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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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buildings remain partially upright. the demolition was part of a plan to regenerate communities across glasgow which will be thousands of new homes built. you can read more on where you'll find today's top stories, as well. >> israeli forces kill two palestinians following an attack. a captain less ship. how republicans replace john boehner one name keeps popping up.
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>> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. the "washington post" and the family of jason rezion, he was found guilty of espionage passengerof espionage charges and is looking at 15 to 20 years. his brother said that it's a travesty o of justice. >> it is increasingly clear that the final decision about jason's case will be handled by political authorities not judicial ones. >> sparked an international campaign for the release and newspapers' top editors have called the proceedings in tehran
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a sham and they're calling on iran leaders to resolve the case. >> we're hearing from leaders that they will move jason' case to conclusion if the united states does something in return. >> jason was detained along with his wife in july 2014. she was later released, but the iranian-american was tried in secret and charged with espionage. his family has insisted that he's innocent. >> since he was a little boy my son has loved iran. his love for iran is so infectious that he has made a career of sharing it's beauty with others. >> the "washington post" has been working for months to release him appeal together united nations for help. 450,000 people have signed a petition for his release. even president obama spoke about the case at a black tie dinner in washington. >> jason has been imprisoned in iran for nothing more than writing about the hopes and
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fears of the iranian people. >> the fate for jason and other americans held in tehran have been brought up repeatedly. >> jason has been imprisoned now for over a year. is he being released part of this deal. >> a spokesman for the iranian judiciary said that he can appeal his conviction within 20 days. al jazeera. >> and that nuclear deal with iran is under fire as well. both in washington and tehran. on sunday the iranian parliament voting in favor of moving forward with the agreement. that vote oh volumed a heated debate one lawmaker calling the deal a disgrace. the bill allows the government to withdraw from the agreement if the economic sanctions against tehran are not lifted. hours against that vote tehran conducted this test of a new long range missile system. it was broadcast on state tv. iran said that the missiles can accurately hit targets as far away as israel. officials are now trying to determine if the test violated
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the u.n. ban on iran developing weapons that could carry a nuclear warhead. iran's officials saying that they do not need approval to improve on its weapons. in ankara there is suspicion that isil is behind attacks. [ protesting ] >> on sunday thousands gathered mourn and condemn the attack that killed 97 people. there are concerns that similar attacks will take place ahead of next month's general elections. mohammed january june is in ankara. >> tensions are still very much on the rise in turkey at this moment. the kurdish minority in this country feeling very aggrieved right now, accusing the government time and again of not having done enough to protect it, especially at rallies like
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the one that has held the other day in which 100 people were killed, and hundreds more wounded. let's not forget this is the third rally since june that has been attacked in which people have been killed. the one that happened in july on turkey's border with syria, 30 people were killed in that attack. hundreds wounded, and this all coming at a time when there are increasing political divisions. there are parliamentary divisions that are going to be happening in a few weeks on november 1st. because of that, the political division widening at a time when the government is calling for unity. it will be hard to establish that unity especially for the akp ruling party here in turkey. today we're expecting in ankara, the cabinet will meet, and discuss the ongoing investigation and try to ter determine who is behind these attacks, the government will be calling for unity, but all of
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this happening at a time with tensions really rising. the security situation deteriorating, turkey in multiple fights including the fight against the pkk and it's fight against isil. a lot happening in turkey, a very complex situation. >> that's our report from ankara, turkey. >> iraq is backing away from its claims of killing of the leader of isil. on sunday there were airstrikes that struck the leader heading to a meeting. they now suspect that he was driven away from that convoy with his condition unknown. the airstrike did kill 18 isil figures who were attending tt same meeting. today there is no way that bashar al-assad can stay in power. >> we're very clear that we--we
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cannot work with assad as the long-term solution for the future of syria. we can be flexible about the manner of his departure. we can be flexible about the timing. >> today's launching a new offensive, this time it was supported by russian airstrikes. russian's president vladimir putin said his goal is to stabilized syria's government. a new military alliance today. kurdish forces fighting isil say that they're now teeming up with arab rebel groups. a group calling itself democratic forces of syria. al jazeera has more from beirut. >> this is a significant development. democratic portions of syria like you mentioned, groups the ypg, the syrian kurdish force in northeastern syria as well as arab groups, christian fighting brigades on the ground. now all these groups have fought together against isil in previous operations, but now they have formalized an existing
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alliance. what we understand their role to be it will be to fight isil, and to fight for what they're calling a democratic secular syria where they all have the different groups that can live side by side. they're also telling me that they're hoping that this alliance will be the nucleus of a new army in syria. i managed to speak to a high ranking official in the nort northeast. what he is say something that this unification on the ground was necessary because of changing dynamics. he talked about the iran military intervention. what he also told me was in new force has the backing of united states and russia. and signs on the ground indicate that or lends video dense to those claims. >> and that is in bay rude. a group of international mediators say they plan to visit israel and the palestinian areas
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this week. the visit was postponed as israel's request. that announcement comes as prime minister benjamin netanyahu used this speech in parliament to criticized arab lawmakers and accused the political parties of undermining the country. today saw more violence with two palestinians reportedly stabbed in the occupied east jerusalem. andrew simmons is live in jerusalem right now. what else did ne netanyahu say in to speech to the knessett. >> he said that israel was faced with night terror from the palestinians, and that he would be clamping down on this. he was assessing the situation right across the board after the summer res. this is the first time that the knessett has met for a number of weeks.
