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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of tough love. announcer: this is al jazeera. good to have your company for this al jazeera hour. this is some of what we are studying in detail in the next 60 minute thousands mourn the victims of a peace rally in turkey, accusing the president of the fermenting the violence accusations against the israelis of using excessive force. 24 palestinians and five
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israelis die in the latest violence the iraqi military says it hit a convoy carrying the i.s.i.l. leader abu bakr al-baghdadi experts in the u.s. say the shooting by police of a 12-year-old carrying a toy pistol was reasonable and inspirational teacher using art to help the children in the slums of india. >> in sport - ireland beat france in a final rugby world cup game. victory coming at a cost. injury to key players, overshadowing a win meaning ireland will avoid new zealand in the quarterfinals. the agony was mixed with anger as thousands gathered to mourn the death of 95 killed in bomb blasts and peace rallies in
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ankara. kurdish rebels or islamic state militants were responsible. there's accusations that the turkish president is intensifying a crackdown on groups to help them win an election. al jazeera america reports from ankara with emotions as raw as the day was sad, the mourners raged and cried in equal measure. mothers and aunts, unable to believe and unwilling to accept their loved ones were gone. about to bury the bodies of those activists who were attacked even as they called for peace. the day after people here in ankara are still stunned. thousands gathered, leftists, unionists and pro-kurdish activists made up the crowd, with placards to protest and
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carnations to commemorate. this man lost his best friend. at first he could barely express himself. >> translation: i just don't know what to say. i have no words. >> reporter: but then he, like others, began to question why this happened. how can anyone carry out this kind of massacre. we advocate peace. who fears peace. if anyone fears anything, it should be war, not peace. >> reporter: some are frustrated with the government. frustration that could be heard in chants accusing recep tayyip erdogan of having made the country less safe, especially for members of the kurdish population. >> many at the rally are venting their anger. more are overwhelmed with grief, still shocked at the attacks that happened and fearful that more could happen in the weeks
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to come. >> dread, they say, won't stop their demand for peace. >> i am afraid, but one thing we know, the more we fare, the situation worsen. today we have to tight if we want to leave a better future for the next generation. >> with parliamentary elections around the corner and conflict with the armed group p.k.k., more and more say unity is needed, even as political divisions grow every day. >> we got this a short while ago from mohammed about what he says about the rising tension in turkey. >> this evening in a kurdish city in the south-east. you had clashes going on, possibly around 10,000 people that were out, chanting anti-government slogans, it's not new to have the demonstration, because there is
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a lot of kurdish anger here. there's so much grief and shock. it's a worrying development in turkey. it's worrying at a time when it is ensnared in more and more conflict. that is something causing consternation. they are going after i.s.i.l., the workers party, p.k.k. in northern iraq and south-eastern turkey, and more and more forces are killed by the p.k.k. because the peace process has all but collapse said. so many different conflicts and fronts at a time when anger is rising towards the government israel proposed emergency measures as the violence increased. the proposal called minimum sentences that closed rocks and firebombs. in the latest, two soldiers were wounded in an attack near a
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kibbutz near israel. this began at the start of october when two israeli settlers were shot and killed. 24 palestinians had been killed. five israelis died. only sunday, an israeli air strike in gaza led to the death of a pregnant woman and her 3-year-old daughter, targetting two weapons. human rights watch accused israel of environmental law governing the use of lethal force. the fall of the cabinet. here is mike hanna in west jerusalem. >> it's a first full cabinet meeting in three weeks, and in the intervening time there has been enough violence in occupied territories and in israel itself. four israelis have been killed in support attic and random -- sporadic and random knife attack. in most cases they were shot dead on the scene and a number
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of demonstrators have been killed by israeli forces. the rising fatality figures raise questions by human rights organizations, about the rules of engagement applied by the israeli army and police. >> this is footage of a person attempting to flee after stabbing a young israeli. the israeli civilians shout "shoot him, kill him." and the police opened fire, though there's no apparent immediate threat a similar situation involving a 30-year-olds arab woman, police are shouting at israel "drop the knife, drop the knife", instead of attempting an arrest... ..they open fire at pointblank range. yet in the south an israeli that attacks four palestinians in different locations is not
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gunned down, but arrested. israeli place say responses are determined by the specifics of each incident. facing situations of life threatening situation and say there's no investigations into the police shootings. the major threat at the moment is the lone wolf palestinian, female or male coming inside jerusalem or the old city and continuing the pattern. that's what we are dealing with. coming down as hard as possible. >> the israeli occupying army is subject to military escalations. the palestinian red crescent says 300 palestinians vfr shot with live bullets. one was a 13-year-old. in a preliminary investigation, the israeli army says he was mistakenly killed by sniper fire. his mother said the boy was on his way home from school and there was no demonstrations in
