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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the jarz newshour -- al jazeera newshour. i'm martine dennis from doha. these are the top stories. israeli security forces are accused of using excessive force against palestinians in the latest wave of protest and violence. thousands go to the scene as saturday's bomb attack in turkey's capital to pay tribute to the victims. tight security in guinea as people vote for a president
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after days of fighting between rival supporters. and restriction of the antibiotics in animals bred for food, because of worries over so-called super-bugs. but first, israel's government is facing serious questions over its use of force in this latest outbreak of violence with palestinian protesters. since the beginning of october, four israelis have been killed, and 63 injured in attacks by palestinians. but 23 palestinians are dead, and 1,991 injured after action by israeli security forces. according to the palestinian health ministry. now, witness accounts and videos led to accusations that some of the deaths could amount to
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extrajudicial killings. a palestinian teenager shot. >> then on friday an israeli palestinian woman was critically wounded after being shot by israeli forces at a check point in galali. israeli police say she was waving a knife when they shot her. hoda abdel-hamid is in the west bank, but first to mike hanna in jerusalem. we understand that there's a cabinet meeting taking place what can we expect from the israeli government at this juncture. >> the israeli cabinet is meeting at the moment. there has been a call up of
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police reservists and 1500 extra people are drafted into the police to bolsters the courses of police on the ground. issues as to the number of killings that happened, something that will be discussed by the cabinet. now, we have heard in recent days as well, some of the israeli intelligence chiefs expressing disquiet and consequences, and that killing of a palestinian israeli woman in northern israel last week, incidentally, creating a series of demonstrations within the vicinityies by palestinians israelis, involving them in the ongoing protests, and certainly this of great concern to the binyamin netanyahu government, given that palestinian israelis comprise 20% of the population. >> and the prime minister binyamin netanyahu is experiencing a certain amount of pressure from the right, isn't he. people are mapping outside the
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residence, calling for his resignation. >> yes, indeed, there has been protests outside the prime minister's home. right wing groups, and some from within his own government say he has not controlled the situation properly, one must remember as well that the prime minister is insisting that he is doing what he can, and he is adamant that the israeli forces are doing what they can to restore some kind of order to the situation. yet his government is dominated by right wing forces, by the settlement movement. so there is pressure to take a hard line, as he put it, against those seeking to protest or demonstrate. the figures mentioned by the palestinian red crescent certainly going to have some kind of part to play in the discussion. nearly 300 palestinians shot in the last week by live fire. some of them shot by a 0.22
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sniper's rifle which the israeli military says is a nonlethal weapon. a group says it's not the case, it killed as many as five palestinians in the course of the year. the issue of rules of engagement and the limits of action by the israeli forces in the outlined territory, and police within israel itself is something that will be discussed during the cabinet meeting, if not it is something that will be discussed in the days and weeks ahead. >> for now. thank you. let's go to hoda abdel-hamid at the checkpoint. you have been in the occupied west bank for some days, and you have seen, haven't you, how the tensions spread from one part of occupied palestinian territory to another. >> yes, absolutely, and each
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time there is - there are clashes, and there are a number of injured or dead, the anger increases dramatically. you have to remember that most of the demonstrations turned into confrontations. they are not caused by any particular party. the palestinian party called for calm, but the youth are not listening. some of the clashes broke out after funerals, or after, like, today, we know about two demonstrations of - from university students, one in nablus, we are on our way there, and one in an area, where the university students there, and then - so there is this going on. there has been calls to calm them down, stay at the university and from what we hear, the dean of the university tried to reach students, because
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they have and they have warned if anyone misses the examine, they'll get a fail. after the exams, they'll go out and vent the anger. the videos facing social media go viral. everyone sees them. all this in a charged atmosphere here. >> indeed, one of those videos that show the tensions emerging is of an elderly man, who has been confronting armed forces. this taking place in hebron, in the occupied bank. he was telling them to stop shooting. the soldiers threatened to arrest him, and told him to leave. >> translation: get away from here. >> i'm not going away from here. i will not go away. it's not right what you are doing, shame on you are for pointing your guns at children.
