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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> anger in the occupied west bank as an elderly palestinian man confronts israeli forces firing at young protesters. hello, you are with al jazeera. also coming up in the program, protests in turkey after twin explosions at a peace rally kill 99 people in the capital. a taliban suicide bomber targets
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a convoy, three people are killed. and how young people in the philippines are moving into the city. video emerged of annealedderly palestinian man falling to the ground in the occupied west bank while confronting armed israeli police. he was telling them to stop shooting and killing younger palestinians. they threatened to arrest him and told him to leave. >> translator: get away from here. i'm not going away from here, i won't go away. it's not right. shame to you for pointing your guns at children. take your soldiers away from here. don't shoot f one of them dies, you will all die, too. don't shoot at children. shame on you, don't shoot, don't
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raise your hand at me. shame, shame, shame. get away. i will arrest you. you can't. don't shoot there. you have noter to fire your arms. get away. get away. i won't go away, i won't go away. don't shoot, don't shoot. why? you want to kill more? we just buried two today. you want to kill more? are you not ashamed to yourself? go to ethiopia. don't shoot. >> let's go to our correspondent. this disturbing incident is representative of how frustration among palestinians is turning to anger. >> reporter: surely. we spoke to that man in the video. he's a resident of hebron.
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he explained when you see him fall to the ground, he got dizzy from tear gas that was fired at the young protesters. there is background to what he was doing. apparently he's been doing this. any kind of confrontation between soldiers and palestinians to try to prevent the israelis from shooting at the palestinian youth. the background is seven years ago he was on his way to israel with his son when they both got attacked by jewish settler and were wounded. ever since he decided he had to do something. each time there are any kind of demonstration or clashes, he is trying to prevent. he does say that earlier in the day before that video was shot, he was likely injured by rubber bullets fired by israelis. he will continue undeterred, to
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continue to stop this even though in reality it's not having much of an impact as we have seen the intensity of clashes that happened there. >> for the most part, the protests are coming from the young and the young this man is trying to defend. and this generation of palestinian being described as the post-oslo generation. >> absolutely. this man was saying it's because his son was with him and his son was badly wounded, he took upon himself to try to really protect these young palestinians and yesterday the clashes broke out in hebron after the funeral of two young palestinians. they are very angry. they have reached frustration level that many elderly here in the occupied west bank is unprecedented. they look at them and they actually say the young generation is really out of
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control. some of them call them lions because they are fearless. when you look at them in the clashes. these are teenagers, early 20s, guys who have no protection and dare devils. they are throwing stones, angry, frustrate the. they don't believe in the oslo accord. they haven't seen what the word peace means and all they have seen is continuous violation israel. they are extremely frustrated. even though there are calls from the palestinian authority to calm down the situation, to go to peaceful demonstrations, so far there is no sign that they are listening. and these are all protests that are organized randomly by students at different universities. we hear that later on in the day
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there will be a demonstration taking off from a university. these are not protests that are organized by any political faction. if you were to stop them, you would have to have palestinian police stop them on their way while they are marching through the streets. that would cause a lot of problem. these are young people letting off steam. but with each round of confrontation, their anger increases. >> okay. thank you for that. elsewhere in the occupied west bank israel police say a palestinian woman attempted to set off a bomb in her car. this is the latest incident in a wave of violence. 23 palestinians and 4 israelis have been killed since the beginning of the month. israeli police say the woman tried to attack them after being stopped at a checkpoint. they say she is critically injured.
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earlier a pregnant woman and her four-year-old daughter died in an israeli air strike in gaza. the unrest began several weeks ago in occupied east jerusalem. live now to our correspondent in west jerusalem. mike, first of all, the incident at the checkpoint. >> well, once again, another incident occurring near the settlement. the woman apparently stopped at the checkpoint. she got out of the car and then an explosive device exploded in the car. she was injured, taken to hospital and nearby police officer was also injured in what was a relatively small blast. photographs of the car showing very little damage to the vehicle. but significant in that it's the first time it's an explosive device that has been used in one of these random sporadic attacks we have seen in recent days,
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most of which have involved use of knives or in one case a vegetable pealer. >> what is benjamin netanyahu prepared to do about it? >> he's holding a meeting. he was in the u.s. and there was an intervening jewish holiday. he will be talking about measures to be taken. but also importantly, perhaps, several of his military and intelligence people have looked at army actions. they refer to the shooting of a woman in a town, a palestinian/israeli and led directly to the israelis taking to the streets. seeing palestinian israelis getting involved, given they are
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20% of the population of israel. in this particular case, the shooting led directly to the spontaneous demonstrations and some of his intelligence chiefs are questioning whether the rules of engagement are not clear enough as some even arguing human rights organizations that there may be a case for extra judicial killings that happen in particular circumstances. once again, you have two separate situations, the killings we have seen by police officer, the killings in the occupied west bank as some nine palestinian shot by forces are governed by law, they govern themselves effectively. only in 94% of cases, well, the human rights organization says that out of all the complaints made against israeli soldiers and investigations into the actions, only 6% have actually gone to prosecution.