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the area. >> translation: my second went to school like the other kids. he finished school and was on his way home. they shot him. there was no demonstrations in the camp. >> reporter: it was confirmed that the boy was killed by a .22 bullet. a weapons israeli military said was unequal. one that was responsible for five palestinian death, according to the bethlehem human rights organization. the united nations specified fundamental principles. these provide that live fire may only be used when within imminent threat of death or serious injury. in other circumstances, the killings may be regarded as extra judicial. as an occupying force, the israeli army should be subject to the several restrictions in terms of international law. >> reporter: and several human rights organizations argue that
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the investigation in all shootings must be held. otherwise the israeli government could be complicit in death, with no justification with international or israeli law in fact, after a report, there was another stabbing incident outside a kibbutz in the north of israel. four israelis are injured. two of them soldiers, here is an update from mike hanna. >> reporter: in this particular case, the police say, the assailant was arrested. in a number of these incidents assailants have been shot dead on the spot. leading to claims by several human rights organizations that police are using force in terms of dealing with the issue, the police say that each and every situation is dealt with as the situation demands. they insist that in each of the cases where palestinians have been shot and killed, the police
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officers felt their lives threatened or the lives of those close boy. again, allegations made by human rights organizations unlikely to be any reaction from the israeli government, formal reaction. instead, at the end of a meeting the israeli government announces new legislation will be introduced. this is legislation that establishes prison sentences for those that carry out attacks with stones and fire crackers or any object. also the parents of minors take part in such activities will be fine. this legislation aimed at curtailing the activities of those that wish to demonstrate, and one part of the israeli population not satisfied with the current situation at all. >> the palestinian israeli segment, 20% of the population.
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they called for a strike on tuesday to protest against the binyamin netanyahu government. demonstrations planned in the palestinian areas through the course of the week. >> from mike hanna who has more on the condepron stations in the -- confrontations in the occupied west bank. >> there's a 13-year-old who died from wounds during the clashes. north ramallah with israeli defense. the hospital tells us that he was hit by a rubber bullet in his neck, and he died once he reached a hospital. throughout the day there has been clashes a bit, everywhere, all over the occupied west bank, the moment violent one and intense ones were in nablus, where according to medical sources, 45 people were injured with live ammunition.
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there were also clashes in bethlehem and hebron. i have to say that all of these protests turned into confrontations - how organized, really, either by universities, or it's really the initiative of the young people who are extremely frustrated and decide to go to these areas of confrontation, usually around checkpoints where there's the presence of the israeli army: tomorrow there'll be renewed clashes, more intense than that of today dozens were at the funeral of a pregnant woman and her 3-year-old woman killed by an israeli air strike. hamas were targetting a rocket
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facility. the woman and her child lived near the site and were killed when their house collapsed. coming up on the newshour - syrian rebels struggling to defend their territories as i.s.i.l. forces advance on aleppo. >> bell awe russians cast their vote, extending 21 years in power. >> and what happened to the coastaler at the president's cup. we'll tell you if you stay with us, but you might be able to guess. the word from the iraqi military is that its air force hit a convoy which it believes was carrying abu bakr al-baghdadi. it was in a town in the western province of anbar, and military
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sources say a number was killed, but abu bakr al-baghdadi was not among them. imtiaz tyab has been following the story. he's in baghdad. >> scoring to a statement from the military, i.s.i.l. leader abu bakr al-baghdadi was in a convoy targeted by an air strike, as it was on its way to a meeting of senior i.s.i.l. commanders in the western town, 5km away from the border with syria. now, in this statement from the military it said that it would release the names of those killed, but made the point of saying it did not know the condition of baghdadi. it needs to be said over the past year there has been reports saying abu bakr al-baghdadi had
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been wounded in various attacks. those reports have either been denied by i.s.i.l., or no evidence was ever presented to prove that abu bakr al-baghdadi was in serious condition or seriously poor health condition. it lends to the mystique of a man who is rarely seen in public. a man who is the most wanted in the world. a man who has a $10 million bounty in his head. >> let's talk to max, terrorist analyst and professor at nearby university, boston, joining us on skype. whether baghdadi is alive or dead, we'll talk of that in a minute. the fact remains this is a meeting of i.s.i.s., i.s.i.l. senior commanders that abu bakr al-baghdadi was on his way, and a number of i.s.i.l. commanders died in this.