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and he said that he would be introducing minimum sentences of three years for throwing rocks, for example, throwing any kind of missile, a minimum sentence. that was a controversial measure put to the parliament some time back when the attorney general had objections to it, but right now the mood has changed with the violence spiraling out of control. it's highly likely, despite the slim majority that netanyahu has in the knessett that these tougher laws will be passed. this is what he had to say. >> we're fighting on all the fronts. we've added forces and border police in jerusalem and all over the country 37 we're taking responsibility on ourselves, destroying terrorist houses, and we're wiping out people who against us. we're fighting against the molotov cocktails, the stones, and taking revenge for people who have been killed. i expect the support of the opposition party in these
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actions and in establishing this law in this wave of terror. >> well, here in east jerusalem there is a mood of cold fear. it's been another day. monday, another day of attacks. three in particular with palestinians being killed with two israeli settlers attacked also. and what startling with the situation is the young ages of those involved. a 13-year-old was one of the attackers in the injuries settlement in occupied east jerusalem. he's critically ill in hospital. the man who is with him was shot dead. he's aged 17. those are two examples. there is also a 16-year-old girl said to be a school girl who is accused by the police of attacking a policeman with a knife, and that he was injured. she was shot by the policeman in
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the arm. what we're seeing here is a situation that is going in the wrong direction without any shadow of doubt. now we're hearing reports that the fence in part of gaza, the fence between israel and gaza has been reached again for the third day running, and the police and the army are reso responding with live file the environmental minister of said that palmer- palmer--activists in cleveland are asking for investigation into the shooting
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of tamir rice. rice's family said that the prosecution got it wrong. al jazeera's allen fisher explains those reports were released in the interest of transparency. >> it was a video that shocked the u.s. and the world, a 12-year-old playing in a park. cleveland, ohio, with a toy gun. it was missing the orange cap which would indicate it was a toy but it was enough to scare someone. the mancienne here sitting in the background is calling the police. he said the gun was probably fake. but that wasn't passed on to the officer who fired the fatal shots within seconds of arriving on the scene or his partner. he also had no idea that the victim was just 12 years old. >> shots fired. male down. black male, maybe 20. >> anger brought protesters out on the streets across the country. it was seen as another case of
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excessive police violence against the black community. >> i want to thank everybody for supporting my little brother, and i don't know why they did that. he was only 12. he wasn'ted to play basketball in the nba. >> local prosecutors commissioned expert reports into the incident. they've just been released. former denver prosecutor lamar sims wrote that there can be no doubt that the death was tragic and when one considers his age, heartbreaking. but for all the reasons discussed here in, i believe that the officer felt that physical harm or death was reasonable in response to that threat. the fbi agent concluded. not only was he required to make a split-second decision but his response was a reasonable one. he had no information to suggest the weapon was anything but a real handgun. tamir rice's family said that
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the reports are part of a whitewash. alan fisher, al jazeera. >> when we come back, searching for a new leader. house republicans scrambling to replace house speaker boehner. we'll go live to hopeful independent parties there.
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>> a huge stretch of i-95 is reopened after rains inundated the state. but only the southbound lanes are open at this hour. the northbound could open today or tomorrow. damages to bridges forcing drivers there to take two-hour detours. they're working on 300 roads and bridges closed because of that storm. thousands of undeclare voters are in new hampshire at this hour. they're hoping to hear from presidential hopefuls on both sides of the ai aisle. we're outside of the no-labels convention in manchester. it took donald trump to the stage a few moments ago, and he had a different tone than usual. why is that? >> yes, del, a different energy here.
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keep in mind that donald trump is speaking to a crowd who is not his usual support base. this is not a room full of republicans but undecided new hampshire voters. donald trump's tone was certainly a little bit different. a little softer than we've heard in the past. and some of his remarks drew cheers and boos from the crowd. this is also an question and answer format, and a lot of people shouting questions at him and ignoring the moderator, there was one person who got up and asked a question that concerns a lot of people here. it's a basic idea, but whether or not donald trump is simply a nice man. >> we need problem some offers. we need leaders. and you can't have leadership unless you know how to--let's make our country rich again. a woman came up to me. she said, mr. trump i like you. she's from new hampshire.
