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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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♪ >> suicide bombers are expected after at least 86 are killed in a peace rally. i am david foster. you are watching al jazeera live from london also in the next 30 minutes. four palestinians killed and isra israelis wounded from the occupied area. >> we are getting tear gassed. >> al jazeera correspond event
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tear gassed by israeli forces during a live report. celebrations and a show of force as north korea's leader says it is ready to defend itself against the u.s. the ruling party sell braces its 70th anniversary. the brazilian hararri international street carnival. two suicide bombers are thought to be behind two deadly explosions targeting a peace rally in ankara at least 86 people died. more than 180 were hurt when the bombs went off near the city's train station. turkey's government is treating it, it says, as a terror attack and has announced three days of official mourning. pro-kurdib known as the hdp said
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the blasts specifically targeted its members who were taking part in that peace rally. jamal alshayal reports. >> calls for peace drowned by explosions. this was the moment a bomb targeted a peace rally in ankara. death and chaos ensued. this was the scene outside the main train station moments after. dozens of people were reported to have been killed instantly the. the final death toll however is still unclear. hundreds of turks had gathered to participate in what was called a peace rally. it was organized by trade unions and other groups calling for a resumption in the pkk. >> there was a demonstration. i was walking next to a stage rally truck behind two blanners.
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an explosion went off. we lay on the ground. the second bomb went off there. there were two bombs but one that went off here was a very strong one. the security situation in turkey has become volatile in recent months. the peace process between the government and the pkk has all but collapsed. the pkk killed more than 40 soldiers in resent months and the turk irwin army has conducted several airstrikes against them. >> turks are scheduled to vote in just a few weeks. the economy and party politics may have topped the agenda in the last election. now, it seems security or the lack of it is becoming a concern for many. furbingey's prime minister spoke after a meeting of security chiefs. >> there is not a single citizens who doesn't share the deep sorrow of those who have loved their loved ones in this
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attack. we are in a period where we are going towards an election. this is obvious that our democracy has been attacked. i am offering my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. i hope they will rest in peace. there are strong indications that two suicide bombers have been involved in these incidents. >> the exact cause of the explosion is being looked into by the turkish government. they have branded the incident a terror attack and turkey's pro-kurd irwin people's party claimed the explosions were targeting its members. mohammed jamjoom is in ankara and joins us. i know you haven't been there very long, mohammed. but tell me what new information is coming out at the moment in the turkish capital. l let me set the scene. the clean-up is going on until a
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short while ago, there was still forensic investigators looking for clues, gathering evidence on the scene. the clean-up is going on. they are washing away blood stains. there have been so many blood stains. the sidewalks, cars parked next to the train station. after we got here, now, they are trying to clean those stains away as well. as you mentioned, nobody has yet claimed responsibility for these attacks. the prime minister did come out a little bit while earlier he said there are strong indications there may have been two suicide bombers. there is seen as one of the worst fairrist attacks in turkey'sist and the third attacks of its kind to target pro-kurdish since june. on the border with syria, there was a suicide blast that killed dozens and injured hundreds.
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now, today, this blast underscoring tensions between the government and between the kurdish minority and really underscoring how volatile it has become since the fight stepped up since the peace process has all but collapsed. we know for now the turks are going to continue to investigate. we expect to hear something more from them about their efforts in the investigation within the hours ahead. david? >> we have been describing this as a peace rally. you are saying these were mainly turnedish protesters. were there other people calling for peace besides the kurds? >> there were pro-kurdish activists, there were kurdish activists and leftists. i spoke to one who was here on the scene demanding peace from
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the government here he told me that many of the activists coming out today were concerned that they were worried that something like this might happen, that they might be targeted, but they are committed and continuing to come out. he said there will be more rldz demanding that the government resume negotiations with the pkk, that there be an end to the fighting, but he is concerned, as are other activists on the scene, that these kind of attacks could continue because the situation has become so volatile, especially when the southeast where most of the kurdish society resides. it is a much more tense atmosphere. he elections around the corner. even though many are calling for unity and peace saying there is going to be three days of mourning, the fact is, the security situation here has really deteriorated in the last few months and there is a lot of concern attacks of this kind may continue in the weeks ahead, david. >> we will leave it there. thank you very much for reporting there live from
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ankara, mohammed jamjoom. ♪ dozens of people have died in a triple bombing in chad. the attack was in the village of bagasola near the border with nigeria. government ministers told al jazeera more than 10 people have died. five attackers were killed. boko haram is blamed for the attack which was aimed at a market and a refugee kau camp. four palestinians have been killed and five israeli wounded. two teenagers lost their lives killed in clashes with israeli security forces in gaza. mike hanna has the latest from west jerusalem. >> reporter: the protesters gathered near ramallah in the occupied west bank.