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it is not a significant victory for those trying to driveway the islamic state of iraq and levant if this has happened? >> i think it's a good thing. whenever we can take out the leaders of terrorist groups, you know, within terrorist groups, not all people are the same. like in most organizations, those that rise to the top in general are the more skilled ones, if abu bakr al-baghdadi is not taken out, the fact that we have eight other high level i.s.i.s. guys, i think, is important. and it will give the iraqi military a boost in terms of moral and enthusiasm which they need. the reality is the situation on the ground is moving slower than anticipating. if abu bakr al-baghdadi is not killed. the moral boost may be
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worthwhile. how much has been incapacitated, how much of a boost is that. is that significant in the terms of leadership of i.s.i.l.? >> i don't think he is that significant. in the past we thought that he had been killed. in april we thought that u.s.-led coalition bombed and killed him. in november, the iraqi military said they had taken him out. it turns out that they been alive. we think they'd been alive. turns out he's been dead, like the leader mullah omar. the fact that we can't be sure whether these guys are alive or dead really testifies to their limited role within the organization. >> is there nothing that the forces taking on i.s.i.l. can do, other than destroy the fighters to knock back this
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group's determination to expand its calafat? >> well, i think that there's really no secret about what is required for counterinsurgency success. it's not just, you know, air campaigns. you need bots on the ground for sure. in the two main areas where we had success, we have combined air power with boots on the ground. in iraq, as well as in syria, that is really what is needed the most. there's no question that the u.s. led collision has command of the skies. the problem is getting iraq in particular, all the dispirit groups, to work together in a unified fashion. that's really what is needed, and the air power is helpful.
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not in isolation. >> max abrahams, thank you. >> any time. >> the russian president had a meeting with saudi arabia's defence minister to talk about the shared aim of defeating i.s.i.l. air strikes destroyed 53 positions. moscow says a meeting with saudi arabia was held to address riyadh's concerns and both share the objective of presenting a calafat in syria. as the russian air strikes intensified they are struggling to defend their territories. >> they are pushing into opposition territory. the syrian forces are said to have taken ground. this is the first major assault by the syrian army and the russian air force since moscow
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intervened. from the syrian government the threat is not from i.s.i.l., but opposition groups. >> translation: rebels are losing. they are coming under attack from the syrian regime, i.s.i.l., the russian army. the russian air strikes are weakening the rebels, opposition is no longer advancing, about the is hanging on to territory, especially in aleppo. >> in aleppo, the opposition has lost ground. they stormed into the countryside, capturing the villages. it is a significant advance. the opposition says i.s.i.l. launched the assault while rebel forces were focused on reinforcing other fronts. this is the only road leading to districts in aleppo districts. the army is within firing range of the road, cutting it off within besieged areas of the city. i.s.i.l. is total than ever to
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what was once a syrian capital. syrians in general, and aleppo fear the war was abandoned. russia is hitting rebels. the so-called friends of the opposition will have little help. immediate help to stop i.s.i.l. advances and strikes. >> on the ground opposition groups are fighting back, and are promising that hamas will be the graveyard for invading armies. the government with russian backing is as determined. it wants to end the presence of the opposition. >> before the campaign, the rebels had the upper hand and were threatening the government on a number of fronts, sales in the province of latakia. the campaign put the rebels on the defensive. they are facing pressure from many fronts, and from many enemies. a white police officer who shot and killed a black 12-year-old boy carrying a toy
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gun in the u.s. was justified in his actions, according to two outside experts. the conclusion coming ahead of a decision on whether criminal charges are warranted in the case of tamir rice. alan fisher reports. >> reporter: it was a video shocking the u.s. and the world, a 12-year-old playing in a park with a gun. it missed the orang part that indicates it is a toy. it score are scared the man in the background to call the police. he said it was probably fake. but that was not passed on to the officer who fired the fatal shots within seconds of arriving on the scene, or his partner. he had no idea the victim was 12 years old. >> >> reporter: anger brought
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protesters on to the streets. it was seen as a case of excessive police violence against the black community. >> i want to thank everyone for supporting my little broth ir. i don't know why he did that. he was 12. he wanted to play basketball local prosecutors commissioned expert reports into the incident. they have been released. >> former denver posterior wrote that there could be no doubt that the death was tragic, and when one considers his age, heart-breaking. for all reasons scuffed. i can declare: the forker fbi agent concluded: tamir rice's family say the report is part of a whitewash.
