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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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flexible as the criminals. we are dealing with a nimble opponent. >> reporter: and we are losing. >> yes. >> that's my show for today, i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. [ ♪ ] hi everybody, this is al jazeera america. and welcome to america votes 2016. our coverage. first democratic presidential debate. i'm john seigenthaler. >> i'm joie chen. >> it's held at the hotel in las vegas. there's issues like gun
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violence, iraq and the economy. we are looking ahead to the spin room, where the candidates and surrogates will work the press, getting messages out. we'll spend the next hour going over the facts and biggest issuesthe most important thing of all time. >> it was a critical night for the candidates. front runner clinton, and bernie sanders went head to head on a lot of issues. for the three candidates pulling in the single digits, former governor mark o'mallee, and shavy and jim webb, it was about gaining traction. let's start with david shuster, who will be fact check, with help from our partners at pollitty fact. >> we are having a field day with hillary clinton comment on the oil pipeline. she said i never took a position on keystone until i took a position. the problem is that hillary
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clinton supported the keystone oil pipeline several times and rationalized the support. another issue, the trans-pacific partnership was negotiated last week, and meeting it it didn't reach my standards. the problem is she called the pacific transport the gold standard in trade deals, more than 45 times, she said she supported is it. since then, negotiations involved a move to the left. since labour oppose it, a lot thinks that is why hillary clinton has done so as well. the fact checker suggs it was political expedient and she was not completely honest. >> thank you. >> and the professor of campaign management from new york university will give us insight into the strategy of the campaign, especially at this moment. our man monitoring social media
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is wajahat ali and michael shure is with us, and lisa fletcher speak to younger voters at george town. jonathan betz is in new hampshire, a strong hold for bernie sanders, in in washington is luis suarez, who is insider in washington let's get the rehabilitation from jeannie and michael shure to some of the key moments. a sharp exchange was about the controversy over hillary clinton's emails. >> i want to talk not about my emails, but what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right. that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing
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about your damn emails. >> thank you. >> there are 27 million living in poverty, we have wealth and income inequality, trade policies cost millions of decent jobs. the american people want to know if we'll have a democracy or oligarchy because of ttp. >> governor chaffey, on the campaign trail you said it's a huge issue, are you willing to say it to her face? >>. >> absolutely, we have to repair american gridibility after saddam hussein told the world he had weapons of mass instruction and he did not. credibility is an issue for a president. >> hillary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> biggest moment of the night? >> it was. what a gift for the choint campaign, they have to feel
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good. bernie sanders handed them a pig present in saying let's look beyond this and in her response to the question, she said, you know what, i apologise and headed to kevin's comments and the partisanship, and he heard the 1300 in the room, it was a powerful moment for them. when they tried to come at her. she said, "i'm not going to respond", and that put an end to it. it raised a question about where the unity is. clearly this is a place where bernie sanders gave an olive branch and said "i'm tired of hearing it. we saw them shake hands. and it allows her to do what she wants which is to you attract the republican. keep them unified. it was so different on key issues lime ibbing grayings. >> michael shure in las vegas,
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give us a sense of the reaction there. >> similarly to what you were experienced watching as we did in the press room. there's a feeling that yes, hillary clinton answered that question. and talked about the emails briefly, and bernie sanders came in and gave a hand. going to what joey said, it's true about unity, we saw five candidates on stage. different from the screen on the republican candidates. there was a unity, and some of the best moments were the quickest moments. ask about guns, she said do you agree with senator sanders, do you agree on the right place on guns. it was a conversation with hillary clinton was able to step above. talking about what it worked well for. it's part of the unity. it was different to the republicans. >> let's take a look at this. bernie sanders has a d minus
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voting rhetty kate from the dra. let's underback in 1998 when we ran to the 1998 conference, back then, i told the gun owners and the people, a state that has no gun control that i supported a ban on assault weapons. is bernie sanders tough on guns? >> not an all. senator standards voted five times for the bill. it was passed. $2 million purchases were prevented. >> he voted for this immunity provision. >> i voted against if. it wasn't that complicated. it was pretty sfraght forward. that he was going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everyone else has to be accountable, but not the gun manufacturers. >> what i can tell clinton that all the shouting in the world is
