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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. this is al jazeera. >> hello iernl lauren taylor. i'm lauren taylor. this is newshour from al jazeera. coming up. at least 3 palestinians are dead and two israelis critically injured following violence in the west bank. the government says i.s.i.l. is the prime suspect in turkey's bombing. mixed rebel groups in the fight
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against i.s.i.l. almost 15 months after mh-17 was fligh shot down over eastern ukraine, a report is about to be issued. >> in sport, world cup hosts russia has sealed their place in european union championships. albania is separating, the country will be at a major tournament. >> israeli forces have shot dead at least three palestinians in another day of violence that saw four knife attacks against israelis in the region. a palestinian was shot dead in west jerusalem. he attempted to stab a soldier on a bus and take his gun before he was shot and killed by an officer.
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earlier, a palestinian teenager was shot and killed in the old city. he tried to stab one of their officers. outside jerusalem two palestinians were shot after stabbing two israelis. andrew simmons has the latest from the west bank. >> reporter: this is the ugly reality of what's happening here. a young palestinian in agony, shot by police, who say he has been part of a random attack. crowd goading on the police, one man is shouting, "shoot him in the head." along with the two israeli victims, police say they shot dead his acome milk another palestinian teenager. this is one of a trail of knife attacks and police shootings. monday was one of the darkest days in occupied east jerusalem since this crisis began. it started with a 17-year-old
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man, shot dead. police say he tried to stab a border policeman. later, a 17-year-old school girl is shot and injured, police say she stabbed an officer. israel prime minister called it knife terror. he proposed tougher justice would be part of the fight-back. >> we are fighting on all the fronts. we have added forces and border police in jerusalem and all over the country. we are taking responsibility on ourselves, destroying terrorist house he, we are wiping out the people who are against us and the islamic movement we are fighting out against molotov cocktails and the people who have been killed. also establishing the law dependence this wave of terror. >> reporter: israel's
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opposition while agreeing tough action is needed accused netanyahu of failing to take control. as the politicians depated their next moves came another attack. this time police say a palestinian stabbed and wounded a soldier on a bus in west jerusalem. according to police, he tried to get the soldier' soldier's gun,s stopped, police opened fire killing the palestinian. >> this isn't about suicide attackers or car bombs. it could be anybody with a grudge, short notice, pulling a knife, crude random violence. and there's another fear: one that's just as deep-set. as these attacks continue questions over the tougher measures police are using increase. palestinian leaders believe the police are using summary justice. killing before considering any alternatives. no one is sure how or when this
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cycle of violence will end. >> andrew simmons joins us live from jerusalem. bring us the very latest from where you are. >> reporter: well, as a further statement being made by police about that shooting in west jerusalem. they say what happened when the police got on the bus the soldier was fighting with the palestinian man. and there was some civilians involved as well. the police got involved trying to restrain him according to the police statement and at one point a pistol came out of a holster of one of the policemen, according to the statement, and the palestinian tried to get hold of that pistol, trying to get hold of it and that's when another police officer decided to open fire and kill him. so that's the police version of events. there are, it has to be said, a number, a larger number, all the
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time, of disputes about the exact circumstances in which palestinians have been killed. no one is disputing the fact that there is a wave of knife attacks but palestinians are getting increasingly concerned about the possibility of people being shot by mistake. because of the level of tension at -- at crossing points at border checkpoints, at any sort of incident within the town. within the cities and the towns. and concern also amongst palestinians working in west jerusalem. some are not going there now because they're so afraid of being mistaken as somebody who might want to harm israeli citizens. it's really a real high level of concern about this -- the whole nature of this pervasion of real fear on the streets, right
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across the board. not just israeli at the jewish sector but also amongst palestinians. it really is a situation that some people are describing as unprecedented. >> andrew, you mentioned some people not going to work because of the climate of fear. what habits do you see people changing, people changing the way they're going about their ordinary business? >> very much so lauren. i've been quite a lot, visited israel quite a lot but in the occupied east jerusalem on this monday, there's a sort of climate in the air. one is not just of fear but also of almost paranoia and concern by the palestinians about where this is all heading. because people talk about a possible third intifada. it can't be compared to the first two intifadas because this isn't an organized uprising, there isn't suicide bombings,