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a grand jury will decide if the police officer involved will be charged the voting is over until belarus's presidential elections. exit polls suggest as many thought the president has got this time more than 80% of the vote. meaning he won a fifth victory in the former soviet republic. he's been in power for 21 years. neve barker reports. >> reporter: as president luca schenko cast his vote, there was little doubt over the result. despite falling wages, he has held on to power for two decades, making him europe said's longest running leader and belarus europe's last dictatorship. he faces three rivals for the presidency, and they are expected to make little impact.
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but he'll watch for a drop in support. >> translation: it will be bad in less people vote for me, it means people are leaving me. it's important to hold on to the level of support i have in previous elections. >> reporter: five years ago his re-election led to mass pro and the gaoling of figures. economic sanctions have been imposed on officials and companies. >> since then, he has cast himself ass the guarantor of stability. for a while the political opponents continue to be gaoled. the e.u. says it will temporarily lift sanctions providing the election takes place without incident.
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opposition figures warned acairns the move. >> it doesn't matter how we vote. as stalin says it's not important who votes or how. what is important is who counts the vote. i think that is the case. i don't think we can expect any surprises. >> in recent years, they capitalized on intentions, acting as a mediator in peace talks. tactics helped to enhance an image adding to the popularity at home. in is never about whether head win, but how much. neave barker, al jazeera. >> stay with us, you're watching the newshour - this is coming up, a big task for nepal's new prime minister, with anti-constitution processes and food shortages. bolivia demanding a supply.
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people fighting for their right to clean-running water, and in sport, why not all rugby players are designed to kick the ball. andy here with the rest of the sport.
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>> that's what i want to hear. >> give me all you've got. >> now. >> bootcamp... >> stop your whinin'. >> for bad kids. >> if they get a little dirty, so what. >> we have shackles, we have a >> stay with us, you're watching andy here with the rest of the a recap of the headlines - a
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memorial held at the turkish capital - those that died in an attack at a peace rally. israel's government imposed emergency measures, 24 min are palestinians killed by israeli forces. five israelis died. the iraqi military says its air force hit a convoy. it believes it was carrying abu bakr al-baghdadi, but said he did not appear to have died. let's go to our guest from the london school of economics.
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you have studied, i've reported on previous insurrections. we see the start of something that could or could not become bigger. what would make this turn into a new intifada. >> what is unique about the current tensions is that more and more young palestinians are taking actions into their own hands. to centralize legalists, those between 17 and 23 years old. major parties, their influence over the young men. and authorities in fatah or hamas. more palestinian students, and, in fact, palestinians are joining the process. these are taking actions into their own hand by stabbing some israelis over the last few weeks. they feel that they are getting
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no representation. their elders, the palestinian politicians are letting them down. are they able to communicate amongst themselves more effectively because they have the means of mass communication. they spread like wildfire. centralized leadership is a communication from the bottom up. it's the organized younger on their own. it's a bottom-up as opposed to top-doug. though the spark was disagreements and confrontations over religious, the shrine and al-aqsa in september, the structural question is bigger. the lack of hope. palestinians feel squeezed by the occupation, by the encroaching jewish settlements in a land, blockage in the system. binyamin netanyahu does whatever he wants, there is no accountability so, really, even though the spark was - i mean, the conversation over the
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religious bases, this is about occupation, and the young decided to take action. >> because we have been here before. they've been there before. it's been young people protesting on the streets. what i'm wondering is while you talk about the bottom up, is there anyone that ferments that, that sees an advantage to be gained to see the young on the streets. they, themselves, are dissatisfied with the way the peace process is lack of it is going. >> we know that the palestinian president has been calling not to protest. not to use violence against israelis, so the palestinian authority has done everything in its power to prevent such a movement taking place. hamas has been calling for protest. these are not hamas supporters. they are individual palestinians, young ones fed up with the status quo. >> you believe it's as simple as
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that, no one is encouraging them to a political advantage. >> of course there's incitement. palestinian leaders, that's not the question. there has been incitement before. the question is why not. the reason why it's now, it's a critical mass of young palestinians who are fed up. taking action into their own hands, who feel squeezed by the occupation. no hope, blockage in the system, and that is why this particularly intifada decentralized the leadership, it's taking place. whether it spirals out of the control it is gathering steam and momentum we'll stay in touch with you. thank you very much now to guinea, voters have been casting ballots in what is only the second presidential election since the country became independent. >> the current leader is favoured to win. it's a second term.
