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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> at least three palestinians are shot dead and two israelis critically injured following more violence in jerusalem and the west bank. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: more funerals in turkey for the victims of saturday's bomb attack. the government says i.s.i.l. is the prime suspect. syria's new military alliance. kurdish fighters join the mix of groups in the fight against i.s.i.l.
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almost 15 months after mh 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine, investigators are about to reveal their final report. >> hello, israeli forces have shot dead at least three palestinians in another day of violence that saw four knife attacks against israelis across the region. in the latest incident, a palestinian man was shot dead, in east jerusalem. he teamed to stab a israeli military man. before he was shot dead. >> a young palestinian in agony shot by police who say he's been part of a random stabbing attack against two israelis. one man is shouting shoot him in the head. the teenager is in hospital with
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serious injuries. along with the two israeli victims. police say they shot dead his accomplice, another palestinian teenager. this is one of a trail of knife attacks and police shootings. monday was one of the darkest days in occupied east jerusalem since this crisis began. it started with a 17-year-old man shot dead. police say he tried to stab a border policeman. later, another 17-year-old, a schoolgirl, is shot and injured. police say she stabbed an officer. israeli's prime minister called it all knife terror when he addressed the knesset back from summer recess. he said tufer tougher measures e part of the fight-back. >> we are fighting on all the fronts. we have added forces and border police in jerusalem and all over the country. we are taking responsibility on ourselves.
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destroying terrorist house he, we are wiping out the people who are against us. and the islamic movement. we are fighting against molotov cocktails and the stones and taking revenge for the people who have been killed. i expect the support of the opposition party in these actions and also in establishing the law against this wave of terror. >> israeli's opposition while agreeing tough action is needed accused netanyahu of failing to take control. as the politicians debated their next moves came another attack. this time police say a marinian stabbed and wounded a soldier on west jerusalem. according to police he tried get the soldier's gum gu soldier's s grappled with him. >> this isn't about you a side attackers or car bombs. it could be anybody with a grudge, short notice, pulling a
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knife, crude, random violence. and there's another fear. one that's just as deep-set. as these attacks continue, questions over the tougher measures police are using increase. palestinian leaders believe the police are using summary justice, killing before considering any alternatives. no one's sure how or when this cycle of violence will end. andrew simmons, al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> turkey's prime minister says the government is close to identifying the two suicide bombers it says carried out the attacks in ankara. al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom reports. >> reporter: you can see it in their faces. you can hear it in their sighs. with each passing hour, sadness
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deepens. with every passing day, resentment grows. >> translator: in the heart of the capital, in ankara, and these explosions occur? this just raises so many questions. >> reporter: since the attacks near ankara's main train station on saturday, two of his nieces are missing. mother of two. both were attendin attending a e rally when the suicide bomb attack. angry and sad. >> translator: how can anyone say there is no security weakness when it comes to the situation? how do these people bring the bombs here? how do they enter the square? how do they detonate the bombs? >> reporter: as questions pile up, satisfactory answers have yet to be found. these tents were set up
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immediately after the attack, to accommodate families of the victims. now most of the people we've spoken with here are kurdish. they have donated dna to help authorities identify the remains of their loved ones. family members wait outside ankara's medical forensic authority complex. farmer jaylan was working her fields when she heard the news. >> my daughter came here for the peace rally. did she have a gun in her hand? no. she came empty handed, she just came here for peace. >> she accuses the government of treating her like a second class citizen. >> i've been here for the last three days. i've gotten no information whatsoever. is my daughter dead or alive? if she is dead, show me her body. show me my flesh and blood. nobody here is helping. >> at a time of high tension in
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turkey, it is clear more and more of the population feels agriefed and separated. >> we have lived here for more than 1,000 years, why do they call us separatists? we are asking for peace and peace only. >> reporter: that so many people were killed santa rally where they were demanding peace only makes it hurt that much more. with trauma this severe, these wounds will be extremely hard to heal. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera, ankara turkey. syrian kurdish forces fighting the islamic state of iraq and the levant are joining with smaller groups to form a new military alliance. the situation ton ground remains mobile. to the east i.s.i.l. has taken a large area centered on its de facto capital raqqa. one of the most successful groups has been the kurdish ypg,
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combining with syrian arab groups in the region, and the new group claims to have the backing of the united states and russia. the syrian aish forces will lead a new push to retake territory from i.s.i.l. zeina khodr reports. fest. >> syria's kurds have been the most effective fighting force against i.s.i.l. on the ground. with the help of u.s. led coalition air strikes most of the areas are now under their control. they have been fighting alongside some arab groups and an assyrian christian group. they call themselves the democratic importances of syria. >> after the intervention, russian jet strikers and their strikes in syria, so now, the situation is changing very quickly. so this force is made up this
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kind of we can't see unification on the ground. >> the new group says its role will be to fight i.s.i.l. and push for what it calls a democratic and secular syria and once the war is over become the syrian army. some of the rebel forces instead provide weapons to commanders who have already been vetted. the u.s. has already worked with brigades who are part of the democratic forces of syria. russian hasn't shied away from saying it is targeting opposition groups, as part of its military campaign in syria. among the groups are conservative groups like el nusra. now riz says it is ready to cooperate with the u.s. led
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coalition. >> we are interested in the coalition created by the united states, >> the democratic forces of syria is not a new force. now has a kurdish and arab face. zeina khodr, al jazeera, beirut. >> it's almost 15 months since malaysia airlines flight mh 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine with a lose of 278 lives. now investigators in the netherlands are about to release their report. as neave bark he reports, they will not hesitate to point fingers.