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94%, the case have been closed without prosecution. >> mike, thank you very much. turkey is observing a period of mourning for the victims of two suicide bombings. 95 people were killed, 250 others were injured in a peace rally. that rally included the pro kurdish party. it raise the tensions ahead of parliamentary elections due on november 1. thousands of people meanwhile have been marching in central istanbul. demonstrators carried placards blaming the president for the violence. in the mainly kurdish city, police used water grenades to break up crowds. protests took place in other
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turkish cities. live now to bernard smith. turkey is in a period of national mourning. >> yes. this is the biggest terrorist attack in modern turkey's history. people killed and another 48 in intensive care of the 246 people wounded in yesterday's double suicide bombing. still no claims of responsibility for the attack. turkey's eu affairs minister has been on television this morning, domestic television here in turkey suggesting that initial reports suggest the planning of the attack took place outside turkey. no more detail than that. earlier on saturday, the prime minister suggested there was a couple of possible groups responsible. either the pkk or isil. however, i should say that there
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have been pkk trail a decision to call a unilateral cease fire that. announcement was due today. they made it on saturday. so perhaps particular focus on isil as the investigation into this attack continues. >> and we are looking at live pictures of people gathering to remember those who died in those bomb attacks, just 24 hours ago. >> yes. there is a gathering taking place at the moment. political leaders will be there. the prokurdish party leader is expected there. he's accused murderous state of being responsible for these deaths. the turkish president called this a hainous attack that was targeting our yuenty and our
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country's peace. a lot of obvious anger at this attack, incredible amounts of death and injury. the worst in turkey's history. we saw those spontaneous demonstrations in istanbul and other turkish cities in solidarity with the people who had been killed. a lot of the focus will be on the country's security in the campaign running up to that election. >> thank you. world leaders have condemned the bombings in turkey. president obama said the american people stand in solidarity with the people of turkey and the russian president called the attack an act of terrorism. >> translator: i want to express my deep condolences to the turkish people and turkish president. what happened is an act of terrorism. and surely this is an attempt to
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destabilize our neighboring and friendly country. all the more so, it was committed in the course of an election campaign. it's an obvious provocation. >> we have a political science professor, he blames the government for what he calls increased lawlessness across turkey. >> what needs to be expressed here is who has political responsibility. and it is clear that the government has primary political responsibility for first failing to protect the right to live of all its citizens as it should indiscriminately. and second, for failing to -- for contributing to an atmosphere of polarization and to lawlessness.
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in fact, the party, the government and president regularly conduct rallies that are of much bigger scale than the one yesterday. >> the taliban claimed responsibility for a morning suicide attack in kabul. at least three people were wounded in the explosion. at least 37 people have been killed after five suicide bombers targeted a village in chad. the attacks took place close to the border with nigerian more than 50 people were wounded. the security forces are blaming boko haram for the bombings which targeted a market and refugee camp. still to come, polls open after days of fighting between supporters of rival political
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parties. zimbabwe appeals for more credit as it struggles to pay back past debts.
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>> here's a reminder of main stories. video emerged of a palestinian man falling to the ground on the occupied west bank while confronting israeli forces. he was telling them to stop shooting and killing younger
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palestinians. elsewhere in the occupied west bank, a woman attempted to set off a bomb in her car. it's the latest incident in a wave of violence across israel in the occupied territories. turkey is observing a period of mourning for the victims of who suicide bombings. this is the scene live as a commemoration ceremony gets under way for the 95 people killed at a peace rally near a train station on saturday. 250 others were injured. polls have opened for the presidential election. violence marring the runup to the ballot. the president is seeking a second term. his main challenger is dialu.
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they attempted to delay the vote over allegations of election fraud. the polls are open. are people turning out with enthusiasm to vote? >> since 4:30 this morning, different political parties have been coming to cast their vote. unfortunately, so far this morning it's been peaceful. the past few days there was tension between the government supporters. how the day is going to end, with clashes. [indiscernible] begin in this area i'm standing. there is report of tensions.