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not going to do what i would hope all of us want. and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who have the guns and end the horrible violence that we are seeing. >> david shuster is here with us. what strikes us is this an issue that became big and hot at the front end of the debate. and it is running against the guy in the room, joe biden. >> gun control has been a big issue. >> right. this is the first 15 minutes. there's bernie sanders, the centrist and bernie sanders, the libber am. bernie sanders tried to stop assault weapons, what is true is as cooper was asking. they voted several times for a bill that is provided for protection for gun manufacturers. i don't think that gun shop owners should be protected. he was trying to make the
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distinctionismism maybe it evolved over time, like hillary clinton. >> what did you say. in his response he says he stands by the fact that he cannot hold gun manufacturers liable unless they give a gun to someone mentally ill. that's bernie sanders being on the defensive, which is where hillary clinton wanted him to be. >> at the same time i felt the focus was on those two candidates and they controlled the discussion and in many ways complimented each other. is that true. >> they did, and before the first break, bernie sanders had the most questions. you saw the two at the end. they were saying "i'm not getting enough times. absolutely, you saw this unity on stage working well for a front runner. i am not sure that it works well
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for a martin o'mallee or bernie sanders. it works well to establish the case saying i'm electable. i can go into the general election. in light of the decision we heard in the case of two cops suing the gun shop owner. this is something that came up over and over. the manufacturing issue separates her from bernie sanders, and the fact that he is a senator is something he comes back to. but mrt join o'mallee came back to it. >> let's talk about the issues, we have been watching behind you. wajahat ali, what is the reaction there's a palpable feeling about gun control. >> in the last day guns have been mentioned 103,000 times on
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quitter. just for a comparison deal, iran deal, it was mentioned 19,000 times. there was another big important topic. since the death of teenagers mark brown, black lives mattered online. they mattered in the democratic debate. hashtag black lives matter was used 53,000 times. let's listen to senator bernie sanders, respond to a young man add question on the issue. >> black lives matter. and the reason those words matter is the african-american community nose on any given day an innocent person like sandra bland can get into a car and three days later she'll end up dead, in gaol now, that moment might have been the turning point for his campaign, that some say is void of young black support. he hails from vermont.
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one of the whitest states in americas, with ethnic minorities making 6.le%. -- 6.8%. he's trailling hillary clinton, and joe biden - who is not in the race. into seattle his speech was intercepted by black lives matters who stayed on the podium not letting him meet. he spoke with one and added racial justice as a major issue of the campaign. online sanders statements gained favour, mostly because he acknowledged the death of sara bland, an african american woman hanged in her cell and uttered the words black lives matter. time will tell if the online settlement will reflect in polling numbers. >> david, i want to talk about the economy. wall street took a beating tonight. in addition to the fact that
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there was a lot of talk about how to get the middle class on track. >> that's right. wealth and economy has long been the issue. at least in the debing of the debate hillary clinton offered specifics without a cohesive narrative, and banders doing what heap has done, and that is saying that we need to break up the big banks that are too big to fail. we need to tax the 1%. congress count regulate wall street, wall street regulates congress. >> again, the main issue is that americans are consouth-easterned about the income gap. the only thing it gets is that bernie sanders options class eagle and says the bank should be broken up. and hillary clinton supports it. >> anderson impose what glass did. >> the point about are you in bed with wall street or main street, bernie sanders was able to score, it's important for him
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on a debate like this. >> that was a position that he was trying to make, that he was trying to step on. >> i think he scored on the issue. bernie sanders had to do better on the economy. he kuvered on foreign policy. he was not well schooleded in that. the economy is his issue, apart from making that point. he didn't give a lot of specifics, and hillary clinton came back to the fact, joining herself to the rest of the group on stage saying in the general election you elect a democrat unelectable, and the economy will be better. >> he needs to do a better job at differentiating that. as i washed i wondered what joe biden was thinking. ray suarez is in washington. does this mean joe biden will not get in the race. >> if joe biden was serious at
