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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ israeli security forces shoot dead a palestinian man in jerusalem as violence escalates across the occupied west bank and gaza. ♪ hello, you are watching al jazeera live from do what and also ahead they form a new coalition with a mix of rebel groups as russia continues air strikes in support of a government. more funerals are held in turkey for the victims of a bomb attack that killed 97. and controversy in south korea as courts change the way they
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teach history. ♪ first the palestinian man has been shot dead by security forces in jurisdiction lumbar's old city and forces say he tried to stab one of their officers and they responded with gunfire, the 25th palestinian to be killed since the beginning of this month. al jazeera's mike hanna has more from west jerusalem. >> according to israeli police the man approached a group of israeli border police at the lion's gate entrance to the old city and according to then police he then took a knife out of his pocket and attempted to stab the police officers, he was gunned down and killed, none of the officers have been injured. this once again the latest in a wave of random sporadic attacks happening in the west bank and israel proper and overnight
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there was an attack in israel and importantly the attacker in this particular case was a palestinian israeli who injured four israelis, now this significance because in coming days palestinian israelis holding a series of demonstrations throughout the north of israel and calling for a general strike tomorrow. kurdish says forces fighting i.s.i.l. say they are joining forces with some rebel groups and comes as russia continues its air strike campaign in support of a syrian government, the new military alliance is called the democratic forces of syria, the syrian kurd or ypg are backed by the u.s. formidable force managed to take large parts of northeast syria and has the support of christian and arab tribes but not syrian opposition groups like al-nusra and sham and abandoned plans
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saying it would provide weapons to groups who have been vetted and dana is in beirut and what more do we know about the alliance with the democratic forces of syria? >> well, undoubtedly this is an important and significant development. who is in this new alliance? first you have the syrian kurds, the ypg and like you mentioned they are the coalition partners on the ground, they are accepted by the united states, they work with the united states. they are joining forces with a number of arab groups as well as other forces from other minorities like the syrian christians. now, in the past and previous operations they have cooperated on the ground but now it has become official, they are calling themselves a democratic forces of syria, now what is their role? their role will be to fight i.s.i.l., their role will be to fight for what they are calling a democratic secular syria where
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all groups can live together. i managed to speak to a high-ranking official in what is known as the democratic aton mouse area in the northeast of the country, this is a kurdish controlled area, what he told me was this is significant. we have to unite on the ground because of what he is calling changing dynamics and what he referred to was the military intervention of russia. now what he is saying is that this force will form or will be the nucleus of a new army in syria. and according to this official they have the backing of the united states and they do have the backing of russia. now, there are indications on the ground that lend credence really to this claim, the u.s. just a few days ago abandon its plan to train rebels and said it will equip fores and forces in the northeast are considered partners by the u.s. then you have the russians who
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have been saying that we are ready to work with moderate groups, we are ready to work with they could be partners in peace and part of a political solution, we know that part of russia's plan in syria is to create a new army, to get elements from the government and elements from the opposition together and we also know that the syrian kurdish leader held talks with russian officials just a few days ago and muslim was very clear when he said we are ready to work with the russians. so the question now is this new force going to be a nucleus or a partner of the international community but what we do know is that there are powerful groups on the ground like you mentioned, al-nusra front and other brigades who don't want to work with the kurds because they believe the kurds have their own agenda to set up their own space and if they are not on board there could be further divisions in syria but the bottom line is their seems to be a new force emerging, one that the international community may be
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willing to work with. >> okay thank you very much for that, zaina live in beirut. european phone ministers are meeting in luxembourg and the foreign policy chief says russia's growing military role will be top of the agenda. >> it is for sure a game changer. it has some very worrying elements. we will discuss them in particular when it comes to the violation of the air space of turkey and i have always said and i believe this is going to be also the same today intervention against dash has to be clearly against dash and other terrorist groups defined by the u.n., we have a common ground i believe, the eu, u.s. and russia have common ground and security solutions already passed and u.n. framework and has to be coordinated otherwise