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take your soldiers away from here. don't shoot. if one dies, you all die. don't shoot at children. shame on you, don't shoot, don't raise your hand at me. shame, shame. get away, i will arrest you. >> you can't. don't shoot there. you have no right to fire your arms. get away, get away. >> i won't go away. i don't go away. don't shoot, don't shoot. >> why? you want to kill more. we just buried two today. you want to kill more? are you not ashamed of yourself. go to ethiopia, don't shoot. >> so there we see clearly an elderly man experiencing a huge amount of frustration and anger. by and large, hoda, this is a movement of young palestinians,
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young palestinians described as being post oslo. give us an idea of how they perceive the situation to be. >> well, they say that there is no way out. that that is what they have to do if the palestinians are to get their right. they say that as you said, they are born after the oslo accords. they have been watching their leadership going to international conferences, summits, and none of that has been applied on the ground. they have seen no fruit of that. they say, you know, since we were born separation goes up. settlements expand. we see land grabs and double standards by the israeli security forces, what it has to deal with israeli jewish citizens, israeli palestinian citizens, and it puts them in a situation where they don't believe, where the leadership is weak in the wake of the israeli government. they say they will not be
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silenced any more, they'll continue until they try to get - some push for a third intifada they are not getting what they want. the majority understands what they are going through. why are they vent of course, why is it boiling over. but they are willing, and they'll continue to carry out this until they see something concrete. now, when will that happen it will be difficult to predict at this stage. every day brings an escalation and increases the anger. now, i have to correct something i said in my first answer. i said it was students, university students of - that we have seen. it's actually another university, going out on a demonstration. we are hearing reports that that demonstration has started. >> okay. thank you very much. our correspondent there in the occupied west bank at the akara
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checkpoint. >> let's spoke to the israel palestine director of human rights watch. she joins us live from ramallah in the occupied west bank, and you have a particularly incident that you can tell us about, in which a staff member has been caught with israeli security force aggression. >> yes, and there's an irony here. unfortunately, as our research assistant last week on tuesday observed a demonstration to observe the conduct of the israeli forces amid the concerns of the use of excessive force. she, herself, was shot. this was a demonstration that took place outside ramallah, it was after midnight, early tuesday morning. the demonstration at that time was peaceful. there was no apparent threat to israeli soldiers or anybody else, frankly. quite suddenly, without warning, shots rang out. she was luckily wearing a flap jacket and struck with two rubber bullets that hit her flap
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jacket and a third bullet, live, that grazed her hand or exploded nearby causing injuries. she was treated at the hospital and released. >> human rights watch has been observed in observing the behaviour of israeli security forces. in your estimation do you believe they are currently behaving in convention to the rules and regulations that govern them as an occupying power, and (b), according to principles of use of force. >> we have very strong concerns about excessive use of force and possibility of indiscriminate and deliberate fire on crowds of demonstrators. the incident that i described. in which the research assistant was shot and injured. there was no threat to life. international standards regarding the use of lethal force prohibit police and
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soldiers using live firearms unless necessary to protect life, and even then they must give warning, so far if that's possible. that is not what we saw at the demonstration in which the research assistants was shoment. it's not what we seeing -- was shot. it's not what we are seeing all over the west bank. we have seen many injuries among the palestinian demonstrators. the sheer nam raises concerns na israeli forces are violating international law. israel was the occupying power in the west bank. it has an obligation to protect civilians and the palestinian civilians protesting the occupation. lethal force is to be used only when necessary, and that is not what we are seeing. >> talking to us life from ramallah in the occupied west bank, thank you more to come on the al jazeera, including million man march in the u.s. tens of thousands of black men and women gathered in washington
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d.c. zimbabwe appeals for credit as it struggles to pay off past debt. >> and in sport. find out how costly this collision was for the new york jets, was they try -- new york mets as they try to clinch the series against the dodgers. now, there are reports that the turkish military carried out fresh air strikes against separatist fighters in the south-east of the country, and in northern iraq. on saturday, the armed group, kurdistan workers party or p.k.k. ordered members to halt fighting in turkey. that was after two suicide bombings in the capital ankara. thousands gathered in the turkish capital for a commemoration ceremony. 95 were killed in the blast at a train station on saturday.
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250 others were injured. the attack has raised tensions ahead of parliamentary elections due on november the 1st let's go live to our correspondent bernard smith, who is in istanbul. and so turkey now enters a period of mourning as an investigation gets under way into exactly what happened in ankara on saturday. >> yes, no claim of responsibility for what is believed to be two suicide bomb, killing 95 people. we are told now that there are 65 people in intensive care, more than 260 people wounded. the government there, the prime minister, on saturday pointed the finger at a couple of suspected organization that he thought could have been behind something like this, either the p.k.k., the separatist kurdistan workers party or i.s.i.l.