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all and listening to the people around him, urging him to get in, you can get that there are phone calls zipping back and forthright now, and will do tomorrow morning as well, as they go over the debate, see whether there are openings, and see, as we have seen with the earlier republican debates, whether anything said moves voters. there has to be room for joe biden in the case. there has to be a sign that hillary clinton is not the eventual nominee. without those two things, it's hard to see what the rational for a joe biden candidacy is. in recent polls asked of democratic voters, democratic primary voters, he's in third place, far behind hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. and when you ask the question again, excluding his name from the choice of candidates, most of the bump goes to hillary
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clinton. so joe biden is no fool. he's been through this before. twice on national campaigns, and two times as a vice presidential nominee, he knows how to count. unless there's a lane for him to run in and a rational justifying him shaking up the race, he may hear different advise from friends that had wanted him to get in earlier. >> thank you very much. i want to going back to michael shure, in las vegas. what's it like in the spin room. >> the spinners are coming in. jim webb came in with an interview with another network, got into position, the network was not ready and he left. he went down the half and that was the end of him in the spin room. it's pandemonium, and touching
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upon what ray was talking about. the general sentiment is that that was right. a lot of people were imagining what is joe biden doing. there isn't seem to be an avenue. he may put this off until after the benghazi hearings. >> let me break in here, so you do think that this was not necessarily a great night for joe biden. it's not a great night. there are a couple of ways of looking at it. if he wanted to run for president. this was not a good night. certainly saw the top two. most effective on stage. what hillary clinton was able to do, aside from answer questions. answer questions about emails, whether they'll fact check, and david shuster said it's not all that they have. she was able to be personal and
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ream, even an off the cuff comment is presumably it's in the rest room, between questions. as sill yea as they plan, these are the things voters want to ha. >> and the issues, and we'll talk about that mar. -- matters. >> we'll talk about that after the break. we'll go to george down after the break, and get reaction from younger voters. we'll hear what students think about the candidates plans to cut those big costs. stand by.
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welcome back to america votes 2016, the first extensive coverage of the american debate. >> we have been talking about guns, and david shuster has been fact checking some of what was said on that topic. >> bernie sanders was asked whether gun manufacturers should be held liable to lawsuits in case the guns end up in the hands of criminals. here is how bernie sanders answered this. watch. >> do you want to shield gun companies. >> this was a large and complicated bill. there were provisions in it. for example, do you think that a gun shop that sells a gun to someone, and they go out and does something crazy, that the gun shop owner should be
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responsible, i don't. where you have manufacturers. and gun shops knowingly giving guns to criminals, we should take action. >> facts checkers says is a little different. in 2003 bernie sanders voted for h.r. 106. protection of lawful commerce and what it did was prohibit law sites from arm makers. bernie sanders suggested that while there had to be intent, the fact of the matter is that he voted for a bill giving protections to gub manufacturers, the protections that most consumer product mvurers do not enjoy. >> back to you later. thank you, jonathan betz watched the debate with bernie sanders in manchester new hampshire. what was the reaction there on
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gun control. >> it was a moment during the debate and had a mixed reaction. a lot of people did not register the moment. it passed over them. truth be told. on the other issues that bernie sanders championed such as income and equality. those issues are the ones that drew the biggest rounds of applause. a lot of support for bernie sanders in new hampshire. certainly at this bar here as well. >> when it comes to gun crime, it's a divisive issue, a lot of voters don't feel like more gun laws will stop the violence. they are concerned about the economy, jobs, shrinking the gap between rich and poor, and realise that bernie sanders's position on gun control is out of step with a lot of democrats, and it was a position that
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hillary clinton seized on. >> the view from new hampshire, thank you. >> the first segment of the debate was a hot one, one important to the all-important young voter. the next generation could be decisive. lisa fletcher is with student at georgetown university's student center. what are you hearing there? >> we heard a lot. this is exciting. the crowd was electric, there were a couple of moments in particular. bernie sanders talked about climate change, when hillary clinton pointed out differences on immigration, democrats and republicans, followed by martin o'mallee, talking about a definite round of applause and laughter, it's a memorable moment in terms of reaction, when hillary clinton was asked
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how her presidency would be different to a third term of president obama. >> certainly ending the wars. we have to stop the wars. we are yet to have a new dynamic. we bombed a hospital. >> i'd follow through on the promise. protecting the main treat economy from recklessness from wall street. >> i think that's obvious. being the first woman president would be a change from the presidents that we have had up until then. including president obama. >> we are going to the students here for the debate.