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it risk to be extremely dangerous not only from a political point of view but mainly from a military point of view. meanwhile syrian army says it's gaining new territory with russian air strikes and pictures said to show a russian attack in idlib province and syrian troops say they have taken control of the area and defense ministry released footage showing the aftermath of strikes in latakia regions and destroyed 53 i.s.i.l. positions in the last 24 hours. russia's president vladimir putin met defense minister to discuss this and as a result of sochi said they are not planning to form alliance with russia and the syrian's government ens allies and bombing campaign is only targeting i.s.i.l. positions and putin reiterated his support for president bashar
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al-assad. >> don't want to get involved in religious conflicts in syria and we have one goal to support the legitimate government and create additions for a peaceful solution, that was our initial position and we stand by it. >> russia's plan to solve the conflict in syria is to support the government but that is against the aim of the u.s. president. >> what we have not been able to do so far and i'm the first one to acknowledge this is to change the dynamic inside of syria and the goal here has been to find a way in which we can help moderate opposition on the ground but we've never been under any illusion that militarily we ourselves can solve the problem inside of syria. >> now other world news turkey prime minister says the government is close to identifying the two suicide bombers that carried out saturday's attack and ace
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i.s.i.l. is a prime suspect and targeted a peace rally killed 97 people. mohamed is in ankora with more. >> reporter: with funerals happening throughout the day of victims of that horrific attack that happened in unkara tensions on the rise in turkey at the moment. kurdish minority in the country feeling agrieved and accusing the government not doing enough to protect them especially at rallies and held and attacked which 100 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded and let's not forget that is the third rally that had pro-kurdish activists at it since june where people were killed and the one that happened in july on turkey's border with syria at least 30 people were killed in that attack, hundreds wounded and this all coming at a time when there are increasing political di visits and parliamentary elections happening in a few weeks on november first, because of that the political divisions in this
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country really widening at a time when the government is calling for unity and hard to establish that unity especially for the akp ruling party here in turkey. today we are expecting that in ankora the cabinet will meet and discuss the investigation and try to determine who is behind the attacks that happened and saying a spokesperson will be coming out with a statement once again calling for unity but all of this happening at a time with tensions really rising, the security situation in turkey deteriorating and turkey is in multiple fights including fight against pkk and its fight against i.s.i.l., a lot happening in turkey and complex situation and doesn't look like it's going to get any easier any time soon. >> five nato personnel killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan kabul and two were british, five others injured when the aircraft wents down at nato headquarters and britain military of defense says the crash was an accident.
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vote counting is underway this guinea's presidential election and the country's first democratically elected president is set to win a second term and victoria reports. >> reporter: this is guinea's second democratic presidential election since independence almost 60 years ago and voter turn out was high but if people waited to cast their ballots they were mindful of the ballots that marked the election campaign. >> translator: let peace be assured in guinea and guinea shake hands, we are all brothers, same mother and same father in guinea and no racism and everyone should know and should come out to vote, that is all i ask of guinea people. >> reporter: 7 million people eligible to vote 6 million people cast their ballot, among them president who is widely expected to win a second term. >> translator: i came to perform my civic duty, i hope that things do well because
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guinea needs peace, guinea needs unity. >> reporter: 72 european union observe evers were part of an international delegation which monitored the vote. >> translator: electoral materials were missing and small openings and things that will be able to be fixed which i understand are being fixed so over all up until this moment we see an election which is living up to our expectation. >> reporter: the opposition party usdg called it a masquerade and said fraud was widespread. >> translator: this is a time to be vigilant when the advice of the people of guinea are respected with their security and the best candidate wins. >> reporter: nearly 20,000 police officers and security guards were deployed as people headed to the poles. and in the end voting took place peacefully but as election officials count the votes people in guinea are braced for more possible violence once the result is announced. victoria with al jazeera.