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the p.k.k. had, though, trailed a unilateral ceasefire declaration. that was due out today. they brought it forward to saturday. perhaps more focus on i.s.i.l., and there were raids in another central turkish city, where 14 members were arrested. that said, the turkish military confirmed it carried out air strikes on p.k.k. positions in northern iraq, and in south-eastern turkey, it hit a couple of weapons stores and an underground bunker and killed 14 p.k.k. fighters. the turkish military says. despite the p.k.k. calling that ceasefire, the turkish military is keeping up its campaign against what it deems a terrorist group. >> do we have any idea as to whether the p.k.k. will maintain it's self declared ceasefire of
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yesterday or whether it is abandoning that or is ready to enter the fray again. >> there's no immediate reaction from the p.k.k. about the strikes on the turkish military. the p.k.k. said it wouldn't engage, it wouldn't take part or launch attacks against the turkish military on its own. what they do in response to this, they have not made a comment yet. there was a meeting, a gathering in ankara, at the scene. bombings, where people gathered to remember those that killed. they spoke to the people gathered there, and blamed the government for what had happened on saturday. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan said that this was a heinous attack. and said it targeted our unity and our country's peace.
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>> bernard smith life in istanbul. thank you now, the taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in the african capital kabul. it targeted a convoy of n.a.t.o. troops in a central part of the city. three people were wounded in the explosion. meanwhile, the u.s. will offer money to the injured and families of those killed in the bombing of an afghan hospital. 22 civilians were killed when within air strike targeted the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz. the u.s. also will help to pay to rebuild the hospital a funeral service has been held for a high-ranking iranian revolutionary guard commander killed in syria. he died on the outskirts of aleppo on thursday. iran repeatedly denied that forces are on the ground helping to prop up bashar al-assad's
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government. tehran says it offers advice to the syrian army. he was a veteran of the 1980s iran-iraq war people in belarus are voting in an election wide by expected to keep their president in power. the long-time leader ruled the country for 21 years. in august he pardoned six gaoled prisoners. months before that he hosted peace talks. he is now considering temporarily lifting sanctions against bella are yous, imposed in 120. the opposition called the sunday voter, and held a large rally, the largest seen in five years. hundreds gathered in minsk and urged voters to boycott the poll this year's nobel prize winner for literature has christmas sized the president.
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>> translation: it doesn't matter to luca schenko how we vote. as stalin says, it's not important who or how they vote. what is important is who counts the vote. that's the case here. i don't think we can expect surprises. everyone thinks that what is happening will continue for a long time. >> two reviews into the case of a white policeman in the u.s., who fatally shot a black boy last year say the killing was justified. 12-year-old tamir rice was holding a pellet gun in a playground in ohio, when he was shot. reviews say the officers exercised a reasonable use of force and had reason to thing the boy was a reasonable threat. the killing of tamir rice and other black men have become part of an outcry about minor cities dying in en -- minorities dying in encounters with police, it was the 20th anniversary of
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the million man march, and a theme. >> reporter: in the shadow of the capital building they came. tens of thousands from all over the country, marking the day when black men came. >> it's a great experience to see this many come together for this great cause. >> over the past 20 years, a lot changed. it's time for us to continue to do things like this to make progress with what is going on in this country today. >> truly amazing. 20 years from now, this is so historic. >> the 1995 event was considered a watershed moment, the largest gathering on the national wall. -- mall since the civil rights movement mobilized support in the 1960s. organizers claim there was more than 1.5 million. independent estimates give a figure at half that. the leader of the nation of islam called on black men to take responsibility for themselves, families and communities. this time under the banner justice or else, there was a focus on the relationship.
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twine law ennursement and the black community. several fatal shootings spawned the black lives matter campaign, a growing voice in the u.s. in the community they need to come together and realise that black lives matter, and you can't do what you want any time you want. and just take away our lives. >> from the stage, lewis, 82, demanded greater action on genuine grievances. >> what good is life if we are not free? what good is it to be alive and every day that you live you see your people suffering? what good is it to be continued in life under tyranny. >> it's thought the events 20 years ago led to a spike in black voter registration. vitally important for young people there. >> 20 years ago there was an illinois state senator in the crowd. his name was barak obama.