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>> fighting in eastern ukraine, for the passengers of mh 17 this is where their lives ended. 298 people were killed including 15 crew. most of them were dutch. >> there are so many questions at this moment. >> dennis shelton is among hundreds of families who want their questions answered. >> we have lost so many lives, a lot of families have is -- they have not been the same anymore. the whole families have changed. and that's something that is supposed to stay forever. >> soon after the disaster, the netherlands ordered an investigation. early report indicated the plane broke up in mid air after being hit by high velocity objects. ukraine and some western leaders
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accused pro-russian separatists of using a buk pickup russia fiercely denies this blaming the ukrainian military instead. the report will focus on four key areas, the underlying reason for crash, the reason why dutch family of victims had to wait two days. >> leading up to the shoot down of the malaysia 17, there had been military planes shot down at greater altitudes. there was also indication that sophisticated weaponry was in the conflict zone. >> wanting the report will not answer is the burning question of who's responsible. a separate criminal
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investigation led by dutch technicalities will report its findings at the end of the year. evidence that could lead to war crimes and murder. we know where the plain crashed and investigators are about to reeventually their final thoughts on why. we don't yet know who the unvnl doubununreasonable do you belies to blame. >> still ahead on the program, picture post card scenes go hand in hand with the refugee crisis. as wildlife thrives, weigh visit villagers who want big game huntin hunting ban lifted.
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>> hello again, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. another day of violence in israel and palestine. at least three palestinians shot dead and two israelis critically injured. for violence in israel and the west bank. funerals have taken place in turkey. turkish prime minister session they are close to identifying the parties responsible. joining together with smaller groups to form a new military loins in the northeast of syria. violent scenes in kosovo. police fieshed tear ga fired tel
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hundred stone throwers. the opposition self determination party says its founder was arrested after releasing tear gas in parliament. he was protesting a landmark deal between coaf vo kosovo and. transit zones in germany's southern border. german chancellor angela merkel has stain a welcome lead for refugees. fleeing the problems in their home lands, as jonah hull reports from germany's southern border, there are signs that the policy may be losing public support. >> when german chancellor angela merkel issued an open invitation to refugees, it's likely she didn't comprehend the final
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amount. almost double that. >> on that side there austria. this is the point where picture post card meets the face of human tragedy. how long do you think you will stay here? >> rest of reply years. >> the rest of your life? >> yes, rest of my years. >> there are signs that germany's generosity is wearing thin. last week, mrs. merkel was tipped to win the nobel peace prize for hers humanitarian acts, she didn't. >> one of our main concerns is that unlimited mie migration, cd create insurmountable problems.
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>> thrrtalready, problems are mounting. as frustration rises, state government reports a shortage of housing. foo many people are just waiting. >> they don't tell you? >> what do you think will happen? >> i don't know. >> perhaps most significant is the change in public opinion, just over half of all germans say they now fear the refugee influctuate from a third during the summer. >> i think we can take a lot of them but not all. we have no houses, no flats, we have no shops. at first i have to learn german. it's a problem. >> do you think chancellor merkel played a mistake? >> we will see, we will see.