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again dispersed by israeli forces. as in previous days, demonstrate orders would retreat under fire and advance again behind a volley of stones. in thevulsion near hebron, a strong display of palestinian unity in the face, of ongoing occupation, flags of all political factions being waved during the fine recall of 17-year-old aljoomey shot dead after stabbing a soldier in israel earlier this week. two more knife attacks near the damascus gate. in each case, the attackers were shot dead on the scene. an israeli policemen was critically wounded by the gunfire of his fellow officers. for the second day in a row, theithe israeli army opened fire. a number of palestinian
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fatalities were reported. among them, 15-year-olds otman and 13-year-old falwan. >> al meeting of the full cabinet sunday, the first since the 20th of september because of netanyahu's visit to the united states and an intervening jewish holiday. there will be much to discuss in terms of the mounting crisis of wooent weeks of particular concern of the netanyahu government, a rising wave and anger among the palestinian's citizenship who compromise 1/5 of the country's position. this video of a palestinian israeli woman holding a knife being shot at point-blank range, a spur to the passes of her fellow palestinian israeli citizenship. demonstrations in many parts of israel, confirmation that the netanyahu government is facing
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deep opposition in the country as well as in the occupied territories mike hanna, al jazeera. >> reporting from the occupied west bank earlier, al crew was tear gas nad live broadcast as she spoke about the experience. >>. >> reporter: we were having this live broadcast. during the broadcast, there was a group of palestinians sitting there peacefully. no one was throwing stones. they were just there watching events unfolding a bit below down this hill. now, all the sudden i saw them starting to move away to go up the hill. i state your named around so and saw there was an israeli army vehicle approaching on the road below. i thought that that car was going to gol, at that tastage there was no one around us except joseph you are, our cameraman and me. it's then actually the israeli vehicles stopped just below us. i would say five to six meters
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apart from us and two soldiers came out and started firing the tear gas. we are getting tear gassed by the israeli soldiers. we are going to take position. we can't really breathe at this stage. we are going to try to take a safer position. there was no one else in the area except upset. i would think we got targeted specifically. even if they were trying to target the rest of the people who were there, no one was doing anything. they were sitting there, absolutely peaceful, just watching what was going on. so actually, there was no reason for theisitioni army to come to this area and to target anyone sitting there?
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>> still ahead on this program: a government blockade on basic supplies takes effect. to pay or not to pay for hostages. an investigation of the u.s. policy and why some are critical of washington. looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware.
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♪ you are watching al jazeera, global headlines. turkeyses approximately said suicide bombers could have been the blame of two blasts in the
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capitol that killed at least 86. 145e7bs 38 died in the village of bagasora in chad. four palestinians, two teen agers among them killed in another day of violence across israel and the occupied territories. 5 israelis including three police were injured in those incidents. one of hezbollahses leading field commanders has been killed in clashes near idlib according to al jazeera sources. russia's intensified airstrikes in the area to support the syrian government's attempts to recapture territory. in homs, opposition fighters have been strengthening their defenses. they appear to be worried this will be the next target. zeina hodr reports. >> reporter: the opposition is expecting a war. the syrian army said it plans to
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advance into homss. what is known as a strong homed, it is surrounded by government basis. opposition fighters say the army has been reinforcing its positions. anti-aircraft weapons have done little to stop russian jets from targeting this region. the homs countryside has been hit almost on a daily basis. reblt commanders say they don't have the weapons needed to fight this battle. >> translator: we are prepared for a fit. our morale is high. we don't have enough ammunition, anti-armor missiles like tows, concourse, milan. we don't have that here. >> the rebel-controlled enclave is understand a blockade. it has been like that for years. the only way is to pass through army checkpoints making it hard for rebel groups to get the ammunition they need. many groups with different ideologies operate in this corner of syria.