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still ahead on al jazeera, a court in iran issues a verdict against the washington post journalist in an esespionage case they say is absurd and hunting wildlife's decision now has been reversed. ♪
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>> when i met daisy, it was the best day of my life. when my past caught up with me and made us all pay the price. >> the social worker said, "i'm gonna have to take the baby". they took my family. i don't know how i'm gonna do it but... i need another lawyer. you're gonna have to kill me to take my child. ♪ welcome back and reminder of our stories a man shot dead in jerusalem old city and the police say he tried to stab one
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of their officers and he responded with gunfire, he is the 25th palestinian to be killed since the beginning of this month. syrian/kurdish fighters say they are joining forces with rebel groups to fight i.s.i.l. and uniting under a new military alliance called the democratic forces of syria and comes as russia continues air strikes in support of the syrian government. and turkey's prime minister says the government is close to identifying the two suicide bombers it said carried out the attack that killed people and ace i.s.i.l. is the prime suspect. russian gas company resumed supplies to ukraine after receiving advance payment of 234 million and gas stopped supplying in july after a price dispute, under the deal the energy company will have to pay a total of 500 million and rory challenge sent this update from
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moscow. >> after weeks of negotiations concluded in september ukraine now has a gas supply once more from russia. it's paying about $230 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas, that is actually not a particularly bad deal. it is slightly less than it was paying at the beginning of 2015, before the taps were shut off in july of 2015. it's also a bit of a discount on what russia charges mo most of s other customers and you can say it has not worked out too badly for ukraine but ukraine still doesn't really have the money to pay for this so pretty much all of the cash going into russia's state coffer as a state-controlled company most of that money is coming from international financial institutions in the form of bailouts to kiev.
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now, the political implications of this are, well, obviously russia has a reputation, is fairly netorious for using gas as a mean to pressure rise and control its customers, its neighbors in europe and other parts of the world. now, what is going on in eastern ukraine at the moment? there does seem to be a notable down on the conflict there and seems the two sides kiev and separatists are starting that talk to each other and finding more room for agreements and people predicted this and people said that as russia increased its commissions in syria it would start decreasing the conflicts in eastern ukraine so you can look at the gas deal possibly as a future of that gee yo -- geo political landscape.
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>> in an espionage class it's not clear if he has been sentenced and the bureau chief is 400 days on acquisitions of spying and the paper editor called it vague and puzzling and disputed the allegation that rezaian is a spy. >> made by political authorities and not judicial ones. we have heard from president ruhani moving jason's case to conclusion if the united states will do something in return. so i really think that court process that has been going on for months and months and months in some ways is just the first act, that the final decision needs to be made by iran's highest authorities. >> al jazeera kimberly has more details on the case and the campaign to free him. >> reporter: for months his name has flashed outside the headquarters of the washington
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post reminding passersby for 40 days one of their own newspaper reporter jason rezaian has been held in capacity, his foreign editor says rezaian's time in prison has been difficult. >> jason has been isolated for much of the time he has been in custody. he spent a lot of months in solitary confinement. he has had really very little contact with the outside world. >> reporter: he was arrested with his journalist wife and two photo journalists in 2014 and all eventually released except rezaian charged with espionage and tried in secret inside this tehran revolutionary court and his family maintained that rezaian is innocent. >> since he was a little boy my son loved iran and it's so infectious he had made a career of sharing its beauty with others. >> reporter: born in california and holds iran and united states citizenship. he joined the washington post as the tehran cord dent in 2012,
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the newspaper has worked for months for his release even appealing to a u.n. human nations panel for health and at a black tie dinner the president of the united states spoke about rezaian's imprisonment. >> jason has been in prison in tehran for nothing about writing about the hopes and fears of the iran people. >> reporter: hopeless negotiations with world powers to limit the program that resign to others held in iran would be free as part of the deal but the white house maintained the issues are separate, the agreement was signed without their released and his time behind bars has been troubling for the foreign post editor and says the increasing trend of locking up journalist is alarming. >> from armies and wars and what we have seen in the last couple of years is just as troubling and the governments are arresting and holding them for acting as journalists. >> reporter: paying a substantial price for attempting
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to tell the stories governments often don't want to be told, kimberly, al jazeera, washington. exposered in the u.s. said a white police officer who shot dead a 12-year-old toy gun acted within reason, a grant jury is set to look at the charges of tamir rice and allen fisher reports. >> reporter: the video shocked the u.s. and world, a 12-year-old playing in a park in cleveland, ohio with a toy gun and missing the orange cap indicating it was a toy but it was enough to scare someone, the man sitting here in the background into calling the police, he said the gun was probably fake. >> it's probably fake but do you know what it's scary. >> reporter: but that wasn't passed on to officer tim who fired the fatal shots, within seconds of arriving on the scene or his partner. he also had no idea the victim was just 12 years old. >> shots fired. male down.