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i like you so much, but are you nice enough person to be president? can you believe it? i think i'm nice. i like people. but i told her, i said, i'm nice, believe me. i'm going to take care of people. i'm going to take care of women. i'm going to take care of men. >> so a lot of pointed questions here. again, some favor right, not favorable. this is not the crowd that he's used to speaking to you. i spoke to donald trump briefly. he said that all the questions were fair and appropriate and he would speak to this group of undecided voters. what makes this interesting, organizers say that they heard from donald trump, now they're going to hear from bernie sanders. this is the first time in his campaign that undecided voters can hear from both sides of the very, very different and wide political spectrum, del? >> jonathan, they're calling it the "no labels convention." tell me more about the know
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labels movement and might they inject a voice in this race? >> that's their hope. this group was formed five years ago to bring together politicians from both sides of the aisles. to get them to come together and fix some of the country's biggest issues. in the past it has been focused on local races. this is the first time they've thrown a convention like this called the no labels problem solving convention of undecided voters. the hope is not just to show undecided voters both campaigns, both groups, republicans and democrats, but to get these candidates to embraces causes here, which are big grand ideas like creating millions of new jobs, and also making the country energy secure by the year 2024. >> jonathan betz live in manchester, ne new hampshire,
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thank you very much. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal hurting her among voters, but president obama said that he didn't think that she jeopardized national security when she used a private server but saying that it was not a good idea. >> she made a mistake. she acknowledged it. i do think the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics. she would be the first to acknowledge that it maybe she could have handled the original decision better, and the disclosures more quickly. this is one ever those issues that i think is legitimate, but the fact that for the last three months this is all that has been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. >> the presidential saying he only learned about that e-mail server after hillary clinton left office. republicans on capitol hill are struggling today to trying to find the new speaker of the house. this time all eyes are on paul
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ryan. despite the fact that he said over and over again he's not interested. al jazeera's john terrett has more. >> as republicans scramble to find a new speak for replace outgoing john boehner one name keeps cropping up time and time again, paul ryan from wisconsin, mitt romney's vice presidential candidate in the 2012 election which many republicans believe is the only member of the house who can unite the party. >> i know he's a committee guy. when the committees are allowed to work, he's already mentally committed to the same things we want. if you can convince us of that we can deliver an overwhelmingly majority. >> while many republicans are pushing paul ryan to enter the race. he said he's not running for speaker because the job requires too much travel and fundraising and less time with the family. ryan's name rose to the top of the list after the bombshell
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from kevin mccarthy from california that he was withdrawing from the race. >> i can't unite everybody, it's better to find somebody who can. >> it's not clear if the freedom caucus can live with paul ryan either. their chairman only saying that it would look favorbly on him. >> he'll an great message. he would come to our group and talk to him. our group will be favorable to him. but we're not there. >> others are running in case ryan says no. daniel webster and jason chaffetz from utah is another frontrunner. but for now john boehner still holds the gavel, and this week it's all eyes on paul ryan to make the next move. john terrett, al jazeera, new york. >> coming up on al jazeera america today is columbus day. but not every city in the u.s. is celebrating. we're looking at how some are choosing and not choosing to mark the holiday.
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>> california the first state to ban the use of redskins by sports teams there. they're barred from using the name redskins for their teams. the trademark to the washington redskins here should be canceled and their team is challenging the decision. a number of states are saying they should away with
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columbus day. al jazeera has more. >> christopher columbus has long been described as the new world 500 years ago. indigenous activists say that's impossible. people were already living there. he was called a pirate whose actions led to the murder of millions of native people. >> it internalizes genocide in our people. they can be proud of themselves and not honor a man who murdered their families. >> in 1492 columbus arrived between haiti and the dominican republic. his own journal described the extermination of the population. but italian americans say that the recognition of columbus as an explorer and changing it is an insult to their heritage and
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culture. the city of seattle is named for native american leader but an effort there to celebrate columbus day and indigenous people's day as different holidays were shut down. washington is just one of the states that has decided not to recognize columbus day on the state level. it still is a federal holiday in hawai'i it's called discoverers day. >> georgia's stone mountain will house the memorial that pays tribute to the dr. martin luther king. it is home to jefferson davis. the tribute to the civil rights activist aims to share a broader historic story. the monument will replicate the liberty bell with the excerpt of king's "i have a dream speech."
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i'm delaware. the news continues live from doha, london. >> at least two palestine yankees are shot dead and israelis dead and injured, after violence in jerusalem and the west bank.hellwest bank. hello there i'm barbara serra, live from doha. military alliance against i.s.i.l. more fooun rams i funerals in tt