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thank you for hanging around. you watched the debate. you are a multi-issue voter. what is the most empowering thing you heard from any candidate? >> i enjoyed bernie sanders talking about justice. all the candidates spoke about that. i appreciate that they spoke about na. o'mallee talked about issues. if someone is mixed issue, some things turn me off. i didn't spect, i think they make the wrist. >> they popped up. i knew he was a player. no one knew what he would look like. i was interested. i haught thee was soft spoken. he got the ball rolling and he's
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a third back door. you were a reporter telling me that you were all in for hillary unless there was a candidate that could really wow you. did anyone stand out in that one. >> some people stood out, who i didn't know about as much before. typically o'mallee. in general i think hillary clinton killed it. from what i heard, everyone had developments. >> there were a number of moments where they were into the issues that the manned date brought up. was there one that spoke to you? >> i would say when she turned it around on the planned parent hoot issue and talked about the hypocrisy, they were quake to
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find if. that got a big reaction. >> they'll be the front run erp. doesn't come without the baggage. >> did the other candidates seize the opportunity to talk about liabilities. >> the only candidate bringing up liabilities what is chaffey, but i don't think the crowd were impressed. bernie sanders, he didn't want to the attack hillary clinton. the governor said at some stages we are different. he was noncritical. if the candidates wanted to jump at her, they didn't take the opportunity. maybe that's a good thing. maybe they'll move up in the polls. >> last question. before the debate everyone was loud.
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bernie sanders captain depend on the younger vote. will they vote. >> i think so. they turn out to vote in higher numbers, and i think that as the election goes on, and excitement builds, the younger people will show up. >> rachel, thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. jeannie, ray, michael. let's talk about what we heard. young female stun saying she liked - said hillary clinton killed and liked what she said about planned parenthood. did hilary hear about certain issues. >> i was surprised that the men let her bring it up first. they didn't raise it. they talked about the facts that it may be the first female nominee. it's striking. the democratic party, four white
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men, one woman, compare it to the republican party, younger and more diverse. it was a striking tab low. i think it will help hillary clinton. michael shure has been standing by. he'll hear from the key figures. who is a spokesman for bernie sanders. . >> that's right. i'm here in the spin room with sim i don't know sanders from the sanders campaign - no relation. i'm shurp you say it all the -- sure you say it all the time. talk about the way your candidate addressed the issues of black lives matter. and where you want to go. >> pablo sandoval gave by far the strongest performance, he set the agenda not just for the debate, but the election, we saw that where the others talked about their resumes, who they were. bernie sanders went in and talked about issues affecting
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the american people. problems facing americans. he stood up and said black lives matter. it's important. he gave concrete positions and a one liner on, yeah, we are tired of hearing about your damn emails, that was a winner. yes. >> black voters and bernie sanders. tonight one of the things we didn't here was anyone talking about voting rights. i thought it was an opportunity. connecting with black voters. that seems difficult or has been, do you think you overcame any of that. i don't think it is difficult. the senator, his idea is unknown, african-american communities are one of those, what we believe and know. i was on exiter watching it, they loved -- twitter watching it. i think as soon as people hear his message, they'll like and
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vote for him. this is a chance for us to introduce the senator to the american people. a large part of that, hispanic and latino. we'll finish, wrap that up on the ground. we'll g relationships and build on what he said tonight. black lives matter and we'll reup and release racial justice, and you'll see great things. >> if pablo sandoval says to you could i have done better, what would you say? >> i'd say he was the strongest candidate. i wish he had a chance to talk more. he was strong and set the agenda and the tone. everyone was in agreement with him.