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black male. maybe 20. >> reporter: protesters were on the streets across the country. it was seen as another case of excessive police violence against the black community. >> i want to thank everybody for supporting my little brother and i don't know why they did that. he was only 12. he wanted to play basketball in the nba. >> reporter: local prosecutors commissioned expert reports in the incident that have just been released and lamar sims said there is no doubt that his death was horrific and considering his age heart broken and for the reasons discussed here in i believe that the officer's belief that rice posed serious physical harm or death was reasonable as was his response to the perceived threat and former f.b.i. agent kimberly concluded not only was he required to make a slith-second decision and also his response was a reasonable one and had no
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information to suggest that the weapon was anything but a handgun and his family says the reports are part of a white wash and grand jury in cleveland will decide if officers involved will be charged, allen fisher, al jazeera. history classes in south korean courts will be taught using a state authored book and education ministry say textbooks contain historical errors and say they want to portray the father, the 1960 and 70 dictate ner a better light and harry faucet is in seoul with more. >> the current system which has been in place since 2010 has eight privately published government approved textbooks which can be chosen individually by schools across the country and the problem for the conservative ruing party they feel the majority of textbooks are by liberal and left leaning academics and want to issue a corrective and this single textbook that has been announced
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on monday is called the correct history textbook and the problem is history is a very subjective topic and ruling party says things like north korea's early history has been taught in a left leaning way and want to make sure the children of country are taught the proper history of south korea and people say it's no coincidence it's being pushed so strongly from the presidential office and this is the daughter of the 1960s and 70 dictator of south korea, the strong man and say she wants to burnish his representation and talking about the links before the 1945 end of world war ii so what we have is a very divided still political situation over this real hot button issue. there has been a majority of the newspaper editorials which have been against this move saying perhaps the current system needs to be reformed rather than
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simply removed, the opposition party is certainly saying it won't rest on this and it's calling for apparel menry probe to make sure there is a social consensus before any such change can be made. the head of the u.n. refugee agency has inspected shelters for refugees arrived on the greek island of lespos and spoke to island seekers and staff at reception center and eu agreed to relocate 60,000 in greece and italy to other european countries. >> this is a european problem that requires a european solution and it's necessary that the whole of european union assumes its responsibilities and its is necessary that this gigantic effort that they are making has a dramatic impact in the economy and society is met by an effective european response. >> reporter: australian officials in jordan to discuss the government resettlement of 12000 syrian refugees and they
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visited the refugee camp where more than 80,000 syrians live. the australian government denied that refugees of a certain religious background would be given preference. in bela-ruse hundreds marched in the capitol minsk to protest the election result and alexander shenko won with 83% of the vote after opposition boycotted the pole and ruled the former soviet republic for the past 21 years and they ban big game hunting two years ago to promote conservation and since then wild animals like lions and elephants have thrived but coming into contact with villages and want the ban lifted and the tourism profits it has and we report. >> reporter: the village here used to earn 300,000 a year for
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government sanctioned big game hunting for organizers but it was ban two years ago. >> we have seen more lions and elephants coming to the village. we don't know whether it's because during hunting they are kept busy by animals that way or at that time. >> reporter: lost all by one of her goats to a nighttime lion attack. >> translator: there are no jobs in the village and we rely on it for income for my family and i applied for government for compensation for my lost animals but still waiting to be paid. >> reporter: fewer resources said the village cannot control patrols to keep dangerous animals and poachers out and installation of modern sanitation have come to a halt. the government is now urging the village to promote photo tourism
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but the process has been delayed. >> we stopped hunting before we met the photographic activities, structures in place, that is where the problem is. so we migrated to zero. >> reporter: the village in the delta is surrounded by wildlife including elephant, buffalo and hippos, people here say hunting kept wild animals away and provided the community with meat and want the ban on hunting lifted but the government says the no hunting law is the best way to promote conservation and the country's environment minister in a population of thousands under 40 elephants have been porched this year. >> more communities will benefit from tour rhythm and goes for the entire year and employees more people and product on tourism is wildlife so if we can increase those numbers then obviously the offshoot would be
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more tourists. neighboring countries return to hunting and wildlife seek refuge across the borders, in the village. keep up to date only our website, al alliance. i'll look at the differences the middle east is on fire. united states policy in the region is coming undone in places like iraq, syria and yemen, we are seeing civil wars,