over 1,000 have been injured in the region since october the 3rd. the unrest began several weeks ago. the al-aqsa mosque compound. palestinians fear israel would
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change the rules. it spread to the strip, the leader of the palestinian hamas. they called on supporters to join the protest. it followed days of rising tensions. there has been several stabbings and shootings across the region, we are joined from ramallah. hoda, it seems peaceful now. what are we expecting today? >> well the students of the university said that they will march no this point behind me. it's been a flashpoint for a few days, and we witnessed the violent clashes ongoing at the moment. we understand that they are making their way here. if you look at - all over, in hebron, for example, there are two funeral processions that should be on their way now. usually that kind of procession ends up in clashes. these are two young palestinians
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who were shot dead by israeli forces. one of them was, according to the israeli police, about to stop - statemented to -- about to stab an israeli citizen and the other one did stab a soldiers. there was a funeral procession in occupied east jerusalem. there a young man, 15 years old, i think, died. this morning, during clashes with the israeli forces. so you have all the tension points all over the occupied east jerusalem, and occupied west bank, and that obviously adds to the charged and volatile atmosphere. especially among the youth. >> hamas has been calling this a third intifada. what is the feeling about that. there's not been any mass organising or protest. do people feel that this could
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be the start of a third uprising? >> well we are not there yet. when you see the clashes, yes, you have a lot of youth there. very young. sometimes teenagers, but not a mass movement behind there. some of these were calling for a third intifada, some said we are not there yet, we don't have a huge popular support. if we were to have a third, we need a leadership, a plan and an aim. the idea of an intifada does not bode well with the older generation, there has been through two. but they haven't achieved much with the two intifadas, they pay the high price. there is a worry. there are calls for calm. the issue is whether the young
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people will listen to the leadership. they are angry. ever since they were forn. they hear about peace negotiations. they watch the international conferences happen. on the ground. they have had a chavening to themselves. their lives have worsened and the idea is to figure out who is listening. and they are willing to consider the fighting, which is taking a hold on them now, the president obama administration decided to abandon its programme to train fighters to battle i.s.i.l. in syria. the state department said there needs to be a shift in focus to train leaders. the u.s. spend 500 million to eequip thousands of fighters. only a handful made it to the battlefield. rosalind jordan reports from washington d.c. >> reporter: when i.s.i.l. fighters captured parts of syria
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in 2014, the u.s. came up with a plan, train syrian rebels to go after i.s.i.l. instead. 500 million over three years, to raise an army some 15,000 men strong. a year later the u.s. is dumping that idea and planning to give basic military equipment and support to existing groups. u.s. officials insist the goal is the same. >> enable, capable motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from i.s.i.l., and reclaim syrian territory. in extremism. fewer than 100 people were graduated from the train and desist programme. they collapsed when they entered the battlefield. it was an embarrassment for the obama administration. >> can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains? >> it's a small number. the ones that are in the fight is - we are talking four or five. >> as i see it right now,
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there's four or five u.s.-trained fighters. let's not kid ourselves. that's a joke. >> reporter: u.s. officials say that once the war ends, the rebel fighters should have a seat at the table. >> one of the reasons to provide support to a variety of opposition groups in syria is clearly to fight i.s.i.l. but another reason is to ensure that there are credible opposition factions in the country who could be a part of the transition. >> with russia running its own military operations in syria. the u.s. is worried there won't be any alternatives to assad or isil once the war ends. >> so far, in terms of russian military activity, and the strikes are taken, they are predominantly without opposition groups. >> with one change in u.s. policy, the situation is
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unstable in syria. the u.s. has no quick way of ending the violence now, the u.s. says it will hold a second round of talks with russia to ensure air safety during the bombing campaign in syria. moscow says at least 300 fighters have been killed in syria during air strikes in raqqa, homs and aleppo. five were killed in an air strike on a camp for internally displaced people. 50 were injured in the strike on the village in adbene in idlib province. north korea warned leaders that his country is ready to tackle anything. harry fawcett is monitoring the events. north korea undermining military might with the hardware it has been putting on show today.