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bernie sanders, we believe went out there. >> voter rights, do you think he should bring it up. >> he brings it up through the stops, on the stumps. he's probably wishes he got it in there. >> thank you. >> you could assume that he'd think he did great. we thank her. ray, we talk about the issues, how deep did the democrats get on issues and how detailed were they on issues like immigration? >> here is a discontent of the debate format. you can't say after these hours that there wasn't enough time to have a detailled conversation. it's tough to do. they are not policy papers or stump pieces, it's a give and take with multiple people on the stage, on an issue like immigration, where it's a serious challenge to the united states, what to do about
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11.5 million people living in the country undocumented, and the complex nature of the response, apart from general endorsements, and that they'd be humane and not go after immigrants, and a bland endorsement of it being good for the country. boy, here was an opportunity for one candidate or another to get down and dirty and get to fine grained differences between them and others. they didn't take it. on several of the issues, they were, in general agreement on banks. they got big applause. hillary clinton said at one point, to great applause, that nobody went to gaol. that got a tremendous response. who would go to gaol, for what. if you arriving people, they
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might say banks boo, but they are not sure what the bankers did, that would have them seep the inside of a gaol cell. for all the time they were short on detail. >> everyone stand buy. we have a lot more to come. when we come back, the conversation with a one issue candidate who takes money out of politics. don't go away.
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hi everybody, this is al jazeera america, welcome back to america votes 2016. coverage. first democratic presidential debate. i'm john seigenthaler. >> i'm joie chen. our focus is on the issues and holding the candidates accountable for all the claims they make. david shuster has been doing the fact checking. it's hard to hold the feet to the fire. >> bernie sanders may want the democratic party to move on from hillary clinton's emails, it will not be easy. 60% of americans believe she's
11:39 pm
dishonest. there's an fbi investigation, and hillary clinton may not have helped herself in terms of public opinions with how she handled the email scandal. watch it. >> well, i have taken responsibility for it, i said it was a mistake. what i did was allowed by the state department. it was not the best choice, i've been as transparent as i am known to be, turning over 50,000 emails asking for is to be public. >> but in fact she did not turn them over until asked by the state department, who were asked by investigators. hillary clinton said she was allowed to keep emails on a private server, that's technically true. larger issues is she instructed state department employees not to do the system that she deployed. it's lingering, hanging out there, there's unanswered questions lingering after
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tonight. >> certainly. unanswered questions and questions about whether she can make it. this is something she knew would come up. this is an answer she prepared, rehearsed for, was ready. was if enough? >> i think she did a good job. she turned from the email and her role back to the partisan nature of the committee where she wants to stay, because everyone on the stage and in the room believes the committee is partisan and out to attack the democrats. she did what she needed to do. there are some holes in what she said. she'd be before that committee, she's in a better position now than she has been all summer. >> david, go back for a second. essentially what she is saying is this is not an issue. >> she is saying it's not an issue because i provided the emails. the facts of the matter is we wouldn't have an issue had
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hillary clinton not made the choice she did. it's a key accountability that a lot want to hear. >> if hillary clinton said yes, i should never have done this, it probably would have ended. when she says "i provided 59,000. she provided because she was asked. not because she voluntarily said let's put it out there. >> michael shure is standing by with a debater. >> i'm with lincoln chaffey, governor, tonight was the big night for you and four other candidates. how did you feel, and did you feel you had a chance to talk about issues that you wanted to. >> i know watching the voters, it was centered on clinton and bernie sanders, the moderators would give them the lions share of the question, that's what happened. it's a little hard to answer
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questions i feel passionate about. that's what we have to live with. >> tell me one thing you wish you could have said tonight on an issue important to you. >> on the middle east issues, talking about i.s.i.s., and how to resolve challenges in the middle east, and i would have liked to have a good discussion about that. the debate centered mostly around clinton and sanders. i have strong feelings. that was the format. >> you have a chance now. tell me something that you would like americans, democrats, to know about what you would do differently. >> i think we would have to change, extending, ending the weaponry, and stopping the drone strikes, the air strikes, changing the paradigm. what we are selling, they are not buying, we have to change, i would promote efforts at peace. put the weapons down, but the
11:43 pm
guns down, we'll stop the bombing. we have to start. let's get to the peace table. let's ask about the dynamics. social media went a little stir crazy, talking about the first vote that you had gotten to the senate. that may be how the debate is remembered. how do you feel when a moment like that happens. >> i know we've been asked that question before. i said pretty much the same thing. 19-5 coming together. when you talk about voting for an issue that you read about. do you find that plays on the trail. do you think you put context into the vote. >> tell me about that.
