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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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more tourists. >> wildlife seek refuge across its borders. famida miller, al jazeera. much more on our website, >> convicted on espionage charges. the u.s. state department is working to get jason rezaian out of an iranian jail. a captainless ship. house republicans are looking to replace john boehner and one name keeps popping up.
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this is al jazeera america, live from new york city i'm tony harris. the washington post and the family of jason rezaian are vowing to appeal his sentence. he faces a sentence of ten to 20 years. the executive editor of the washington post says it represents an outrageous injustice. rezaian's brother calls it a, quote, travesty of justice. mifs miines ferre has more. >> it is clear the final outcome of jason's case will be made by political authorities not by judicial ones. >> reporter: newspaper's top editors have called the legal proceedings in tehran a sham. they are calling on iran's leaders to resolve the case. >> we have heard from president rouhani that the leaders are
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willing to move jason's case to conclusion if the united states has part. the decision will be made with highest authorities. >> jason was arrested with his wife and other employees. >> since he was a little boy my son loved iran. his love for iran is so infectious he has made a creefer of showing its beauty to others. >> more than 150,000 have signed a petition for his release. even president obama talked about it. >> jason last been imprisoned in tehran for nothing more than writing about the hopes and fears of the iranian people. >> the fate of rezaian and other americans held in tehran was brought up repeatedly on the sidelines. >> jason rezaian has been in
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prison for over a year. his release part of this deal? >> we're working very hard on that. >> reporter: a spokesman for iranian judiciary says rezaian can appeal this decision in the next 20 days. ines ferre, al jazeera. >> a are grace are disgrace, tuh authorities say they are close to identifying one of the attackers. they suspect i.s.i.l. is behind the attacks. on sunday, thousands gathered to mourn and condemn the attacks that killed 97 people. there are concerns similar attacks will take place ahead of next month's general elections. al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom is
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in ankara with the latest. >> for funerals that are happening throughout day, for the attack that happened in ankara tensions are very much on the rise in turkey at this moment. the kurdish minority feeling aggrieved at this moment. accusing the turkish government not doing enough for them. the rally, over 100 people were wounded and nearly 100 killed. the one that happened in july on turkey's border with syria at least 30 people were killed in that attack. hundreds wounded. and this all coming at a time when there are increasing political divisions. there are parliamentary elections that are going to be happening in just a few weeks on november 1st, because of that the political divisions in this country really widening at a time when the government is calling for unity. it is going to be hard to establish that unity, especially
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for the akp ruling party here in turkey. now today we're expecting that in ankara the cabinet will meet, they will discuss the ongoing investigation try odetermine who's behind these horrific attacks that happened. we are expecting that a spokesperson for the government will be coming out with a statement once again calling for unity but all of this happening at a time when tensions really are rising. the security situation in turkey deteriorating. turkey ensnared in multiple fights, fight against pkk and against i.s.i.l. a lot happening in turkey, a very complex situation, not looking like it will get any simpler any time soon. >> mohammed jamjoom in ankara. so-called quartet consists of the u.s., u, russi eu, russid united nations.
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criticizing aish lawmakers he accused arab lawmakers of undernieng country. palestinians stabbed an israeli teenager in occupied east jerusalem. >> we are fighting on all the fronts. we have added forces and border police in jerusalem and all over the country. we are taking responsibility on ourselves, destroying terrorist house he and we are wiechg out people who are against us. -- wiping out people who are against us. molotov cocktails and stones and taking revenge over people who have been killed. establishing the law against this wave of terror. >> andrew simmons has more now from jerusalem. >> reporter: the israeli parliament, the knesset, has come back from summer recess. what a black nood i mood it was. he said being, accused two
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members of the knesset of insighting violence. two year minimum sentence will bbe in order for those convictof throwing stones. same time as all this, on monday three attacks and omood in occupied east jerusalem that was one of absolute fear. what's startling about what's going on is the young people involved in these attacks. and the question marks over whether the police are giving any warning before they open fire, how they're dealing with the situations, because so many palestinians have died. but israelis are frightened. they're concerned about this situation. and the crisis certainly doesn't look as if it's in any way under control right now.