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those have united with more conservety forces. they say the threat required they put their defenses aside. >> we have raided a joint operation. we have united or forces. all of the big groups have come together to be able to confront the upcoming offensive. there was a need to unite. >> people have reported deaths among civilians in what they believe were russian airstrikes over the past week. sense 300,000 people live in the northern homs countryside, they say conditions are bad because of the difficulties in bringing in food and much-needed supplies. >> people cannot afford the high prices. they can control the prices. >> the western plains is on a main highway linking homs and hamas. it is an important route. if the government wants supply lines to battle frondz further north and secure a corridor between the strongholds along
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the capital damascus. t it says it is imports not to lose the last remaining stronghold in the capital of the revolution. beirut. >> korea's supreme leader says his country is now ready to defend itself against anions launched bys u.s. celebrating the founding of his ruling party. harry fawcett reports. >> he had reportedly ordered the biggest military parade his it kuventsz tree had seen. what he wants, he usually gets even down to the weather. the start of his huge event delayed from a gray rainy morning to a blue sky afternoon. much of kim's speech was devoted to praising the people and party, the achievements, he said, they secured together. no mention of nuclear weapons, only the briefest reference to reunifying the peninsula and a message of defiance to the
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united states. >> our party can proudly declare with our revolutionary armed power we are ready to respond. >> reporter: the traditional goose stepping by million strong armed forces from abaud, military analysts watching for anything non-traditional in the hardware that followed spotting new 300 millimeter artillery launches and an inter continental bal ittic missile, one that debuted in a prayed three years ago. the other keenly observed element as far as north korea kia watchers say is what it would say between pynang and china. he was very much publisidelined. on saturday, the story was very different. >> china had set its 5th most senior official bearing a warm letter to kim jung un.
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he was given the ultra vip treatment, sharing the limelight with north korea's leader in what seemed a public message that a cooled alliance could be defro defrosting. one explanation: north korea's decision to go along with chinese wishes by not making in the occasion with a long-range rocket launch. >> it seems they would keep al launch as a deck of cards in case the relations with the u.s. and south don't work out well and people's livelihood become difficult. they can use it to divert dissatisfaction. months of rehearsals culminating in a show of mass devotion and an opportunity for north korea's leadership to send multiple demonstrations to people at home and abroad seoul. >> china says it is willing to work with north korea quickly to resume six-party nuclear talks.
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beijing's 5th in command made the offer just before the prayed we have seen talks between china, north korea, south korea, russia, japan and the u.s. aimed at ending the nuclear program 7 years ago. >> mark mitchell told al jazeera poli aal jazeera president obama's hostage policy puts american lives at risk. he played a central role in the government's response to americans who had been kidnapped in misi can't. this report is by simon bays. >> the killing of u.s. journalist james folney syria by the i see lammic state of iraq in the levant shocked america. behind the scenes, mark mitchell was at the center of the u.s. hostedage response advising the u.s. president. in january, mitchell stepped down as barack obama's counter terrorism advisor. today, he is critical of the american government's policy
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when citizens are taken captive. >> the situation with the costages in january, 2014, was a microcosm of our overall awareness of the intelligence and our resources were frankly pri prioritized elsewhere. >> i said getting hostages home is one small part. >> it's not always the highest priority it was the meetings with families that forced mitchell into the media spotlight. he was accused of threatening family members with prosecution if they tried today pay a ran m ransom. >> it was this military who had no compassion for us. all he knew was no concessions. this gentleman did threaten us three times, simon. >> i never threatened the families. the idea that it's somehow shock that a government official would encourage people to abide by the
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law, i think i find shocking in itself. >> the recent presidential review of u.s. hostage policy removed the threat of prosecution if families pay a ransom, a move that mark mitchell believes is a mistake. >> i think the decision to allow ransoms to be paid does not contribute to american citizens. >> i said it robs families of some of their bargaining options. thisno no longer can rely upon the fact that it's against the law. now, they are subjected to being beggered by the hostage takers. the hostage takers can say, clear out your bank accounts, sell your home. we want it all. and they have no defense. >> today, at least 30 americans are still being held hostage around the world each family
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faces the dilemma to pay or not pay and face the consequences. simon bozman, al jazeera. >> neal is struggling to cope with food andfuge shortages two weeks after indian laurie's stopped cro crossing the border land locked, heavily dependent upon its southern nabor and many are accusing the indian government of imposing a blockade because it opposes their new constitution. report from kathmandu. >> they have been waiting for weeks on the indian side of the border. despite long delays, truck drivers still don't want to cross the border. >> a lot of trucks have been attacked. i am scared to drive to nepal. i won't go. >> for almost two months now, many areas in nepal along the border with india have been under an enforced shutdown.