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a sign of how things change, but in many ways how they are the same. this may have attracted trouble. but this was peaceful to remember the ground covered and distance to go 6 million people are expected to cast their ballots in guinea in the presidential election, nearly 20,000 police and security guards have been deployed across the country with violence marring the run up to the ballot. the president is seeking a second term, the main challenger is dialo. he and others attempted to delay the vote because of allegations of election fraud. live to yousef, our correspondent in the capital. are people turning out to vote in large numbers. >> most areas now, the president cast the vote.
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there's a lot of security. up to now, people are looking for voter i.d. cards, and some police stations have not up until now, talking to you. in this area, tensions are rising piece by piece. we do not predict thou might end up. >> is sounds as though conditions are not in place for a free and fair election. >> they believe the nation is not free and fair because of security pleasures. like the area, the strongholds. afraid and some are scared of driving their moebz. 10 to 15km away, people voted close to their area.
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this time things have been difficult for the people here and at what point do you think we can expect some kind of result. i understand there are many observers in the area there, and other parts of the country to observe the vote. >> yes, but special the way i am. also in the area where you have a lot of people, there has been no way for them not to get ebola, these and other problems. the preps conference up by midway. the situation about what has happened now. >> thank you very much. yousef, our correspondent in guinea. and he will be monitoring those elections as people go to the poll. in the presidential elections.
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>> all right, time to find out what is going on with the weather. rob is here. autumn storms arrived in the mediterranean. >> yes, the season changed. they can be vicious. you can almost get hurricanes in the united nations. we don't call them that. we'll concentrate on rain storms. the north-east corner of sicily is a mountain range. an ideal country and the result of downpours was this. you watched the opener, in the middle of what was a stream, the remains of at least one vehicle brought down in this one storm. they were big storms, not just hitting sicily, but the south of italy, they were in the same area for a few hours. there's the picture then. bright white tops of clouds. if you run it forwards 24 hours, they moved away and they went across the adriatic towards macedonia and albania.
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>> here they were vicious, and the recorded amount of rain is over 125mm on the coast of albania, 152 when you went to macedonia. it's albania, bulgaria and greece where the rain is falling. to run it beyond that, it will be drier to the west, and the sun will come out. the speed of the moisture moves in, and moves northwards, and to be honest. in the middle of europe it brings snow a bit further west. possibly into poland, for monday night. >> rob. >> still to come on the al jazeera newshour. cracking the oath. some of the brightest minds get together to find out who is behind one of the most complicated puzzles on the internet. >> in sport australia shows why defense can be as important as attack in the rugby world cup.
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per cent
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hello again. let's have a look at the top stories here at al jazeera. turkey's military says it carried out air strikes against kurdish separatist fighters in the south-east of the country. the strikes coming a day after the group told fighters to stop activities in turkey. >> meanwhile, a commemoration ceremony is under way in turkey's capital for the 95 people killed at a peace rally near the main train station on saturday video has emerged of an
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elderly palestinian man confronting armed israeli forces in the occupied west bank. he was telling them to stop shooting and killing younger palestinians. they threatened to arrest him, and told him to leave all right. let's go back to another of our top stories. that, of course, of saturday's blasts in ankara. we can talk to the honorary president of the people's democratic party, the h.d.p. urn at the rally yesterday in ankara. who were - and part of the rally. which groups were represented at the rally, which was calling for peace? >> this was a very broad condemnation of people and organizations. it was a very broad rally
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bringing together unions, political parties, youth organizations, derivatives that we cannot identify the rally with one shade of opinions. >> can you recall what happened. we are led to believe that these were explosions carried out by suicide bombers. >> actually, there is yet any complete evidence about the explosions caused by suicide bombers. however, which see now damage on the ground. the general opinion converges on
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the idea that there were two suicide bombers, and today there was a congratulations in the turkish website, that the bombing - that they were saluting. so there are reasons to believe that these might be a jihadist affiliated bombers. >> now, shortly after these... >> however... >> sorry, continue. >> yes. however, they still deem the turkish government responsible for not having controlled the area, not having to stop the attack. there is a very huge
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organization of intelligence, which is the heart of turkey's capital. the measure, public officers around, so it wouldn't be so easy for any person with such an approach, huge big rally, and remember the previous attacks on the similar rallies in the area, the state should have taken all measures. we see there was no measures. and we see the administration has facilitated the attacker, or they have get a client eye on what is going to happen.