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despite the stagment economy. the perceived weakness. >> the main leader is one na formed an alliance with a junketa leader. another name, third main contender. let's wrap it up. >> reporter: it's election day in guinea, people head to the polls. >> a lot of people have not received voter i.d.s to vote. as you can see the military presence causes panic. >> translation: i came here, they distributed the ballots really late. at 8am. >> translation: i came to vote. i'm voting for my country. we could not too better. >> the fighting has prompted the
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united nations. there are campaign posters on the streets not just of the capital, but many small mining towns. there's reports of fighting, riots and unrest. >> there has been dancing in the streets with candidates receiving a warm welcome. >> opposition candidates who some see as a front runner was among those who wanted the elections postponed. they said voting cards have not been distributed, and not divided. the court rejected the plea, and they asked supporters to participate. >> i call on everyone who has yet to collect the cards to do so immediately. to accomplish civic duty. 72 leaders are part of a delegation monitoring the vote.
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they want to ensure no voting irregularities. >> you have to put the institutions together. and put them together in managing business climate to make sure it becomes an attractive place. it should be a destination for investment. >> corruption and smuggling kept the country of 12 million from developing an economy. last week it caused the g.d.p. half a billion. the candidate who wins the election is expected to attract foreign investors who have been reluctant. the challenge will be how to use natural resources, including iron ore, to better the lives of millions of guineans nepal has a new prime minister. he must try to re start the reconstruction after those two devastating earthquakes.
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his name is k.p. sharma oli, and his only competitor was the outgoing prime minister. as a laider, he will have to take on the new prime minister, the minorities protesting about the corn stilt use. there's -- constitution, there was a fuel crisis, and he has to deal with the aftermath of earthquakes, let's hear from the correspondent in kathmandu. >> reporter: the new prime minister faces an enormous change now. when you say that, he's from the communist party, and the party he coxs from is slightly left of center and more center. the challenges that he faces, one is in the southern belt, which has been agitating for 607 days. they are demanding a more inclusive constitution, more than 45 people have already died and on top of that, there is a problem of the blockade.
5:40 pm
nepal depends on imports from india, and not much has been moving for the past two weeks after india said that it, too, was not happy with the constitution. and, of course, the prime minister also has to deal with the aftereffects of the earthquake, and people are struggling to survive in the mountains. >> reporter: for millions of poor people in india, you can only imagine the daily struggle leaving no time for creative expression. as discovered in new delhi, there is one teacher changing mind-sets and brightening in the futures. one class at a time. >> every brush stroke is an exercise in perfection. for six years he's been coming to the art school. the facilities are basic to say
5:41 pm
the least. but exposure to colours and creatisties inspired him to pursue a career in art. >> translation: i want to be an art teacher. at the school where i study. there are art teachers, but not at the level where they know everything. >> this is the inspirational teacher. in doing so, dared them to challenge social norms. so for 30 years they taught students from slums how to draw, paint and sculpt. they saw them only to see behind the limitations of poverty. art is a gift from god. you don't have to learn it. i don't teach them anything, i nurture what is in their hearts, whatever is inside of them. we don't have a syllabus.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: it's been hard work to convince people to experiment with art. in this community most worked labour intensive jobs, and art is seen as a frivolous hobby. art can be a springboard to a diverse range of opportunities. often unimagined by children that call this area home. >> based on a helping hand 14 years ago. they went to college to study fine art. today he's a professional artist who literally draws inspiration from the surroundings. from security checks to modern interpretation to devotion to the thret wise monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. they have big dreams. >> there's an artist who is the richest artist in of the world.