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controlled, carefully orchestrated attacks. this is something that is really seeming to be spontaneous, it's random, it's crude as i was saying in the report and the direction is unclear. now, the more netanyahu comes down with a clamp down on offenders, the more the resistance could take place. and it is so dependent on events. something big could happen. there is a real fear that something much larger might happen. and the level of tension is literally steaming right now, right across the board, lauren. >> okay, andrew simmons thank you very much indeed. marwan, why do you think there is a particular type of violence in the area? >> well, of course there are always the direct causes and the
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global causes if you will, the permanent ones. the permanent ones is of course occupation and the failure of the peace process and the political vacuum both on the palestinian side and the arab side and in terms of the global american leadership of the peace process. so these are the permanent causes. of course the more direct causes happen to be the tensions over al-aqsa mosque where palestinians realize that the israeli government was changing the rules of the game over al-aqsa mosque and basically trying to 8 jew jud judah-ize t. if we look to the ings just shown to our viewerimages justse
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world, this is oslo generation, the generation that was born after the peace process began in 1993. most of the people are 22 years less or more. it is the peace generation and kind of paradoxical that those people will basically go to their death or be subject to live ammunition shootings by the israeli military, 22 years after a peace process began in israel-palestine. >> and what about the response from the international community? i know there was a planned trip to the area by the israeli quartet, that's been cancelled. what do you think the next step is going to be from the international community? >> well, you know we were here in new york at the u.n. general assembly, and it was amazing how netanyahu was so bombastic.
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and global leadership including president obama, but also, the other war leaders, who would have a say about this question, did not say a word. there was not a single word in president obama's speech at the united nations about the continued occupation of palestine and the siege in jerusalem and the failure of the peace process. and so you would find the palestinians are basically, you know, fenderring fo fending for. they are now certainly fending for themselves. >> when you say fending for themselves we have had a response from israeli government, what about the palestinian authority would their response be likely to cool tempers or not? >> well, we have already heard
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from president abbas a couple of days ago, he says this needs to calm down, people need to take hold of the situation, there should be no escalation and no violence. so we already know what president behal abbas does. just like they're not hearing from hamas. palestinians have learned not to take serious anymore when people tell them things from the authority like there going to be national reconciliation of palestine, threatening israel that we will stop security coordination and cooperation. palestinians are not taking any of this seriously. the palestinian leadership on behalf ever hamas and fatah have not been serious. we have heard prime minister netanyahu saying how the international community has ifn googiven up on iran but certainy
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not a word of how israel has continued its occupation of palestine for almost five decades now. >> thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. >> two suicide bombers who carried out the suicide bombing in ankara on saturday. mohammed jamjoom says the relatives is more questions than answers. >> reporter: you can see it in their faces, can you see it in their eyes. with every passing hour, sadness deepens, with everywhere passing day, disbelief gross. grows.
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two of this man's nieces have been missing. mother of two children, and she, the mother of two. both were attending a peace rally when the suicide bombers attacked. in the painful wait to locate their bodies, they are as angry as they are sad. >> how can anyone say there is no security weakness when it comes to the situation? how did these people bring the bombs here? how did they enter the square? how did they detonate the bombs? >> as questions pile up satisfactory answers have yet to be found. these tenlts wer tent were set p immediately after the attack to accommodate the families of the victims. most of these families are kurdish. they donated dna to help authorities identify the remains of that i loved ones. they wait outside the security
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complex. farmer had been working the fields in her village when she heard the news. >> translator: my daughter came here for a peace rally. did she have a gun in her hand? no. she came empty handed. she came to us for peace. >> like many kurds she accuses the government of treating her like a second class citizen. >> i've been here the last three days. i've gotten no information whatsoever. is my daughter is dead, show me her body, show me her flesh and blood. nobody is helping. >> at a time of great tension in turkey, it's clear more and more of kurdish population feels isolateand subjected. >> we're looking for peace, we have been here for decades. we are asking for peace only.