11:44 pm
i've been mayor of the city. it happens to be the vote and a bipartisan vote. it wasn't controversial. i explained it well. >> back to new hampshire. back to rhode island and spending time. talking a little about how they didn't get as much time to talk as they'd have liked to. >> the vote was about - just remind everyone. >> if you respond to me, i don't hear you now. >> that vote - we want to hear what it was about. >> we are losing it. >> can we talk for a moment about this. they had an opportunity. to explain it in some other way.
11:45 pm
as we saw ourselves. this was a moment that a lot of people contested. he seems to have come up. >> it's as much it came back. he had gone back to the fact that he had got in there. i didn't know, when my father was passed away, i went there, it was supportive. and i vote. it's a difficult moment. i'm not sure. maybe tomorrow they'll wake up and say gosh i had an opportunity to explain the vote. and he still hasn't done that. >> certainly in an issue, that has come up before and again. wouldn't you train them to answer. >> that's the question. is he not taking the good advice. or are they - is he running this thing on his own.
11:46 pm
on he's doing his own thing. michael had to prompt him several times to get him to say something specific about the heest. >> he said i wanted to talk about this. he said i did want to talk about it. >> he never did. >> there were a number of moments throughout the course of the debate. let's take a listen. >> it's certainly the chaos. it all started. i believe the nuclear end is a big threat of i.s.i.l. it makes cascading thefts worse. >> i think it has to be prep from the spread of nuclear weapons, falling into the wrong
11:47 pm
hand. that's why we have to stay vigilant and united all around the world. >> the scientific community is telling us if we do not address the global crisis, transfer the energy system away from fossil fuel. the sustainable energy. kids and grandchildren. >> it's a long term strategic challenge. >> it's situations in the middle east. >> all right. obviously they were talking about national issues. >> why is he lifting them. there's a lot that doesn't show
11:48 pm
that much. it doesn't matter. >> it was so low. it was insignificant. and maybe. let me go on to a debate. >> it's restrictions. primarily they were elected officials. i don't think they'll change base. >> that is what the candidates. of course we have to deal with the problems. they are too big to fail. >> tell me about the news. >> not true. let us be greed and recklessness
11:49 pm
and illegal before. where fraud is a business model, helped to destroy this nigh lives of millions. >> it goes back. 15% of g.d.p. you are not for putting a fire wall between the speculative risky shadowy behaviour. >> since the crash the amount of the world's economy. the wall street managers has gone from 44% to 55%. that means the wall street money managers of not risking themselves as the same way the american people are. >> i arrived. my dad arrived. are you saying they doesn't do it. >> that was one of my first
11:50 pm
votes. >> there's the moment. there is that moment. he's trying to explain what he has been talking about. and trying to explain it to michael shure. >> what about who is tougher. we heard bernie sanders, who is tougher on the banks. >> most economists say that bernie sanders is a lot tougher on them than hillary clinton. he would not block up the banks. o'malley was direct. bernie sanders and o'mallee would. bernie sanders would put a small tax n every financial that rains in trading. that is something that wall street hates. hillary clinton wouldn't go that far. >> they are a lot more concerned about bernie sanders, than they are. who wants to go after the wealthy, bernie sanders. >> he does. donald trump comes up in the
11:51 pm
debate. this has been hillary clinton's akillees hill. too close to wall street. that the clinton global enegativive has been taking in vast amounts, and cooper said you are part of that 1%. this has been the achilles heel. david is right when he says most feel that bernie sanders would be tougher as would martin o'mallee, and it's probably why she's within able to raise so much more money from big donors. >> to be fair, we are not saying as a policy that it would be better, but in terms of toughness, it is bernie sanders. . >> dave levinthal is a senior reporter. do democratics voters care about getting money out of politics in your opinion? >> they do. it's a huge issue that resonated for bernie sanders. he's been filling up auditoriums
11:52 pm