5:43 pm
if you become such an artist, why can't i. >> reporter: students approach with a call of reverence. her feedback to enhance confidence in difficult circumstances. this small canvas marks the start of a long and wise journey now, a little bit of thinking here. the complicated online puzzles, we'll look at those which the brightest minds are finding it hard to crack. and... >> if it sticks, what do i do mechanical misfortune that all but decided who would win the russian grand prix. stay with us.
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now to bolivia where the president ordered a summit to give ordinary people a voice on climate change. it is an issue that is also raised by the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon, who has been visiting bolivia. as has daniel schweimler sophia wants clean running water so she doesn't have to climb to the tank every morning. or pay $6 she can't afford to fill it with three weeks supply of water. she pays more than the wealthy residents, connected to a
5:46 pm
working system. speaking her native language to a translator, she tells me she waits unsure whether her limited supply of water will cover the family's lead. carlos heads the water committee, unable to raise the funds to renovate the system. >> translation: the water will never reach us, how many years before it reaches a proper system. they will have one by 2018 if they start work now. >> reporter: in and other neighbourhoods gained control after the people won what was known as the water war. thousands rebelled when the water system was bought by a foreign company and prices rocketed. water is the issue here. who owns it? who protects it? who distributes it? it's an ideal venue for an international conference looking
5:47 pm
at the mistakes made and lessons learnt, lessons that the rest of world are facing. >> 15 years after the water war, half the population does not have access to running water and relies on trucks for expensive deliveries. >> we won control of the water belonging to everyone and that should be managed by everyone, quality is poor. it's management and access. some neighbourhoods have little or no access. wells are running dry while authorities fight a battle. cleaning up lakes and rivers. >> the water war was an historic achievement which many studied, unfortunately real progress since 2000 until the present day. it was said that the water wall was a victory for the people over international corporations. until the whole population was
5:48 pm
in access. it has accidents to clean running water. the fight will continue thank you. island has beaten france in the final at the rugby world cup, while the 29 ensures a quarterfinal. not tournament favourites. it was a victory that came at a cost. as mark graham reports. >> ireland kept him. paul o'connell kept the team. and kept ireland into an early lead, and both were forced on the field. playmakers looked at it, changed to a grimmize. it's changed to the 24th minute. >> and anger as they walked off. before half time o'connell did a
5:49 pm
split, tearing the hamstring. he needed oxygen, and it's feared he may have played his last game for ireland. despite losing key players, ireland extended the half-time lead to 15-6, and ron kerny scored the first try in the 50th minute. and conor murray sealed the match in the 72nd minute. after a surge from the forwards. the irish halfback scored against the post. and replacement fly-half kicked a final penalty of a 24-9 win, setting up a quarterfinal against argentina, giving ireland a week to assist their injuries. >> the update i give you is it doesn't look great. it looks like an upper hamstring. we'll have to wait until tomorrow. we have to get the information to make sure it has changed a little bit.
5:50 pm
>> after driscoll, last year stopped, it's a big player. >> argentina ran in nine tries in the final match. the last act of the game in the 1964 win went to veteran member johnny woods, who will stay out of the comfort zone in the 50th cap in a conversion attempt let's have a look at the quarterfinal line-up. next saturday starts with a 2-time world champion. defending champions new zealand taking on france, the french beat the albacks at this stage in the tournament, in sunday argentina face argentina, and pool a winners play scotland. hosts england are notable by
5:51 pm
their absence. the next is notable by japan. despite beating south africa in the opening game, not quite making it through to the last eight. this is the third win of the tournament, finishing 28-18. >> germany got the result. germany again not convincing in the 2-1 win over georgia, losing to the republic of ireland, but head to the finals in france as winners. >> albanian fans celebrate a footballing first. the country qualifying for a major tournament for the first time after a 3-0 win in armenia. >> poland also through from group d. the republic of ireland going through to the play-offs. northern ireland finished top of group f with romania qualifying.