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>> with trauma this severe these wounds will be extremely hard to heal. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera, ankara, turkey. >> still to come on the al jazeera newshour. why farmers in iraq say their agriculture industry is on the verbal of collapse. a fight for land that's raising question about the fight for argentina's indigenous people. and another day in sport, corruption at fifa. the latest football official to be suspended. >> syrian kurdish forces fighting the islamic state of iraq and the levant are forming a smaller group. situation on the ground remains fluid. assad holds the west of the country, to the east i.s.i.l. has taken a large area centered
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on its de facto capital raqqa. kurdish ypg is now combining with syrian arab groups in the region to fight as the democratic forces of syria. this new group claims to have the backing of united states and russia. syrian arab forces in the new coalition will need a new push to retake territory from i.s.i.l. zeina khodr has more on what this means for the ongoing conflict. >> reporter: syria's kurds have been the most effective fighting force against i.s.i.l. on the ground. with the help of air strikes much of the northeast areas are now under their control. they have been fighting alongside some arab groups in and an a an assyrian christian . they call them the democratic forces of syria. >> jet strikes in syria so now
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the situation is changing very quickly, so this forces made up, this kind of we can't see unification on the ground. >> the new group says its role will be to push for a democratic and secular syria and one day become syria's new army. its leaders say they have the backing of the u.s. and russia. the announcement was made days after the u.s. said it was abandoning plans to train some of the rebel forces. and instead provide weapons to commanders who have already been vetted. the u.s. has already worked with brigades who are part of the democratic force he os of syria. russia hasn't shied away from the military campaign in syria. among the groups coming under fire, are el rashem and el nusra
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front. they are not part of the alliance and not supported by the u.s. now russia says it is ready to cooperate with the u.s. led coalition. >> we are interested in cooperation with the coalition fold by the united states and gulf countries, service men working in syria. this is not about the elaboration of rules but also about coordination of joint actions. >> reporter: the democratic forces of syria is not a new force. it is an existing one that was supported 50 u.s. coalitio by t. zeina khodr, al jazeera, beirut. >> what do you think of this new group and how effective that he going to be? >> so far for the last four years there has been huge frustration that the various syrian opposition groups armed and political were fractured and divided. so at least this is heading in the right direction. we are seeing a new coalition or
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at least a new branding of one which involves kurdish and arab forces. slightly larger than the one that captured tal aviaz. the united states as zeina khodr reported is abandoning its train and quip program. they have dropped 50 tons of weapons and ammunition into syria. >> there's been another air drop today. >> absolutely. and what they're aiming for we understand is to actually push towards raqqa which is of course the de facto capital for i.s.i.s. within syria at the moment which would be a huge coup, it would be a very difficult military challenge to carry out. hither to kurdish force ves have been very reluctant to move out of the areas in which they feel secure. one commentator said today,
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there was almost a trophy to be had here that the americans want to get oraqqa by their proxies on the ground faster than the russians goat palmyra with their proxies. >> claiming the support of russia, but how does all that work gm. work? >> it's complex. they've had quite left wing politics. and the kurdish groups here are operating in areas quite some way away from where the russians are bombing. they don't really threaten the regime of president assad at this moment so i don't think this is part of russia's core interest in what it is doing right at the moment. it is bombing and attacking areas far to the west. so as part of russia's claim that it is fighting i.s.i.s, as