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>> conditions are not perfect. remind us that the people are voting, they have got seven opposition candidates taking on president cande. >> yes, you have seven different political candidates. although we cannot predict how the day will end, some people in the streets [indiscernible] there is no one in place for them. >> thank you. nepal's parliament is due to
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elect a new minister. neighboring india is also opposed to the constitution and trucks supplying fuel and food haven't crossed the border for two weeks. presidential elections are also being held and the president is expected to win a fifth term. the largest opposition recallfully five years took place in the capital on saturday. hundreds of people gathered for a demonstration. he has been in power for 21 years. >> translator: it doesn't matter how we vote. as stallen said, it's not part
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who votes or how they vote, what's important who counts the vote. i don't think we can expect every surprises. everyone thinks that what's happening will continue for a long time. >> 17 people have died in an explosion at a restaurant in eastern china. initial investigations reveal a leaking gas cylinder. it exploded setting off a fire. the restaurant was located in a crowded lane. two reviews into the white policeman who shot a boy say the killing was justified. he was holding a pellet gun in a playground in ohio state when he was shot. the reviews say the officer exercised reasonable use of force and had reason to think the boy was a serious threat.
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the refugee crisis facing europe was one of the issues discussed at a meeting. more needs to be done to help middle east countries. the european nations hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees. now on the sidelines, zimbabwe is looking for help to get out of debt. the ims refused to lend the country any more money. they haven't paid back the old loans. >> driving on some of zimbabwe's road can be frustrating. just avoid the potholes. >> it's so bad. that's what i think. you are need to do something about it. and the government, too. >> the roads are terrible. just remove what's left of the
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tar and just use a dust road. >> it's one reason zimbabwe's government is trying to attract financial institutions to fund development projects. critics say it's too soon to give money because of allegations of human rights abuses and mismanagement of state resources. >> they are reflective of a country that is not ready. as long as the president is president of the country, everything is just a waste of time. >> then there are some international community who feel black economic policies are counter productive. not true says this minister. >> this is a law that will enable existing countries to attract investment. for as long as they are able to go beyond looking at the black
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person as somebody that is not worth investing in. >> zimbabwe still owes the world bank and the african development of bank billions of dollars. >> they did have a trust, $10 billion, it's difficult to convince the institutions to consider zimbabwe for funding. >> but the government leaders seem determined. promising to implement sound structural policies. reviving the economy and fixing delab dated infrastructure would need lots of foreign investment. >> to the philippines. the decline in small farms there is increasing concern that the country will soon be unable to meet its food needs. the exodus of young people from the countryside has resulted in filipino farmers becoming a
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dieing breed. >> pedro has been working his land for over 50 years. now at 67 years old, he doubts he can retire any time soon. >> translator: it's a difficult job. it is hard, back breaking work. children don't want this. young people now days are on their cellphones all the time. >> none of his children are willing to take his place. the country's farmers are aging. the average filipino farmer is 59 years old. much of the youth today have ignored tilling because they belong to the country's poor. majority of those living in the region are dependent on the agriculture sector. but the number of family farms are dwindling here. many of the farmers are small land holders who own an average of two hectares and they say making their land profitable is
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difficult. there are no government subsidies here. more than 90% of the farmers do not receive any assistance at all. >> i think there are supposed to be much more that has to be given to agriculture. not only on the production, but on the manufacturing. >> part of the difficulty is there is not enough farmers to cultivate the land. most are recruited from low lying areas r like this 22-year-old and his friend. >> translator: it's a hard job. it hurts physically. i don't want to stay in this job. i will find a different job, anything but farming. >> the younger generation are
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heading into the city. a farmer's average annual salary is less than $500. many say that's not enough. the shortage of filipino farmers put the country's food security at risk. the population of 100 million people is growing at 2% every year and projected to reach 120 million by 2025. the philippines is already one of the world's biggest importer of rice, a food staple in a country that is largely agricultural. the economy has grown since the president took office in 2010. but for farmers like pedro, the situation has not improved. that growth, they say, has not been inclusive. >> the skies of the u.s. state of new mexico were a riot of hot air balloons. it was up, up and away on the
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8th day of the albuquerque international balloon fiesta. as many as 150 can take off on days of mass ascensions. it's an annual event in its 43rd year. >> i'm russell beard in the sea of cortez mexico to explore the future of fish farming >> and i'm gelerah darabi in kapama park south africa where a specialist team of conservationists are fighting back against rhino poachers


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