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>> that's right. that's what a lot of people are looking out for. kim jong un said he wanted the biggest ever parade to take place on this day, october 10th. marking the ruling party's foundation, and it was a huge parade. we saw some new things. analyst say not as much new hardware. there was a 300 meter artillery gun, way was displayed. the mobile, the kn 08 seen 300 years ago. there was what some are calling a different nose shape on it, but similar dimensions. that is what they saw in terms of hardware. there were other things to look at in terms of speech, in which he talked about responding to military threat and spoke a
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great deal to and about his people, about the way that the workers party was only as strong as the people of north korea, and the way that each of them and the party in concert achieved so much for their nation. >> it was interesting there was a delegation from china there, because relations have been cool between the two countries of later, although they were allies. >> that's right, and if you contrast what happened in this massive parade in pyongyang to a similar parade in beijing, when the north korean delegate to that parade was very much marginalized, at least in terms of the photo opportunities, he was put a long way from china's president steven pinizzotto, whereas south korea's president park geun-hye was the other side. given almost honorary status at that parade. we saw china's fifth party
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official faith by the north koreans, there to kim jong un, throughout the balcony, the two were joke of course, scuttling every few minutes. it was very much a sign from north korea that it wants to, or at least both sides promoting ideas that it was warmer than reported since kim jong un took power and xi jinping harry fawcett in sole there still to come on the programme... >> i'm daniel schweimler in buenos aires - but am i. the houses behind me don't figure on any official maps. at least not yet. >> and a move to preserve florida's everglades. but will it come at a price for the air boat culture?
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welcome back, i'm shiulie ghosh. the top stories on al jazeera - at least 30 have been killed in twin explosions in the turkish capital ankara. it happened near the many train station during a peace rally. israeli police shot dead a palestinian who stabbed two civilians near the damascus gate. the lightest violence in a series of attacks on israel since the beginning of the month. 17 palestinians and four israelis died in the region since october the 3rd north korea's leader warned the u.s. that it's ready to respond to any threat.
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kim jong un was speaking during a military parade. >> nepal is struggling to cope with food and fuel shortages after indian trucks stopped crossing the border. they accused new delhi of creating the blockade. we have this report from kathmandu. >> reporter: for weeks they've been waiting on the indian side of the border with nepal. despite long delays, truck drivers still do not want to across the boarder. >> there's a lot of incidents, a lot have been attacked. i'm scared to drive to nepal, i will not go. >> for almost two months, many areas in nepal, along the
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border with india, has been along a shut down. residents have been protesting against the constitution, which they say fails to represent them properly. >> more than 40 people have lost their lives in the unrest. the indian government is unhappy with the constitution of nepal, and warned the nepali government to get its house in order. then came the undeclared blockade of the trucks carries essential imports of food and fuel from india. they remain stuck on the border, causing chaos for many on both sides. >> i had an operation. i'm facing difficulty at the border. >> on the indian side businesses are losing revenue after trade with nepal died up. >> most of the business is with nepalese who came to by medicine from us.
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>> protest leaders say they'll stick to their demand until the grievances are addressed. >> we shall continue to fight until demands are met. this will be the third and last battle. we fought two battles already. and lost over 50 lives each time. this is the last battle. in kathmandu, the shortage of supplies, especially petrol and diesel, is becoming acute. >> as the crisis deepens, more peiple are concerned that politicians are not serious. politicians are not serious. c it's early morning. all these people came out on the streaks, to call out to the politicians for a more meaningful dialogue. >> with no government talks on friday to settle the crisis, some called on the prime minister to address the nation and explain what is going on. al jazeera contacted several government representatives for comment. they declined. following april's earthquake,
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the political argument over the constitution, and now the blockade. nepal is undergoing multiple crisis. it's not clear what action is being taken. there's no end in sight in guinea, there has been more violence in the run up to presidential elections schilded for sunday -- scheduled for sunday. at least 10 have been killed. five were burnt in the homes. another two were shot after months ever talks to end fighting in libya, the u.n. is proposing a settlement to include a unity government. hundreds of protesters in tripoli don't back the deal. hundreds chanted and held up red cords for those in libya that brokered the deal. before being finalised rival parliament have to approve it. victoria gatenby has the latest.