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well as other opposition groups it dislikes, of course it is happy to see, so it says, support for such a group that is taking on i.s.i.s. >> what about you mentioned that washington had shelved its program to kind of train and quip some of the rebels just last week. but they are in the meantime dropping ammunition for this new grouping, or at least it seems as though they are. could they be a bigger help to the rebels or do you think they can do it in this way? >> they will be nervous for several reasons. firstly in the past they have seen heavy weaponry getting actually in the hands of i.s.i.l. and that goes badly domestically. secondly, the turkish issue, the turks are very, very inner you have what they see here. they see the kurdish contingent ypg are part of the pkk for theme terrorist group. therefore if they see them empowered and gaining weapons
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and territory this is going down very badly in ankara. this is why they have stressed to the americans and the americans seem to have passed this on to the kurdish group, they must not travel west towards urablis but south. they would like to take jurablis and head towards aleppo. there has been a lot of policy and bargaining, and a quid prose quo in terms of support and ammunition. but go in the direction that the americans and others would like them to see. >> chris doyle, thank you very much indeed for your analysis and illustration in syria. >> thank you. >> sons of hosne mubarak will be released from jail, the court
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has determined they have completed their sentence. their father remains in prison. it's been almost 15 months since mh 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine with a loss of 298 lives. now investigators in the in other wordnrldzin thenetherlandg their report. >> high above the fierce fighting in eastern ukraine, for the passengers of mh 17, this is where their lives ended. 298 people were killed. including 15 crew. most of them were dutch. >> there are so many questions at this moment. >> dennis shelton is among dozens of family members
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desperate for answer he. his brother donny was killed on his way to the far east for a holiday. >> a lot of families have -- they have not been the same anymore. the whole families have changed. and that's something that is -- that will stay forever. >> soon after the disaster, the netherlands ordered an investigation. an early report concluded that the plain broke up in mid air after being hit by high energy objects. it didn't explicitly say the plane was being brought down by missile but ruled out almost everything else. using a buk surface to air missile, russia systematically denies this blaming the ukrainian military for this.
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why the families of dutch victims had to wait two days before receiving any confirmation that their loved ones were on board. the report will also try to answer why mh 17 made the fateful decision to fly over a war zone. >> in the weeks leading up to the shoot-down of the malaysia 17, there had been military planes shot down at greater altitudes. there also was an indication that sophisticated weaponry was in the conflict zone. >> one thing the report will not answer is the burning question of who's responsible poop separate crimina.a separate invl report its conclusions later in the year, theafd could lead to d lead to war crimes and murder. we don't yet know who, beyond
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reasonable doubt, is to blame. neave barker, al jazeera, netherlands. picture post card scenes go hand in hand with the refugee crisis. as wildlife be thrives in botswana, we visit villagers who want it back. cricket, one of the toughest tests in the world game.
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>> i've seen people sittin' there for 10, 11 months and not even know why they was in jail. >> if you don't have any money, you're finished. >> you get mental scars
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from this. >> how many kids have they thrown away? >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> hello again a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. another day of violence in israel and palestine. following nor violence in jerusalem and the west bank. funerals have taxicab place across turkey for the victims of the blast in ankara which killed 97 people. government says they are close to identifying those responsib
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responsible. kurdish force he fighting against the islamic state of iraq and the levant are joining with other groups across the country. police try to disperse a crowd of protesters. several hundred stone throwing demonstrators are demanding the release of afternoon opposition figure. alvin kuti i was arrested tower days ago, after releasing tear gas in parliament. he is protesting a landmark deal between kosovo and serbia. germany's ruling coalition is moving he ahead with establishing transit zones. german chancellor angela merkel said make germany their destination of choice when fleeing the problems in their home lands. as jonah hull reports from germany's southern border, their policy is apparently losing