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>> andrew simmons in jerusalem for us. iraq is backing away from claims it killed in an air attack, abu bakar al baghdadi. the reared of i.s.i.l. did kill several senior members attending that meeting. phillip hammond said there's no way bashar al-assad can stay in power. >> we're very clear that we cannot work with assad as the long term solution for the future of syria. we can be flexible about the manner of his departure. we can be flexible about the timing of his departure. >> today, syria's government launched a new ordinancive but this time supported by russian
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air strikes. russian president vladimir putin says his goal is to stabilize the syrian government. new group called the democratic forces of syria. al jazeera's zeina khodr has more now from beirut. >> reporter: this is a significant development. the democratic forces of syria like you mentioned, it groups the ypg, the syrian kurdish force, as well as some arab groups, christian fighting brigades on the ground. now they have formalized an existing alliance. and what we understand their role to be, it will to be fight i.s.i.l. and to fight for what they're calling a democratic and secular syria where all the different groups can live side by side. and they're also telling me that they're hoping that this alliance will be the nucleus of a new army in syria.
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i managed to speak to a high ranking official in what's called the autonomous region. what he is saying is this unification on the ground was necessary because of changing dynamics and he talked about the russian military intervention. what he also told me was that this new force has the back of both the united states and russia. and signs on the ground really indicate or lend really credence to those claims. >> zeina khodr in beirut for us. zimbabwe says it will not file charges against walter palmer the minnesota dentist who faced global condemnation for killing cecil the lion. two independent investigations into the police killing of 12-year-old tamir rice.
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found that the officer had provocation when he killed tamir rice last year. >> a 12-year-old playing in a park in cleveland, ohio with a toy gun. it was missing the orange cap which would indicate it was a toy. but it was enough to scare someone. the man seen here sitting into the background to calling the police. he said the gun was probably fake. >> it's probably fake. >> but that wasn't passed on to officer tim lowman who fired the fatal shots within seconds of arriving on the scene or his partner. he also had no idea the victim was just 12 years old. >> shotlshots fired, male down,k male, maybe 20. >> anger brought protesters onto the street across the country. it was scene as another case of
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police violence fence the black community. >> i want to thank everyone for supporting my little brother. i don't know why he did that, he was only 12. he wanted to play basketball, nba. >> commissioners reports have just been released. former denver prosecutor lamar sims wrote, there can be no doubt rice's death was heartbreaking, however for all the reasons discussed herein, the officer's fear was objectively reasonable as the perceived threat. kimberly crawford concluded not only was the officer required to make a split second decision, part of a white wash, a grand jury in cleveland will shortly decide if the police officers involved are to be charged. allen fish h fisher, al jazeera.
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>> a computer maker dell announced a takeover of emc. it is a storage technology firm. the deal is said to be worth more than $67 billion. dell executives say buying e mrmtmcgives the company one of e biggest names in data storage. house republicans are scrambling to replace john boehner. meanwhile a few new names are coming up. live pictures now, is that a live picture? okay. manchester where presidential hopeful of both parties, new jersey's governor chris christie there are hoping to appeal to independent voters, we're back in a moment.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution. >> this goes to the heart of the argument >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target only on al jazeera america >> i-95 is reopened in south
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carolina. only the southbound lanes are open. the northbound lanes may open later today or tomorrow. damage to bridges along the interstate had forced many drivers to take two-hour detou detours. members othousands of undeclares are in new hampshire to hear from presidential candidates from either side of the aisle. the no labels forum is what it's called, aimed at capture the liest ratevoters, jonathan betz is live in manchester for us.and jonathan, new jersey governor chris christie was on the stage a few moments ago. gron he is still oi don't know n the stage. >> reporter: he is on the
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stage. went straight into the q&a segment of the ceremony. this forum is based formed to try to bring together, politicians on both sides of the isle to get them to fix some of the biggest problems in the country. republicans and democrats speaking to undecide new hampshire voters. the first question that chris christie faced whether he took the stage he was asked bluntly whether he supports legalizing marijuana. >> the laws in this country matter, they matter. when we have lawlessness in this country, we have a situation where folks feel like they can pick and choose which laws they like and which ones they don't. and you know, if we're ignoring law that you don't like, you're probably pretty happy. the minute we start ignoring the law you do like, all of a sudden we have a big problem on our
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hands. >> reporter: so chris christie still speaking, we heard from donald trump earlier, we expect to hear from bernie sanders. this is a pretty unique event, hearing from so many candidates at once. they compare it to speed dating with presidential contenders. >> hey, jonathan, first of all, christie didn't answer the question. and a little bit different tone, fill us in on that. >> he spoke about an hour ago, chris christie was right behind him. keep in mind, this isn't his traditional base of supporters, this is undetermined new hampshire voters. a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of pluk supporpublic supports him.