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>> violence and rivalries split people in libya. the country has fallen into chaos since the uprising. the tripoli based government is one of two rival administrations. the other is the u.n. recognised government based in the eastern city of tobruk. each is supported by armed groups engaged in daily fighting. the chaos is made worse by groups claiming allegiance to i.s.i.l., stepping into an already crowded battle ground. now there's hope that a unity government may bring the fighting to an end. >> i hope that the unity government succeeds quickly, because it has been too long. especially the displaced in libyan cities. most suffered very much. they support the government to start quickly. >> they are worried that proposals lead to the muslim
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brotherhood gaining too much power. >> this is a conspiracy and libyans know that. it is unacceptable. we'll have nothing to do with it. and we'll not support it. >> rival parties need to approve the proposed deal. and there's moan points of disagreement. we have the government's location, where the government will be located originally on the proposal. it's supposed to be located in tripoli. now controlled by the g.n.c. taking us through the tired challenge. what part would be playing after the announcements. >> if the proposals are adopted. it lp form a government. reforming the army and implementing a ceasefire. a joint statement by france, germany and the united states said any delay in forming the government. it would only prolong the
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suffering of the libyan people. >> leaders are worried that a divided libya could pave the way for fighters. a nightmare for neighbouring europe, which hopes to see a peace deal become a reality the group of tunisians that won the nobel peace prize dedicated it to those that died in the uprising. the national dialogue quartet was honoured for transitioning to democracy. the group includes trade unions, lawyers and human rights activists. >> protesters have taken to the streets of lima, to slam the i.m.f. and world bank's economic policies, as the two bodies meet. they say many peruvians have been lifted out of poverty. the i.m.f. described peru as an
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economic miracle for cutting poverty to argentina, where around one in 10 people are believed to be living in a sprawling shanty town. despite that, it doesn't feature on any maps. >> reporter: this is one of buenos aires largest shanty towns. it houses roughly 40,000 people along side the railway tracks. an eye shore next to an exclusive neighbourhood. >> we cannot tolerate 300,000 people living segregated from the rest of the city. that is the main worry. we believe the solution is to integrate the neighbourhood. >> the shanty town was established 20 years ago near the banks of the river blades. it has more than 1,000 residents, ambulance and fire
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services don't know where to go. reliable infrastructure, gas and running water, cannot be installed without proper reference points. >> we don't exist because there's no interest in us from the city government. there's no political will to incorporate the shanty towns. we are the ones with the least and have been neglected. >> of course they exist. living their lives, working, bringing up their children. they don't exist, according to the official maps, often ignored by the authorities and other residents of the buenos aires. the activists from the association for justice and equality, marking every alley way and street. most of them without names. with this g.p.s. we walked the streets of all the shanty grounds, to digitally marked the roads, markingally ways.
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security and dangerous neighbourhoods is not a problem. residents welcomed the matters. they want to be noted, recognised and accepted to enjoy the same basic immunities as everyone else. first, they need to exist on an official map. >> at least 17 have been killed in the u.s. state of south carolina. dozens have been forced to leave their homes. around 100 people were rescued after rain in the town of andrews. tens of thousands were left without power or clean drinking water. more rain expected in parts of the state this weekend. >> a unique way of life. in one of the largest national parks in the u.s. could end. a new law could ban most of florida's private air boats from
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operating in the everglades. >> >> reporter: everglades, national park, florida, the largest waterway. home to the gladesmen. a community in danger of extinction because of new federal regulations that will virtually ban the air boats used for transportation and to make a living. the federal government is concerned about pollution and preservation. in the ever glades. >> it has to do with impact to wildlife, the quality of the visitor experience. the noise, the pollution, the impact of loud vessels affects the animal behaviour and function. in a natural setting. >> in 1989 congress ordered the parks were ordered to come up with a management plan. that means the end of private air boating, except for the handful of captains that can prove they used the area in
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1989. they'll be given non-transferrable lifetime permits. the national park is 1.9 million acres in size. in 1989, under the everglades expansion act. air boat owners were allowed to go on 5,000. under the acknowledgement it will be limited top 25,000 of them. the plan goes into effect in the coming weeks. >> there's back and forth about what is allowed and what is not. how it will be enforced. i think it's a reformed detail. it would be a good out come on the business side of things. eventually in this time flame there'll be no private individuals. that lives or survives off the glades. >> the government wants a quieter gentler everglades.
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they don't see that happening and you can find more about that story and all the day's other top stories on the website. the address >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, the cost of free speech. like i.t. or not there are limits to how you can safely express yourself in today's world. lus, race to the moon. private entrepreneurs picking up where nasa's apollo program left off. for americans tree speech is sacrosanct and it's guaranteed under the law in most countries in the west. but that doesn't marine that deposits don't enact elements on elements of free expression even here in the united states.


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