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public support. >> reporter: when angela merkel issued an open invitation to refugees, it appears she didn't see the true number, which is almost double 800,000. here we are on the bank of the inn river, the other side, austria, this is the place where picture post card meets the face of human tragedy. how do you think you well stay here? >> full of my years. >> the rest of your life? >> yes, rest of my years. >> there are signs that germany's generosity is wearing thin. last week, mrs. merkel was tipped to win the nobel peace prize for her humanitarian leadership. she didn't. >> how many more people can
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germany take? >> one of our main concerns is the unlimited migration, that could create insur mountsable problems. >> reporter: already, problems are mounting. videos posted on social media show fights breaking out in overcrowded reception centers. as frustration rises, state governments report a shortage of winter housing. >> i think many people here. >> reporter: too many people? >> too many people are just waiting. just waiting. >> waiting for what? >> i do not know? >> they do not tell you? >> no no no. just -- >> what do you think will happen? >> i don't know. >> reporter: perhaps most significant is the change in public opinion. just over half of all germans say they now fear the refugee influctuate during a third during the summer. >> i think we can take a lot of them but not all. we have no -- no houses, no
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flats, we have no shops. at first they have to learn german. it's a problem. >> do you think chancellor merkel make a mistake? >> we will see. we will see. >> reporter: so the finger-pointing has begun and while chancellor merkel insists the right to asylum has no upper limit, germany it appears just might. jonah hull, al jazeera in southern bavaria. >> russian security forces say they have arrested a group preparing an attack on mowrveg. no details have beemoscow. no details on the number suspects or their identity. gazprom has received a balance of $234 million. under the deal, crien' ukraine'e energy company will pay an
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amount of $520 million. prompted a pro-russian surnt in thinsurgentin the east of the c. police in the u.k. have announced they would no longer stand guard outside the ecuado r ecuadoran embassy. >> wikileaks founder took refuge here in a small room behind that flag and he has been here ever since. he is afraid if he were to go to sweden he would be extradited on to united states. for the cost of this police operation has been almost $18 million and at a time when resources are stretched and budgets under scrutiny it is a cost that's become increasingly
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hard to justify. especially since mr. assange has no sign of leaving. covert approach use a number of tactics about he does decide to leave. but increasingly frustrated 50 situation the foreign office said today summoned the ecuado ecuadorian intor. there could be an alternative solution with talks, exploring the opportunity of swedish representatives coming here to interview mr. assange inside his room. >> social media giant facebook paid less than 7,000 in corporation taxes in united kingdom. less tax than the average citizen pays on their salary in six months. google, amazon and starbucks have been criticized paying very
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little u.k. tax compared to their turnover. jonathan izenby, thanks for coming in. tell bus this bill, how did they end one such a tien tiny bill? >> very few people understands all of our tax code and very few people understand very much of it frankly. what we need the see is a far simpler, more transparent nax this countrytax inthis country. to sure that they are playing a fair share of their tax. >> you are saying the system is at fault? >> no one at all is accusing facebook or any of the other companies are acting illegally. if they were evading tax that would be illegal and they would be chased after to the courts
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obviously. but avoiding tax they are using perfectly legal means in which governments after governments have introduced into this country. the system is more and more loopholes with more and more complexities. you can't blame companies for playing by the rules. but the politicians are the ones who set the rules, they are the ones that can change them. >> what about the public atmosphere? in the past, do that make any difference or has that sort of faded out once the publicity has gone away from the issue? >> i don't think those action he have had a great effect. they are looking at the symptom rather than the cause of the issue which is the complex tax code we have in this country. >> in europe they have actually started an investigation, european commissioners launched an investigation into the tax consequences of the companies like google and amazon.