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>> the finger-pointing has begun. while she insists that germany has no upper limit in taking in refugees, they might. jonah hull, al jazeera, bavaria. >> no daylights have been released about the numbers of suspects for their identity. the russian gas company gazprom has resumed supplies to ukraine after receiving a deposit of $234 million. following last year's ouster ever viktoria viktor yanukovych. rory challands has more. >> ukraine now has a gas supply once more from russia. it's paying about $230 per 1,000
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cubic meters of gas. now that's actually not a particularly bad deal. it's slightly less than it was paying the beginning of 2013 before the taps were shut off in july of 2013, it is also a bit of a discount on what russia charges a few of its other long term customers. you could say this isn't working out as badly for ukraine. but pretty much all of the cash that's going through russia's state coffers, mostly all of that money is coming from international financial institution necessary the form of bailouts to ceaive. the politicakiev. gas as a means to pressurize and
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control its customers and neighbors in europe and other parts of the world, now what's going on in eastern ukraine at the moment, there does seem to be a notable tamping down of the conflict there. it seems as though the two sides, kiev and pro-russian separatists are starting to talk to one another, finding more room for agreements. there are people that predictthis, as russ increased its commitments to syria it could decrease its interruption into eastern ukraine. >> police have announced they will no longer stand guard outside the ec dor ecuadorian e.
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>> to face charges of sexual offenses, the wikileaks founder took refuge in a small room behind that flag and has been there ever since. he's afraid if he did emerge he would be arrested and placed on trial for releasing secret documents. at a time when resource he are stretched and budget is under scrutiny, it is a charge that is hard to pursue. a covert approach a number of tack advertise if he does decide to leefer. but increasingly frustrated by the situation, duty to extradite mr. assange. there are a few signs there could be an alternatively
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situation, swedish executives coming here to interview mr. assange inside his room. >> social media facebook paid less than $7,000 in corporation tax in u.k. less than most people fest from the u.k. pay per person. >> who years ago, bots juan band banned big game hunting. since then, encourages big game hunters back. from sankoyo in northern bots botswana, famila miller reports.
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>> hunting was banned two yeerlings. >> since the ban we have seen more lions and elephants coming into the village. we don't know whether it's because during hunting, lions are kept busy by the carcasses of animals that were shot at that time. >> killie lost all but one of her goats a nighttime lion attack. >> i applied to the government for compensation for my lost animals but i'm still waiting to be paid. >> fewer resources means the country can't keep dangerous animals and be animals athe process has been delayed. >> the program is, we stopped
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hunting before we met the photographic activities structures in place. that's where the problem is. so we didn't -- we migrated to zero. >> ataba village is surrounded by wiefnld wild area. the country's environment minister says in a population of thousands under 40 elephants have been poached this year. for communities will benefit from nonconsumptive tourism. it goes for entire jeer and employs more people. product of tourism is wildlife. if we can increase though numbers the off-suit, refuge
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seek across its borders. f amida miller, al jazeera, botswana. for years, a n unknown entity has been mosing extremely confoundings buzzles. they are confounted first by the puzzle issments. one of three placed on the internet by a mysterious entity, calling itself, cridge cicada 3. >> there is a possible it is a hoax. >> solving the puzzle requires a
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is obscure, qr codes like this taped to telephone poles and sold in warsaw. claimed to be recruiting highly intelg people. this looks like a temp message but it's actually a picture, a dladigital image. it contains a hidden message. >> you hype this unat the end of the file, this is the message, completely ignored by. >> so using 4 as the key and using the american standard code to translate letters into the ones and 0s of language they turned this to a web address, inside a druk, leading to this page, and so on and so on. the fbi is so concerned about
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hidden messages, they ask ledinski what can be hidden? a lot. this sound, sounds identically but hidden night it is an entire language. the other is the same size. they can joint the secretive organization. there have all been pulls every two months. something this year even more mysterious happened. >> they maybe got tired, whoever was doing it ended up being wipe out by a droarch someplace. >> whatever, the programming world will be you wraiting and the chance to solver cicad solv.
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>> check out the website, >> this past weekend just as they did 20 years ago, black men throngd washington to talk about the times they live in. when they assess today's problems what can black men say about the last 20 years? from the million man march to justice, a mixed score, it's th