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but drawing cheers and boos from this ballroom in new hampshire. donald trump stood, answered the questions, at many points people were so anxious to talk to him they did not follow the rules, wait for the microphone to come by, they came up and shouted questions at him. i think an item that sits on the minds of new hampshire voters, donald trump overall whether is he a nice person. >> we need problem-solvers, we need leaders. and you can't have leadership unless you know how to -- let's make our country rich again. a woman came up to me, she said mr. trump i like you. she's from new hampshire. i like you so much but are you a nice enough person to be president? can you believe? i think i'm nice, i love people. it's not -- i told her. i'm nice believe me and i'm going to take care of people. i'm going to take care of women,
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i'm going to take care of men. >> reporter: so you have donald trump speaking here and shortly in a few minutes probably we're going to hear from bernie sanders. so it's an interesting divide here because you have the two completely different into the political spectrum tony appealing to the same group of voters in new hampshire. >> can't wait for your report later todays jonathan betz from manchester new hampshire. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is hurting her among voters but president obama says he doesn't think she jeopardized national security while using a private server while being secretary of state. however, said the personal server was not a good idea. >> she made a mistake. i do think the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics. i think she would be the first to acknowledge that maybe she could have handled the original decision better, and the disclosures more quickly.
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this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate. but the fact that for the last three months this is all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. >> the presidentia president say learned about the e-mail server after clinton left office. all eyes of on wisconsin congressman paul ryan despite the fact he has said over and over he's not interested in the job. al jazeera's john terret has more. >> reporter: as republicans scrambling to find a new candidate for speaker, the name keeps cropping up, paul ryan, who many republicans believe is the only member of the house who can unite the party. >> i know paul is a committee guy, he is already sort of mentally committed to many of the same things we want.
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if he can convince us of that i think we can deliver an overwhelming majority. >> reporter: while many are pushing ryan to run, he says the position requires too much time. ryan rose to the top of the list after kevin mccarthy's statement that he was dropping out. >> if i can't unite everybody it is better to find somebody who can. >> reporter: it's not clear if the freedom caucus can live with ryan. >> he'll be a great messenger, i think our group would be favorable towards him but we're not there yet. >> others in the running just in case ryan says no, daniel webster and jason chaffetz is another front runner. but for now the election for
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speaker is on ice. john boehner still holds the gavel and it's all eyes on paul ryan to make the next move. john terret, al jazeera, new york. >> we are looking at who choose to mark the holiday and a monument to martin luther king is going to be built in a very unlikely place.
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>> a professor of princeton
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university won the nobility nobe for economics. for his analysis of consumption and poverty. hails from scotland and has been on the short list of potential prize winners for several years now. california has banned the use of the name redskins, as a nickname, for their teams, many native americans believe the term is ordinancive. a federal panel suggested that the fame should be cancelled. columbus day here in the united states, a growing number of cities and states want to do away with the holiday. in albuquerque new mexico, for instance. courtney kealy has the story. >> indigenous activists say that's impossible, columbus
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couldn't have discovered the new world, people were already living there. >> it internalizes genocide in america. they can be proud of themselves and not honor a man that murdered their families. >> in 1492, columbus arrived on hispaniola, his own journal describes the enslaving and extermination of the indigenous population. but italians argue that today is the recognition of columbus as an explorer and changing it is an insult to their culture and heritage. >> how do americans everywhere, intensely offended. >> the city of seattle is actually named by an a necessitate iramerican leader, but the proposal to celebrate
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this day as indigenous peoples day was shot down. mail isn't delivered and banks are closed. south dakota has renamed it native americans today and in hawaii, the holiday is known as discoverers day to commemorate the state's polynesian ancestry. courtney kealy, al jazeera. a commemoration of the reverend martin luther king, the state has long been a home of a giant carving.jefferson davis. aims to share a broader historic story. the monument will replicate the liberty bell with a carved experex erpt ofexcerpt ofking's.
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next the news from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello there i'm barbara serra. it is the newshour live from london. in the next 60 minutes, at least two palestinians are dead, and israelis are badly injured. following unrest in the west bank. new military alliance against i.s.i.l. more funerals in turkey for the victim