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how soon will we hear of that? >> things move very slowly in this dimension. there are a number of different countries with different tax regimes and unsurprisingly these companies are going to look the base themselves in a country where there is very simple regime. the low tax regime in u.k. will make a company want to base themselves here. >> the fact that people got upset about this in the past can ordinary people do anything to change it? >> we need to put ourselves before the office of tax simplification. not a great deal to make tax more simple. we want to put pressure on the government to simplify those taxes, to make the tax code far more transparent and far more
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simple to understanding so public fate can be retained in that system. >> thank you jonathan. two years ago, botswana banned big game hunting. since then wild animals such as loins and elephants have thrived. want the ban lifted to encourage big game hunters to come back. from san coyo, botswana, we have the report. >> local land was leased to hunt organizers but hunting was banned two years ago. >> since the ban we have seen more lions and elephants coming into the village. we don't know whether it's because due the hunting, lions were kept away by the carcasses
5:41 pm
of the animals at that time. >> she lost all but one of her goats oa nighttime lion attack. >> there are not many jobs in the village. i applied for compensation from the government for the loss of my animals, so far i haven't been paid. >> development projects including the installation of modern sanitation have come to a halt. the government's now urging the village to promote photo journalism but the process has been stopped. >> we stopped hunting before we met the photographic structures in place. that's where the problem is. we migrated to zero. >> pataba village is surrounded by wildlife including elephant
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buffalo and hippos. they want the ban on hunting list e-the country's environment minister says in a population of thousands, ove own 40 em elephae been butchered this year. >> it goes for the entire year, employs more people, product on tourism is one life. so if we can increase those numbers then obviously the offshoot of that will be more tourists. >> botswana believes it will only be encouraged by the resumption of the hunting. walter palmer shot cecil, the lion, with a bow and arrow
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outside a wild animal park. a petition to indict hawrm went alpalmer wentto the white house. he will not be indicted because he obtained the proper permits. october the 12th has become known as diversity day, celebrating indigenous communities. many are still unable to return to their an says the real lands. >> not far away from the picture of argentina's first lady, eva peron, felix diaz is the leader of a community in the northern n province of formosa.
5:44 pm
>> our land went from 10,000 hectares to 3,000 hectares. the argentine state has been part of this. >> these people have sought the intervention of the federal government. heem people have been camping in this tent for eight months. they are waiting for a meeting with christia christina kirchne. until now no one has given them an answer. in the past 12 years, the government has passed several laws that recognize the indigenous in the country. it has also removed the statue of christopher columbus. replaced it with the statue of an indij new indij news indigen.
5:45 pm
>> most of them are because of land or because companies were working near indin news territory. >> argentina has had a brutal, millions were either murdered or enslaved. in modern times the forestation and lack of access to land have left most indigenous groups in extreme poverty. at a loss of territory leading to lack of food water and seclusion, many things have been done. the problem is that there are new health care centers where doctors do not wafntd to give receives to indigenous groups g.
5:46 pm
many daniel fernandez says. >> more than 700 hectares have been recognized as not rhetoric. >> even though many have been benefit evidence, indigenous groups in argentina continue to be 1 of the most active groups in the country. land is one item that needs to be resolved. teresa vo, al jazeera. >> recall of historic lands, and release of prisoners. some proceeders threw rocks at police who thereafter used water
5:47 pm
cannon to disperse the protestors. we'll have more sport including: >> syria's football team cannot host games at their home field.
5:48 pm
>> for several years a mysterious group of has been posting extremely complicated puzzles on the internet. code breaking has ennot been able to solve them. john hendren visits the cyber
5:49 pm
electronics lab to see. >> they are confounded first by the puzzle itself, placed on the interred in by a group called cicada 3301. >> it's been speculated as mi 6, cia, terrorist groups like al qaeda. another possibility is it's a big hoax. >> solving the puzzle requires an esoteric knowledge. at one point, participants had to look up qr codes like this taped to telephone poles and sold in warsaw. cicada 3301 claimed to be recruitinrecruiting highly intet people.