5:52 pm
portugal group winners ahead of albania. >> lewis hamilton won the russian formula 1 grand prix and is closing in on a third world championship. his mercedes mate had a frustrating mace. -- race. >> the pedal, if it sticks what do i do. >> reporter: nico rosberg was leading before a technical problem. a gross with lotus's grosjean, resulting in two safety cars. stephanie rawlings-blake -- raikkonen collided on the final lap now, novak djokovic was far too strong for rafael nadal in the final of the china open.
5:53 pm
the world number one dropping four games on his way to a straight-sets win. this, the sixth time the servers won the title. >> he did have a little bit of an injury. he struggled a little with the movement. i tried to, obviously, focus on what i need to do, and i'm pleased with the way i played the weekend. it's something that i'll hopefully carry in the next well. >> in the women's final. two sets to claim the title. a spaniard's second w.t.a. crown. and it moves her up to fourth in the world ranking, a new career high. >> golf's president's cup went down to the wire, the united
5:54 pm
states beating the team on the final hole. absolute despair. fluffing a chip on the 18th, and that cost the team any chance of victory. allowing bill haas to get the winning points to the u.s. here he is holding his nerve out of the bunker. he is the son of the skipper. they have won the trophy nine out of 11 times. >> i'm so happy for the team. great bunch of guys. we were riding down the fair way on 18 before bill played 17. i said "come on, one win for your mum, she deserves this." i'll hand you back to david in london. >> we have a mystery now. the group has been posting difficult puzzles on the internet. the brightest minds in cyber
5:55 pm
fighting, coat breaking has none been able to solve them. we sent john hendren at the cyber lab at the illinois institute of technology, he came out some the wiser. >> it will take a while. >> reporter: this puzzle has the brightest minds in the world perplexed. they are confounded by the puzzle, one of three on the internet placed by cicada 3301, a mysterious entity, and second by a baffling question - who is behind it. >> n.s.a. has been speculated. mi6, c.i.a., terrorist groups - al qaeda. another possibility is that it's a big hoax. >> reporter: solving the problems involves an esoteric knowledge of computer coding, programming, history and art, literature as obscure as middle east poetry. at one points contestants to to look of polls. taped to telephone polls in warsaw. it started on january 4th, 2012, when cicada 3301 published a puzzle and claimed to recruit
5:56 pm
intelligent people. this looks like a text message, it contains a hidden message. . >> there's a message at the end of the file that is ignored by the jpeg viewer. >> reporter: google told them who the fourth emperor of rome was, using four as the key and using it to translate letter, they turned gibberish into a web address, the picture of a duck. inside the message another message was hidden, leading them to this page, so on and so on. the fbi is so concerned, they ask this man to see what can be hidden in an audio message. the answer a lot. [ sound ] >> that is a clean windows xp shut down sound.
5:57 pm
line [ sound this one sounds identical, but hidden in the programming language is a lecture he gives in class and the audio file is the same size. those that solve the puzzles can join the organization. there has been three puzzles on january 4th, 2012, 2013 and 2014. this year something more mysterious happened - nothing. there was no puzzle. they may have gotten tired or maybe whoever was doing it was wiped out by a drone. >> whatever the reason, the programming world will wait and watch next january 4th for a chance to join cicada 3301, whatever that is no secrets about our website - you'll get the main headlines and a great deal more as you look behind the scenes. from the newshour team. thanks for watching.
5:58 pm
see you soon. >> they don't fear anything. >> they're consuming economically important species >> we're offering something on our menu that no-one else is offering. >> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america.
5:59 pm
>> is this the first chance they're getting to asses the damage. >> we begin with breaking news coming out of the west bank. >> i've seen people sittin' there for 10, 11 months and not even know why they was in jail. >> if you don't have any money, you're finished. >> you get mental scars from this. >> how many kids have they thrown away? >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> saturdays on al jazeera america. technology... it's a vital part of who we are - >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... >> don't try this at home! >> techknow, where technology meets
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humanity... saturday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. thousands turn out to mourn 95 vic sims of a police rally in turkey and accuse the president of fermenting violence good to have you with us, you are watching al jazeera live from london. there are accusations against the israelis of excessive force. 24 palestinians and four israelis died in the latest violence.


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