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>> that is quite a serious allegation to lay at the doorstep... >> yes, we do that. >> of the president and the ruling party. how do you think this is going to impact upon the electoral landscape because, of course, turkey is in the process of preparing for parliamentary elections, scheduled for nef the first. -- november the first. what sort of impact night this incident have on the process. >> we see this act and what might follow, and they are to be considered as attempts blocking or suspending the elections. we are not going to accept this. we want the elections to take place. which was initially forced himself.
6:35 am
we are putting the ballot box before him and his party, and he cannot escape from it. even if they carried the boxes, we are going to go there and vote and we are going to bring down this editorial arbitrary rule of recep tayyip erdogan. however, we are, of course, concerned with the continuation of similar attacks. therefore we are going to take new measures for our electoral campaign. we are going to be sitting - eking broader for example for the rallies, or maybe they are not going to hold out the rallies, but we are going to continue an active and vigorous campaign with the aim of bringing down.
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that is determination, nothing ever can deter us from using our basic rights as a citizen to vote against the ruling party. >> okay. thank you very much. talking to us live from ankara. >> now to the united states. and california is set to introduce strict rules on the use of antibiotics or livestock production. there are concerns that the overuse of drugs is contributing to the number of life-threatening infections from antibiotic bacteria known as super-bugs. >> intensive farming like this has long relied on the routine use of antibiotics, which keep animals healthy and make them grow fast. so much so about 70% of antibiotics sold in the united states are used on animals. the overuse of the drugs on
6:37 am
animals is a problem, resulting in super-bugs, strains of bug resist ants bacteria. the use of antibiotics as a growth for motor is something we discourage countries to make steps, to exit gradually. at the end of the day, the antibiotic residual in the meat, in the seafood that you are buying will also, you know, give you overtime the problem. >> bacteria like ecoli. we have it in our gut. some strains cause diarrhoea, kidney failure and death. traditionally you would have treated it with penicillin. it causes the membrane to rupture, job down. some don't take the full course of antibiotics, and some are of
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poor quality. it gives the bug a chance to change and it can become dominant. a new law in california aims top prevent the rise of the super-bug. from january 1st, 2018, antibiotics will only be allowed to be given to those for disease prevention. they will have to be awarded by a vet. in the u.s., about 2 million people a year are inin effect with drug resistant bacteria, 23,000 die route. the problem is global. and the impact will be felt most in developing countries. >> if we don't turn the side. in 2050. many will die. that will be predominantly in
6:39 am
the developing world. india, china will suffer. >> reporter: many say the rules like those in california are a necessary first step. they need to be adopted and enforced. they are to be a global response to the growing health threat. the refugee crisis facing europe was one of the issues discussed at a meeting of top international lenders in peru. the world bank and the i.m.f. say more needs to be done to help american countries hit by conflict. they announced a plan to raise money, and for the european nations to host hundreds of thousands of refugees. >> the scale of the crisis is global. migrants advancing into europe and beyond. we therefore confront ourselves with a humanitarian and social crisis, unprecedented and threatening the short term
6:40 am
governments. >> on the sidelines of the i.m.f. world bank meeting zimbabwe is looking for help to get out of debt. the i.m.f. refused to lend them more money because it has not paid off old loans. we have this report from the zimbabwean capital harari. >> driving on the roads can be frustrating and involve a lot of swerving to avoid the potholes. >> it's so bad, that's what i think. they are limited to something about it. like the guys that say about the roads in the north, and the government. the roads are terrible. just remove what is left. it's one reason zimbabwe's government is trying to attract international financial institutions to fund development projects. critics say it's too soon to give money to zimbabwe
6:41 am
government officials because of allegations of human rights abuses and mismanagements of state resources. >> all the things are reflective of a country that is not ready, and i do not believe that as long as president mugabe is the president of the country, we will not. it's all a waste of time. then there are some in the international community that feel back internationals. not true says the government. >> this is a law that will enable existing companies to attract investments. for as long as they are able to go beyond looking at a black person, it was not worth investing in. >> zimbabwe owes the monetary fund world bank and the african development bank billions of dollars. one reason it may not get any more cash >> what they did, it was almost
6:42 am
$10 billion, it was difficult. it would convince, and consider zimbabwe for funding. but zimbabwe's government leader was determined. and promising to implement structural policies. most know that reviving the economy and fixing delipidated infrastructure needs foreign investment. >> nepal's parliament elected a new prime minister. kp sharma oley, and was elected by 338 votes. his only competitor was the outgoing prime minister. he got 249 votes. now, the new leader is from the communist party and has a bit to deal with, dealing with minorities who are protesting against a new constitution, as well as a fuel crisis. >> let's go to the lebanese capital. and speak to our correspondent.