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residents have been tro testing against nepal's new constitution which they say fails to represent them properly more than 14 people have lost their lives in the unrest. the sxwinl government is also unhappy with nepal's new constitution and has warned the nepali government to get its house in order. then came the undeclared blockade of trucks carrying essential imports of fuel and food. they remain stuck on the border, causing chaos for many on both sides i just had an operation. i am facing difficult here at the border. >> they are also losing revenue after trade with nepal dried up. >> most of our business is with nepalis who came here to buy d medicine. >> protest leaders say they will stick to their demand for constitutional amendments until
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the grief applications are addressed. >> i shall continue until our demands are met. this is going to be the third and last battle. we have fought two already and lost over 50 lives each time. but this is the last battle for the madheshis and the parus. >> the shortage of supplies in kathmandu, petro and diesel is becoming acute. as the crisis deepens, they say they are not serious about talks and there have been no breakthroughs yet. these people are calling out to the politicians for a more meaningful dialogue. >> with no government talks on friday to settle the skrietsz, some protesters in kathmandu called on the prime minister to address the nationcrisis, some protesters in kathmandu called on the prime minister to address the nation and explain what's going on. al jazeera contacted several government representatives for comment, but they declined. following april's earthquake,
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the political arguments over the new constitution and now the blockade. nepal is undergoing multiple crises. it's not clear what actions is being taken and there is no end in sight. outbreaks of violence in the run-up to sunday's presidential elections in guinea. at least 7 dies in belacora east of the capitol. five were burned in their home. another two were shot. thousands of people lined the streets of zimbabwe's capital watching performers from all over the world take part in what's called the harari international street corn value. it's all about promoting tourism, promoting culture. hara metasu is there. >> the way they are dressed, welcome to the international street carnival. people from all over the world
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invite them to zimbabwe. they show how things are done different. many zimbabwes say they are excited about this. >> carnival is good. we are enjoying ourselves. >> people were all over the world at this carnival. this particular group, it's from indiana. and they are showing zimbabwens how they do things, how they party. and further up the road, see those ginanormous characters. they are excited what they say. >> we need people to be happy. we need people, you know, to forget about the problems we are facing as a country. >> some people are getting a little bit out of hand. you can see the riot police trying to keep them back. people are excited. they say they are trying to have fun at the street carnival. some of them are getting out of hand. the police are trying to keep
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them back. but on the whole, people saying they are happy about the car bomb value, a chance for zimbabwens sell bralting something good for a change. >> all of the news from all of the corners of the globe from the harari street festival to the events in ankara today. fruits and vegetables - from mexico. and every year, wages have stayed the same for the people that harvest that produce - sometimes the last people to touch the fruit bought by u.s. consumers. but after years of long, hot days and stagnant pay, workers left the fields and took to the streets to demand better working conditions - and a living wage. the response from the government was swift - and fierce.


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