5:50 pm
when you look at this in a text viewer, when you see the original programming language it contains a hidden message. >> at the end of the file this is the message, that is completely ignored by the jpeg viewer. >> google was told tiberius claudius was the fourth emperor of rome. they turned this string ever gibberish into this web address. a picture of a duck. inside that image another message was hidden leading them to this page and so on and so on. the fbi is so concerned about hidden messages they asked him what could be hidden inside an audio message. the answer a lot. that is a clean windows xp shownlxpshutdown sound. inside the shutdown sound is an
5:51 pm
entire lecture. it is there have now been three puzzles each on january 4th, 2012, 2014 2013 and 2014. but this year, nothing. >> they might have gotten tired or whoever was doing it ended up being wiped out buy drone someplace. >> reporter: whatever the reason, the programming world will be waiting and watching next january 4th for a chance to join cicada 3301. whatever that is. john hendren, chicago. >> let's get omore sports with the unencrypted andy. >> let's hope so lauren. russia has secured a place in next year's european football championships. after taking eight points from their first six games they fired coach fabio capella, seized them
5:52 pm
through to the finals in france. slovakia's 4-1 victory puts them into the end of euro. austria already ahead, sweden finished third and they go into the playoffs. albania's football team has returned home to the capital, to enjoy their unprecedented win. first time since the country's football federation was founded in 1930 that the team has qualified for a major tournament. now asian qualifying continues for the 2018 world cup on tuesday. syria faces afghanistan, with the match having to be played in a neutral venue. reporting from the capital muscat. >> it's been a long and lonely
5:53 pm
road for qualifying for syrian football team. each and every game has been an away-match. their match played out to largely empty fields. dream of qualifying for the world cup in russia in 2018. >> you know, our situation in my country it's very bad because you know a lot of tourism group fight in syria more than 90 countries. fight in syria. now we fight all the war. it is our dream. >> in the last four years, the team has lost many of its best players. some have fled as refugees. a few have stayed home to fight. others refuse to play because they say the team represents the current syrian government. and because the players largely
5:54 pm
play in foreign leagues they're only able to train like this together for a few days before each match. but despite what they've been through this syrian team is doing rather well. they're second in their asian qualifying group. another victory against tuesday's opponents afghanistan would take them cloiser to the next round. afghanistan knows something about playing all their matches abroad as well. they've spent years banned by fifa from hosting games because of war. >> there's a sad reason we don't play. i wish syria could play home, we could both play home. >> neither side have ever qualified for a world cup in times of peace. despite war in their home countries syria at least are edging closer to that role. al jazeera muscat. >> rory mcrudy, banned for 90
5:55 pm
days by the fifa ethics committee. the detail of the charges he faces haven't been revealed but he's been under investigation for his conduction during the 2018 and 2020 world cup bidding contests. mlb the kansas city royals have taken their playoff to a deciding fifth game. kansas city was two down and on the brink of elimination but they rallied to win 9-6 and force a game 6 in kansas. toughest challenges in world cricket trying the beat pakistan in the adopted hoax united arab emirates. relocating there for safety reasons. england were beaten 3-nil but coming off the back of a loss. tuesday in abu dhabi.
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>> a lot slower pace games an you can lose a game of cricket in a short span of time. you have to go a good work over a lon period and the guys are prepared for that. >> they are more prepared now, they know what mistakes they did previously when they just came here and obviously they have been working on that, and a bit more prepared. so we need to alter focus and need to play better we can't be easy on that. >> building up to their quarter final against wales. their spring box managing to turn around a tournament that started of course with that infamous defeat against japan. south africa went on to win, finish top of the group and in the fifth they have recovered
5:57 pm
from that opening round humiliation. >> we put that behind us. now we started looking forward to the next game. to me, at this point, it is no longer a point in my head. we are just looking forward to our next games. >> california is the first state in the united states to ban schools using the words redskins. the washington redskins insist they won't be changing their name.the national congress of american indians praise california for coming to the end of the use of this demeaning word. hand you back to lauren in london. >> a quick reminder, you can always catch up to all the latest news at thanks so much for watching, see you soon.
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>> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. >> is this the first chance they're getting to asses the damage. >> we begin with breaking news coming out of the west bank. >> every saturday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". saturday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> at least three palestinians are shot dead and two israelis critically injured following more violence in jerusalem and the west bank. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: more funerals in turkey for the victims of saturday's bomb attack. the government says i.s.i.l. is the prime suspect. syria's new military alliance. kurdish fighters join the mix of groups in the fight against