6:43 am
tell us about the should man. when you say he's from the communist party, we have many. the party he's from, it's like he left the center. the challenges that he faces, one is in the southern belt, which has been agitating for 60 days. they are demanding a more inclusive constitution. more than 45 people have already died. and on top of that, there is a problem of the blockade. now nepal depends on goods, imports from india, not much has been moving for the past two weeks after india said it was not happy with nepal's
6:44 am
constitution. the program has to deal with the afteraffects of the earthquake and people are struggling to survive. >> many, as we have seen over the last few weeks or so, have been protesting against the constitution. what stage is the constitution, and is there room for amendments to it. >> constitution has been made. protests going on for two months. there are possibilities of amendments, but what has not been done is include the dissenting parties. there were committees made to reach out to the dissenting factions, because the government was going to be formed, before they fizzled out.
6:45 am
so as long as the parties that are protesting are brought into the constitutional amendments, as long as that - that doesn't happen, the protests might continue. >> for now, live from kathmandu. still to come on this al jazeera newshour, the latest from the 2016 qualifiers, plus an all-time great shows that he means business. farah will explain in a little while.
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for several years a mysterious group has been posting complicated puzzles on the internet. even the brightest minds in cyber security have not been able to solve them. john hendren visited the cyber lab at the illinois institute of technology to find out more. >> reporter: this puzzle has the brightest minds in the world perplexed. they are confounded by the puzzle, one of three on the interit placed by sick ada 3301, and second by a baffling question - who is behind it. >> n.s.a. has been speculated. mi6, c.i.a., terrorist groups - al qaeda. another possibility is that it's a big hoax. >> reporter: solving the problems involves an esoteric knowledge of computer coding, art, literature.
6:48 am
at one points contestants to to look of polls. it started on january 4th, 2012, when an internet puzzle was posted, claiming to be tough for intelligent people. this was a text message, it contains a hidden message. >> there's a message ignored by the jpeg viewer. >> reporter: google told them who the fourth emperor of roam was, using four as the key and using it to translate letter, they turned gibberish into a web address, the picture of a duck. inside the message another message was hidden, leading them to this page, so on and so on. the fbi is so concerned, they ask this man to see what can be hidden in an audio message.
6:49 am
the answer a lot. >> that is a clean windows xp shut down sound. this one sounds identical, but hidden in the programming language is a lecture he gives in class and the audio file is the same side. those that solve the puzzles can join the organization. there has been three puzzles on january 4th, 13th and 2014. this year something more mysterious happened - nothing. there was no puzzle. they may have gotten tired or maybe whoever was doing it was wiped out by a drone. whatever the reason, the programming world will wait and watch next january 4th for a chance to join sick ada 3301, whatever that is all right. time for the sports news, and here is farah.