five, 10, 20,000 people and banging the gong about money and politics. you were talking about wall street, and that's a good example of where hillary clinton is having a little bit of trouble on the money in politics. here she is talking about wall street reforms, how she'd go after banks to some degree, but whether they be bernie sanders or others, they might just have to say wait a second, in 2008 some of your top donors were from goldman sachs and citigroup and on and on and on. and if you look at her campaign, they were from places like park avenue and broadway, where people go, work and live. she was a senator from new york. she has that history, it's hers. she'll have to own it. >> the candidate that was not there. the harvard professor says this
11:53 pm
system is rigged. do you believe it's rigged. >> he believes it's rigged. big money in politics dominates in 2016, more than any election cycle. it wasn't two election cycles ago that john mc-kain received public funding to run his campaign against president obama. that seems paleozoic. here we have super pacts. non-profits that raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. all of them, most of them are doing it. bernie sanders says i'm opting out of that. on the republican side, most are benefitting from a big government. the yalty is it is a system system we have, and all will be
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playing in it. much more after the break, including reactions to social media. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to our coverage of 2016, 2016. presidential debate among the democrats. we want to talk about social media and its reaction. one of the big hot topics. >> because it's lapt. the pun is for you. while the political climate may be toxic, one thing that unites democrats is the issue of climate change. thank you, thank you. the online community jumped on it. climate change was used 23,000 times on quitter, leading up to and throughout the debate. for comparison, the campaign finance reform, a major issue
11:57 pm
was mentioned 19,000 times. when arrived the greatest threat bernie sanders said climate change is the greatest threat facing the planet. >> and george town students, sustainable energy and this had them applauding. if online chatter means anything, and it does, there's a lot of center. according to twitter, hillary clinton came out the overall winner. her twitter handle had 277,000 mentions. one of which was sent by none other than bill clinton, who, of all people teaches us how to get massive husband equity with this tweet that you'll see right n : now:. >> thank you, we have about a minute left. final thought, david? >> status quo after the debate.
11:58 pm
a lot know about hillary clinton, a lot may not have seen bernie sanders, he struck lightening. the question moving forward is when he's staking 5,000-10,000, how does it play. >> i think hillary clinton will be happy, she did what she needed to do. the campaign is happy. her fall is starting out. what did she do that she needed to do. >> she didn't make unforced errors. went after him on policy, voting and ideology, and made the case that she the one most electable. and made sure there was not enough space to fill that. >> there were a couple of things in the debate that will get to that. >> ray suarez in washington, what do you think? >> clinton campaign chairman was asked about joe biden's status.
11:59 pm
as a candidate or noncandidate. he said at this point we needs to make up his mind, no reaction. it still has funds to run television spots. >> final thoughts is from the beginning hillary clinton said i'm a progressive and gets it down. she continues that way throughout the day. very successful. i think it was a successful debate with hillary clinton. >> last word there. what do you think. >> i think hillary clinton came on strong. i didn't expect her. i think she discovered in the middle of this debate maybe it wasn't going to be so tough for her after all. >> and i was struck by how cohesive the candidates were in talking to each other. even though they took jabs. they brought themselves back
12:00 am
together. that is the last word as we wrap up america votes 2016. see you tomorrow. have a good night. israel unveils tougher security measures as violence continues in israel and palestinian territories. >> hello. welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha, i'm elizabeth puranam, also ahead. families of victims search for answers as a russian-made missile is blamed for the mh370 crash. it's not clear who fired it. the candidates hoping to win the u.s. democratic presidential nomination debate the economy, gun control and the w


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