6:50 am
>> thank you, football - netherlands in danger of failing to qualify for the european championships, despite a 2-1 win over kazakhstan. it leads the dutch fourth in the group. winning a qualifier at home to the czech republic on tuesday, just to have a chance of reaching the play-offs. the netherlands trail third-placed turkey by two points, ahead of the game. that's because turkey had a win against the czechs. they need a point against iceland to reach the playoffs, italy and belgium won their view, despite losing it bosnia, herself rsh, wales progressed to cyprus, the first major tournament since 1958. >> i never felt pressure like this. certainly the net philosophy, three or four games, up need it around you. thankfully i have had that. mexico beat the u.s.a. to take
6:51 am
north, and the spot at the 2017 federations cup. facing off. the game went to extra time. level at 1-outline. mexico went ahead in the first period. the u.s.a. equalized. paul aguilar sealed it 3-2. mexico heads to russia to the federations cup. a world cup test event. >> drog turned back the cup with a goal to help the montreal impact beat the olor ardo rapids. they scored free kick from 30 meters out. the strike seals a 1-0 win. montreal lead the city by four points for the final eastern conference play-off spot. >> later on france will take on ireland at the rugby world cup, with the winner avoiding raging champions new zealand in the quarterfinals. on saturday australia secured
6:52 am
top spot. scotland making it through from pool b. as mark graham reports. >> scotland had to survive a samoan scare at st. arthur's park in newcastle. the pacific islanders relentless with the attack, scoring three tries in the first half. >> it was the highest scoring game to date. samoa 23-26 up at the break. miz kicks cost a bigger lead and scotland stayed in touch. >> inside the final 7 minutes, scotland captain greg lade lor opted for a scrum instead of a penalty and scored the decisive dry. there were nervous moments to come to scotland. samoa managing to cross the line again, finishing 36-33 to scotland. this win putting them into the quarter find for the first time since 2007.
6:53 am
and sending rivals japan out. >> really, really happy for the group. they worked hard to get there. and i think that's - that's phase one. and we are moving to the next phase, which is a knock out. >> scotland will play australia, in their pool a match against wales. there was plenty on the line to avoid south africa in a first knockout match. and it was an intense tussle with bernard foley's boot edging australia ahead 9-6. they dominated the position, but couldn't crack the wallabies defense. despite being down to 13 players for a long period due to a couple of yellow cards, australia held on. foley kicked the wallabies to a 15-6 win, but the winning margin didn't reflect how close the match was.
6:54 am
>> it was tight. i think it was a different type of game for us, compared to the games played so far. we had to show a different skin. and obviously very pleased with the result. plenty of imperfections in the game, and that is something we'll have to improve before getting to the quarterfinal. >> the quarter final against scotland taking place at twickenham next sunday. >> f1, and carla sand, toro rosso will compete. despite a crash on saturday. he hit the barrier after losing control. he was airlifted to hospital but said he was fine. mercedes driver nico rosberg starts in poll with team-mate and champion lewis hamilton in second a 50th motogp race for the spaniard. coming from sixth on the win. the honda rider nearly quit the
6:55 am
sport due to an armed injury. he came second to extend the lead to 18 points, extending the points to third. >> the l.a. dodgers came from behind to bet the new york mets in game 2. that is leading 2-1, mets, when the new york short stop was taken out by chase utley as he slid into second base. l.a. managed to get four runs and rally to a 5-2 win over the mets, levelling at one game apiece. game 3 in the 7th will be in new york on monday. >> it was a clean side. i'm not going to get into it. it's over, it's done. not much we can do about it except come out in a couple of days and get after it. >> we don't want to see anyone
6:56 am
get hurt. hopefully i know it's a fracture. he's a good friend of mind. i hope it's not too bad and doesn't affect his career. >> they have a 5-1 rally. the win evens a nationally divisioned series at one game each cricket and the first one-day international between india and south africa is heading for a tight finish, a century from ad devilier will help. he's not out, with the home side needing 68 runs from 47 balls. this is the first five match series. the president's cup went down to the wire on the final day in south korea. the united states beating the international team on the last hole of the final match to win bip one point. there was a spare for a south
6:57 am
korean member after a poor chip. allowing bill haas to go 2-up and get the willing point. tommy haas is the son of u.s. skipper jay haas and was the captain's pick. team u.s.a. winning 15.5 points to 14.5, and claimed nine out of 11's president's cup. >> i don't know if i'll get through this. i can't do it. i'm going to go weeping. i'm so happy for the team. you know, great bunch of guys. we were running back down the fair way on 18 before bill played 17. i said "come on, bill, win one for your mum, your mum deserves this." a proud father. that's the sport. >> thank you, stay with us here at al jazeera, we have another full bulletin right away with the latest from turkey and from the palestinian territories.
6:58 am
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[ ♪ ] [ gunfire ] israeli forces are accused of using excessive force against palestinians in the latest wave of protests and violence. hello, i'm mart teen dennis in doha. also in the programme - thousands go to the scene as saturday's bomb attack in turkey's capital to pay tribute to the victims. tight security in guinea as people vote for a president after days of fighting between rival supporters. .


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